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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 19, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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will see you in this same space right here in the morning. thanks for watching tonight, everybody. i'm martha maccallum, have a good night, this is "the kelly file." tonight -- >> i know there's a certain level of, you know, sort of anxiety or interest in this. >> hillary clinton gets testy with her own ed henry. >> but ed, you're not listening to me. >> because he dares to question clinton about her server scandal. >> did you wipe the server? >> what, like a cloth or something? >> texas senator ted cruz is here tonight with reaction. >> i'd much rather find out whether or not anchor babies are actually citizens. >> the great one, mark levine responds to donald trump's immigration plan. >> nothing more than an attempt to try to energize and mobilize to the black vote. >> and sheriff david clark calls out the black lives matter
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movement as the activists continue to confront 2016 presidential candidates. all of that, plus more ingram and geraldo rivera go head to head, "hannity" starts right here, right now. donald trump spoke earlier on the campaign trail in new hampshire. >> it's a horrible situation that we've placed ourselves in. we have thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants in our country, not only taking jobs, but many of them are causing problems beyond belief. and you see that all over. we have to straighten out the problem with illegal immigration. >> we'll have more highlights of that campaign stop later in the show, but first, a very tense exchange between hillary clinton and ed hen have i causing serious headaches for the clinton campaign, watch this. >> two inspector generals say there are hundreds -- >> but ed, you're not listening to me. if it were -- ed, if you were --
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>> you just said -- >> if it were a government account, they would be saying the same thing. the facts -- >> either way -- >> no, well, look -- >> that's how it got out. >> this is, this is -- first of all, that is not in any way agreed upon. state department disagrees. that happens all the time. >> the fbi believes that you tried to wipe the entire server. did you try to wipe the entire -- so no e-mail? no personal, no official -- >> my personal e-mails are my personal business. i'm not -- you know, i have no idea. that's why we turned it over. >> you were the official in charge, did you wipe the server? >> what, like with a cloth or something? >> did you wipe the whole thing? >> i don't know thousand works digitally at all. >> you did not try? >> ed, i know you want to make a point, and i can just repeat what i have said. >> it's a simple question. >> in order to be as cooperative as possible, we have turned over
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the server. they can do whatever they want to with the server to figure out what's there and what's not there. >> what an exchange. joining me now, the man himself, fox news chief white house correspondent on the campaign trail with hillary, did i wipe it with a cloth? that's not going to go over very well, ed, tough exchange, fair exchange. tell us about it. >> well, sean, what's interesting, it's not going over well with some democrats. in addition to the republican critics says she didn't answer my questions. there are democratic strategists, fundraisers who are out there today saying that they're very frustrated to hillary clinton's answers are legalistic and she's not getting that she's in some legal jeopardy. number one, but in real political jeopardy tonight. the senator continues to gain ground on her, today one of her aids, jennifer went out there to try to clean this up, was asked by bloomberg why did hillary clinton have a personal server in the first place, and he said,
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she didn't think it through. those kinds of answers are baffling democrats, and in fact one of hillary clinton's rivals for the democratic nomination, martin o'malley here in las vegas today, she's been taken off message. listen. >> i think it's a huge distraction from what we should be talking about as a party. we need to start having debates in the democratic party. and we need to have an exchange of ideas about the things that we can do. to raise wages, to increase the minimum wage, to pay overtime, pay for overtime work, to rebuild our country's infrastructure. >> now, a very, another very interesting angle is, that today we learned that one of hillary clinton's personal lawyers has told a senate committee that they actually did wipe all the data off that personal server before it was turned over to the fbi last week. now, some clinton aids were using that today to say, that they don't think my questions were getting at anything in the
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long run because they, they erased the data. that raises the question, if they've erased data, they think that's old news, why couldn't the candidate herself, hillary clinton answer that question. i asked her over and over, did you take the data off the server or not. she kept dodging, would not answer directly. the reason why it's el vant is that we've been fold that fibl officials believe yes, it was erased, but they also believe most importantly, they can recover someand we may find out e-mails say. >> and when did they delete this data? that's going to be an important question, and you're right, the fbi said that, ed, thank you so much. joining me now for more reaction, presidential gop candidate, ted skruz with us. senator, i'll put up as you're speaking, the laws that we have found that are relevant to this case. what is your reaction to that exchange? oh, you mean with a cloth, what is your reaction?
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>> well, let me commend ed henry for asking and that exchange, more questions and more hard questions than the mainstream media that asked during hillary's campaign. he's doing what a journalist should do. and she is obviously evading. i will say this, she's not nearly as talented at dodging the question as her husband bill is, but it is looking more and more like she faces some real potential legal jeopardy here. this investigation, it was striking to see bob woodward saying that this reminds him of the nixon tapes, and there's the old adage that it's not just the kiem crime, it's the cover-up. her wiping the server then unwilling to admit, that raises a lot of questions. >> and obstruction of justice on top of the laws we're putting on the screen now. she said in the beginning, it was easier to carry one device. that doesn't justify her own server in the bathroom of a mom
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and pop shop. the server contained personal communications between me and my husband, her husband never sends e-mails. so that's a problem. go ahead. >> well, the clintons have always behaved as if the rules and laws don't apply to them. this is a sitting secretary of state who was accepting millions of dollars of donations for her foundation, from foreign nations, and also, millions of dollars for her husband to speak to foreign nations, while our chief diplomat is there. one of the questions, one of the reasons this e-mail issue is so central, people would like to know, what's in the e-mails about the money she's receiving from foreign governments while she's making u.s. policy. i think it is very troubling. and if the united states department of justice retains even a shred of the integrity that it has historically had, then the department of justice needs to investigate this and
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prosecute any and all criminal activity. >> and john kerry saying last week that he assumes that his e-mails are being read by the chinese and vladimir putin, i have to believe that the e-mails on her server in the bathroom of a mom and pop shop will probably obtained by them, which would make her a compromised candidate. let me ask you this question, latest fox news poll has donald trump in first, and then it's you and ben carson. three insurgent, i guess, non-establishment candidates at the top of the field. what does that say about the republican party and how people view within the republican party the establishment right now? >> well, sean, it says people are fed up with washington and they're looking for someone who will stand up to washington, will take on the washington cartel who will take on career politicians in both parties who get in bed with lobbyists and special interests. since debt bait in cleveland,
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our campaign has had incredible momentum. that poll and nbc's poll which we shot right up to the top, we also saw in the hundred hours after the debate, $1.1 million in contributions came in in 100 hours, people and contributing online. we did a bus tour throughout the south. had over 19,000 people come out to the bus tour, the energy is incredible, and just today, sean, we got some fantastic news, steve day, who i know you know very well, talk radio host in iowa, steve endorsed us today and said that i'm the strongest conservative with the most proven record and in the best position to win, and he encouraged all conservatives to come together as a big, big day in iowa. very encouraging. >> we're working on it, we're going on the road with you very soon and we're looking forward to that, senator, thank you so much for your time. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sean, god bless. >> you too. and coming up, more on
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hillary clinton's server scandal. plus tonight -- >> they're saying it's not going to hold up in court. it's not going to hold up in court, regardless, when people are illegally in the country, they have to go. >> is donald trump, ted cruz, rand paul, scott walker right? i believe they are, we'll get reaction to the 4th amendment debate. biel check in with our mark levine will be here. then later tonight, lauren ingram and geraldo go head to head and much more as "hannity" continues. why do so many people choose aleve?
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stark. fire fighting efforts turning tragic in washington state. a fire in the county killing three firefighters and injuring four others. according to our local affiliate, it appears the wind shifted 180 degrees and caught the firefighters by surprise. the fast-moving flames are also threatening 20 buildings and it's forcing people from their homes in the towns of wynn tlop. the police killing of an 18-year-old black man igniting protests in the streets of st. louis. police say the man pointed a gun at the officers this morning after they arrived to serve a search warrant. the shooting attracted dozens of protesters who disputed police accounts. many had already gathered downtown to st. louis to mark the one-year anniversary of another deadly police shooting. and now back to "hannity."
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lives in the united states. >> i think you're wrong about the 14th amendment, and frankly the whole thing with anchor babies and the concept of anchor babies. it's not going to hold up in court it'll have to be tested, they say it won't hold up in court. regardless, when people are illegally in the country, they have to go, i'd much rather find out whether or not anchor babies are actually citizens because a lot of people don't think they are. >> here now with reaction, the author of the number one new york times best-seller for two weeks in a row, "plunder and dece deceit," how am i? >> looking good. >> it's the makeup. trump was right, cruz is right on this, walker's right on this, you mentioned on your radio program yesterday, and you think this is important. i think it's worth putting up. republican senator, jacob howard
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of michigan, while they were debating the 14th amendment, he's the author of the clause, every person born within the limits of the united states and subject to their jurisdiction is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the u.s. this will not, of course, include persons born in the united states who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers, accredited to the government of the united states, but will include every other class of persons. you know, as you pointed out, settles the great question of citizenship and removes all doubt as to what this clause meant. why are so many people getting this wrong? >> because they're result-other yenlted. they want to insist the constitution says what it doesn't say. moreover, the supreme court has never ruled that the children of illegal aliens are american citizens. so the supreme court never ruled, even if they did, it would be wrong. the clause speaks for itself, the author of the clause made it
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abundantly, unequivocally clear, let's add another thing, let's read the clause together, shall we? all persons born or naturalized in the united states. let's stop there. if it means what the proponents of birthright citizenship say, it would stop right there. all persons born or naturalized in the united states are contracts. there's no need for anything else, that's who the what it says. and, subject to the jurisdiction thereof. now you have slip and fall lawyers, phony constitutional lures, they come on tv, go all over the place. jurisdiction means geography. it has nothing to do with geography. zero. it had to do with political allegiance to the united states of america. how do we know it? because they said it. and they ls excluded everybody that the left and some of the republicans want to include. now here's the good news, there's another part of the constitution. it's article 1, section 8,
7:17 pm
clause 4. here's what that says in plain english. the congress will uniform rule of naturalization. you know what that means, it means the united states congress and guess what sean, in the 1920s, that's exactly what it did. the 14th amendment excludes indians, that is native americans as u.s. citizens because they felt that they had allegiance to their own tribes. okay. great, 1923, congress reversed course and said under the 14th amendment and under this article one, we've decided to the grant citizenship, national citizenship to all native americans. >> you -- >> it could not be clearer. >> article one, section eight, you're right, it gives the broadest possible power to the congress to establish the uniform rule of naturalization. this should not be even in
7:18 pm
debate. and what we're talking about, here are people entering the country so-called anchor babies, their children are born here and people on the left want them to automatically gain citizenship, part of trump's deal and ted cruz and scott walker, rand paul, they're saying no, they're right, you're right, and these other people, obviously don't know history. i don't know, i guess this is going to be a big debate. >> look, i have been looking into this, talking about this years, long before the presidential cycle. of course trup is right and cruz is right and sessions are right, they're all right. and to hear so-called constitutional conservatives trip all over themselves to sound like liberals, to rewrite this provision, and accuse those of us who actually know something about it, know the history about it, know the senators who were involved in it, know what went into it, know what was meant fwi, that we're the activists, we're the extremists. look, if you want of a policy of open borders that anybody born here should become the united
7:19 pm
states citizen, you amend the constitution. we don't have to amend the constitution, it says what we say it says, and by statutes, by statute, going forward, prospectively, congress can in fact say we want to emphasize to this federal government, to this president, no, you cannot make children of illegal aliens american citizens automatically. >> agree completely. what is your take on hillary clinton? and all that's happening with this e-mail server? i've gone over the individual laws, we had rudy giuliani last night, former prosecutor, we went over all the laws involved in all of this. she's being flippant talking about snapchat, oh, do you mean i clean it with a cloth, ed, and playing dumb. >> yeah, right. >> yeah right, exactly. what is your take? the fbi's investigating this. you've got the same investigators that looked into the petraeus case, i think if i was hillary, i'd be a lot less flippant and more serious about it. >> i think the problem is the
7:20 pm
u.s. attorney appointed by obama in the district of columbia has not impanelled a federal grand jury. she should have to testify in front of it, maybe she won't be so flip under oath. so shoulder her aids, apparently now they're cell phones and the texting are missing. i don't know how much servers we're talking about at this point. we have a server in a bathroom, we have a server in a barn. here's the bottom line, that information belongs to the american people. that information, we paid for. that information may or may not be classified. if it's classified, she's in bigger trouble. even if it's not classified, if she has personal e-mails on a government server, they belong to us. now, here's the section of the law that is most problematic for hillary clinton, the federal penal code, section 793, whoever being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document or information relating to the national
7:21 pm
defense, through gross negligence, not purposeful intent. permits the city or delivered to anyone in violation to trust or be loss, stolen, obstructed or destroyed and so forth. why do we not have a federal grand jury? why do we have to learn all this piecemeal from the media? we don't know what kind of investigation is going on. this is serious business. it's time for obama to get off the golf course and martha's vineyard and do something about this. >> don't hold your breath, that's not happening, but that server should have been seized immediately. >> no, i won't. >> you see the phenomenon, the polls, latest fox poll, number one, two, three, trump, carson, and ted cruz. three insurgent candidates. doesn't that speak volumes that the anger that you have, i have, republicans that say all the right things on election years and are timid and weak and incapable of fulfilling basic promises.
7:22 pm
>> it says that the heart and core of the republican party, reagan conservatives, constitutional conservatives are disgusted with the party that's lost its way, and got majorities in the house and senate by lying to us about defunding obamacare, lying to us about immigration and so forth and so on, and the american people, including we conservatives, we're looking far leader, we're looking for a statesman, and we will find one and we will nominate that person and hopefully we will elect that person to the presidency. we'll see who it turns out to be, but that's what's going on, we are fed up with the republican establishment. >> all right. mark levine, great one, congratulations, plunder deceit, number one, new york times best-seller. >> thank you. coming up, donald trump was in new hampshire tonight, he spoke to reporters, we'll have the highlights, plus two democratic lawmakers, they're trying to keep trump's name off a hotel in d.c., claiming it's racist. laura ingram, geraldo rivera, they go head to head. and later -- >> we get a phony movement
7:23 pm
that's turned into a portfolio instruct. this is nothing more than an attempt to try to energize and mobilize the black folk through the 2016 election. >> sheriff david clark in studio. he weighs in and the video showing hillary's conversation with the members of the group as we continue. we're glad you're with us. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache.
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people to come in. i want people of great talent to come in, but anticipate lot of people to come in, they have to come in legally. a woman is going to have a baby. they wait on the border, just before the baby, they come over to the border. they have the baby in the united states. we now take care of that baby, social security, medicare, education, give me a break. >> now there's also a new report that two democratic lawmakers, congressman ruben and tony, they're trying to block donald trump's name being from being displayed outside a new hotel in washington, d.c. now last week they sent a letter to the interior department citing trump's comments about illegal immigrants, we understand the department of interior rightly prohibits the display of racist or insensitive emblems on the lands that it controls in accordance with this policy and keeping with the department's recent efforts to bart washington redskins logo on public lands, we urge you to use
7:27 pm
all available authorities under current law to prevent the trump name from being prominently displayed at new hotel. here with reaction, editor in scheef of our new website, laura ingram and fox news contributor and correspondent, geraldo. >> hi. >> all right. hi. >> this is stupid, stupid? >> they should grow up, this is not an issue for responsible adults to be discussing, it's ridiculous. >> i've had battles with you over immigration. >> really? >> trump legally is right. you have to build a wall, you have to defend the country's borders. i would take the 93 million americans out of the labor force and give them jobs in the interim and let them work, those that are able bodies, and those people that came here illegally, why do they get to stay when they department respect our laws and sovereignty? >> you say that trump is right legally, the basic legal document in this country is the constitution of the united states enshrined in the
7:28 pm
constitution of the united states is the 14th amendment, passed in 1868. >> they're not citizens. >> everyone born here subject to the jurisdiction of the united states is a citizen of the united states. >> excuse me, i just went over it, the guy that authored the 14th amendment -- >> it was not mark -- >> no, it was senator howard jacob, and he pointed out the interpretation it did not include alien citizens. >> why are conservatives, generally, and trump, if you consider him a conservative, certainly on this issue he is, going to argue to alter the constitution? >> not altering the constitution. >> when you can make meaningful arguments about certain aspects, the wall for example is a good argument if you want to spend the couple of hundred billion dollars it take to build a wall, god bless, go do it. you want to talk about a program being enormously enhanced. you want to talk about mexico having fiscal responsibility for the -- >> let me bring laura in here. the author of the clause of the 149 amendment -- >> yeah. >> this will not, of course
7:29 pm
include persons born in the united states who are foreigners, aliens, who being, belong to families of ambassadors, foreign ministers. so the author of the 14th amendment was very clear about this. >> no, i mean, your segment with mark levine, i mean, said it all. there's nothing else to say about this, but i think what we have to get back to, sean, is that no one that i know of, and i'm talking democrat or republican, that i know of, believes that any voter, in this country, thinks it's a moral imperative that any time someone steps a foot over the border, we have a moral obligation to allow them to stay here. but that is precisely the position of a lot of people on the more proamnesty side. it's not just giving amnesty to the people who are here, it's that anyone who comes here, no matter how they get here should be able to stay here. now, i don't think anyone ever voted for that. i don't think that's what the country demands now, that's combat country needs with all of
7:30 pm
our problems that we have today, all of the overcrowding in the schools, the health care demands, the infrastructure crumbling, we don't need more problems in the country, that's why trump is resinating to the extent. he wouldn't be at 25% if the country was happy about the immigration situation. >> i don't understand why you think that with all do respect, and laura is very articulate, why do you think that is a great analysis, that's not the argument at all. >> what are you talking about? >> picture in your mind, if i can 30 seconds, picture in your mind, the picture of jim goldman, the agent taking i'll yan gonzalez out of the closet. terrified kid about to be taken, deported essentially, left and taken out of the united states. >> we know the emotional argument you're playing, but for every -- let me get in. for every emotional argument we'll make about the poor illegal immigrant father being separated from his family, i
7:31 pm
will raise you, see you, and then raise you another anecdote of a 49-year-old guy who used to have a great landscaping business and unfortunately he didn't hire illegal laborers, so he can't compete. so geraldo, i submit that yours is closer to the rich people in america who make a lot of money of bringing a lot of immigrant people in the country, but regular people aren't making money off of it. the wages aren't going up, they're not racist, they're american. and they need to be respected as such. >> the wall street journal said last week because they have a short -- >> the great defender of the underclass. >> the wall street journal and ri both wrong. >> wall street journal is called the wall street journal for a reason. 5% of illegal laborers are in the field. 5%. >> i want to raise it here, there's 93 million americans out of the labor force, 50 million in poverty and 46 million on food stamps, we had a segment last night, the people being
7:32 pm
hurt the most by illegal immigrants aren't respecting our laws are black americans, hispanic americans that are citizens that are now, have a limited amendment of wages. agricultural workers, poultry prosers, meat packers -- >> 5%. >> 2:00 a.m. on a friday -- >> it's insulting. >> on a bicycle. where are the citizens to take those jobs, sean? >> i'll tell you one thing, geraldo, so what geraldo is saying is that americans are too lazy to work and jeb bush says americans aren't fertile, they don't start businesses as much as illegal immigrants, and to is that i will say, that's what infuriates so many of the people looking at this guy who maybe not even a conservative, donald trump in saying, gosh, i'm going to throw in with him at this point. i'm not a bad person and all the people are trying to paint me as such because i want a country. >> we'll continue this debate. >> we shall continue it. coming up, another planned parenthood video released
7:33 pm
earlier today. this may be the worst one yet. shannon brooem will join us later. sheriff david in clark in studio to talk about the black lives matter movement. now this is video of hillary clinton having a very tense exchange with members of that group and more as we continue.
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last week hillary clinton met with several members of the black lives matter movement, and a new video of the exchange shows things got very testy and tense. take a look. >> this is and has always been a problem of violence. it's not -- there's not much that we can do to stop the violence against us. >> well, if that is -- >> it is a conversation -- >> i understand what you're saying. >> respectfully -- >> respectfully, if that is your position, thenally talk only to
7:39 pm
white people about how we are going to deal. >> reporter: that's not what i mean. that's not what i mean. >> after that video was released, saying in part quote, we must confront the biases and racial injustice that still remains in our country today. it's not only change hearts, but we must do more to face hard truths in america, we must also work together to change laws, raise awareness, build a coalition to ensure that every american knows what it means to be secure, safe, and free. here in studio with reaction, milwaukee county sheriff, good friend, rare in-studio appearance, david clark, sir, you're like, you're a rock star. i was out in public with you, it's like wow, excuse me, hannity, take a picture of me and sheriff clark, how are you doing? >> fantastic, thanks for having me. >> by the way, part of the exchange, oh, okay, if that's your position, i'll only, i'll talk with only the white people about how we're going to deal with this. imagine if a republican said this. >> well, hillary meet frankenste frankenstein, they created this monster, now if you cannot continue to feed the beast, the
7:40 pm
beast will turn and eat you. that's what's going on here. let's look at this group, black lives matter, i have renamed live lives matter, the reason i have is because this is a bastard child of the hands up don't shoot. it's built on a lie. the whole premise is build on a lie, it's a conglomeration of misfits, organization labor now criminals, black racialists, you have cop-haters and anarchists have now formed together. this full movement, if you will. no longer in the united states, and i think that i'm living proof of that. no longer can blacks as a whole claim victim status, except for one situation. they are victims to the democrat party in the united states of america, and what modern liberalism has done to the black family. >> sheriff, can you imagine that democratic candidate, governor o'malley that says, black lives matter.
7:41 pm
white lives matter, all lives matter. and then he has to walk it back. i'm sorry, everybody's life does matter, sheriff. your life matters to me, the life of every citizen matters to me. and he has to apologize for saying all lives matter. what constituency is he appe appealing too. >> blue lives matter too. >> exactly billion. >> this is the monster they've created. they're not in control of this movement. this was created to mobilize the black vote for the 2016 election. the problem is, we have a long way to go. and there's only so long that you can keep that, sort of negative movement going before you lose control of it. i thought o'malley, his reaction after that was pathetic. can you imagine him standing up to world leaders to give him a staredown and he's going to back down. >> when did i get a controversial to say all lives matter. when did that ever -- >> that's the thing, that's the pathetic n this whole movement. >> let me give you one example
7:42 pm
within this is in seattle, bernie sanders, this happened to a lot of other presidential candidates, he literally let this group take over his entire political rally, and he didn't speak anymore. watch this. >> thank you, seattle, for being one of the most progressive cities in the united states of america. we are trying to be reasonable. we are trying to be reasonable. >> we aren't reasonable. >> we're going to let you on the mic. we are going to give you the mic. after senator sandy. after -- >> let us speak. >> we're shutting it down. you are shutting it down. you are disrupting this event. >> take over. his my question, if you're like me imperfect christian that i am, if you believe we're all children of god, that's what i really believe, and if we really
7:43 pm
to want have an honest discussion, don't we have to address the black on black crime numbers that, it's not cops, it's not white people, there are racist, everybody knows that, but the majority of deaths of young black males are coming from other young black males. . we don't address that, we're not serving these kids in these neighborhoods well, are we? >> that's precisely it, that's why i renamed it black lives matter, if they did, they'd be protesting all of these black on black crime if they really cared about black lives with, that's what they'd be doing. >> you need to run for president or governor. >> i like being sheriff. >> good to see you, noern studio. >> it's my honor. thanks. coming up, a new video exposing planned parenthood has just been released. it might be the most disturbing to date, shannon bream will join us next with a full report, straight ahead.
7:44 pm
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-- it is the seventh from the center of medical progress, it features a woman identified at holly o'donnell who says she works for a tissue procurement company and was stationed inside a planned parenthood clinic in california. she describes an incident in which she alleges her supervisor brought a late term fetus into the lab following an abortion and called for her to come over. >> i want to show you something, she has one of her instruments, and she just taps the heart and it starts beating. and i'm sitting here, and i'm looking at this fetus, and it's heart is beating. and i don't know what to think. >> she continues the story describing the realization that despite what she allegedly saw, she was going to be asked to move ahead with harvesting organs. >> she said, okay, well this is a really good fetus and it looks like we can procure a lot from it. we're going to procure brains.
7:50 pm
so, i hear someone stop me. >> stem express ended its relationship with the abortion provider saying quote, we value our various partnerships, but due to the increased questions that have arisen over the past few weeks, we feel it's prudent to terminate activities with planned parenthood. to date, four states have revoked contracts with planned parenthood that use . that is in contrast to the city of los angeles which voted yes on planned parenthood. under california law, experimentation on a fetus is prohibited. california attorney general says she'll look into allegations against the center for medical progress and how it obtained the
7:51 pm
videos if released. she's not indicated there will be an investigation into planned parenthood. sean? >> thank you so much. joining me with reaction is the president of live action, executive director of the accountability project. they talk about ripping open a perfectly healthy baby to get an intact brain so they can pro cure for money, like others wanted to buy a lamborghini and ripping out lungs and hearts and livers do you not find that gruesome? >> yes. sounds gruesome. >> yes. that video was fabricated. it is gruesome. a lot of medical procedures are gruesome. >> planned parenthood released a statement that woman never work forward planned parenthood. we don't know what stage she's describing. it's fabricated. >> let me ask you another question.
7:52 pm
>> i have a question. excuse me. what do you know about margaret singer? >> i know. >> do you believe she believed in black eugenics and described black americans add reckless breeders? is it that you don't want to answer a question? >> no. >> so the person, remember, hillary clinton got a margaret sanger award. a woman that wanted to apply a rigid segregation policy for a population of those who proginy is tainted. she supported black eugenics, an elitist attitude for what is she regarded as the feeble minded and was part of a notorious project that worked to eliminate black births. that was her brain
7:53 pm
child. let me if you. if you're hillary clinton are you proud that have award? . >> i don't see relevance in that. the rockefeller foundation did a lot of bad things, too. >> let's talk about the issue at hand. >> my question is what the issue is. is margaret -- is it proper for hillary clinton to accept the award? >> she can makeup her own mind. >> margaret sanger is honored every year, she founded planned parenthood and her eugenic vision is being realized now. they're selling body parts of the babies. now, in this latest video, we fear testimony of someone in a planned parenthood facility in my hometown, san jose, talking
7:54 pm
about she has a baby maybe 20 weeks plus, over five months told to carve the face of the child to harvest his brain when she sees the heartbeating. is that what we're going to allow this country? >> this is being investigated. so guess what? five states investigated this. >> and how can this continue? >> this is a lie. it was investigated. they have independent investigation that's prove those videos were false. >> i got to go. thank you. when we come back, we need your help. the question of the day is next. o get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'.
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8:00 pm
that is all the time we have left. please set your dvr. when you're not here, we take attendance and get upset because we miss you. thanks for being with we'll seew night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> the fbi believes you tried to wipe the entire server. did you try to wipe the entire server, the whole thing? >> my personal e-mails are my personal e-mails, right? >> not exactly. the fbi saying hillary clinton may have taken drastic measures to keep her e-mails secret. we'll have a special report. waters. scientists are now tracking a giant great white named mary lee. a fascinating report ahead.


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