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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 21, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> little george jones. >> it is friday. good morning. thank you so much for watching "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> thank you so much for starting your friday with us. digging deeper into the ashley madison breech. dumping data from hackers around the world. >> judge duggar is one of them. he's admitting to infidelity calling himself the biggest hypocrite. we have more on the latest hack. >> it includes 19 gigabytes of data twice the size as earlier this week. this time the hacker group which calls itself impact team. they took a jab at ceo of ashley madison avid live media. they had e-mails adding the note noel you can admit it is real now. >> after the ceo previously dishe credited the breech the
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contents of the eking mail are still unknown. experts say the file is corrupt. 13,000 e-mails belonging to military workers have been linked to the extra marital site. hundreds of federal employees paid for memberships and accessed their accounts while at work. this includes some with sensitive jobs in the white house and congress, and at least one homeland security employee who worked in the agency hacking division. they are more able to blackmail. josh duggar had two paid accounts released a statement admitting to infidelity saying i have been the biggest hypocrite ever. i have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and i became unfaithful to my wife. the confession comes three
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months after a police report that duggar had been accused of sexually assaulting under aged girls as a teenager. they are pushing ashley madison for more business practices and cheating customers. it is not clear how many will be exposed going forward. stupid, selfish, a judge slamming a new york father who let her 15-year-old daughter drive a decision that left three of her friends dead. his unlicensed daughter flipping the family's suv near the poconos last year. 15-year-old cullen kefer and others were killed -- lesher and digner were killed. >> the last time we saw david sweat he was caught on the ground and in handcuffs.
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the 25-year-old appearing in court with his arm in a sling on charges of escaping an up state new york maximum security prison. he entered a not guilty plea. sweat and richard matt took law enforcement on a 15 day manhunt. >> a call for peace. st. louis police chief defends the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old black man after he pulled a gun on two white officers. it sparked violent protests. they showed their view of the riots. >> officers forced to launch tear gas into the crowds after police started throwing bricks and bottles. the chief sam dawson calling on the community to keep the peace. >> the neighborhoods most challenged with crime had the
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most difficulty accepting law enforcement sometimes. we can address these issues together. we are open and transparent. >> the two officers involved, they are on paid administrative leave per policy. >> could there be a secret deal with iran? t the iran can inspect their own military site under the nuclear deal. they call it misleading. also says there are separate confidential agreements with iran. the ap report is not accurate and iran will not be allowed to self inspect. >> hillary clinton's e-mail scandal raising new legal issues. a judge believes her private server violated government policy and orders the state department recover her e-mails. we have more on the developments. >> good morning.
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a federal judge is ordering the state department to work with the fbi to see if any e-mails on the private server could be recovered. this started as a freedom of information act called judicial watch to get information on one of the top aids uma aberdeahden. the private server violated government policy. buryd in a p recent court filing the admission the black bury used by uma abahdeen. she also used an ipad 2 along with a cell phone. this is ow a state department spokesman responded. >> i reviewed the investigations going on right now including by rig and congress. it will be inappropriate for me to comment. >> the denver it firm that
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managed the firm hadz hired a crisis management team to deal with all of this. here is how a spokesman responded about the data that was on the server. >> the job of an it company is to literally manage and protect that data. we don't look at the data. we manage it and protect it based on what our clients want. that's what we did here. >> the state department has 30-days to give the judge a progress report. all of this unfolding in the very same courthouse with the monica lewinsky scandal unfolded all of those years ago. a slight twist of historical irony. >> some what ironic there. >> it brings us to our look at who is talking. rudy giuliani slamming the handling of the server. >> there have been serious crimes committed here. >> not to have the information backed up is grossly neglect and irresponsible. all of the information on the
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server should have been backed up. number two, the company should have been notified that it was handling classified information. they would have handled it far more securely. they would have backed it up so they could hold it and have it available in case somebody tried to delete it. it was handed over to the fbi and it was wiped out. i have to find out who it was. that person could have committed serious federal crimes. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump expecting huge crowds in the campaign event in alabama today. he is moving his rally to a venue that holds 2,000 people to a stadium that fits 40,000. this as his competition is in new hampshire. >> this country is for people that desire to rise up in
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applying conservative principles leading to fix things, bringing people together, not being a grievance candidate in my mind is the way to do it. >> that's what you want for president someone who cannot just fight but someone who can fight and win p. fight and win for people like you. fight and win for people like your families. mig fight and win for the american people and actually get results without compromising. >> in michigan, look at that. florida senator marco rubio in the dark when the lights go off. >> that was the democrats. that was hillary clinton. that was hill cally clinton's server. it is being cleaned. it is being cleaned. >> rubio promises voters he is going to add jobs, cut taxes and reform schools. handled that well. >> jimmy carter expecting optimism as he announces he is fighting brain cancer. the 90-year-old under went his first radiation treatment today. tests following surgery removing
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cancer from his liver found melanoma in the grain. two brave woman dwrgraduate from the army ranger school one of the most demanding physical courses. shay haber and katherine gris re -- gries commented. >> to get the experience of the leadership school that the army has provided, to give me the opportunity to lead my soldiers the best that i can. >> i hope with our perform naan in ranger school will help as to what they can expect from the military that they can handle things physically and mentally. >> they will determine if the ban on females and combat jobs should be lifted. what do you think? >> much more on this graduation live from fort benning in the next half hour. >> congratulations.
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>> meantime, millions of americans need your umbrella this morning all across the east, actually. while people out west are feeling the heat. we are live on the plaza. >> it is carting to come down yet again. we had a little bit of a break when we walked down here. we have a front on the move bringing it into new york city and areas further north across parts of new england. otherwise temperatures in the 90's to parts of texas including dallas which will be a toasty time for you. otherwise i want to he sho you the images. in south carolina with something that is called a fire rainbow. you can see right there the image on the screen. it is similar to a rain bow but
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it is a different sun angle and ice crystals. that produces that type of image there, a fire rain go. -- rainbow. >> never have i seen any of that. >> it is a whale tail with a rain bow in it. >> it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. from cover girl to prison cell? the charges the sheriff is recommending for a chain reaction crash involving katecan jen ar. >> a packed plane on the runway and it is all caught on video. >> are you too busy running out of time to drink the coffee? the juice that can give you the jolt without the coffee. >> hillary clinton should spend 20-years after the e-mail scandal. even the women on only are a the new black are saying no. i can't mess with that. move us.
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>> breaking overnight an explosion rocking a downtown los angeles high rise the blast coming from under the ground. officials believe a generator blue in this 19 story building. four people suffering injuries. two of them sent to the hospital. a small fire igniting moments later but was quickly put out. it knocked out power briefly knocking out the shania twain concert. >> a high school rocked after a gas explosion rips through injuring three construction workers leaving one in critical condition. the city checking to see if the building could collapse. janitors describing the frightening blast. >> it was massive. really thunderous rumbles that any one could hear no matter how far you were, it was really
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loud. very scary. >> a full investigation into the explosion is underway. stew kent are not due back in school until next month. >> caitlin jenner is in hot water once again. the la sheriff will recommend a vehicular manslaughter charge for the fatal february car crash. >> in february of this year a four-car collision in california left 69-year-old kimberly howe dead. caitlyn jenner who went by bruce struck the vehicle that hit her first. >> they believe the manslaughter statute has been alleged. >> she was driving slower than the speed limit when she rear-ended but they believe she was driving faster. >> the proper speed would have been 0 or barely moving. she wasn't paying attention. she was going 30 and plowed into the car in p front of her. according to harvey leaven said
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they could charge her and if convicted she could spend a year in prison. >> she killed someone a 69-year-old woman. >> josh mcbride sees the findings potentially damaging against her image. many praised her as a hero and a pioneer. >> we are seeing two major sides having noing to do with each other. i think viewers may have to take a side. >> they will take the findings to prosecutors next week and they will decide if they wish to charge jenner and a judge if they wish to effect a first time offender. >> it is not like she has a heinous criminal mind. she won't do jail time. >> it carries up to 1 year in prison. the stock market seeing red as the dow plummets seeing it in
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months. >> good morning. if you are looking at your 401 k you are likely not smiling especially after stock markets took a lidive yesterday. it is below 17,000 level for the first time since october. it is negative for the year. they are worried about a slow down in china's economy. they are worried whether it will creakree raise interest rates. samsung wants iphone users to switch over to the newest devices so it is letting you try them for just a buck. that gives you a 30-day test drive of the galaxy 5 and s 6. the offer is good on any carrier. >> carvel and sin awe --
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i >> bill deblasio wants to get rid of the plaza. we are live in times square with his plan to fix it problem. >> new york city lawmakers are trying to come up with a plan to get rid of all of the topless women in times square. one called for the removal of the whole area behind me this 30,000 square foot pedestrian plaza which runs from 47th street to 42nd street. bill deblasio said he has made a task fore to get rid of the growing number of topless women who are charging money to pose for pictures with them in times
2:24 am
square. a bunch of options on the table. one suths is get rid of the plaza which hen closed to traffic. >> i go there, i see all of the tourists from all over the world. i see the booming theaters. a lot of legitimate business and i see a small but meaningful quality of life problem. we are going to address that problem forcefully, aggressively, creatively. >> not everyone is on board with this. the times square alliance which runs the area has spoken out against the idea. the task force is scheduled to come out with findings october 1st. heather, back to you. >> we will have to see what people think about that news. thank you so much. in other news a black conservative group is offering to pay 25,000 dollars for proof that activist shawn king is
2:25 am
actually black. he is in the black matters movement. king's birth certificate list his parents as white. it is not his father saying his mother had an affair with a light skinned black man. >> facebook getting a big dislike from one pastor and learning he can't use his title on his profile. charles pope from washington, d.c. says facebook didn't think he was using his real name. pope thought it was a a scam. his profile name is just charles pope. facebook says their policy to not allow titles on personal profiles. >> i wonder if that effects the pope, too. >> is he on facebook? >> yeah, he is. millions of dollars found under the shallow waters of florida.
2:26 am
thousands of collectable sports cards, do you still have yours? the top cars featuring baseball hockey and other sports are deemed to be worth $1 million. they were found inside an abandoned factory in detroit. they are still in the packaged boxes and they have never been opened. >> wow. why can't i find something like that? >> do that this weekend in search. >> the time is 26 after the top of the hour. birth right benefits. foreign terrorists born on u.s. soil reigniting the citizenship debate. >> and a bombshell in the fight against breast cancer why thousands of women might be getting unnecessary surgeries. >> first a live look at our plaza. that is where night ranger is about to hit, the all american summer concert series stage.
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>> it is friday august 21st. they are releasing names of millions of cheaters. josh duggar is saying he is one of them. what he is saying as the pentagon is getting involved in the investigation. what the defense department revealed about the future of gitmo prisoners. >> making history two women set to graduate from army ranger school today wering one of the world's most releet titles. >> the reason i choose this is to get the experience of the elite leadership school. >> we are lye with their message. "fox & friends first" continues
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right now. ♪ >> we are in that building right there. the weekend is almost here. you don't have to get your alarms tomorrow morning. good news. >> good morning to you and your family. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour beginning with our lover boy song there. digging deeper into the ashley madison breech hackers dumping even more data on cheaters from around the world. >> it turns out 19 kids and counting star josh duggar is one of them. he's admitting and calling himself the biggest hypocrite. jackie ibanez is here with more. >> it includes 19 gigabytes of data twice the size as leaked
2:32 am
earlier this week. >> the hackers leaking adding the note hey noel you can admit it is real now after the ceo previously discredited the breech the contents of the information is still unknown. 13,000 e-mails belonging to military and government workers have been linked to the extra marital dating site. hundreds of federal employees paid for memberships and accessed their accounts while at work. this include some with sensitive jobs in the white house and congress. one homeland security employee who worked in the agency's hacking devise. security experts say these employees are now vulnerable to blackmail. days after it was revealed that tv star josh duggar had two paid accounts. he released a statement
2:33 am
admitting to infidelity. i have been the biggest hypocrite ever while he is pouing faith and family values i have been viewing pornography on the internet this became a secret addiction and i became unfaithful to my wife. the hackers are punishing ashley madison madison for immoral business and hacking into e-mails. >> jackie ibanez we will see what happens next in this one. >> the birth right citizenship is reigniting the debate of whether people born in the country should be given citizenship without exception especially when you learn two american enemies benefited from birth right citizenship. al qaeda operative anwar al-awlaki and yasher hamni were born in our country to noncitizens. the government was blocked from taking certain action against them both because of their citizenship. >> a man from oklahoma who
2:34 am
already went to prison for threatening to kill three u.s. presidents was caught outside the white house's gate on sunday despite several charges against him. he had threatened to kill president obama former president george w. bush and bill clinton as well as now presidential candidate hillary clinton. the judge now ordering the state department to work with the fbi in recovering hillary clinton's e-mails. we have the new developments this morning. >> good morning, ainsley. first something broke over night. routers uncovered evidence that information in dozens of clinton's e-mails were quote born classified. meaning according to routers it is deemed classified from the get go regardless of whether it is marked that way or not. it is important that is different than what the state department has been saying.
2:35 am
something to watch as the story develops through out the day. back to yesterday's ruling. this all started as a freedom of information act request by the group judicial watch. they wanted to get information about one of clinton's top aids huma abedin. wh it led to yesterday's ruling where the judge ordered a state department to work with the fbi to see if e-mails on the private server could be recovered. an attorney gore the group judicial watch called it a quote step in the right direction. >> everybody at the state department knew what he was sh doing and was okay with what she was doing. that's why everything she has done for four years is a government record. >> the documents used by huma abedin were destroyed and clinton only had personal devices. it was run by a small ip firm in
2:36 am
denver. they hired a crisis management team which is disputing the reports that the server was ever in the bathroom of a denver loft. >> east coast client we moved the server to a dedicated secure data center did that and it hadn't moved until wednesday of last week until we turned it over to the fbi. >> chris 'tis fisher live in washington. thank you. the judge suggests clinton violated policy and cyber security analyst morgan wright says there is no doubt her e-mails are in enemy's hands. >> there are no odds involved here. it is a sure thing. i think they had it early on because as john kerry said in his e-mails they are also reading other world leaders e-mails. the first time she e-mailed one of those from her e-mail they would have known it existed i would have exploited it years
2:37 am
ago. i am convinced they have more of the information than we doll right now. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump expecting huge crowds in a campaign event. moved his rally from a venue that holds 2,000 people to a stadium that fits 40,000. this as some of the competition speaks to smaller crowds in new hampshire. >> this country is full of people that desire to rise up. applying conservative principles, leading to fix things, bringing people together, noting a grievous candidate is my mind the way to do it. >> that's what you want someone that is not just going to fight but someone who can fight and win, fight and win for people like you. fight and win for people like your families. fight and win for the american people and actually get results without compromising. >> in michigan florida senator marco rubio in the dark when the lights go out. but he laughed it off.
2:38 am
>> that was the democrats. that was hillary clinton's server. it is being cleaned. it is being cleaned. >> quick thinking there. rubio promises voters he will add jobs cut taxes and reform schools. >> a big blow for the washington redskins. rg3 was hit trying to recover a fumble in the second quarter. he was down for several minutes but was able to walk off the field with trainers. still not clear how long he will be out. >> it is a jump that you have to see to believe. he is a professional a stair devil. he jumped from 193 feet from that -- can you believe that? this is in switzerland. that is gore kwus gus. can you image doing that? >> it is a far way down.
2:39 am
he set the world record with the highest cliff jump with that. >> now to extreme weather watch the terrifying moenlt as a lightning bolt strikes anl a airplane sitting on the tarmac. >> severe storms grounding flights in atlanta's airport. 117 passengers and crew members a were on board the delta plane at the time. >> more storms in the forecast as well. maria molina is in the weather center with the forecast. >> we could be looking at more issues at the airports as a cold front continues on the move. taking a look at the array dar you can see we have areas of rain in parts of new england and across the mid atlantic. it is a little unsettled and it will be a slow compute for y-- commute for you in massachusetts and parts of vermont. temperature wise it has been a lot cooler across the plains. we are starting to see a rebound
2:40 am
in the temperatures with highs into the 90's as far north as rapid city. we are a little cooler as we head into the great lakes and parts of the northeast. pleasant with 80's and 70's across the areas. we have our first hurricane, it is hurricane danny category 1 storm right now forecast to continue to move west ward. there is dry air across the atlantic. we expect it to increase. it should help to weaken the storm system. as we head into next week we will look at parts of the caribbean not only with gusty flooding potential. >> it is now 20 minutes to the top of the hour. the summer of sharks continues. two more attacks on popular beaches. where the swimmers are having second thoughts about getting into the water. >> tourists beware. hackers are trying to take over your vacations.
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...which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. >> taxpayers are paying for countries who won't take prisoners back. it is supposed to ease over crowding and save you money. but over crowding is one of the reasons the other countries are denying the transfers. the doj are reviewing ways to improve the program. >> the government looking for new places to stash gitmo detainees. first up inside the u.s. ash carter eyeing kansas fort leavenworth and charleston naval
2:45 am
brig as places to move the terrorists. other prisons will be looked at in the coming weeks. 116 detainees are still in gitmo. 52 are being considered for release if the u.s. can find other countries to house them. >> tourists beware. the top spots where hackers are using free wi-fi. fox business is here with how you can protect yourself. >> good morning, heather. it has become a common wish having wi-fi available while traveling at restaurants or parks. but in a report by mobile security firm sky cure found why malicious spots are around the world. it is a problem. some of the riskiest places around the world are the most popular. times square new york city, paris, disney land in paris, golden gate park in san francisco and also ocean park in hong kong a big problem.
2:46 am
hackers use the word free wi-fi to trip tourists into logging on. android are more vulnerable than ios. tricks to avoid it. avoid free wi-fi networks. read the warnings on the device before you click continue. update the device. disconnect from the network if your phone starts to behave strangely and protect your device with a mobile app. look at the ratings. the safest taj mahal. >> thank you so much, cheryl. to find cheryl you can log on to >> a dui arrest for a woman who did not have one sip of alcohol. >> he and his wife new instantly that something was still very, very wrong. >> how a traffic stop led to a
2:47 am
life changing medical diagnosis for a mother of two. >> where a giant ball is causing commuter chaos. what in the world is that? but first brian kilmeade is here with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning to you. let me tell you what is stacked up to see if it is okay. governor mike huckabee will be here live. geraldo rivera comes on here whether we want him to or not every friday. yes, we want him to. frank luntz has hillary clinton's problems with e-mail servers. turns out voters might just be fed up. kevin mccarthy went to the movies and wrote stuff down. night ranger performs live. and it is raining so i assume we have a top on the stage. don't miss a minute. please get dressed.
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welcome back. two more shark attacks making swimmers think twice about hitting the beach this weekend. first, a nine-year-old girl was by then by what pleat say was a three-foot shark in jacksonville, florida, she was in two-feet deep water when it grabbed her right leg. and myrtle beach in south carolina, a 15-year-old was bitten in the hand and leg by a shark. >> he had some blood coming down his arm. he said he was bit by a shark. >> there have been 18 attacks along the east coast since the beginning of june. thousands of women might be getting unnecessary surgeries after being diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. a brand-new study finds mastectomies and lumpectomies have no effect.
2:52 am
researchers are questioning if any surgery is even necessary when the cancer is detected so early. a texas mother is arrested for dui, it turns out she wasn't drunk at all. police say veteran julie cunningham was arrested. tests showed she had no alcohol in her system. it turns out she had a noncancerous tumor in her rain. she under went surgery and is recovering. two women are about to make history. today, they become the first females to graduate from the army's elite and exhausting rangers school. jonathan seary is live with us here with the details. big day for him. >> huge day for them, yes. two women are about to make military history at ft. benning today, just a few hours from now. first lieutenant shaye haver and
2:53 am
captain kristen griest will become the first women to graduate from the army's elite ranger school during a ceremony at for the bening. >> i think if females come to this course, they can be encourage by what we accomplished. it was good enough to make us come. it's good enough to help us, you know, force ourself -- >> what's happening here at the ranger school is part of the military's overall assessment of ways to integrate women into the armed forces previously only held by men. for two straight months they have to operate with limited sleep and food and rugged conditions, including woods, mountains and swamps. >> no woman that i know wanted to go to ranger school if they lowered the training. it would lower training for
2:54 am
everyone and reduce the quality of training for the entire army. >> army officials say that these female soldiers were held to the exact same standards as their male counterparts. two women have proven it can be done, and now they get to wear the prestigious ranger tab that looks like a smaller like this ranger tag on display here. thank you, jonathan. the time now is about six minutes till the top of the hour. from cover girl to prison cell, the charges the sheriff's department recommends for a chain reaction cash involving caitlyn jenner. and the kid who is proving there is crying in baseball. ♪ ♪
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get a domain, website and email starting at $1/month all at godaddy. two minutes before the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. a federal judge believes hillary clinton's private email server violated government policy. trouble for caitlyn jenner. the l.a. county recommending she face a vehicular manslaughter charge
2:59 am
for that fatal car crash. and more fall-out from the hack of ashley madison. we learn that hundreds of federal employees paid membership and accessed the site at work. weigh in now on our facebook page. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good, a newborn puppy rescued from the drain pipe. crews working 12 hours to rescue the puppy who finally emerged. he fell down shortly after his mom gave birth. next, the bad, a big red ball going rogue on the streets of toledo, ohio. it was part of a touring art installation. it bounced off several cars before stopping at a corner. and the ugly, one young
3:00 am
philly fan heartbroken one player is no longer on the team. will mcowisz is devastated after the news. don't miss night ranger performing for the all american concert series. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. ♪ >> happy friday, friends. today is the is 21st of august, 2015. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. cheating website ashley madison, hundreds of federal employees who are on the list. and a celebrity apologizing this morning. that's not good. did you see what donald trump said about bow bergdahl on wednesday. >> we get a trader named bergdahl, a dirty


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