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  The Trump Campaign  FOX News  September 6, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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that is it for us tonight. thank you for watching the special edition of the factor. i am bill o'reilly and remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. what we have done is amazing. it's not me. it's a movement going on. there's something happening. there's something happening. the american dream is dead. but i'm going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. okay? who likes the idea of the wall? i love it. you don't want a politically correct president. takes too much time. this country doesn't have victories anymore. and they're going to see so many
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victories, they may get tired of winning that much. if i am president, you are going to be so proud of our country, you will be the happiest people. they love me. >> welcome to this special edition of hannity, the trump campaign. donald trump has taken the presidential race by storm since announcing his candidacy in june. he has used a no nonsense straight talking approach to connect with voters. it shows in the polls. in a recent national poll, trump more than doubles his nearest competitor leading with 28%, dr. ben carson is the only other candidate who registered in double digits with 12%, then jeb bush, ted cruz and marco rubio and scott walker. in the state of iowa, trump is tied with dr. carson at 23%,
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fiorina third at 10% and cruz in fourth place. trump appears to be defying political gravity and is using his outsider appeal to shake up congressional washington beltway thinking. we will play highlights of my sit down with him where he explained his plan foz the economy, how he would fix broken borders and how he would address foreign policy challenges. first, we will start by talking about donald trump, his connection with voters and his rise to the top of the polls. take a look. you seem to be defying political gravity. a lot of people predicted after the immigration comment, that's the end of donald trump, or the mccain comment or any controversy. the opposite happens. the polls go up. they don't go down. how do you explain that? >> well, if you look at the immigration, it was illegal immigration and that was my comment. the media really covered me incorrect l incorrectly. they almost made things up. my real comment was illegal
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immigration. that turned out to be a big factor. then you had the killing of kate in san francisco which was horrendous with somebody that came into the country not once but five times illegally. totally illegally. and just last night and yesterday you had a horrible killing where the same thing with the illegal where a 66-year-old woman who was raped from the military who was raped and beaten and potortured by th animal. all of a sudden seeing these horrible crimes that are being committed. that whole issue i don't think you would be discussing it right now if it wasn't for me. people realized i was right. people that you would never think called me and apologized for what they said. that worked out. i mean, unfortunately, they haven't solved the problem. in terms of myself, people said he called it right. mccain, john mccain and the establishment in washington has treated the vets so badly.
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you know, two weeks ago on wednesday, they had the longest wait in the history of the veterans administration. they waited for a longer period of time -- i'm talking about days. you go to a doctor, you wait 20 minutes and you are upset. waiting days and days, sometimes sif six, seven. when they got to a doctor, he said i'm going on vacation. we can't let this happen to the vets. >> they deserve better. >> i equate john mccain with the vets. he has been in charge. he has done a poor job. the last incident we won't discuss. i think that i didn't say anything wrong. >> hillary said your comments about women were offensive. what's your reaction to that? >> well, i think i will do more for women. i cherish women. i think i will do more for women than hillary could do. i thought jeb bush made a horrible mistake when he blew the whole situation on women's health. the women's health issue a week
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ago what he said was just unbelievable. essentially he is saying i'm not going to fund it. i think that will go down as jeb bush's 47%, the 47% to romney where probably close to the election when he said that. he didn't know he was saying it. it was a mistake. it was too bad. that probably cost him the election. i think jeb's statement on women's health will go down as his 47%. i don't think you can recover from -- then he says he misspoke. well, it was pretty late. >> let me ask you this, hillary clinton, her husband has had all these problems with women. hasn't said a word. if it's you versus hillary, that fair game that issue? >> i guess it is. look, she would have had a much different presidency if he didn't have monica and all of these things that happened during his -- >> it was more than monica. it was paula jones and -- >> i guess if anything they probably won't be doing too much
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talking about it. but certainly -- i guess anything is fair game. if what i said the other day is fair game and i said nothing wrong. i didn't even conclude the sentence, and they're -- i said you have to be a deviant to take what i said and put it into that. >> let me move to this. she said -- the clinton foundation took money from the uae, kuwait, saudi arabia. women can't drive. i can't find a comment where she has been critical of saudi arabia. she's going to say your comments about outrageous. >> i understand it. you know what? if you can take the countries that -- i'm not defending anything. i gave money, also, to the clinton foundation. i did it because i'm a businessman. i want to have access. i need access. don't forget, until three months ago, i was a world class businessman. i built a great company. some of the most iconic assets in the world. $10 billion of net worth, more
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than. and frankly, i had a great time doing it. i wouldn't mind continuing, except i see the country going so badly. the reason i mention that now is that's the kind of thinking, whether it's good or bad or whatever it is, but that's the kind of thinking that the country needs. we owe $19 trillion, going up rapidly. we have a country that's in collapse. we're going to have a problem like you have never seen. once we get over that 21, $22 trillion mark, we're going to have a problem. i'm good at that stuff. i know my competition. they're not good at it. they wouldn't have a clue. >> do you think the clinton foundation -- when hillary takes money from saudi arabia or these countries that treat women horribly and then she's going to lecture you on comment s you mae about women, is that hypocrisy? >> it's probably not the right thing. if you took the money -- in all defense, if she took that money and used it for the good -- but a lot of that money was used on private transportation. >> did they buy her silence? she hasn't been critical.
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she took the money for the foundation. >> how about the speeches where you are getting millions and millions of dollars for speeches for companies and some of these companies are not companies that really have the good of the united states at hand. so you can go outside of the foundation -- to me i look at the speech money. certainly the foundation money. now the foundation money was used on private fare. that's a lot of money. private jets cost a lot of money. when you look at the speeches and you add that to the foundation -- there's no question in my mind that certain of those things led to absolute approvals on other things. because she was secretary of state. that gets to be a very dangerous business. now you add the e-mail scandal. because to me the e-mail scandal is -- again petraeus for doing a fraction of what she did, his life is destroyed. >> coming up next, donald trump explains his plans to build a wall on the southern border and how he will get mexico to play for it.
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how he will replace obamacare and his stance on planned parenthood. that and more on this special edition of hannity continues. >> we will get the wall built and mexico is making a fortune off the united states. hey pal? you ready?
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welcome back to the special edition of hannity, the trump campaign. illegal immigration is a central issue in the 2016 race for the white house. it's largely because of donald trump. he made headlines for his comments about the topic during his announcement speech. more recently, he was confronted by univision's jorge ramos at a press conference. >> who is next? >> i have a question. >> sit down. you weren't called. sit down.
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sit down. go ahead. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> no, you don't. you haven't been called. go back to univision. go ahead. >> you can not deport -- >> go ahead. >> you can not deport -- >> go ahead. >> you can not -- >> sit down, please. you weren't called. >> i'm a reporter and i have -- >> go. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> donald trump is not going to back down on the issue. he is also not afraid with bold policy proposals like getting mexico to pay for a wall on the southern born der. he explained how he would get mexico to pay for this. take a look. >> wall street journal says where is the platform? i want to give you an opportunity to go over issues, some of the things that you have discussed. let's start with -- you talked about mexico. how quickly could you build the
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wall? how do you make them pay for the wall as you said? >> so easy. will a politician do it? absolutely not. i watch some of the shows, including your show. i watch these guys say, you can't get them to pay for the wall. we give them tens of billions of dollars a year. they are ripping us left and right. their leaders are so much smarter than our leaders. they are ripping us left and right. the wall is peanuts. it's interesting -- in china, the great china wall -- you want to talk about a wall. that's a serious wall. that wall you don't climb over with a ladder. you don't even go under it. that wall is 13,000 miles. if you add up everything from the kitchen sink with what we're talking about on our border, it's less than 2,000 miles. a lot of it you don't have to do because you are covered with areas that are built. let's say you are talking about 1,000 miles versus 13. then they say you can't do it. it's peanuts.
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i will get mexico, whether it's a tariff or whether they just give us the money, done. they need us so i will be friends with mexico. we have a bad relationship with mexico. china is an abuser. by the way, every country is an abuser. because we have very stupid people representing us. they're incompetent. >> a tariff, whatever means necessary, you will say if you want to do business with the u.s., you will help us with this? >> you know how easy that is? they will probably just give us the money. then i watch politicians -- it's not their thing. i watch politicians come on, can you imagine he is saying mexico is going to pay. i'm saying, that's like 100%. that's not like 98%. it's 100% they're going to pay. if they don't pay, we will charge them a tariff. it will be paid. we need the wall. we have to stop these killers from coming in. when you look at all of the murders happening and the crime that's happening -- i have been
6:16 pm
saying, mexico is sending some rough people, some bad dudes. you see some of those dudes. >> a lot of their problems, like keeping the -- >> you know how expensive it is to house these people in a prison where you have a killer like the killer of kate or the woman yesterday who killed a 66-year-old woman and raped her and tortured her? do you know how expensive it is? >> let me ask you again, specifics, details, obamacare. what's your alternative? >> you can do a savings account concept. healthcare savings accounts which a lot of people are talking about and a lot of people like. costs the people very little. they get the money when they don't need it. it's an amazing system. i actually think that if you are a democrat, you can go with it. obamacare, by the way, is going
6:17 pm
to cost the country $1.6 trillion. we can't afford it. here is the problem. it's no good. it's no good. >> premiums are up 40% this year. >> and going up more than that. the deductibles -- unless you get hit by a truck, you are never going to use it. it doesn't work. one of the first things i would do, end obamacare and do something really good. whether it's that. one of the things we have to do is we have to get rid of these artificial state lines that were put in for the insurance companies. they make a fortune. >> buying across state lines. >> but really when i want a bid in new york, i have a lot of people in new york, but i have states where i have people. i can't go to other states and bid. i get one bid? i get one bid. the insurance companies do that because they would rather have 100% of new york than be all over the country. it's not free market. if you get rid of those artificial lines -- i want to bid my insurance from california.
6:18 pm
i want to have 100 bids come in. i want the best company, the best plan. right now i have -- >> every american would have that choice in. >> everybody would have that choice. the insurance companies don't want that, because they essentially have a monopoly. >> you get catastrophic insurance. >> a better plan. a deeper insurance. other than the one thing -- you would want the country -- the only thing i would want from the government, i want to make sure they are solid and strong. maybe they even get a little point or something and they guarantee it. one thing you don't want is a company goes bust and you are sitting there and you paid all your life into this company, you don't want that to happen. >> protect people with pre-existing conditions? >> i would do it. you can get everything in obamacare but much more. in obamacare, a lot of people, they don't have their doctor, the plan they want. >> the price went up. >> they can't use it because the deductible is so high. they can't use it unless you get hit by a truck. it doesn't work.
6:19 pm
obamacare is a disaster. it's going to be ended. it's going to cost the country so much. you talk about a deficit. what are we going to do when obamacare kicks? obama will be playing golf. very intelligently, probably on one of my great courses like doral or something. and he will be playing golf. we will let him play. it's great. i don't mind. let him play. he will have a good time. you know what? he will be playing golf and somebody will be saddled with a huge problem. >> let me ask you, you talk about planned parenthood, another example, talk about a war on women, the number of abortions they perform every year, half a billion dollars taxpayer money going to them. you said would you have shut down the government to de-fund them. you talked about some of the good things that they do. >> they do good things. >> should taxpayers -- with the debt we have, $128 trillion in unfunded liabilities, should we give them a penny? >> look, let's say this.
6:20 pm
you have it as an abortion clinic. now that's actually a fairly small part of what they do. but it's a brutal part. i'm totally against it. i wouldn't do that. they also, however, service women. one of the things that i thought was so terrible when jeb bush the other day -- as we said, when he talked about women's health issues, he was so bad. what is he doing? we have to help women. a lot of women are -- we have to look at the positives also of planned parenthood. even a guy like you, you may need convincing it does positive things. we have to help women. as far as the abortion stuff, absolutely -- >> if they are doing abortions, they can allocate -- >> maybe unless they stop with the abortions, we don't do funding for the stuff that we want. there are many ways you can do that. i'm totally against the abortion aspect of planned parenthood.
6:21 pm
i have had many women -- many republican conservative women come up and say, planned parenthood serves a good function other than that one aspect. >> find out what donald trump says he has in common with ronald reagan. trump gets specific about how he would turn around the economy and he answers his conservative critics. that and more on this special edition of hannity. >> we will take care of this country. this country is going to be great again. we are going to make this country so strong, so powerful. you are going to be so proud to be a citizen of the united states. when i started at the shelter,
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without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond. welcome back to this special edition of hannity. donald trump's style has made him a favorite with voters. he has rubbed plenty of his rivals the wrong way. he addresses some of his critics. your critics say you haven't
6:24 pm
given any solutions today. 93 million americans now out of the labor force. 57 million of those are women. 46 million americans are on food stamps. 50 million americans are in poverty. staggering numbers. >> amazing. >> when you think -- >> then you hear there's a 5.4% unemployment. it's really -- if you add it up, it's probably 40% if you think about it. >> it's high. and it's only washington math that gives you that number. >> phony math. >> when you think about your economic plan and you think of those statistics, what are the top three things that come to mind that you can do to help the 93 million, the 57 million americans, the 50 million in poverty? >> i love the question because this is my strength. a competitor of yours did a big poll. i won't say it was cnn. the poll came -- >> trying to put a monitor with what you are going to say, it's few till.
6:25 pm
i >> i refuse to say it was cnn. they had me number one in leadership by far. the other thing i was number one on was anything having to do with the economy. okay? jobs, i was so high up. the other people -- it was like no number two practically. we have to bring our jobs back from china, from -- as an example, we have to bring manufacturing back. you look at japan with the boats that come in pouring in with cars. you know what we send japan? we send them beef, wheat. >> what about american cars? >> corn. i want -- i don't mind if japanese companies build here. that's fine. you know what? i don't want to see boats pulling into los angeles. i saw boats the other day that were the biggest i have seen loaded up -- you wouldn't believe the thing could float so many cars. then you see these cars just boom, boom -- they're not made here. how is is it helping us? i don't want cars made in mexico. i love mexico. i love the mexican people.
6:26 pm
have i have so many mexicans working for me and buying apartments. people are starting to find out i have a great relationship with mexico. in nevada, they did a poll, i was number one with hispanics. i was number one with hispanics. that doesn't help us from the standpoint that their leaders are sharper. i use the word cunning. they're more cunning. >> what is a tariff on an american car? >> they make cars in mexico. they send them across the border. i went to the wharton school of finance. >> were you number one in your class class? >> i was a very good student. people are shocked by that. let me ask you one question. some conservatives are suspect about your conservatism. you once afforded -- you gave money to clinton. you went to clinton -- or she came to your wedding. you supported a single payer. you wanted a one-time tax on the wealthy. for those that doubt your
6:27 pm
conservatism, explain the transition. how did you grow into a conservative? >> i mean, it's not -- one of the things i start with, ronald reagan was democrat and he was sort of liberal. i knew him. i didn't know him then quite but i knew him. he was this great guy. and he was a democrat with a liberal bent. and he became a great conservative. >> one of the greatest presidents. >> a great president. a great leader. he had something very special. but if you think of it, he was a little bit less conservative actually than people think. >> when he was a governor -- >> he had a great heart. i have a great heart. that's why i'm talking -- we mentioned planned parenthoods and we have positives. we have to take care of our people. if you look at some of the things they said at the time -- that was many, many years ago -- i wouldn't have minded taking a piece of my wealth and paying off the national debt. i will be honest with you. now we can't do it.
6:28 pm
at that time, we could have paid off the entire national debt. we could have started the game all even. >> with a balanced budget amendment to support it. >> that's what i said. i wouldn't have minded doing that. people said, what a terrible thing. that's not a conservative thing to do. i think it's conservative. >> would you still support it? >> the problem is we owe so much. it's all -- >> they spend less on business. >> we have to get rid of it -- we have a problem. >> i want to get to that. >> the problem is the 19 trillion. i was saying 18 but now it's 19. very soon the next time you interview me, it's going to be 21, 22, 24. it's out of control. nobody is doing anything about it. honestly, with trade, with smart deals -- carl icahn is a friend of mine. you could call him. you should have him on your show. a very, very smart guy. brilliant guy. he wants to help. if you are involved, i want to help. i said, carl, you take china and
6:29 pm
japan. guess what ? if i put him in chance -- >> did he say yes? >> he said yes. he loves the country. he has made a lot of money. he would love to do this. me, too. i love what i'm doing outside of this. actually, i'm enjoying this more than i thought to be honest. >> you are liking all this? >> i don't know if i was down to 2%. carl icahn is a great businessman. he would love to be able to help. >> coming up, donald trump gets specific on taxes, lays out his detailed plan to take out isis. that and more on this special edition of hannity. >> we have heads being chopped off because they're christian in the middle east. we have boarders where people ae being killed. the world is cracking up and they're worried about my tone. look like this. feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means
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kentucky county clerk officially filing an appeal today to get her released from jail. kim davis was jailed thursday for refusing to obey a judge's order to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. she objects to same-sex marriage for religious reasons. the three page brief includes no arguments why should she be released, it just amends a previous appeal of the judge's order. another fence is going up in israel, along its eastern board we are jordan. israel has fences up along its board we are egypt. netanyahu saying war is a human tragedy. he said israel is too small to take any of the victims in. now back to the trump campaign. welcome be a to the special edition of hannity, the trump
6:36 pm
campaign. he turned some heads when he recently said if elected president he would be okay with raising taxes on people like himself. take a look. >> i would let people that are making hundreds of millions of dollars a year pay some tax. right now they are paying very little tax. i think it's outrageous. >> would you like to raise taxes on yourself? >> i'm okay with it. you see my statements. i do very well. i don't mind paying taxes. the middle class is getting clobbered. the middle class built this country, not the hedge fund guys. >> during my sit down with donald trump, we discussed the economy. i asked him if he would support a flat tax. take a look. let me go to specifics on the economy. you want to lower tax. implement a flat tax. >> no, no. >> i read in a couple -- >> it's the same. i believe that people as they make more money can pay a higher percentage. >> what's the cap? >> we will set the cap -- i want to have a cap that we have a lot of business, a lot more
6:37 pm
activity. i want to get rid of of this deficit. we're losing 6, $700 billion. by the way, when obamacare kicks in, we're going to be losing a $1.3 trillion a year. we can't do that. here is what i want to do. i want to simplify the tax cut. i want to make it great forhe middle class. the middle class is being killed. i want to put h&r block out of business. when a perp hson has a simple t return and they can't figure out -- they can't figure out what to pay. you know what? i have guys that are friends of mine, they make a fortune. they are hedge fund guys. they move around -- at least i build things. they move around paper. half the time it's luck more than talent. okay? i want to make it -- i want to lower taxes, but i want to make it so the middle class --
6:38 pm
>> if you believe in this inasmuch as you reduce taxes on everybody, including the wealthy and that rises tide lifts all boats -- >> there is something to it but i don't fully believe it. >> you don't want a flat tax. >> i don't like when everybody is paying the same. if i make a billion dollars and somebody else is making $100 and he is paying $10 and i'm -- to me, i don't know. i like a graduation. what you have is a system that's too complicated. make that system uncomplicated and make it really good. >> you came out with an isis plan yesterday. boots on the ground. take their oil. you said, create a perimeter. explain that. i want to know what else you want to do. >> i would like to go back into history. in 2004, reuters wrote an article in july of 2004. it was an article trump says don't go iraq. i was against it. i would make our military so
6:39 pm
strong and so powerful that nobody will ever mess with us. putin two months ago started saying, we have nuclear weapons. you better not mess around. >> would you meet with him? >> i would meet with him. i would get along great with him. you have to get along with these people. obama doesn't get along with anybody. we have all enemies. hillary clinton, like her or not, she was the worst secretary of state in the history of this country. obama has been a disaster. who does he get along with? he doesn't get along with anybody. it's hard to believe. i didn't want to go in -- people came from the bush administration -- because i was getting -- i was vocal on the fact, don't do it. you will destabilize the middle east. you know, iraq and iran were the same. they would go ten feet this way, for years, decades, they would use the poison gas. they would use something else. they would go at it. then they would go home and now all of a sudden, we knocked off one of them and iran is
6:40 pm
taking over the world. i said the other day, it's sad, frankly, but i said if iran was a stock, buy it. you will make 100 times your money. >> about to get -- >> we are giving them $150 billion plus tremendous other things that we're giving them. you know the saddest part? even if the deal isn't approved, we now agreed to give them money. >> you said they meaning iran will do what i tell them to do. >> they will. >> what does that mean? >> here is the story. we have to go in. we have to stop if we can this deal from being made. the deal is already a disaster. if we stop it, they already -- we lose the money. we lose $150 billion plus, plus, not just 150, it's 150 plus. if the deal were dead, now -- i would bet that schumer went against it with a wink to the president. they know they have the vote vo. a lot of pressure being put on
6:41 pm
by israel. i guarantee you, he winks at them. they wink at him. they have the vote. we have to go in -- i did not want to go in. now it's messed up. now you have isis and others. you have isis cutting off heads. they cut off anybody's head. they're drowning them, they're cutting off heads. we have to go in with force. we have to take the oil. because the oil is their source of wealth. other things money is coming out of saudi arabia -- >> how would you deal with that? >> we have to stop the money at the banking saurss. >> would you be hard on saudi arabia? >> saudi arabia makes a billion dollars a day. think of it. a billion dollars a day. we protect them. we get nothing. how stupid are we? we protect saudi arabia -- if we didn't protect them -- you know when we had the war with kuwait and saudi arabia was attacked, boom, they ran. we had our beautiful marines standing there, bing, bing, b g
6:42 pm
bing. we got them back. they ran. you never saw anything like it. they ran so fast. whened sending people in when he took over kuwait, there is another example. hussein takes over kuwait. the wealthy kuwaitis go to paris and they take not buildings, hotels. they live like kings. we then go into kuwait, spend billions of dollars, lose lives, take over kuwait, hand it back to them. then about two months later, the kuwaitis came to my office to see me. i had a deal i wanted to do with them. they said, no, no, no, we do not invest in the united states. we do not like the united states for investment purposes. we just liberated them. they have this huge fund. they said, we do not invest in the united states. we have great respect for you, mr. trump, but we want deals outside. we just gave them back their country. how stupid are we? why didn't we say we want 50% of
6:43 pm
your oil forever or we're not letting you go back in? nobody -- >> go back to isis. you talked about taking their oil. i think -- give it to the families of the military. >> correct. we lost thousands of people in iraq. we have people walking around without an arm, without a leg and worse. >> give them the money. >> give them millions. by the way, that's peanuts compared to what you are talking about in terms of the money. >> is that enough? >> give them a lot of money. keep a lot of money. >> you are going to surround the perimeter. you are going to take the oil. what else do you got to do to stop isis? >> that will be the beginning of the end. that cuts off the money. that cuts off the head. when you take the oil and when you stop the banking sources -- you have do that, too. we have people in the administration that aren't smart enough to understand what's going on. you have to stop the banking flow. when you do that and when you take the oil, that's the
6:44 pm
beginning of the end of isis. they don't have the money. >> coming up, find out what donald trump thinks about the iranian nuclear deal. i ask him if he would stop using twitter if he is elected president. he answers that question and more on this special edition of hannity. >> i love this country. we are going to make it so strong and so powerful and so respected all over the world. we're going to bring our jobs back. we're going to bring our money back. we're going to save social security. you are going to love president trump. [ piercing sound ] daddy! lets play! sorry kids. feeling dead on your feet? i've been on my feet all day. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles have a unique
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welcome back to the special edition of hannity. here is another part of my interview with donald trump. let me go back to iran. you said, they will do what i tell them. how do you make them do what you say? >> they will know i'm not playing games. i hate to inherit a bad deal. i like to honor deals. >> they have the money. >> the problem is, by the time -- if i make it, by the time i get there, they will be very rich. obama will have given them all of the billions of dollars. however, all contracts -- i
6:50 pm
study contracts. in golf, i say i'm a plus five at contracts. i study contracts. no matter how bad this contract is, i will make this contract be enforced to such an be enforced to such an extent be a. i will do things that you won't believe. listen, it is so impor that they not have nuclear weapons. the problem with this deal is they will have them are going to be forced to get them, too. you'll have nuclear holocausts. >> i don't see a scenario in which the israelis probably joining with the saudis don't get them before iran gets them. >> this country would be in trouble and i hate to go forward with the deal. the 24 days have i diridiculous. but before you get to the 24 days, there is a whole process that can take longer than the 24 days. we go through the whole procedure, and after weeks we may get to the 24 days.
6:51 pm
you know what else bothers me so much? the money bothers me. i never would have given them the money. why didn't they say before the negotiations, this should have happened two years ago. did you ever see such a long negotiation? we're not sending a rocket to the moon. but why didn't we say, fellows, we want the prisoners. >> 150 billion is the equivalent of 8 trillion u.s. dollars based on their economy. let me ask you a couple things. you wrote "the art of the deal," best-selling book. are you learning that the art of politics is different than the art of the deal? >> a poll just came in where i'm 32. i'm doing well. but it's a long process. it's a very long process. i don't want to get overly excited because you can have ups, you can have downs, you can have good days, you can have bad days. the end result is you have to win and i don't want to win for the sake of winning, i want to make the country great again. it's my whole theme, making
6:52 pm
america great again. and the word "again" is a very important word, because right now we're laughed at, we're scoffed at, we don't do anything right. you see what's going on? as an example, our military. it's depleted. we send humvees, the best in the world, 2,300. i'm not talking about three or four, i thought they were talking about like 23 or two. we send 2,300 humvees, the finest in the world, armor plated and everything, over to our allies. one shot is fired, our allies run, isis now has 2,300 -- do you know how many that is? i thought they were wrong. i thought when i read it, i thought maybe they made a typographical -- like 23. and by the way, we don't have the quality of humvees, so now they have better machinery than our guys that are driving around that don't even have protection underneath. that's why they're losing their
6:53 pm
legs and their arms. >> scary. >> we need smart people. we need a great military, a strong military. you know, they all say i'll be the best in jobs, everybody says that. i will be so great at jobs. i think i'll be equally great in the military. and the other thing we have to do, we have a moral obligation to take care of our vets. by the way, unlike jeb bush -- >> take care of our women. >> -- we have to take care of our women. >> with 73 million americans out of the labor force, you wouldn't raise the retirement age or mete out social security? >> what i will do is take our money back from china and china will like us. if you go to a certain floor, the biggest bank by far -- citibank is a small subsidiary. if you go to a certain bank from china -- i just renewed their lease for another 20 years. i said, do you guys want to be
6:54 pm
here? oh, absolutely, we love you, mr. trump. we want to be here. china doesn't even like us. we will make china like us and russia and other places, and we'll also benefit economically. >> a lot has been made over your twitter account. if you won the presidency, would you still stay on twitter? would you be out there at 1:00 in the morning tweeting? >> maybe not so late, but if somebody did bad stuff to me for years, i couldn't fight back. now i can sort of tweet some bad stuff about them and if people like it, it's all over the world. coming up, more on this special edition "hannity: the trump campaign" after this quick break. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk.
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thanks for being with us. have a great night. , i'm greg gutfeld. i love that robe. a donut looking pop star from "prison break." are people still buying drinks for killing bin laden. it keeps them busy and away from the liquor cabinet. i've missed you, america. we've got a lot to talk about, so let's get started. i'm told by his advisers he doesn't care about the flack he's getting -- >> that's messed up. >> it is extremely distressing. >> are we