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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 16, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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tonight, watch the debate. tomorrow morning on our program carly fiorina, chris christie and complete debate coverage. >> yeah. and who knows who else is going to show up and who is still going to be standing at the end. >> we've got it all covered. bill: fox news alert. we are getting ready for found two. 15 presidential hopefuls getting ready for prime time. the man who stand at the biggest target, the front runner, donald trump. love this stuff. you can't get enough. i'm bill hemmer, live in "america's newsroom." martha: i'm martha maccallum. the top 11 republican candidates will be slugging it out. donald trump will be at the center of the stage because he's polling number one.
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but some other candidate have started to give hints as to what their strategy is tonight. >> i don't think my strategy is going to change at all. it will be to tell the truth and talk about my vision for america, which i think is something that a lot of people resonate with. >> tomorrow night' debate is another great opportunity for me to introduce myself to the american people. i'll still in the top five in he single state polled. >> we were wary of fake republicans, republicans who said they were for big programs. donald trump was for obamacare, no conservative was for that. bill: byron york is already live in los angeles. byron, good morning to you.
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i want to start with what to watch for. start with the leader donald trump. what's the strategy for him? >> he's the dominant front runner. he will be a target. you could just tell rand paul is itching for a fight. i think you are going to see fellow candidates trying to point out gaps in trump's knowledge. remember that interview with hugh hewitt talking about foreign policy, and you will see them double down on these charges that trump is not a conservative. he supported a double pair health plan. bill: no one has more on the line in wednesday night' debate
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than jeb bush. if true, how much is on the line for him. >> he's the former front runner who is significantly behind trump. he has given indications recently in public that trump has gotten under his skin. look for him to continue talking about his conservative record as governor of florida contrasting that with donald trump and saying wake up people, donald trump is not a real conservative. he's not a real republican. i think that's the line if you do see bush talk about trump, that will be the line you hear. bill: as you see you it, who has the most to learn? >> carson is doing rather well. carson is not an attack machine. as far as most on the line i
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think it's scott walker. disappointed from a lot of his fans and he's plunged in the polls. you know how hard she taught to be on the big stage the first time around. now she'll be there. there will be pressure on her. how do you score. >> she it it on herself. if you protest and fight to get on the stage, then you have got to do well. she is probably confident because she did well in the last debate. listening to her on the stump, there is nobody who packs more information into a small period of time than carly fiorina. that style works where everybody has limited time. i look for her to do well.
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jeb bush 6% huckabee 6 and rubio 6 and on down the line it goes. martha: the front runner donald trump visiting an american battleship as he tries to strengthen his standing with the military community. his remarks on board last night were seen as a born policy ship. >> they will never be able to do anything with these countries. it's an instinct. it's something that's special and they don't have it. it will be so powerful i don't think we'll have to use it. nobody is going to mess with us. hillary clinton is the worst secretary of state in the history of this country. the world blew up around her.
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the whole world is like a different place. we have illegal immigrants that are treated better by far than our veterans. it's not going to happen anymore. we'll make our country great again. >> a sampling of the rhetoric you heard from donald trump. his critics say he was short on specifics. bill: before the prime time debate there will be another one. the four bottom tier candidates will debate. they are all polling less than 1%. they are taking part in a debate later in the night and rick perry pulled out this week. martha: you will have bill
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o'reilly on at 11:00 p.m. eastern, may can kelly at midnight and sean hannity wraps things up at 1:00 a.m. when people will still be talking about what they see on that stage. the challenge is to lay a hand on him because nobody has been able to do that successfully and the people who tried have sputtered out. we'll see. it will be fascinating. bill: 11 people is still a lot of people. four people is a lot of people. one of the things rick perry talked about, one of the main reasons he dropped out is because he did not make it to the main stage. a tragic story playing out. the death toll rising after flash floods devastate parts of utah. 16 people have died after being
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swept away by the rushing waters. these videos are absolutely devastating. you can hear the people witnessing this as the cars get swept away. a van and suv get filled with women and children, washing down that muddy river. >> it went over the fence, oh, no! martha: unbelievable. the suv was found and smashed practicallynition near the arizona border. >> we never expected to see what was coming. >> i have seen nothing like it but nothing on this scale. it's way more water than we have seen. >> we realize this is an acts of god and we can't control.
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we have to do the best we can. martha: a fourth person was found dead and three are still missing after flash floods swept through the canyons at zion national park. what do we know about the victims in the cars that were swept away? >> reporter: they are not identifying them yet. it is try and the soil is hard packed. when rain hits, it runs like water on glass. when the heavy rains hit monday two families head out to watch the rain. they stopped on maxwell canyon street. according to reports a debris dam upstream gave way and the water rose 7 feet in 30 seconds.
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the water swept after he what he 7 victims. three were sisters, two her married to the same man. i have been there a few times, geographically and culturally it's an incredibly insular community. >> it's unbelievable. it's nothing you expect to see or have to deal with. the community is in shock as we all are. >> this is believed to be the deadliest weather event in state history. >> what about the missing hiker in zion national park? >> reporter: zion park is 20 milemiles north of hilldale. it caught a group of hikers from california off guard and three are killed and four still
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missing. they found the unoccupied cars. park rangers say they are still look for the three her missing. >> is there a chance they are alive? >> we are hoping. give right now it's not looking good. >> reporter: right now they haven't identified anyone because of the next of kin. bill: many in southern california dealing with widespread flash flooding. the flooding causing major traffic jams on the free ways. a program bore guinea and other cars parked in the under grounds lot. that's when you want to get out and it's too late. they need the rain. really a big drought out there. martha: a fox news exclusive. bill clinton asking the state
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department to approve a paid speech to a prove iran group of known to be connected to tehran. while his wife was negotiating with them on their nuclear program. should the clintons have known better. bill: lawmakers fight to defund plan the parenthood. martha: a survivor speaks out. hear the first hands account from vicki gardner following an ambush on live television that killed two journalists. >> it was just rapid fire. all in this direction. it wasn't down. it was just right face-wide.
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exclusive emails from a former aide to president clinton. those emails were sent weeks a push to get the iranian nuke talks started. clinton said all remarks were run by the state department and most important think the president did not give this
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speech. bill: why even consider this given a conflict of interest. >> it's not accurate to say bill clinton asked anything. one of his aides asked. bill: assume can the aide was not requested by bill clinton. >> the headline does not save assuming. the aide asked the question and the answer was no. and as far as i'm concerned that's the way the process should work. whether the aide should have asked the question ... bill: you see something wrong with this? yes or no. >> the aide asked the question and the answer was no and that should have been the headline. no matter what hatches somehow bill clinton makes it into the
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headline even thought it's completely inaccurate. it was one of his aides who asked the question. and the answer was no. bill: march 2015, after a state department request hillary clinton said all my emails that could have been work-related have been handled over. now we are finding five months are missing. what's up with that? >> it's all speculative. i have no idea whether it's true. we have no facts. somebody said five months is missing. we have no proof of that. remember whitewater? that's when we got to know each other. 60 million dollars. all speculation. ken starr said nothing criminal. let's wait for the facts.
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bill: how about this, march 10, 2015. this is secretary clinton explaining her classified email situation. watch here. >> i did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. there is no classified material. so i am certainly well aware of the classification requirements, and did not send classified material. bill: inspector general, at least four contained classified material and two listed as to secret. >> could. the state department disagrees with that intelligence community inspector general judgment. so there is disagreement between two departments. two, not a single email was ever
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labeled classified. this is a retroactive look two or four or six years later some one in the intelligence community says should have been classified. what hillary clinton said was accurate. we have the possibility she made a mistake. but that's speculation. the state department dishe grows. >> we are 3/4 of the way through these emails. we don't know what we are about to find, which leads you to what john cornin wants -- john cornyn wants and he wants a special prosecutor. do you oppose that? >> of course i do. it was john cornyn's type of partisanship that led to a special counsel about whitewater. this is all partisanship. core anyone is a partisan calling for a counsel.
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we know what happened with ken starr. we know the money wasted on whitewater. the justice department whether it's a republican president ... bill: another right-wing conspiracy? >> i don't use terms like that. this is a misjudgment by senator cornyn misreading history. we democrats abused the independent counsel statute in the 1980s. i regret that. when are we going to learn? bill: the "new york times," her ratings are lower than they were at any point in her political career. she needs to reverse that. martha: the republican frontrunner has spared no
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bill: the lone survivor is talking about the shooting last month. the gunman crept up behind with a pistol and camera phone in hand. >> i just fell to the ground as though i had been hit and went into the fetal position because i felt as though he was going to shoot me in the head. so i needed to hide. if he thought he already had, but he did come back up and shot me in the back which i thought went through my spine.
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and thankfully, i have so many angels around me that it didn't happen that way. bill: alison parker and her cameraman adam ward were killed. the shooter killed himself after an hour manhunt. martha: we get some new developments in the fight over planned the parenthood. house lawmakers developing into debate over funding. the house committee subpoenaing information over allegations that they are selling tissue. what are the lawmakers thinking of work on this funding site. >> the republican leadership is
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trying to avoid a government shutdown. but many conservatives say they will not vote for a spending bill that continues to fund planned the parenthood. the house issued a subpoena for hundreds of hours of raw videos. martha: so what new in the video that was released yesterday? >> reporter: it's another undercover video that features a number of plan the parenthood officials acknowledging the potential that if it gets out it could be a huge p.r. problem. one cuttivive said she won't discuss it over email. but she talks about how some
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colleagues are making money selling fetal tissue. so far planned parenthood has not responded to our request for a comment about this latest video. but the organization has been active on twitter saying the gop went let the fact that 71% of the public does not want a government shutdown over planned parenthood top them. the deadline, september 30. bill: a high school student taking a helmet and cracks a fellow player in the head. martha: donald trump could be the main target at tonight's
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debate. what's going to happen, are they going to fire back? >> we want to win and we'll win. but i want to win as the republican. i want to run as the republican nominee. >> he buys and sells politicians of all stripes.
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martha: the second debate, the republican debate is on. there they all are at the center of the stage once again will be mr. donald trump who has taken a swing at many of those. >> i tell you what. you know what happening to jeb's crowd right down the street? they are sleeping. they are sleeping now. probably i did say something like that. i'm talking about persona.
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i'm not talking about looks. ben is a doctor, he's not a deal maker. martha: alan colmes is the host of the alan colmes show. and brad blakeman. they are competing against each other so he's defining himself. he's saying here is why i'm different. so do they come after him tonight? and who in particular? >> i don't think they come after him. this is trump's venue that doesn't suit his model. it's not 20,000 screaming fans like you had in the first debate. this is a pointed debate of serious foreign policy. domestic policy. trump is going to be out of his atmosphere. if he tries the attack or tries to say the questions aren't
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fair, i don't think he's going to get very far. about middle east leaders and the leader of isis, i imagine he has beefed up on some of those details. but one of the big questions for voters. though there is a lot of support for him among potential voters, this one is interesting. whether he's qualified to be president. it comes from the abc news "washington post" poll. 56% of all the people asked said he's not qualified to be president. we look at the independents. it's over 60%. so you have to prove to those who are doubting that he's not only saying what people want to hear, but he's actually qualified. >> brad is right. this should be all about policy. if he takes broad sides at other candidates. they should bring it back to
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policy. they will be talking to each opter in this debate. press him on details. you want to support 11 million people? how you going to do it? ignore the personal stuff and force him to respond. he's been thin on anything to do with policy. whenever he gives these speeches it's all about himself. but his feet have to be held to the fire. >> the thing that's going grab people's attention the most is if there is a moment when we look back at it and say that moment where so and so really asked donald trump what he understood about this or that, that's what need to happen for jeb bush in particular. for scott walker, chris christie, carly fiorina any one of them, needs that moment. >> if you have one of the 10 that goes up against donald trump you have to hope he stumbles and you rise to the
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occasion. everyone will try to channel their best ronald reagan at the ronald reagan library. ben carson has been reaganesque, he has been forward thinking, leading in the us to that better hill where that shining city is. i think most of the 10 will try to stay away from trump. martha: somebody on the other side of the political fence joe biden is saying what some of the other republican candidates will be trying to articulate. here he is saying this. >> this will pass. the trump and the stiff you are hearing on the other team. this isn't about democrat-republican. it's about a sick message. this message has been tried on america many times before. we always, always, always, always, always overcome it.
6:37 am
martha: he's talking about immigration. >> the great thing about joe biden is, he's authentic. i think he would resonate very well. he doesn't read off cue cards. he says what he thinks. i think it would can a great embraiption of overbiden if he were part of this debate. -- a great embracing of joe biden if he were part of this debate. martha: joe biden picked up 4 points in the course of hillary clinton's decline. take us ahead a few months. >> hillary clinton's misfortune is joe biden's opportunity. hillary clinton is faltering. she is failing. we see her trust and likability
6:38 am
tanking. joe biden should get in this race. if he doesn't i think the democrats are in their peril. >> to say hillary clinton is tanking you would have to believe every republican candidate with the exception of donald trump is tanking. i don't think it's fair or accurate to save that about hillary clinton at this point. martha: from where she started and going backward. thank you very much, gentlemen. we'll see what you think on the other side of it. >> we saw this yesterday here in america temperatures newsroom. two high school students in houston were killed when the bus fell off an overpass. now the family of one of the students is bringing legal action. >> she complained every day about the bus driver. she didn't speak english, that she couldn't drive, and i didn't
6:39 am
listen. now -- bill: that's hard to hear. the family planning to file wrongful death lawsuits against both drivers. martha: north korea blustering saying they are rebooting their nuclear program. critics say they could be reacting to what we see going won the iran nuclear deal. >> while much of the focus is on tonight's debate for donald trump. one candidate says he will focus on himself. >> i got to be right front and center where it was all happening. i was there at the end when reagan said good-bye to his inner team and i was in the room and i saw grown men cry. plaque psoriasis...
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martha: one candidate who is trying to set himself apart from the crowd tonight is invoking ronald reagan. the former president in a new web ad. the governor drawing on his early political days and his connection to reagan fiscal conservativeism. >> i was there at the end when reagan said good buy to his inner team. i was in the room and saw grown men cry. he said don't do that. there will be another day. >> don't get cynical. look at yourself and recognize there are millions of americans out there who want what you want and want it to be that way. want it to be a shining city on a hill. martha: very interesting.
6:44 am
john kasich is playing this in an interesting way. he's second or third in new hampshire. if he shows well in new hampshire, he could be looking at a serious situation. bill: get this, it says it will use nuclear weapons at any time. pyongyang pushing towards a standoff with washington if the u.s. itself continues to be reckless. what in the world is north korea up to now. >> also kim jong-un, the crazy leader of north korea knows he
6:45 am
can act with impunity. the facility that had been briefly moth balled, he's pursuing intercontinental ballistic missiles. he doesn't have them yet. and he knows there will be no consequences. but, bill, we make a mistake when we all continue to look at these problems in isolation. right now we are focusing on north korea. this bad behavior. chinese cyber assaults. putin sending his forces into syria. the iranians driving for hegemony throughout the region. they are all tied to american weakness. the last 16 months, the last portion of obama's presidency you will see a downward spiral of such misbehaviors.
6:46 am
it's gotten so bad that president obama must be asking himself what can we do. bill: they will take advantage of that opportunity for the next year and a half. what could north coral rea do? can they threaten us? >> no. the threats against the united states right now are hollow. i shouldn't say that. kim jong-un could create a bloodbath on the korean peninsula. he would gladly kill millions of innocent people before he would accept defeat or removal. he's also rattling this nuclear saber to secure his own dominance over north korea.
6:47 am
there is some question about whether some of the sold guard are resisting him. he certainly killed some of them to maintain power. but the munds amountal problem i will for me -- we look at partf the world in isolation and you can't do that in a truly global environment. a classic example fills our intelligence possibility is look at the possibility of iranian-north korean nuclear collaboration. essentially iran would offshore its nuclear weapons to north korea. it's all inner reef late and washington doesn't get -- it's all interrelated and washington doesn't get it. bill: can the moderators and will they try to control donald
6:48 am
trump? it's about what questions they will ask and to whom they will ask those questions. it's become a trueism that foreign policy doesn't get ratings. immigration, planned parenthood, taxes. the issues vital to our survival as a nation are strategic foreign policy issue ofs. i would like to see serious questions from the serious people like john kasich rather than a show from the guy with the permanent davy crockett hat. bill: thank you, ralph. we'll let that one sit on the table for now. martha: a high school football game took a very violent turn. watch this.
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bill: big changes coming facebook. it will test changes to the like button. you do a thumbs up or thumbs
6:53 am
down. martha: like the gladdator. i don't see why you can't do a thumbs down. why not? you can say i don't like it. bill: might encourage the haters. but the haters are going to hate. high school football player accused of going too far. take a look at the center of your screen. this is a new jersey high school student. helmet come off and he takes the helmet and backs him in the head with it before throwing it aside. laura engel has more on this. what do we know about what happened? >> reporter: it happened during the second quarter of last friday night's game. this was the most friday night
6:54 am
lights out. you can seat defensive lineman grab the helmet off his opponent. we just received a statement from the athletic director which states that the player received 10 stitches after going to the hospital and adds we have been in contacts with linden administration and they assured us their player has received the max yum consequences for this type of incident. earlier this month some call that bone-crushing blinds siding tackle in texas. but it wasn't a player taken down to the ground. it was a game official. two players intentionally crashed into that ref after they claim he made racial slurs.
6:55 am
there have been other vie on the have been other violent attacks, some of which ended in death. martha: you can see him pulling the helmet off the other player and whacking him in the head. bill: hitting him in the side of the temple is not cool. he may have signed on to support the eventual nominee, but is the rnc ready if donald trump gets the nomination? first marco rubio from our fox debate last month. >> this election cannot be a resume competition. it's important to be qualified. but if this election is a resume
6:56 am
competition then hillary clinton will be the next president because she has been in office and government longer than anybody else running here tonight. ♪no debate 'cause it tastes so great.♪ ♪that's why i got milk face. ♪la-la-la-la-la. hi mi'm raph. tom. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. martha: 15 republicans are ready to rumble in tonight's debate. welcome to the next hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. i love these nights. it's great television. it's great for the process. the republican candidates taking the stage for the second time. candidates in the lower tier hoping to reshuffle the deck. ty moving on the main stage for the first time now. she fought for that stage. she won the stage telling megyn she is not overly concerned about the polls at this point in
7:00 am
the game. >> if you go back in he presidential election, the polls, the pundits, the media, all said ronald reagan couldn't win and jimmy carter couldn't win and bill clinton couldn't win and obama couldn't win. but they won because voters decided they should win. bill: simi valley, reagan library, the sun coming up. what do we expect from the candidates? >> reporter: the sun is finally coming up so we get a chance to see the library. a lot of these candidates will try to make moves and most of them will try to do it at the expense of donald trump. trump find himself in a close competition. the latest "new york times" cbs news poll has donald trump at 27%, ben carson nipping at his heels at 23 were *.
7:01 am
watch for the competitors to attack trump as not at real conservative. he donated to jimmy carter and walter mondale. rand paul is going to start his day by going out to a shooting range. trump told o'reilly he expects to take the stage with a target on his back. >> i hear everybody is coming after me. we had one poll where i was at 40 in new hampshire. waste is, we'll see what happens. >> reporter: sharp attacks are expected from carly fiorina. she is prepared to go face to face with him. >> i don't worry much about what donald trump says. i'm talking with voters every day. this isn't entertainment, though it's entertaining to many
7:02 am
people. but these are actually serious times. >> reporter: carly fiorina need to have a big night tonight. she pushed hard to get herself on the maintain. bill: who stand to lose the most tonight, john? can you qualify that? >> reporter: you could say scott walker stand to lose a lot, but i think jeb bush has the most to lose. he's down from 13 points to 6 points. his fundraising is starting to flag. he's got a lot of money in the bank. how viable will he be. he need a big night tonight. bill: john roberts, simi valley, california. martha: with donald trump dominating the polls people have to think about what will happen if he wins the nomination.
7:03 am
he says the country will be better off with him as president. >> i'm fighting some very nice people. even though i'm leading in the polls. but they are very nice people. but they are never going anything with these countries. they are never going to be able to do it. it's something that's special. they don't have it. believe me they don't have it. it will be more of the same. martha: the chief strategist and communications director for the republican national director, good morning. the front page of the "new york times" says more and more of the gop is seeing donald trump as the winner. is the rnc prepared to back donald trump as the nominee? >> absolutely. we'll have 15 great candidate take the stage. whoever the voters choose as the
7:04 am
eventual nominee, we are ready to take that nominee and propel them to victory in 2016. martha: the big question is donald trump a conservative? do you believements a true conservative? >> i don't mean to eve rate the question, but i don't think anyone cares what i or anyone in thinks. it's up to the voters to decide which candidate has the vision to go forward. they will throw some elbows and talk about who can carry on ronald reagan's legacy. but it will be up to the voters to decide. martha: i get it. we remember the meetings early in pratt says with reince priebus and donald trump in new york. clearly you have to have changed your perspective in the past couple months in terms of
7:05 am
whether this is for real. >> it's always been for real. you look at mr. trump's numbers. he has sustained a front runner status for a long period of time. there is also a misperception. we talk to every -- martha: we lost his audio. sean, can you hear me? >> i can hear you great. can you hear me. martha: i do have you. we talked about the fact that jeb bush has so much support in terms of dollars and he's controlling out brand-new ads in iowa and south carolina and new hampshire. but donald trump raised the question, is this the way we are doing things anymore? he's carrying out his campaign
7:06 am
basically through twitter. >> mr. trump has a different approach because of the celebrity status he has and his success as a businessman. each of these campaigns is running their campaigns differently. if you look at a candidate like rick santorum who didn't have a huge budget but visited every one of the counties in iowa and that propelled him forward into a lot of the other states against mitt romney. each candidate will look at what tactics and which strategy is best for them. for donald trump it's different because of his name recognition and the celebrity he brings to the race. martha: in terms of the pledge he signs, do you think he sticks to that? and he says he wants to be treated fairly by the party. what do you think he means, being treated fairly?
7:07 am
>> donald trump and ben carson and carly fiorina are new to the process. when they enter this they don't necessarily have a huge relationship with the rnc and understanding we treat all candidate with the same level of fairness and we believe it' best for the voters to decide. once mr. trump started to see that level of fairness did exist i think he felt comfortable with how he was being treated and reflected that in his comments. i have got to take every candidate at their word. if people pledge they are going to support the republican nominee. martha: what about the second tier, the four who are still there, i talked this morning there is just too many people in this next. do you believe that? have these people already lost the nomination in your opinion? >> as far as the number goes, you look at the quality and diversity in this field.
7:08 am
it's historic. you are talking two cuban americans of world renown black neurosurgeon. a successful businessman. former senators, former governors, these are amazing people. so it the not a question much numbers. because you have some quality of candidates. as far as the second debate goes. you saw in that second debate fox hosts it gave carly fiorina an opportunity to shine. so anything can happen. it's early in the process. martha: thank you very much. we look forward to tonight and seeing you on the other side. bill: from california. after that debate wraps up, make sure you watch this lineup. o'reilly is live at 11:00 eastern. megyn is live at midnight. hannity is live at 1:00 a.m. eastern time. full analysis. martha: late night for all of
7:09 am
those folks. how late will we be able to stay up? we'll watch and wake up early in the morning and get back in and talk about it tomorrow. i can't wait to have it behind us so we know what happens. bill: fiorina did well in our debate in ohio. martha: excellent moderating was the key? bill: i firmly agree. rick perry stated his failure to crack the top ten was the reason why he had to drop out. martha: foreign policy is expected to be one of the main topics of the evening. one candidate taking a page out of president reagan playbook. remember this? >> some people say they are the same, others say it's vicious and dangerous. since no one can really be sure who is right. isn't it right to be as strong
7:10 am
as the bear? martha: does 1984 resonate in 2015? bill: a fox news exclusive on a bill clinton aide zog approve a speech just before the negotiations began. martha: police just released a 911 call from a college professor accused in a deadly shooting spree. >> you will find all of her family's phone numbers and things in her phone. you can contact them. >> what is her name? ? ? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason?
7:11 am
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. bill: police released a 911 phone call from a college professor. he can be heard telling operator he shot his wife in their home. >> you need to send a unit over to 2323 santa cruz. i shot my wife last night. >> what's your name?
7:15 am
>> that's all i'm saying right now. bill: amy prepar prentice was fd shot. and he also killed another professor in his office. police have not released a motive for those shootings. martha: fox news obtaining emails from an aide of former president bill clinton asking the possibility of delivering a paid speech to a group of tied to the iranian government. no big deal according to lanny davis. >> the aide asked the question and the answer was no. whether the aide should have asked the question ... bill: that many the question there.
7:16 am
you have see something wrong this yes or no. >> no, i think it worked. the aid asked the question and the answer was no and president clinton never did it. martha: ed henry broke this story. you heard lanny davis. he says this is the procedure touch run it up the flag pole, it was an aide, not bill clinton directly. not a problem to ask if you can give a speech. >> reporter: that's what the clinton camp told me. the idea that the former president's office brought to the state department even the possibility that he would deliver a paid speech to the national iranian american council which has been seen as the lobbying arm for tehran. they denied that. but they publicly called for the
7:17 am
end of all u.s. sanctions against tehran. this was in june of 2012. what happened in july of 2012? hillary clinton's top aides started meeting secretly with iranian diplomats about paving the way to the iran nuclear deal anding sanctiono -- and ending sanctions against iran. for her spouse lobbying the state department and on the officers while she is secretary of state raises questions that are uncomfortable for the campaign. and speech requests involving a group tied to north korea. the democratic republic of congo. its seems odd that somebody in his office didn't say some of these are icky. martha: you points out new revelations how involved she was
7:18 am
in the early stages of this iran deal. people are going to start saying, hillary tell me how you have arranged the iranian deal and got it off the blueprints. what's the i am exact overall? we have been looking at her recent polls. does it feed into this narrative about them being fived into all of these different potential money sources for the foundation. >> it could because there is one word that under lies this free-fall in the polls. which is trust. that's what she is looking right now. you have see that in that washington post poll. democratic leaning women. she lost 2 points in one month alone. the last point i make on that. we are talking hype about the second republican debate. the democrats haven't had a single debate so far. so some are not happy about it. that insures hillary clinton doesn't get uncomfortable questions about speak
7:19 am
engagements and the clinton foundation for a long time. martha: let's bring in steve hayes. other issue of is whether there will be a special council to investigate this email issue. then it will be a doj decision whether to prosecute. here is senator john cornyn. >> this is a test for her. she believes that politics ought to be subject gentlemen gate to the rule of law. and this is her chance. clear live if there is a conflict of interest, the appearance of a conflict of interest. martha: steve, what do you have think? >> i think that's a strong case that senator cornyn makes. you can point to the justice department defense of hillary clinton on these matters in court. just this past week and the past several months. you have got the f.b.i.
7:20 am
investigating secretary clinton and on the other you have got the justice department defending secretary clinton. to go beyond that what senator cornyn said, you are asking people to investigate their former colleagues and the current democratic frontrunner for the presidential nomination. that all so creates additional tension. i think there is a call for this special counsel. martha: when hillary clinton was asked about this, she said i warrants it out all out there. if that's true there should be no problem having a special counsel take a look at them. >> there is a lot of gray area in this clinton email matter. what's black and white here is hillary clinton does not want this all out there. she could have put them out there and followed the typical state department procedures with respect to retaining her emails. she could be pushing for more transparency.
7:21 am
it's clear hillary clinton does not want all of this out there. i think there was a reason she kept a lot of this hidden and maintained her eachs the way she did. the big question is why she did that. bill: 21 past. deadly flash flooding leaving a community in shock. >> oh, no! oh, my god! it went over the fence! bill: women and children were swept away in the blink of an eye. the search to find those still missing today. martha: debate moderators say they will put a focus on foreign policy tonight. what will ben carson and donald trump have to say about iran. >> people are disgusted with our income tent politicians. they are disgusted by what's
7:22 am
happening to our country. [ school bell rings ] ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs.
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7:26 am
wall of water taking everyone in the blink of an eye. >> oh, my gosh. oh, no. [screaming] bill: women and children inside the van as floodwaters swept it away. jeff mcadam from fox salt lake has latest from there. >> reporter: it's a quiet morning in hildale as the run rises, stark contrast we've seen past few days. they will look for the final victim after two vans swept down this road, over this ledge and then taken downstream. as floodwaters rushed by her house, virginia black starts rolling as three cars float by her front porch. >> oh. >> i knew there were a vehicle in there because they parked over there. and then you could see the windshield wipers and headlights. >> reporter: washington county
7:27 am
officials identified names of three victims recovered from flooded waters after flash flooding swept through streets of hildale monday night, picking up cars -- >> they got the van. oh, my god. >> reporter: threatening houses in its path. >> it is unbelievable. something you never expect to see or deal with. the community is in shock. >> reporter: lieutenant governor spencer cox toured the destruction tuesday after the city was declared disaster. walking around the city streets and a town that is in disarray and the community looking for outside help. red cross was called in. disaster funds have been approved. crews continued search efforts for the final victim. the streets are drivable but very much so a city in disarray. local officials place ad water boil advisory here. local officials will check the water in the next 24 hours. in hildale. jeff mcadam, fox news. bill: jeff, thank you for. crews searching 20 miles north
7:28 am
of zion national park. four hikers among 16 victims killed in the flash flooding two days ago. three hikers are still listed as missing. that rain came in a flash. martha: republican presidential candidates staking out their positions on foreign policy tonight. >> what we need is a commander-in-chief who makes clear, if you join isis, if you wage jihad on america, then you are signing your death warrant. martha: we had a bit of time since the first debate last month so with can we expect tonight when foreign policy questions are expected to be front and center? bill: what a night that was, huh? so fresh. space travel in florida, getting a fresh boost from an unlikely man. got a little connection to your computer too so that's your hint. more in a moment. ♪
7:29 am
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7:32 am
martha: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announcing a plan b to stop the iran nuclear deal. the measure which republican aides say would likely to come to vote tomorrow would prevent president obama lifting sanctions until iran releases four jailed americans. tehran would be required to recognize the right of israel to exist. we'll see how that goes. ♪ >> when america does not lead, the world is a dangerous and a tragic place. this is a bad deal. obama broke every rule of negotiation. yes, our allies are not perfect. but iran is at the heart of most of the evil that is going on in the middle east through their proxy. bill: so that was from debate number one from about a month ago. carly fiorina among the hopefuls taking debate stage later tonight, on the main stage in fact for her, expected to be grilled on foreign policy is that something the front-runners, donald trump and
7:33 am
dr. ben carson struggle with or will they nail it? we have the democratic pollster, co-host of a weekly podcast the pollsters. how are you doing, marjorie. >> thanks for having me. bill: take the first question initially with ben carson and donald trump. do you expect them to excel or not on this. >> well, i think they're going to meet the expectations they have set for themselves and that voters have for them which is to have more style over substance. certainly trump is top of the polls now for weeks and months without really offering a lot of detail and meat in terms of his policy positions and his plans, specifically on foreign policy but really across the board. i think the same could be said about ben carson. they both do well because of the style that some people gravitate toward and i think we can expect them, even if they have the same style over substance approach in this debate to continue to appeal to their base of voters. the challenge will be norfolk
7:34 am
who is are looking for some of their candidates to have a little bit more policy meat on their bones. are they going to find that with trump and carson? are they going to find it with some other candidates? i'll tell you "cbs poll" show it is not top concern for people. bill: that could come down to specifics or perhaps, hey, listen, depends on what the facts on the ground are if i am commander-in-chief. watch ted cruz's ad he put out. respond to this about islamic terror. >> there's a scorpion in the desert. for most of us its venom is clear and deadly threat but others refuse to even speak its name. since the scorpion seeks out destruction, isn't it time we recognize the scorpion for what it is, before it strikes again? bill: so that from ted cruz. it reminds you a little bit of the 1980s and the bear in the woods with ronald reagan, referring to the soviet union.
7:35 am
you make the case, marjorie, that ted cruz needs to stand out. why? >> well, he once led, i guess the, maybe bombastic or, you know, the assertive track. he was the candidate, if you liked a candidate who was going to talk tough about everybody, ted cruz was your person. now he has been overshadowed by trump who really, you know is exaggerated version of that kind of approach. so ted cruz i think needs to stand out. an ad like that doesn't have a lot of policy meet obviously but it stands out during a night where people will be paying attention and he needs to move out from that mid-pack in order to stay in the game longer. bill: it would appear, just looking at some of your comments, this would be the wheelhouse for somebody like marco rubio. maybe even jeb bush, john kasich or rand paul. when it comes to carly fiorina, she gave a speech back in july. i was looking at this column in the "washington post" earlier
7:36 am
today, talked about her speech being serious and being sober, being basically ignored because she was drowned out by the press conferences and interviews on behalf of donald trump. so the post asked the question whether or not you can go from flash to substance? isn't that what to could be all about. >> yeah. i hope so, because i think, the candidate should be trying to speak not just to primary voters but really to general election audience because whoever comes out of the primaries is going to want to win the general and really be able to appeal to voters across the board. so i hope we hear some policy, not just style, not just bashing of the president but, a little bit more policy but even if that's not always what voters say they want or what the number one thing they're looking for, i think carly fiorina is an example of a candidate who has very notable style. she has a personal style that she has developed that is uniquely hers. in addition to being able to speak to some of the specifics.
7:37 am
we want to see candidates who show command of the material. i think carly fiorina, lindsey graham, a lot of folks can present that. can they really stand out when you have trump and carson at the top of the list? that is what we'll see tonight. bill: just one final point here. a former member about administration once said that foreign policy does not matter all that much because once you're in office, facts on the ground change and you're basically getting a crash course in foreign policy in the first six months of office. do you agree with that? >> i mean i've heard people say that too. you can't win on foreign policy you can only lose on it. it is not driving, biggest decisionmaker for a lot of voters. and fora lost voters, some of the information, the folks, the places, the key players are not, are not people, are not storylines people are not following closely in the day-to-day life. nonetheless people want to make sure they're electing a president who has a basic knowledge and understanding before they enter the office.
7:38 am
bill: serious world too. margie, thanks for coming out of washington. >> appreciate it. martha: back to capitol hill. there are new efforts to get congress to renew legislation extending health care for 9/11 first-responders. big rally underway on capitol hill. former daily show host john stewart is there. he helped get the james act passed in 2010. -- jon stewart. that bill is expected to expire next month. peter doocy, is in washington. how much is there to get the legislation renewed? >> reporter: a lot, martha. a big chunk of funding for first-responders health care will expire next month. there is urgency to squeeze this on to a crowded congressional calendar. there is urge urge again sy to get -- your again sy to get first-responders care of. backers of measure more nypd officers died of 9/11-related
7:39 am
cancers than died on 9/11. >> you remember when the government told us the air was safe to breathe? >> yes. >> i do too. and now, it is time for congress to get off its butt to do its job. that's what they're paid for. >> reporter: today's event is led by new york senator kirstin gillibrand. everybody in capitol hill has someone in the district enrolled in the program. the rally is raising awareness, 4929 out of 435 congressional districts have at least one resident harmed by 9/11 and helped by the james zadroga 9/11 health act. martha: what kind of opposition to the bill in congress?ter: las vote on this there was how much concern of the federal government would pay for unknown number of victims with unknown illnesses. there seems to be more support this time. jon stewart, who is in town to lobby lawmakers.
7:40 am
he was at the rally a few minutes ago, has meetings set up with democrats and republicans. martha: important story. peter, thank you. bill: fresh video from hungary. this is at border, the southern border of hungary and northern border of syria. police on hungarian side are clashing with refugees. at one point the water cannons came out, the situation continues to get hotter by the day. really no resolution in sight. now we're hearing from other countries too. we're starting to block off their own borders from taking in more refugees now. desperate people they are, washing up meanwhile here on america's shores, greeted with cheers after spending nearly a week at sea on a rusty, nine-foot boat made of steel drums and plastics. wow. try that! how they survived in a moment. martha: and the immigration debate takes center stage in the presidential campaign. so how would the candidates stack up against ronald reagan on this issue?
7:41 am
>> we need to deal with people that come with a legal visa and overstay. we need to be much more strategic on how we deal with border enforcement, border security. we need to eliminate the sanctuary cities in this country. it is ridiculous and tragic. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not. but you know the difference. e*trade's bar code scanner. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade opportunity is everywhere.
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7:44 am
♪ martha: this is getting interesting. a pro-immigration group turning to ronald reagan, using his words to attack some of the republican candidates as they lay out their positions on immigration. now here's donald trump addressing his concerns about immigration last evening. >> they're disgusted when they allow people to walk right in front of them, standing there, helpless at people just pour into the country. they're disgusted when a woman who is nine months pregnant, walks across the border, has a baby, and you have to take care of that baby for the next 85 years. [booing] martha: hear in the response in the crowd there.
7:45 am
lou dobbs is the anchor of "lou dobbs tonight" on the fox business network. lou, good morning. >> good to see you, martha. martha: first your thoughts on what donald trump had to say last night? >> every time i see him i marvel how clear and plain his language is. he is not talking to me, you, other folks in republican or democrats. he is talking to the american people. he cuts to it. he is saying point-blank he is going to fix illegal immigration. is he saying it in harsh terms? question but he has changed the initial bargaining position. we haven't heard words comprehensive immigration reform for a very long time, which is basically amnesty, giving citizenship to 11 1/2 million, 12 million immigrants. trump changed initial bargaining position. deportation of 11 1/2 illegal immigrants. he established that as fulcrum for debate what we do about the illegal immigration crisis and border security crisis.
7:46 am
martha: for democrats this is feeding right into the hand they hope will be fed and here is a look at an ad that is coming out now from the national immigration forum action fund. let's take a look. >> i've spoken of a shining city all my political life. god blessed and teaming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace. >> they're bringing crime. they're rapists. if i'm elected, they will be out of there day one. martha: they're saying this isn't ronald reagan's message, not the american message. >> the way he is constructing the message is quite different than reagan but he is saying also, something very important. and that is, that we are a nation of laws. those laws will be obeyed and those who violate them will face consequences. we are right now, facing a time in which there is no enforcement of immigration law. not the law that is on the books. a border that remains insecure,
7:47 am
despite the fact that crossing that border, no one talks about this, mexico is the principle source of methaphetamine, marijuana, heroin and cocaine into this country. $25 billion in remittances go from this country to mexico. and beyond into central america. even more money. it is a $50 billion drug trade. then you add to that the cartels revenue from smaug link, illegal immigrants across the border. >> wants to build a wall. he says he can build a wall. the wall will help some of the problems that you're addressing here. >> martha, ronald reagan acknowledged that walls could be built and he said, just as donald trump has said, that there would be a door in it for those entering the country illegally, he and reagan said precisely the same thing. martha: we played a sound bite from jeb bush from the previous debate in august just before we went to the break. and he is saying we need to end sanctuary cities.
7:48 am
we need to end visa overstay which are a huge part -- >> how about that, jeb bush. >> the language is similar. but as you point out the straight talk that is coming from donald trump is clearly resonating with 30 some percentage of republican voters out there but joe biden, who is looking increasingly like somebody wants to be in the middle of this fight for the white house as well, was clearly pointing at donald trump when he made this comment yesterday. take a look. >> this will pass. the trump and that stuff you're hering on the other team -- hearing on the other time, this is not about democrat, republican, it is about a sick message. this message has been tried on america many times before. we always, always, always, always, always, always overcome it. martha: what do you think? >> he forgot to acknowledge that ronald reagan was betrayed. that deal was for enforcement. amnesty for 2 1/2 million illegal immigrants in the country.
7:49 am
that number has now increased five-fold and because we did not have interior enforcementment. we did not secure borders and absolute violation with the agreement with a man, exalted by the national immigration forum and other leftists groups on amnesty and open borders. let's be clear, trump hit a note when he said the united states is being played for fools. that the leaders of mexico are far more clever than the leaders of the united states. that is not an unhopeful message. it is not unoptimistic message. martha: joe biden says it is sick message. it is un-american, what donald trump is saying. whether you break it down whether rules on books should be enforced, whether or not people overstay visa and whether or not sanctuary cities exist, people answer those questions differently. this broad stroke, this is un-american, this isn't who we are, may be compelling for lot of voters. we have to go. >> it may have been compelling 10 years ago.
7:50 am
it is not compelling today. look at numbers. martha: lou, thank you very much. >> good to be with you, martha. bill: jon scott coming up next with "happening now." good morning to you and congratulations on peru. job well-done. >> featuring footage of that in upcoming "happening now," mr. hemmer. last minute preps for tonight's second republican debate as trump continues to lead in the polls. is he softening his message some? what will it take to win this debate. plus a doctor, attorney, 12 staff members accused what is believed to be the largest insurance fraud scam in california history, allegedly performing unnecessary surgery on patients. our legal panel takes a look at this troubling case. all ahead on "happening now." bill: see you at to of the hour. thank you, jon. bringing the space business back to the space coast. what a billionaire has in mind for the state of florida. look out, sunshine state. ♪ at&t and directv are now one.
7:51 am
which means you can watch movies while you're on the move. sitcoms, while you sit on those. and even fargo, in fargo! binge, while you lose weight! and enjoy a good cliffhanger while you hang from a... why am i yelling? the revolution will not only be televised. the revolution will be mobilized. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t.
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7:54 am
bill: future for space travel now setting up shop in familiar territory. amazon ceo jeff bezos announcing his private spaceflight company, blue origin, will launch flights from the coast of florida. tariq malik, editor, how are you doing? >> doing well. bill: what is his idea? >> jeff bezos basically had background plan to build rockets but didn't have a launch site. he is taking old launch site of cape canaveral air force station. home port for u.s. launches. will revitalize it into private facility for new orbital rocket he says will be reusable. kind of a big leap for his program. bill: why is it so significant? why is it a leap? >> basically what blue origin has been doing is building private rockets but haven't had
7:55 am
a big launch site for them. this is big missing piece of infrastructure they need. access to the space coast where we have been launching rockets for the last five decades, and at the same time, access to, you know, a really kind of clean pad that they need. bill: is this revolutionary or this is just more of what we're starting to see elsewhere? >> i think what you see is this whole private commercial space era is really becoming real. bill: real? >> yes. in the we've seen last week boeing announced a new cargo facility in florida for its launch pad. spacex has launchpads in kennedy space center and same place where blue origin picked too and on the west coast as well. they're all kind of galvanizing. bill: spacex is elon musk. >> exactly. bill: paul allen, he is doing some things too with all microsoft money, right? >> exactly. bill: is there any one of these billionaires that have the lead right now? >> well, in terms of orbital flight, getting people all the way into space i think spacex is
7:56 am
still kind of inned heat. they have launchpads in california and in florida. two in florida they're working and building a giant rocket. for suborbital space, richard branson is ahead with virgin galactic. they have a design and building a new ship there. so paul allen, couldn't count him out. they're building world's largest airplane to launch a rocket in seattle. bill: they see the future. and it's right around the corner? >> it's really starting to happen now. bill: thanks, tariq malik, from >> my pleasure. bill: see you in space. martha. martha: all right. well the republican presidential candidates gearing up for the second big bait tonight. a lot at stake those looking to make favorable impression. others feeling the show on the campaign trail. we'll show you what is next.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> memy ple >> my prediction is 11 people on stage. we have to run. but we will be on the radio in a few. >> so, the republican candidates gear up for round two as the campaign shifts into high gear. hello, everybody. >> we have live pictures from the ronald reagan library where another battle could be shaking up between the top ranking outsiders and those referred to as establishment candidates as a recent poll is showing donald trump ahead at the pack and when


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