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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 13, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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someone from the hillary campaign scrubbed her personal server. >> they now suggest very sensitive information was on the private server. they believe someone inside her inner circle removed the top secret markings from documents because they aren't there any more and no one at the state department is capable of doing that they say. state department deputy spokesman says the e-mails were never classified to begin with. >> classification, looking at these types of issues sometimes it is lack of -- (indiscernible). >> miss handling classified information is a felony and can result in fines or in jail time. >> how much trouble could hillary clinton be in after all of this and what motive would someone close to her have for removing those top secret markings? judge napolitano.
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>> if someone removing the markings did it as part of a plan to insulate mrs. clinton from the obligation of complying with federal law so she could again keep her e-mails. >> or she wanted to send it to them. >> like a colleague who was not in a date department or advisor of her also to keep the information from the president and everybody else in the state department, if that was part of a plan or a plot that's a criminal conspiracy. under the criminal conspiracy laws anybody in the conspiracy, anybody benefitting from that conspiracy, anybody aware of that conspiracy abilities for everybody else. all eyes are on iowa. donald trump topping a brand new poll. a surprise candidate is hot on his tail. kristin fisher is live to break it down for us. good morning to you, kristin.
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>> there has been so much speculation about how much donald trump would do no the polls after the first gop debate. that was one week ago today. now a new cnn poll has donald trump leading the pack in the early caucus state of iowa. before the debate scott walker had been leading the debate for months but now walker dropped to third trump beating him by 13 points. here he is on "hannity" last night. >> i want to make the country great again. that's my theme making america great again. the word again is an important word. right now we are laughed at. >> right behind the billionaire businessman in second place is neurosurgeon ben carson. he's the only candidate in the gop field with a single dig get spread between him and trump. what is it about these two outside of the beltway candidates that have iowa voters so captivated?
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>> there goes no way they could be any more different. you have on one hand a studious kind hearted gentle man in ben carson and you have the polar opposite of that in donald trump who is brash, who likes being unrefined and unvarnished. they are totally different in those ways but what they have in common is they ain't politicians. >> they certainly will play one this weekend. trump along with every other gop today is the start of the iowa state fair. you can't have a state fair without a lot of politicians and best funnel cake. best funnel cake anywhere. >> and corn dogs. there has been a shake-up in the polls on the democratic side. what can you tell us about that? >> hillary clinton is far and away the democratic frontrunner but there's signs of trouble. bernie sanders is beating her by
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7 points in the early primary state 34 percent to 37. it's a big deal because it's the first time sanders has been ahead of the democratic frontrunner especially in a kate state as important as new hampshire. back to you. >> kristin, thank you so much. >> claiming responsibility for a deadly bombing in a street market in iraq. 62 are dead after a truck bomb exploded in baghdad just before dawn. more than 125 others injured. the bomb hidden in a refrigeration truck that looked just like the other truck delivering produce to the market. in the pentagon an alleged hit list released by isis. it addresses social security numbers on twitter. the bepentagon now says items o the left appear to be accurate or outdated. this as the u.s. launches manned air strikes against isis from a turkish air base. despite the new strikes some
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republican presidential candidates say the administration is not doing enough. >> the problem is we have people in the administration not doing what is strong enough. you have to stop the banking flow. when you do that and you take the oil that's the beginning of the end of isis. they don't have the money. >> we can do this. it is going to inquiry solve. it is going to require a commitment to our allies. it is going to inquiry building our military all of which we need to do to keep us safe. >> it is not clear how long the u.s. will stay at the turkish air base. >> the illegal immigrant accused of killing a veteran is due in court today. victor ramirez is accused of breaking into her moem sexually assaulting her and beating her to death with a hammer last month. he was arrested six times in 15 months but was never deported. ramirez and jose gomez are charged with murder. prosecutors may seek the death penalty. >> chelsea manning now facing
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indefinite solitary confinement. the analyst once known as brad de manning is accused of violating rules at the military prison at fort leavenworth. like having a copy of vanity fair with caitlyn jenner in the cell. >> jimmy carter revealed he is battling cancer. the cancer was found during liver surgery and now spread to the other parts of his body. the 90-year-old will receive treatment at an atlanta hospital and will receive have have information at the end of the week. deflate gate is going into over time. tom brady and roger goodell come face to face as they push for a settlement. jackie ibanez has more.
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>> the super bowl mvp and head of the nfl clashing in court. (booing) >> booing and shouting as the league commissioner roger goodell enters the court. tom brady walks in for fate yacht fans. four-game suspension for deflate gate. he is seeking confirmation np football. while they want to have the suspension overturned goodell was not a fair arbitrator in the appeals hearing. a lawyer for the nfl admitting there is no so-called smoking gun against brady while the union can't entirely explain why two low level patriot employees would deflate footballs without brady knowing. >> i think judge burman was aggressive toward the nfl. they both had issues pointed out
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by the judge. >> the two sides eventually met with the judge privately for more talk of a possible settlemen settlement. as brady left the court at least one person would be heard yelling keeter. deflate gate isn't just affecting the nfl. take a look at this interesting bee trail of brady. yes, that's brady. the court sketch artist for this unforgettable piece has been the center of internet ridicule. hilarious popping up over photo media. you can see his head on media. the artist is apologizing for the botched sketch. >> i may not have made him look as handsome as he is. i apologize for that. do a better job yourself. practice up on sketching and see how well you do. >> as for where this case goes next if the two sides can't
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reach an agreement they will be back in court for a settlement. >> what will about the sketches? >> he is still a handsome michael jackson thriller. >> if you can do it better, go for it. i like her response. >> severe weather for some of you guys out there. it is the tail end of the week. maria molina is tracking it all for us. hello maria. >> hello everybody at home. we are tracking a lot of weather across the country but across the eastern u.s. fortunately the weather will be quiet for the next couple days. we will be seeing the sunshine temperatures that are typical and close to average for this time of year. as we head further west across parts of the western great lakes region and also the northern plains this is what you are looking at. storms firing up today. there is a risk some of these storms could produce isolated severe weather. a new storm system parstarts to
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move into the pacific northwest. we will have to watch for severe weather. a concern across the west we have gusty winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour and low humidity. because of this we have elevated fire danger. fire weather watches are in effect as well. current temperatures in texas in the 80's in dallas and also houston. as we head into this afternoon temperatures will continue to climb well into the 90's and even triple digits. meanwhile in the northeast pleasant temperatures out there 83 degrees for the high temperature in new york city. you are only going to make it into the 70's across parts of new england. >> terror on the highway. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> wow, what caused that semi-truck to explode in to a ball of flames? >> bring your kids to work day.
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how about bringing them to the office every day. the state now making that happen. and rolling out beer? >> they investigated her e-mail scandal two of the classified e-mails have information that was labeled top secret. that's pretty stupid. if ever you want to hide something on a computer you call it cat stuff 2008. ♪ have you ever thought, "i could never do that"?
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and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept that i'm not as fast, but i'm still going for my personal best... and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke... plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor... if eliquis is right for you. >> overnight a series of deadly explosions rocking a warehouse of toxic chemicals. wow. unbelievable. the two powerful blasts
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happening within seconds of one another in northeast china packing the equivalent of 21 tons of tnt. at least 44 people are dead including 12 firefighters. hundreds of more are now injured. the moments before the explosion caught on surveillance. a man knocked down by the blast. it is believed to have come from an incoming shipment. bringing it to a halt on the new jersey turnpike. (screaming) >> oh my god. oh my god. >> two tanker trucks collide and burst into flames in the middle of the road backing up traffic for miles. look at that video. both trucks completely destroyed. you can see someone running from the crash. their leg is actually on fire. amazingly the drivers walked away with minor injuries. the crews are working to clean up the road. >> they dumped 3 mol dollars of
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toxic waste in colorado and you the tax payer footed the bill. retirement restoration llc paid $381 million in government contracts since 2007. this morning a week after the spill the epa insists the water in colorado is safe to drink. originally tested for high levels of lead, arsenic and heavy metal. a california reservoir turned into a giant ball pit. >> this is actually 96 million plastic balls being poured over the surface of the 185 acre reservoir to conserve water amid extreme drought conditions. the pauls help reduce vap brakes and are expected to preserve 300 million gallons of water per year.
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they can use all of the help they can get. >> a mega merger between craft and hines n -- heinz may be eliminating thousands of jobs. >> good morning, ladies. layoffs at craft heinz. they are cutting workers as a plan as the two companies merged back in march. the job cuts represent 5 percent of the overall work force. target wants to deliver food. the marketing officer says target plans to get into grocery delivery in the near future. target's competitors amazon and wal-mart are testing food delivery as well. remember the rumba, the roaming vacuum they got permission to make a robotic lawn mower. it took about a decade. the reason for the hold up is objections from the national radio astronomy observe tory.
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they were concerned the signal from the lawn mower would interfere with their telescope frequencies. finally the breakfast of champions just got its buzz on. whe wheat tee's got permission to sell the beer. they are both minneapolis companies. don't worry wheaties aren't really in the beer. >> we have to try it. >> to find the fox business network go to >> a few minutes after the hour. time to brew on this. bring your child to work day redefined in washington state. >> we are ready for our presentation this afternoon. >> good, because it's in 10 minutes. >> i can't do that. i have the baby. >> a brand new pilot program two state agencies letting parents bring babies to the office if they are six weeks to six months old. keeping a parent and child
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together in the early stages of life supports critical bonding healthy infant brain development and parental well-being. the only catch here when babies start to crawl they are no longer allowed. >> is this a good innocent 2cen a bad for business? we will share your comments a little later in the show. >> what do think about having your little one onset with us on "fox & friends first" on the studio. >> i would think it would be disruptive when the baby cries. i will let you know. i won't want to separate myself from him or her. >> challenging a disabled veteran. >> you say i am not disabled. the cop is saying i am not disabled because i don't look disabled. >> i am a disabled veteran who served my country almost 10 years. >> now the fallout. that's coming up next. >> the beauty queen with accusations against this ex miss
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pennsylvania are ugly. she is accused of faking to forecast.
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>> 23 after the hour. tense moments. a police officer challenges a disabled veteran for using a handicapped parking spot. >> you say i am not disabled. cop is saying i am not disabled because i don't look disabled. i am a disabled veteran i served my country for almost two years. you just get out of the car and
2:24 am
flow in. >> you are no the arbitrator of my handicap. >> gary wilson appears to smack the phone out of isaiah james hands. wilson on paid administrative leave. james who served several tours of duty served overseas. he spent 100,000 for a muslim prayer room. that is to open on orlando int nathsnal a -- international air. it will allow them to pray in private. well, you probably don't even know his name yet, but he is on the path to being the future face of hgtv. >> i am going to show you how to turn an average bedroom into a hip oasis. >> chile schuneman, his star is
2:25 am
rising fast. >> how young are we talking about, michael? >> he's already making a major name for himself. with several new projects ahead you will be hearing more about him. >> so how would you describe your unique vision and style? >> i really speak to millennials. i am in my 20's. i speak to people that, maybe this is their first apartment, maybe it is just out of college and they don't know where to start. >> how do you market toward millennials. >> we are doing a lot of things, everything from social media and i think it's huge and it is more of an organic process. you are not just hitting them over the head you are talkingop. you are writing books doing columns anda it is not just tv but it is on the web. >> you are a busy guy. >> i have a line with apartment 2 b and i have a bedding line with bed bath & beyond which is
2:26 am
really exciting. >> your first book the first apartment was a huge success. >> i saw a giant gap in the market. it was people talking to high end and then it was people that had no money. it was kind of this in between that no one really spoke to. so i wanted to do from a peer to peer kind of perspective. kyle or check out his new line at bed bath & beyond. >> so talented for all of my interviews check out in the -- in the fox >> looks good. i can't wait to watch him on hgtv. 26 minutes after the top of the hour. two police officers respond to black lives matter to that movement in the most touching way possible. that picture is now going viral. more drama. which lady walked off the set and is not coming back? like basketball hall of famer
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>> it is thursday the 13th of august, 2013. a fox news alert. did someone inside hillary clinton's camp remove top secret markings from certain e-mails? a bombshell new report. >> tom brady heads to court over deflate gate. the biggest story, these courtroom sketches of him. the internet is outraged and now the artist is speaking out. >> do a better job yourself. go ahead and practice up sketching and see how well you do. >> we have more coming up. >> before you step on the scale, the airline that wants passengers to weigh in before they fly. "fox & friends" continues right now. >> yikes.
2:31 am
>> good morning. welcome to fox and friends first. i am anna kooiman in for heather childers. >> ainsley earhardt. we are going to start with a fox news alert. isis claiming responsibility for a deadly bombing at a street market in iraq. >> the death tole is up to 76. it looked like several others delivered produce to the market. >> this it a clinton coverup. someone from inside hillary clinton's camp removed top secret markings from e-mails. doug luzader is live with details. >> the clinton camp says the e-mail controversy is nonsense. it is taking a life of its own with the justice department now combing through clinton's private e-mail server she used
2:32 am
as secretary of state. clinton said no classified information went through her server then she said information was not classified at the time it was sent. now with the federal inspector general disputing both of the claims the campaign says it wasn't labeled top secret. it may be a tough argument even if someone removed the classified labels. >> even thomas drake for miss handling classified material that was not marked. this is part of a smoke screen. >> the clinton campaign is certainly worried about this. they have taken a hit in the polls recently. the communication direct fore for the campaign sent out this 700 word e-mail to try to calm nervous supporters and down-play the investigation. >> doug luzader, thank you, doug. hillary cloin tinton pushed
2:33 am
against turning in the e-mails and krauthammer knows where. >> she has now lost control. the point of this entire exercise was not convenient. it was to have control of the e-mails to keep them secret and have congressional oversight which was the way to allow the public and the public's representatives to have it look official. that doesn't exist any more as of last night when she said she would be turning them over. once it is in the hands of the fbi she has no control. >> trumping iowa. donald trump has a lead in the hawkeye state but a surprise candidate is right behind him. we are live in washington, d.c. >> this is our first poll since the debate.
2:34 am
it is out and we have a shake upin the early state of iowa. it shows donald trump with a significant lead. scott walker dropped to third. in second with 14 percent neurosurgeon ben carson. here he is yesterday in harlem talking about what the gop needs to do in order to attract more african americans. >> what the republican party needs to do is come out and discuss more the kinds of relationships and the programs that will actually bring people out of poverty that will give them the ability to use their god given talents to rise rather than to simply be satisfied in a dependent position in our society. >> what is it about this neurosurgeon and billionaire businessman that has iowa voters so captivated? chris explains.
2:35 am
>> there is no way they could be any more different. you have a studious, kind hearted mild mannedered gentle man in ben carson then you have the polar opposite of that in donald trump who is brash, who likes to go unrefined, likes being unvarnished. they are totally different in those ways but what they have in common they ain't politicians. >> we have a jake shup on the democratic side. a new poll has bernie sanders beating hillary clinton in new hampshire by 7 points. it is a big deal because it is the first time sanders has ever been ahead of her. today is the start of the state fair. that's why almost every presidential hopeful will be traveling there over the next few days. ainsley? >> kristin fisher live for us in washington. thank you. listen to this story. two police officers in the lonestar state sending texas size message to the black matters movement. check out the photo. trinity police department
2:36 am
tweeting this out that is steven jones and officer donald givens. both have his life matters and an arrow pointing to the other person. the picture posted in may but it is just going viral all across the country. coming up at 7:00, both of those officers will be live on "fox & friends." tom brady and commissioner roger goodell is battling over the star quarterback's suspension. it is the peculiar sketch of the mvp is everybody is talking about. >> good morning, jackie. >> good morning, anna. some of the hardest hits of tom brady's career happening this off off season. the super bowl champ and the nfl going head to head over deflate gate. (booing) >> you hear them booing and shouting as roger goodell enters
2:37 am
a new york court. tom brady waltzes in to encourages cries from patriot fans. they sparred over the four-game suspension over deflate gate. the nfl is seeking confirmation over punishment in his alleged involvement in deflating footballs while the union wants to have it overturned on the ground goodell was not an ash traitor in his appeal hearing. richard burman grilling both sides. a lawyer for the nfl admitting there is no so-called smoking gun against brady while the union can't entirely explain why patriots employees would de plate footballs without brady knowing. i think judge burman was more aggressive toward the nfl than the nfl pa. they had issues pointed out by the judge. >> the two sides met privately for a top settlement. it is not just affecting the nfl.
2:38 am
take a look at this interesting portrayal of brady. the sketch has become center of internet ridicule. this one right here was et. you see michael jackson featuring brady's head photo shopped on different images. the artist ash issuing an apology. >> i may not have made him look as handsome as he really is. i apologize to the fans for that. do a better job yourself. go ahead and practice up do sketching and see how well you do. >> as for where the case goes next if the two sides can't reach an agreement they will be back in court for another settlement conference. everybody has to have a bad photo of themselves right? >> i have many. >> jackie ibanez. thank you. her children are sent to live with their german father in montco. she tells reporters the fact that it happened to american children in the united states
2:39 am
courtroom is inconceivable. rutherford was supposed to send them back to their father after a summer visit but they refused. they have been in a bitter custody battle for six years. >> rosie perez quitting the view early after being forced to apologize to kelly osbourne after she said this. >> if you kick every latino out of this country who is going to be cleaning your toilets, donald trump. perez was furious but the daily mail reporting producers made her apologize. >> i want to apologize to this young women once again for being overly sensitive. kelly osbourne is on our side and i was sensitive. my disdain should go only to donald trump. >> she wealked off the set and did not come back for her final two shows. >> beautiful summer weather expected for most on the east coast. severe weather for some.
2:40 am
>> maria molina is in the weather center with more. >> we have beautiful weather and plenty of sunshine. over parts of the midwest and northern plains we are expecting some storms today. some of the storms could produce damaging wind gusts and eventually for tomorrow another storm system will be moving into portions of the pacific northwest and bring storms to that area. for now across parts of the western u.s. we have low humidity gusting winds up to 40 miles per hour. that is keeping that fire danger elevated until we have fire weather watches and warnings into washington state and california. temperatures are already toasty across parts of texas and the 80's. they will be climbing more than that into the triple digits and upper 90's for many of you out there. otherwise we will go from earth weather to space weather. we had a meteor shower
2:41 am
overnight. we want to share images with you. this is video and you can see the meteor flying by. we have one meteor looking like a massive fireball in the sky. that is a great photo. what appears to be hundreds of them shooting across the sky. beautiful images. tweet them to me at fox maria molina. we will share them for the rest of the morning. >> magical. thank you for sharing that. >> 41 minutes after the hour on this thursday morning. they were supposed to be protecting fraud for the government but instead they stole from the lunch program. >> they picked up their daughter while carrying a gun. >> cutting the court with contracts today what that means for you next. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta
2:42 am
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>> federal watchdog employees are indicted on school lunch charges. they plied about their incomes so they could get reduced priced lunches for their children. some claiming to have no income at all did he secember pietd ha salariy -- despite having salaries of 19,000 a year. three california dmv workers are charged in a bribery scheme to get truck drivers illegal licenses. federal investigators say at least 100 truckers paid up to 500 each. more than 20 accidents could be related to the scheme. one dmv workers faces up to 5 years in prison.
2:46 am
two others pleaded not guilty. >> verizon is cutting the cord on contracts starting today. fox business is here with how to impact your data and your wallet. >> customers for years complained about being locked into a contract. wireless carrier t mobile was the pioneer among the big three that got rid of the contracts and it worked. t mobile has grown exponentially stealing customers from at&t and verizon. call it a commitment issue if you want for consumers. most recently today verizon saying no more contracts. you will pay full price for the smart phone. without a guarantee you will remain their customers they will not take the risk on you. here's what the plan structure looks like at verizon. 30 bucks extra large to 80 per month and going over your limit will cost you 15 bucks a gig bite.
2:47 am
the old plan verses the new one for half of the price you get more gig bites. it can be used for two devices like a phone and a tablet. you can split it. the bottom line, is it going to be that much different for consumers? if you look at the verizon plans you may save 10, $20 a month. remember you own that phone. if you lose it you have to pay for another. you are paying for the device in monthly installments on the new plans. it is spread out over time but that's what you want to do. the good news if you are not happy with the coverage you are getting you can switch carriers no questions asked at any point. my advice buy the insurance they over you when you order the new device. if it is damaged or you lose it you are paying for it, ladies. that's the biggest lesson. everybody needs to be aware of this now. >> it is 47 minutes after the top of the hour. it could have ended differently when a baby starts to drown in a
2:48 am
bathtub how a power company worker saves the day. >> the airline that wants passengers to weigh in before they fly. e let's check in with brian kilmeade on "fox & friends." >> if you are okay with it i will tell you what we have planned on the show. you can over turn it at any moment. beginning at the top of the hour we have the latest on hillary clinton's damage control. today could be the day she hands over her server. we are going to go inside the campaign and give you insight. if she has any more trouble who could be getting into this race? you are not going to believe this. the information war produ -- information war products that work and what ones don't work. why the nfl is getting worried that tom brady could get another victory. don't miss a minute. coming up shortly. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven?
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oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni...
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♪ ♪ hi friends. hope you are doing well on your thursday morning. a big win for a michigan father. kenneth herman file a lawsuit against her daughter's elementary school in grand rapids after he was told he couldn't bring his legal gun on campus. the judge ruling for the dad saying he should be allowed to openly carry. the law also allows school to decide to be gun-free. officials plan to appeal the judge's decision. from lineman to life saver, a massachusetts utility worker saves a child's life after she falls into a bathtub of water. tony was working in the neighborhood when he passed through the house and heard the
2:53 am
mother crying for help. he rushed in to do cpr on the baby. >> the baby coughed up a little bit of water. it seemed like forever and kept doing it forever and more and more water came out of her mouth and nose while the emt people came. she is expected to be okay. forget bring your kids to work today. how about bringing them to the office every day. one state wants to make it happen. your emails next. the accusations against former ms. pennsylvania are ugly what she's accused of faking to score some cash. ♪ ♪
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i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots, but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. knowing eliquis had both... turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding,
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like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. it is three minutes before the top of hour, before you leave the house, you need to know what's happening today. the illegal immigrant charge with murdering air force veteran marlin faris, the immigrant was arrested 15 times but never deported. someone in hillary clinton's inner circle removed top secret markings in her emails.
2:58 am
the carter has cancer. it was found and has spread to other parts of his body. it is time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. >> a spectacular play at wrigley field! >> room over there. as rizzo gets over to the tarp. he make the catch. >> anthony rizzo jumps on to a tarp, leaps into the crowd and make the catch. next the bad, miss pennsylvania u.s. international, stripped of her title and thrown behind bars. she lied about having cancer to raise thousands of dollars fr. and one airline is going to start weighing not just bags but
2:59 am
you! it is time now to brew on this and read your responses. washington state redefining bring your child to workday. its brand-new pilot program allows parents to bring their babies to work if they are six weeks to six months old. >> state officials say research proves keeping the parent and child together in the earlierest stage improves bonding. good ensigntive or bad business? >> bad business. mommies go into a different mind set when they go to work. it will affect their ability to function on the job. depends on the business. i'm not sure the logging industry would be a great environment for the little tykes. >> michelle said i chose not to have kids do i get to my pet to work? just because a person chooses to have kids, they should not
3:00 am
receive special favors at or in the workplace. >> they are fur babies, right? doesn't that count for something? >> we're going to keep talking about this. keep the conversation going now head to our facebook fan page, #keep talking. >> thanks for watching us today. 5:00 a.m. is early. we'll see you tomorrow morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning to you. today is thursday, august 13th, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert for you now. chaos at a rock concert when a ceiling comes crashing down. ♪ >> people, hundreds of people there under that collapse sent running for their lives, we've got the latest on what went wrong. >> that is not good. and neither is this. hillary clinton's team doing damage control after the state department suggests somebody may have manipulated her emails


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