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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 7, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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ed parenthood i defunded planned parenthood more than four years ago. >> this president and hillary clinton who can't even say she's for the xl pipeline even after she's left? give me a break. >> if hillary clinton is the candidate, which i doubt, that would be a dream come true. >> we saw candidates go after one another on stage but they also took a few jabs at their potential democratic rival, hillary clinton. with her reaction to the first presidential debate, debby wasserman schultz. great to see you. >> you too. you did a great job tonight. >> thank you. thank you for saying that. >> well i'll tell you, after watching this debate tonight, i'm confident, more confident than ever that the democratic nominee will eventually become president of the united states. and i sort of feel for my counter part reince priebus. it is pretty clear why they did everything they could to shrink the number of debates and shrink the exposure. >> what was it that jumped out at you?
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>> the mysogyny to start. with after your question initially to donald trump and the objection mysogyny that he engaged in in his response not a single one of the other republican candidates criticized him, commented, talk about the importance of making sure that women have access to health care or equal pay for equal work. after the 2012 election the chairman of the rnc said we need to appeal to a broader base of constituency groups. and tonight on that stage, not a single one of them did that. in fact they alienated hispanics, women, it is unbelievable. that the republicans refused to focus on the thing that's the most important to americans. treefg middle class and focusing on creating jobs. >> they talked about that a bit. >> not in terms of how people would reach the middle class. >> was there anybody up there
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who surprised you? john kasich for example, was obviously very popular with the crowd. a home town favorite. i've heard that he is considered a threat more so than others by the democrats. >> if you listened to any of them you can pretty much see how interchangeable they are. >> rand paul? >> well, with a couple of exceptions with rand paul. how is rand paul going to appeal to swing voters? on the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act, rand paul is an example of someone who opposed or had problems with the voting rights act. problems with the civil rights act. the 50th anniversary, not a single one acknowledged it or talked about the importance of expanding access to voting. they have all supported constricting people's access. >> we didn't give them a lot of time. we didn't have to do the buzz tear often. >> i would have made it a priority on the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act.
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you can turn the subject matter any way you want. >> to be continued. >> thank you for watching our late edition of the "kelly file" live. the late edition of "hannity" will start now. >> welcome to "hannity." we're live in cleveland. in just a moment we'll be joined by the one and only donald trump, ted cruz marco rubio, john kasich mike huckabee and everybody else pretty much. here are some of the highlights from tonight's big debate. >> i don't frankly have time for total political correctness. and to be honest with you, this country doesn't have time either. >> he is already hedging his bet on the clintons. >> how will hillary clinton lecture me on paycheck to
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paycheck? >> we have a republican house, a republican senate and we don't have leaders who honor their commitments. >> i'm my own man. i govern as a conservative and i govern effectively. >> when you're sitting in a subcommittee blowing hot air about this you can say things like that. >> i don't trust president obama with our records. i know you gave him a big hug. if you want to give him a big hug again, go right ahead. >> i created the first statewide you voucher program in the country. the second statewide voucher program in the country and the third statewide voucher program in the country. >> economic growth is the key. the key to everything. >> we can get rid of the internal revenue service if we would pass a fair tax, a tax on consumption rather than on people's income. >> joining us live from the spin room. welcome to the special edition of "hannity." we'll be checking in. donald trump, ted cruz scott
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walker, we'll check with john kasich mike huckabee. first joining us, the great governor scott way. how are you? did you have fun out there? i did. it was pretty entertaining. i'm next to donald trump. so of course. >> it couldn't have been that bad. >> let's talk about this. one of the things came up in the debate for you was the issue of abortion and the exemption for whether or not a mother's life is in jeopardy. >> a false choice. there is always a better option out. there i've said medically there's always a better choice than choosing between the life of an unborn baby and the life of the mother. there are always better choices. >> you defunded planned parenthood in the state already. >> almost four and a half years ago. right at the beginning of my life. i was a leader on that. right before the video tames. people talk about a pro-life record in this case. i've actually double it. passed pro-life legislation. >> one of the interesting laws that you pass in the wisconsin was the ultra sound law.
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these planned parenthood tapes would use ultra sound to quote, pre serve the body parts. >> amazing. at the time they went after us on that very issue even though they're using it. even on that i tried on that issue. certainly on foreign policy. instead of picking fights with fellow republicans many of whom i admire and i'm good friends with, to bring it back to hillary clinton. she's extreme in terms of abortion. hillary clinton is the person we should be talking to. >> immigration is such big a issue. in the past you had taken the position that you had. you changed, explained the evolution. >> it was a combination of things. looking at the president's horrible handling this. one of the first on sign on to the lawsuit that now blocked the illegal actions from last year. and i looked, talk on bored he
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state leaders. i talked to the american people. i think people want someone who listened to them. secure the border. enforce the laws. no amnesty. priority to american working families. >> narrator: a lot of people know your record as governor. know the fights that you've had against unions. you have really made an effort to reach out to foreign governors, foreign governments and foreign leaders. tell us about the experience you've had meeting with the saudis and egyptians. >> it was earlier this year when i met with many of the persian gulf leaders. i said what's the biggest worry you have in the world today? they said the disengagement of america. that shows the obama/clinton doctrine is not working. when i met with benjamin netanyahu. i didn't just meet with him i'm an ally but i also met with the only significance leader. i wanted to make it clear. if i'm president, there is no
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daylight between me and the state of israel. >> it looked like in the debate you had made a decision. when you talked about hillary, everything she touched is worse off. baltimore a decision that you were going after the guys on the stage. >> i was listening to. this i want to talk about hillary clinton. think about these e-mails. this woman could be -- >> the fbi investigation. a criminal investigation. >> her problem is real right now. she could be you can't trust her to be the commander in chief will i think the more time we spent focusing on who is best going head to head against her. i'm a new fresh face. she's a name from the past. i'm a name from outside washington. and i've actually done things. >> what did you think of trump being the only person to say he wouldn't support? >> when you think about hillary clinton. i think any of the ten of us tonight, any of the people on earlier would be infinitely better qualified and. better for america and the world to be president than hillary clinton. >> all right. governor good to see you. thank you for stopping by.
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earlier this evening, texas senator ted cruz he didn't hold back in this debate. >> i believe the american people are looking for someone to speak the truth. if you're looking for someone to go to washington to go along to get along, to agree with the career politicians in both parties, who get in bed with the lobbyists and special interests, then i ain't your guy. there is a reason we have 18 trillion dollars in debt. because as conservatives, as republicans, we keep winning elections. we got a republican house, a republican senate and we don't have leaders who honor their commitments. >> joining us now with reaction 2016. gop. presidential candidate senator ted cruz. >> it's always great to join you. did you have a good time? >> i thought it was terrific.
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i think we covered a lot of territory. and we're starting to see people being able to make choices. >> let me ask you about this issue. it is an internal intramural battle in the republican party. you stood to defund and get rid of obamacare and you were kind of excoriated by members of your own party i supported you. in effort. i want to be straight up with my audience here. and i was surprised others didn't support you. so do you think this is an intramural squabble? will this be resolved in this presidential race? >> i think the really divide is whether we'll have republicans that actually do what we said we would do. and the virtue of this debate process is we have the opportunity to really put candidates to a test. in every campaign there are campaign conservatives. all ten of the people on that stage will naturally say they're the most conservative person ever. but i think what republican primary voters are looking for is consistent conservatives.
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when have they stood when it was difficult? when they were standing not just against democrats but against their own party, against republicans. you look at the biggest issues obamacare, everyone on that stage says they oppose obamacare. when you ask, what have you actually done to stop it -- >> is that where the frustration of the conservative base is coming in? they promise they'll get rid of obamacare but they won't use their constitutional authority. the power of the purse. or executive amnesty. >> that's a great example. the majority of the people only stage have vocally, vigorously for years supported amnesty. now let's flash forward to next year. when we have a general election debate. and we've got a republican standing on the stage with hillary clinton. you know, in 2012 we saw what happened when we nominated a candidate who had health care plans like obamacare. we weren't able to have a clear contrast because our nominee had proposed something just like that. >> is this ford and reagan in
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'76? establishment versus reagan the more conservative? >> i think it is exactly that dynamic. but also 1980. '76 set the stage for '80. the reagan revolution came from the people. from millions of grassroots americans. not washington. one of the great illustrations, we're saying the same thing. our campaign in just over four months has had over 225,000 contributions at ted ted the average contribution is $68. that's the power of the grassroots. it is why in 1980 we saw the reagan revolution. >> you mentioned a number of time that you feel politicians are unwilling to speak the truth. a lot has been made over the speech that you made on the senate floor. about mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell in a room. you said there is no deal no deal and you said he lied to you. did he lie to you? >> he told a lie. and i stood on the senate floor.
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i said here's what he said. there was no animosity. wasn't personal. in my view speaking the truth is the essence of what political debate is supposed to be about. if you think about it, conservatives, we were told in 2010. if only we get the house of representatives, things will be better. we won the house and not a thing changed. we were told in 2014. if only we get the senate and retire harry reid. and we did that. we came back right after that election. >> they predicted when did you the filibuster, that it wouldn't be a good year in 2014. that's exactly right. all the gray beards said when i stood 21 hours on the senate floor filibustering to stop obamacare, it didn't happen. >> two other moments that really stood out in my mind. you keep using the term
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washington cartel. is that republicans and democrats? >> it is career politicians in both parties who get in bed with lobbyists and grow and grow and grow government. we just had a big battle over the export/import bank. a classic example of corporate welfare and cronyism. in this mitch mcconnell and harry reid -- >> this is taxpayer backed loans to big business. >> hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer guaranteed loans going to a handful of corporations. they write lobbying collection to politicians in both parties. in the midst of that fight, i tried to introduce amendments on issues that actually the american people care about. amendments like defunding planned parenthood. like stopping this iran deal. like case law which i was asked about tonight. i've introduced case law in the senate. and it was our own leadership. republican leadership that blocked the votes.
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it is because the mcconnell/reid leadership team is representing the party of washington. >> senator great to see you. it looks like you had a great time. >> i had a lot of fun. >> thank you. we have a busy night as we continue from cleveland and spin room. when we come back, donald trump is with us.
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if it weren't for me you wonderful even be talking about illegal immigration, chris. you wonderful even be talking about it. this was not a subject that was on anybody's mind until i brought it up at my
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announcement and i said mexico is sending. except the reporters, because they're a very dishonest lot generally speaking in the world of politics they didn't cover my statement the way i said it. the fact is since then many killings murders, crime, drugs pouring across the bored he, are money going out and the drugs coming in. >> that was a clip of donald trump from earlier tonight. right after the debate was over i spoke with the republican front-runner. take a look. >> joining us now, still number one in the polls and doing very well on the drudge report. how are you? >> yeah. i love drudge. and i heard that. >> first time in any situation like this. how did you feel? >> it was exciting. so many people. everybody is going wild and i believe in my subject matter make america great again. that word again is a very important word. it can happen but you need the right leader.
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so hopefully we continue to do well. >> the country is suffering. no doubt about it. the one question that got a lot of boos and came right in off the top. running as a third candidate. you wonderful make the pledge. >> i will make the pledge if i win. why should i give pup leverage? if they don't treat me well. you're talking about the establishment republicans. if they don't treat me well why should i make that pledge? i may at some point do it i'm starting to really like the establishment people. reince and everybody have been nice lately. it is good leverage and i might as well use it. this country should use leverage in their trade deals. they don't believe in it. i knew that would be controversial but it was exciting. a good way to start off the show. >> you're not afraid to say -- >> i'm not afraid. >> if you didn't win, you would hope that you would be able to support the republican nomination. >> 100%. i want to be treated well. treated with respect. 100% correct. >> let me ask you, before you
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ever became a candidate, you're outspoken. you had a twitter war with rosie o'donnell. >> and many others. >> you said something, we're too pc. and up america is in such bad shape. we don't have time to be nice. have the right tone. >> we don't have time. they talk about waterboarding. do you believe in waterboarding? i'm thinking we're talking about waterboarding and they're chopping off everybody's head. we don't have time for it. the country is in trouble. we own $19 trillion it will be 21 22 very soon. when you get to that 24 million mark we become greece. we become greece on steroids could you say. i don't know. this was a very exciting night. we had such a great crowd and they really agreed with what i said. >> i interpreted your the comments you made about mexican immigrants differently.
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>> when you interpreted it correct. >> i interpreted as they're not doing anything to stop it and it is a stop-gap for them if they allow people to leave at will. >> and they save a lot of money them don't have to take care of the people. we're not getting their best and their finest. they're pushing people out. and i'm talking about serious, people that would be in their prisons them say let the americans. the americans have stupid leaders. let them put them in their prisons. and the problem is you have the absolute bad guy who killed kate and killed jamil and all these people. you have all these people coming in and they're killing and causing crime and the drugs are pouring in. i took tremendous heat that first day. a lot of your friends like rush limbaugh and a lot of people said boy, they used the word incoming. trump is taking tremendous incoming. it was an honor now. some of the people that you would least expect are calling me up and apologizing.
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what i am is true. the word illegal immigration would not have been a topic if it wasn't for me. >> it was funny. i think it was quint essential trump honesty when you said that you don't it a money. they'll pick up the moan. and yes, would you expect that they would do what you needed to do or help knew whatever way. the only question i had is why would you want to donate to hillary to go to your wedding? i was using that as a joke. they did come to the wedding but they came because i'm a donor. if i wanted something, and i kribld. that's a different life. i was a businessman. i have to deal with democrats and republicans and i dwoo he will politicians like i'm as good as it gets. i built a great business and part of that is dealing with politicians. people say you don't have political experience. i have more political experience than anybody. >> it is a truth people donate for the purpose of influence. maybe the difference is you're honest about it. >> aid great relationship with
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them for the most part. i like them vex. they're good people. when i see them raising $50 million, $40 million. >> jeb is raising $100 million. they're not like charities. you understand. they want. these are total tough cookies. i know many of them of i probably know most of them. when they give million and millions of dollars, they're not doing it for the good of the american cancer society. they're doing it for themselves. >> you gave a very forceful answer about all the hundreds of businesses i guess, the corporations that you have. that you use the laws of the land. >> you said something about bankers. they got a pretty good applause. >> the people i really did a number on were bankers. these are tough guys. the guys giving money to all of these candidates. these are very tough, very sophisticated guys. they know the game. they know game as well as i do. and i played the game better than they do. i understand how to play the
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game. and i said that's what the country needs. when you have 18 or $19 trill in debt they need somebody like me to straighten it up. a politician will never understand how to straighten it out. >> i was a little surprised. pretty harsh against governor jeb bush. you got along. >> i was really nice. and i liked him. in fact he even took, they put words in his mouth. these people were not so nice to me as far as i'm concerned. but they put words in his mouth and he said i didn't say that. i thought that was a class act. >> when you talk about the economy. you said you want to pre serve the social security. how do we do that in. >> making our economy really powerful again. we have to take our jobs. we've rebuilt china. we have single handedly they have taken our money, our jobs and then they loan money back to
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us. we owe them now $1.4 trillion. they do a number on us and then we owe them money. i'm the only one who can fix it. >> when the issue of tone came up. excuse me. they're chopping off our heads. we don't have time for tone. is it time for all american politicians to get rid of political correctness? are you leading the way? >> no. i think i'm leading the way at a certain high level of leadership. they're not that way. they're not inclined to be that way. we need a leader at the top that will not worry so much about tone. we don't have time for tone. he thought my tone was a little tough, a little quick. we need strong tone. and we need enthusiasm. >> there's never going to be an apology to rosie. >> she's terrible. >> you wonderful do that as president. >> probably not.
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well it sort of broke up the question from megyn which was an very nice question to start off. with no. i'm not a fan of rosie. >> and you're in this to the end. you want this job. >> and i want to be the republican. i'm the one who can beat hillary. believe me. hillary's worst nightmare is me. who treats it rougher than me? she should be going to prison for what she's done with these e-mails. what she's done is totally illegal. look at general petraeus. they've destroyed his life over doing much less. >> and do you know what is confidential information was his calendar. >> coming up senator marco rubio, the much more as we continue.
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how is hillary clinton going to lecture me about living paycheck to paycheck? i was raised paycheck to paycheck. how is she going on lecture me about student loans? i owed over $100,000 four years ago. >> that was senator marco rubio earlier tonight during the first 2016 debate. joining us now, senator marco rubio is with us. how are you? >> i did. ated good time. >> you looked relaxed from the opening answer. i thought some guys may have been nervous. >> i wasn't nervous. a lot of people watching. you can't say you don't have a little bit of butterflies. this is a good group of guys. i get along with everybody on the stage. i meant it. i think we're very blessed as a party to have so many candidates. the democrats are struggling to come up with one. >> big time. in a lot of ways.
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you talk about your experience early in the debate. it was brought up about jeb bush. you also talk about your experience. i goes beyond being a first term senator from florida. the speaker of the house. >> i started in the local government. >> pretty intense. you want to help people. you help in a local government. i join the state legislature. i was there eight and a half years. the last two years i was the speaker of the house. the third largest in the country and the most diverse. i was out when i decided to run for the senate against charlie crist. and i'm proud of my service the last four and a half years. in my time i've become convinced that we can't turn this country to what it should belong. it is full potential unless we have a president that understands what that means. that's why i close to run. >> one of the big issues that has been going on through the campaign immigration. one of the time you said the american people don't trust us. >> they don't. >> so we have to build a wall
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for them first. >> not just build a wall. i tried to make the point. 40% of the people who came came illegally. you have to have a system to prevent that as well. and that is an entry exit tracking system. you need to verify. you have to make it almost impossible to find a job and that will slow it down and stop it. we need a fence but we also need more security at the airport and more security of course when it come to jobls. >> on the minds of everybody. it came up on the debate. this president is making with iran. how wad is it? what do people need to know? >> i can tell you a couple things. it guarantees iran gates nuclear weapon in a deck axd not just a weapon but a long range rocket capable of reaching the united states. do we want the ayatollah of iran
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the ability to attack continental units. we are all sorts of money available to them. the rockets, the long range missiles they can continue to develop that. and iran, this deal isn't even over two weeks old and they're already chuteding. they're heading the head of the quds force to russia. and russia is a member of the security council. they invited them to come. >> it is unbelievable. the am of money. the equivalent of $8 trill. 24 days notice. they get to build intercouldn't in any eventual ballistic missiles. last question. the economy. so many people are suffering. we have debt out of control. we have unfunded liabilities. what are the three big steps you would take? >> we have to understand the nature of the economy has
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changed. the largest retailer. amazon. doesn't even own a store. number one. we have to become competitiven. with evidence to 34 corporate tax rate. we have to allow businesses to expand. we have to have a territorial system of taxation. so people bringing american money that now they're keeping overseas. we need regulatory reform. a budget that limits how much regulation can cost our economy. we need utilize our resources. we must modernize higher education. why don't we teach people to be welders anymore in america? these good jobs. fix air planes. we need to give people the ability to go to college without taking out all these loans. i owed over 100,000 in student loans. we are grad waiting people with degrees that don't lead to jobs
1:34 am
and tens of thousands in loans. >> good job tonight. thank you. >> governor huckaby, good to see you. >> as much fun as you can have on a stage with nine other people that are taking all time that you want to use. >> you did go for one person. you were waiting for a question. >> i was going to go get a sandwich. it's a good thing i did. >> you've answered the abortion question ad nauseum. i want to ask you about something that really interests me. the fair tax. you brought it up. i like the fair. at a. is that politically possible? >> it is absolutely politically possible. there are 75 sponsors. the reason it is not a law is because nobody has taken the leadership and explained it to the american people to how everybody is bettered by a fair tax. and imagine what happens -- >> explain it. a consumption tax. you buy a car. you pay 19% extra.
1:35 am
that goes to the government. no income tax. no irs. >> right. no irs. the only plan to get rid of the irs. the current tax code punishes people work savings, investments and inhair tanlss. it makes everything that makes an economy strong. people don't know that every time they buy something made in america, 22% of the cost of that is embedded in the cost of the product in hidden taxes. we tax labor. imagine two things. one, nothing taken out of your paycheck. you go to the store with your full paycheck. if something is made in america, the 22% that was baked into it it is gone. noul you have a competitive manufacturing environment with china. the chinese product, it doesn't have the 22% tax advantage. >> i thought you had a big -- i wish it could be explained in 30 seconds or less. i think we have short attention spags as a country. i like your answer on iran.
1:36 am
i have said radical islamic mullahs, couples with weapons of mass destruction equals the potential, big potential of a modern day holocaust. you've been saying that. >> i have. and interestingly enough, the support for the jewish community has been incredibly solid. you would not think that because the liberal press goes out there and says serve offend bid huckabee. the zionist organization of america, very strong in support. there's nobody stronger than mort when it come to issues like that. the i've had more comments from holocaust survivors thanking me. >> this president doesn't get it. no. he doesn't. emmy comments were ridiculous and sad. his deal is ridiculous and sad. >> and dangerous. >> i used that line tonight. that reagan said trust and verify. his is trust and villify. trust your enemies.
1:37 am
those that vow to kill you and everybodience you. >> good coming up governor chris christie and governor john kasich. they're coming up next. mom has always been one of those people who needs to keep busy. if she's not working in her garden, she's probably on one of her
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i want to check more records from terrorists but less records from other people. how are you supposed to know? how are you supposed to -- >> get a warrant. >> when you're sitting in a subcommittee just blowing hot air about this sake thing like that. when you're responsible for protecting the lives of the american people then what you need to do is to make sure -- >> here's the problem. >> you fundamentally misunderstand the bill of
1:43 am
rights. every time you do that you get a warrant from a judge. i'm talking about searches without warrants. indiscriminately of all americans' records. that's what i fought to end. i don't trust president obama with our records. i know you gave him a big hug. if you want to give him a big hug again, go right ahead. >> that was chris christie and senator rand paul in a heated moment in the debate. i had a chance to speak to governor christie about this very issue. >> how are you? >> doing great. thank you. >> feel good about the debate? >> do i. it is nice to get out there and talk about the issues. i think it is really instructive for the public. i was really happy to be here. >> you had two present fiery exchanges with rand paul. let's talk about the one about the nsa. i felt like maybe you were coming from the same place but had different perspectives. i talk to jim, the author of the
1:44 am
patriot act. the original patriot act was never supposed to data mine american citizens. only if they were connected to outside countries, people and it went through the warrants. and i think he was talking about that and you were saying that if we have reason a cause, we ought to be monitoring people. do you support full date mining? >> what i support is to allow to us collect that data and then max it up against whether or not folks who are receiving calls from known terrorists. right now, the law senator paul put into effect, the phone companies maintain that data. if they don't maintain it we can't get it. if they main taint, we may say we need it now and they say we'll get back to you in 15 days. it makes america less safe. >> mabel you would be good with that date. a why would i not trust barack obama? >> i don't trust him either but he is not the only person making the decisions. i trust the director of the filibuster. i know him. he used to be my boss.
1:45 am
i know jim combey. >> it should only be used to match-up against the phone records of known terrorists. if there's a match between someone inside the united states and a known terrorist, then what senator paul said is right. then you go get a search warrant. the idea he says i want more records from terrorists and less from regular people. who do you think who the terrorists are? there are people in the united states who are right now preparing to attack us. we don't know that. if they're contacting someone outside the country, then we will know it. >> let me go to the other issue. and you're right. 70 plus percent of our budget. we don't have we talk about discretionary spending but we never talk about mandatory spending. would you say we have to means test social security? raise the retirement age? >> i think both. no one else on stage put on ought specific plan. two year increase.
1:46 am
second means test but only for those making over $200,000 a year in retirement income and have liquid assets. they don't need a social security check. if we do those two things we can save social security. i don't want to sound like i'm two defending the rich here. were not they promised over weren't they licensing the government to steal and break a promise? >> the lying and the stealing has already occurred. >> the lock box al gore talked about. nothing but ious. this is what my campaign is about. i trust them to hear the truth. governor huckaby, when w all due respect is fantasy. the american people have heard enough about that. >> so you had a good time? >> i had a great time.
1:47 am
>> thanks. >> coming up, ohio governor john kasich will join us.
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and welcome back to "hannity." we're live from cleveland. and joining us now, i guess he
1:52 am
had a home court advantage tonight, the governor from the great state of ohio john kasich. how you? >> great. >> i was just interviewing you two weeks ago. you've got to be excited you got in this debate. >> well you know they said i wouldn't get in to begin with. >> right. >> i did. then they said well he can't raise the money, and then i did. >> yeah. >> then they said he is announcing too late. >> right. >> which we did. and now they say how did he get in and then they're saying he did really well tonight. it's all good. >> are you surprised by that? >> well, i've always been underestimated you know that. just like you, i've been underestimate mid whole life. and that's a good thing. i hope they keep underestimating me. it will make life easier. >> you had a great answer on immigration. we all agree we have to build the fence. that's why donald trump is so popular. you dealt with it straight-up. i like that. what is the answer to the 11 million people though? >> we have to find out who they are. the most important thing, sean once we fix the border and build the fence and put all the things
1:53 am
in the new technology, we have to make one clear word which is if you come in again, you're going home. that's the end of it. you're going home. look i was there when reagan did the amnesty thing. i was there -- there in '86. i voted for the bill. our mistake is once we did it, we didn't fix the border. and secondly we never said if you try it again, you're going home. no debate, no excuses, no nothing. >> maybe you can could it now. >> well i think we can. >> let me ask you this. it's funny. i read a poll. a lot of people didn't know you. you were on the budget committee. >> yeah. >> you were part of that committee that actually balanced the budget. >> i was one of the chief architect. >> right. >> of the balanced budget. >> but people don't know that. >> they didn't know i was defense for 18 years. i was on the defense committee. >> so do you look at that as an opportunity? >> oh, yeah. that's why i keep talking about my record. everybody talks what they want to do. i want to talk what i have done and then you move from that time in washington to being governor of ohio where we were a basket
1:54 am
case and now we've grown 350,000 jobs. we've got $2 billion of surplus. our credit is strong and we're helping a lot of people. >> what was your debt when you took over? >> $8 billion. >> and now? >> a $2 billion surplus. and jobs 350,000. and $5 billion in tax cuts including killing the death tax. and now we're working on killing death. >> you stood firm on accepting the medicare. >> well, i took the midedicaid. i brought the resources home so we don't have to put the drug addicted in jail or the mentally ill in jail. it's the morally right thing to do. if you don't have any health care, you end up in the emergency room and we all pay. >> did you ever get to shoot in the same arena with lebron? >> no. but i've been trying to take credit for bringing him back. i don't think he likes that. >> all right governor. good to see you. guess what i heard aero smith was here. >> they were here. i talked to them. >> all right. good to see you. that's all the time we have left this evening. thank you for joining us live
1:55 am
from the spin room in cleveland. we will be back in studio for a recap of tonight's debate. that's tomorrow night our usual time. thanks for being with us.
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>> it is friday august 2015.
1:59 am
a few hours ago the republican candidates for president went head to head for the very first time. good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. this has been a long night. >> it has been. what an exciting night. we have live post debate coverage. james rosen, anna kooiman and clay marsh are in the studio with us. >> let's go to james rosen live with the big event. >> good morning are the quicken loans stadium. what a thrilling event from the opening moments. we had viewer ship in the millions watching the first debate. the moderators were also engaged
2:00 am
and raise your hands if you would not right now pledge to support the republican nominee and also pledge not to run a third party candidacy a question aimed at donald trump. here it is. raise your hand if you won't make that pledge tonight. mr. trump. (booing) >> that was the opening sound of this debate later on "hannity" donald trump explained he would use his leverage. why would he give up that leverage now. especially if he wouldn't nis necessarily respect the nominee. chris christie of new jersey and rand paul of kentucky went head to head in what was clearly far and away the most contentious moment when they argued over the fact that rand paul wanted to do away with the bulk col next of


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