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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 10, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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dollar in today's money and stan lee unleashed this spidey sense 53 years ago today. the dow is up 240 points, 29 of 30 industrials are up. the only one down? coca-cola. you are indeed right, shep. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world," and what a world of difference a weekend makes for people to settle things and then hear one of the rich i.s.eest guys on the planetes willing to plunk down millions for an aero space concern. then everyone was interested in the market and what was propelling it. even oil stocks had a comeback day as oil advanced. the dow up 241-1/2 points. the do. this was fairly broad based rally. all the major indexes up, and
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even though we got conflicting news, the vice chair of the federal reserve was saying today, about that rate hike? maybe not so fast. then we had a note it bear saying we think that an imminent rate hike show be on the top of the priority next sooner the better. nevertheless we have conflicting views. we had about seven straight days of losses so a comeback was in order, but for those who were looking for stability to return, it did today. now another story that just won't go away. the donald. that now has brought in one hillary clinton and she was saying today, donald trump isn't the problem. it's all those guys who are on that stage with him. listen. hillary clinton today. >> so, the language may be more colorful and more offensive, but the thinking, the attitude
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toward women, is very much the same. it just is delivered in a different package. >> i think what she was saying right there is, look, donald trump is part and parcel of a much bigger problem, an antiwomen party when it comes to the grand old party. a fellow might disagree is eric ericson, the editor who disinvited donald trump to an event this weekend. eric, good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> i noticed donald trump was not invited to the gathering but his name kept coming up so its as if he was there. do you regret the disinvite? >> i don't if would have done it over again, based on his comments and then reaching out to his campaign to get clarification i got multiple stories and overnight, then they had changed again. so ail wanted was a straight answer of what he said and a clarification, and he was going to do a q & a and i would talk to him but i don't know it was
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donald himself but members of the campaign. first they didn't want to acknowledge he said what he said. then they said he when whatever, not wherever, but on the tape it was clear he said wherever, and i just couldn't get a straight answer, so i felt like shy disinvite him from the event. i would have done it again. to hillary clinton's point, donald trump being in the race right now actually can the she realizes it's a benefit to the republicans because everyone is so focused on donald trump and then when he notice nominee people will say, wait, the republican didn't have donald trump and they'll get a second look at the party. >> it's prompted a number of responses that regardless of your reaction to what donald trump said or did or didn't mean or did mean, bernie sanders of all people said he thinks that hillary clinton is attacked and that it's sexist in origin. i think for a variety of reasons, quote, hillary clinton has been under all kinds of attacks for many years. i can't think of personalities
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who have been attacked more than hillary clinton. so aren't you feeding that beast? >> well, you in the, this is i like if you have criticism of barack obama ex-democrats claim you must be a racist when it's a sub stan disdifference. if we're going to play this game for the next sever yearling where you disagree with hillary clinton and you're a sexist, it's nonsensical. it demeans the definition've what the actual word is. democrats have largely rendered the term, racism, just as -- they've written it away because they defined it down there are actually racists and sexists. disagreeing with a democrat is not racism and isn't sexism. >> what they're leaping on here is you're one to judge. you refer to the national association of women the national association of gals. do you re great that? >> i paulizeed for a lot of things itch don't regret that. feminist groups tend to prove their humorless and i regret the statements of donald trump thank
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you. but i have said a lot of dumb things i have apologized for them difference between us i am not running for president. >> you play an integral role in those who are running for president. a year ago you tweeted, all these angry feminists in my timeline today. i thought sam alito ordered them home to make sandwiches this morning. >> donald trump and i can both needle people on the other side and i don't have a problem needling people -- >> i'm asking, how does your differentiate your needling from donald trump. i understand your intentions. donald trump tried to explain what he meant after the fact. how is this different and who are you to judge? >> i'm not one to judge other than i'm a voter and the president of the united states and me are the person running for president are at two different levels. if donald trump can't take a tough question from megyn kelly
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without insulting her, how will he take a question from vladimir putin. >> you can't disassociate yourself from this process. you were the one who disinvited donald trump. he didn't disinvite himself. >> exactly. i wouldn't have disinvited donald trump had i gotten clarification from his campaign on what he was saying, about the story changed several times and then they said he actually did say wherever but he meant, nose. that's not what they said the night before. and if if want get to to get a straight answer, i wasn't going to invite him to the event. >> eric there are indications that donald trump just might agree to that vow not to vote -- not to run as third party candidate. what do you think of that? >> i think it's a good thing. as long as donald trump is talking about megyn killie or me or fox, he is talking about the issues that have latched on to him. the biggest thing that republicans have made as a
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mistake is not treat donald trump as a legitimate candidate, and i stand by that. he is the front-runner and is a legitimate candidate, and as long as the party treats him as a side show when he is center stage of the debate, he'll stay center stage. >> didn't you elevate his stature in the party by disinviting him and drawing more attention. >> i don't think so. i had to do it. i think it was the absolute right thing. if his cam paint wasn't going to give me a straight answer, it was my event and i wouldn't have -- >> i understand that do you think it's time that everybody dialed back the language and the rhetoric? it wasn't too long ago that you had said, after all these years of feminist saying we need girls running foreign policy to make the world safe, we get obama and now look at it. your statement feeds the narrative that republicans are insensitive, whether you agree or not. >> listen. anything i say can be found as outrage by the left. if i said the sky was blue, the left would be upset but i'm not running for president of the united states. i think presidential candidates
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need to have a little more self-control over what they're saying on tv and how they say it, but i'm a pundit and commentator. i apologized for what i thought i'd done -- >> hugh do you think some of the established counties candidates have reacted to this? we will continue to show jeb bush and governor scott walker, they've been tepid in their response. do you think they should up their response, show more anger, what? >> they need to actually engage with donald trump. i think jeb bush at the red -- >> just just said to engage donald trump but we don't give him a chance because you kicked him out of the forum. >> absolutely. i kicked him out because i wasn't gotting a straight answer -- >> what if they were to grill him and ask for a straight answer, you robbed them of that opportunity. >> no, i don't think i did. automatic i wanted was donald trump's campaign to tell me whether or not he was going to clarify the statement and what it was. they wanted to clarify he said whater, not wherever, he actually did say wherever, so
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if they weren't going to give me the straight answer i didn't want to get with them on the stage. >> all right, eric ericson, it e editor. we have a lot more here. we have hillary clinton bernie sanders, one-upping each other when it comes to big government programs. i think today, advantage hillary clinton to the tune of $350 billion. on you. after this. quicker
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thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have an 812 fico score, so i definitely qualify. so what else can you give me? same day delivery. the ottoman? thank you. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. so get your credit swagger on. go to, become a member of experian credit tracker, and take charge of your score. $350 million over ten years is the plan to ease the tuition burden that a lot of kids and their parents face as they grapple with college costs that seem to be rocketing no matter what the government does. mike emanuel on how hillary clinton intends to pay for this. >> she is offering a plan that doesn't go as far as her democratic rivals,ber any sanders smart continue o'malley it appeals to young voters and
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the cost of knowledge. clinton is making her pitch for her plan on the stump in new hampshire. clinton is pledging students will be able to attend an insure state public university to get a four-year degree without having to take out a loan for tuition, and also pitching free tuition at community colleges. a short time ago clinton took questions from reporters and was asked about, you guessed it, donald trump. >> i know it's makes great tv. i think the guy went way overboard, offensive, outrageous, pick your adjective, but what marco rubio said has as much of an impact in terms of where the republican party is today as anybody else on that stage, and it is deeply troubling. >> there's tremendous buzz right now about whether vice-president joe biden will decide over his summer vacation to challenge hillary clinton and launch a white house bid of his own. here's how clinton just handled the question about biden and the possibility of him jumping into the race for the white house.
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>> i consider him a friend. we were colleagues in the senate. i have the highest regard and affection for him. i spoke to him at his son's funeral. and i think we should all just let the vice-president be with his family and make whatever decision he believes is right for him, and i will respect whatever that decision is. >> the pay for in clinton's plan is going after itemized deductions from upper income americans. clinton is hoping her college affordable plan will be a good contrast from republican but her plan is half as expensive as bernie sanders and less ambition that martin o'malley so first things first. it's possible the left may say her plan is not enough. >> that's amazing, 350 million is not enough. wow. that's the kind of strategy i used when i was in school, asking my father for anything. not enough. thank you very much, my friend. so hillary clinton and bernie sanders in this battle of
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who has the bigger government programs, bigger government initiatives, that is the war on the left. not exclusively but largely. we have charles payne, who doesn't like what he is hearing, and one who might be in thex group that says not enough. jess car you heard, 350 billion and this notion that to the extreme left that is not going to do it. >> we don't know yet but probably won't. but i think republicans should be excited. this ills not socialism clearly. >> it's being paid for by the taxpayers. >> people are still have to take out loans. parents and students alike are still going to have to -- >> $350 billion cost is tax increases. >> yes, it is. >> you're okay with that. >> yes, i. have $1.3 trillion in student debt you talk about why million legallans are not moving out? >> all i'm saying the answer is tax the rich. the top rate now with all the mid care and healthcare relatedded aons it's in the
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mid-40s 0 and now this is going to push it up to 50%. i have no idea. but enough. >> it's enough. it's ridiculous. 350 billion, it is, for debt, free, in-house, o'neal he is debt free no matter what bernie sanders says he'll give you money while wore in college. it's not there they're going to take it from the evil rich people. imagine someone works hard through the system, get to a point where they're considered rich. it's not enough they have to put their kids through college but now hillary clinton is saying you're such a burden on this country, we want you to pay for someone else's $100,000-degree basket weaving you evil s.o. b. give me a break. >> she said philosophy. let me answer. it does get a little old. the argument about where we get in the money, is from the rich. fine. why can't everyone have some skin in the game. if everyone says this is a problem and we have to get a handle on the debt before it explodes out of control, everyone has some skin in the game, everybody pays for this.
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>> i don't disagree with you. >> really? >> yes, really. it's happened. >> how okay? >> yes. i'm wearing red. but what i would add to that is i don't know why we're also not having a conversation about vocational training, apresence sisships. not everyone needs a fournier college. >> where is the training for plumbs and electrician. >> me plumber has people, and he hose up like the pope later on to finalize whatever problem needs fixing. >> we should have it more honest discussion. the public school system is in such a disarray week barley graduate kids thatting can read or write. this is almost nonsensical because of what public teacher unions have done to the texas school system. kids have zero preparation. visit a lot of high schools. it's a shame. it's a sin what is happening to them. this college constitution tough is b.s. this is not about helping poor people get through because the good to public schools that suck
1:18 pm
but a the public teacher unions sucked all the money out for themes. >> i mean, no. no. >> to infit. >> we talk about this before. the onus is going to fall squarely on the -- >> the democrats just say they trip over themselves, more spending-more responding, and the run runs are tripping over themselves over tax credits. come on. >> it gets old. we need some fresh rhetoric. >> you think this is stupid use, the most idiotic thing. >> absolutely not. i heard bernie sanders say college tuition should be free. >> who is more of an idiot when it comes to spending money we don't have. >> ber any sanders, and this is a return of hillary clinton to the middle. i know the party has shifted so left but this who is she is, centric democrat, she is going to want to tax and spend elm that's what democrat does. >> then stop it.
1:19 pm
>> oh, okay. >> good. solved that problem. tomorrow we work on the middle east mess. guys, thank you very much. we have this state of emergency in effect right now in and around the ferguson area. this is pegged to the one-year anniversary haveike principal brown shooting and other north carolina coming up in the weeks and months ahead. how do we get handle on these things before they get worse? after this. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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>> after this last night, st. louis county issuing a state of emergency effective immediately after the violence erupted. protests marking one-year
1:23 pm
anniversary of michael brown's death. gather teny is in chicago. >> reporter: there's some ongoing protests today largely they have died down due to heavy rainfall in the st. louis area but before that a crowd of hundred folks marched to the federal courthouse in st. louis, crossed of the barriers and conducted a sit insure there. more than 50 people were arrested, including local church leaders as well, and this is part of a widespread day of civil disobedience that several protest groups have been planning for today. police are bracing for the possible of more trouble after last night's violence. at one point, two groups near the protest last night started shooting at each other for near lay minute straight. the heavy gunfire sent the crowd rushing for cover. police were then tracking one of the shooters. when the suspect turned and fired several shots at the officers. the officers returned fire and hit the man, who police now
1:24 pm
identify as 18-year-old tyrone harris. he is facing multiple charges from the incident and is still at the hospital in critical condition. several businesses were looted and broken into during the protest as well, along with three officers who were injured, one was hit in the face by a brick. the other two were pepper-sprayed by the protesters. local government officials are hoping to avoid a repeat of last night, and that's why that state of emergency has been issueden and that will give st. louis county police department officials jurisdiction over all policing activities in ferguson, and they're hoping that will make a difference. neil? >> thank you, my friend. former d.c. detective rod wheeler on how police handled the other anniversaries coming up. almost stacked up like planes at la guardia, and each one is another challenge for law enforcement officials. how do you advise everybody? >> i cantle you first of all that what we see happening last
1:25 pm
night and what we're going to continue to see happening in this country in these communities, is not all about race. it's not necessarily about michael brown, tamir rice or other so-called victims. what it's about is the economic that's not playing out in these communities. let's face it. ferguson has not made any changes significant changes since last year and that's why app when you ethe 50 people arrested, we're not talking about street thugs. these are clergy. these are individuals that represent your community. upstanding citizens, and the reason these people are protesting and are going to continue to protest is because this government, unfortunately, has not heeded to their calls. this government, while the president is up in the new england area playing golf, cities like ferguson, missouri, is burning down. >> the argument that a lot of these guys have made is we have to improve the conditions in our locales. how should authorities or police or s.w.a.t. units in these cities, as they're girder for
1:26 pm
anniversary protests, deal with it. they must know they have to be careful and have to be able to separate the kids intending violence and those missionaries and the rest that are just trying tree mind people, things are dire. >> it's nonas eeasy task. it's -- not an easy task for police. they try to give a lot of leniency to protesters because protesters have the constitutional right to be out do. >> like in baltimore where the went overboard the first night of the riots. >> that was because of the mayor but that's another story. i can tell you the police try to gear up and give people the area they need, the time they need, burt when it crosses the line and you start burning down your local cvs and you start burning down your local community churches, that's when the police have to step in. but the police can continue to step in, neil, but unless -- again, unless the federal government gives the police the support they've need and the communities, the things they need economically, we're going
1:27 pm
to continue to see these events take place. >> what i'm worried about, in this case the kid who was shot, he had a gun. i'm worried about what happens when it's turns out police fire on someone who didn't have a gun. we all know these are hot and testy moments and things will happen but you know how it will be presented in the media as well. so obviously authorities have to be very cognizant of that and protesters are going to be equally cognizant of that. how would you advise the crowds? >> well, all i can say is when it comes to the police and responding and handles these situations, the police damned if you do, damned if you don't because no matter how the situation played out last night, the police will be looked at as if they're bad guide. the politicians throw the police under the bus and we'll see our cities burn. i recommend to police officers, i tell them do the best you can, protect yourself, and at the end of the day, that officer needs to go home to his or her family.
1:28 pm
>> you're right, and a rising at this time will lift all boats and help economic underpings that produce a lot of these horrific disasters. >> you're right. >> rod, thank you very much. >> sure. >> we already told you that senator chuck schumer is opposing the iran deal. he has gotten a heap of lead. leftist groups say he and folks like hem, brad sherman, are making a bad situation even worse, and this treatment that senator schumer is getting. expect others to get it, too. if you have moderate to severe
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i know you hate to hear this talk about drones but i drone on because a lot more drones. they're not supposed to get any closer than five miles to an away like newark. why does it keep happening? after this.
1:32 pm
sometimes it seems that hell hath no fury like a president spurned or liberal spurned when it came to this iran deal and new york senator chuck schumer saying he is against it. not signing on to it. now might even work to push an override of an expected presidential veto if it doesn't work out. california congressman brad sherman could be finding out the same thing. congressman, good to have you. >> good to be with you. >> you know the angst and grief that chuck schumer's office has been getting. some say it was calculated on
1:33 pm
the senator's part. he knew it would be coming but knew the votes wouldn't be there for an override so gets it both ways. don't necessarily concur with that, but with you and this override issue, you're against this but already the left is pouncing on those democrats who oppose this as not helping the cause of peace and, more, not helping the party or president. what do you say? >> well, i think this deal has some positive and some negative aspects at the beginning. you get the good, the bad, the ugly. it's good and bad at the beginning. it gets ugly in the years to come. the good includes iran giving up 97% of its stockpile of enrichmond uranium and 2/3 of their centrifuges. the bad is iran gets its hand on $56 billion or more of its own money, but gets ugly in a few years when iran can have an unlimited number of centrifuges, a preprocessing facility, have
1:34 pm
water reactors, all those things concerned with proliferation identify as red buttons. >> fair enough. but voicely you're using some sound arguments to raise concerns about the deal, but those are the same arguments senator schumer used and i want to quote something from dan phifer, the former senior adviser to that approximate who said, quote, senator schumer siding with the g.o.p. against obama, clinton and most democrats will make it hard for him to lead the democrats in 2016. what drew make of that? >> i think the white house is angry, but the fact is that -- >> that's more than angry, congressman. that seems like a threat. >> that happens in our business. the fact is, i came out against this deal many weeks ago, but i was holding out for a different legislative strategy to combat it. just the last friday i decided to go along with the strategy that has been agreed to. and --
1:35 pm
>> which is what? what's the strategy? >> well, we could have had a resolution of approval, voted it down, and that would never go to the president's desk. and at the would show the entire world that congress has rejected the deal by a large margin. instead we're going with a resolution of disapproval, that will go to the president's desk. it will be vetoed. and i hate to say it but i think that veto will be sustained in both houses. >> i don't understand the difference, sir, rejection is rejection, is rejection. so -- >> the corker bill -- >> go ahead. >> in my business, procedure is just as important as substance. a resolution of approval i would be a nonbinding resolution. it could be voted down by 60, even 70% of the vote. never go to the president's desk. now, he would still be free to
1:36 pm
issue waivers of certain u.s. sanctions for the remainder of his term. frankly i think he will do that -- >> are you a lawyer, congressman? >> what? >> are you a lawyer? >> i am indeed. >> touché. that's brilliant itch don't understand it. let me understand you in all seriousness. do you get a sans or has anyone at the white house or anyone else made it clear they're not satisfied or very happy with your decision on this? and have any of them intime mated that you could pay for this? >> i'm heard from local groups and some of the national groups, but not from the white house. >> what have your heard? what have those groups toll you? >> they've expressed a certain lack of satisfaction but the white house knows this has been the issue i focused on for 19 years. i identified the iran nuclear program as the number one threat to american security -- >> i know. i know this mump the president
1:37 pm
permanently was trying to petition your vote and talked to you. when you talked to him then, did you say this was the direction you were heading? he knew -- >> he knew of all democrat is was part of a small group that he would expect to lose on this vote. >> did he say -- >> he -- >> okay with losing you? i don't want to or get nastier than that or what? >> certainly was not nasty. we spent some time talking about how the administration would respond to particular congressional votes and, frankly, he is keeping to the cards close to his vest even when he is talking in private. >> but obviously has a plan to deal with rejection and a lot more democrats will join you. right? >> he is planning to win with at least a third of the senate and at least a third of the house. >> he needs one-third and one, doesn't he? >> he needs to win in one house or the other. he is planning to win in both.
1:38 pm
and you would expect the president and foreign policy to get that. usually the situations will -- the senate ratifies a treaty. that take a two-thirds vote for the president. here he just need a one-third in other vote. >> here's the scene at newark international airport. there's a thing with drones that get to close to airport, they can't be flying five miles within an airport. five miles. these things were in terms of about 500 yards. again, and again and again. ever seen what happens when a see gull or bird is sucked into a plane engine? can you imagine one of these? after this. i am a lot of things. i am her best friend. i am her ally. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to her current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's.
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another drone scare. this time at newark liberty international airport. rick leventhal, what is going
1:42 pm
on? >> reporter: this is no longer surprising. the faa says there are two reports every single day from pilots of helicopters or airplanes of drones flying uncomfortably close during takeoff or on approach for landing. near small, medium and large airports nationwide. a daily occurrence, despite the fact the faa restricts unmanned aircraft hobbiests from flying at five miles from an airport and highest altitude of 400 feet. four different planes on approach to newark just after noon sunday when flight crews spotted a drone at 2,000 to 3,000 feet, eight to 13 miles from runway 4 right. express jet 3267. northwests air, united 107, a boeing 767, and united 12, a 737. none of the pilates have head to take evasesive maneuver.
1:43 pm
the big concern is a drone my get sucked into a jet engine, causing engine failure and possibly a crash, which has happened with bird strikes. the most famous incident in january, 2009, when captain sully sullenberger was taking off and had a double bird strike and ditched his plane in the hudson river help says drones can be more dangerous. he says it's, quote, not a matter of if it will happen. it's a matter of when it will happen. the faa says flying too close to aircraft can bring fines of $25,000 and criminal charges but people keep doing it. >> it doesn't stop so they don't know the penalty or just ignore it. what do we do about this? retired captain. it keeps happening. are we pushing our luck? >> we, sullenberger, correct. it's not if it's going to happen, it's when it's going to happen. and when it happens, it's not a
1:44 pm
question that you're going to eat one in your engine and you're going to declare an emergency. it's what happens when that pilot declares an emergency in and aborts his landing, and then goes off into the at space, he now owns that space. so for separation standards, they must clear him completely. now you have another problem because you have a traffic collision avoidance system with a revolution advisory. the pilot could be commanded to go up or down because he has gotten too close to an aircraft, and the atc controller has no longer control over monitoring his flight. he must obey. so you have a condition that can spiral out of control, and you can now violate the separation standards. now you're talking about near misses. you're talking about aircraft possibility, and all of this is happening in seconds. >> you're talking about traffic that is move at two-1/2 and a
1:45 pm
half to three and a half mile per mint and if you have a closure, now you're up at five and six miles per minute with aircraft. there's a danger itch can lane an aircraft with a single engine out unless it starts a fire or starts another damage. >> what about when landing? some pilates say it's a special danger when landing, even taking off as well, because one of the engines is inexamination tated. more damage if a bird is sunday in. is that true? >> of course. the danger of landing is losing the focus, the pilots are heads down, look agent instrumentation, getting commands from the instrumentation they're monitoring, you lose your focus and it's not possible to abort the landing the aircraft may turn because of the yaw of the loss of engine, and may do things where at the pilot losses cruel and you a have an aircraft
1:46 pm
that wanders off the side of the runway so you have unintended consequences of some fool having hiser rant drone fly into air space it cannot out the entire -- >> what do we do, captain? i talked to other pilots pilotsy there's hardly a week goes by they don't see these things. sometimes they father enough away from the air. other times pret where close, and they just -- they've gotten used to them but worry about them and it's just ameter of time. yet we have these $25,000 penalties. do people not know the penalties exist? do they not care? are bad guys behind this? stupid guys? >> all of it together. and the people don't care because, let's take a look at the laser problem. now that's a federal crime. that's a felony. $250,000 worth of fines. five years in jail. the first thing i suggest is that the congress now bring the penalty for flying outside of
1:47 pm
your air space or threatening an aircraft just like the lasers. so you pass a law. that is frightening itself. >> what if it is accidental. a father and son are playing one of these things or practicing, much like used to be middle airplanes back in the day -- model air. s. the same punishment should exist. you'll pay dearly. >> you moved a flying object into the national air space. that's irresponsible. i don't care if it's your dad showing you and the fear -- the wonderfulness of flight. you have moved an aircraft into the national air space, and that has responsibility and its should have severe consequences of accountability because of the danger that you can cause through this evolving type of -- from this loss of an engine to a separation standard to a resolution 0 advisory to a possible mid-air. >> do you think something like that is bound to happen given the growing number of these
1:48 pm
things. >> only a matter of time. your reports have shown how many incidents are occurring all the time. every day, throughout the united states. the laws of probability tell me that, yes, you're going to have an incident, and you hope that the unintended consequences don't snowball into a real disaster. >> when you hear amazon and other players, google, they're going full throttle drone and drones are popular for consumers, you have to worry. >> you have to worry but take the example of the madle aircraftmakers that would have had program ford flying radio controlled aircraft for decades. these are conscientious citizens who eye bay the law when they build these fighters. there's not the problem. the problem is this individual goes out and buys this toy, and unfortunately, it is a toy, so it doesn't have built in a lot of the failsafe features of something that would be really
1:49 pm
highly regulated. so that toy, like any other toy, can fail at any time. >> scary. very skiery. captain, thank you for timing the time. we appreciate it. this guy is cool as a cucumber. can you imagine if this happened with him? that drone would worry. maybe not too worry about donald trump looking at a third-party bid. is he very close to making the pledge not to bolt? after this. did you know that meeting your daily protein needs actually helps to support your muscle health? boost® high protein nutritional drink can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones. boost® high protein is the #1 selling high protein complete nutritional drink and it has a great taste-guaranteed! help get the nutrition you need everyday with boost® high protein. join the club at
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to try to analyze donald trump is way above my pay grade. look, he garners attention with his language. he's larger than life, but this debate last night showed that he doesn't have a lot of specifics.
1:53 pm
>> i will support the republican that the voters of this country pick through the primary process. >> even if it's donald trump? >> i can support anyone who is on that strategy and anybody who was on the stage earlier tonight because i think they are a much better pick not just for the republican party but for our country than hillary clinton. >> maybe donald trump heard that jeb bush and scott walker are open to supporting him if he's the party nominee. now talk is that trump is considering signing that no third-party pledge. if he does agree to that, do you believe that and that he will stick to that? >> yeah, i think so. he first told us last month that he was seriously considering a third-party bid. he basically just surged the lead at that point. now he has shown he has staying
1:54 pm
power. during that debate, he was booed when he raised his hand. it was only booing i heard directed at donald trump that night. now donald trump, as you know, neil, he doesn't back down on anything, but i can see him thinking, well, a third-party bid it's tough to get on all the states, all chips in, i'm going to go for the republican nomination and that's it. >> the question is whether he'll stick to that. third-party candidacies are difficult. the battle to win the presidency. you need 270 electoral votes. >> he is hard to do. he is the frontrunner. he can take a punch in the debate. if he likes the counterpunch, that's an effective skill of his.
1:55 pm
he has the opportunity to win. a lot of people predicting the eventual demise of donald trump. >> at the beginning of the broadcast, i was talking to eric erikks erikkson. i pointed out the irony of someone who has spoken and had some rather politically incorrect statements today both about women and other things, but i argued whether that actually helped donald trump, that by not being there and everyone mentioning his name, he actually boosted trump's case. what do you make of that? >> it's a good point, neil. he's in the news. all the headlines post to date have been about donald trump. he's obviously said a lot of things since the debate that have gotten him more attention. if he's not invited to an event or people in the media are
1:56 pm
criticizing him, that helps him. that feeds him. >> it's all the guys who are up there, they're the problem. their views toward women. that's the issue. hillary clinton particularly cited marco rubio and the rape comment. what do you make of that? >> i think she's going after -- from the democratic standpoint, they're going to highlight abortion and rubio's position. they may be a little concerned about rubio because he did so well at the debate and he could be the nominee down the road. she doesn't have any major competiti competition yet. bernie sanders certainly pushing her. the field overall had a pretty good night. >> it did. it did, indeed. >> there are qualified candidates. >> thank you very much. good seeing you, my friend.
1:57 pm
what's behind that? what does that mean? after this.
1:58 pm
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was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. hillary clinton mentioned marco rubio again. his big money backer on why he thinks that is. see you then. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with dana perino and eric bolling. at thursday night's presidential debate, donald trump refused to rule out a third-party run. >> is there anyone on stage who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person? mr.


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