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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 8, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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feedbacks. and we'll bring you some of them along the way. thanks for the friday feedback. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight and every night. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and panel. i'm megyn kelly, this is the kelly file. good night. tonight. >> our country is in serious trouble. we don't win anymore. >> reaction to the big gop debate. >> senator, you know, when you're sitting in a subcommittee blowing hot air like this you can say things like that. >> who stood out and who could have done more? mark steyn is here with reaction. 2016 will be a fight. i'm a conservative. i can win this job, i can do this job. >> carly fiorina had a strong showing in the early debate. will this push her into the top ten? >> we need to secure the border. >> they don't want to enforce the immigration laws. >> immigration was front and center last night.
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will it continue to be a big campaign topic? ann coulter will debate. "hannity" starts here. it was the most watched cable news program ever. last night's first republican presidential debate in cleveland did not disappoint. here are some of the major highlights. >> if it weren't for me you wouldn't be talking about illegal immigration, chris. you wouldn't be talking about it. >> if i'm our nominee how is hillary clinton going to lecture me about living paycheck to paycheck? i was raised paycheck. >> we've gotten into the mindset of fighting politically correct war. >> i'm going to run with heart and run to win. i'll have to win this. maybe the bar is higher for me. that's fine. >> if you're looking for someone to go to washington to go along to get along, to agree with the career politicians in both parties, who get in bed with the
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lobbyists and special interests, then i ain't your guy. >> ronald reagan said trust by verify. president obama is trust but vilify. he trusts our enemies and visit vilifies everyone who disagrees with him. >> hillary clinton thinks you grow the economy by growing washington. six of the wealthiest counties are in or around washington, d.c. >> i balanced the budget when i was in washington. hadn't been done since. >> joining us mark steyn is back with us. sir, how are you? >> i'm great, sean. good to be with you. >> my initial observation -- i have two of them. when is hillary clinton going to answer tough questions? when is that day going to occur if ever? i saw a vibrancy i saw passion. i thought it was healthy what
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are your -- was your initial reaction to it. >> yeah. i agree with that. and evidently so do 24 million people who watched that debate. a year and a half from whoever wins taking the oath of office. and that's hillary's problem. hillary's candidacy is dying through this insulated overprotected boredom factor which is why on -- according to some rumors bernie sanders is going to need a venue that holds 20,000 people for one of his upcoming events. that's why bernie sanders is neck and neck with hillary in new hampshire. simply because she's too boring to be able to sit on her lead for another year and a quarter. i think that's the difference between the democrat side and what we saw on the republican side last night. >> who would have thunk a 73-year-old socialist would zero, you know, name recognition
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has giving her a statistical dead heat in new hampshire. nobody would have thought of that. is it because her ideas are old and stale and she's old and stale and at best a mediocre politician and this is basically a third obama term? >> yeah. i don't think she's actually any good at all. i think you could have -- i mean, the country is a 50/50 nation. i think you could have a third obama term. if they had somebody with obama's touch or with hillary's husband's touch. but hillary is essentially running as the ava perone of the democratic party and she doesn't have the same charisma or flair. i would be surprised unless -- i would be very surprised if hillary's campaign actually survives until election day next year. >> i share the same sentiment as you do. i think you've got joe biden, elizabeth warren and maybe comrade de blasio thinking they
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might be able to come in at the last minute and steal this. let's go to the republicans. who stood out in your mind? who had a good night in your view? >> well, i think they all did well in their own terms. realistically, donald trump, you would have to drive a stake through him. so simply because no one did drive a stake through him, he survived and, therefore, he won. so he's still in the game. and he's still locking down whatever it is, 25%, 32% i think it is in south carolina now. so he's the guy to beat. i thought most of the others did well. within their own terms. although they're actually quite narrow terms. and the disappointment i think was with the number two and number three. i think jeb bush and scott walker were sitting on their non-leads. both of them, i think, took a conscious decision to kind of do
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a low key don't frighten the horses thing and hope when trump implodes, that they're still in the number two or number three slot and they're the ones who take over. i don't think that will work, frankly. >> maybe this is an example of playing it safe or going for the win. in other words, you're suggesting they want it, they're going to have to go in and fight and take it. it's not going to be handed to them. that's what i interrupret you saying. >> right. people talk about the ceiling in trump's vote. the ceiling keeps going higher. the ceiling was supposed to be 20% then it became 22%, 24%, 26%, maybe 30%. you've got a lot of internal arguments in the guys who were on stage. essentially, rand paul is an isolationist libertarian. whereas lindsay graham is a security state interventionist. mike huckabee is a big
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government social conservative. jeb bush is an open borders fetishest. john kasich is hot for medicare. those guys have a ceiling, too. and if people talk about the difficulty donald trump would have in uniting the party, i mean, clearly, some of these other guys, mike huckabee or rand paul or whoever you talk about, chris christie, would have difficulty getting above a certain ceiling, too. so that's what actually made it a great debate. when chris christie and rand paul butted up. i would love to see hillary actually taking that kind of heat from bernie sanders. but they basically don't want to start the debate season until ten days before the november election. >> yeah, i'm sorry. you're highlighting that there right now is an ongoing battle for the heart and soul of the republican party. is this going to be a watered
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down version of the democratic pae party ora revitalized second party. ted cruz makes the distinction. are they going to fight, risk shutting down the government, defund obamacare. are they going to defund planned parenthood? there's a big schism. which side of the party is going to win this? >> ted cruz, i think, puts it in more basic terms when he talks about the washington cartel. which i think is a great phrase. to a large number of people, on the conservative side in this country, washington is a two party conspiracy. there's a big audience for that, particularly after the failures of the 2010 election and in2014 election. to deliver anything. you know, rand paul used the other day -- used the lame line,
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washington is broken. if you're a liberal, you're a democrat, washington isn't broken. it delivers you big victories on obamacare and same-sex marriage. they're pushing pushing pushing. there's stupid federal transgender bathroom bill wait ing with to be introduced in the house of representatives. they're always pushing to build the land that liberals want to live in. and on the other side of the ledger, conservatives want a candidate who wants to build the america they can live and simply -- that's why i think tonally the jeb bush scott walker thing of sitting on your non-lead in number two and number three position, may not have been enough last night. >> let me ask you about donald trump and the opening question about whether he would run third party and get your take on this. >> raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. mr. trump. >> i cannot say i have to
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respect the person that if it's not me the person that wins. if i do win and i'm leading by quite a bit that's what i want to do. i can totally make that pledge if i'm the nominee. i will pledge i will not run as an independent. i am discussing it with everybody. i'm talking about a lot of leverage. we want to win and we will win. i want to win as the republican. i want to run as the republican nominee. >> i did a follow up with mr. trump right after the debate and asked him a little bit more about this. i have no belief that he'd run independent or third party. but i think what he's saying is, this is his business background. i can't give up my leverage, i will insist i be treated fairly. that was my interpretation. your thoughts. >> yeah. i think that's absolutely right. that this is his leverage. basically, the republican establishment has treated him like a piece of dog excrement
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stuck to the republican party's shoe since he entered the race. they've been wrong on everything. the mexican rapist line was going to kill him. it put him in the lead. then dising john mccain was going to finish him off. it widen his lead. now expected to believe that dissing ros dissing rosie o'donnell will cause him to implode. they get the impression that their entire strategy with donald trump is to help him self-detonate as soon as possible. he's a suicide bomber who has problems with his belt. he's entitled given that atmosphere, to push back against it. i think that's actually -- you know, he is saying as long as you keep shoving this rubbish at me, insulting my supporters by damning them as crazies, there is no reason why i should give you guarantees i'm going to be a nice little house trained poodle
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until you stop insulting me and my supporters. that's entirely valid. that's what a negotiator -- that's how he'd negotiate with the mullahs and the chinese bureau and all the rest of the gang. >> the rosie line, i burst out laughing and so did the entire room watching with me. thank you. coming up next tonight on the busy news night here on "hannity." >> when you're sitting on a subcommittee blowing hot air like this you can say things like that. >> governor chris christie and rand paul went head to head over the patriot act. when we come back our panel will weigh in. later tonight. >> the potential of this nation and too many americans is being crushed by the weight, the power, the cost, the complexity, the ineptitude, the corruption of the federal government. >> almost universal belief that 2016 republican presidential candidate carly fiorina shined at yesterday's 5:00 p.m. debate. we'll have the highlights quick
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south dakota today. i'm patricia stark, now back to "hannity." ♪ welcome back to "hannity." one of the more heated moments from last night's gop debate came after a question about the patriot act. here is governor chris christie and senator rand paul going over each other over the issue. >> i want to collect more records from terrorists and less records from other people. how are you supposed to know? >> use the fourth amendment. get a warrant. >> listen, you know, when you're sitting in a subcommittee blowing hot air about this you
2:17 am
can say things like that. when you're responsible for protecting the lives of the american people -- >> here's the problem, governor. you fundamentally misunderstand the bill of rights. every time you did a case, you got a warrant. from a judge. i'm talking about searches without warrants. in discriminately of all americans' records that's what i fought to end. i don't trust president obama with our records. i know you gave him a big hug. if you want to give him a hug again go right ahead. >> joining us is our panel. i love that part of the debate. because it's an important debate. we have data mining collection. cell phone calls, computer records, e-mails, i read the patriot act. talked to jim senson brenner. he says we were never supposed to do that.
2:18 am
what did you think of the exchange? >> i thought it was a fantastic exchange because it's a fundamental principled disagreement by two people. they start from different premises. they draw different conclusions. i think rand paul, you know, for the people who are big fans of rand paul he helped himself. for the people who were big fans of chris christie he helped himself. i'm not sure either of them persuaded anybody on the fence to join one side or the other side. i'd like to see this kind of argument a lot more in the gop field. everyone talks about how the republicans are close minded and don't have debates and disagreements. we have fantastic disagreements. >> i think there's a battle for the heart and soul and future of the republican party ongoing now. what did you think about that exchange? >> i think jonah is exactly right. those kind of debates and exchanges are extremely good and important. i'm, obviously, with chris christie. and i am deeply concerned about terror. i think for those who are concerned about privacy, so much
2:19 am
the better that rand paul was the there. i'll say the big surprise was how chris christie acquitted himself on that question and others as well. >> by the way, when is your friend, hillary, going to start answering tough questions? will we see that moment arise? >> she's got to do it, sean. you can't go through what she's gone through and just hope that it will all go away. it's not. you're right. >> charles, you've been one of the more staunch supporters of mr. trump. how did you feel it went last night for him? >> i thought that last night was, you know, he remained himself. which was very important. i think he got knicked up a little bit, particularly in the exchange with megyn kelly about -- talking about the women that he has made disparaging remarks about in the past. i do think that is something that could become a liability in a general election. and it's something he's going to have to deal with. the argument that he made, look, i'm not here to be pc.
2:20 am
obviously, that's what so many people love about donald trump. and, you know, is there a price you pay to be that person? yes, there is. that's why most politicians aren't politically incorrect. and it's why we have such a problem that we do have r. but it opens up a wide alley for a guy like donald trump to walk into and do just tremendously well in the polls like none of us could have predicted. >> i know you've been a fairly harsh critic against mr. trump. but -- >> i have. >> would we have had 26 million or 24 million people watching last night if he wasn't on the debate stage? has he added a certain level of intensity and energy to the debate that could help republicans? is there not something to learn from the donald trump model for everybody, which is speak your mind, don't be so politically correct. don't be so guarded and so coached? >> yeah, i agree with all of that. he provides an entertaining
2:21 am
factor. i agree with charlie entirely, that i'm not politically correct line plays well. it should play well because political correctness is wildly out of hand. at the same time i'm not sure that anyone from nascar would defend crashes has being good for nascar because people tune in to watch them. the thing that hurt donald trump last night was his refusal to say that he wouldn't endorse the nominee if it wouldn't him. his promise was if he's the nominee he won't run as an independent. that hurts him a lot. it makes him seem like a politician, like he's in it for himself. it's outrageous. >> i've talked to him about it. interviewed him a number of times, asked him that question a number of times. my take away is, i think i'm interpreting this right, he's saying to the republican party i want to be treated fairly. i'm holding this as leverage. that's his business instinct.
2:22 am
>> i think that's entirely accurate. that's his strategy. that in no way means that the question is illegitimate. you were right to ask the question. bret baier was absolutely right to ask the question. now we're hearing this is an unfair question to ask. he answered it, answered it honestly. he said i'm blackmailing the republican party. >> what do you think, doug? >> the other thing -- i think that frankly, there's a better answer. donald should give. if there's candidate who takes his positions on the mexican border and immigration, on national security and making america great i have no doubt he will support him. if rand paul is the nominee, trump and many others wouldn't support him. there's a better answer that donald can give. candidly i thought donald did
2:23 am
pretty well. reports of his demise are grossly exaggerated. >> last word, charles. >> the scene at the beginning of the debate with donald trump the only man standing there with his hand up in the air, yeah, i will not take this pledge. it was another example where he -- it may have sounded rude. it may have been impolite and all that. he was standing alone on his own and being what could only be honest. you know, taken as hauonest. >> more on this busy night on "hannity." here's what's up next. i think to be commander in chief in the 21est it takes someone who understand how the world worths. i know more world leaders than anyone running. 2016 presidential candidate carly fiorina was abuzz after last night's debate.
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that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief. ♪ welcome back to "hannity." after yesterday's 5:00 p.m. republican primary debate. social media was abuzz about carly fiorina. here's why. >> i started as a secretary. and became ultimately the chief executive of the largest technology company in the world. almost $90 billion and over 150 countries. i think to be commander in chief
2:27 am
in t 21est century means you have to know how things work. the weight and, the power, the complex the ineptitude the corruption of the federal government. hillary clinton lies about benghazi. she lies about e-mails. she is still defending planned parenthood and she is still the party's front runner. we need a nominee that is going to throw every punch. not pull punches. i'm a skerconservative. i can with and do this job. i need your help. i need your support. i will with your help and support lead the resurgence of this great nation. here with reaction, the 5:00 p.m. debate was really good. and i thought she did well. i thought rick perry did well, rick santorum. iate thoug i thought it was a powerful debate. she stood out, why? >> everybody needed to not just hold their own. they needed to eclipse everyone.
2:28 am
they needed to make news on their own and she did it. it was the best case scenario. i wanted her -- i like her very much. i wanted her in the main debate. this is maybe even better in that she's made news because of the nature of what she was able to accomplish there was not distracted by trump. she was able to watch that second debate. get a sense of her new competition. i think that it was just fabulous. clearly, the people -- you know, making the biggest google searches. she did everything right. i think people now understand why she's very good. as a conservative and feminist i like her. she hit a home run. >> i like she used the word lie. i do believe hillary lied to us about benghazi. i believe she lied about the e-mails. she's still supporting planned parenthood. she seems to have no fear, especially when it comes to taking on hillary. >> absolutely.
2:29 am
that's been carly fiorina's attitude since the beginning of announcing her presidential campaign. she's been fearless in going after hillary clinton. not only just going after her with the facts saying she's lied about specific issues but also offering alternatives to the status quo. she has an outside of washington attitude. i'm here at the red state gathering where there's hundreds of activists wanting to know more about carly fiorina. she spoke today about holding people accountable. it's something people are looking more of >> maybe this is not the right question, does she have more flexibility because she's a woman to hit harder? is that a fair question? >> i think that everybody because of where they come from and who they are, everybody's got a special style or some kind of perk they have. >> does that matter, that factor? >> i think it does. there are things women can say about other women that men
2:30 am
can't. there are things we understand about other women that men don't understand. >> you're saying i don't understand -- come on. >> no, i think that in general with life experience we know what women go through and what sisters are doing. i think that's what -- when it comes to politics what has been missing a little bit. i think that what hillary does not want is for a woman to be her opposition. someone like carly fiorina, is actually the best candidate regardless of gender. she needs to prove that. i think she's doing so. >> if you watch, i find at best hillary clinton is a mediocre politician. if you watch her, she's old and tired. her ideas are old and tired and boring and stale. and if there was a comparing and contrasting moment with carly and hillary, i think it would be dramatic. it would not be nuanced. it would be very obvious to people the distinction here. >> well, wouldn't that be a great debate?
2:31 am
that's something that carly has pointed out. she pointed that out today. she said i know more world leaders in the gop primary process than any other person here with the exception of hillary clinton. guess what i did actual negotiations with these leaders. not photo ops. she's not afraid of getting rid of the woman card. we saw hillary clinton attacking jeb bush and scott walker for wanting to defund planned parenthood and take away women's health. what she didn't mention is that carly fiorina wants to defund planned parenthood. the clinton campaign doesn't want to mention carly fiorina because it's another option when it comes to voting for someone who is a female in the race. when you look at the polling, hillary clinton is not doing well with female voters. carly can fill that void. >> if i may add, when you introduce a conservative woman into the argument it smashes the
2:32 am
liberal meme that all women think the same. this smashes that. it smashes the conformity that the left wants. it's invigorating and inspiring. not just for conservatives, not just for republicans but americans. >> the war on women, 56 million american women are out of the labor force. >> that's the war. >> that is a war. that is a shame, too. all right. thank you both. good to see you. katie, have fun. my best to the red state folks out there. coming up next tonight on "hannity." if it weren't for me, you wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration, chris. you wouldn't even be talking about it. >> immigration a hot topic, coming up next ann coulter will weigh in to their responses about border security. plus. >> people want someone who listens to them. i made it clear. enforce the laws, no amnesty. we should have a policy about legal immigration. priority to american working families and their wages. >> i spoke with most of the
2:33 am
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taken by millions since 2001. vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. ♪ welcome back to "hannity." last night's debate immigration was a hot button topic. donald trump took credit for making a big campaign issue. watch this. >> if it weren't for me, you wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration, chris. you wouldn't even be talking about it. >> i believe that the great majority of people coming here illegally have no other option. they want to provide for their family. we need to control our border. >> i also believe we need a fence. the problem is if el chapo builds a tunnel we have to believe to deal with that too. >> there's seven billion people across the globe many of whom want to come here. if they come illegally and they get amnesty, that is how we
2:39 am
fundamentally change this country. >> there's international criminal organizations penetrating our southern based borders. we need to do something about it. secure the border, enforce the law. no amnesty and go forward with a legal immigration system. >> here with reaction, ann coulter. and the chairman of go pack. david avela is with us who i ran into at the debate last night and had our own separate debate. good to see you both. you actually said to me you need to have me on because i'm establishment. >> i said i was a good conservative. >> okay. that's what you said to me last night. here's my point to you. the anger that conservatives have towards the republican party they promised they would repeal obamacare. but they didn't use the power of the purse. they said in 2014, elect us
2:40 am
we'll stop executive amnesty, constitution unconstitutional and they didn't do anything. if you give your word, your promise you've got to keep your word. that's why conservatives are angry. your response. >> conservatives have a right to be fired up to want a president who will actually do things to secure the border and defund sanctuary cities and get better at cyber security. >> they didn't do it. >> we have legislation in congress right now that would do that. we have a president that no matter how much funding we give to congress, now how many times we shut down the government he's not -- >> ted cruz stood out there by himself and they abandoned him. that's why we're mad. >> i understand that. we have had in place legislation and funding to build the fence. we haven't had a president
2:41 am
willing to do that. that's why this election in 2016 is so important. the only way we get a secure border is to have a republican president -- >> ann coulter, let me bring you in here. why don't they fight? >> well, amnesty is the big issue. david is right. congress has voted for a fence. three or four times. it never gets built it's not just obama. it's not just obama. it's republican presidents as well. thus the emergence of donald trump. when he raised his hand at the beginning. i disagree with your point and his point that the reason he says he won't support the nominee unless it's him -- it's looking like it might be is to maintain leverage. that is when he should have said. if any of these candidates will not address the most important issue of our time, this invasion of our borders and invasion by illegals, no, i'm sorry party does not take precedence over
2:42 am
that. did cruz not do that? >> when they were raising their hands -- they one of them raised their hands saying he wouldn't support the eventual nominee. that is something i would like to see a lot more in the debate. what i would like to see -- i noticed this -- i would like to see when the republicans disagree. this is why we're talking about christie and rand paul. you can have one question where they distinguish themselves from the democrats. let's hear what the positions are on the fence. they all say including rubio for pete's sake, and kasich talked about the ohio budget. most of them won't put a fence up. rubio says because el chapo built a tunnel. yeah, it's a corrupt country. el chapo didn't build a tunnel under israel's fence. that managed to work. >> this is a false argument. there is not a person on either one of those two stages that
2:43 am
isn't for securing the border. >> that's not what i said. it's not a fence, it's a lie. >> how does the math get us to electing a republican president when conservatives have to make a choice. are they going to support a nominee that is for single payer healthcare, for higher taxes, that's pro choice. that's for gun control. what conservatives get fired up about going out and voting in that election? how do we elect a republican president that way. >> i assume you're talking about donald trump. i thought he had a great response last night. ronald reagan used to be for abortion. he signed there most liberal abortion law in the country when he was governor of california. you are going back 20 years ago of a businessman. you are going to lose every single one of those issues, nobody is ever going to watch a republican debate again if we don't stop the invasion. the entire country becomes california and republican debates will be as interesting as republican debates are in california. nobody cares because no
2:44 am
republican didn't get elected. fox can enjoy, 30 million viewers last night. any future republican debates and all the issues you talk about are irrelevant if we continue this surge of foreign voters. americans are going republican. we're being out voted by non-americans the democrats are bringing in to vote for them. >> i got to end it there. thank you for being with us. coming up next. >> we don't have time for it anymore. the country is in trouble. we owe $19 trillion. when you get up to the $24 trillion mark we become greece. we become greece on steroids i guess you could say. i sat down with donald trump i sat down with donald trump and other 2016 republican ♪ ♪ hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink delivered to your door, so print all you want and never run out. plans start at $2.99 a month.
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♪ welcome back to "hannity." after last night's first republican debate. i spoke with several of the candidates after it was over. in case you didn't stay up late, some of you had to go to bed and get up for work in the morning. here are some highlights. did you have have fun out there? >> it was pretty entertaining. i was next to donald trump, it was entertaining. >> let's talk about this. one of the things that came up in the debate for you was the issue of abortion and the
2:50 am
exemption of whether the mother's life is in jeopardy. >> i said there's always a better choice than choosing between the life of an unborn baby . >> i was a leader on that. >> in my view, speaking the truth, is the essence of what political debate is supposed to be about. if you think about it, as conservatives we're told in 2010 if only we get the house of representativ representatives, then things will be better. we won the house and not a thing changed. we're told if we get the senate and retire harry reid. millions of us rose up and did that. >> they predicted when you did your filibuster it wasn't going
2:51 am
to be a good year in 2014. >> that is right. the gray beards said filibustering and they wire going to get destroyed and that didn't happen. >> one question that got a lot of boos, you won't make the pledge? >> right. if i win. why should i give up that leverage if they don't treat me well, why should i make that pledge now? i may do it at this point because i'm starting to like the establishment people. the group have been nice lately. but this country should use leverage in trade deals. they don't believe in it because they don't know what they're doing. . >> i started in local government which is intense. you want to help people, you help in small cities. west miami, then, last two years i was the speaker on the floor
2:52 am
of the house. the most diverse state. then, i decided to run for senate and in my time, i have become convinced we can't turn this country to where it should belong, it's full potential unless we have a president that knows what that means. >> i want to ask you about something, the fair tax. >> yes. >> you brought it up. >> is that possible? >> it's absolutely possible. the reason it's not law is because nobody has taken the leadership and explained to the american people how everybody is better by the fair tax. the current code punishes everything that makes an economy strong. people don't know that every time they buy something that is made in america, 22% of the cost is embedded in the cost of the product in hidden taxes.
2:53 am
>> do you support full data mine something. >> i support, sean, to allow us to collect that data and match it up against whether or not folks are receiving calls from phone terrorists. right now, senator paul put into affect, the phone companies maintain it. if we don't, we can't get it. if they maintain it, we're looking to do something, they say we'll get back to you in 15 days. it makes america less safe. >> you've got to be excited you got in this debate. >> they said i wouldn't get in to begin with. then, i did, then, they said i can't raise the money, which i d and then announcing too late. and then, they're saying he did well tonight. >> we agree we've got to build a fence. that is why donald trump is popular. you dealt with it straight up. what is the answer about the 12
2:54 am
million people? >> once bewe build the fence and put the things there, new technology, we have to make a clear word, if you come in again, you're going home. that is the end of it. you're going home. >> coming up, we need your help. tonight's question of the day is straight head. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ii accept i'm not the sprinter i was back in college. i even accept that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib,
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2:58 am
hurricane. time for tonight's question of the day. who do you think won last night's republican debate? let us know what you think. before we go, i want to tell you about friends of mine. the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii is now approaching. if you happen to be in the sunshine state, fort meyers, tomorrow, the collier county is inviting 400 veterans to recreate the iconic kiss between the sailor and nurse in times square. do
2:59 am
3:00 am
hello friends. good morning. today is saturday the 8th of august 2015. i'm anna kooiman. the numbers are in and it was a record breaker, folks. the dust has settled from the first gop debate. and 24 million people tuned in. this morning the candidates are on the move. and we'll tell you who is already seeing a big bump. and then he murdered a dozen people in cold blood, but the colorado theater shooter is spared death because of one juror. if you can't get the death penalty who are can? a fair and balanced debate coming up. in sparks fly on two packed


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