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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington, d.c. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> aren't people eventually going to say, you know, does the emperor have any clothes or does the emperor have a brain frankly. >> senator rand paul ups the anti-against donald trump in his feet for the presidential nomination. senator paul will enter the no spin zone. >> donald trump got the temperament to be president? >> as trump's temperament faces mounting scrutiny, does he have what it takes to be the leader of the free world? we will debate it tonight? new report says fresh wave of illegal immigrants crushing the southern border. is the government doing anything to stop it? we have been investigating. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪
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hi, i'm eric bolling in for boirlg. thanks for watch us tonight. the evergrowing storm of controversy surrounding donald trump. following thursday's republican debate support for donald trump appears to be holding among conservatives according to abulbasher of in snap polls but some republicans have heard enough. perhaps no one more than presidential candidate rand paul. >> you know, i came out of the tea party movement. and part of the tea party movement was that we were upset with fake conservatives and republicans wh truly weren't conservative. republicans who were for obamacare and republicans who were for the bank bailouts. that's trump. he has been for all these liberal policies. now because is he stand up and say vulgar things, he is he a truth teller? >> senator paul will be joining us a on the factor a
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bit later. first the impact mr. trump is having among republicans. joining me now ann coulter author of the best selling book "audio america." and brad blakeman who worked in the george w. bush administration. ann, he seems to be the teflon don, you can continue to defy gravity? >> as long as he keeps talking about immigration. how many different ways can voters say stop immigration? they have done this for 30 years. that's what the 2014 election was about. and as for, you know, conservatives coming to washington and then selling out the base, well, rand paul did, he was totally for marco's amnesty. it wasn't until constituents ganged up. he said no he supports it he refers to illegal aliens as undocumented citizens. if they want to undermine trump, take his issue. please, take it, republicans. but they won't. i have never seen something where it is the business interests and the rich
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against the voters so much. and the voters keep saying we don't want anymore immigration. that's why trump is so popular. so pick it up, republicans. >> so i have heard trump is toast, bon voyage, i keep hearing these statements after donald trump says something even establishment republicans are offended by but yet his polling seems to have holding there in some cases it raises. >> is he a very lucky person to date. i don't think his luck can hold. he has to it be more than a one trick pony on immigration. agree with ann republicans need to take up that cause but there is an awful lot that republican voters have on their mind and a lot of it has to do with the economy and keeping america safe. and donald trump hasn't told us enough about that let me say this in 2000 will when we had an open seat for the presidency. less than 15% of registered republicans participated.
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moving people to the polls. so far trump has existed on media without organization that cannot last. >> why not? ann, can it last? >> can we take the two issues that brad just mentions the economy and national security. okay, how about stop dumping 30 million poverty stricken people on america to take low wage jobs. that's fantastic with mark zurichman with all his h 1 b visas. cheap labor. great for the party. you know who it is bad for for low wage american workers and they have had it. you have seen the black unemployment rate who is taking those jobs in immigrants. both illegal and legal. all these job gains are going to immigrants study after study has shown that let's take national security, one interesting moment of the debate other than every time donald trump was speaking was the fight between chris christie and rand paul about whether we are going to spy on
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americans or need a warrant first. well, here is an idea, stop bringing in americans like mohammed abdul asa who shot up chattanooga. like the immigrants who bombed boston marathon. like the ones that caused rand paul to filibuster. american anwar al-awlaki. don't make terrorists citizens through immigration, we will have a lot less of a national security problem. >> and also, let me add this. there are a lot of people saying donald trump doesn't come with specifics. i have heard him talk about isis how he would deal with isis. i heard him say he would put boots on the ground. frankly, i think donald trump resonates with a lot of people. i would disagree with that policy but none the less, it's a policy. he has put it out there. he is also very clear on his trade policy. he says fight china hard. fight mexico hard. these are policy initiatives, yet, no one seems to be hearing those. >> no, these are statements. they are not policies. and here's the difference. who is behind the curtain of donald trump?
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who are the people he is going to rely on to bring to government? who are the people he rely on now, the experts. he talks about experts he talked to. he doesn't give names. he doesn't give specifics. and here's the problem, eric. if donald trump build a building the way he is building a presidential race. it will be 100 stories tall and no windows and no elevators. he has to have the infrastructure as you would building a building and a foundation of building a campaign. a presidential campaign is one of the largest start-up businesses in the world. >> i don't know what that means. >> but donald trump doesn't have -- you should know what it means, ann. you need boots on the ground. >> i mean about the building of no windows. i'm not really good on the met for issue but i do know people -- >> -- there is nothing there there in the infrastructure of his campaign. >> would you call on me instead of point position me. >> window. >> i have no idea. you are absolutely right on the policies. i don't understand this weird objection. what's he going to do?
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what are the policies? it's just phrases what as opposed to i'm going to secure the border but not with a fence because fences don't work and you can build a tunnel under. no, he is giving specific policies and as for who is going to be behind his campaign i it can tell you who won't be behind it won't be the chamber of commerce or wall street or sheldon allegedson and people buying these politicians an the voters hated what they are buying. after the 2014 election the republicans are pretend that dave brat didn't happen. that wasn't about obama's executive amnesty. they get to town and fund obama's executive amnesty and trade bill people hate. this is a republican party being run for the business interests in america. not for the people. this is why people are voting for trump. it doesn't matter what he says other than that. >> you have to admit ann is touching on something that is very very obvious one of the reasons people are flocking to donald trump is because he is not the candidate that can be bought. he doesn't have one or two big multi-million-dollar
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donors who say this is my issue. don't forget this is my issue when you are president. >> that's true. he struck a chord in america. i will give him all that but, look, he can't be everything to all people. presidents can't do that presidents have to exist by bringing good people to government who can help you. we don't know who his advisors are. number one, number two is, in order to get people to come to the primaries, you have to have an army of volunteers. i know he is a self-funder he is worth $10 billion. where is the money he is putting into his campaign. so far he has spent zero? why? because he exists on media. that can't continue. >> can donald trump exist and wins a an island? we know that the establishment doesn't like him. rand paul is going to come on later and explain to me why he is a, quote, fake conservative. he is an island of himself. can he exist that way? can he he win that way. >> he is more than an island when he is taking 30% in the polls. this is really the polls are meaningful here. everyone keeps saying oh, well, herman cain was ahead
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in the polls, michele bachmann and howard dean. no, no, no. i have been looking that up. they were briefly ahead in one straw poll some place or neck and neck with romney. everyone was so excited one of them would poll three points ahead of romney. this is incredible what donald trump is doing. he has an army behind him. the fact that he is not controlled by the chamber of commerce. i think most people are taking as an advantage not disadvantage. >> i will give you the last word. >> donald trump does not van army behind him. he is winning so far in a popularity contest. when the rub arer hits the road there is nothing there there. he hasn't segregated money. he doesn't show us who his policy advisories are. now does he have the organization in the battleground states can win. if he thinks is he win or his name only or good looks. >> the last thing he needs is policy advisor. >> yeah, schurr. >> they would be intimidating him. he shouldn't be intimidating them. is he crushing them in the polls. he is he speaking to
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something the measure people are responding to. why other republicans won't pick this up is the true baffling question. >> i have got to go. i'm sorry. it's a great debate though. ann and brad thank you very much. next on the rundown, donald trump facing fresh criticism that he does not have the temperament to be president. we'll have that debate and later, senator rand paul enters the no spin zone and blasts donald in a scathing attack. we'll be right back. my constipation and belly pain have my stomach feeling all knotted up. i've tried laxatives... but my symptoms keep returning. my constipation feels like a pile of bricks... that keeps coming back. linzess can help. once-daily linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements. linzess helps you proactively manage your symptoms.
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has donald trump got the temperament to be president? >> no, no he doesn't. and disappointing part of this debate was it was a 9/10 debate in a 9 9/11 world. we have the iran deal coming
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up. the most consequential deal facing probably next 30 to 40 years in the world. it got very little attention. >> well, trump is also receiving criticism from some on the right for failing to give any specific policy ideas so far though the trump campaign says it will put out its first policy positions later this week. joining us now from washington, republican communications strategist adam goodman and from dallas, presidential historian jayne hampton cook. adam, let me start with you. is it safe to say that donald trump is hitting a nerve with americans who feel disfranchised by the established plul class in washington so maybe policy isn't their biggest concern right now? >> no question. he is breaking every rule in the book. is he thinking at people instead of to people. he boasts of his success. is he putting solutions out there without evidence that he has got the remedy at hand. and he is trying to -- and he is basically right now successfully commanding the bully pulpit. while becoming the bully at the pulpit. so if you throw the playbook
5:15 pm
out, americans right now are looking for something different. they are looking for really a statement they are making right now to washington in particular that they are upset about things aren't working and donald trump right now is that mouth piece as imperfect as he is. >> jane, trump historically, anyone like him ever? some say the entertainer in reagan are or oantiestablishment of barry goldwater. have you ever seen anyone commanding this type of geist for being so different? >> well, you know, you thought a little bit about teddy roosevelt because he was a showman. he had that showman skill. the bully pulpit we just talked about. that came from teddy roosevelt. he is learnly a very different persona in terms of teddy roosevelt in terms of policy and things like that. historically, i have been thinking a lot about this. after world war ii. americans turned to national war heroes like eisenhower and senators like jfk. after watergate we looked at
5:16 pm
governors, carter, reagan, clinton, george w. bush and i have been wondering what are we going to look at? we are looking at a political outsider who gained from the debate, ben carson, carly fiorina. two of the three political outsiders. so i think that's what you are seeing is sort of a celebrity persona. a political outsider whose message of making america great is a very strong one and very reason nant one. >> strong reason nant. rubbing perry went from the top spot to basically ended husband campaign or howard dean he made a one line comment when he was moving up the polls and that ended his. donald trump seems to have these moments but he is defying logic and defying political gravity as we pointed earlier. >> certainly eric, he is playing completely outside the lines right now. again, to look through the prism of an insider, i heard the comments earlier and the lead up to the show from rand paul, is he trying to critique this in traditional conventional terms.
5:17 pm
you can't really put that on trump donald trump. he is something different. here is where he is going to have the problem. wearability. durability. at some point we move to entertainment to find a true desire where is he going to lead. he does check a number of boxes but so do others like carly fiorina, outsider like carlie fiorina. experienced ceo, experience hands on like carlie fiorina. somebody who is willing to take on the system like carlie fiorina. there are others who can take this role, very interesting, eric, to see in the debate how chris christie who has been inside the system as governor of new jersey and before that as attorney general tried to take it to rand paul as if rand paul is an insider and he is the outsider. people want something. they are looking for something visceral, fresh, and different. i don't think that frankly donald trump is going to wear well over time. right now he is the center of attention and he is basically a kind of therapy to a nation that's looking for something different. >> you know, jane, some
5:18 pm
would say that donald trump is out christying chris christie. bad boy didn't work for chris christie but it is working for donald trump. why do you think? >> well, i think it may be working for donald trump within certain groups, certain, you know, your issue is an issue that he has brought up already. i think that that works. but, there were some polling in iowa, seven out of ten republican women have a high unfavorable rating of donald trump. same thing in new hampshire, only 49% of republican women you know, have a favorable view of him. that's where you have got to look, too. what's in the graphic is he really pulling in? is he really turning off demographics as he is bringing in some. is he turning off others that have voted republican in the past? i think that's something that need to take a look at. >> adam, you mentioned something in the last answer.
5:19 pm
you said at some point, you know, it's going to wear off. why do you say that? and what would make it wear off because it certainly doesn't seem like it's wearing off any time soon. >> that's a good question, eric. i think one thing that's going to wear against him or move against trump is depth. and you have heard that in some of the earlier commentary. you are going to have to have more of the rhetoric that brought you to the dance to be able to move your way through the dance and be crowned prom king or queen in this case. that's where he is going to have trouble. the second act for donald trump. the feel good rhetoric, where does he start next? >> we will leave it right there with the dance reference. going to leave it right there. adam and jane thank you very much. >> directly ahead, a state of emergency declared in ferguson, missouri, after a night of violence. how should police milwaukee sheriff david clark weighs in. when the factor comes right back. night relief, unlike miralx
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in the personal story segment tonight, a statute of emergency in ferguson, missouri, the decision comes after a peaceful protest marking the anniversary of michael brown's death turned violent last night. joining us now from milwaukee to explain how he would handle the situation sheriff david clark. sheriff, thank thank you for joining us. talk to us a little bit about what's going on. one year later, why still so much unrest and violence? >> well, this is nothing more than a return to the scene of the big lie, the hands up, don't shoot, this whole black lives matter movement. this false narrative that came out ferguson. they destroyed the town, a bunch of thugs, creeps, criminals, race hustlers with the scattering of law abiding people converged and ripped the town apart.
5:24 pm
i would like to think this phony movement come back to ferguson one year later to apologized to the good law abiding people of ferguson, missouri. instead, we get this whole phony movement. that's just been turned into a political construct, eric, i think you know that. this is nothing more than an attempt to i try to energize and mobilize the black vote through the 2016 election. there is no better way for them to inflame it than to bring race and police together in the same narrative because it's an explosive issue. >> it seems to be the issue that a lot of people that want to keep in the news because frankly when it's in the news they can make hay out of it al sharptons and jesse jacksons who can talk about it on tv. they did get backing and get support if it stays relevant and in the news on our tv. >> right. i'm glad that they called the state of emergency early. you have to preempt this sort of thing. they have to have the resources in place and they have to be able to and ready to act quickly. i think in the first round. i saw this in other cities,
5:25 pm
there was an overreliance by the police on avoiding confrontation. look, the police are not looking for confrontation. but if someone is going to bring the fight, then they have to respond quickly. if there is looting and gunfire like last night. there is rioting. there is other sort of criminal behavior. law enforcement have to take the resources that they have and make sure they have them in plus and make sure they have a solid plan, respond quickly and crush and give the impression to these individuals early on that this stuff is not going to stand. >> right. and sheriff clarke, i want to get to that. so do you think there will be at the one year anniversary of new york staten island eric garner or one year anniversary of baltimore, you think we are going to see similar things and have people bringing the violence to those cities again? >> you know, i have renamed this movement after baltimore coming to a city near you. it's also happened in other cities. yeah, they are going to keep this thing going. it's an unfortunate thing because, look, this isn't selma, alabama, this isn't montgomery. this isn't the civil rights movement. mike brown was engaged in
5:26 pm
felonious conduct. this is a slap in the face to people like rosa parks and martin luther king jr. they ought to go back and study dr. martin luther king jr. i don't remember gunfire and rioting breaking out at a protest rally or protest movement that he held. >> do any of the leaders of black lives matter or frankly any of the race leaders on the -- in the african-american community, do they contact you? because i think if they heard some of the words they are saying it might help calm some of these tensions. >> no. they don't talk to me. i have got a counter narrative. the whole thing is phoney. look, if there are problems in some of these cities, and there might be, those things should be dealt with on a local level. this is not a national movement, eric. they are trying to turn it into. let the people at the local level work through their problems and if problems do exist with the police, let them work it out at that level. instead, like i said, this is a political construct now. this isn't about civil rights. this isn't about making and improving relations between minority communities and police. this is about mobilizing and
5:27 pm
energizing the black vote for the 2016 election. >> all right. sheriff clarke, we want to say thank you very much. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. reports of a new surge of illegal immigrants pouring across the southern border. is the government doing anything to stop it? plus, senator rand paul launches a scathing attack on donald trump. senator paul will be here. the factor is coming right back. ♪ fresher dentures with polident. for the best first impression. love loud. live loud. polident. number 1 dentist recommended. ♪
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight, chaos at the border. according to the "washington times," the department of homeland security saw a surge in illegal immigrant families crossing the southern border in july. increase has taken officials by surprise and reverses a recent decline in illegal border crossings. jing us now from washington to analyze, steven camerota of the senator of immigration studies and here in studio, um congratulation attorney and former federal prosecutor michael wiles. michael, i will start with you because you are in studio. always advantage to start here. surge in july. you know, if you watch enough conservative television, we predicted a big surge. in fact, was there ever a decline? >> never a decline. always an increase. if you don't stop a problem, if you have a leak, it will continue until you function it. with all the talk and banter, all the politicians on both sides of the aisle, congress has not fixed our broken system. the quotas where
5:32 pm
retrogressing. it's now taking people upwards of 15 to 25 years to bring a brother in. if you are an employer in. >> legally. >> go back and let's do this legal so people are hearing a false narrative in south america. they are showing up at the border. there isn't any parent, let alone an immigration lawyer that doesn't agree we should keep the bad guys out but how are we going to fix this problem? there are about 300 and something immigration judges. about a thousand ice agents. >> steven, how are we going to fix the problem that michael points out. >> first off, the most generous legal immigration system of the world. 31 million legal immigrants living in the united states. when we give out 1 million green cards a year. now, maybe you think that number is too high or too low. that's an interesting question. on the central question of do you have to enforce your laws, absolutely. if everybody you catch at the border from central america, you parole into the united states, because they have a kid with them, then people are just going to keep coming. we know in the past 8 out of 10 people didn't show up for
5:33 pm
their hearing. in other words, their hearing to see if they actually have an asylum claim. they don't have a valid asylum claim. they want to come for a better life and live here. that's why they come. if they know they have their kid with them they can come across. we will let them go into the united states. >> that's breaking the law. even if they break their kid. i know that's not the policy right now. none the less, michael, they are breaking the law bringing the kid. if the child is born here that's a different story. >> child is born in the united states they are a citizen. have you people now looking at all kinds of vantage points. in my office and i'm opening up now in los angeles and if you look at all the border states, you know, you are seeing people that are basically coming. >> who do you represent? >> we represent companies, diplomats. >> what do they want to do. >> bring people in to america. >> you want to give them green cards. >> give people the right to work here to help this ship. this is the bedrock of america. bedrock system. we generated and founded by founding fathers. >> are you saying, steven, if michael is right and we
5:34 pm
increase legal immigration. will that stop people from crossing the border illegally? >> certainly the evidence doesn't suggest it when legal immigration was much lower in the 50's and 60's, illegal immigration was much lower as legal immigration has grown to the 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond illegal immigration went up with it because it created more networks of families. for example, in the 1980s we had amnesty for illegal immigrants and legal immigration was 500,000 a year. then, legal immigration doubled and so has illegal immigration. >> i want to get, this michael. what you are saying you don't want more illegal immigration. >> we are not until we change the quotes. 15 to 20 years to bring certain family relatives. we pride ourselves. >> you are suggesting that the family in honduras or family in mexico isn't going to cross the border because it might take five years
5:35 pm
instead of 15 years to get my legal green card, i think a lot of conditions have to change at the border. right now until congress changes its law, the gentleman happens to be correct. we are going to be kicking this can down the aisle. we need strong border enforcement. unfortunately like the other gentleman recognition last time immigration law was fixed was over 25 years ago with the republican president who gave general amnesty. news flash, a lot of things have changed post 9/11 and we're not prepared. look how poor we look as far as homeland preparedness look how we look, poor. >> very quickly i only have 15 seconds. very quick, steven, you have a guy leading the presidential campaigns, is he winning because he is he saying stop them at the border, put the big wall up. quick thoughts? >> most americans want less imgraduation. you might want more. but the fact is the gallup poll recently showed 7% of americans want more immigration. what they want is less illegal immigration and our laws enforced. >> we need to fix our laws.
5:36 pm
>> no doubt the system is broke and we need particularsed if. when we come right back, top democrats rebel against president obama's nuclear iran agreement. will party infighting kill the deal? that's coming up. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. you are looking at can you spot the difference? no? you can't see that? alright, let's take a look. the one on the right just used 1% less fuel than the one on the left. now, to an airline, a 1% difference could save enough fuel to power hundreds of flights around the world. hey, look at that. pyramids. so you see, two things that are exactly the same have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the factor segment tonight, growing opposition to the iran nuclear deal. more key members of congress and president obama's own party are rising up against the agreement. most notably senator chuck schumer of new york who says iran could very well use the deal to pursue dangerous ends. >> i thought the agreement fell short. what is the solution? some say the only answer to this is war. i don't believe so. i believe we should go back and try to get a better deal. >> so what happens now? joining us now with reaction from austin, texas. democratic strategist marjorie cliffton and from boston former senior advisor to secretary john kerr marianne marsh. i'm going to start with you, marianne, you worked with john kerry. a lot of people pushing back. were you surprised to see chuck schumer push back as well? >> it wasn't a complete
5:41 pm
surprise but disappointment. the fact is you would rather from chuck schumer fighting with you than against hum. tougher fight. i still like the odds for kerry and the white house. i think they prevail. you have to get 13 democrats to override the veto. that is nearly impossible to do. if that happens, i think that schumer is going to have more problems than anybody else. >> well, okay, because he wants to be the democrat leader. i get that but marianne, i'm going to stay with you for a second. the white house push back fairly hard throughout today, josh earnst said they were out in force saying chuck schumer better watch what he is doing. this might not be good politically for him. >> there are a lot of democrats now who are starting to question whether chuck schumer should be the in connection with democratic learned of the senate. a lot of them are questioning it not only because of his position on the iran deal that he recently took but also he came out with statements saying obamacare should have never been passed. so for democrats, a lot of people see the iran deal as the best way to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon and avoiding war. and they also believe that obamacare is one of the best
5:42 pm
things that's happened. it puts them out of step with a lot of democrats. however, that doesn't mean the senate democratic caucus isn't going to support chuck schumer and no one has emerged to challenge him yet. those are the two things you need to look for. >> morningry, have you 53 republicans in the senate. now we have chuck schumer, maybe man shawn has indicated he may vote with him. you are down to about 12 now. does the republican caucus get 12 more and override the presidential veto? >> well, i think there is actually a large pin i don't know that the reason schumer calm out when he did is knowing that the democrats already had enough votes it was politically safe for him to do this because the democrats had this deal sealed up. so we'll see. there is going to be a lot of campaigning that will continue. i think there are some democrats who go all right, since schumer is out with this, i do have safe cover to also dissent. but either way it would talk a lot to move the number of democrats required to actually overturny kind of veto. so it's him definitely stepping out on a limb.
5:43 pm
>> mary ellen. let me go back. return $1,150,000,000,000 to the iranians that they say is theirs. and we will allow them to sell their oil on the free market. $50 per barrel. we are talking $200 million per day cash we are handing to the iranians. by the way whose leaders mullahs say death to america. i can't see why you can't get 12 more democrats to be against that. >> well, here is the reality. because democrats believe that by having this deal and actually having inspectors on the ground we are more likely to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon which they are on their way to getting now and less likely to get in another war. that's a really point. being in wars for 15 years and having iran with nuclear weapon is unacceptable. this is the west way now to stop them from doing it it that's worth this deal every single time and every democrat gets that. >> everywhere any time went out the window.
5:44 pm
24 hour spot inspections and 24 day inspections on others. let me do this quickly p 5 plus 1. i understand why -- i'm sorry, four of those p as understand why they want this deal to go down because china wants to buy their oil. russia wants to sell them arms. france wants to buy their oil. germany wants to do deals with them in the finance industry. why in the -- there is nothing in it for the united states. is this deal really that important? why can't we walk? >> well, i think what the united states sees this as an opportunity to be more hands on with iran. by walking away from the deal is largely seen as war will be inevitable. they will scale a nuclear bomb and we will have absolutely no insight into what is happening. they also believe if this deal falls through the sanctions that were in place are going to fall apart. we have gotten our toe right up to the line and have the support of key countries around the world who say we will be part of that oversight. instead of removing ourselves completely and creating us against them let's try to get involved in
5:45 pm
the middle east. >> don't trust them if they have a deal and definitely don't put all your eggs in one basket and trust them. >> it's a risk either way. that's why there is a lot of dissension on the deal itself. do we take the risk. the thing is if we see any kind of activity, it immediately warrants action against iran whereas right now it's sitting back to wait and see will the bomb be built and then reacting. you know, look, this is diplomacy. >> mary ann, 20 seconds, the bomb won't be built with this deal you believe that? >> yeah. we very a better chance of stopping it if we listen to the inspectors. had we listened to the inspectors in the iraq war, we wouldn't have gone to iraq. that's the difference. >> i have got it leave this there, ladies. thank you very much. next up senator rand paul delivers a blistering attack on donald trump. the senator moments away. [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks.] right on cue.
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>> well, you know, you got started in the tea party movement. there was this big rebellion in 2010. and it wasn't so much rebellion against democrats. it was actually rebellion against fake conservatives. it was rebellion against republican who's crew the size of government. republicans who doubled the debt and also republicans who voted for this bank bailout to. bailout wall street and all this taxpayer money that was spent on the banks. conservatives were all opposed to that. yet, donald trump was for that he was for obamacare before he was against it he
5:50 pm
has been for gun control before he was against it he says is the clintons are great with the economy and democrats are better with the economy. i just think we ought to be very careful and ought to know who we are actually thinking about before people consider voting for him because i really think he is a fake conservative. i don't think he is consistently been anything in his life other than a promoter of himself so people have fake conservative. i don't think he has been anything in his life other than a promoter of himself. so people to have really listen to him and decide what he really stands for. >> senator, one of the lines that jumped out, we don't need another bully. we don't need a bully. we don't need another president who thinks he's king. what do you mean? >> well, i think all the bravado and the, you're stupid kind of language. it doesn't really get us anywhere. it makes you think that impeer justness that he is going on say, well, i'm donald trump. and therefore, it is so. and our government is built on sort of checks and balances.
5:51 pm
we have co-equal branches. one of my concerns and the concerns of tea party is that the xeg i have the branch has grown too strong. and i say we need to give power back to the legislature and back to the people respectively. and my concern is that he would grab up that power and really treat the country as sort of his little bully fifedom. and that i think could be a real problem when we're not sure, what is his philosophy? emto the "wall street journal." i give politicians money so they'll do what the hell i tell them to do. that kind of concerns me. that's what i don't like about washington. that tol tigss are bought and sold. you know, hillary clinton, many conservatives are upset because she sells access or appears to sell access. my concern is a businessman like donald trump buying access. isn't that equally despicable? >> are you concerned that now that you've called donald trump out on this.
5:52 pm
a conservative. he will aim the guns at you. are you going to be the next target of donald trump? >> it could be. but i think eventually it will wear thin. thought false bravado and all this bluster. are not people eventually going to say, does the emperor have any clothes or a brain? people will finally say, what is he saying, i must be smart because i'm rich. is that really a logical statement to make is the are we really going to accept that? i think we'll look for something more significant, something more substantive. let's talk about whether we want government bigger or smaller. donald trump wants to raise taxes. is that a conservative notion? let's have a real debite over whether we want gov or smaller. just calling people stupid or calling them fat or saying they're bleeding are just such ridiculous statements. they shouldn't even be count nanlsed. >> for some reason, he has done
5:53 pm
things that would normally derail a presidential run. you think of rick perry a couple years ago. one debate slip-up and he was done. howard dean. one word out of his mouth and he is done. yet donald trump seems to be bucking that trend. quig thought. >> i think people are unhappy. they need to realize, a lot of people run happy. i've been fighting for the last several years saying enough is enough. it can't just be empty bombast. you're ugly, you're fat, you're stupid. that's not a debate. do we want gov bigger or smaller? do we want more or less regulation? and then ask, has this person been for this consistently? are they branlt new to this and thinking some sort of reality star schtick will get them
5:54 pm
elected president? >> we have lots more to talk about. right back after this quick break. and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm.
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continuing now with senator ra paul. everybody is focusing on donald trump but i want to get your thoughts on hillary clinton. specifically there was a report out today, i believe by nbc, saying the chinese government. they were targeting high level diplomats including hillary clinton's e-mails. your thoughts? >> i think this goes to her wisdom as secretary of state. but also as potential commander in chief. if she is not wise enough to use a government server for security purposes, what kind of decision making would she make as president? it reminds me of the decision making or lack of decision making with regard to benghazi. she had repeated requests for security. all of them denied. i think this goes about
5:57 pm
judgment. and it shows terrible judgment. now it is being investigated by the fbi. being investigated by the department of justice. and she puts a lot of people at risk shelf puts people at risk by having her schedule out there on the e-mail server but also the lives at risk for the people commissioned to protect her. i think this goes to the heart of the matter whether or not she would be a good commander in chief. whether or not we want to give her that responsibility. i think it goes to bate of lawlessness. she knew the law shelf chastised one of her ambassador for not using the proper e-mail server. then she went to do and it said trust me. you can trust me to turn over the e-mail even though you couldn't trust me to obey the law in the first place. >> speaking of that, donald trump said he bought access. he donated to the clinton foundation and then she showed up at his wedding. it was his wedding. the commander in chief selling access. >> i think this is really
5:58 pm
disturbing to a the love us about hillary clinton. not only did she sell access but she was in charge of improving very important things to the national security. li not only is this a conflicted interest. this should be investigated as really whether or not she broke laws and whether or not bill clinton broke laws in accepting money. we're talking about millions of dollars. he got, i think, $750,000 from the bank that was brokering the deal to sell the iranian country tt russians. i think this needs to be discuss asked debated and it goes to whether or not she is qualified or whether or not it ought to preclude her from holding office. >> you went hand to hand combat with chris christie. who won? >> you know, i think the bill of rights wins normally. and i try to be a great defender of the bill of rights.
5:59 pm
i don't want president obama collecting all of our records. and governor christie agrees the president. he would like to collect all americans' records without individualizing suspicion. that goes against the fourth amendment. i am happy to defend the right to privacy. the justice says the most cherishing of rights is the right to be defended. >> so i'll say rand paul and the bill of rights over chris christie. >> that's the side i'm on. people have to decide. we think we came out in a good place on the exchange. >> senator, thank you for joining "the factor" tonight. before we go, if you're on vacation, you might want to check out bill's books. if you become a bill o'reilly member, you get any of the
6:00 pm
books. be sure to check that out. that is it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm in for bill o'reilly. the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. a state of emergency in ferguson and st. louis, missouri as those cities brace for a possible second night of violence. welcome to the "kelly file." we'll get to missouri in a moment. first, i just got back from a weekend at the beach with my husband and my three kids. did anything happen in the news while i was gone? did you miss anything? you may have heard there was a dust up involving yours truly and presidential contender donald trump. he was upset with a question i asked him at the debate last week about his electability. specifically comments he has made in the past about women. a few words on that. apparently, mr. trump t


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