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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  August 7, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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last debate. not the last debate on fox, either. >> i bet those are bigger numbers than some of the big networks got. you know who wasn't watching? josh earnest says he was not watching last night. >> busy i guess. >> have a great weekend. thanks for being with us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. you just heard, last night's debate on fox the highest rated residential primary debate on tv history. 24 million viewers watched last night's debate the biggest telecast in fnc history as well. hi everyone. happy friday. i'm gretchen carlson. this is the real story. donald trump leading in the polls and lead the amount of time talking last night too. trump clocked in at over 11 minutes. rand paul was at the bottom of time with almost 5 1/2 minutes. marco rubio who thinks he won the debate says republican
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voters have a deep field to choose from. >> i think god has blessed us. he's blessed the republican party with some very good candidates. the democrats can't even find one. >> joining me now, brett o'donnell. brett, you're the current debate coach for south carolina senator lindsey graham. great to have you on "the real story." what were your highlights? who in your mind did the best job? >> i thought there were several winners last night. i think in the early debate you would have to say that carly fiorina had a good debate. i thought lindsey graham had a great debate as well presenting his case for being commander in chief and keeping the country safe and secure. in the final debate last night you would have to say that marco rubio had a very good night last night. he was on message. in fact one of the things that we ask candidates to do is to push message. i thought he did that better than anyone on the stage. but there were others who had big moments too.
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i thought mike huckabee had a good night. i thought jeb bush got better as the night went along, and i thought mike huckabee had some good lines as well. and scott walker was solid. so you know there were -- there were -- i think marco rubio is right. there were a lot of good candidates last evening. >> speaking of mike huckabee. i want to play a snippet of something you thought he was very effective at doing this. >> ronald reagan said trust but verify. president obama is trust but villify. he trusts our enemies and villefies everyone who disagrees with him. the reason we disagree has nothing to do with party. >> what about the moment made him stand out? >> i think that's a great moment for him because it's -- it's an attack on obama. it's not an attack on another candidate. it separates the democrats from republicans and it draws foreign policy in. one of the things that's getting lost right now is we are in the
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moild of milled middle of a very bad debate over iran. that needed to be talked about last night and drew that into the debate. >> you thought scott walker and jeb bush were fine but didn't have any standout moments. >> yeah. i think that's probably true. i thought governor bush did a very nice job on the education answer. i thought that's where he got his feet underneath of him and had a good debate. i thought scott walker had one of the best lines of the night when he said the chinese and the russians know more about hillary clinton's server than congress does. i thought that was a very effective line. beyond that he was solid. you know the big thing about these debates, especially if you're one of the front-runners, is do no harm. you cannot win the election in a single debate but you can lose the election in a single debate. >> very interesting. >> so my guess is that they were playing it somewhat safe and they had a solid performance
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last night. >> i can't let you go without talking about donald trump. >> yeah. well you know donald trump -- in any universe that's rational donald trump's performance last night would have been really really difficult for him to overcome as a candidate. but we're not living in that universe right now. and so the rules don't apply to him. he has struck a chord with voters who are very angry with the establishment, with washington and with the way things are going, and so they're willing to accept things that he says. but you know i don't know if he crossed the line last night getting into the fight with megyn kelly, really going after rand paul and just telling him he's having a bad night. and being nonspecific, again, on immigration, failing to provide evidence that he was pressed for. i just think, on the policy realm, he was not very good. and he wasn't very likeable last night. one of the things about donald trump, depending on what you say, is he is kind of charming but i don't think that came
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through last night. >> we'll have to see how the polls play this all out. brett o'donnell, thank you so much. the republican party embracing a big-tent philosophy with room for diverse few points on social issues. ohio governor john kasich drawing applause last night when questioned about gay marriage. >> the court has ruled and i said we'll accept it. guess what? i just went to a wedding of a friend of mine who happens to be gay, because somebody doesn't think the way i do doesn't mean that i can't care about them or can't love them. if one of my daughters happened to be that of course i would love them and i would accept them because you know what that's what we're taught when we -- when we have strong faith. >> alan colmes host of the "alan colmes show," mike gallagher. both fox news contributors. were you surprised by his answer mike? >> i don't know that i was surprised. i was relieved and kind of gratified by the audience's response. you can't tell 5,000 people how
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you're going to instinctively respond to something that is said on the stage, and i think it proves that there are a lot of republicans who are not hate-filled. it shows that there are a lot of republicans who embrace that message of love and understanding. he -- kasich knocked it out of the park. it was a great answer. it was an answer that i think a lot of people have been waiting for a republican to give. >> some people go to weddings without getting paid to go to weddings. >> i did think it was one of the highlights of the night. mike had good points about the fact that there is -- for people who don't normally follow republican politics some of them think there is a lot of hate there. >> it was a surprising reaction because i don't think we would have expected a republican audience to respond as favorably as they did. kasich was great. i think he and rubio did the best last night in general. it was a heart-warming moment for him to talk about unconditional love not judging someone by their sexual preference. >> there are a lot of people who feel that way. that's the problem. a lot of people are unfairly
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targeted with the hateful label or bigoted. a lot of people say what kasich said. i am a internationaltraditional person and believe in traditional but i care and have respect for people. >> candidates said disobey the supreme court decision on gay marriage. >> is that because republicans don't all agree on the issue? >> of course they don't agree on the issue. obviously you have a far right contingent that's very socially conservative and said to defy the supreme court on gay marriage. >> you're right. it's about the messaging too. now that john kasich has put this out there, a lot more people will embrace that kind of message of love tolerance and respect for all people. >> it's a great message. >> also go back to the fox news poll from earlier this week where 30% thought the economy was the biggest issue, 2% said social issues. let's talk about iran. a powerful senate democrat
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coming out against president obama's nuke deal with iran in the middle of the debate last night. new york senator chuck schumer saying he'll join republicans to vote against the agreement. alan nothing about timing. he wasn't trying to stuff the thunder so nobody covered it. >> i'm watching the debate and i'm getting a flash on my phone. what? interesting timing. everybody is focused on the debate and chuck schumer is not voting -- he also voted against obamacare. was against obamacare. he has no business leading the senate democrats with these kinds of views. far outside the democratic mainstream. >> maybe he'll be the start as the leader of other democrats following suit. mike? >> it's a bold move for a democrat to -- incidentally i tweeted this out in the middle of the debate. a beautiful woman named gretchen saw the tweet. it was a -- the timing was pretty peculiar. listen i am relieved and grateful for senator schumer doing this.
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if i don't agree with him on anything i agree with him on this. >> do either of you think it will lead to other democrats feeling safer to do the same thing. >> it might. i hope it doesn't. i still think it's veto proof. chuck schumer says that doesn't mean it's the end of the road for the deal. >> he is seen as a leader in the democratic party, right? >> he gives hope for those of us who believe this is an awful deal. he is acknowledging it's an awful deal. if you read his statement, it's eloquent and well put. hopefully other democrats will follow suit. >> you're going to vote for schumer this time? >> let's not go over board. >> great to have both of you here today. one of the most talked about performances last night didn't even happen in prime time. >> hillary clinton lies about benghazi. she lies about emails. she is still defending planned parenthood and she is still her party's front-runner. >> carly fiorina making waves
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welcome back to "the real story." dramatic surveillance video showing a brutal attack behind a d.c. restaurant. you can see the victim walking down an alleyway right there. two suspects jump him from behind. the attackers beating him so badly he suffered a broken eye socket. a couple cooks at the restaurant come running to the rescue. taking off their belts and using them as weapons. the victim is praising the good sa mare tins. he said he hopes the video, taken in june, will finally help
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bring the suspects to justice. carly fiorina grabbing the spotlight during yesterday's republican debate. her performance lighting up social media. check out this google map of the top candidate searches by state. the green representing fiorina, everywhere. even former texas gov rick perry saying carly should have been the one negotiating the iranian nuclear deal. >> i'll tell you one thing. i would a whole lot rather that carly fiorina over there doing the negotiation than john kerry. maybe we would have gotten a deal where we didn't give everything away. >> many moving on to the red state gathering for conservatives. that's where we find carly fiorina, joining us live in atlanta. great to have you back on "the real story." >> so glad to be with you, gretchen thank you for having me. >> i've got to ask you this. do you think that it was an advantage to you now to not make the top tier of the debate last
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night because everyone is saying you killed this thing, you won it handily. >> you know what i was just grateful to have an opportunity to talk to the american people. when i went into the debate last night, only 40% of republican voters had ever heard my name. i am not a professional politician and i'm not a celebrity. so i still have a lot of introducing of myself to voters. so that debate gave me a great opportunity to do so. >> apparently you did it in a fantastic way. one of your own people on the debate stage with you, governor rick perry, saying you should have negotiated the iranian deal. you were asked that question on stage. what would you have done better, in your mind than john kerry? >> just about everything. but let's start with some cardinal rules of negotiation. i haven't negotiated a nuclear deal but i have negotiated a lot of really big deal. number one, know what your goals are. know what your must haves are.
11:16 am
president obama laid out a clear set of goals, what he called must-haves and then walked away from every one. rule number two, walk away from the table sometimes. if you don't walk away no one actually believes that your must-haves are your must-haves. we never walked away from the table. rule number three, never celebrate a deal until you have the deal you want. so when president obama walks into the rose garden and celebrates a historic framework agreement that isn't even a deal the iranians conclude we've got him. he's publicly committed. they then spent the next four months negotiating a better deal there are for themselves. >> i want to talk about hillary clinton. you evisc ratederated her in your remarks. >> hillary clinton lies about benghazi. she lies about emails. she is still defending planned parenthood and still her party's front-runner. 2016 will be a fight between conservativism and a democrat
11:17 am
party that is undermining the very character of this nation. >> why did you decide to go after hillary so vociferously last night? >> well because she is her party's front-runner because she is proposing a set of progressive policies that are bad for this nation bad for the people of this nation bad for the character of this nation. you know i always try and be very specific and fact based. i don't call people names. i just talk about the facts. and the facts are these. she did lie about benghazi. she did lie about her emails. she did lie about her server. and that tells us a lot about her character. and character is core to someone who wants to be commander in chief. >> i want to talk about donald trump, because you have been one of the candidates who has not really come out swinging against him. however, last night in the debate while you said that it was good for him that he is in the front place right now in the polls, you did zing him. you wondered what kind of policies he's actually going to
11:18 am
come out with now because he's been sort of wishy-washy. how did you make the crucial decision to go after him? >> you know i was asked a very direct question. martha mac maccallum asked me a direct question about donald trump and i try to answer questions directly. it is a real question in my mind because he has changed his mind on amnesty and health care and abortion. i think it's a very legitimate question. >> let me ask you about your business acumen. this is something that you are no doubt running on because you have not been a politician. and some people might say, well you were ousted at hewlett-packard so how can you run on your business experience. what would you respond to people who might ask that? >> you know gretchen let me apologize first of all. we're apparently being a bit disruptive to the audience here. i led hp through a difficult
11:19 am
time, the dot-com bust. despite the tough times, they were tough decisions, we took a company from 44 billion to almost 90 billion, quadrupled it's cash flow. went from lagging behind everywhere to leading everywhere. yes, i was fired. at the end of that six years in a boardroom brawl. i was fired because, when you challenge the status quo, which is what leaders must do you make enemyiesenemies. it's one of the reasons so few people choose to lead. we need a leader in the oval office who will challenge the status quo of washington. because the weight the power, the cost the complexity of this government is crushing the potential of this nation. >> we had mentioned -- sorry that we're disrupting the crowd there. i feel like now we're on a golf course. you will be speaking in about an hour or so at this big event. we'll actually have erik
11:20 am
erikson, who is running the event, coming up a little bit later on "the real story." carly, all the best to you. thanks for joining us today on "the real story." we hope to see you sometime again soon. >> thank you very much. >> let me know what you think about carly fiorina. did you search her as well? coming up on "the real story" the jury deliberating in the colorado movie theater trial. james holmes. a life without parole or death. what does the candidates' body language reveal about them and how may it have impacted the outcome? we'll ask a body language expert what their movements mean. that brings us to our question of the day. who do you think won the debate? tweet me @gretchencarlson use the #therealstory. hope to get to your comments at the end. ♪
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fox news alert. we are on verdict watch in the trial of colorado theater shooter james holmes. jurors have convicted him of murder for the shooting three years ago that left 12 people dead and 70 others injured. the jury mulling its final decision with holmes' life hanging in the balance. >> for james egan holmes justice is death. >> the death of all of those people cannot be answered by another death. please, no more deaths. >> let's bring in the former prosecutor and defense attorney and dan shore, former prosecutor as well. we already know in colorado they have a unique setup for the
11:25 am
death penalty, phase one, phase two, phase three. last week during this show the jury unanimously pushed it to phase three, meaning life without parole. but a lot of people said it looks like they might go with the death penalty. what do you think? >> i think they'll end up with the death penalty. it was such an egregious crime. the mitigating factors the defense put forward were not very persuasive. it seems like the jury is going for the death penalty. they were very quick to convict, and they were very quick to move it on to the death penalty phase. however, it only takes one juror to stop the death penalty. you never know what one juror will do. >> the jury has requested a tv and dvd player. apparently the judge will allow them that as well as apparently 50 minutes to watch a video that they wanted to see, jonna. they wanted to see the scene of the dead people.
11:26 am
the defense said it was too graphic and the judge overruled it. >> if we're reading the tea leaves on that one, i suspect this is an indication that the jury is leaning toward the death penalty or perhaps, as dan mentioned, there might be one holdout and in order to get them over the hurdle hey, look at the carnage of this crime that this person committed. and let's not forget. technically he has a two out of three chance of not getting death. if they don't come back unanimously or if they vote to let him live he doesn't get the death penalty. but when you look at the circumstances of this crime and how -- the jury has already said the aggravating circumstances outweigh the mitigating factors. >> if you're watching this closely the mitigating factors were that he was mentally ill, right? >> he had no criminal record. >> if they've already gone past that they certainly have already talked about the gruesome nature of the crime, right. >> they decided earlier that the mitigating factors were not
11:27 am
enough to outweigh the other factors. it seems like they're going in the direction of the death penalty. >> would you agree that -- would you agree that this would be something that would be new for colorado because i think they only have three people on death row right now, maybe only two. and the governor of that state has said that during his time he will not put anyone to death. >> absolutely. but this jury is facing something that they've -- no jury rarely faces, with this kind of carnage. i wouldn't want the defense attorney's job in this case but she did the one thing that she needed to do and that's -- i'm going to humanize this client. i'm going to say that he is not the guy who pulled the trigger. he is somebody's son, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. that's could be what's holding up the show. >> we heard from his parents and sister during phase two. thank you. the way some of the gop candidates felt about their opponents last night was written all over their faces.
11:28 am
we'll break down the body language. and what it says and who it might lead as commander in chief -- lead to. candidates not he wasting time taking shots at hillary clinton. hear what they had to say about the democratic front-runner. >> what two words would you use to describe the democratic front-runner? >> let's go with three. good at email.
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bottom of the hour now. success in the presidential debate and hinge sometimes on more than what is said by a candidate. turns out their body language can reveal a lot as well. this shot here of the candidates before taking their podiums shows several of them assuming what's called the fig-leaf position which is a sign they're uncomfortable. joining me now for a breakdown of what we saw last night. tanya tanya, a body language expert. great to have you. what's a fig leaf? >> when we become uncomfortable, anxious or insecure we tend to cover our vulnerable areas. that's theneter regions for men. they cover this area. rand paul was the one who broke. he broke for a few seconds, put his hands behind his back and suddenly the brain went into auto mode and he pulled his hands back into the front. >> it shows they were nervous, i guess, to take the stage. >> not only that. i'm sure megyn kelly prefaced it
11:33 am
and said let's give them a minute and see how they interact with one another. then they go on auto pilot. >> suddenly they're being judged for everything. everyone remembers last night the argument between rand paul and chris christie. >> the hugs i remember are the hugs i gave to the families of those who lost their life on september 11th. >> what do we make of the body language of both of them? >> chris christie is known to be a bully. it's accepted. now you see rand paul. what does he do? he puts the sarcastic look. he looks down. that's kind of like, i don't want to be bothered disrespect defeat. the smirky contempt. here he's told us with this exchange he's contem tuus towards chris christie. he did the same facial expressions and had the angry
11:34 am
demeanor the entire debate. >> let's talk about jeb bush on the rock question he had. let's look at that quickly. you say there was something he did with his hands. >> right. when you watch him, he puts his hands in his pocket which is indicative of hiding something or being nervous about something. he smirks. then you realize they're also becoming nervous. in this clip when we're watching him he uses his non-dominant hand. when you use your non-dominant hand for emphasis there is a lack of conviction. i'm a lefty. i'm using this hand for conviction. if i use my right hand it doesn't come across as compassionate. >> let's talk about donald trump. >> fun! >> speaking of hands, what did he do? >> when we talk about donald trump, look how big his movements are. a candidate for president needs to keep their hands in controlled gestures. you need yourself in like a box. chin to belly, arm to arm. he goes erratic and all over the place and starts finger
11:35 am
pointing. arrogance, conceit. people love him or hate him, but he doesn't come across as a very presidential candidate. >> okay. ben carson. specifically you were talking about his closing statement. i want to show a snippet of that. >> i haven't said anything about me being the only one to do anything. so let me try that. the only one to take out half of a brain, although you would think if you go to washington someone had beat me to it. [ applause ] but i'm very hopeful that i'm not the only one who is willing to pick up the baton of freedom because freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day. every one of us must fight for it because we're fighting for our children and the next generation. >> he won points in several ways. he was relaxed, easy going, funny and humorous when eventually called upon. he lost because a lot of his movements were considered beta movements. that's palms up. you see how his hands are like
11:36 am
this? that's considered more of a submissive beta position. you need to learn to do both. you need to take your charismatic words and put them together with more dominant movements. >> in your mind winners and losers based on body language and what they were telling the viewers through that? >> losers i would say rand paul. he really didn't do well. most of the other candidates were neutral. chris christie didn't do great either. jeb bush was neutral. i think the person who did the best was marco rubio. he was relaxed. his body language and words were congruent. he came across as good and strong and dominant. i like that he's fluid in his movements. people say he looks so young. he does. there are ways to address that if you're going to be the candidate. >> how many of the candidates do you think seek out body language experts to help them? >> i think the majority do. here is what happens. you get into a place where you have been practicing for so long but haven't done real-life
11:37 am
things. by the time is gets to maybe the third time around you'll see a little bit better non-verbal communication. here they're still walking through. they're nervous. they think they have it down but auto pilot kicks in and we get nervous and go back to our usual positions. you'll see an evolution of how they change their positions and posture. it will get better as they go. >> we hope we'll do that along with you. thank you so much. last night's prime-time debate featured tough questions for all ten men on the stage. listen to jeb bush responding to this question about how he would talk to the families of the soldiers killed in iraq over a war he admits was a mistake. >> to the families of those who died in the war who say they liberated a country and deposed a ruthless dictator. how do you look at them now and say your brother's war was a mistake? >> knowing what we know now with faulty intelligence and not having security be the first priority when we invaded, it was a mistake. i wouldn't have gone in. however, for the people that did
11:38 am
lose their lives, and the families that suffer because of it i know this full well. >> joining me now from the red state gathering in atlanta, erik erikson, editor in chief of "red" fox news contributor. thank you for joining us. ten of the gop presidential candidates will be speaking there today, right? >> that's right. it's the largest gathering of presidential candidates in georgia's history. >> so i hope that we're not going to offend your crowd again. we h carly fiorina on a little bit earlier. hopefully we won't do that. >> sorry about that by the way. >> it's fine. we have to try to make the news while it's happening at the same time. i want to get your take on jeb bush for a moment. in his closing statement i know that you had a thought about that. let's listen to it. >> i humbly ask for your vote whenever you're going to get to vote whenever the primary is. thank you all very much. >> what did you think about that eric? >> i thought it was a little bit
11:39 am
stilted for a guy, but i'm reminded he hasn't been on the debate stage in a number of years. at least ten years he hasn't been on a debate stage. it showed last night. i was kind of taken aback by it. he definitely looks like a presidential candidate but sounded a little weaker than i expected. >> moving on to donald trump, who was standing next to him. one of the fiery moments was when he was talking about hillary clinton, basically she came to his wedding because. >> you said recently quote, when you give they do whatever the hell you want them to do. >> you better believe it! >> what specifically did they do? >> if i asked them if i need them -- most of the people on this stage i've given to just so you understand. >> what did you get from hillary clinton and nancy pelosi? >> with hillary clinton i said be at my wedding, and she came to my wedding. you know why? she had no choice because i gave. >> what did you think about that eric? >> you know we had a thousand people here last night watching
11:40 am
the fox news debate in atlanta. a whole lot of them were mumbling why did you give money for hillary to come to your wedding. they want me to ask donald trump that question when he gets here tomorrow night. >> are you going to? >> absolutely. why have hillary at your wedding at all? >> all right. so let me ask you this because if you look at the polls, at least in georgia, it looks like donald trump is leading by a greater margin against the other republican candidates than even nationally. is that the vibe that you're hearing at your gathering? >> you know it's more split than that around here. there is a lot of love for ted cruz marco rubio and jeb bush and rick perry here. there is a strong contingent of donald trump people. they all say the same thing. they like that donald trump is saying what he's saying. i am not convinced they'll vote for him for presidents but right now conservatives hate the republican party more than democrats do. it shows that he has the lead. >> erik erikson, thank you so
11:41 am
much. >> absolutely. time to check in with greg jarrett in for shepherd. >> much more ahead on the first gop presidential debate. we'll be talking about an executive at a republican political consulting group. this guy has been involved in more than 100 campaigns, and he says donald trump made a couple of notable missteps. and that three candidates in particular scored some major points. we'll tell you who they are. also a couple of losers out there. two contenders who were the worst of the bunch. all of that at the top of the hour when i fill in for shep on the fox news deck. >> thank you, greg. what was the most popular tweet by a presidential candidate during last night's debate? here is a hint. it wasn't from a republican. where is hillary clinton's private email server? that's the million dollar question right? ed henry asked her campaign that very question got a very
11:42 am
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time to check out what america is clicking onned too. two police officers in my home state of minnesota strutting their stuff with neighborhood kids. the video going viral. getting shared thousands of times on social media. looking pretty good guys. 53-year-old man proving he is not past his prime winning the most handsome elderly man contest in brazil. the event raises self-esteem and promotes the beauty of old age. a group of elephants having a grand old party with a gopro. we're not talking about politics. the company posting video of the curious animals prodding the camera before one picks it up and takes an elphie.
11:46 am
ed henry just got the joke. invisible candidate looming offstage during the first republican presidential debate. hillary clinton facing heavy fire as the democratic front-runner. chief white house correspondent ed henry. hillary missed the fireworks? really? >> she was fund-raising on the west coast. it was interesting because, as you suggest, you have two big republican debates, 16, 17 total, actually republican candidates. she was almost like the 18th politician because she just kept coming up mentioned throughout both debates. watch this. >> div iceisive. with no vision .s. >> not trustworthy. >> good at email. >> socialist and government defendant. >> not the change we need when we need it. >> professional poltationitician that can't be trusted. >> she shook it off.
11:47 am
mixing celebrity metaphors. she is not a fund raiser that featured kim kardashian taking a selfie. on instagram with kris jenner as well. you see hillary clinton right there. kim kardashian initially misspelled the word president in her hash tag. there were two ss. she eventually fixed it. >> shake it off, taylor swift. >> good catch there. >> you have some new information about -- are we going to find this server? >> we did a show on last night, streaming live post-debate. karen finny, a clinton spokes woman was kind enough to come on with me. one of the questions we posed was very simple and direct. >> where is the server? >>. [ laughing ] that's an excellent question and it's one that i am sure the chairman will be asking hillary clinton about -- >> is it at her home as she said
11:48 am
in march or somewhere else? >> i'm going to let hillary clinton answer that question on the 22nd. >> you can bet that question will come up again and again as she sort of initially laughed it off. we'll see if hillary clinton has an answer. interesting for all the pushback we saw in brooklyn and the campaign. it wasn't their tweets that got the most attention on social media. it was bernie sanders who was retweeted the most. he put this tweet out after the debate. quote, it's over. not one word about economic inequality climate change or citizens united or student debt. that's why the rs are out of view. he has a big rally in oregon. they've moved the venue. they think they're going to get 20,000 or so people. that would be the biggest. donald trump has talked about his large crowds. hillary clinton has had nowhere near a crowd that size. >> we need the body language expert back to do this. >> i was going to do the fig leaf but i feel comfortable
11:49 am
around you. >> we are great friends. ed have a great weekend. >> you too. unprecedented outbreak of logistic legionnaires' disease. health officials trying to save lives. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients... ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d.
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let's do some headlines. authorities evacuating a two-mile area after a gas explosion in northern kouz. crews getting the situation under control. last night. have toes in france stealing half million dollars from jepson button. suspects used knockout gas on the couple. french authorities searching for more potential debris from mh370. crews focusing on the indian ocean where a man discovered a
11:53 am
wings fragment last week. >> city of new york grappling with one of worst outbreaks of legionnaire's disease. ten people have died and 100 more diagnosed with disease the cdc meeting we city and state officials today as he health department takes steps to keep other people safe. laura ingle is at a hospital where a contaminated cooling tower was found. >> reporter: to be clear the cleaning tower here on the bronx at the lincoln hospital has been cleaned and disinfected. it's also a place where a lot of those patients have been brought and been treated. but now the push is on to get those cooling towers. in fact every cooling tower in the city of new york washed out and tested within the next two weeks. and this is the new mandate from the city, instructing all building owners with a large industrial cooling tower to scrub them down and provide proof of testing or being faced with a charge of a misdemeanor.
11:54 am
officials with cdc have arrived in new york city to help coordinate a response to what is being described as the worst legionnaire's outbreak in the city's history. cdc officials say while the recent cluster of cases is uncommon the disease itself is not. >> this is a very underreported disease nationwide. i think that situations like this where we have explosive outbreaks do serve to educate the public that this is a disease that is very common. it's often difficult to diagnosis and very, very difficult to trace. >> reporter: now, this summer, five cooling towers in the south bronx, including hotels and hospitals, tested possible for the bacteria that is the cause of legionnaire's. the disease was discovered in 1976 is a severe form of pneumonia which is spread through the air like the cooling towers. the cdc reports there are up to 18,000 cases nationwide every
11:55 am
year in the united states. one person died from complications last night in cleveland, and on average there are over 500 cases in new york city a year. >> thank you so much for that update. tsunami. well you think 17 republican candidates is a lot in the shocking new numbers on just how many people are actually running for the oval office next. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, sweating, extreme drowsiness swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir® flextouch®. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. the race for the white house, even more crowded than you might think. data from the federal election commission showing a total of 539 americans have actually filed paperwork to run for president in 2016. that's 15% more than in 2012 and more than half over those candidaters running outside of the two major parties. time now for my take. a total of 24 million people watched the first g.o.p. presidential debate last night on fox. highest in primary debate history. the highest rated republican primary debates in 2011 and 2012 were only watched by
11:59 am
approximately five percent of households. not even close. of course, donald trump may have fueled some of the spike in viewership, but aside from that i'm hoping it will be a trend of what is to coming a we move closer to the 2016 race. americans need to be involved, and educated about their presidential choices in order to make a good voting decision. and last night just the beginning. who you thought won each of the debates may not be at all who your neighbor thought or your own spouse or your mom but that's what makes the political process so fascinating and just that process. we have 14 months until we decide who our next president will be. but with so many people watching last night the biggest winner to me was america. let's hope the trend of wanting to be involved continues. you can always get me take on my facebook page and at who do you think on last night? ernest things ted cruz was the winner hitting it out of the park with every answer.
12:00 pm
louis thought kashich and huckabee stood out but aroundow was somebody who was a good motivator. steven wasn't in carly fiorina's corner before but is now. he says she rocked it last night. thank you for your comments. thank you for being part of "the real story." i'm going to take time off. see you in a week. here's greg for shep. >> with the first debate now behind him some of the republican candidates already tackling their big challenge next. appearing today at a conservative convention we have already hear from governors chris christie, rick perry bobby jindal, carly fiorina and marco rubio and while the republicans were what battling it out on stage the hillary clinton was hanging out in hollywood and hanging without with the kardashians. >> some of the highest ranking lawmakers in congress saying they will fight appropriate


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