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  The Trump Campaign  FOX News  August 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tomorrow on fnc. remember the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. napolitano and dana perino on monday. have a great weekend. >> welcome to "hannity" tonight." from the moment he trump has been chicagoing shaking up the primary. he has a commanding lead in the polls and part of it may have to do with his nonconventional style. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> the american dream is dead but i am going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. okay? >> i don't want to run a third party or independent. i want to run as a republican. as long as i am treated fairly, that's going to be the case. >> i am all for legal
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immigration. that's what it is all about. >> i took a lot of heat that first week then people realized i was right. >> we have heads being chopped off because they are christian in the middle east. we have borders where people are being killed. the world is cracking up and they are worried about my home. i care about making america great again. >> you are going to love president trump everybody. thank you very much. >> earlier this week i sat down with donald trump for an exclusive interview. for the entire hour we are going to play the highlights. here's how we started things off. mr. trump, good to see you again. let's start with the elephant in the room the fox issue is resolved and how did that come about? >> i have a great relationship with roger ailes. i didn't understand what went wrong because i felt i was not treated fairly and roger called me the other day and it is absolutely fine. >> let's go to the polls. two new polls one shows you up in iowa the other in new
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hampshire by a significant margin. you have another that shows you up in iowa. national polls you went up in the nbc poll. all post debate. what do you make of that? >> i think i won the debate. everybody tells me i won the debate. they did polls of the debate itself i was in the 60 and 70 percentages. i think i won the debate. i loved doing it in a certain way. i will say this for the last time, i don't think i was treated fairly but these are minor details, and i really had a good time doing it. it was very interesting. i have never done a debate before like that. my life has been a debate but i have never done officially a debate. i got to know the candidates. i got to like some of them a lot. they are terrific people and others probably not as much but that's the way life goes. >> you seem to be defying political trav vit if you will. a lot of people thought after the immigration comment that's the end of donald trump or the mccain comment or any of the controversies and the opposites
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happen, the polls go up and they don't go down. how do you explain that? >> if you look at immigration it is illegal immigration and that was xhient. the media covered me incorrectly. they talked about mexicans. they almost made things up. my real comment was illegal immigration and that turned out to be a big factor. you had sadly the killing of kate in san francisco which was horrendous that somebody that came into the country not once but five times illegally. >> totally illegally and last night and yesterday you had a horrible killing where same thing where a 66-year-old woman was raped from the military who was raped and beaten and tortured this animal and all of a sudden people are seeing these horrible crimes that are being committed. >> 2,000 crimes in texas alone since 2008. >> that whole issue i don't think you would be discussing it right now if it wasn't for me. people realize i was right. people you would never think called me and apologized.
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that worked out. it hasn't stopped the problem but in terms of myself people said he called it right. mccain i equate that with events. john mccain and the establishment in washington has treated the vets so badly. two weeks ago on wednesday they had the longest wait in the history of the veteran's administrati administration. i am talking days. you go to a doctor you wait for 20 minutes you are upset. waiting days and days sometimes 6 days 7 days. in one case they waited five days and when he finally got to a a doctor he said i am sorry i am going on vacation now. what is it with john mccain and the vets? he has been one of the people in charge and he has don't kne a v poor job. i don't think i said anything wrong. >> let me ask you, you keep talking about leverage as it relates to the third party. let's assume you are treateded
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fairly in the process you p didn't win the nomination at that point you would support the republican candidate? >> that's true. i would like to see a candidate that i like and respect and that i agree with. i would never go to the other side. >> who do you respect? >> i don't want to say because i am running against them. the ones i respect they have a little bit of a chance. not a great chance because their poll numbers aren't so great right now, but i do respect numerous of the candidates. actually some i have gotten to know and i like them and i respect them. >> hillary said your comments about women were offensive. what is your reaction to that? >> i think i will do more for women. i cherish woman. i think i will do more for women than hillary can ever do. i thought jeb push made-- jeb b made a horrible mistake when he blew it on women's health
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issues. a week ago it was unbelievable. he said he won't fund it. i think that will go down to jeb bush's 47 percent to romney which probably cost him the election when he said that. he didn't know he was saying it and it was a mistake and it was too bad. that probably cost him the election. i think jeb's statement on women's health from a few days ago will go down to his 47 percent. he goes back and says i said this. it was too late. if it is you verses hillary is that fair game that issue? >> i guess it is. he would have had a much different presidency if he didn't have monica and all of these things that happened during his -- it was more than monica it was kathleen willie, paula jones, mar lane gnaw broderick. >> won't be doing too much talking about it.
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anything is fair game. if what i said the other day is fair game, i didn't even conclude the sentence. i said you have to be a deviant to take what i said and put it into that. >> let me move to this. the clinton foundation of which hillary is a part. they took money from countries like the uae, kuwait, saudi arabia. women can't even drive. i can't find a comment where she has been critical of saudi arabia. she can say your comments are outrageous. what do you say back about her taking money from a country that treats women horribly? >> if you can take money from countries that treat horribly. she took money from me, too. i gave to the clinton foundation i did is it because i am a businessman. i want to have access. i need access. don't forget until three months ago i was a world class businessman. i took a great p k, some of the most iconic assets in the world, 10 billion of net worth. more than 10 billion of net worth. i had a great time doing it.
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i wouldn't mind continuing except i see the country going so badly. the only reason i mention that is that's the kind of thinking whether it's good or bad or whatever it is. that is the kind of thinking america needs. we have 19 trillion in debt going up rapidly. we have a country in collapse. once we get over that 21, $22 trillion mark we will have a problem. i am really good at that stuff. i know my competition and they are not good at it. they wouldn't have a clue. >> do you think the clinton foundation when hillary takes money from saudi arabia the countries that treat women horribly then she is going to lecture you will people who treat women horribly. >> if she took that money and used it really for the good, but a lot of that money wautz uswas used -- >> she hasn't been critical of
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them. >> how about the speeches? you are getting millions and millions of dollars for speeches and a lot of them don't have the good of the united states at hand. you can go outside of the foundation. i look at the speech money. certainly the foundation money. the foundation money is interesting because a lot of that money was used on private jet fair. that's a lot of money. >> a lot of money per hour. >> private jets cost a lot of money. when you look at the speeches and add that to the foundation there's no question in my p mind that certain of those things led to approvals on other things. she was secretary of state. nouf the e-mail scandal. the e-mail scandal is general petraeus for doing a tiny fraction of what she did. her life has be-- his life has destroyed. >> donald trump says he will get a wall on the southern border and get mexico to pay for it. he explains his alternative to
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obamacare and planned parenthood and that and more as "hannity" continues. >> the other countries are sending over people they don't want. they don't want to use their prisons. we have to build a wall the wall will be big, it will be powerful. by the way. i am all for legal immigration. that's what it is all about. ov
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found pieces of an airliner that went missing. the plane went down in an area of indonesia's most eastern
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providence. the airliner was carrying 49 passengers and a crew of five. vil laggers saw the plane crash. the jetliner had taken off in bad weather from the proven shall capitol. it was supposed to be a short flight of 42 minutes. there is no indication of a distress call. authorities say four people died in a mid air collision in san diego doe county about 2 mile from the mexican border. they hit each other caught fire and broke apart. we are told wreckage is scattered across a quarter mile area. that's a look at news. i am kelly wright. now back to "hannity"." rl >> welcome back to "hannity." they are attacking donald trump saying he hasn't given specific on policy positions. that was not the case when i spoke to him earlier this week. >> wall street journal says where is the platform.
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where are the details. i want to give awe chance to go over some of the things you discussed. let's start with, you talked about mexico. how quickly could you build a wall, how do you make them pay for the wall? >> so easy. will a politician be able to do it? absolutely not. i watch some of the shows including your shows i watch these guys say you can't get them to pay for it. we give them 10's of billions of dollars a year. they are ripping us left and right. their leaders are so much smarter than our leaders, shawn. they are ripping us left and right. in china, the great china wall. you want to talk about a wall. that's a serious wall. that's a wall you don't clooifsh over with a ladder. you don't go under it. that wall is 134 -- 13,000 miles. if you add up everything in the kitchen sink with what we are talking about on our border it is less than 2,000 miles and a lot of it you don't have to do it you are covered with terrain
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and covered with areas already built. say you are talking about 1,000 miles -- it is peanuts. i will get mexico whether it is a tariff or whether they just give us the money. they need it so badly. i am goings to have a great relationship with mexico. we have a bad relationship with mexico and they are an abuser. china is an abooser. every country is an abuser because we have very stupid people representing us. they are incompetent. >> through a tariff, whatever means necessary you want to do business for the u.s., you want to do business you are going to help us with this. >> do you know how easy that is? they will probably just give us the money. it is not their thing. i watch politicians go on can you image they are saying mexico is going to pay. that is like 100 percent. that is not like 98 percent. sean, it's 100 percent they are going to pay. if they don't pay we will charge them a little tariff it will be
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paid. which need the wall. we have to stop the killers are coming in. when you look at all of the murders and crime that's happening, i have been saying it, mexico is sending, they are very smart, they are sending rough people, bad dudes. you see some of the dudes. >> solves some of their social problems. >> you know how expensive it is to house these people in a prison where you have the killer like the killer of kate or the killer of the woman yesterday who killed a 66-year-old woman and raped her and tortured her? you know how expensive that is? >> let me ask you again, go to specifics details, obamacare, what's your alternative? >> you can do these savings account concept which is -- >> healthcare savings accounts which a lot of people are talking about and a lot of people like. costs the con tre sri little and they get the money when they don't need it. it is an amazing system.
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i think if you are a democrat you can go with it. obamacare, by the way, is going to cost this country in 16 -- 16 is where it really kicks in. $1.6 trillion. we can't afford it. here's the problem. it is no good. >> premiums are up on average 47 percent. >> and going up a lot more than that. it is no good. but abo how about the deductibles unless you get hit by a truck you are never going to be able to use it. obamacare is no good. end obamacare and do something really good whether it is that. one of the things we have to do is get rid of these artificial state lines that were put in only for the insurance companies. >> portability, buying across state lines. >> when i want a bid in new york i have a lot of people in new york but i have a lot of states where i have people. i can't go to other states and bid. i can't fight one bid? is i get one bid. insurance companies do that, they would rather have 100 percent of new york than go into
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the country. it is not free market. if you get rid of the artificial lines like new york and new jersey i want to bid my insurance in california. i want to have 100 bids come in. i want to pick the best -- not even the lowest price. best company, best plan. >> everybody would have that choice. >> the insurance companies don't want that because they have a mondaopol monopoly. >> you get catastrophic insurance. >> you would have a better plan and much cheaper insurance. >> the only thing i want from the government is make sure the companies are solid and strong. maybe they get a point or something and they guarantee it. the one thing they don't want is the company goes bust and you are sitting there you paid all of your life into this company you protect people with preexisting conditions. >> i would do that. you can get everything in obamacare but much more. in obamacare for the most part a lot of people they don't have their doctor, they don't have the plan they want. they can't use it because the
6:19 pm
deductible is so high. not that they want to use it but they p can't use it. unless you get hit by a truck you can't use it. obamacare is a disasterment it will be ended it and it cost the country so much. there will be a deficit. what do you do when obamacare kicks in. obamacare will play golf. probably on one of the great courses, he will be playing golf and we will let him play. you have the president of the united states. i don't mind. let him play. he will have a good time. but that's 16 -- he mrb playing golf and somebody will be saddled with a huge problem. >> you talked about planned parenthood. another example. talk about war on women. look at the number of apportions they perform every year. half a billion dollars tax payer money goes to them. you said you would shut down government to defund them. you also talk about some of the good things they do. >> they do good things. no funding having to do with the
6:20 pm
abortions. >> should the taxpayers with the debt we have 128 trillion in unfunded liabilities should we give them a penny? >> let's say this to planned parenthood in a way. you have it as an abortion clinic. now that's actually a fairly small part of what they do. but it is a brutal part. i am totally against it. i wouldn't do that. they also however servicewomen. one of the things that i thought was so terrible when jeb bush when he talked about women's health issues he was so bad. what is he doing? we have to help women. a lot of women aren't helped. we have to look at the positive l also for planned parenthood. even a guy like you -- we have to help women. as far as the abortion stuff. >> they are doing abortions they can allocate their other resources to other things. why should the taxpayers pay for an organization that -- >> maybe unless they stop the
6:21 pm
abortions we don't do the funding for the stuff we want. there are many ways we can do that. i am totally against the abortion aspect of planned parenthood. i have had many women, many republican conservative women come up and say planned parenthood serves a good function other than that one aspect. >> coming up donald trump fires back at conservative critics and compares himself to ronald reagan. >> we are going to take care of this country. this country is going to be great again. we are going to make this country so strong, so powerful, you are going to be so proud to be a citizen of the united states. (cheers) defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. i'm why? because it's red lobster's crabfest. and there's so much crab,
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(dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back to "hannity." during my sit down with >> during my recent sit down with donald trump i would ask him about solutions. >> critics said you haven't given my solutions.
6:24 pm
>> i have given a lot. >> 93 million americans now out of the labor force. 57 million of those are women. 46 million americans are food stamps, 50 million americans are in poverty. staggering numbers. >> then you hear there's a 5.4 percent unemployment. not 5.4. if you add it up it is probably 40 percent if you really think about it. >> it is only washington math. >> it is phony matt. >> when you think about the economic plan and think about the statistics what are the top things that come to your mind specifically that could help the 57 million americans, 50 million in poverty? >> i love the question. this is my strength. you know, a competitor of yours did a big poll. i won't say it was cnn. they did a big poll. >> trying to monitor what you are going to say it's a futile ateam president. >> -- attempt. >> i refuse to say it was cnn.
6:25 pm
they did this comprehensive poll they had me number one in leadership. the other thing i was really number one on is anything having to wi to do with the economy. jobs. et cetera, et cetera. i was so high up. the other people there was no number 2 practically. we have to bring our jobs back from china as an example we have do bring manufacturing back. you look at japan pouring in with cars. we send japan beef, we send them wheat, we send them corn. i want american cars. i don't mind if japanese companies built here that's fine. i don't want to see boats pulling into los angeles. i saw boats the other day the biggest boats i have seen loaded up. you wouldn't think the thing could float. i see other cars boom, boom. they are not made here. how is that helping us? i don't want cars made in mexico. i love mexico. i have so many people that are
6:26 pm
mexican working with me. i have a great relationship with mexico people are just starting to find out. in nevada they did a poll i was number one in the polls with hispani hispanics. but that doesn't help us from the standpoint that their leaders are so much sharper. i use the word cunning. they are more cunning than our leaders. >> what is the tariff on an american car? >> they make cars in mexico they just send them over the border. i went to wharton school of finances. were you number one in your class? >> i was a good student. i was a very good student. people are shocked by that. >> let me go back to other -- let me ask you one question before we go back to specifics. some conservatives are suspect about your conservatisconservat. they say you gave money to clinton you went to clinton -- or she came to your wedding. you once supported a single payer. you wanted a one-time pat on the wealthy. to those that doubt your conservati
6:27 pm
conservatism, explain the transition? how did you grow into a conservati conservatism? >> it is soet of easy to explain. one of the things ronald reagan was a democrat. he was liberal. i didn't know him well but i knew him well. he liked me. he was a great guy. he was a democrat with a liberal bent. he became a great conservative in my opinion. >> and a great president. >> and ga great leader. he had something very special. if you think of it he was a little less conservative actually than people think. >> he was a governor. >> he had a great heart. i have a great heart. when we mention planned parenthood there are positive, et cetera, et cetera. we have to take care of our women and our people. if you look at some of the things they said at the time many, many years ago i wouldn't have minded taking a piece of my wealth and paying off the national debt. i will be honest with you. we can't do it it is so hue moneying gus.
6:28 pm
we could have paid off the entire national debt and we could have started the game. >> with a balanced budget amendment to support it. >> that's what i said. i wouldn't have minded doing that. people said what a terrible thing that's not a very conservative thing to do. i think it is very conservative thing to do. >> the problem is we owe so much now it is impossible. >> do we spend lesson business? >> we have a problem. the problem is the 19 trillion. i was saying 18 but now it is really 18. it will be 22 the next time you p interview me it will be 21, 22, 24. it is out of control and nobody is doing anything about it. honestly with trade, with smarted deals, car icon is a friend of mine. a great businessman. you could call him. i will have him on -- you should have him on your show. he said donald if you are involved i want to help you. i said carl you take china and
6:29 pm
japan. if i put him -- >> he said yes? >> he will do whatever i want. he's a patriot. loaves the country. he has made a lot of money p. he would love to do this. me, too. i love what i am doing outside of this. actually i am enjoying this more than i thought. it helps with all of these polls. i don't know if i would like it if i was down to 2 percent. carl icon is a great businessman. he would love to be able to help. >> coming up trump gets specific about his positions on taxes. now he has answers that may surprise you. his detailed plans to take out isis, that and more straight ahead. >> one of the things we have to do is build up our military so strong and so powerful that nobody is ever going to mess with us. sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club...
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6:35 pm
the economy. you want to lower the tax, implement a flat tax. >> no. >> the problem with a flat tax is sort of the same. i believe that people as they make more and more money can pay a higher percentage. >> how high? what's the cap? >> we will set the cap -- i want to have a cap so we have a lot of business a lot more activity. i want to get rid of the deficit. we are making 6, $700 billion. when obamacare kicks in we will be losing a trillion 3, a trillion 4 a year. we can't do that . i want to sifrp ply the tax code. i want to cut taxes but i want to simplify the tax code. i want to make it great for the middle class. i want to put h & r block out of business. when a person has a simple tax return they have a job. they can't even figure out when they look at this complicated form they can't figure out what to pay. you know what? i have guys that are friends of
6:36 pm
mine they make a fortune. the hedge fund guys. they move around. at least i build things. these guys move around paper. half of the time it is luck more than talent. they pay peanuts. i want to make it -- dsh i want to lower taxes but i want to make it so the middle class benefits. >> you believe in supply side economics as much as you reduce taxes on everybody including the wealthy and rising title -- >> i don't fully believe it but there's something to it. >> you don't want a flat tax. >> i don't like what everybody is paying the same. >> you lake a falike a fair tax. >> if i make a billion he makes 100, he is paying $10. >> what you have now is a system that is too complicated. you have to make the system uncomplicated and make it really good. make it really good. as far as the irs. people say let's get rid of the
6:37 pm
irs. somebody has to collect the money. >> the fair tax, the consumption tax. >> we have a system now. it is morphed into something that has become you have to be a nuclear physicist have iran. >> that guy. >> you could be him. he's not smart enough. >> the biggest accounting company can't come to the same debt -- >> the word is simplification. we can simplify. we can get rid of deductions and lower the tax. >> how big do you believe -- i think energy we have all of this energy, we have coal, we have fracking, hydro fracking, we have natural gas and oil and water why do we import one barrel of oil when we could be exporting oil? >> the keystone pipeline should be approved immediately. not that i want it because we are bringing in oil from canada.
6:38 pm
it is easier than saudi arabia and some of these other places. canada has been a great neighbor, et cetera, et cetera. number one it's jobs. immediately you are building it it's jobs, it is good. it is not going to hurt anything in terms of environmentally. it is hard to believe that has not been approved. get it approved. the more we don't have to go to foreign places to get the oil. so there is a simple one that is going to create jobs. it is over all good. we don't even need it in one sense. we have so much in our own land that we can do it. we have to get rid of so much of the restrictions. >> that would help the economy dramatically. you came out with an isis plan yesterday. you said boots on the ground you said take their oil and said create a perimeter. explain that. then i want to know what else you can do. >> i want to go back in history a little bit. in 2004 roituters wrote an article. it was an article that said
6:39 pm
don't go into iraq. i am the most mill tearistic person you have ever interviewed. i would make our military so strong and so powerful nobody will ever mess with us. putin two months ago started saying well we have nuclear weapons you better not mess around. he's coming to town, would you meet with him? >> i get along great with him. you have to get along with these people. obama doesn't get along well with them. hillary clinton, like her or not she was the worst secretary of state in the history of this country. obama has been a disaster. who does he get along with? he doesn't get along with anybody. it is hard to believe. i didn't want to go in. in fact people came from it the bush administration. i was pretty vocal on the fact don't do it. i said you are going to de stabilize the middle east. iraq and iran were the same. they went 10 feet this way. they would use a poison gas it would be terrible. they do something else.
6:40 pm
they go home and rest for another 10 years. now you willulf a sudden we kno one of them and iran is taking over the world. i said the other day, a sad joke, frankly, but i said if iran was a stock, buy it. you will make 100 times your money. >> about to get 150 billion. >> we are giving them 150 billion plus tremendous other things we are giving them. the saddest part, even if the deal isn't approved we have agreed to give them money. >> you said they, meaning iran, will do what i tell them to do. >> what does that mean? here's the story. we have to go in, we have to stop if we can this deal from being made. but the deal is already a disaster. if we stop it they already -- we also 150 billion plus, plus, not just 150. it's 150 plus. if the deal were dead where schumer goes against, i would bet schumer went against it with a wink to the president.
6:41 pm
they know neve the votes. schumer is a guy from new york city, and a lot of pressure is being put on by israel. i guarantee you that's a deal where he winks at them, they wink at him but they have the vote. i guarantee. we have to go in. i did not want to go in. but now it is total policed up. now you have isis and others but you have isis cutting off christian's heads and others. they cut off anybody's heads. they are drowning them. they are cutting off their heads. we to go in with force. money is coming out of saudi arabia. >> how would you deal with that? >> we have to stop the money at the banking sources. >> hard on saudi arabia. >> they make a billion dollars a day. think of it. a billion dollars a day. we protect the we get nothing. how stupid are we? we protect saudi arabia. if we didn't protect them. you know when we had the war
6:42 pm
with kuwait and saudi arabia was attacked, boom, they ran. we had our beautiful marines standing there. we got them back. they ran. you never saw anything like it. they ran so fast when sadam hussein started sending people there in the border when at the took over kuwait. here's another example. sadam hussein takes over kuwait. the wealthy kuwaitis go to paris and they take not suites they take whole buildings, hotels. they live like kings. we go into kuwait spend billions of dollars, take over kuwait in the back door. then about two months later the kuwaitis came to my office and saw me. i had a deal i anted to do with them. we do not invest in the united states. we do not like united states for investment purposes. >> we just liberated them. >> they have had huge kuwaiti funds. we have great respect for you mr. trump but we deal with
6:43 pm
outside we do not like the united states. we just gave them back their country. i said hue stoow stupid are we? we want 50 percent of your oil or we don't let you back in. >> how butalk about taking oil perimeter. >> what we do with the money we get from oil is give it to the families of the military. >> correct. we lost thousands of people. >> 5,000. >> in iraq. >> and we have people walking around without an arm, without a leg. give them the money. fif them millions. that's peanuts compared to what you are talking about. >> give them a lot of money and keep a lot of money. >> you are going to surround the perimeter and keep the oil. what do do you with isis? >> that will be the beginning of the end. when you take the oil and when you stop the banking sources. you have got to do that, too. the problem is we have people in
6:44 pm
the administration not smart enough to understand. you have to stop the bank. when you do that and you take the oil, that is the beginning of the end of isis. they don't have the money. >> coming up, will donald trump actually give up using twitter, having twitter fights if he is elected the next president? that's coming up next. >> i love this country. we are going to make it so strong and so powerful and so respected all over the world, we are going to bring our jobs back. which are going to bring our money back. we are going to save social security. you are going to love president trump. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name. new citracal pearls. dedelicious berries and cream.
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hand apparently, they also lovee what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that
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as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. welcome back to >> welcome back to "hannity." here is the final part to my interview with hannity. >> they will know i am not playing games. i hate to inherit a bad deal. some of the my come patriots said we won't honor the deal. i like to honor deals. >> the problem is, if i make it, by the time i get there they will be very rich. obama will have given them all of these billions of dollars, et cetera, et cetera. however, all contracts.
6:50 pm
i study contracts. in golf i say i am a plus 5 at contracts. i did study contracts. no matter how bad the contract is i will make the contract be enforced to such an extent they will not be able to do it. i will do things you won't believe. but listen. it is so important that they not have nuclear weapons. the problem with this deal is, they will have them and all other surrounding countries are going to be forced to get them, too. you are going to have a nuclear holocaust. >> the israelis joining with saudis and jordanians take out those sites they don't get them. >> what i hate so much about the deal, the 24 days is ridiculous. before you get to the 24 days there's a whole process that can take much longer than 24 days. we start the process. we go through the whole procedure and then after weeks we may get to the 24 days. the whole thing is ridiculous.
6:51 pm
you know what else bothers me so much? i would have never given them the money. why didn't they say before the negotiations this should have happened four years ago? did you ever see such a crazy negotiation? why didn't they say we want the prisoners. >> 8 trillion on usa dollars based on the economy. let me ask you another thing. you wrote the art of the deal. best selling book. are you learning the art of politics is different than the art of the deal? >> so far i am enjoying politics. i guess i am enjoying it. i am doing well. but it is a long process. i don't want to get overly excited because you can have ups and downs you can have good days and bad days. the end result is you have to win. i don't want to win for the sake of winning. i want to make the country great again. that is my whole theme making
6:52 pm
america great again. the word again is a very important word. right now we are laughed at. we are stofed at. we don't make anything right. as an example our military is depleted. we spend humvees, the best in the world 2,300. i am not talking about three or four. they were talking about 23 or 2. we send 2,300 humvees the finest in the world armor plated and everything over to our allies. one shot is fired. our allies run. isis now has 2,300. you know how many that is? when i read it i thought maybe it was a typographical like 23. we of don't have the quality hum fees. our guys are driving around they don't have protection underneath. that's why they are losing their legs and arms.
6:53 pm
we need smart people. we need a great military, a strong military. they say i will be best at jobs. i will be so great. i will be equally great with the military. the other thing we have to do we have a moral on gages, take care of our vets. >> take care of our women. we have to take care of the women with the women issues. >> you wouldn't raise the retirement age? >> people made a deal. what i will do i am going to take our money back from china. china is going to like us. if you go into this building the biggest bank in the world by far like citibank is as they say citibank is a smul subsidiary. if you go to the biggest bank in the world from china. i renewed their lease for another 10 years. you want to meet?
6:54 pm
we lo you, we respect you. here china takes advantage of us we make a fortune they don't even like us. we will make china like us and russia and other places and benefit. >> if you won the presidency would you still be on twitter would you be out there 1:00 in the morning tweeting? >> i do get my point across. f for years if somebody did bad stuff for me i didn't fight back. now i have at real donald trump. i can tweet bad stuff about them people like it it is all over the world. >> coming up more "hannity" right after this break. please stay with us. they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪
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o >> that's all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. set your dvr whso you never mis an episode. when we are not here we miss
7:00 pm
you. thanks for joining us. have a great night. >> i am thinking maybe buy a field hockey team. >> are you kidding me? a field hockey team? >> seems like it is low over head. not a lot of equipment. >> you got that part down. field hockey? >> excuse me, your 3:00 pm is here. >> thank you very much. >> did i just hear -- they just call you lucifer? >> no. no. >> i swear. i heard that. >> oh, greg, it's lou. >> is lou short for anything? >> lou is short for lewis. >> lewis. i must have miss heard. anyway, are we still on for