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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 22, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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face on tv. and you'll be a big part. that is it for tonight. we take attendance and we'll see you tomorrow night. good night. the loirl factor is o'reilly factor son tonight. >> i think the pope is wrong. ininfallability is on religious matters not the religious ones. >> what is the truth behind the political opinions of pope francis? are they anti-capitalist? is he a liberal man? talking points will address it tonight. >> reagan raised taxes, okay? reagan actually had an amnesty program for illegal immigrants. neither of those things would allow reagan to be nominated today. >> the very liberal stephen colbert using ronald reagan to interrogate senator ted cruz. we will show you what happened. >> do you think will ferrell knows anything?
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i. >> i you will debate you any time you pinhead. you come on in here and in 15 minutes me and you. >> also the factor challenges will ferrell and other politically involved informers who-to-a debate. gutfeld and mcguirk have some thoughts. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is the pope a left wing guy? that is the sung of this evening's talking points memo. this afternoon, pope francis landed at andrews air force base. greeted bye bye den and the first lady. the pope is resting this morning. photograph people president
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obama has invited of transgender people and abortion people and other left wing folks to the reception. wisely the pope doesn't want to be used in a photo op. that might indicate passive endorsement of a point of view the president might hold. now, we have been investigating the situation. we will have more on it tomorrow in our truth serum situation. for now it's obvious the vatican is aware of president obama's overall agenda and is not endorsing it however the pope is a liberal guy. no question about it philosophy based on what is good for poor people not controversial social issues. let's stop with cap dalism. november of 2013, the pope said, quote, while the earnings of a minority are growing exponentially, so too is the gap separating the majority from the prosperity enjoyed by those happy few. this imbalance is the result of ideologies which defend the absolute autonomy of the marketplace and speculation.
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consequently they reject the right of the states charged with vigilance for the common good to exercise any form of control. a new tyranny is, thus, born. now, pope francis is correct that some countries, russia, china, maybe even his home state of argentina do allow corrupt crony capitalism where a very few control the wealth. and because of that corruption, most of the people in those countries are poor. in america, there is strict government regulation of our capitalistic system and many poor americans have luxury items. those in the third world can only imagine. this is is the first time pope francis has visited the u.s.a. and i don't believe -- i don't believe he understands our system. i could be wrong on that. the bottom line of the abuse of capitalism is, quote the answer jent golden calf is returned in the eyes of money and relationship of personal economy lack ago truly human purpose.
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again, that is true. greed is not good. and there is plenty of it in this world. pope francis has also made it clear that isis needs to be stopped. it's not the pope's job to come up with a military strategy. he has been strong on the issue. condemning terrorist killers wherever they are. finally the global warming situation. s pope believes it is a areat to the poor. global problem with grave implications. environmental, social, economic, political and for the distribution of goods if the present trend continues this century may witness extraordinary climate change and unprecedented destruction of ecosystems with serious consequences for all of us. now, that's the pope's opinion. and he does use the word if. again, his take is focused on poor people. who will starve if, indeed, radical climate envelopes the earth.
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can you disagree with pope francis, his motives are clear. protecting the helpless. talking points believes all americans should understand and respect the pope for being a champion of the poor. and the persecuted. that is indeed the bottom line of his papacy. that's the memo. now for reaction tonight with us michael who covers catholicism for "the boston globe" and author of the book the tweetable pope and from a mountain view california, a teacher of religious studies at santa clara university. doctor, where am i you going wrong here. >> i don't think you are wrong. i agree with you if what you are saying that the pope's primary mission, primary proclamation. primary intention is to work for the common good and dignity of all human persons that's the principle he wants to be proclaiming and applying. he is not interested in telling us each individual what the application is going to be. there is a big difference between a principle and its
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application. and the pope's job is to proclaim the principle to not make this situation worse, doctor. >> yes. >> if stringent global warming were put into place in the third world particularly, energy costs would sore. and whos did that hurt, doctor? >> the poor. >> i'm with you, mr. o'reilly. >> i'm glad. because the pope has not mentioned that and i you think that was a deficit in his presentation do you agree? >> if you read the entire document, 200 pages there is a lot more than climate change in there. >> i know. that's the issue that's -- >> -- >> sure. >> alienated some americans on him. let's stay on that. >> he talks about how the cap and trade isn't the right solution. is he not offering specific policies he says look we
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have a problem on this planet. let's figure out how to figure this out together. >> it's more of a pollution problem than global warming problem because he even says if nobody knows what global warming is except government i know the pope is close to god. maybe he is getting a little tip. i think the pope francis and the vatican because the vatican is a country by the way. they make a mistake by not being more nuanced here. do you disagree? >> he is lending a moral voice to an issue. he is giving climate activist a moral voice. >> yeah. but he is giving the other side, who would brutalize the poor under the guise of cleaning up the planet, and the poor would just suffer dramatically if that happened. doctor, what else do you want to say about it? >> i think that the pope says that very clearly and cyclical that we cannot solve the climate problem on the backs of the poor. we need it to look to scientists people working in all kinds of communities to
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overcome that look to people who know about climate change and -- >> -- they don't have a clue on how to do it because it's so complicated and they have india and china and all of that let's go to capitalism. argentina obviously not a great demonstration of capitalism because the country went bankrupt because of its corruption and i spent some time there it's off the chart. so, but i don't understand -- i don't know if he understands american capitalism. what do you think? >> capitalism is a tool and he wants that tool to be used well to serve the poor. he will come here and critique capitalism. i think he will find a lot of generosity in america because of the business success. >> it's not argentina. it's not russia and china. what they are doing over there is horrible under the name of capitalism. but, again, the naive at
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this. >> he will nudge people to consider the moral implications as well. it will being message for everyone. >> good visit so far. >> i think he is finally implementing the second vatican council and going around and teaching as one of the brother bishops that he is a very important you voice but he is not the only voice. is he going to listen to the bishops around the world. he is going to listen to the pastors that he talks to. he doesn't come to announce and tell people what to do. >> he is not a dictator. i you like him because he seems to be so sincere in helping the poor. you can't criticize that thanks for coming. in we preached appreciate it. >> thank you. >> the book is the tweeting pope. we are asking you to vote in our bill o' poll. will you be following the pope's visit to the u.s.a.? yernz? stephen colbert attack ted cruz. i threw down the gauntlet
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gutfeld and mcguirk will discuss it with me upcoming. ♪ [music] defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal.
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? in the impact segment tonight. discussion centered on whether ronald reagan would be supported by most republicans today. >> reagan raised taxes, okay. reagan actually had a amnesty program for illegal immigrants. neither of those thing would allow reagan to be nominated today. [cheers and applause] so, to what level can you emulate ronald reagan? >> now, senator cruz doblegd the question. but let's take a look at colbert's assertions. in 1981, soon after taking office, president reagan signed into law enormous tax
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cut in order to stimulate the economy which tanked under president carter. individual tax rates were cut across the board by an average of 23%. in 1986, reagan lowered individual income taxes again. however, did reduce some deductions. and loopholes. that resulted in higher tax payments to the government for some wealthy people and businesses. but, on balance, mr. reagan was a very effective tax cutter. on immigration, there is no question about it, in 1986, mr. reagan signed an immigration reform bill that allowed nearly 3 million illegal immigrants permanent residency in the u.s.a. after doing that mr. reagan promised the border would be tightened and that business people who hired illegal aliens would be punished by the feds. generally speaking those two things did not happen. with us now monica crowley in new york city and kirsten powers in washington. colbert didn't tell the whole story as we always do on the factor. am i correct about that, kirsten? >> well, what said was accurate.
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i guess he didn't -- >> -- distorted. accurate but distorted. i think the point that he was trying to make was that the fact that president reagan did -- he did raise taxes. there was a very small gas tax. there was a cigarette tax. these were small taxes but they are the kinds of things that today, in today's environment, that if somebody tried to do that. if a republican tried to do that they would have a very hard time. if obama had done it, you know, the 5-cent raising five cents on the galings tax would be the path to commune in this environment with this republican base. how much more do you want to hurt the working people. this is an important issue. ted cruz is sitting there, okay? colbert, who has got a left wing agenda a mile long, all right, picks out a picayune little tax things in 8 years and the reason that reagan did it was because there was a short fall of revenue coming into washington. overall the tax cuts reagan
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put into place that stimulated the economy and brought it back from the brink were enormous while this stuff was like this. but the seals that are in the colbert audience -- right. >> they don't know anything. >> you had a comedian there cherry picking things. >> he is not a comedian though. wait, do you really think stephen colbert is a comedian first and foremost? >> yeah. how do you think builds himself as an activist? late night show? >> he stuart both are social commentators first and they use humor and they are both witty guys, all right, to get the social commentary. believe me when i tell you the social commentary, not the laughs but the primary thing. >> bill maher is in that category. >> it's a whole different thing. >> with reagan it's absolutely right about 1981 with the massive tax cut. he also had another massive tax cut in 1986. 1982 you had this huge recession. yes, there were tax increases but that was primarily the cancellation of future tax cuts scheduled
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to take place. >> i don't want to get involved in the microof reagan's tax management. kirsten, i think you would agree with the stats, the man was the buggest tax cutter in the 20th century. all right. i can't go back into, you know, the depression and all that. >> no. >> modern times, the guy just slashed the person income tax. >> no question on the income tax that he slashed taxes. >> let's intich it over. >> i don't think that was the point that colbert was making. the point colbert was making was how the base of the republican party doesn't allow for any kind of. >> he should have said that rather than putting out a distortion on the tax things. >> he raised -- reagan did raise taxes. i mean, he did. that's not what we are in business too to do. we are in business to tell the whole truth. >> the whole truth is that he raised the taxes. i'm sorry. go ahead. >> did do amnesty.
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it would be unacceptable by very few in the republican party. why do you think amnesty today as opposed to back in 1986 wouldn't be accepted? powers? >> here's the thing. i you think it's fair to say so, right. reagan did that at that time, there is no reason to believe that today he would look at the same situation and say we should do amnesty. >> what has changed? >> what has changed is that i think a lot of republicans would say that the amnesty didn't work. reagans saw this being a one-time thing and that if he was looking at it today he might look at it and say that wasn't the best thing to do. we don't know. >> i think more has changed than that. >> one thing i want to say though is the rhetoric that reagan used though about immigration was very similar to the way jeb bush talks about immigration and i think in that sense i don't think people would like him. >> the humane guy. >> right. >> things have changed. >> doesn't like that. >> how have thinged changed? >> well, first of all in reagan's later years he studied the 1986 amnesty as
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one of his biggest mistakes and regrets. >> when did he he do that. >> later in life. in death. life and political career and presidency. he said that amnesty was one of his biggest regrets. two things, number one with, the numbers were so much smaller. >> that's right. >> he was 3 million versus to 11 to 50 million, we have no idea. secondly, he thought it would slow the flow of illegals coming into america and actually incentivized and accelerated. >> the economy is much different now. and for the bottom tier of americans who paint houses and do the labor, now they have to compete against this illegal alien wave which is not a good thing. we could do this in an orderly fashion by giving quotas to different industries what they need. but, of course, congress can't get anything done there there is a political component to this too. the calculation then as now is if we do the so-called act of compassion in whatever form, that hispanics will vote in increasing numbers for republicans. what we showed after 19886 was that was not true.
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the percentage of latino voters going republican actually went down very significantly. >> that should never be an equation when dealing with human beings. >> it's always an equation. >> i know it is but it shouldn't be. >> very good debate. john stossel asking the folks whether he this would support a muslim american for president. and then later, hollywood celebrities talking politics. should there be some standards on that? factor is coming right back.
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would a country founded on judeo-christian philosophy. we wanted to know what the folks think. john stossel took to the streets. >> would you be okay if a muslim were president? >> i think i would be okay with it, yeah. >> i think it would cause too much divisiveness across the country. >> would it be okay with you if a muslim were president? >> yeah, i don't see a problem with that everyone is human. >> i kind of disagree. >> would you vote for a muslim for president. >> yeah. >> no hesitation? >> no hesitation. just do my country right. >> with our war against islam at this point because i really unfortunately think that's what it is i i wouldn't. i wouldn't trust the integrity in the white house
8:25 pm
defending a country so near and dear to me. >> here now is stossel. do you think that carson saying what he he said, that he wouldn't support a muslim running for president is offer? >> well, part of it was offensive to me. but not the part you are thinking about. >> what was offensive to you? >> the way he said i would not advocate we put that person in charge of the nation. and politicians should know that the president is not in charge of the nation. he is in charge of the government and we're in charge of the nation. >> you are parsing just as. >> no, that's important the president doesn't run the country. >> he just objects as an american citizen. doesn't think that islam, lines up with judeo-christian philosophy. and, therefore, if the nation's leader were a follower of the koran, that a lot of things that he doesn't feel are good for
8:26 pm
the country might occur. that's a valid opinion. i mean, it's the same thing. >> sure. it's it the same thing as saying do you want a socialist? do you want bernie sanders? >> no. >> i don't want benchy. bernie is a fun guy. i mean, i would like to go fishing with him if he would shut up. but i'm not going to vote for a socialist. i'm not voting for a socialist. >> there is a difference. a socialist has certain governing beliefs. i don't religion is not how you would quorch the country. >> if you look at islam the government and religion are intertwined in every single muslim nation their laws are based on the koran, you know that every one. >> that's true. but you all week have been on a million tv programs saying judeo-christian country. >> philosophy. >> what do you mean by that. >> i mean the founders of the constitution, the people who forgedz the country believed in the 10 commandments. that's what they based the law on. okay. there is no doubt about that
8:27 pm
they say it in their letters, madison, jefferson, franklin. they may not have been religious men. they may not have been. but they believed in the 10 commandments as the litmus test of what is right and what is wrong. and they also believed that freedom was a gift from god. in the muslim nations, many of them, there is no freedom. so that you have to put all of that and form your opinion. now, would i vote for a muslim president? if the guy was a super problem solver who was a secular muslim, i might consider it, okay? >> i would. >> i might consider it i probably wouldn't but i might consider it i don't hold it against carson for his opinion. the the media a bunch of idiots prejudiced against them. >> the media is looking to pick on any republican and they can. they hate republicans. >> questions are loaded and as i said the other night. when a republican contender is asked a loaded question about religion or about anything, do not answer. just smile and say you know what?
8:28 pm
our foreign policy is a shambles. >> and krauthammer, clean your clock because you can't dodge the question luke that. >> sure, you can you can absolutely dodge. >> i wanted to add. i you asked 25 people. i thought most would have an objection. and your editor split it 50/50. almost everyone just said no, no problem. without hesitation. >> this is new york city. if you go down to mobile, alabama, you will find a little bit of a different. >> probably. >> there is john stossel. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. under pressure from the elevate. hillary clinton is being becoming a radical. wait until you hear what she has to saw on late term abortions. gutfeld and mcguirk on a new poll that says half of the american population fears their own government. stossel is involved. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. i accept i'm not 22. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there
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a whopping 12 gigs for $80 a month plus $20 per phone. pick a size. change it up anytime. it's the simple way to get the best network. and now, get up to $400 when you switch. only at verizon. as we told you last night tragedy has hit the fox news channel. 34-year-old jake brewer who worked as a tech guy in the white house was killed saturday while riding his bicycle for charity. jake was hit by a car. obviously our prayers are with mary katharine ham and her family tonight. we wanted to tell you a little bit about jake brewer. here to do that is juan williams. you knew jake and obviously mary katharine. you are martnerred up with here on the factor every week. tell us a little bit about him. >> it's interesting. when i was first introduced to him. they got married in april of
8:33 pm
'11. they met way back and i think it was on some political panel in d.c. she introduced me to him. and i thought, man, she is going out with tom cruz. this guy was so intense, bill. so vibrant. so energetic. gifted guy. later she told me they would dress up as captain america for halloween. it wasn't that they were fans of captain america but that he was such an amazing guy she thought he could be captain america. that's how special this guy was. >> so he worked in the white house as a tech, right? >> no, no. he was a guy who was helping to create more of the transparency and technology that's used so you would have a better government. this guy, and this is very important to mary katharine that people understand this. he was not some partisan warrior. he was a guy that was trying to make government work for people. and so was beyond the politics of it. >> but he was doing that in a technological not editorial way, right? he had wked for example
8:34 pm
change -- how to use sweater and how you use that to help people and help create better government and the country. >> they put together a family. what do they have a 2-year-old now? >> yes. who and she is pregnant with another. this is another amazing story she said on friday. she i spoke with her today. she said friday she was out of town. he had to stay home and he helped get the 2-year-old out of bed, dressed, fed for breakfast and all of that normally he would have been gone to work. a lot of time. and similarly, when they did an ultrasound on the pregnancy, she had turned her head and jake was able to see the sex of the baby. you know, it's just a matter of grace that he knows. he has a relationship and dreams for that child. >> so the baby is due in november. >> yeah. >> another girl or boy? >> i don't know. >> so, this sun speakable
8:35 pm
tragedy. it happens every day to human beings all across the world. nothing anybody can do about it but say prayers if you are a believer. he was riding his bicycle for charity, right? >> cancer research. >> trying to raise money by doing a bike ride. and what happened? do you know? >> he was picking up speed and racing and lost control of the bike and crossed the yellow line and the traffic from the other side hit him. from i want to tell you. i was talking to mary katharine today. she said she wanted you, bill and the factor family not to look at her with sadness but to understand that jake and she would want to go on in terms of being fun, vibrant, engage people. she wants you, bill, and the factor folks to know that and not to look at her with sadness. is there is a dignity to everybody's life. from what i understand. i never met jake but he was an extraordinary young man. >> no doubt. >> was raising extraordinary
8:36 pm
family with mary katharine. >> and, again, stuff like this happens. and. >> she said to me today. she said she is surrounded by family and friends. his family and hers. she is trying not to let herself go crazy. why did he have to go on that ride? did we spend the last moment doing the right things. >> i haven't talked to mary katharine yet. i won't intrude. what i do want to tell her it's all about your kids now. everything for your life for the short-term. it's all about your children, getting them through. this getting them matured. having a healthy baby and the legacy of jake brewer will live on. it will. we want to appreciate you. i know it's very difficult for you to come in and talk about it i appreciate you doing so. i want to tell everybody there is a fund set up for mary katharine and her two children. one expected to be born in two months. you can help out by going to brewer
8:37 pm
also we have lots of information on bill o' about the fund. when we come right back, hillary clinton going into radical territory on abortion. gutfeld and mcguirk got
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thanks for staying with
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us, i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight. horrific violence continues in chicago. hillary clinton moves far left on abortion. >> this week the senate is going to vote to impose a federal ban on late term abortions. do you support a federal limit on abortion at any stage of pregnancy? >> this is one of those really painful questions that people raise and obviously it's really emotional. i think that the kind of late term abortions that take place are because of medical necessity. >> with us now to analyze attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. the senate democrats have blocked any vote on late term abortion. we knew they would do that i understand had 3 -- 43 states have limits on when you can terminate a pregnancy. only seven states have when you can do whatever you want. >> no ban. >> hillary clinton seems to be on the side of an extreme position. >> she is on the side of these seven states. now, she obviously didn't vote in the senate today.
8:42 pm
she is not a senator anymore. she is on the side of these states. let's go back to 2003, that's what's critical. when george bush put out the partial birth abortion and she said she'd would not vote for that she voted against that that's incredible to me. late term partial birth abortion horrible. >> doesn't have any horrible compunctions about terminating a pregnancy at any time and she falls back, guilfoyle on the health. as everybody knows, this is untee find. a woman's health is undefined. all right? could be a headache could be a matter of a panic attack. late term abortions in kansas under the late dr. tiller where there was a panic attack involved. this kind of thing it seems to me legislation could be crafted that says if the mother's life or catastrophic health affirmed by two separate doctors then you could have it. but, otherwise, it's a barbaric procedure, which it is, all right?
8:43 pm
we are talking about viable babies here talking about babies if birthed will live. hillary clinton doesn't support that. she just says whatever you want to do, if you have a health issue, any health issue you can do. will that hurt her in the race for the president? >> it should. >> it should. >> she is for supporting women. >> reproductive rights. >> the problem is we have a problem here in this country with 21% of pregnancies ending in abortion and there should be no question that you should be on the side of children there are some families out there that want babies. >> i'm wondering whether it's going to hurt her and republicans will be able to make. >> even though minority abortions are much higher. >> they are higher. people that give money to planned parenthood are also giving money to hillary clinton. >> part of the super pac. >> if you vote for hillary clinton at this stage, unless she changes the. you are voting for a woman who wants no constraints on late term abortion. >> chicago over the weekend 8 dead, 45 wounded.
8:44 pm
this sounds like afghanistan, does it not? 45 wounded. 8 dead. we have reported this scores of times nothing ever improves in the city of chicago. nothing. and you know why? because these deaths are in the black precincts. if they were in the white precincts, on the miracle mileage. okay. this would never happen. so this is real racism, you black lives matter fools. this is what racism really is so guilfoyle, why doesn't it get better? >> that's the problem. because there is a complete failure of leadership on the part in chicago mayor rahm emanuel. the blood is on his hand and the police chief. they are complicit in this. you see this kind of death like we are in war in chicago and new york with this kind of blood shed. why wouldn't you step in to do something about it. they don't have an active stop and risk policy in chicago and they never have. >> they don't flood the zone and call the national guard out. they do nothing but they allow innocent people to be gunned down in the streets. >> i did some research on
8:45 pm
the precincts. 333% than last year on murder: >> we hear all this stuff about black lives matter and all. this there is a carnage in the city of chicago that is killing black people, innocent black people. and nothing is being done by the liberal politicians who run the city. >> de blasio isn't doing anything. i agree with you. >> happen in new york but not yet. >> no, but there was seven homicides. >> i know. we got an eye on de blasio. we know what de blasio is all about. neither of you disagree with my a&e assessment here. >> no. it's not. accurate. >> good. i didn't want to have to fire you. >> because we disagree? >> all right. ladies. gutfeld and mcguirk on deck. celebrities talking politics. don't you love that? i love that and americans fearing, fearing their own government. the boys moments away. think your heartburn pill works fast? take the zantac it challenge!
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back of the book segment tonight. what the heck just happened. new poll from gallup just asked this question do you think the federal government poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens? 49% say yes, the government is threatening 49% say it is not. >> are you afraid of the government gutfeld. >> absolutely. terrified of things that don't stop growing. terrified of black mold. if you get a rash that won't stop growing. morbidly obese cat frittens me. do you remember the movie the blob with steve mcqueen. a blob that fit into every nook and cranny. >> i never thought of it that way. that's correct. the blob is a met for. >> you froze the blob and dropped it into the ocean. that's what we need to do with government.
8:50 pm
>> that's what ronald reagan did, didn't he? ronald reagan got the blob. the question the song the blob who wrote it? >> the guy that in new york you is he a cop hating creep is what he is. >> i don't want to call him names. >> i'm >> i don't want to call him names, is what he is. >>. >> you're not afraid of the government. you other just disgusted by it. >> young people want to be safe, watch porn and smoke weed. old people want to be safe, watch jeopardy and patch porn. >> and the government should let them do all three. >> that's a real powerful
8:51 pm
nation. >> and you're not going to leave, are you? >> i'm afraid of anything that quantities to control my life. i want them to leave me alone. >> all right. >> in my little room. >> okay. now, this morning, i was on the book tour for killing ragan. i dropped by fox and friends. and i had said that there are a number of celebrities who are supporting bernie sanders, the socialist. and here's what happened. >> they don't know anything. do you think will farrel knows anything? do you think will farrel knowing anything? >> in "stepbrothers" he seemed to have something special about 4i78. >> gauze ferrel took a shot at me. and i debate you any time. you come on here and in 15 minutes, me and you. or about your films. i'm ready to go. >> all right. now, 2456s a notch.
8:52 pm
but i am getting a little fed up with these people. not that they support bernie sanders. if you want to support bernie, knock yourself out. but does he know what bernie stands for? does he know what he wants? you guys have to deal with me every week. >> that's right. >> do you think ferrel should do it? >> he's a coward. let's be serious. his last mule reel stunk and he's talented. the thing he does on the jeopardy thing -- >> yeah, that's good. it's genius. he's aal ented guy. he's like george clooney. he crosses into these viii realms and you look at them and you go what do you know about him? >> it comes from a subject in intellectual growth. people only like me because i pretend. i'm an actor. i need people to know who i am. to them, it's a cool hobble bee.
8:53 pm
i'm into bernie sanders. it's a park to them. it's a status symbol that may seem more important than their peers. >> what we need is spring college tuition and free health care like they have in denmark. the guy sounds loik he should be selling in coney island. he makes obama politically look like clarns thomas. >> i've had enough, but we're sincere. >> if you'd like to come on the program, you won't have to see them. or deal with them. just you and me, 15 minutes we'll talk about. >> if you can embrace practices that kill the poor. and that's what socialism does. >> yes, it does. and i will explain that to you in a gentle way. >> all right. there they are, everybody. the oriley moving machine strikes again. i don't believe will farrel is going to be in this movie. we'll tell you all about it in a jiffy.
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
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. some good news about movies on my book. the book is a terrific read. it is historically accurate. that means that ronald and nancy reagan are not defied. you don't know what's happened behind the scenes. now, i have to tell you about that because the antio'reilly forces will try to diminish reagan as they always do. bottom line, the book will keep you up at night.
8:57 pm
now, your description of the obama administration's failures of what is unfair. it was based on your perspective, not the president's nation of transforming america into the rest of the nation. my assessment is fair and accurate. the memo is posted on bill o'reilly didn't com. i was sfuned, charles, discounting your incisive talking points.
8:58 pm
capitalism works because it is compatible with human nature or how god made us. francis, stuben ville, ohio. tricia bartel, my brother bought me a ticket as my christmas present. can't wait to see you in december nisville. have you ever been wrong, bill? try not to be wrong on the big stuff. but, yeah, when i'm wrong, i admit. by the way, you should have kept the o, ms. reilly.
8:59 pm
killing reagan will become a movie. now scott free and i produced killing lincoln, killing kennedy, killing jesus. all of which had been ratings, record breakers. say that five times. we are very happy the movies have been solo, you see. and we are close to making a deal on killing patton, which will be amazing. a lot of stuff on that. and that is it for us tonight.
9:00 pm
again, thanks for watching us tonight. we are definitely looking out for you.


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