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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  August 24, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> checking to see if it disappears the same way in space as it often does here on earth. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> thanks. have a great day. "the real story" starts right now. >> and we begin with a fox news alert. the fears of slowing global growth rocking wall street. hello, everyone. i'm heather chilleders in for gretchen today. the dow down triple digits, a much better picture than at the open when the dow traded briefly over 1,000 points lower. all of this follows a terrible stretch last week for stocks. the dow losing 1,000 points over five days falling into correction territory. all of this showing up in our 401(k)s and i.r.a.s so what should we do. joining me now is adam shapiro from fox business network. it is a business day for you. >> it is a busy day. down 1,085 at 9:05, five minutes
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after trading and then we recovered. what do you do when your 401(k) is down 10% and on a day like this and the very simple sanes nothing. if you are -- >> don't panic. >> don't panic and ignore the news reports and literally if you're 0 years old, boy, are you lucky because you're going to, if you're funding a 401(k), you're going to be buying in at cheaper levels. if you're 40 or 50, you have plenty of time to recover from a downturn in the market. >> and what if you're older than that and you don't have that time to play with it. >> as you approach 60 have a discussion with your financial adviser and that can either be your wife or husband or actual financial adviser about minimizing your exposure to stocks. when you're in 60 and 60 and over you should not have the majority of money tied up in stocks precisely because bego through these swings and you don't want to be this exposed to them. >> that's my next question, is the worst over? >> i wish i could answer that question because then i'd be a trillion air. >> quite honestly, no. the worst is not over.
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we'll go through this for a period of weeks because there's so many different variables at play and you see it right now. look where the dow was, down 1,085 points and we covered to almost 150 points and now it's going back down. >> what caused this to begin with? talking about china, the price of oil. what else? >> all. above. two things. china's economic slowdown. most companies in the united states, when you look at s&p 500 companies, only 3% have revenue that's generated out of china so it's not really that we're invested in china, it's that the rest of the world will slow down as china slows down so for a company like apple, that stock hit a 52-week low this morning and then shot back up. 16% of their revenue comes from china, so if china is slowing down how is apple going to make money in china but people believe they will because apple went positive, their stock went positive because people saw it $92 a share and a buying opportunity and went back up to 105. >> another one is disney. >> that stock was $112 just
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three weeks ago. it fell to about $92 a share. it came back today because "star wars" and "star wars" theme parks, it's all coming down the pike in the next couple of months, and investors saw an opportunity to buy disney stock because they believe the return in the future is going to be greater. the bottom line for all of this, you cannot do a stock investment if you buy individual stocks one day in and one day out. that is day trading and that's craziness. warren buffett said it best, you, me, boast of us, we should be in index funds and leave the crazy day trading to people much smarter than us and warren buffett is about as smart as it gets. >> interest rates, i want to ask you about that and the fed, and there was possible talk about, you know, raising interest rates for the first time maybe in september. >> yes. >> for the first time in actually nearly a decade. >> let's talk about that. >> will this change that? >> a lot of people are saying it will but a lot of people are saying the federal reserve doesn't look at wall street per se. it looks at inflation and looks at employment data and we could
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still be very much on track, 25 basis points which is a quarter percent interest rate come mid-september but here's the good news going on right now. >> okay. >> if you need to get a mortgage and need to refinance, boy this week or next week because of what's happening with this selloff, the mechanics of it is people are buying u.s. treasuries and that's driving down the yield on the ten-year note which is somewhat tied to mortgage rates. bottom line, this is a good time to refinance or get a mortgage this week and next week. might mission an opportunity. >> love how you look at the glass half full. >> you got to. >> end it on a positive note. appreciate it. >> you got it. >> thanks so much for joining us today, adam shapiro. some customers on online brokerage, td ameritrade and scottrade had trouble accessing their accounts this morning. td ameritrade responding directly to complaints on twitter telling customers they were working on the problem and scottrade saying in a statement that their issues have also been resolved.
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new concerns ahead of next month's high-stakes vote in congress on the iran nuclear deal, iran unveiling a new short range ballistic missile as the country's leader vows to continue bolstering iran's weapons program without seeking permission from anyone. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live for us at the pentagon. jennifer, what is the pentagon saying about iran's newest ballistic missile? >> well, heather, officials who we have spoken to say that it is real and that it is not just propaganda in a move designed to the the world on notice. iran unveiled its latest short rake ballistic missile this weekend at a ceremony to mark iran's so-called defense industry day. the iranian revolutionary guard unveiled the new missile which has a range of 3010 miles. the timing is notable. any transfer to iran of ballistic missile technology during the next eight years is supposed to be barred by the iran nuclear agreement. arm sales are supposed to be embargoed for five years but
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iran's president seemed to scoff at that part of the deal. >> we'll pie weapons from anywhere we deem necessary and do not wait for anybody's permission or approval, and we will not look at any resolution for doing that. also, any time we deem necessary we will sell weapons to anywhere. >> such statements are unlikely to sit well with republican lawmakers on capitol hill who oppose the deal. >> two more democrats have signed on to support the nuclear deal with iran in the past 24 hours. what does that mean? >> well, it means the white house is that much closer to the 34 senators it needs to block republican attempts to possibly overturn a presidential veto should they try to reject the deal. senate democratic leader harry reid signed on to support the deal this weekend and today michigan senator debby stab gnaw, an ally of new york democrat chuck schumer who opposes the deal became the 26th
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senator to support the deal. the white house needs 34 senators to block a veto overthrow threatened by republicans. the white house says that 15 senators have announced their support in recent weeks, and today all of this happening as the british reopened their embassy in tehran yesterday and the german foreign minister announced a trip to tehran to re-establish relations, the first such visit by the germans in ten years. >> jennifer griffin live from the pentagon for us. thank you. >> turning to the election. time now for our 2016 power index where we look at who is up and who is down in the race for the white house. on the republican side, we see the establishment favorite in the race, former florida governor jeb bush on top and then with some positive bumps in the index texas senator ted cruz and real estate mogul donald trump and neurosurgeon ben carson is seeing a drop.
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here to break it all down for us is chris stirewalt business editor and author of "fox news first." thanks for joining us. >> howardy. >> lots of fox on the news, people watching this. bush, first of all, want to ask you that. he's not really moving but he's still in the top. >> well, it's hard to beat the establishment, and the republican party has had a lot of nominees since the end of world war ii but only two of them have been not born and bred of the establishment offer at least approved by, it barry goldwater and ronald reagan so jeb brush is the presumptive favorite in this race. that's not to say he'll get there and has had a much rougher go than people expected and you see right behind him who takes the second spot, ted cruz moves up as we deploys a lot of money
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and recourses around the country. nobody has changed things more than donald trump in this crazy hot summer and what we saw from donald trump as hand his move ufg so much this week is he's starting to deploy the resources necessary to build a campaign. one thing to be famous. everybody knows donald trump. 100% name recognition. high negatives and is supported by a quarter of the republican party. how do you translate into into real votes? starting to do the things to do that and if that trip to mobile on friday wasn't just a one-off, he'll be doing the rallies and doing this stuff he'll be tougher to get out than a lot of peoplethought. >> you have to to predict what impact he's going. j is ben carson doing well? >> did very well out of the fox news debate and his move up
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needs he has to face the better challenge, better and experienced more people with organization. may not be experienced, building out the organization and doing something you have to, den barson, no one by self. someone who didn't make the less but chris christie for first time is actually tied in what, the tenth spot with rand paul? >> mm-hmm? what moved him in? >> he's a game bird, as we say. he is trying and taking fight to hillary clinton and upping his media profile and is very aggressive right now with a new ad today where he's keeping it real himself as it relates to hillary clinton and all that stuff so we're seeing allotted more seligor from him and i would say this reflects a guy -- you might have wondered is chris
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christie in it for the long haul. >> who else is on your raid year? >> the radar is so big there's a lot of hoagies. i would put the bottom folks where the pressure grows, how long will your done others abide you doing stuff and pretty soon people will say to you, i love you, you're great, i'm all for you, but the longer you stay in the more complicated and painful you make this race for the party, and it's hard to say so early but the pressure is going to be there and will start growing. >> when do you think people will start dropping out quickly, everybody gets to stay in through the couple of debates but by the time the frost is on the bumpkin time for some of these to exto go home. >> might happen sooner rather than later.
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welcome back. the three americans who likely helped prevent a massacre aboard a european train presented this morning with france's highest honor. [ applause ] french president francois hollande awarding spencer stone, alek skarlatos and anthony sadler along with british
11:16 am
international chris norman the legion of honneure saying they gave the world a lesson in courage, will and hope and said how the quick thinking of skarlatos made the difference between life and death. >> i really have to salute his quick thinking because it was his first reaction was to disarm the pistol and then go down the train to try to see if there were any other terrorists on the train which is really very, very quick thinking, very clear-headed. >> very heroic. four men together swarmed and eventually tied up the gun monwhen had an ak-47 and multiple weapons, a 26-year-old moroccan man who had recently traveled to syria. new details on an air show crash that left at least 11 people dead in the uk. police say that the death toll could reach 20 as crews are clearing the wreckage. the vintage fighter jet performing a barrel roll on
11:17 am
saturday and then suddenly making a nosedive and crashing right on to a busy highway hitting several vehicles and then bursting into flames. the pilot a former royal air force instructor remains hospitalized in critical condition. kitty logan is live for us from london. what's the latest from the crash site? >> reporter: heather, police say they didn't find any further evidence of fatalities at the crash site today but they do expect the death toll to rise further and many companies reporting them as missing and many people still unaccounted for in that crash site area. now, today at the site a crane was brought in to remove the burned out wreckage of the plane and can you see how badly damaged it is from that fire wall which engulfed it. that will, of course, be crucialed to the investigation and amazingly the pilot survived this crash. he was pulled alive from this mangled wreckage although he's said by his family to be in a medical coma and fighting for his life. police say that they believe 11 people are likely to have died,
11:18 am
but this is a difficult recovery operation. a lot of bodies. it's difficult to find all the bodies because of the intensity of the fire it's did you have to find the remains and find them but shs, but authorities report it could take days to come but they do believe the death toll will rise further. heather in. >> it will take a while to discover all the bodies and what about what caused the cash, do we know that or not? >> we don't know what caused the crash. we do know the pilot was very experienced, flown these before, air force pilot and experienced in the air show stunts. we know he was trying to do a loop maneuver drying a vintage fighter jet when he appeared to lose control of the aircraft just as it was coming out of the loop and it crashed, as you can see, into this major road in a huge fireball. terrifying for the people on the
11:19 am
road. this, of course, was a saturday afternoon, nice, sunny weather. the road was jammed with traffic. passersby watching that air show from the side of the road. there was no warning and no chance to escape and that plane left a trail of utter devastation. >> goodness. kitty logan joining us live. thank you. coming up a look at the elaborate mistake route, the route they took when they broke out of an update plymouth. >> and a rockster ride on wall street after an initial drop of 1,000 points. we're live from the floor of the new york stock exchange coming up next. eart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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welcome back. a louisiana state trooper injured in a shooting over the weekend has died. stayed trooper steven vincent shot during a struggle with a man whose pickup truck ran into a ditch on sunday. police say the sheeter got out of the truck and opened up fire with a sawed-off shut gun. >> i watched the tape yesterday. i will tell you that it was frightening to watch it. when you think of what a trooper, courtesy, loyalty and service, what we're asked to do every single day. >> officers say that some of the passing drivers saw what happened and tackled the gunman before he could leave the scene. one of them even used the victim's radio to report an officer down and call for help. the man accused of the shooting or shooting the trooper will be charged with first-degree murder of an officer. some brand new video to show i showing the escape routed could you convicted killers used to break out of a poritzon.
11:24 am
they squeezed through a cat walk and climbed under ground pipes and eventually exit ed through manhole. richard matt was killed 20 days after the prison break and richard sweat was captured alive after 22 days on run. we're keeping a close eye on wall street. stocks down again today but recovering from session lows. the dow was down as much as 1,000 points this morning. investors reacting to a global stock selloff amid fears that growth is slowing particularly in china, and joining me now from the floor of the new york stock exchange is the fox business network's nicole pet leades. a lot of excite president around there and what are people saying about the next womb of hours.
11:25 am
in our record galaxy with were down 1,019. never before have we been done that many point. right now we're done 264 points. the trader says that's the key part. if behold -- going into the close if you see a big selloff that still shows we haven't finished the selling. the other key they will look at is what's going on in china. heather, you mentioned it and something front and center. saw the shanghai index sell off 8.5% and that certainly gave us a cue here at home. we're waiting for the policy-makers in china to make some decisions. that's pretty amazing in itself. some of the comeback kids trying to give it a go because a slew of names were down over 10%, 20%, names such as jpmorgan and ge and home depot down 20% and jetblue down 23% and netflix,
11:26 am
that also had done in in. how about a 192 today if you're a long term hall er. >> the white house confirming president obama was briefed on the market troubles just a short time ago. what the administration is saying chinese may have to do with all of this. plus, vice president biden making a staff hire that has being speculating that it's a signal for a third run at his boss' job.
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well, we are watching a huge selloff today on wall street. the first 30 minutes of trading after the opening bell saw the dow drop more than 1,000 points. the massive selloff all starting with one in china. in just a week we've watched all of the dow's gains for the year, the whole year, vanish. the president just coming off a week's vacation and headed to a fund-raiser in vegas later this hour. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live at the white house for us. gop candidates are blaming the president's stewardship of the economy. what does the white house say? >> heather, good afternoon. aides to president obama are portraying the volatility that we're seeing on wall really as a function of the global why i
11:31 am
especially since the business leaders along them from donald wrap to allow us to be too dependant on china. >> we're not coupled but in a 21st century global economy countries of the world see their economy as more intertwined. >> the white house points to 65 consecutive months of job growth and also that the unemployment rate is now stands at 5.3%. heather. >> and how is the white house on another note responding to the speculation speculation surrounding vp biden? >> in a word, heather, guardedly. the vice president and president were enjoying their weekly luncheon at the time the press
11:32 am
briefing got started and while taking pains not to provide any endorsements in the democratic primary, least of all for someone who hasn't entered the race, john earnest said the president regards the vice president as the smartest decision he's ever made in the enlistment of joe biden as a running mate and there's times when they have disagreed on certain issues but that the latter unlike hillary clinton has never gone public with t. >> would president obama prefer to see as the democratic nominee somebody who is engaged in the business of surrendering evidence to the fbi or someone who is not? >> i think at the end of the day the president is confident that democratic voters will choose somebody who can very ably, not just represent the democratic party in the general election, but somebody who will do an excellent job of leading the united states of america. >> now as to such a choice between the vice president or the former secretary of state,
11:33 am
would present president obama with an agonizing or a possible decision to make. earnest says the president remains on the job he has now which may be europik when it comes to the economy and dow and roller coaster ride we're on. james, thanks very much for joining us. vice president joe biden may reportedly be leaning towards a white house run as many democrats are holding off on endorsing hillary clinton. california governor jerry brown telling nbc news that clinton's e-mail controversy is something that the candidate herself needs to address. >> e-mail is just an you hadderance -- is an utterance in dark form but has some dark energy that gets everyone excited. it's almost like a vampire. she's going to have to find a stake and put it right through the heart of the e-mails.
11:34 am
>> meanwhile, a real clear politics poll average shows that clinton is still far ahead among democrats leading with over 49%. bernie sanders at 25% and biden with 12%. so let's bring in former senator jeff smith, the author of "mr. smith goes to prison" and mer deese schlapp and former spokesperson for former president george w. bush. mercedes, i'll start with you and the same question goes to both. will he or won't he jump into the race, what do you think? >> you know, i think joe biden will jump into the race, make the case that he's rightful heir of obama and not give up that mantle to hillary clinton, so i think he's very focused on making sure that hillary clinton doesn't steal the spot light, but, again, it's going to be an uphill battle for vice president biden. >> he's run twice before. do you think third time will be the job for him in. >> at the risk of being a little off color it's been said that
11:35 am
running for president is like having sex, you don't do it once and forget about it and i think with joe biden who ran for president in 1988 and then again in 2008, i think he's got the bug and i don't think he's got it out of his system and i think for the democrats that's not necessarily a bad thing. having a spirited competition will increase interest in the process and energy around the ultimate nominee. >> here's the thing, and perhaps unprecedented in the past half sen have i every sitting person who has run for president has won his party's nomination. will he enter the race if he has a chance of not winning? >> i don't think he's thinking that way. i think he's thinking can he make a dent and can he go in there and try to convince those hillary -- some of these hillary supporters that are very concerned about this fbi investigation on her e-mails, the fact that her numbers are slipping, don't get me wrong -- hillary is up at 49% right now and for joe biden he needs to be
11:36 am
thinking about can he build the organizational structure and raise the money like hillary has in the past few minutes. that's going to be difficult, but there's reports that his son beau came out and basically said father, i want you to run. doesn't have anything to lose. 72 years old, why not. >> hillary clinton has committeded to a fund-raising goul of 2.5 billion. can biden compete with him and where does the money come from him? >> the 22.5 million number isn't a goal for just the primary but for the primary and general. much of the money will come in to compete with terror in the timery. in an age with superpacs you only need a huge few funders who
11:37 am
can pump tens of millions of dollars that can tech and when we did struggled toe sign money. >> kate benls well and then also meeting with senator elizabeth warren. mercedes, i wanted to ask you, you know, in reference to the differences between hillary clinton and buyten, how will he be able to differentiate himself? what's the most important thing? >> starts with his name being joe. it's the average joe, the fact that he can attract the blue collar white voters that have pretty much left the democratic party, and so i think for biden it's about the likability factor and the trustworthy factors. these are issues that hillary clinton is not -- she has a very difficult time connecting with
11:38 am
the voters. something about josh biden goesing the line saying i can work with know and see if it helps him along the way. >> appreciate it. >> shep, what's up? >> never seen anything like this, not 1,000 points, not in one day, not in five minutes, never. we'll be watching how this thing will end on this final hour of trading on this incredible day. could be a wild ending to an historical one. we'll bring down what means for our average investors. main, that was sayuri. i'll talk to the author and the biggest mistake people make on a day like this. on the verge of a global recession and when would that mean for our 401(k)s and average investor, what are you supposed
11:39 am
to do with whatever money is left? we'll have that at the top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." >> unfinished business in the colorado movie trial theater. why over 100 witnesses will take the stand. >> and authorities raising concerns caught on the cheat being and now there's a better understanding of how that attack happened. >> when several employees arrived at work and powered up their laptops a threatening message popped up on the screen which was accompanied by the song "thunder struck" by ac/dc.
11:40 am
... ...
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11:42 am
well, the final chapter in the colorado theater trial. survivors and families of the victims speaking in court over the next three days.
11:43 am
it is their last chance to talk about how the shooting has affected them before james holmes begins his sentence of life in prison without parole. more live from outside the courthouse in centennial, colorado with more. so this will be a really emotional time for these families. >> reporter: absolutely, heather. we first heard from kiss ten whose father was killed. after finding out about her dad her sister went in and rolled up his t-shirt and put it in a plastic bag to preserve his scent and she wonders what could have happened if she been able to intercede before holmes committed this horrendous crime. >> i would have to throw my arms around him and have begged him to listen to me. would i have told him about gord gordon kowden, a man inform
11:44 am
known all my life, a wonderful father, friend, teacher and inspiration to each of his four kids. >> and parents who buried their children spoke of generations of loss. >> i will never be able to see him reach his goals. i will never hold his child. i will never be a grandmother to his children. >> colorado law prevents victims from directly addressing holmes. district attorney george prockler says all comments must be made to the judge. >> i get why the public would think that doesn't make any sense. don't they get the chance to have that moment where they confront him with words especially when he confronted them with death and bullets, but the answer is no. >> reporter: in addition to families first responders spoke as well including aurora police officer mike daley who says holmes is nothing more than a monster. >> he needs to know when he
11:45 am
finally leaves this earth no one will care. i hope that every day is painful for him. i hope that prison is not kind to him. yes, your honor, there's other things i hope but you would find them improper here. >> heather, this final portion of the trial is expected to last three days. heather. >> thank you. joining us now for more on this lis wiehl fox news legal analyst. how unusual is this? but some accounts there are 1,200 victims in this massacre. >> yes, so far today just this morning there have been 13 statements. nine of them have been live witnesses there on the sand and others -- the other four have actually been written and stated by the prosecution. colorado is initial. they are allowed to al allokute, make the statement but not look at them at the time of
11:46 am
allocution. will that hold up? such an emotional thing. sure you can tell somebody don't lock at killed your father or brother or sister or daughter or brother, whatever. can you imagine being in that courtroom, not wanting to look and just holding yourself back because you want to look at the guy that killed somebody that you loved? so they will go through two or three days and i'm not surprised if that law is broken one way or the another. >> some of the account really bad. something else, completely different switching gears here. a canadian politician saying two men have taken their lives after having their names published by hackers of the website ashley madison. some whose personal information was leaked saying that they are being labeled as cheaters even though they never had any affairs and now the parent company is being hit with a $5778 million lawsuit. so do these folks have a case? >> they do maybe, okay.
11:47 am
so they signed waivers when they sign up for ashley madison. let me read youy actly what it says. we do not warrant any information that you provide or collect will not be disclosed to third parties or that third parties will not use some of your confidential information. goes on to talk about limits of liability. you agree that we will not be liable for any damages, including, et cetera, full disclosure and unactive information and what ashley madison is doing is trying to cover itself. here's a caveat f.ashley madison was gross in the way they kept the information. >> if there were holes in the checks and balances. >> we don't know that there are, but that's what the lawyers are looking at. if they can show even the waivers are signed, when we go on something like this, whatever the website, sure, whatever.
11:48 am
we don't really read the fine print but if the lawyers can show gross negligence that led to the damage, you know, taken their lives, what is the punitive and cause and erect. >> yeah. most of those folks didn't read the fine print but that's not an excuse. >> all the time real we you're signing up for anything read the fine print. i know it's a hassle and it's going to take you more time, but if you don't -- that's the other problem. everyone knows if you don't sign up and don't agree to the terms, well, then you, you can't sign up for the website and if you wanted to be on the website i guess you would sign on for that. >> it's really devastating. >> you know, could affect a lot of families. >> and if they now about the content being out there and held it back like home depot and target, that would be something that would create liability for ashley madison. >> interesting so quickly names were already released. >> i know, i know. that tells me perhaps something more is going on here. >> pretty easy.
11:49 am
>> yes. >> appreciate it. wildfires out west continue to consume everything in their path with active members of the military being deployed for the first time in a decade. the latest in the fight against so many fires and multiple states affected and threats at a pokémon convention. the alarming story on that is up next. art health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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two men accused of threatening to kill competitors at a pokemon convention in boston will remain behind bars. officers stopped them from entering the event and seized their car to check for weapons. inside they found a shotgun,
11:53 am
self hundred rounds of ammunition and a hunting knife, trace gail gary has more. i didn't know they had pokemon conventions still, let alone one that could be deadly. >> reporter: and both suspects were pretty good pokemon card players because they were invited to compete in the master division. they drove from iowa to boston to win part of the $500,000 in scholarship money, but a private security firm at the convention center in boston spotted what appeared to be threatening social media posts, including a picture of weapons on the trunk of a car and a reference about killing the competition. also, one of the men was accused of threatening to shoot someone in an online chat room. so, boston police were notified, and 18-year-old kevin norton and 27-year-old james stumbo were stopped trying to enter the convention center. they were let go but their car seized and then the police found the shotgun, assault rifle and ammunition in the trunk.
11:54 am
because the men did not have licenses to carry they were arrested on weapons charges and are being held without bond. the suspects claim their social media posts were tab oust context and didn't -- taken out of context and didn't mean they were literally going to kill the competition. police believe their intent was bad. >> you never know what is in someone's mind. we went by the words they used and the weapons they flashed on social media, and the weapons they brought up here. the same people who said the things they said, brought the weapons they said they were going to use. so we mitigated a potential tragedy. >> the pokemon convention includes hundreds of kids. so far there appears to be no link to terrorism, but the feds have been notified just in case. other pokemon players who know the suspects say they're known gun enthusiasts but other than that, seem to be good guys.
11:55 am
>> that's what i was going to ask. they said they didn't mean it, weren't going to real request kill the competition. why did they have the weapons? have they said the excuse for that? >> reporter: they have not. the whole point is police are interrogating these guys. they're being held and being evaluated for how dangerous they are to society. that why there's no bond. that should be decided in the coming days. right now, police believe their intent was not good. >> all right, trace gallagher, thank you. the california now. a california wildfire threatening hundreds of homes and a ski resort is now about 50% contained. firefighters working through the night to get a handle on the flames burning near snow summit resort in big bear. the resort closing its doors after the fire broke out yesterday morning. water cannons, usually used for making the snow, were pointed at the flames. evacuation orders also issued for nearly 500 homes in the area.
11:56 am
japanese cargo ship making a spirited delivery to the international space station and we'll tell you about the types of libations making into it outer space and why strikeouts will not be -- astronauts will not be allowed to drink them.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
here is what america is clicking on today. last call in space. a japanese company delivering miss ski to the international space station but this is for science to test if alcoholic beverages mellow the same way in space as on earth. >> former 30 rock star tracy morgan marrying his fiancee morgan still recovering from serious injuries from a car crash that killed his friends when his limo was hit bay truck. >> these dogs making a splash at a doggy dip event, helping to raise money for the ymca.
12:00 pm
thanks for being part of "the real story." here's shep. >> we watched the dow jones industrial average plummet more than a thousand points this morning. before an incredible turn-around. so, what in the world are you supposed to do with your money? and what in the world is going to happen in the final hour of trading? i'll ask the financial professionals as we track the final hour with team fox coverage. >> first degree murder charges for man accused of killing a state trooper who stopped to help him. what we know about the suspects and the good samaritans who took him down. the cheating web site, ashley madison, goes on the offensive. off ifing a big reward to anybody who can help find the hackers who exposed its users. the owners may want to save their cash because lawyers are hitting the company with a big lawsuit for more than half a billion dollars. kennedy is here with more. let's get to it.


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