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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 21, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> and he will soon be the second republican to exit it. wisconsin governor scott walker is expected to hold a news conference at 6:00 p.m. eastern, and fox news has confirmed he will be suspending his campaign. big news in developments before the show today. kicking around the table to see any level of surprise given the latest polls that came out in the wake of the debate? >> he will not be missed. the poll is under 1%. he never got any traction once he had the big score in iowa. donald trump came in and totally stole all of his oxygen.
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i think he will leave a lasting impression in terms of his tenure as governor of wisconsin and taking away collective bargaining from employees. >> was trump hiding in your pocket right there? >> i'll miss him. i like scott walker. >> look, here's the deal. this is the way it goes down. candidates suspend their candidacy rather than just dropping out because they still have bills to pay. the campaign still has to pay the bills. the super pac, now, he has a lot of money. he had $26 million he raised last quarter. you can't pay your bills with the super pac, though. that's why he's doing that. he has to suspend, figure out how to pay the bills, and the super pac has to decide whether to let the scott walker group keep the money or if they want to turn that money over to marco rubio or someone else. so they have to figure that out. that's why that goes down. i found it interesting, within
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minutes of confirming, not even hearing scott walker say he's dropping out, within minutes of confirming he's dropping out, the head of the afl-cio said scott walker is a disgrace not only national, taking a shot at him as he stepped away. that could come back at him. i hope scott walker ends up in a position where he can pay that back. >> the union was just not showing their true colors. that was an unnecessary swipe at the governor on his way out. the union got what they wanted, he's exiting the race. i think we have to admire anybody willing to put themselves arena. not easy to put your family through that, open yourself up and be vulnerable. i admire anybody who wants to serve the public. i think eventually he'll be a strong surrogate for whoever the
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nominee is. he'll be an important person. you think about that debate last week, he got two questions in three hours of the debate. there was a lot of hype about him in the two years leading up to this election cycle. there was a lot of excitement about him. and i think that in some ways that bar was really high for him to clear. i wish him the best, and also i would note that not only did the afl-cio put out a statement, but the rubio campaign has announced they already have received the endorsement of the new hampshire person that was in support of scott walker there in new hampshire. that's an important endorsement for marco rubio. also there is a lot of good staff members on the walker campaign, and as these campaigns consolidate, they're going to need more staff, so i'm sure that some of those people will be getting calls soon. >> absolutely. you just wonder if this is kind of a little bit of foreshadowing, if people will go to rubio from this camp. some of the major donors and super pac will probably play a
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large role in that to determine where they'll place the money, the support and the staffers. >> it's two governors that have dropped out. that's kind of interesting. but the reason he dropped out, obviously, he's muslim. that's why he left. >> damn, i didn't think of that one. >> he said, i'm gone. i'm out of here. he said, i can't be president! i'm a muslim! >> he's a cheesehead. >> you know that i can go now after that comment. >> by the way, he was supposed to do the 5 this week. that's the other reason why he dropped out. >> we could still take him. then he could spill the beans. >> more on walker ahead, but first to some other 2016 news. trump accused a supporter of being muslim. and this comment regarding muslims and the presidency.
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>> should a president's faith matter? should your faith matter to voters? >> i guess it depends what that faith is. if it's inconsistent with the values and principles of america, then, of course, it should matter. but if it fits within the realm of america and consistent with the constitution, no problem. >> so do you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i don't. i would not advocate that they put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> sweet ben. in an interview with the hill, carson stood by that comment saying he thinks an american president should be sworn in on a stack of biblgs and not on-- not on a koran. some of his other candidates are slamming him for that. >> i think this shows that dr.
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carson is not ready to be commander in chief. america is an idea not owned by a particular religion, race or anything else. out of many comes one. >> a lot of mix across the board, but ben is kind of a sweet guy that tells the truth as he sees it. he's not the kind of guy that would say, maybe it's not a good idea, it's what you believe, so he's not lying about it. >> then he can take the oath to be president of the united states. a guy could run as a vegan. pick your religion. the founders of our republic specifically said there will be no litmus test based on religion. you can have the second part of the statement that he wouldn't add voluntary case a muslim, but saying a muslim couldn't be
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president. however, he's what he actually believes in good faith. he's not like, lying because his campaign told him, dude, don't say that. >> a rookie mistake. >> and a mistake it probably was. he stepped up. i think there are a lot of people out there who heard that and said, you know what, i couldn't either. he blunder ed that and could say he didn't understand that part of the constitution. in islam, shria law precedes governing law. as soon as you're ready to
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finance the governing law as 13 notice the fact that shri. >> if the muslim was not long to say the shria law, then i couldn't vote for him. nor the woman. >> there are a lot of law-abiding muslims who say, no problem, we don't believe in shria law, no terrorists, no problem. >> isn't that the basis of islam? >> your governing law no matter what. . i don't like it when they're so far out and make it about something else. >> i would be curious if they
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ever ask that question of hillary clinton. i doubt it. they've got plenty to ask her about as well, but this is something that if i were any of the candidates and were asked this question, i think i would have said, objection, it's irrelevant. there is no muslim that is running for president in 2016. i'm running for president for 2016. want to hear about my platform first? taxes, energy, education, whatever it is, i'm not going to count on a muslim in 2016, because there are no muslims for pet. so when they're asking about the refugee crisis this point, white house and sat department for years ago instead of how we got to noint. they have to talk about the world at large. you teach them not to ask a hypothetical question because it's irrelevant. >> i'm going to capture that
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little plan right there from you. >> can i weigh in on this? >> yes, you can. >> i want to talk about ben carson because i want to know where the assimilation is founded or unfounded. that's how certain cultures are. then we have the thread asse assessment of a religion that we believe hasn't addressed. you put those two together, you have people that are understanding earned with muslims overmocking their extremists. but carson, in his defense, did not spend his life in media training. he spent his life operating on babies. he spent his life doing who
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believes all religions are equal a and, and cure a disease while you're there, you're going to pick that guy. you're going to pick practicality over guardism. don't indulge the conservatives who failed obama in a napkin. >> nose credit. he's a rookie mistake. i won seen daul that. >>. >> or, or -- as greg points out, who would you like to have, someone in their life not necessarily experienced with politics, or who would you have th
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th them. >> i have friends that are muslims, they are great people, amazing things. these are fabulous people, but we do certainly have a problem. i mean, you have a problem throughout the world. >> what's the problem? >> you have radicals that are doing things. it wasn't people from sweden that blew up the world trade center, jake. >> it's a fine answer as far as it goes but when i'm on the highway, people on the right like to invoke the constitution s. the signers were all prese s presents. when we they came to write the, that they could not i am. . if you can't say that, you're
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not fit to be president. >> okay. >> you went back with carson and carson thought it was shot. . -- the easy answer for trump is, i don't know, you would have to ask him about that. >> both of them could go like this. the. the reason we're dealing with it is because trump didn't deal with it that night in new hampshire. i wouldn't be surprised if it was a frank of some sort, but there is an employment that believes with the guy said. so you could early. morally or other, to revuitton every nasty comment he hears on the campaign trail? >> he said the guy had a
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beautiful cum shirt on. . if donald trump can't get harassed in any way, or anyone else, do they have theable gags. if you think about a couple weeks ago when we were showing black lives matter. they're the ones that know better than anyone. so you can decide not to deal with it then but i think this shows you have to deal with it later. >> does that shoel regardless of whether it itry. this is the first campaign where you have panelists ouning on the stage have been said at this table a number of times. we used to talk about china all
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the time, remember that? >> yep. >> a lot of this stuff comes from watching us. so it's kind of new. >> this is the source? >> yes, but there's a difference, kimberly. we're not running for president. i don't take myself seriously. but the other thing, too, is what's underneath us, too, in a way, is religion is a team sport, and it's bad for me because i don't have a team. i will never be in the key house. a riz rail i. >> oh, my gosh. new one for. his clock liked like a. . justified that we're now living in. that's next on fox. shopping online...
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american character and, you know, it's these kinds of young people who make me extraordinarily optimistic and hopeful about our future. >> that's the president welcoming three heroes who stopped a major terror attack. but what if that islamist on the train they just tackled was transporting a toy gun to his child for his birthday? those heroes would go to zeros before you could say islamaphobia. now we have a kid named ahmed bringing a clock to school that looked like a bomb. he was arrested for a hoax crime and looked like a star. so far the president invited him to the white house. awesome. i love happy endings. but here's a thought from the department of common sense. as individuals we can make our own decisions about our own
2:21 pm
safety. would obama have felt differently if the thing had looked like a gun? if ahmed brought that thing where obama's kids went to school, forget jail. he would be in the er for months. and try bringing a clock that looks like a bomb to the white house. actually, no, don't try it. you've seen what they do to people who jump fences. so why is school safety a joke but president obama's isn't? because for him in the media, the story fits an assumption of an america that hates muslims. yet it's our fault for r reaeac when a kid brings a wired-up box that occurs in a state where things occur. if see something, say something is bigoted, i'll gladly risk the name calling. this is the thing that bugs me, k. g. if it's planned, i don't care.
2:22 pm
the president could have lauded the kid and the school, because it's about people looking out for each other. the teachers were concerned. instead, tweeting out to that kid, come on over, he basically dismissed the teachers' own concerns, and teachers around the country will be thinking, i don't want to look like an idiot. >> he's pretty much dissing all it is teachers. yes, this was an issue of public safety, safety at the school. the kid was not investigated or detained because he was muslim. get it? does everyone get that? it's because it was a suspicious device that was beeping in the school that scared the other students and the teacher. so what is wrong with being a little cautious? why must you right away assume it's becau he is a muslim student? what if that's johnny who is
2:23 pm
swedish? you have to keep on eye on them. >> there is an argument, geraldo, that they didn't evacuate the school so clearly they didn't think it was a bomb, but maybe they didn't evacuate the school because they were afraid of media coverage. >> i'll give you credit, except when it gets out of the school. here teachers are concerned. don't they have science teachers there, don't they have a principal, don't they have reasonably normal prudent results, they look at it, see what it is, why don't you call the cops? >> no. >> they should have handcuffed him. >> they would never handcuff the kid. >> i want you to play this sound tape from bill maher revealing some interesting background on this. >> i talked to the kid, right? he's from dallas. and i talked to the people in the school district.
2:24 pm
the kid is a super smart kid, science geek. we talked about science. but while i'm talking to him on the phone, as i asked him a question, tell me what happened, because i'm curious, right? his sister foefr his shoulder, you could hear me asking the question, her giving the answer. >> i saw this video that you sent. there is a video that showed the device. honestly, it looks like a bomb with a time device inside a briefcase and i think the school was smart. i think the kid probably really was trying to make something interesting. he took a clock, took it apart, put an led panel on top of it, ilclock device. i'm going to go out on a lisp. i don't think the people reacted wrong. the only person who screwed up was president obama who should
2:25 pm
have brought the student and the cops to the white house, because the minute you don't do something this -- >> that's my point. you've got kids in this country going like this with their finger. >> but no one is upset or crying for those kids. come on. >> dana, would you refrain from intervening in something that could be a topic of ridicule? look at me. >> if i was in the white house, i would say, let's see how this plays out for 12 more hours before it goes out on twitter. . nobody picks up the phone
2:26 pm
anymore. >> like the good old days. richard hawkins believes this is a hoax. he wasn't an ings. the ones ran for president with suzanne a couple times. >> if it had been a bag of powdered sugar, you would have been in trouble for that, too. >> don't snort, either. iran cleans up what death to america means. stay tuned. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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>> translator: death to america. yes, because america is the main cause of these pressures. >> have we been misinterpreting that phrase all these years? iran's president says we should not be taking those words personally. >> i'm sure you realize it's difficult for many americans to get past the fact that president obama has signed an agreement with a country that says "death to america, death is real." >> translator: this slogan that is chanted is not a slogan against the american people. >> "death to america" is a very simple concept. three words. not much room left for interpretation. >> translator: if america puts. enmity aside, if it initiates good well and if it compensates for the past, the future situation between the united states and iran will change. >> do you think, greg, that he believes what he's saying? >> we're missing the whole point. do you remember the song "horse with no name"?
2:32 pm
he's talking about the band america. you know that song they sang over and over again that drove us crazy. it's "death to america" to that '70s band. i almost agree with him but i don't trust our negotiators because obama is operating from a desire for legacy. therefore, he's saying yes before they even arranged the blind date. that's what worries me. it's not that i don't trust iran, i don't trust the white house. he's like a contestant on family feud. he just shouts stuff and hopes it's right. >> for the record, geraldo loves america, the band. >> geraldo, have you interviewed anybody in iran? >> i don't want to waste people's time. >> have you interviewed anyone in iran. >> the foreign minister last year for the general assembly on the eve of the deal. >> let me say a couple quick things.
2:33 pm
iran, the bastion of shiite muslim, i believe has the same side, and the russians do, on the civil war. i'm certainly praying for that. you mentioned the '70s in america. 1979 they had the seizure of the american embassy in tehran. there has been this enmity for our whole lives, iranians chanting this. i grew up in the cold war, and i remember as a kid taking cover under my desk because you were afraid of the soviets and all that. they are beheading, they are shooting people over the prophet mohammad? >> are you kidding me? they can yell "death to america" and we're supposed to say, you don't really understand the
2:34 pm
interpretation -- >> but don't you want to work things out? >> -- and you'll be beheaded? >> nobody has been seen shooting down an iranian liner. >> they have committed countless ac acts. you want a permanent state of war snr. >> i want a permanent state of awareness and common sense. know who your enemy is. >> what do you say to something stupid like that. >> when you talk about terrorists and -- >> that's an anti-intellectual -- >> i can't bring up that we shot down an american airliner.
2:35 pm
>> why do you think they're pissed off? >> it was an accident, right? >> of course, it was an accident. >> was it an accident when the iranians plowed airplanes into our world trade center? was that a mistake? >> our secretary of state is aware of what's going on with eye rooira iran, and he admitted in testimony, that we would use the information that they're going to use it. >> all these sunni migrants are leaving syria because of isis cutting off their heads and killing them. we need peace in that region, we need someone to help us broker peace in that region.
2:36 pm
i believe that the president has done something that history will confirm as a positive. >> i think what you're saying is, we no longer live in a world of good and evil, we live in a world of lesser evils. >> you believe isis is worse, a lot of people believe iran is worse. i think they're both bad, but i believe isis is worse. >> and today it was also announced the iranians themselves were allowed to give. but we're out of time. maybe we can talk about that tomorrow. . they were not a cuban residents. she says they'll
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. in 24 hours, pope francis will make his first trip to america as pontiff. right now he's in cuba where he delivered another mass today. the pope met with fidel castro yesterday to serve one another, not an idealogy. people were supposed to go to the papal cathedral and some were even arrested. here's father morris with more on that. >> the vatican ambassador set up an informal meeting with the dissident at the cathedral. the dissidents knew when they were supposed to come. they came, and of course they got stopped, they got arrested. but the good news is that that's all on camera now. the ap has pictures of them getting beat up and body slammed on the streets, and in the cuban newspaper this morning, it's actually in there that they got
2:42 pm
a arrest arrested. >> so geraldo, the system worked, right? they knew they had an opportunity to meet the pope. they tried to disrupt the papal service and they got arrested, correct? >> i would rather address my affection for this pope. i think he's a brilliant man, i think he's a passionate man, i think he's revitalizing the church. it's the best thing happening to the church. i think those who oppose him because they think his idealogy is too progressive, too far left are being short-sighted. he's very passionate and inclusive. the fact the dissidents kept the people away from the pope, the pope is trying his best to bring light, to revitalize the church which has been so torn apart by scandal and so forth. i love that he's coming. i hope he gets a couple million people in philadelphia on saturday, and i look forward to
2:43 pm
seeing him. we would want to do the same thing here, some dissidents and protesters trying to approach the pulpit, they would get arrested. >> they would get arrested, but we would want to make sure it's not something trying to silence political opposition. if there were a legitimate security threat, that's one thing. i don't know, do we know enough about it? is enough accuracy and information coming out about it so we can make a determination as to their intent? >> greg, your thoughts on the pope. he can take dissidents or the comments on capitalism. >> i don't think he's inclusive at all. we are not looking at john paul ii. he is a pale imitation of john paul ii. john paul ii went out and embraced freedom. pope francis is embracing revolutionaries. freedom eliminates poverty around the world, capitalism eliminates poverty around the world, revolution causes people
2:44 pm
to die. the pope recently made a crisis on greed. do you think isis did what they do on the purpose of money or the purpose of religion? he is a global warming extremist. you're telling me the pope is not an ideolog when he does that? no one bats an eye. >> he is watching the efforts of poor people. >> why are people poor? because they are -- he had the moment to make political freedom in cuba, and he didn't. >> so dana, let me ask you this. the pope is going to address the joint chamber of congress, and there are members of congress who say, i'm not sure i want to show up because of what his message is. is that a good idea or bad idea? >> of course you go and listen
2:45 pm
to the pope. if you disagree, you disagree. i think the cuban government should be ashamed of themselves. my heart breaks for those dissidents because maybe that was the one shred of hope they had for a chance to be heard, and instead they were beaten. i think it's amazing that the united states, the pope, are just constantly giving cuba recognition and opportunity in exchange for nothing. my hope is that when the pope comes and he's trying to revitalize the catholic church not just in cuba but around the world, but particularly in cuba, that catholics pick up the slack of where the pope left off. >> i need to go. 2016 news next. scott walker about to drop out of the political race. "the five" returns in a moment. can a business have a mind?
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this is a fox news alert. we are just moments away from a big announcement by republican presidential candidate governor scott walker. fox news has now confirmed he will be dropping out of the race. walker is, of course, the second candidate after rick perry to suspend his campaign. perry did it earlier this month. walker expected to hold a news conference minutes from now.
2:50 pm
dana, you have the pro. he was from iowa, he was running first in the nation's caucus, stating his support disappeared. what happened? >> there was a lot of hype about him leading up to his announcement, and i don't know if he was ever really able to gain traction. media attention certainly did not go his way. the field is narrowing down in unexpected ways. you would have thought that some of the people who were in the second tier debates in the bottom 5 out of 15 that some of them would have decided to go. but i admire somebody who is decisive, and this is, i think, a good decision for scott walker at this time, and i admire all he does for wisconsin and for the republican party. >> what about mike huckabee, you have all the other governors, jeb bush? >> it puts them on notice. it doesn't matter. experience this time doesn't matter. but like i said, i'm a small person. i want a small field. i think that -- i would love to see at least four or five people
2:51 pm
drop out within the next six days. or maybe six hours. or maybe after the show. just drop. >> do you have a diagnosis of what happens to walker? >> in this respect. look what he did. he was the second to last to get in and seconds from the first to get out. he spent the least amount of time on the campaign trail, which means he likely spent the least amount of money. i have pho to respect a guy for that, not sticking around, waiting and hoping. >> there's about $45 million in super pac money that easily could be available to someone. >> we need to figure out how he can use that. he's a class act, he's very impressive. i think he has a lot to offer the republican party. he'll continue to be a player. >> he's not physically oppressive. he was up against big guys -- i remember mike dukakis was this
2:52 pm
little man who stood on a platform. i think he just got swallowed up. >> i don't think it was a matter of being diminutive in size, i think he didn't get an opportunity in the debate or his moment to shine. >> he also had moments of uncertainty in policy where he took one position and then another, and i think it was hard to galvanize. >> who else is as boring as scott walker? >> that was so mean. this is turning into the meanest table ever. >> i want to go home. >> right? >> i need a drink. plaque psoriasis...
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get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. it's time now for one more thing. miss dana. >> fox news had terrible news over the weekend. mary katherine hamm is a contributor to fox news. that's her husband, jake brewer. unfortunately on saturday, at 44 years old, while efls in a charity bike ride for a friend of his who had cancer, his bike went out of control, hit an oncoming car and he was killed instantly. mary catherine was here on the oe ri oh reilly factor had two children and wguy benson set upa
2:57 pm
go fund me site for her two children. she will need a lot of support and she certainly has our thoughts and prayers. >> our hearts go out to her. god bless her. another news story, unfortunately, of someone passing away. jackie collins died after a six and a half year battle with breast cancer. it's remarkable she was able to live so long with stage 4 breast cancer. it shows the advancements we've made, but there's so much work to be done. she had 30 best sellers, 500 million books sold worldwide, and of course, geraldo, you knew her and interviewed her. >> of course, and she characterized that whole genre. >> hollywood wives and the whole deal.
2:58 pm
she will be missed. >> hearts and prayers and thoughts for both of those stories. a little hard turn going from that to a little bit of a funny thing. the snl star has been set to portray donald trump on snl. you know you've made it when you're that and you know you also made it when you're the subject of a southpark comedy. >> i don't know about government policy, but when it comes to undocumented immigrants, my policy is [ bleep ] them all to death! >> like i said, rough turn. greg, all yours. >> all right, i got a video on
2:59 pm
prego university. and i got that. i hate clay bader. a child walks into their parents' room and discovers they've been doing this. you click on it and they're sleeping. or a police officer pulls over a speeding truck and you'll never know what they were doing. you click on it, it's a truck driver. this is click baiting. i'm tired of it. >> why do you keep falling for it? >> quit writing those headlines because you get me every time. >> i heard chris christie out was the headline. i did my trip to west point to see an army football game when my friend was flying through the beautiful hudson valley. when we got there, that's colonel greg gatson in the middle. he's the only double amputee to
3:00 pm
command the army garrison. i love these guys, they're our future leaders. i led them in their traditional cheer called the rockets. this is absolutely proof positive that puerto ricans can dance. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. once considered a major contender in the presidential nomination and the leader one time in iowa, wisconsin governor scott walker is pulling the plug on a campaign that has been circling the drain for some time now. walker is about to make that announcement in madison, wisconsin. we are going to see that live here on fox newschannel. a stunning drop for governor scott walker. while we wait, senior political correspondent mike manual is here with details of a campaign that has changed trajectory. mike? >> good evening. scott walker's campaign was off to a fast start, red hot in iowa and ofhe


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