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  Fox News Reporting  FOX News  August 23, 2015 9:01pm-9:29pm PDT

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thank you for joining us. we're months into the election cycle. donald trump still maintains a double digit lead over the competitors. and is showing no sign of going away. i sat down with the gop frontrunner at trump tower in new york city. and in the interest of full disclosure, donald and i have been friends to many years. he even donated to some of my past campaigns. but this interview was about policy. although i did get him to open up about some aspects of his personal life which i find very interesting. we'll start with the first question of the fox debate where you were pretty much put at odds with the republican primary audience when they asked if you would run as a third party candidate. but you had said that because you wanted leverage with the republican national committee if they did not treat you well. are they now treating you with respect? >> well, you know, i'm number
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one in the polls, florida just came in, i'm number one in florida, new hampshire, iowa, every place. texas just came in, i'm number one in texas, and nationally they have treated me very nice. they're very nice. i keep the door open, because if i am not treated fairly, if i'm not treated fairly, jeanine, i want to run as a republican, and beat hillary clinton or whoever is going to be running. i'm not so sure it's going to be her, but whoever it is i want to win. >> now, let's talk about immigration, you started a firestorm regarding the illegals and now you have another firestorm with the birthright citizenship and the anchor baby. now, the problem is going forward in 2016, we'll have almost 20% more of latino voters. and you know you saying that they love you -- >> they do, the polls are coming
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out saying they love me, i'm going to create jobs. it was interesting with the hispanics, in nevada i came in big with the hispanics. have thousands of hispanics who work for me. tens of thousands, i love them, they're incredible people. so many of them agree with me because they came into the country legally. it took time and effort. they don't want the illegals coming into the country, it's no good for them either. >> but 10% say that your plan is to change the strange going forward, are you going to satisfy that -- >> you either have a country or you don't. you can't have everybody pouring into the country illegally. we don't know what we're doing at the border. we have a president that doesn't have a clue. they're just pouring in. we have incredible border patrol people. they can stop it immediately. but they're told not to.
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people are just walking in. so you either have a country or you don't have a country. we're going to build a wall -- >> how do you get mexico to pay for it? >> mexico will pay for it? >> how? >> companies that closed down, nabisco, you eat oreos, i used to. not anymore. but the plan is to go to mexico. ford is bringing a massive plant to mexico. >> but how can you get mexico to pay? >> it's called negotiations, politicians can't do it. do you have any doubt that i will get them to pay for the wall? they will pay for the wall. >> donald, i have known you for 25 years. >> you have seen a lot. >> yes, i have seen a lot, we have been friends for a long time, in the interest of disclosure. your move to the right is scaring a lot of -- >> i don't think so, jean, in fact, i was called by "the new
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york times." i'm getting a lot from everybody, taking a lot from the democrats. you see i'm virtually tied with hillary clinton now. leading the republican in that respect you know it will be very interesting, you see the piece on hillary clinton. she has some big problems. we'll see what happens. we're doing very well. the tea party, which i love, by the way. these are great people. we have really everybody. and they're surprised because they thought it would be more from the tea party. it is the tea party but it's everybody straight across the board. so you know it's resonating. >> it is resonating. you're going to be on the cover of "time magazine." are you surprised how this whole thing has caught fire? >> well, i think the people are tired of being ripped off by you know, politicians that don't know what they're doing. they're there for one reason and that is to get reelected. and they don't want to be taken advantage of by china, by -- i
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mean, you look at every country. mexico both at the border and trade. japan, they sell cars and we give them practically nothing with the trade imbalance. if you look at what is happening in vietnam now. it's all a one-sided deal. i'll bring in carl icahn, friends that are the best negotiators in the world. that will not happen for much longer. so i'm not that surprised -- >> are you concerned about the four-day division -- >> i'm suing univision for $500 million. i'm suing them because what they did was an incredible thing. it's so stupid. i'm a very good person with a contract. they violated the contract so badly that i had with univision. i am suing them. >> let's talk about that -- and the oil -- you say that you would actually go in there and
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bomb the iraq oil fields in order to strike isis is that true? >> i said it a little differently. isis is very rich. a big part of that is oil. they have taken the oil we should have taken. i said we should not have ever gone into iraq. i said that in 2004 and 2003. i was always against going into iraq, because you would destabilize the middle east, and that happened. and then if you look at reuters in 2004 of july, i said if that happens look, it's a horrible thing. but i'm proud of the fact that i had the vision to say it. if that happens, iran will take over iraq which is happening. and somebody will take over the oil, probably other people, who is the other people? it's isis. we have to kill, get isis where the money is. we should have kept the oil. >> but here is the problem, you have the outgoing joint chiefs, martin dempsey.
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it will take 20 years. >> martin dempsey is not exactly george patton, okay? he is not actually general douglas mcarthur. i heard him. if you listen to him, we'll lose to isis. we'll be very, very strong. if i win, our military will be very, very strong. our vets are going to be taken care of which they're not right now. they're treated like dirt. >> let me ask you about pretty much based on the fact you're wealthy, they talk about an ego, you know because you say you want to make the country great again. how do you feel about that? >> well, i feel that putin is somebody i would actually get along with him. i get a lot of heat for that. i had a big event in moscow about two years ago, i think i would have a good relationship. it is ridiculous, he hates obama, he can't stand him. i think obama probably can't stand him either.
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the relationships we have throughout the world is terrible. the amazing thing, china can't stand us and yet they're making a fortune with us. nobody likes us, and yet they're all taking advantage. we're like the big bully that loses all the time. >> the problem is, we're really a paper tiger. let's talk about the campaign. you're new to politics. the truth is you're so on message, making america great again. you know, where did you learn this discipline? >> i guess it's an instinct i have. but the real instinct is i know what it takes to make the country great. even the public understands. when hillary makes a mistake they go back to their pollsters and say what did we say wrong? when jeb bush says he is not going to help women on women's health issues, i said i can't believe he just said that. then he comes back three hours later and says he misspoke. >> a little too often.
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>> they do it all the time. they go back to the pollsters. i say it like it is. sometimes i say it and i say this is not good to say but i say it anyway because it's the truth. i think people want to hear the truth. >> let's talk about the way to your campaigning. you're putting ads on social media, instagram. you go after hillary clinton. and it's a different type of campaign. did you come up with that yourself? >> i'm a very modern person, actually, you know on twitter, like i have millions and millions of people -- at real. i have millions of people and the message gets across. it's incredible. facebook, twitter, instagram. i have many millions of people and it's a great way to communicate. >> okay, but with one particular ad you go after hillary. have you gotten past the primary mentally -- >> i want to deal one step at a time. honestly there are 17 people running as republicans.
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of the 17 there are four or five that could possibly win, i would say. i think people will start to drop out pretty soon. and you look at some of them. the thing i was most complemented by, the ones that attacked me are the ones doing the worst. they have all gone down the tubes. which is something. >> what do you think of the american people -- >> the american people are great but are not allowed to do what they wantdo. they're holding back this incredible energy and incredible country between regulations and truly stupid leadership in washington. they're holding back this incredible pent-up energy, and when we release it, we'll be great again. >> i want to talk to you about donald trump, the father. most people don't look at you as a dad. but you have three children who are incredibly successful. and unlike most kids whose parents are celebrities, they don't have run-ins with the law,
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they come to work every day. they have no drama. what do you attribute the success of your kids? >> well, i have good kids, five wonderful children. they're good students, all very good students. so in that sense i'm lucky or whatever it takes. they are good students and love the adult children, which is don, ivanka and eric, they do it well. >> don't you give yourself some credit for that? >> i do, frankly, i was always very strong. no drugs, alcohol -- >> i remember. >> no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. and i have seen it where kids get stuck, friends of mine, successful guys in some cases very successful with kids who are very smart. but they're stuck on drugs. there is one thing i could tell the kids, no drinking, of any consequence. no drinking and no drugs. i always throw in cigarettes because if you can avoid the cigarettes that is a great
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thing. >> what about you? in the 25 years i have known you, i have never known you to drink alcohol. >> well, i just don't ever drink. my brother was an alcoholic, most amazing, handsome guy you have ever seen. the life of the party, fred, he was an incredible guy. but he died of alcoholism. and he was quite a bit older than me, and he would always lecture me, he would say i don't want you to drink, no drinking. big age difference, i saw how he ended up. he had such potential, interests. the most personality, better than anybody, better than me. alcohol destroyed him. and i have seen it destroy so many people and i learned from it. he was a great example to me. and he worked hard. he would always tell me no drinking. he would say no cigarettes, too, you smoke then you drink. >> who is your mentor? your heroes? >> more than anybody else, my
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father, a builder in brooklyn, queens, he was a terrific negotiator. he didn't teach me, per se, saying this is the way i would do it but i would be playing with blocks and hear him on the phone negotiating with the electrician or somebody. and that is why when i see the deals we're making with iran, how incompetent it is, how grossly incompetent it is, how bad the negotiation is. how bad, it is just inconceivable to me. >> what about the fact that your sister has now kind of been out as a circuit court of appeals judge. one step down from the united states supreme court. >> well, i have a sister who was a great student. a terrific student, always a brilliant student. and she is a brilliant person. and she you know, because of the fact that she is a high-ranking
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federal judge she never did the publicity. she just never wanted that. i did a beautiful story in "the new york times" about her, she doesn't want to be part of the story. i said, are you sure we have the same parents? but she is a terrific person doing well, highly respected by everybody. >> and that is just the beginning. coming up. apologize like a little baby, like a disgusting little weak pathetic baby. >> find out bho he was talking about and what prompted that memorable line. you will also hear his take on the "black lives matter" movement. and i get trump to open up about the woman who could be the first the woman who could be the first lady, his wife, woah woah marge... you're not marge? i'm sorta marge. the woman who could be the first lady, his wife, we both drive a stick, we both like saving money on car insurance, and we both feel integrity, such as, that of healthcare in the america of the us and therefore.
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democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley when confronted last month from the protester group "black lives matter" said all lives matter. o'malley then apologized for that comment. >> i believe what i first said was black lives matter before those other two phrases and when i said the other two phrases i meant no disrespect. >> and something came up in my
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sit-down with donald trump and we'll talk about that comment as well as the busy life of a presidential candidate. you are everywhere, you don't look tired. why? >> because i'm enjoying it. it's nice to be number one. we're going to set this nation on a new course. it's going to be brilliant. it's going to be so good again. people are so disencourage cour. when you look at what is going on in baltimore and ferguson -- first of all you need spirit. there is such a divide. i thought that obama, the one thing i said you know what? he is inexperienced. he doesn't know a lot about -- you know, one thing he is going to be, he will be a good unifier, because he had a chance to be a great unifier. and instead he has been a great divider. and the country needs spirit. it doesn't have spirit. we're not proud anymore. >> so you go for law enforcement
9:21 pm
as -- >> i will have total support of law enforcement. you have to. you will always have bad apples, i see things on television, i hate to see it's horrible and disgusting. that is a tiny fraction. law enforcement does an incredible job overall and we have to support law enforcement. you can't let a city like baltimore be ripped apart one evening, the first evening they ripped the entire city apart. it will take 20 years for it to come back the way they do it. the way it happened. but they ripped the city apart. you have to grab ahold of your law enforcement and make sure they do a great job. but they have to be tough. they have to be tough. they have to be fair. they have to be tough. and you have to remember and i said it. you're always going to have some bad apples, no matter where you go you will have bad apples and that will happen, but you have to really support law enforcement. >> what about "black lives matter"? >> well, i don't know much about
9:22 pm
it. i see lots of bad stuff right now. i thought when o'malley made the statement, saying white lives matter, black lives matter. he apologized like a weak, disgusting baby. that is the problem with our country. i don't even when you say political correct, i think it is political incorrect. but when i watched him apologize and then he had a news conference in front of my building in las vegas because he thought he would get publicity. when i watched that whole thing going on and how they pander, i think it's a disgrace. >> well, one of the things that americans see in you is someone who digs his heels in and doesn't apologize to something -- >> how can you apologize when you say all lives matter, which is true? white lives matter, which is true. all lives matter, which is true. and then they get angry because you said white at all, they don't want you to mention that.
9:23 pm
>> right, right. >> what is there to apologize for? >> okay, jury duty. you were excused. you would write down that you were a politician -- what would you say -- >> i'm a politician now, can you believe it? never thought it in a million years. i'm a politician. so i will be a politician who will not be all talk no action. >> all right, this election is a long way away. 2016. do you think there is a point when the honeymoon is over? >> probably, maybe. it's no honeymoon. it's a tough time, don't forget when i announced the press covered me very inaccurately. you know, you were great and i met some incredible political reporting in media. i was covered very dishonestly. i have great relationships with mexican people. but they made it like they didn't report what i said. they reported half sentences. one third of a sentence. and you know that was no honeymoon that first week and a
9:24 pm
half. then it turned out it was illegal immigration. and it turned out i was right. >> i asked my facebook followers what question they would put to you? and they said ask mr. trump how he is going to deal with them. if he doesn't like them will he say you're fired? >> i have been dealing with these people for many years. you know that. i did -- frankly, you can deal with the new york city politics you can probably deal with anywhere in the world. i have a huge mass of projects going on in zoning, i have been in politics all my life for a long time. it's leadership. you have to get people to -- ronald reagan got along with people. he had a great relationship, when they got things done, that will happen with me too. i don't need executive orders. that will happen with me, too. >> and with respect to the people in power you will show them a way of life they have
9:25 pm
never seen before. >> it is interesting, when obama plays golf it's a good thing, important. but he should be playing with john boehner and people who are going to help him close the deal as opposed to playing with friends. he might enjoy that even more but you can use golf as a tool. and he should have used it as a tool. he would have signed far fewer, in my opinion. executive orders. >> and finally, vice president. >> well, just too soon. >> i know, but as you look at the field, the other 16 or 17, is there anyone in that field as they start to build you up amazingly and agreeing with you, whether it's jindal or walker, everybody is kind of coming to your side of things. do you think potential among the candidates? >> look, there are people i have great respect for on that stage that we just left. where they gave me number one rating. that was very good. that made me feel good. but frankly there are people i have great respect for.
9:26 pm
there and elsewhere. i have people who i have great respect for. >> are you going to focus on the swing states? >> you know what i'm going to focus on? i'm going to focus on the whole country, making our country great. that is what we have to do. i am not going to focus on any specific place. i go to new hampshire, iowa, south carolina, every poll is coming in. new hampshire number one, iowa number one. south carolina, texas just came in number one -- >> they love you. >> i'm number one in florida. >> where do you get the confidence from? >> i don't think it's confidence. i just believe in what i'm doing. i don't even believe it as confidence, i believe so strongly in what i'm doing. our country. i love the companies and my children, we have fun and i built a great company. don't forget, people said oh, never -- and my financials were far greater than anybody ever thought possible. it has got great everything. it has the best properties.
9:27 pm
there is something much more important about it. that is the country. and i just think i'm going to do a great job. when you say confident. i don't think it's confident. i just believe in what i'm saying. and we can turn this country around, we can create jobs. you know, we have 93 million people unemployed. it's a phoney statistic when they say 9.3%. we have millions and millions of people on food stamps. just a terrible situation going on, it's a phoney reporting system, you know it could be 40%, the actually number could be 40%. i actually saw a number that said 42%, i always say 20% unemployment. we can take the jobs back from china and japan and mexico. nabisco should not be moving to mexico. they should be building a new plant somewhere in our country. >> big question, melania, she is beautiful, classy, stunning, i know her. when is america going to get a
9:28 pm
real look at melania. and you know, she -- >> she is a tremendous person. >> and a great person. >> she was a tremendous person, a very successful person. and she will be an amazing -- i've heard people say you know i don't care if you're president but she has to be first lady. which is sort of an interesting little statement to make. >> well, there it is -- >> but she is a beautiful person. but she is a beautiful person in the heart. she cares tremendously about women's health issues. she has just a great -- you know her very well. she is a tremendous person. people will love her when they get to know her. >> my thanks to gop presidential candidate donald trump for a very revealing interview. and next we talk about it with former senator scott brown. and then sheriff david clark. his take on trump's comments on the "black growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen.
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