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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 3, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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we have a big line uppism ted cruz mike huckabee and the legal guys are here. are you going to watch the debate? you can still be a part of it. kellyfile. submit a question. see you tomorrow night at 9:00. donald trump continues to dominate in the polls as he gets ready for the fistrst republican debate. >> i've never debated before. >> mark levin will weigh in on donald trump and how do we save america from the plunder and deceit of washington? vice president joe biden is reportedly mulling another run at the white house. how worried should hillary clinton be? ed henry and bret baier are here with reaction. new hampshire voters tell us how they feel about the presidential candidates. "hannity" starts right here right now. welcome to "hannity," donald trump continues to dominate the
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presidential field. and obrand-new national fox news poll released earlier this evening trump is leading the pack with 26%. carl cameron is here to explain. what's going on? >> it's a record breaker. there's been a lot of movement in our poll sinsce a month ago. he's leading with 26%, that's huge. jeb bush is the other candidate in double digit 15%. scott walker is 9%. ben carson is #7% carson has 6%. marco rubio and rand paul 5%. chris christie and john kasich are at 3%. kasich's campaign is less than three weeks old. he has moved into the middle of the 17 candidate pack. christie's hovering around 3% for a couple of months. trump has scored higher than any other republican in the fox poll
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this year. about a third of republicans also say that they're not going to vote for trump. he has been trying to play it down. in the case of jeb bush he's been holding steady for a while now. his campaign and the superpac that supports him have raised more money than any other candidate. scott walker has fallen into the single digits. the wisconsin governor has been battling bush for a long time. he is leading the polls in the lead off caucus state of iowa. because of the ties 17 candidates all under 25%. 26%. there's lots of races within the race because there's so many of them tied. >> what about the rest of the field? >> the rest of the field, the remaining seven candidates are all virtually tied in a dead heat since they're within the poll's margin of error and they have less support. carly fiorina and rick sand r
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santorum are tied at 2%. bobby jindal is 1%. christie was actually urging everybody to calm down saying the election isn't going to be for seven months. those who make the top ten, will debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern. and those in the other seven whoever they may be will be debating at 5:00. >> thank you so. joining me now is steven hayes peter johnson and michelle fields. good to see you all. donald trump tried to downplay a little expectations today. he was on "fox and friends" and said i'm not use today the debate thing. >> i've never debated before. that's what these guys do. i haven't done that. i think i'll do fine. i look forward to it actually. >> is good downplaying of
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expectation? >> i think he'll do great. he should go and be himself and talk how he's been talking. people like he sounds genuine and speaks from the heart, that he's not giving talking points. he needs policy proposals. he needs more substance. if he does that he'll be fine. he's a superstar. >> unprecedented numbers we're seeing 26% out of 17 candidates and it shows you how smart he is. he's making the point there that the politicians are saying blah blah blah blah. >> true. >> he's saying i don't debate. i get results. and people want to hear that in this atmosphere. >> very true. he did something interesting. he put this up on facebook. we're soliciting questions from facebook and twitter for the debate. he put up his own question for the candidates. >> i'd like to ask all of the candidates that is politicians and people that don't negotiate job and lots of other things how are you going to make
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america great again? >> what do you think of that? do you think that will make the cut, steven? >> i'm skeptical. he probably needs a little more specifics on that. i think the challenge for donald trump it is not going to be enough for him to be himself and do the things that have gotten him to the striking number in the poll and to lay out detailed policy proposals. that's not who he is. i'd be surprised fundamentalif he tries to be that. it would be smart for him to do that. >> i agree on that. i think the american people more than anything else they want to know that they're going to elect somebody that's going to solve problems and get people back to work and out of poverty. and show that america is strong once again. let mooege go to the comments that donald trump has made about other gop candidates. >> they don't like him. they're from south carolina.
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they don't like him. >> marco rubio? >> i think he's an overrated guy. rick perry did a lousy job on the border. what a horrible job he did. worse than him is jeb bush. jeb bush is a disaster in so many different ways. >> carly fiorina. >> i never met her. but she got fired viciously. i don't mean like a little bit. business is my game. >> would trump be wise to stay away from that during the debate? >> unless he's insulted. trump's got to be who he is. kind of like pop eye, i am what i am. that's what americans are looking for. they're looking for meat and potatoes. the minute he starts to sound like a politician with half answers, that's when he starts to lose support. he's come an incredibly long way. a lot of folks were calling him a clown autot the beginning. now i think who's calling who
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names? >> it is interesting. steven i'll go to you. you're a trump critic. i thought that my friend mary matlin had good advice. other republicans can learn from him, that they can speak their mind. they don't have to be so guarded in their own way and that they would benefit from their out spokenness. is there a lesson to be learned? >> i think there is. i think that's been true before donald trump. republicans would do much better to say what they believe and make their arguments the best they can without worrying about polls and focus groups. i think donald trump is not going to do well if he's asked -- hurls insults at the other candidates. it might channel a certain level of frustration among the republican base. again a frustration that i share. it's not going to be enough. if you call jeb bush a disaster you have to explain why. if you go after -- >> people want -- you need to understand -- >> sure. i agree with that.
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i think steve understands he's a serious guy. i always disclose i represented him in the past, i'm not involved iphis campaign. to say he's not a serious guy. >> he's not just attacking. he's gone after jeb bush for common core. he's not just attacking him. i think what people like is that donald trump is willing to talk about issues. immigration, he's forcing everyone to have the conversation. they like him because so many republicans stick to their talking points. they don't talk from the heart. people feel like donald does. >> on two big issues republicans said they would repeal and replace obamacare. they never did it. they said they'd stop executive amnesty. they never did it. conservatives feel betrayed. >> big media, big business their heads are smalling that smaller
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minded americans regular people, regular people that are watching the fox news channel and other channels are getting an opportunity to be heard. and that really disturbs them. >> they like that trump doesn't have to ask anyone for money. i think he ought to bring that up in the debate. he should say everyone is begging billionaires for money except many. i think they like that. >> it's going to be a heck of a ride on thursday night. good to see you all. steven thank you. coming up in studio rare appearance mark levin will be here to share his thoughts on the upcoming republican debate. donald trump's rise in the polls. uncle joe biden is reportedly considering joining the presidential race and it's making hillary very nervous. you don't want to miss frank run's focus group, straight ahead.
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i'm kelly wright. gop white house contenders gather tonight in new hampshire for a presidential forum. 14 of the 17 major candidates took part in the program. noticeably absent donald trump. illegal immigration was a major talking point. the forum taking place three days before the first nationally televised debate in cleveland. trump skipped tonight's event siting criticism. in new hampshire, a accident claimed two lives and injured 15 other people.
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a severe thunderstorm hit the lancaster fair grounds causing a circus tent to collapse. 250 spectators were under the big top at the time. this comes one day after a storm in chicago blew down a tent killing one man and injuring 12 other people. i'm kelly right. now, back to "hannity." ♪ welcome back to "hannity," donald trump continues to dominate in the polls. with the first republican debate slated to air this thursday night, here on the fox news channel, how will donald trump hold up against his gop rivals? the recent weeks donald trump has not held back. here's what he said recently about the big debate. >> i am who i am. i don't know. i've never debated before. i'm not a debater. i get things done whether it's this or whatever. i build, create jobs. i don't talk about it i get it done. politicians talk about it. these guys debate every night of
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their life. that's all they do is debate. they debate all over the place and nothing happens. >> here with reaction author of the brand-new book plunder and deceit i call him the great one mark levin. rare in studio appearance. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, sir. you know you say we live in a post constitutional america. >> right. >> this book, i think is a very consequenceal book. deep thinking we had headed to bankruptcy. you start this book out and you say can we simultaneously love our children and betray their generation and generations to come? republicans, democrats, aren't they really both equally to blame? >> well they are now. we have a republican congress. we haven't made a single step in progress toward advancing liberty or constitutionalism. the point of this book is to people our age and older to say we are destroying this country for the next generation.
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the massive debt. the unlimited immigration. the phony environmental movement. you saw the president today with another fiat that's going to destroy industries and kill jobs. across the board the minimum wage is an attack on youth employment. so that's for us. then i want young people to know you have to steer yourselves and inform yourselves you won't get this information in college or high school. you need to inform yourselves and learn and know this is an attack on you more than anybody else. >> you go back to great philosophers and our founders and framers and burke and detoqueville. you lay the foundation. you eviscerate the ideologies of failed idealogy. do you think america's waking up to that fact or is america literally risking a decline that it can never recover from? >> i don't know. but i do know this if we don't fight this that's inevitable. i think a lot of the republicans
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think that this radical left agenda is an inevitable. i think the left thinks they're on a high. my attitude is from the grass roots up the tea party revelation, the reagan revolution or young people joining with their parents and grandparents. i have taken every major issue that i think is out there right now, whether it's debt entitlements immigration and i address what the left has done to the country, how they're eviscerating our traditions and i'm trying to shine a light on it so young people can see it. i've done it in a way that hasn't been done before. >> plunder and deceit. there's no social security lockbox. you talk about that. you talk about the debt. security secure is bankrupt. obamacare premiums will go up 40% a year. then we see politically right now donald trump is leading in all the polls. 26% in the most recent poll.
7:17 pm
donald trump, non-politician. bold out spoken. icon oclastic. is this related to what you're describing? >> i think what trump has done here is people aren't even sure where he stands on the issues. they know they are sick and tired of politicians. you know people say i have a resume i've been a governor, senator, congressman. a lot of people are saying that's the problem because you aren't getting anything done. the conservative base has been lied to repeatedly in 2010. we gave them the house. 2014 we gave them the senate. these guys go home the republicans lie about what they're going to do on obamacare. they funded every penny of it. what i'm saying is look we should not give up on our children and grandchildren. give up on the next generation. why would we allow the left to control their fate? why do we allow the left to control all these institutions. so that's why i go through really like a prosecutor's brief, issue after issue, trying to expose what the left has done
7:18 pm
and beyond that trying to explain what we need to do. >> you cite different polls in the book. most americans now think that for the first time the next generation will be worse off than the previous generation. that's profound. >> it's a fact. >> it is a fact. >> because not a civil society, not because of the private sector, not because of the individual not because of wholesome families and so forth. but because of central government it's been really heightened under obama. it is a constant attack on our traditions. when he talks about fundamental transformation what he's talking about is destroying the american lifestyle. shutting down coal mines, steele e -- steel mills. we've been lied to. i think you can argue money was stolen from the social security trust that was supposed to be put in a lock box. there's no lock box. as we look at the issues i see
7:19 pm
republican governors have been reform minded. they've d >> some. >> some not all. some have done a good job. some have transformed their states. i don't see washington republicans as that bold alternative revitalized party reagan talked about. do you see this election is the tipping point? do you see that conservative emerging? >> there are several good candidates running. there are several -- >> who -- >> i'm not going to -- there's a bunch of them that i like. you're only giving me five minutes. i can go -- >> a minute nine. >> i can tell you this what i'm looking for and what conservatives are looking for is somebody who is principled and reliably principled and somebody who can take the conservative message to the american people and connect it up with what's going on today. i think one of the reasons why trump is so popular is first and foremost he took the immigration issue and turned it around completely. everybody isn't coming here because they love us and they want to take jobs americans
7:20 pm
aren't doing. a lot of people who are coming here who are not honorable. >> you talk about the plunder and deceit debt social security immigration, environment, all these issues national security you're going to come back later in the program and you call for what you say a new civil rights movement. you have an answer. we'll get to that when you join us later in the program. i love the book plunder and deceit. hillary clinton is starting to get very nervous after reports all weekend surfaced that joe biden could enter the 2016 presidential race. we'll check in with ed henry and bret baier are reaction. later tonight. i am against the fact that you're insulting my intelligence because i'm for donald trump i don't care. i don't care. >> new hampshire voters they told pollster frank lutz their opinions about the gop field. we're going to show you that
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♪ welcome back to "hannity." crazy uncle joe biden is considering a run for the white house. this comes as hillary clinton's poll numbers continue to sink with potential voters. what does it mean for clinton? how worried is her campaign? here with more is ed henry. these numbers aren't looking good for her. and crazy uncle joe is tringinghinking about it? >> those numbers, she's been underwater. she still has a commanding lead in the primaries. but she hasn't been able to shake off bernie sanders. she now has the possibility of joe biden. this was broken by us last friday when we reported that he
7:24 pm
was checking out with donors to see if he could raise the money. you saw maureen dowd that beau biden told him he wanted him to run before he died. he didn't think the clintons should be handed the nomination. it's interesting, hillary clinton is again, still strongly tht lead but she's dropped 10 points from june. she's gone to 51%. bernie sanders is up to 22%. joe biden only at 13% in this poll. he's not in. we don't know if he's going to get in or not. in terms of how worried hillary clinton about that. it's interesting the timing of these leaks come out about biden thinking more serious about this all of a sudden hillary clinton has announced she's starting her tv ads. first tv ads of the campaign starting tuesday in iowa new hampshire. you also have the fact that
7:25 pm
that's two days before the republican debate of course here on fox and cleveland. it gives her a chance to frame her message before republicans fight it out. >> she took the questionable step of intervening with uvs, the problem they were having with the irs while she was secretary of state. they ended up donating $600,000 to the clinton foundation and another $32 million in loans to foundation programs. al she had 60 major firms that lobbied her state department during her tenure that donated $26 million to the foundation. adding that to the question about questionable information on her server she has major ethical issues. >> these are self-inflicted wounds. the e-mail server something she did. it's outside the bounds of what other in the administration has done. the campaign insists, the foreign minister from switzerland raised the case of
7:26 pm
the swiss bank they say it was completely in bounds for the secretary of state to intervene in the case. however, as you know big money went to the clinton foundation. $1.5 million in speaking fees to bill clinton from ubs. all of this -- these are the kinds of things that have provided an opening for joe biden or some other democrat to get in here. >> ed henry on the campaign trail. thanks. here with more reaction, one of the moderators for thursday's debate bret baier is back with us. good to see you. >> hey sean. >> i call him crazy uncle joe. >> that's you. >> he is a gaff machine. when you think about it. he said about barack obama the first main streen african-american who is articulate and bright and clean. he said his state is a slave state. is he the answer to the democratic party's woes? >> well listen there is
7:27 pm
concern as ed mentioned about hillary clinton being upside down on the honest and trustworthy numbers across the country. there's concern you're seeing a surge from bernie sanders in new hampshire. some polls trailing by a few points. and i think that there is concern that there won't be a vigorous fight in the democratic party that they feel they need to have. so i do think that the going consensus here in washington is that biden gets in. >> i think your job as a debate moderator is a difficult one. by the way, you're going to be great at it. i know you. you want to be fair. the complaint if you go back in 2007 and '08. not about you but some of the other moderators was they were trying to trap republicans into subsocial issues that would come back to haunt them in a general campaign. or a general election. what are you looking for in these debates? you'll have ten people on the
7:28 pm
stage. that's a lot of people. >> it is a lot of people. we're looking for substance. we're looking for these candidates to address some of the things they said and done in their past. we're looking for if you look at any major poll, fox news associated press any poll of things that matter to people. the top responding items, those topics that will be part of the questioning. so it will run the gamut. and i think that at the end of the day we would like people to say that was fair. people got a chance to speak. it was fair to all candidates on the stage. and it was tough. and i think that you know last time we had that result hopefully we'll have that result this thursday. >> i have no doubt about that. you know tomorrow when you start special report the decision will be made as to who gets in these debates. >> we should know by special
7:29 pm
report. these polls -- i don't think there will be any surprises by the time we get to tomorrow. john kasich appears to have moved up a bit in a number of different polls. he's doing well in new hampshire. those guys are the ones on the bubble. we should point out all the candidates will be on the stage in cleveland. there's the 5:00 p.m. debate with bill and martha that will have the seven remaining candidates. we will use some of that tape later on the primetime broadcast. >> we'll look forward. i'll see you in cleveland on thursday night. looking forward to it. we'll be watching tomorrow night. coming up next here on "hannity." >> trump is the boss i have to constantly follow around and fix all of this stuff he's broken with his mouth. >> you do not want to miss this focus group. new hampshire voters were asked what they thought about donald trump. >> what's the difference between a democrat and a socialist? >> the relevant debate we'll be having over the course of the
7:30 pm
campaign is what's the difference -- >> she can't answer the question. she can't explain the difference. maybe because there is no difference. we'll get to that. more with the great one, mark lu levin levin. he'll rejoin us as we continue. hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink, so print all you want and never run out. right now, buy an eligible printer, and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print.
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welcome back to "hannity." with days to go until the fistrst debate. we sent our producers to new hampshire in order to learn what republican voters think about this gop field. here's what the focus group said about donald trump being a possible republican nominee. >> this is a live sit calm we're watching here. you better watch what you ask for because you just might get it t. it won't be good. >> the people of the united states are green with what he is saying that standing up and
7:36 pm
clapping and the other republicans better start making fun of him because they made fun of ronald reagan i believe he could become the next president of the united states of america. >> he's a fraud. >> people have not done his homework. people have not done their homework. look at his books. he's been all over the fence on issues over the years. he changed views like underwear. independents said they will not vote for donald trump. >> i don't care. it doesn't matter. the people of the -- and i am against the fact that they are saying that low information voters -- i am against the fact that you are insulting my intelligence because i am for donald trump. >> he donated to hillary. >> i don't care. i don't care. >> he donated to all these democrats. >> what does donald trump stand for? >> making america great again. >> give me the program.
7:37 pm
>> i want a president that's going to do what the taxpayers wants him to do and what the constitution says what he's going to do. not what donald wants donald to do. >> i think he'll get the job and the right people to bring the constitutionality back. >> he doesn't have a sense of -- >> all he has to do is read. >> billion dollars -- he's worth $10 billion he doesn't know how to create jobs how can you say that when he see world $10 billion. >> wow. here to help us break down the results of the focus group, frank lunts. one of the producers told me that you mentioned donald trump's name and they fought without you saying a word. you being quiet frt eight minutes is impossible. >> the only thing more impossible is you going for eight minutes without speaking. >> guilty as charged. >> i could have walked off the set and they would have had this debate. trump will watch this and say
7:38 pm
it's not fair. the fact is sean you love him or you hate him. but you have an opinion, your emotional about it. it was one of the best focus groups i've ever done. this is what trump is causing across the country. this wonderful explosion of passion and it might actually be good in the short term. it lets people communicate what they're mad at. >> i think the republicans can learn to be more out spoken a little more free and less guarded. let's go over you asked them about the comments about john mccain. that exploded. watch this. >> he's going off track with the whole john mccain thing. that blew it out of the water. he does not have to be plit politically correct. he went wrong with that. he's off the rails. >> who was offended by what he said about john mccain? who is not offended? you weren't offended? >> it didn't offend me.
7:39 pm
>> why? >> john mccain didn't win the election and trump wanted to get the headlines. i'm worried trump is going to go rogue. >> i'm not offended because i come from a military family. i listen to what the veterans are saying about john mccain and his record. donald trump is spot on. >> they mistreat him and keep making fun of him i wouldn't blame him. >> are we not concerned this guy has a communication issue? we're going to put a guy in the pulpit that keeps saying you're fired? >> trump is the boss i have to follow and fix all the stuff he's broken with his mouth because it's cheap and easy when you shoot it out and somebody's got to clean up your mess. >> what's it about equally split, those that liked him, those that didn't like him? >> two to one. which is what the polling shows. for every one person that liked him, there were two people that didn't.
7:40 pm
that said there is no candidate, not bush not rubio, not walker there is none that has the same kind of passion. this is why trump isn't going away. i want your viewers to understand that passion means they will stay with him regardless of what the media says regardless of what happened in the debate. i think trump is going to be a 25% or 30% within the next 30 days. >> one of the things you're obsessed with -- i mean this in a good way. you always talk about the tone the tone the tone. you dial trump in tone. watch this. >> hillary clinton got out and she said i didn't like mr. trump's tone. we have people christians having their heads cut off in the middle east we have people dying all over the border where i was right, 100% right, we have all of this like medieval times and she said i didn't like his tone. you know who else said that? jeb bush. i didn't like his tone. what does it have to do with tone? we want results.
7:41 pm
>> do you know what? that scored really well. >> yes it did. and you got to give it to him, because he speaks differently, because he didn't put sentences together the same way, because he says what means and means what he says it's why he has appeal. >> let's go to ben carson. >> i need a phrase to describe ben carson. >> accomplished. >> great doctor. >> inexperienced. >> how many do you think he's qualified to be president. who think he's not qualified to be president? a majority of you? >> i don't think he knows about the outside world, afghanistan, iran. >> he hasn't been involved in the system. there are better candidates out there. >> i think he would be a great
7:42 pm
surgeon general or director of health and human services. >> very well intentioned but it's a big job. >> is it too big a job? >> for him i think so. >> i'm watching that if i'm ben carson i've got to show people i'm up to the task and informed. >> exactly. that they like him. they like him a lot as a person but they're not convicted he's the next president of the united states. >> all right. great work as always. you're going to join us for the rest of the week. we'll go through the other candidates. a lot of fun watching the focus groups did you yell at them? >> i was nice to them. >> thank you. coming up right here you don't want to miss it on "hannity." what's the difference between a democrat and socialist? >> the relevant debate that we'll be having over the course of this campaign is what's the difference between a democrat and a republican.
7:43 pm
>> dnc chair woman debbie wassermann schultz can't explain the difference between the democratic party and socialism. straight ahead. >> test. >> test. >> test. >> test
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welcome back to "hannity." back with us mark levin, i call him the great one. i pulled out of your book some stats you put in there. you've got 60 pages of footnotes in this book. >> it's a two hundred page book with end notes. >> i think it's valuable to your this is stunning. for those of us who are conservative look at this. number of pages of regulations in the federal register year by year it's like 75,000 a year. 79,000. total number of regulations in the federal register 778,920. then you put the number of regulations issued by the executive branch, fiat
7:49 pm
by-passed congress like obama. you put in the number of bills passed by congress which is next to nothing. they have no power anymore. how do you explain the shift in power, spaervegespecially under obama? >> congress doesn't defend themselves. they surrendered the power of purse. the word impeachment is never spoken. it's hushed but never spoken. there are powers congress have that will control a president. they won't exercise it. over the decades since the new deal, the executive branch has seized authority and the congressional branch has thrown authority to the executive branch. we the whole institutional structure has -- constitutional structure has been turned on its head. >> let me ask you about the
7:50 pm
republicans. 2013, all these guys ran on the idea they're going to repeal and replace obamacare. so one senator, ted cruz filibusters and says let's use our constitutional authority, power of the the purse. he gets by the people that made the promise. then we hear they're going to stop in 2014 in that election cycle execive amnesty. they end up funding executive amnesty. they can't deliver. why? >> they won a majority in congress on a lie. didn't they? what this is going to take is a strong, conservative getting the nomination of the republican party people under 45 have never had an opportunity to vote for a conservative for president. it's time. you realize ronald reagan won't have been president if the bush family hadn't succeeded. >> what about lindsey graham?
7:51 pm
>> the same mentality. john mccain is running for reelection. lindsey graham running for reelection, lurching to the right. people are sick and tired of this. >> let's talk about this. >> they're staying left. the only interesting moment he had. he asked debbie wasserman-shultz the different between a democrat and a republican. >> what is the difference? i used to think there is a big difference. what do you think it is? >> what is the difference between a democrat and republican? >> what is the difference between a democrat and socialist. what is the difference between you and a socialist? >> the debate we'll be having over the course of the debate is what is the difference between a democrat and a republican. >> what is the difference? >> i think the democrats are more marxist.
7:52 pm
we know who they are. obama i think, is even further left than that. >> you go through the problems we're facing and how we're destroying this country, and who did it. you name names. then you say that your last book you talked about the liberty amendments. in this book you talk about a new civil rights movement. what is the new civil rights movement? >> liberty amendments are there and people should continue to press for conventional estate. we believe in federalism and 10th amendment, washington is not going to correct the design he created. the courts are on the loose. article five is what the framers gave us to fix that. i said young people every poll shows you resist authority. that you don't like the status
7:53 pm
quo. that you don't like or trust, government. yet, you vote for all three of those in every election cycle and they're robbing themselves blind. you need to steer yourselves inform yourselves. you and i say, you know what is wrong with these kids? i'll tell you. we send them to schools that are left wing left wing-tenured professors. the media is left wing. the hollywood culture is left wing. the politicians. it's time that people you, me parents grandparents there are millions of us that we inform our kids have them informed so they challenge professors and media and do what needs to be done. i'm pushing for just like there was a tea party movement a reagan movement a real new civil rights movement. al sharpton is not a civil rights movement. he's a huckster.
7:54 pm
this is where we improve american sovereignty, and individual sovereignty. that is what we need to do. >> this is a tipping point. in terms of the survival of the republic. this is a rallying call. love your book. mark levin, the great one. i'll catch your radio show as well. coming up our question of the day, we need your help, straight ahead. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. i called for help as soon as i saw
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welcome back to "hannity" what who do you think is going to win thursday's republican debate right here on fox? let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left for the evening. thank you. we hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode. i see you at home sleeping. we miss you. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.
8:00 pm
the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> republicans like scott walker and jeb bush are calling to defund planned parenthood and they are joined by republicans in congress who will not waste a minute in voting to make that happen. >> hillary clinton coming down on the side of planned parenthood, even in the face of proof the organization is selling baby body parts. also a federal judge blocking more videos from coming out in the case. charles krauthammer will address it all tonight. >> you are the chairman of the democratic party. tell me the difference between you and a socialist. >> congresswoman wasserman schultz could not do that embarrassing? we will let you decide after you hear the entire clip. >> why don't you support kate's law?


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