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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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family. we ever building the "special report" viewership one viewer at a time. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. tonight, only here "on the record." the denver it company in charge of hillary clinton's private email server giving its first on camera interview, plat river networks under fire. the clintons hired the denver compani' to run their email server but tonight the department of defense admitting the company is not cleared by the department of defense it handle classified information. "on the record's" griff jenkins spoke to the company's newly hired crisis management coordinator. griff? >> greta, we are learning much tonight about that small it behind me platte river networks. the server here was never here in denver but instead in new jersey in some context about security clearance the company telling me at no time were they told any classified information was involved. in fact, that would have been a different kind of
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contract with different qualifications that they admitted they probably wouldn't qualify and that's not all we learned from andy, the pie river spokesman who went on camera with us for the first time anywhere he has been seen, take a listen. >> platte river is a smalldon investor company that were hired by the clintons in june of 2013 to basically handle their email server. and that's really what this is all about. we took over five months after she left office. our job was to group -- upgrade, manage and serve that email server which we did. >> that server not actually located here in denver. tell me about that. >> sure. the server was never located in denver. we don't have customer data that we locate on site in denver. this is san east coast client and we moved the server to a dedicated secure data center did that in june of 2013. it hadn't moved until wednesday of last week.
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at this time we turned it over to the fbi per their request. >> were platte river networks even aware of the sensitive possible classified material on this server? >> no. i mean, the job of an it company in the capacity of platte river is to literally manage and protect that data. we don't look at the data. we manage and protect it based on what our clients want and that's what we did here. >> and, in this case, the server was just in new jersey but it wasn't also backed up here in denver? >> no. >> if you could sort of sort that out because it's complicated business process. >> sure. i mean, you know, the idea of managing data is a complicated one. this one was very simple. this was to secure the server, make sure that the data in the server was secured at every turn, and we did that it was a very simple process. we took the server, put in data server and locked it up and it had been there from june of 2013 until last wednesday. >> one thing people are
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wondering reading this story on the front page why were they chosen for this job? >> that, i don't know. i can't comment on. i don't know anything about the process that was long before i was involved. can i tell you platte river networks has won numerous awards for the work they have done. they have highly intelligent. highly effective people that do this work. and competed for the business and won the business and took care of their client. >> was there any connection to then secretary hillary clinton? >> no. >> i think that's what a lot of people are trying to figure out, obviously as you said you don't know the connection. have there been any prior relationships, with the executives and hillary clinton? >> not that i know of at all. no. not to my knowledge at all. >> and tell me just a bit if you can about who they are? this was an unusual client. they don't do political candidates. it appears your federal contracts. >> well, the company is begun in the 2002, and
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really we have served a wide variety of clients. i don't have access to client list. i'm not sure if they have served federal government folks before or not. this was a simple situation in which we were asked to take care of this server, to upgrade, manage and secure that data, and we did that. so, you know, the notion that somehow we were a part of of this process is just not true. i mean, this was a simple piece of business for us. we did it. we handle it well and until last wednesday it was in our possession. >> walk me through that time line, if you will, so when they may have had contacts, platte river, when it's handed over if you will. >> sure. so, tuesday of last week, the is 1st, the federal bureau of investigation asked us to turn over the email server that was located in the data center. on wednesday morning we did. we turned it right over to the fbi. they gave us receipts to show that they are now in possession of that server. and that was it very simple process. >> where was it picked up?
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>> in new jersey at the data center. >> and were any of the plat river folks interviewed? is platte river being looked at in any capacity by the fbi. >> not that i'm aware of. platte river is not under votion nor have we ever been under investigation and we plan to fully cooperate with the fbi at every juncture. >> it's been reported that at one point platte river's server was housed in the closet of the bathroom of the previous location where it was headquartered. is that true? >> i have no knowledge of any server being in any bathroom at any time ever. and that statement that it was, i don't know where it came from, but it's erroneous. >> former employees that worked there, when it was housed in a closet near a bathroom tell me that that server, even if they would have broken in and saw it, wouldn't have had any information on any clients. it was simply the company's invoices and emails. finally just to point out again, greta, what we have learned from this company is that when it involves
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classified materials, the onus of that problem would have fallen on secretary hillary clinton not platte river because they were not in a contract under that obligation nor were they told that they would ever have to protect against such sensitive material. greta? griff, thank you. and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here to go "on the record." nice to see you, mayor. >> nice to see you again. >> you certainly you have been a federal prosecutor. tell me, is this a legal problem for the former secretary? a political problem? both or neither? >> both. and both extremely serious. the legal one may be even more serious. let's look at what happened here. this is classified information. whether it's marked classified or not, you are given training when you are a high level government employee. i had top security clearance when i was the third ranking official in the justice department. >> so they actually sit you down and tell you how to do this? >> sure. if i got a memo that was talking about the
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possibility of a terrorist attack on los angeles, let's say, it didn't have to say top secret. i was deemed to know it was top secret. that was my responsibility. >> you would know not to have it on a private -- >> -- half the top secret information i got was not marked top secret. i'm supposed to know that and if i am as associate attorney general are supposed to know that you are darn well better believe the secretary of state is supposed to know it now, to take this material and to give it to a company like this, first of all, not to have the information backed up is grossly negligent and irresponsible. all the information on this server should have been backed up. number two, the company should have been notified that it was handling classified information because they would have handled it far more security. they would have backed it up, for example, so that they could hold it and have it available in case somebody tried you to delete it. and then we have the big question, you know, platte river had this, was handed
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over to the fbi. and apparently it was wiped out. so, somebody did something to it before it was handed over to the fbi and the fbi better find out who that was because that person committed a serious federal crime. >> would you have this before a grand jury? >> about four weeks ago. >> really four weeks ago? >> i would have had this in front of a grand jury the minute i heard that she didn't turn over 34,000 emails. all of those emails would have been subpoenaed. i will give you just one reason, i can give you 10. there is a real question as to conflict of interest with regard to hillary clinton and bill clinton. hillary clinton made at least 11 decisions on behalf of governments companies in which bill clinton received millions and millions of dollars. they filed joint tax returns. i would want to see those 34,000 emails to see if there was a connection. and you know and i know as lawyers that when you destroy records, you get a charge to the jury saying that that can be used for the jury to concludes inference of guilty
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knowledge. >> mayor giuliani, let's turn to another topic. last night duling town halls in new hampshire donald trump setting town halls on fire. down the road a debate by jeb bush. despite that tone bush firing at trump accusing him of not being a true conservative. spoke with fox business network maria bartiromo to clear the air. donald, are you a conservative? >> i am. it's interesting. ronald reagan was a democrat. i was a democrat, also. and ronald reagan was a democrat. and it became not a very conservative president. he became a republican and he was pretty conservative as we talk about conservatism. i have really very much evolved over years and, you know, coming from manhattan where you live, also, there isn't any such thing as anything but a democrat. we grow up in an atmosphere. i have always been a conservative person. my bent has been conservative. over the last number of years when i started getting very political i started seeing more and more that that is my leaning and that
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is my strong leaning. and i think people see that. and i think they see that with the various plans and my various statements over a period of time. >> so are you a moderate conservative? would you say you are liberal on social issues and conservative on face cass issues? >> i'm very conservative on fiscal issues. i would say on social i'm, you know, i'm on the conservative side. i would certainly say on something like immigration, i'm very conservative because what's happening at the border and i -- look, i was the one that pointed it out. if it weren't for me, they wouldn't be talking about immigration right now, maria. i was the one that pointed it out. we are having a crime wave. we are having tremendous loss of jobs and other things, and we have to solve the problem of illegal immigration. >> and trump fever is still spreading as brand new poll still has the donald on top. mr. mayor, in the three swing states, florida, donald trump 21%. number two competition is bush at 17%. in pennsylvania donald trump 24%, the next one is dr. ben carson at 13%.
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and in ohio, where, of course, governor kasich is the governor he is at 27% but number two is donald trump at 21%. what is it? >> what it is he is handling himself politically whether you agree or disagree with all of his positions brilliantly. is he dominating the news. he is dominating the news cycle. he is -- when he is really you questioned on these issues, he has good substantive answers which you may or may not agree with. and, finally, this idea that, you know, he made a transformation, so did ronald reagan. so did i and so did winston churchill. winston churchill used to say if you are not a liberal when you are 20 you have no heart and if you are not a conservative by the time you are 40, you have no brain. many, many conservatives at one time were liberals and saw the failure, particularly in a city like new york of the liberal policies. the city i took over was ruined by liberals. he lived in that same city.
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he saw the same thing i saw. he supported me very, very strongly every time i ran for mayor. and i was a pretty darn conservative mayor, probably the most conservative mayor in the history of new york city. >> someone can be a great politician but may not be able to governor. -- govern. >> you never know that until any govern. >> the jury is out. >> every single one of them you are not going to know what kind of executive they are in the white house until they get there. you know, abraham lincoln had no executive experience when he became president of the united states. and he is one of our greatest presidents. john kennedy was just in the senate. didn't have executive experience either. this is a question of are you a leader? do you have the ability to lead? do you you have the ability to inspire? do you have the ability to make decisions? if you do you can do the job. if you don't, if it's not there, you can have all the experience in the world and it's not going to work. >> mayor, always nice to see you, sir. and it's not just the polls,
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donald trump is lighting up the billionaire businessman getting roaring applause out on the campaign trail. last night he hit new hampshire for first town hall. >> i'm pitting myself out there. it takes guts to run for president. it does. [ applause ] >> you know what's happening to jeb's crowd, as you know right down the street? sleeping. they are sleeping now. >> i believe more strongly in the military and military strength than anybody running by a factor of a million we know i'm doing a good job. i'm taking the jobs back from china. i'm taking the jobs back from japan. i'm taking the jobs back from mexico. >> i'm a great builder. what i do best in life in all fairness i build, which is good, because your infrastructure in this country is crumbling. isn't it nice to have a builder, a real builder? >> so we get bergdahl, a trader and they get five of the people that they most wanted anywhere in the world. >> and you know i say sometimes that the american
4:14 pm
dream is dead but we're going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. >> the "on the record" political panel is here. boston globe and "washington times" stephen diamond. stirs up and gets his crowd going? >> this is interesting him in new hampshire. sort of a traditional political state. it's hard to imagine a trump tower in the land of courtyard marriotts up in new hampshire. he brought out a huge crowd and had a lot of excitement. >> why? >> i think a part of it is the celebrity factor. people in new hampshire want to see him and see what he is like. and part of it, i you think they want to hear some of his policies and hear what he has to say. >> steven? >> look, you know, i think the mayor actually said it really well. he survived every test that's been thrown at him so far. not only survived but thrived on it when he normally consider them gaffes he has turned them to his ad vantage. more than anything he has turned his attacks on opponents. he has come out of there
4:15 pm
with not only winning the issue but also leaving his opponents somewhat weaker. guy back to the lindsey graham and the phone number thing. we all thought that lindsey graham had a great response to that smashed his phone i won't be needing this anymore. trump comes out and says no, no, no. hear is how you do it. put a campaign message on the phone and schooled all exactly what a marketer does when you run a campaign. it was amazing. >> everyone agreed in 2008 that president then senator obama was a great politician. he grew huge crowds. as critics today would say they admit he is a great politician but critics would say he is a lousy president. how do voters know? it appears that donald trump is a great politician but what about who's does anybody know if he is going to be a great president. >> hard to say and hard to tell at this point in the campaign whether this is sort of the blockbuster hit in the summer that nobody remembers when -- whether that will change over time as people get to know him a little bit better it should be noted, too in new
4:16 pm
hampshire yesterday he didn't go to the education policy summit that the other candidates did. >> why not? >> i don't know. i think he was too busy. >> why not? >> he hasn't released his education policy. when he does i expect it will be quite interesting and drive the debate just like immigration policy did. >> okay, panel, the company behind the hillary clinton server scandal doing damage control. >> were platte river networks' even aborrow of the possible sensitive classified material on this server? >> no. i mean, the job of an it company in the capacity of platte river is to literally manage and protect that data. we don't look at the data. we manage it and protect it based on what our clients want and that's what we did here. >> meanwhile tonight secretary clinton has brand new polls. is it time to sound the alarm in the clinton camp. stephen, first of all, i feel bad for this company out in deny investor. they seem to have like made the horrible mistake of having bad luck in stepping into presidential politics. >> absolutely. they are completely caught in the crossfire of this
4:17 pm
intense not only presidential politics but also legal questions, of course. so they have got to be just sweating this. and you heard them telling griff, of course, hey, we are cooperating in this. we had nothing to do with this. by the way, we came in after she was already gone from the state department. so, they are trying to keep their hands down. but the legal questions, you know, the potential, i guess, liability to her continues to grow. just today a federal judge here in washington ordered the state department to talk with the fbi to find out whether there are recoverable messages on that server that the fbi now has control of. this is, you know, this is not going away for her. >> of course, the polls are not very attractive to her tonight. for instance, the clinton vs. rubio matchup in swing states, florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. senator marco rubio he beats her in all three states and donald trump beats her in florida and so does governor bush. i mean in florida you got to win. >> the damage is one of the core components of her campaign message which is
4:18 pm
electability. telling democratic voters bernie sanders is not going to be electable in some of these other states not to mention joe biden. that's her message. if polls are starting to bear out that's not the case. it gives democrats more reason to be worried. >> why is bernie sanders so matt? >> same reason donald trump is. plain-spoken, authenticity. i think voters crave a lot of that. >> it's still very early but it's still very exciting. it certainly is a rock and roll ride why the now. matt and steven, thank you both. the a.p. is publishing a report tonight that is going to absolutely unglue you. the ieae cut a deal on july 11th. a secret side deal letting iranians inspect itself for nuclear weapons. you heard right. senator lindsey graham goes "on the record" next. also, could caitlin jenner end up in jail in that's coming up.
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why didn't president obama tell us? shouldn't he have? the associated press reporting a secret deal was cut allowing iran to use its own expecters to investigate its own nuclear site. the iran deal includes the honor system for a nation that sponsors terrorism and threatens to wipe israel off the map. >> the single greatest national security threat facing america is the threat of an iranian nuke deal. >> do we want a radical shia cleric, the ayatollah of iran, to have in his possession the ability to attack the continental united states. >> freeing up their economy so they can continue to support people like hamas and hezbollah. you cannot let iran have a nuclear weapon. you can't have it when they march down the street saying death to israel and death to the united states, you can't let it happen. >> iran is at the heart of
4:23 pm
most of the people going on in the middle east and their proxy. >> south carolina senator and 2016 presidential candidate senator lindsey graham joins us. good evening, sir. and the state department is not denying that this agreement exists this july agreement. did you know about it before it broke from the a.p.? >> oh, well, we know that the the side deal exists but nobody in congress can look at it and the administration hasn't looked at it here is what the issue is all about. the iranians objected to inspectors coming on their military bases to determine how far they have gone in terms of developing a nuclear weapon. so this side deal allows the iaea in collaboration with iran to do the inspections of the military facilities where we believe they have tested nuclear components. now we know the side deal is a joke. the iranians have basically got a veto of how you inspect their military facilities and nobody in congress will ever get to look at it under the current
4:24 pm
construct and i'm going to withhold $88 million given to the iaea by congress, the american taxpayer every year. i'm going to withhold fund 'perpetuity until he -- until i get to look at this side deal. >> one the things the obama administration has been saying in order to put pressure on congress to vote yes in this is that iran is two or four months out from having a nuclear weapon. can you tell me why in the world he we got to the point that they are three or four months out from a nuclear weapon? have we not had the intelligence? we have been asleep at the wheel? has no one paid any attention to this because now we are in a rather catastrophic position having got that close to the edge. >> well, we are -- they are a threshold nation. here is not what they are telling you. under this deal you are dealing delaying the breakout time from three months to a year. at the end of 15 years they will be back to two to three months with no limitations. 15 years from now there is no limitations on the iranian nuclear program at
4:25 pm
all. you have given the ayatollah an unfettered pathway to a nuclear bomb. the missile to pay for it and the side deal how far they are in terms of nuclear ambitions is between the iaea and the iranians with absolutely no ability of congress to look at it no democrat should allow this to go forward until we look at that deal. where are the democratic party on this issue? where are you? why aren't you standing up for the congress' ability to look at this secret deal to find out how bad it is? >> senator, for the life of me i never understood how anyone could vote for obamacare if you read it and liked it, terrific. >> absolutely. >> people are being asked to vote on this deal about iran getting a nuclear weapon or not possibly and now we find there are all these discreet secret deals. all these members of congress are going to vote on something they have no clue they haven't seen the whole deal. how could anyone vote for that? >> i can't explain what we're about to do but we are about to legitimize an agreement with the most radical regime on the planet
4:26 pm
to give them an unfettered access to a nuclear weapon over time. $100 billion to put into the war machine. and money and weapons to attack us in israel. but this side deal is secret between iran and the united nations. how could any member of the united states senate approve this deal with iran not knowing about the details of the inspections at the iranian military facility that i believe have been used to develop a nuclear weapon? how can do you this? >> for the life of me i don't understand that i see no reason to have members of the congress or the senate if they are not going to have all the information when they vote. they might as well flip a coin and we don't need to spend money to send to washington. they ought to read the deal and read the entire content. president obama ought to tell them everything that's in it. everything. and then they make a decision. >> i can tell you this. >> what? >> can i say one thing? >> yes. >> if it were a good deal, you would know about it the reason you don't know about it is because it's a bad deal. if it were a good deal, they
4:27 pm
would let us look at it the reason it's not a good deal is they capitulated with the iranians. the iranians cleaned obama's clock. that is what this is all about. they stared obama down. >> i don't get giving the iranians the honor system to self-police themselves. anyway. senator graham, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and the teenage girl accuser in the elite new england prep school rape trial on the witness stand. you're going to hear from her. we will take you inside the courtroom next. y mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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caitlin jenner is in very hot water tonight. the sheriff may recommend manslaughter charges for the star's role in a fatal car crash in malibu in february. jenner who was then living as bruce rear ended a car while driving unsafely pushing it on to oncoming traffic killing 69-year-old woman. a district attorney will make a final decision next week. and an emotional day in court in the prep school rape trial. the 16-year-old accuser taking the stand for the third straight day. she testified she was raped as part of the elite prep school's student tradition known as the senior salute. >> what did you think when this was happening? >> i didn't want any of this. i was so confused. i didn't know what else i could do. i had already said no and i had already moved his face physically. i didn't know what else he could understand from that. >> did you say i was just
4:32 pm
excited to have like attention from him? >> yes, did i say that. >> were you being truthful? >> yes, i was. >> were you being accurate? >> as accurate acould be, yes. >> now we have altered the voice of this young teen on the witness stand and the "on the record" legal panel is here. former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney ted williams and former prosecutor katie phang. ted, eventually there is going to be a cross-examination of this young woman. and that is tough for the defense lawyer in this instance. it's a kid. it's a girl. >> greta, it is very difficult because if you are bully as a defense attorney and it comes out, it could go against your client. but, the defense attorney must do his job in this case. and he must sow reasonable
4:33 pm
doubt in the minds of that jury. she waited two days and told a nurse that the relationship was consensual. when she told a girlfriend that she was willing to enter into some sex acts. she said that she was only willing to enter into kissing. those are the kind of things that have to be brought out in this case by the defense attorney, greta it's unfortunate difficult job for him to do. >> katie, i would hate to be on the jury for this one because these are two very young people and a very serious charge. big consequences. and it really is, you know, their lives are going to be very damaged no matter what happens here. >> owen la brie is looking at 10 charges, not just one. the jury makeup from what we understand is 11 men and three women. it makes yourself ask, you know, do these -- are these parents that are on the jury, do they have young daughters themselves that might have been in a similar situation? and in terms of the
4:34 pm
cross-examination, it is a very difficult situation. there could have been a female criminal defense attorney that could have done this cross-examination of the victim, a male attorney going after a 16-year-old girl aggressively could back fire, but, ultimately, the defendant will testify which as we know, greta and ted, is very rare trial. when he testify he has his own inconsistencies that he has told the police. and we are going to have the prosecution cross-examine him. >> you know, you talk about some of the jurors have young girls, you know, children. well, you know, they are probably going to have sons, too. these case is so very early on. everyone sort of grabs a side. and, you know, it may very well be that this young man is innocent. put on the breaks a little bit. if this is a false accusation it will ruin his
4:35 pm
life and if it's a true accusation he has ruined his own life. >> it's a he said, she said situation. one of the things as a defense attorney that i'm looking at is during the course of this alleged act she was supposedly laughing on and off. now, maybe some people handle things differently and i realize that. >> that doesn't mean anything. >> wait a minute, as a defense attorney, i have to deal with reasonable doubt. you know that katie. and that's where i have to go. i have to sow in the minds of this jury wait a minute, this was consensual and try to remember, my client is saying that there was no sex. >> he denied he had sex. >> he has got to. because that's statutory rape. >> i guess i go back to this whole thing. this is a very vulnerable young girl. she is a couple years younger than he is. i go back to the whole thing they are going -- katie, no winners in this. and this poor young girl, if this was rape, you know, i mean, she is devastated as well. i mean, it's like the whole
4:36 pm
thing is such an ugly case for everybody. >> she has ruined her life if it's true. he is ruined for life if it's true. if it wasn't true he is now out there. he his name affiliated with this. you don't know if he will be branded as a rapist whether he did it or not. as a prosecutor i would point out his booking photo totally different than what he looks like in court. he is he in court today wearing glasses. wearing a blazer and trying to look some serious and young. >> and you know what, katie, i'm going to take the last word on this. as a defense laura tell you how many times the prosecutors brought in their accusers looking very different as well. i mean, the lawyers on both sides played that game. anyway, i shouldn't say game but you know what i mean. ted and katy, thank you both. and remember david sweat, the convicted cop kill canner who charmed the female prison worker who then helped him break out of prison? we have new video. that's next. we're live outside the courthouse.
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4:41 pm
affairs and help from the outside. convicted cop killer david sweat making his first court appearance in front of cameras today. sweat broke out of a new york maximum security prison after wooing jail house worker joyce witch chilly along with another killer. the inmate a after 22 days on the run captured in june. rick leventhal was in the courtroom today and live in plattsburgh, new york. rick? >> and, greta, this was our first real upclose look at david sweat since he was captured on june 28th. shot twice in the back by trooper david cook as made one last desperate run to the canadian border. he arrived here this morning at the clinton county courthouse surrounded by a department of corrections emergency response team. sweat had shackles on his ankles and handcuffs on his wrist right through his arm sling. he was wearing a green prison jumpsuit and goatee. he didn't say a word on his way in or out and only spoke brieffully court ifside-if asked if the court appointed attorney represents him he said yes he does. third count of promoting
4:42 pm
contraband. the judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. i asked the d.a. andrew wiley why he is pressing charges against sweat who is serving a mandatory life sentence without parole. >> the point is that david sweat and wind chill index matt committed a crime in clinton county. they committed a a crime of escape in the first degree. and it's my job as the prosecutor in this county to prosecute the people that commit crimes within this county. >> and it's possible that a conviction on the escape charges will lead to nor time and solitary for sweat who is now confined to the shoe, a special housing unit at the five points correctional in rom romulus new york. enjoyed loot of privileges on the honor block clinton correctional before they cut their way out back on june 6th and tasted nearly three weeks of freedom despite a massive manhunt costing taxpayers about a million dollars a day. matt was killed by border patrol tactical team on
4:43 pm
sciewn it 0th and sweat caught two days later. i asked his new attorney about sweat's demeanor today. >> he was very calm. i you think he was expecting this. and it happened. so he was pretty calm today. we got along for the period of time that i was able to speak with him. >> meanwhile, that former prison tailor shop worker joyce mitchell pled guilty she will be sentenced to two and a third and 7 years. talks have reresumed for the former attorney gene palmer who faces several years in prison for his role in helping the men escape. he allegedly handed hamburger meat with hack saws inside to the defendants. he said he didn't know the hack saws were inside the meat when he he gave it to the two men. >> wisconsin governor scott walker coming out swinging. the presidential candidate goes "on the record" next.
4:44 pm
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wink governor scott walker says he has a plan. if you put him in the oval office he will repeal and replace obamacare. what is his plan? the g.o.p. candidate was in new hampshire for education summit hosted by the 74. and governor walker went "on the record." >> governor, nice to he see you, sir. >> hey, greta, how are you? >> i'm very well. governor, i know you have a new healthcare plan to replace obamacare and just at the outset i should tell you my position is i really really want everyone to have access to medical care who needs it however, i think that whatever program we have ought to be able to be easily understood and i see obama care much like the tax code. you have to have a ph.d. to understand it frankly yours is complicated as well. and it appears to, you know, have the some of the pit falls in terms of understanding it that
4:49 pm
obamacare has. >> no, ours is pretty simple. it gives patients and their families the freedom to choose their healthcare decisions and the freedom to choose where their money is going. if you get your health insurance from an employer, you will continue to get it the only difference is we think our reforms will actually see premiums go down so that will be good news for you and your employer. if you are someone who doesn't get health insurance from your employer, maybe you are working part time and going to school or maybe someone who just started up your own small business, we give you a tax credit. the tax credit is not based on your income. it's based simply on edge like it was before obamacare. it's simple it gives you a tax credit. you get to go out oand buy health insurance on the market. the government doesn't dictate that to you. and on top of that everybody gets $1,000 to put into a health savings account if they choose to do that and we lift the contribution limits and we allow you to roll it over to your children and your other family members. it's a pretty simple straightforward plan that will allow people he to have affordable and accessible healthcare without the trillion dollars worth of tax increase that obamacare includes and without having the stipulation of the federal government.
4:50 pm
>> is i have gone through your plan and yes it is simpler than obamacare but all sorts of problems. for instance you have got to get it passed the u.s. senate and get 60's votes and then should you get it through the u.s. senate that's the first round, then you have got to get it passed legislatures because state legislatures have to assign these. you assign responsibility to the state legislators. a lot of them don't trust a lot of things coming out of washington. it is actually quite complicated in the end. >> i actually, i think it's pretty simple. we send up to congress day one. i don't think it has to have 60 votes. there is nothing that requires congress to pass anything with 60 votes. i would say light the fire underneath the congress by getting rid of the special treatment. they have to live with the same premium increases that the rest of america does under obamacare. i you think they would start acting on it quite quickly. that's why i want to act on this in day one. i would say pass it with 51 votes like we do in our state lebleg legislative bodies, get it through the senate and the house. get it passed right away. repeal obamacare once and for all lock, stock and
4:51 pm
barrel every part of it even the parts that nancy pelosi supposedly didn't read. if it's simple, if you get health insurance from your employer, your premiums are going to go down because of the reforms we put in here by repealing obamacare it's going to be bun ever one of the biggest tax cuts we have had in some 40s years. probably the biggest since the reagan era. if you don't have health insurance from your employer it's pretty simple. you get a tax credit. you don't have to use it it's up to you. that's why it's called the day one patient freedom plan because the freedom goes back into the hands of the american people and their families. >> governor one last question. governor jindal wants to debate you on this. any interest in debating him on your plan? >> i think in the end i'm going to debate people who are on the panel with me at the next debate. if he makes the cuts or anybody else does, i will be debating them how they mix it up. whether they mix it up or do it by the top ten. i'm ready to talk about this with the american people. i'm looking not to pick fights with one candidate or the other. i'm looking to go out and talk to the american people. i'm not intimidated by anything. the best debate i would love
4:52 pm
to have is with hillary clinton on this. hillary clinton was for this kind of plan before barack obama even pushed obamacare. in 19933, the early 1990s, she was pushing hillary clinton. she talked about the government mandate in primary election. she would make this even worse. >> governor, nice to see you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> donald trump on fire not only keeping a spotlight on illegal immigration but now stepping it up, saying he wants to do away with the 14th amendment to get rid of citizenship for children born in the united states to parents illegally here. "on the record's" griff jenkins asked former texas governor rick perry 'b. this at the iowa state fair. >> the issue of the birth right citizenship the is 1st amendment, donald trump has been hammering it. it is now whether anyone likes it or not, part of the debate amongst the presidential candidates. where do you come down? >> let's have the debate. how long has it been since we changed constitution of the united states? back in the early 1990s? and it took 202 years to get that 27th amendment put into
4:53 pm
our constitution. so, the question is going to be who is going to more quickly address the problem? is the problem people coming in to the united states and having children that in turn allows them to be american citizens? yes. that's the problem. how is the best way to take care of it? i will suggest to you, stop them from ever coming in to begin with illegally. build that security on that border with the personnel, the strategic fencing, and the aviation assets, then you don't have to have this conversation. frankly, i know which one will get done quicker, secure the border. >> heerps the question. is there any scenario where you could support the ending or the restricting of birth right citizenship? >> well, but, again, that's not the issue. the issue is how are we going to address the people that are coming in here and taking advantage of the isth amendment. you know, i will let the legal beagles and the lawyers have the conversation about what
4:54 pm
happens if you did away with the 149 amendment. i have to deal with the realty. reality is it takes at best years, probably decades to deal with this 14th amendment issue. i don't have that much time. i don't think america has that much time. i think we need to be securing the border. you get the border secure and the 14th amendment thing becomes inconsequential. >> governor perry firing up the crowd, giving one of the more rousing speeches, talking about everything from national defense to education, to of course, immigration. question now is, will it be enough to bounce him from way back in the polls? greta? >> and coming up, donald trump is talking about me. yes, me. my lenses have a sunset mode.
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hand apparently, they also lovee what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. after i left the set you began to get tweets and emails telling me that donald trump gave me a shoutout at his town hall meeting. that could be good news or bad news since we all know donald takes no prisoners and his language can get pretty blunt. so i took the bait though and did ask some emailers
4:59 pm
how was it. here is what donald said. >> we don't have a good relationship with mexico. right? remember sergeant dam reissy, right? kept him in jail. we couldn't get him in. we had a president who didn't even want to make a phone call. he was in that jail rotting in that jail and i helped him with greta and some people and i helped him financially and finally, he got out. but he was in there so long. [ applause ] >> she was terrific by the way, without her he would probably still be there. >> oof dodged that bullet all nice from donald. in all seriousness, donald did help out sergeant tahmooressi. he sent him money to help jump start his life. he rotted in a mexican prison for 214 days. president obama wouldn't even pick up the phone to help. it wasn't just donald trump who helped. many of you, "on the record" viewers all stepped up. you signed petitions.
5:00 pm
you took phone calls. all get things done if we all work together it was my honor to help that u.s. marine. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i will use the word anchor baby. excuse me i will use the word anchor baby. >> the "new york times" calling donald trump's immigration stance despicable. we will tell you what's really going on with this controversy. >> personal responsibility has to be taught. >> i agree personal responsibility very important. >> that's right. you can't continue to have 75% of black babies being born out of wedlock. >> one of the supporters of the black lives matter movement enters the no spin zone for a no holds barred q and a. don't miss this one. >> we're are out here all alone, you are not going to do anything crazy to me, are you? ♪ >> you never know what's going to happen in the woods. >> also


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