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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 1, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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listen to tunes. >> that would be great. >> i got something really good right here. listen. >> yeah. ♪ this land is your land ♪ ♪ this land is my land ♪ tonight on "red eye." are there too many cooks or could one more cook spice things up just right? americans are outraged over the murder of cecil the lion, but how are zimbabwe residents taking the news? we find out. and trying to hire an indian waiter. that's why you should always buy american. first, a news break. arrived for
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repairs. i am jackie ibanez, now here is "red eye." welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the news deck. >> slow day at the "red eye"
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news desk. >> why? >> it is national cheese cake day and i am not a fan. >> i love cheesecake. but i have rules. it needs to be no toppings and no chocolate cheesecake. that's terrible. >> is that it? >> no. >> of course no not. >> it is a rich snack andy. >> let's welcome our guest. she is not on the it list, but she is on the pundit list. joanne nosuchunsky. he is a five-time jeopardy channel -- champion. and now on to our next chairman. editor and chief john devore. and the italians call him bob the good. let's start the show.
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>> i was watching fox news and a political pundit said something that caught my attention. >> i am not sure if the next president is in the race yet. i think this thing is all convulsed and going crazy. trump is driving stuff and in the end it won't be any of the 16 and it won't be trump. it will be someone we are not yet talking about. >> that someone now has a name. jim gilmore. yes on thursday the former virginia governor filed his paperwork with the federal elections commission officially launching his campaign for president. take a look at the reaction to the uh thansment from around the country -- the announcement from around the country.
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>> amazing. >> despite the obvious enthusiasm it is unclear where the 17th gop hopeful would be allowed to join in the fox news candidate forum at 5:00 p.m. on august 6th. what do you think? i mean the public dit class is going crazy for gilmore. >> they are going so crazy. this race has now become a version of the commercial for the new york state lottery. the slogan is, hey you never know. basically jim gilmore has as mop chance of becoming -- as much chance of becoming president as i do. a rock can fall on 16 people simultaneously between now and june. he is the last guy standing. he gets the nomination. he will still get 48, 47% of the vote. >> why so dark about his chances? he was the governor of virginia was it?
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>> you remember 2002, youtube didn't exist in 2002. there was barely television in 2002. >> yes that's true. >> he was long ago. >> devore before that i believe he played with a band called pink floyd right? >> i think that is david gilmore. >> are you hoping on the gilmore ban wagon? >> i want more candidates. i want paula deen and dog the bounty hunter. i want it to turn into bravo. >> we have a debate coming up. who is in and who is out? >> it is like battle royal. i hope the debate is crazy. i have to say that i support multiple -- i want republicans to have like 40 candidates. >> things are getting confusing. should we cap it at 17?
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>> that is literally a republican party. they can have a party. trump can take cover at the door. i am not sure who will clean up after the party. there are no mexicans. >> he would not want that, right? >> he would not want that. he employs thousands hundreds of millionses of mexicans. >> the top 10 dpet prime time and the rest get the 5:00. who even shows up to the 5:00? who is he up there with? class president of a junior high school? who else is giving these speeches? >> it is not all debate, is it? come on, joanne, why do we care about the debates anyway? i hospital say that. this is fox news. >> this is a wonderful wonderful historical part of being american and our voting system and our right to vote. i for one might just be voting for scrams -- james stewart gilmore the third. he is aly bra and like me played the claironet in
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school. his favorite drink miller genuine draft. it is not my personal favorite. >> when he was governor, there was no internet so you could not have looked that up when he was -- >> no, he did an interview later, but i did have to do a lot of searching. >> he did an interview? i think he is really -- >> you are getting there. >> are you coming down hard on him because he is late to the race? is that it? >> i am coming down hard on him because it is preposterous. there are five senators, four sitting governors. there are plenty of people who are well qualified to be the next president of the united states. we don't need somebody from they mrnlg to say hi, ma,
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remember me? >> he said he was coming out because all of the other 16 candidates are not fit to be president, and that is noble of him to enter the race now. >> "red eye" is for gilmore. let's see if we can't get his numbers up. >> now for a "red eye" news update. yesterday we were the first show to break the news of the tragic news of the murder of cecil t lion. i think we were the only ones to talk about the story. americans were out rained about his death. many called for palmer's extradition and even made death threats. mia pharaoh went so far as to tweet his work address. the response in cecil's homelant. when asked to comment they said quote what lion? a salesman commented saying all of this noise is about a dead lion?
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lions are killed all the time in this country? what is so special about this one? another man said why are the americans more concerned than us? we never hear them speak out when villages are killed by lions or i will fients? or elephants? why are we caring about the elephant when people in the homeland don't care. >> everyone is angry not just because of the lion, but no one likes dentists. >> i think that is unfair. people are talking about how he shot the lion with a bow and arrow and he didn't kill him and the lion was roaming around. he probably put nova cane into the arrow. >> that's right. they numb you first. >> that's how he gets his patient. he lures him with candy. >> my dentist does both. he rubs your gums and then sticks the needle in.
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>> nothing happened. >> some dentist in indiana was arrested for hypnotizing his patients and having sex with them. >> we need to focus on that guy. >> how do you do that? i want to learn how to do that? hypnotize. >> joanne, if zimbabwe doesn't care why should we care? and this lion is 12 years old. do you though how old that is in human years? 99. put him out of his misery. >> our -- they wreak of outrage. oh wait, you don't care about the fact our country is poverty stricken and 75% of us live in poverty and you care more about this lion who was very old and studied by a university when most of these people can't go to university. >> it is true.
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devore let me bring you in on this. i don't want to say -- the outrage is across the board. universally people were attacking him. why is animal rights a left thing? why does the left care more? >> the right wingers don't care about animals. they have cats, dogs, whatever. partly this whole controversy i think is shock and outrage that a wealthy american would go and break the rules of another country. we would never do that. >> if it was a fireman no one would have cared. >> americans don't like to see their true face. a wealthy american went to another country and broke the rules, and that's like a metaphor for us. >> it is true. >> it is more like a a simile. >> i would like to know what either of those are. >> it is an analagy.
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>> i don't think it is true. if you remember that cheerleader got in trouble for shooting animals isn't that right this. >> yes the cheerleader. >> and everybody loves cheerleaders. >> it is more about the hunting. >> maybe it is the hunting. >> it is the hunting. i have hunters in my family and i cannot stand -- every hunter in america has a freezer filled with rotting venisoth that no one wants. >> if it is freezing it is not rotting. >> it is about the animal. people don't care if they kill deer but it is the species. >> definitely, but what i think is nuts that we care about is the profession of the person that killed the animal, the dentist the cherry leader. why is that? he may be a leo for all we know but wikipedia did not tell me that. >> what before the floss?
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>> the trailer for the upcoming benghazi movie hit the internet this week. it stars the office's john craw swrin ski. i wonder if he can make the transition to the big screen ♪ >> that is something called inter ?et action. -- internet action. >> i didn't think anything would be more tasteless, but that version of the trailer
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actually bested the movie for shear tastelessness. >> i don't know who could have made that. >> he does president know what a simile is. >> thank you for making light of the tragedy on your site. >> it is a movie and i like to refer to it as # benghazi. that's how i hillary fer to it. and why is john in that movie? could they not get any other movie star to star in whatever that film is going to be? >> he is staring in the film and it may change the image. let's look at a clip from the trailer. >> let's go! we have to move! >> if you do not get here soon we are all going to die. >> we have a u.s. ambassador at risk. >> the ambassador is in his safe haven.
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you are not the first responders. you are the last resort. you will wait. >> none of you have to go. we are the only hope they have. >> 13 hours comes out in january and it is based on on a book about the six american security officers who bravely fought to protect the cia compound. it is thought expected to focus on political issues surrounding the attack like the obama administration's lies and hillary clinton's incompetence. i wonder how she feels about that. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> bob, i don't want to ask you if you support hillary clinton or if you are planning to see this movie but don't you think that nothing good can come out of this film being out for -- you know what i'm trying to say. >> i think the more true they are to what really happened, it is not going to be good for her. i hope they don't glam it up and make it hollywood and maybe they will put bill
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clinton in there. you know, i'll tell you hillary. hillary has done a good job and she is a great patriot and a great american. this is a public service announcement. >> they may use him. she always goes to bill. >> i am not even there. >> what do you think joanne? >> you know, i am happy for john craw -- krazinski. i am happy for no actor. i love his work on "the office" but sometimes it is difficult to see these people doing more serious stuff. like every time i see kristen wig who i am a huge fan of breaking out into these dramatic and serious roles i'm waiting for the gotcha to happen. i don't know. the trailer looks great. i can't wait to see the film. >> it is hard when a comic
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star tries to go serious. will they take him seriously? >> it depends on the quality of the movie and the quality of the explosions. >> well it is michael day. he never shied from explosions. >> i think it will be regardless of my deep reservations, i think it will be a hit movie. i think it is capitalism. how could you not want to see it? if you look for your truth in it you will see it to be outraged by it. >> listen, they are slotting it into the slot that this year was filled by american sniper and "lone survivor" and the movie built upright after christmas. each of those movies was a gigantic success. >> don't you see a big difference between those movies and this? benghazi is not very popular. people don't care -- >> "american sniper" made $350 million. >> it also depends what the movie is about.
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if it is based on a small group of operatives who desperately tried to -- it de peppedz -- it depends. >> even though it was a tragedy and it reflects very badly, almost criminally on the administration in my opinion, i think these guys are heros and that will make the administration look worse. it is about what happened because they were neglected. >> the problem is he is a dreadful film maker and he will make a dreadful movie out of it. he made lone survivor and clint eastwood made "american sniper." i write about movies for the weekly standard. weekly >> commentary >> have to read it. >> is it wrong for an indian restaurant to hire an indian waiter? don't forget to set your dvr to record "red eye" with tom
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shillue. that way we will be waiting when you wake up.
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what would we do without the new york city human rights commission? always on the lookout for injustice. they recently nailed a big fish. an indian restaurant that was looking for an experienced indian waiter or waitress. disgusting, right? you see the law doesn't allow ads that discriminate based on national origin. after pouring through thousands of craigslist ads the comish caught the unapologetic racists. then they took them to court. but by then, the restaurant closed. they took pity realizing
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quote, there was no complaint from the public. there was no evidence of how many people viewed the posting and no direct evidence that any qualified applicant was turned away. he reduced the recommended $7500 fine to just $5,000. that's right. even though the restaurant doesn't exist anymore they were still slapped with a $5,000 fine. now that's justice. why stop there? why allow these indian restaurants to serve only indian food. a lot of people don't like indian food. all restaurants should serve all foods. and it should be served to you by only all people. it is only fair. bob don't you think they should ban all ethnic foods? >> ban everything. all ethnic foods. >> eat crackers and cheese. >> at every restaurant. >> yes. >> it is the only way to be fair. >> early 1970s midtown
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manhattan there is a kosher chinese restaurant called moisha-p king. jewish chinese. chinese food, but kosher. the waiters were all chinese men in boxer rebellion costumes with yamikas on their head. the human rights issue did not exist, but they would have had a case. >> why not so more of that 1234 jews love chinese food, right? >> that's right. >> especially on the holidays. >> it is true. >> my father-in-law lives across the street from a kosher chinese restaurant. it is cho sen chinese restaurant. chosen. that would be long island, the
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nasa county civil rights. >> are you going to get your way? >> am i getting my way? >> a future where everybody is marching in overalls? >> that's the way i vote. i vote for that, equality. this is new york city. i like my pizza made by mexicans and my greek food made by a guy named bruce. it is the beauty of the city. it is the mix. >> if you go to an indian restaurant don't you want an indian waiter? i want to feel connected. >> i want good indian food is what i want. >> did you ever go to england? indian food is not bad. >> they have curry. >> and the british used to hang out there a lot as far as i know. >> i would go. >> they love hanging out in india. >> some called it home. >> isn't it getting absurd --
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>> i think this is actually an attack on first generation people who are trying to do businesses here. immigrants who maybe english is thought their first language. they do a post on a craigslist, an ad looking for what's the word in english? waitress. i feel like it is an attack on people who aren't from here and that is wrong. and for everyone who maybe didn't get the job because they weren't indian, there are lots of other restaurants. >> also if you are posting on craigslist shouldn't you be given a pass? >> a lot of restaurants do. >> a lot of restaurants do. >> >> there is a thai restaurant hiring indian waiters. >> i'm sure there is a lot of ethnic cross fertilization there. >> the human rights get along well. >> it is a peaceful part of the world.
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>> i want to think of more generalizations. >> it is gonna get worse. as of october of 2015, this commission there is new rules that have been put in place by the mayor. they will be sending testers out. they are sending testers out to restaurants to make sure they are applying with the human rights. but they have to be from different ethnic backgrounds. they are discriminating against people they hire to check checkup on the discrimination. >> how contradictory. >> it is called government and i support it. >> apparently you do. >> welcome to the de blasio new york. >> coming up, my favorite time of the day half time. but first here is what happened on this day in history. >> on this day in the year 2 109, global warming lead to rising sea levels, but no
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disastrous conditions. shore lipe property and time shares lead to a boom in
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we may have missed on the "red eye" news desk. >> tom how are you? >> i good. >> 17th gop candidate enters the race. you said it has become the new york state lottery.
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hey, you never know. but sometimes we do know. >> no, we really don't. >> that's a big word. >> you said you want the republicans to have like 40 candidates. are you excited for joe biden to get in the race? he is going to. >> clinton and snowden in 2016. >> switch that around and drop the clinton part and i am with you. >> what happened to leavenworth? >> my twitter handle is atom shillue. you asked who shows up to the 5:00 debate. right now it is carly fiorina and george patak expi lyndsay graham. so a serious answer to your joke question. >> yeah, no winners. >> you said gilmore's campaign
11:36 pm
is preposterous. clearly this is -- i am shocked, but you have forgotten that he ran for virginia senate against mark warner in 2008 and he lost in a nailbiter 65 to 34%. >> let's face it. the guy is a spark including. >> he really is. >> he makes the blood course through your veins. >> you know what he did in the army? counterintelligence. i talked to my friend and she said if gilmore doesn't want to be found she said i could be gilmore and you wouldn't know it. that was a little few good men for you. >> the late great right? >> yes. >> thanks for bringing everything down, tom. >> seriously though, gilmore was an army counter intel -- counterintelligence officer. he has some information on the other 16 guys. >> we all thank him for his service.
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>> yes. zimbabwe ans don't care about cecil the lion and it wreaks of white privilege. once we white explains to the zimbabwe ans why it was bad they will understand. >> because we white explain to them. >> tom you pronounced the village as wuangay? i think it is pronounced as wingay. >> the pronunciation is the same even though they have adjusted the spelling. >> what about wuanje. there are many pro nuns -- pro pronunciations. >> yes. >> i should have just said africa. >> tom, it is africa. >> can't win.
11:38 pm
>> devore, you said the shock and outrage is that a wealthy american went there and broke the rules and you made your joke. he didn't know they were breaking the rules. that sounds to me like what america does. we are invited places and by no fault of our own we do the wrong thing. >> right. america does no wrong. >> it is not our fault. >> i am glad we agree. >> we would like to point out the panel was anti-dentite. >> i won't join in that. >> you didn't stop it though, did you? >> no. >> you just sat there. "13 hours" trailer. i liked the british "13 hours" better. that's a little "the office" joke. devore you were bagging on the fact that he is in this
11:39 pm
movie. i have two words chris pratt. >> i don't think it is comparable. >> you think it is a chris pratt move? >> that's what i am saying. >> he was in zero dark 30. >> after "parks and rec" and they said in zero dark 30 i can't believe this is chris pratt. and we may see say thing. probably not because he is no where near as talented. >> j pod you are right they are slotting this into the "american sniper" and" lope -- "loan survivor" slots. they had pre runs for the oscars but i don't think this is getting that. >> no because it is a michael day territory because it will be terrible. >> do not bag on the director of "bad boys" and" the rock" and "armageddon." >> they all suck. >> they are great movies. john devore you agree with
11:40 pm
me. >> well, "the rock" and" bad boys" are minor works. "armageddon" i will give him but that is a special movie. >> i would like to point out there are dvd's. >> bad boys is the zenith. >> it is like the seventh seal. >> and by the way we are forgetting he was in the massive fracking. indian restaurant fined for wanting to hire an indian waiter. crackers i believe are offensive so white southern americans. also by saying the british hung out in india you are whitewashing their shameful colonial past. >> did you see that indian furniture? that is thanks to the british. that's good stuff. >> by the way we laugh at
11:41 pm
this as well we should, but there are two alternatives. get rid of laws that say businesses can't discriminate when they hire, or change the laws so only white people could be discriminated against which is in violation of the 14th avenue. >> but it will happen. >> which will? >> probably. >> which one? >> either, but probably the second. >> i don't see how it could holdup constitutionally. >> well, i don't know. right now john roberts could find anything he wanted. >> that is a fair point. that is absolutely a fair point. i am done. >> thank you andy. more stories when we come back. do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® tablets are comfort coated for gentle, overnight relief. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief. need to hire fast? go to
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it is a story so important we didn't get to it yesterday. i like them t and a tense and awkward. she opposite of hit it off with the host of good morning sacramento. they called her carla and not cara. >> carla delvine is here to talk about "paper towns." >> and next they asked if she read the book on which her movie is based. >> the book is taught at high schools. did you get a chance to read it or do you get a chance to read now that you are so busy? >> no, i never read the book
11:46 pm
or the script. i winged it. actually the book is amazing. >> so far so tense. let's watch more. >> i saw you in london on tv and you seemed more excited about it than you do right now. are you just exhausted? >> no, i'm still very excited. the premiere was last night and it was an emotional night. it felt like the end of an era, but i am no less excited. maybe out of energy. it is the morning. >> you do seem a bit irritated. perhaps it is just us. >> yeah, i think it is you. >> then on that note. we'll let you go then. we will let you take a nap and maybe get a red bull. >> oh my god.
11:47 pm
what an awkward way to end the interview. >> at least they moved on right away. >> wow, she was in a mood. jeez-louis. >> i thought she was trying to be funny but i don't think she was. >> i think she was irritated. i mean, they have to sit through these interviews from 800 stations, but still. >> still you make $5 million for six weeks of work and you can pretend to talk to good day sacramento with some -- >> she tweeted some people just don't understand sarcasm or the british sense of humor. >> you are a much better host than those guys. i called them good morning sacramento and it is good day sacramento but i can make those mistakes. obviously these people were out to lunch. >> they are drunk. >> how could they call her rude? she was being polite. >> she was being polite until they got her name incorrect
11:48 pm
and then they asked an absurd question, has she read the book? i assume yeah she read the book. it has big words. >> plus she was being funny. she said she winged it and she was going along. >> she seemed smarter than the three of them collectively. >> i would say if she was an american she should enter the republican race for president. that's how amusing she was. and to be fair, number one there is no way on earth she was paid $5 million for that movie which probably didn't cost $5 million. number two the notion that anybody needs to show umph on "good day sacramento" is a highly questionable supposition. >> god bless her for showing up on the set. >> they were instigating her. >> and the male anchor who came on and said i have seen you on other press junkets and she said it is morning or whatever. and the woman anchor says you seem irritated.
11:49 pm
irritated and like a little subdued are two different things. as soon as you say you seem irritated and that's when i know you have a vendetta against me and i'm done. she cutoff the camera and all of that. >> she looks surprised. they cut her off and said wow. attitude. come on. i know these press junkets are long. i give her credit if she were irritated. >> absolutely. >> let me think of an actor. >> matt dillon. >> matt dillon gets irritated. >> yeah, what's up, man? i'm an a-list star, man. i don't know why you wake me up in the early morning and give me a hard time, man. come on, man. >> it is fantastic. look -- >> stop. it never stops. >> i knew i could pull it out. the people on "the view"
11:50 pm
supported the hosts of" good day sacramento" or whatever the heck it is. >> that modern day round table? that's amazing. >> whoopi goldberg was really on the side of the interviewers. >> that shows you. she is not a movie star anymore. she is all media. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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let me tell about you a young woman who thought she was dressing for success. but when the jc pen thee employee showed up for work in shorts purchased from the jc penney career section her boss felt the shorts were too short and sent her home. she changed into a more conservative look. i do find the outfit inappropriate honestly. it is not the shorts, but i have an idea how to improve her look. with a pair of good old sphationed wellies. that's right. you won't get sent home with those. and you are ready in case the clouds open up. you ever wear the boots with a pair of shorts? >> if my legs are hot.
11:55 pm
blot it is raining outside then definitely. >> that was in new york. >> i would never wear shorts to the office, and that's what the real problem is is the fact that jc penney is selling shorts in the career section. i don't know where it is appropriate to wear shorts to the workplace. >> whether they sell them in the career section or not devore she should though there is a company policy and you have to dress the way they want you to. you can't wear shorts if there is no shorts allowed. >> i never follow a dress code. >> look, first of all i love wellies. >> i scramble eggs. >> wellies are for girls and not gois. and not guys. >> dress codes #r* fasist. they sell underwear there too. what if she showed up in
11:56 pm
underwear. just because they sell it doesn't mean you can wear it there. >> you have to draw a line somewhere, right? maybe she looked too good in it. maybe if she was ugly she could get away with it. >> what are you gonna do? >> that's the first news in years. i thought jc penney closed 25 years ago. >> jc penney are you all over the place. >> like howard johnson? this girl had an attitude. she does president work there any -- she doesn't work there they more. -rules are rules. we must question the rule. dress codes benefit patriarcky. >> she should enter the democratic race for president of the united states. >> that would be three. >> let's see the wellies this shorts. special thanks to joanne
11:57 pm
nosuchunsky. john devore, bob debono and andy levey. that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. i have to look at these
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12:00 am
isten to you. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. >> show me the money. >> hedge fund managers making all of america's kindergarten teachers combined? >> some have much more money than others. >> and this ted dollar bill hamilton's face is not on it and will be replaced by a woman. >> you know, who she is? no. no. >> bad government is printing money like crazy then doing what?


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