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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 22, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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this is absolutely proof positive that puerto ricans can dance. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. once considered a major contender in the presidential nomination and the leader one time in iowa, wisconsin governor scott walker is pulling the plug on a campaign that has been circling the drain for some time now. walker is about to make that announcement in madison, wisconsin. we are going to see that live here on fox newschannel. a stunning drop for governor scott walker. while we wait, senior political correspondent mike manual is here with details of a campaign that has changed trajectory. mike? >> good evening. scott walker's campaign was off to a fast start, red hot in iowa and of the initial frontrunner.
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but with a crowded gop field, fundraising became more and more difficult. in fact, the latest poll from cnn shows walker has dropped below 1% support. many conservatives expected walker to take on public sector unions and winning, but his performance was considered mediocre and he was unable to give his campaign a shot in the arm. now the debate is all political outsiders. >> ben carson is dealing with flagging support in the latest cnn polls and a religious controversy somewhat of his own making. donald trump continues to lead with 24% support, but he slipped eight points. carly fiorina has jumped up to second place with 15% after being widely seen as the winner of last week's gop debate. dr. carson slipped to third with 14%. senator marco rubio jumped up to 4th at 11% after receiving positive reviews in the debate,
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and jeb bush is number 5 with 9%. i asked mr. carson if religion should matter to voters. >> if it fits within the realm of the constitution, no problem. >> so do you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i don't. i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> in iowa sunday, senator ted cruz marked the naanalysis of a legal scholar. >> the constitution provides that there should be no religious beliefs in congress. >> this does not agree with the vast amount of americans, and i actually do believe the views by dr. carson are entirely inconsistent with the constitution that does actually guarantee the freedom of religion in this country.
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>> a republican rival noted there are approximately 3500 muslim americans wearing the uniform of the u.s. military loyal to this country. looking live in madison, wisconsin, governor scott walker. >> i don't want to say anything about the campaign, i just want to say on behalf of our family, we want to extend our sympathies to the family of wisconsin supreme court justice patrick cook. we will let the supreme court make the official announcement, but we want to pass on our prayers and sympathy to him and his family, certainly his wife and his children, and all of his extended family. we'll have more to comment on that in the days to come. as a kid, i was drawn to ronald reagan because he was a republican and a conservative. but most of all, i admired him because of his eternal optimism in the american people. that thought came into my head when we were all standing on the stage at the reagan library last
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wednesday. ronald reagan was good for america because he was an optimist. sadly, deathe debate taking pla in the republican party today is not focused on that optimistic view of america. instead it has drifted into personal attacks. in the end, i believe that the voters want to be for something and not against someone. instead of talking about how bad things are, we want to hear how we can make them better for everyone. we need to get back to the basics of our party. we are a party that believes that people create jobs, not the government. and the best way to grow the economy is to get the government out of the way and build it from the ground up. we are a party that believes that the way to measure success in government is by how many people are no longer dependent on the government, because we ultimately believe in the dignity of work. we are the party that believes
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that strong military leads to peace through strength, and that that will protect our children and future generations, that good will ultimately triumph over evil. we're a party that believes in the american people, not the federal government. these ideas will help us win the election next fall, and more importantly, these ideas will make our country great again. if we focus the debate on these types of issues, we will require leadership. when i was sitting in church yesterday, the pastor's words reminded me that the bible is full of stories about people who were called to be leaders in unusual ways. today i believe that i am being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive, conservative message can rise to the top of the field. with this in mind, i will suspend my campaign immediately.
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i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so the voters can concentrate on a number of limited candidates that can offer strong, alternative beliefs to the campaign. this is a difficult decision as so many wonderful people stepped up to support our campaign. tonette and i are very thankful to the many outstanding volunteers and staff who helped us throughout the campaign. you all have been like family to us. speaking of family, i want to personally thank my wife tonette, who has been a rock, as well as our two amazing sons, matt and alex. i thank my parents and my brother david, and all our other family and friends for their love and support. most of all, i want to thank god.
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i want to thank god for his abundant grace. win or lose, it has always been more than enough. thank you. >> governor scott walker suspending his campaign. that's the technical term, but he's essentially dropping out of this race. not only that, he is encouraging other candidates to do the same. like we saw with governor rick perry from texas, he also said there are too many personal attacks, not enough focus on what the gop should be pushing for, which is positive solutions. let's bring in our panel a little early, an expanded panel. fox news political panelist hume. someone who knows scott walker well told me that rather than run on who he is, he ran as who he thought voters wanted him to be, particularly in iowa. and that was his demise. he could never get traction even
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from the start. >> it may well be the case, bret. this is a political cycle in which a lot of voters are saying they want their leaders to fight. we're particularly hearing about the congressional office in washington, they don't fight. here is a governor who has fought in some tremendously bruising battles with the public employee unions in wisconsin and prevailed several times. and yet that image of a real fighter was not the character that we saw on the stump, and particularly not the character we saw in the debates. the man in the debate seemed retiring, he seemed not to have a lot to say, he didn't use his full-time particularly in the seco irs first debate. in the second debate, he didn't get called on much so he failed to make a splash. he needed to raise his game, and he didn't do it, and this is what you see.
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>> the last time he was leading in iowa, leading, was in july. the nbc marist poll had him leading the pack in iowa. then you have the nrc poll that came out and he's less than 1%. >> remember, iowa is a neighboring state. he had a reputation there. he thought this was going to opal alternatives to him, avenues, i should say, that weren't available to other candidates. and with iowa, he would go on to new hampshire. he's not an outsider and this is the season of the outsider. secondly, i don't think he demonstrated he could move beyond the union issue. that was the reason for the candidacy, but then he had to demonstrate that he was more than that, that he had some national appeal, and he never could get traction on that front. i think in the short run, if you're governor kasich in ohio,
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if you're one of the insiders as opposed to outsiders, you might have something to gain from his departure. >> the walker co-chair has signed on to the rubio campaign and you're starting to see some shift there. >> i think you're both right as to why he couldn't get traction, but a lot of this is about money. that's the precipitous reason for why he dropped out. he was broke, and his donor was going elsewhere, as you just indicated. this is a guy that didn't have the resources to stay in it. there are a lot of campaigners still in it, not getting traction, but have the bank account to stay in, the longevity. it shows you the importance in a race like this of having those resourc resources. >> striking how he phrased it, though, charles. striking the field was my political duty. >> you rarely hear that.
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you might hear it was my calling to consolidate the anti-trump forces. that's what he was saying. he referred to the frontrunner. we all know why he dropped out. he peaked early. when he peaked early, he was way out ahead of that one great speech he made in iowa. he then played safe. when he got a difficult issue like subsidies for biofuels in iowa, he fudged, he said, i'm not going to talk about certain issues. he was sitting on a lead, which was an early lead in iowa. when he knew he disappeared in iowa, it was over. in a way, it's kind of patriotic. he thought, if i get out -- well, he's dead broke, anyway,
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that clinton are are out of the way the winner started in the field. we want to put up that poll, that's july. it's mid-september. i saw people on twitter saying he's the mpalenti of the campaign. >> the problem cause of his being out of money, that's a primary reason for a lot of people to drop out. maybe they're in a little de. >> it was interesting in his comments he mentioned only trying to overtake the
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frontrunner in the upcoming ranks. he never mentioned. i think it's a testament to the strange atmosphere in which we're operating. the two very successful, quite conservative governors. in a year when. you don't want to be on it at all based on current poll results. thts a year wrrl. hillary clinton, as a outsideer. . peanut company steve parnell after knowingly shipped peanut butter and lab tests.
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700 sick. parnell could have received 800 years. he was one of two americans released by shiite rebels in yemen. iran is a former marine. this is a live look at chicago from our affiliate fox 32. the big story there tonight, more than 300. they were on the street to battle that violent crime. they will be filled by lower paid civilians. that's the live look outside the
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while hillary clinton tries to help the public identify who she really is, her campaign has identified a new primary target of its wrath. ed henry tells us tonight his
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strategy is already having an effect. >> it's the hillary clinton campaign to begin to lay out plans to tweak and expand obamacare. the potential changes caused ripples on wall street. the stock taking a hit that the frontrunner plans to target what she calls the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs. >> i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these expenses. >> yet in a year when non-politicians are rising high, a clinton insider told "face the nation" she would be the outsider of the first female president. and then how she plans to be more authentic, clinton stumbled when asked to describe the real hillary clinton in three words. >> just three. >> just three. i can't possibly do that. i mean, look, i am a real person with all the pluses and minuses that go along with being that, and i've been in the public eye
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for so long, it's like the feature you see in some magazine sometimes: real people actually go shopping. >> with democrats shopping around, the wall street journal is reporting it's more likely vice president joe biden will get in, though he still sounded emotionally uncertain in an interview with a catholic news organization. a new cnn poll shows biden's decision will have a major impact on clinton. the poll shows that after some stumbles, clinton has risen back up to 42% with socialist bernie sanders at 24% and bid ant 42%. sanders only picks up four points to 28%. over the weekend, sanders drew 3,000 supporters to the campus of the university of new hampshire, the same spot where clinton drew 350 people on friday. while on saturday, the chairwoman of the democratic national committee was heckled.
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>> my friend, what's more important, drawing a contract with republicans or arguing about the dates? >> they quoted a "washington post" report saying clinton limited debates to just a few, the other campaigns push for far more and are presented with a schedule for just six. bret? still ahead comes increased scrutiny. how carly fiorina is holding up. ooñóokñ.??????ó
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secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. will open its doors to tens and thousands of more refugees. meanwhile, white house officials
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say they will also direct $20 million in humanitarian aid to syrian refugees. reports in one border crossing with hungary shows the scene relatively calm tonight. this evening we look at the danger migrants face as they try to find a better life. benjamin hall reports from greece. >> reporter: for many refugees, the idyllic island of lesbos is the land they so hope will embrace them. we saw them today as they came over, one after another, fleeing the horrors behind them, joining what has become the biggest mass migration of people since the second world war. more tragic scenes, yet another boatload of people has come across, leaving the chaos and conflict in syria, the be he beheadings and the gas attacks, headed to europe who may not
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want them. two nights ago, 24 drowned. the night before that, 36. before that, 20. this tragic journey is only possible due to a massive human smuggling route, and traffickers charge hundreds of dollars for the one-hour journey giving the desperate refugees a life jacket, putting them in a boat with a small motor and pointing them across the sea. i left syria, she said, because i didn't want my children to die in syria. but even here, that journey is just beginning. once on the island, they are put into karcamps, herded onto ferr and pushing from country to country until one will take them. it appears as though the u.s. will do more to absorb those numbers. secretary of state john kerry saying he will raise the number of immigrants from 75,000 to
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105,000, rising to 120,000 in 2019. the world's top automaker as the justice department has announced a criminal probe into the emissions testing scandal. volkswagen is accused of rigging the exams in the u.s. for about half a million diesel cars. the company ceo apologized sunday and is promising to cooperate with an investigation that could bring a fine of up to $18 billion, with a b. vw lost around $15 billion in market value during today's trading. the dow was up today 126, the s&p 500 gained 9, the nasdaq finished ahead 2. no "grapevine" tonight. when we come back, scott walker is stopping. carly fiorina, however, she says she's just getting started. need to hire fast?
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go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to we told you earlier republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is seeing more attention and better numbers in the latest polls after her showing in the most recent debate. senior national correspondent john roberts looks at how the increased attention is impacting the candidate and the campaign. >> carly! car l carly!
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>> carly fiorina took a gamble at getting in the last debate, one that paid off big time putting her in second place in the national poll. >> reporter: did you realize at that moment what you had done for yourself? >> well, every break i would go over and talk to frank, and so every break he would say to me, you're doing great, you're doing great, and then i would look into the audience and i had supporters in the audience. and so i would see some of my supporters, you know, and they would be doing this. >> reporter: while she had many moments during the debate, the biggest was her scorching response to a question on planned parenthood. as we walked the streets of mack nau island, michigan saturday, she told me that moment was completely unscripted. >> i didn't know that line, i hadn't prepared that line, i didn't know that question was coming. i was just speaking from the heart. i feel so strongly about that. it is about the character of our nation. and i think most people who actually have the courage to
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watch those tapes know that instinct acti instinctively as well. it really has nothing to do with pro life or pro choice. >> her rise would prove meteoric, but the road to get here was tough. she lost a bid in florida, spending much of the campaign to fighting breast cancer. she told me that fight gave her courage to shoot for the highest office in the land. >> when you face a life-threatening or a tragic situation, you lose a lot of fear. and so the things that might have caused you to be afraid about something, i'm not afraid. i'm really not afraid. >> does anything >> not really. >> reporter: fiorina told me she is fully prepared to embrace the target on her back that comes with top tier status and expects
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that donald trump's attacks over her time leading hewlett-packard are just the beginning of what lies ahead. >> is it possible that what was the pinnacle of your corporate career could also be your achilles heel? >> it's a record i have to defend, and what donald trump is doing now is precisely what the democrats will do because he's using all their talking points. i know what he's saying, and of course people have a right to ask me about my record. i have no trouble being asked about my record. i'm going to run on that record all day long. >> reporter: before the candidates in greenville, fiorina invited me to dinner with her traveling staff. >> that's always tough to eat, the cheese coming out of your mouth. >> reporter: often misinterpreted as cold in public, fiorina laughs and became very emotional telling me about a poem her stepbaudaughte
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wrote to her before she died in 2009 of drug and alcohol addiction. >> it says basically i don't tell you enough i love you. and that's the thing, you know. when you love someone, you realize you never say it enough to the people you love. >> reporter: it's a perspective that keeps fiorina grounded through the inevitable highs and lows of the campaign, the compliments and the criticism, the adulation and the insults. >> life is not measured in time, it's not measured in success or wealth or anything we think it's measured in. it's measured in love and moments of grace and positive
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contribution. >> reporter: fiorina will spend the next three days here in south carolina beginning with an appearance tomorrow at the citadel where she'll talk about foreign policy and national defense. before then she gets a chance to show her lighter side, appearing this evening on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. bret? >> john roberts, thank you. the pope prepares for mass in cuba as the u.s. prepares for his arrival tomorrow.
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we are less than 24 hours to the start of the historic visit to the u.s. of pope francis. he spent today with worshippers in cuba. but much of the attention tonight is who the pope is not seeing. steve harrigan is in havana this evening. >> reporter: the leader of the catholic church brought gifts for the man who banned the church in cuba for 50 years. among the books pope francis gave to fidel castro was one from fidel's high schoolteacher, a priest sent to exile along with hundreds of other priests of the castro regime. at huge outdoor masses here, any criticism of the pope has been indirect.
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>> service is never idealogical. we do not serve ideas. we serve people. >> reporter: the pope has not scheduled any official meetings with cuban dissidents. those who have tried to attend have been pushed back by government security. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: the pope has spent some time with fidel castro, but he has no time pho meet with peaceful groups fighting for human rights. >> reporter: other cubans afraid to speak on camera are more concerned about their own fight for survival. this man told us, i know the pope is here. i have one problem. catching enough fish to feed my family. the visit, first at cuba, then to the u.s., is likely to spotlight the diplomatic relations between cuba and the united states, seen by many as a key goal of the first latin america pope.
1:41 am
>> this is to this pontiff what the berlin wall was to john paul ii. it's a place which has caused division and hostility and distrust and suspicion. his mission is to bring that wall down. >> reporter: cuban dissidents were also not invited to the reopening of the u.s. embassy in july. the pope will end the cuba leg of his trip tomorrow and head to washington to address a joint session of congress, and quite possibly lobby congress to end the cuban embargo. bret? >> steve harrigan in havana. steve, thank you. don't take it personally. that seems to be the message to you from iran's is the approxima -- president about the "death to america" chants. here's the iranian president's explanation. >> translator: this slogan that is chanted is not a slogan against the american people. our people respect the american people. the iranian people are not
1:42 am
looking for war with any country, but at the same time, the policies of the united states have been against the national interests of the iranian people. >> he says u.s. and iran have taken the first steps to decrease the enmity between them. benjamin netanyahu is being told that syria is not drawing a line between the syrian state. putin insists syria has its hands full trying to save its own country. we're also learning israel and russia are planning a coordination cell and make sure they are not. the head of china's economy visits the white house in what could be a tough talk about a
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range of issues. tonight james rosen begins a series on u.s.-china relations way look at what's at stake economically. >> at the taiwan satellite launch center in the province, they debuted a new class, the pei wei satellites. it's another reminder of which contests u.s. leadership even as the communist party has slowing growth, wobbling iran and hints of domestic unrest. >> if i was the leader in beijing, i would be looking at internal problems as being at least as worrisome as external problems. we have an economy that is slowing down and a market that's very volatile for separate reasons, really undermining chinese competence in their own economic system. >> with president obama said to
1:44 am
welcome president jinping this week, the u.s. economy is arguably more dependent on china than when mr. obama took office, as judged by our overall trade deficit, the composition of our export market or chinese holdings of u.s. treasury bonds. such trends led michael pillsbury to write about china's ability to export in global power. >> our efforts to improve their human rights record and turn to democracy elections, stopping the cyber security attacks. this long list of issues. we just don't have the leverage we had back in the '80s when we did not use it. we were too optimistic china would turn out all right. >> now what leverage the u.s. has is discouraging u.s. reforms. >> it puts enormous strain on
1:45 am
our bilateral relationship, and it is a critical factor in determining the u.s. trajectory with one of china's ties. >> with one of the most aging populations, china did open upstate-owned sberp prices to loosening the one child policy. next up, hillary clinton's oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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i have been in the public eye for so long that i think it's like the feature that you see in some magazine sometime. real people actually go shopping. you know? >> hillary clinton this weekend on face the nation as her poll numbers in at least one poll went up nationally. there is other political news besides scott walker dropping out. we are back with our panel, brit, juan, nina and charles. charles, your take on hillary clinton's performance? >> that was slightly weird. i think it was a lousy question. i you mean, if anybody three words it's hard to do. you don't want to be boastful or self-deprecating. i don't know how you handle that. it wasn't exact lay sterling question. her reaction is her usual she will laugh if she doesn't know where to go as a way to deflect it. you think she counts on people wearying of scandals. somehow when she used the word i'm sorry.
1:50 am
completely insincerely in talking about the emails. she basically said i'm sorry and i have been misunderstood. it did something that the press sort of turned down the heat on the email thing. i do think as i have for a long time, unless indicted she is going to be the nominee. and i think she is sort of stabilizing there will be a lot of bumps along the way it's hard to see path for anybody else. biden could give her a run. i don't think it will succeed. unless does this is a straight shot for her. >> humanizing hillary clinton is the bane of the existence of her strategist and they know. this she comes on this talk show. first it's been almost four years since she has been on a sunday talk show by the way. and that's what we remember from her, i am a real person that awful moment when, in fact, she just spent 10 minutes knowledgeably and very fluently talking about foreign affairs. it was truly refreshing. and, yet, on this, and on the email he quo tha
1:51 am
tough. i was above board. she doesn't say she regretted it because she might have exposed national security secrets or anything like that. it's hurt her campaign. the personal side of things are still tough. but, you know, she is hanging in there in the polls, obviously. >> big question, juan is, whether vice president gets in. he might. he probably will. take a listen to the latest interview where he is asked about it. >> it's not quite there yet and it may not get there in time to make it feasible to be able to run and succeed. because there is certain windows that will close. but if that's it. that's it. but it's not like i can rush it. it's not like it either happens or it doesn't happen. >> i mean, so what is the interpretation there? >> filing deadlines is the interpretation that he is up
1:52 am
against. some filing deadlines and that the donors are asking questions. donors that have been uneasy want to see that he makes a strong commitment. they don't want him to half step because you don't want to anger the hillary clinton campaign by saying oh yeah i'm going to go over here. if he is not really. in and he is not really in. so end of october, remember, we had thought the deadline was going to be in september. now it's october. now, this weekend, hillary clinton was out with her fire wall. black voters at the congressional blackhawk caucus foundation. she had a front row table. obama speaks, makes jokes with her. clearly had some simpatico with hillary clinton. i think that's where you see the numbers. there is a "the washington post," abc poll. her support among whites -- white democrats 31% but among black and hispanics 57%. and on the email controversy, again, they support her and don't doubt her. white voters a whole different by of wax. >> bernie, you want to turn before the news about scott
1:53 am
walker. the big political news today was about ben carson's answer on this question, on meet the press. be. >> >> so do you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutelily would not agree with that. >> and would you ever consider voting for a muslim for congress? >> congress is a different story, but it depends on who that muslim is. and what their policies are. >> obviously this all spins out of the donald trump town hall in new hampshire. >> right. well, i think the question was about as hypothetical a question as you could possibly think of for one thing. there is no muslim running for president in this cycle and no one in sight. in addition to that is it imaginable that someone running for president has a muslim supporting sharia law could ever get nominated and, therefore, be eligible for voted for.
1:54 am
i think it's unlikely. so, my thinking about that is that ben carson probably needed to say that. the question is hypothetical. it's irrelevant to this and i'm not going there. and then turn that to something he would rather discuss. he chose to buy into it and i you think in a way, if you are going to be a republican presidential candidate, you are going to run into a lot of sort of tricky trap questions. and you have got to avoid stepping them into them. he stepped into that one. >> irrelevant if it shows that this candidate that carson is not -- he says it's not in the constitution to elect a muslim when, in fact, the constitution specifically says no religious test would be applied. >> the the question was with is islam consistent with the constitution? ted cruz came out and said i'm a constitutionalist. this is cut and dry. any one of any religion can be president. >> that's not the question. >> that's not the question quite. if had said no islamist, who believes sharia law cannot cannot -- would not be
1:55 am
consistent with the constitution, would he have been in as much trouble as potentially he is now? >> of course not. because that's a reasonable answer. his answer was not a reasonable answer. the constitution isn't only a legal document. it's a didactic document. when it says we don't have a religious test. it wants to teach americans, they already know. that even in your own mind you shouldn't have a religious test. and, look, he contradicted himself. and the second answer was the right one. when he was asked about congress can, he said it depends who that muslim is and what the policies are. that's the right answer for somebody in congress or for somebody who wants to be the president '. and that's an easy answer to make. and it is surprising that he couldn't make it. >> it's damaging though to the party. have you got to wonder. >> it's not going to hurt him in this party, is it? >> that's my point. so uncomfortable. lots of republicans who think president obama is a muslim and would never support a muslim for president. >> that is it for the panel. a final word after this.
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tonight, our fox family is coming together to support one of our own. we offer our deepest condolences and prayers to the family of jake brewer, husband to fox news contributor mary katharine ham. a white house staff jake died saturday as a result of a bike accident while biking can a charity race to benefit cancer research is. they have a young daughter and mary katharine is currently pregnant with their second
1:58 am
... thousandes has been raised in just 24 hours. mary katz written posted this message. quote, this will change us but with prayer and love and the strength that is their companion, we can hope our heartache is not in vain, that it will change us and the world in beautiful ways, just as he did. president obama offered his condolences in a statement calling brewer, quote, one of the best. we are 100 percent behind mary katharine at this most difficult time, fair, balanced and unand still unafraid. jake brewer was just 34 years old. >> it is tuesday september 22nd. coming to america. pope frances just hours away from the historic visit to the united states. we are preparing for the largest
1:59 am
security in history. the brand new warning about terrorists posing as police. >> walking away. governor scott walker makes an early exit from the presidential race. >> i believe i am being called to lead by helping to clear the field. with this in mind i will suspend my campaign. >> what walker is urging the republican party to do now. >> also betrayal from one of hollywood's hottest couples. the shocking thing that one of ryan reynolds oldest friends tried to do to him and blake live lee. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friend
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first on this tuesday. thank you so much for joining us. i am heather childers. >> you made it through monday. >> i am ainsley air part. thank you for waking up early with us. in a few hours pope frances arri -- pope francis arrives for the first time. >> with his holy visit comes major concerns, though, as he arrives in washington, d.c. as far as security. >> the scope of this security operation is kind of tough to get his head around. it is the largist operation ever. >> they are worried terrorists are trying to impersonate police officers an firefighters in order to launch an attack in the u.s. this is not tied to the pope's visit nor credible threats against the pope. this goes to show


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