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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 24, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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one said his spoke is so calming. and dennis is not a catholic but says to have man of his stature to visit the country brought him to tears. thank you for writing. see you back here on monday. >> pope francis about to leave washington to let to new york city. today he became the first pope to speak to joint meeting of congress, and he got some of his biggest cheers with a simple message. >> let us remember the golden rule. do unto others as you -- [applause] >> you know the roast. we'll talk to the author of a biography of pope francis who says the pontiff almost went into politics. polling shows big moves in the race for the white house. a religious pilgrimage turns
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deadly at the hajj. >> there's break news now on fox news channel. washington. news oust seattle which gretchen reported on. now we know it is much worse than first thought. a deadly crash between a duck boat and a chartered bus. the fire department now reports at least two people are dead, and nine people critical on this -- we're told at least 50 people total hurt. according to witnesses a duck boat slammed into the side of a tour bus you see here. part of the tour bus caved in. the picture shows the scene covered in broken glass and now blood and a tire ripped from the axle. a briefing expected any moment now. again, a tragedy in seattle. these live pictures from komo television, our network news service affiliate. what appears to bewo dead, nine critical, and up to 50 injured in a horrible crash.
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more breaking news and at any moment now we expect pope francis to come out of the vat cap's diplomatic mission in d.c. for this final motorcade across the nation's capital. we'll be witching as pope francis leaves washington, set to arrive in new york city. his second stop on his first trip to the united states. the pope started his final day in d.c. with an address to congress. a first from a pope. the house chamber packed with lawmakers and their guests. supreme court justices, and members of members of members of the president's cabinet. >> mr. speaker, the pop of the holy see. [applause] >> leaders in congress warned lawmakers, do not stop the pope or try to pose for pictures at all, and for the most part they seemed to manage to contain themselves. some lawmakers even acted as blockers to make sure nobody stepped out of line.
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the pope admits he struggles with speaking english, spoke a lot, in particular on the fate hoff the less fortunate, urging lawmakers to embrace immigrants and to see ourselves in their struggles. >> thousands of persons traveling north in search of a better life for themselves and for their loved ones. in search of greater opportunity. it is not what we want for our own children. >> the potpourri peteed his calls to appropriate the environment and to defend families and human life. that was the closest he came to referencing the church's stance against same-sex marriage and abortion. after his address the pope appeared on the capitol balcony
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to great thousands of people cheering below. then instead of eating lunch with lawmakers, pope francis helped serve food to homeless people at a catholic charity. lauren green is live in new york city where the pope arrived this afternoon. let's begin with shannon breen who is in washington. the pope touched on plenty of hot button issues. his approach different than some observers were expecting. >> you know you mention thread was discussion of all kinds of issue but maybe not the emphasis, the actual words they wanted to hear. things about abortion, hot-button issue in the states. pope did talk about the fact that life at every stage should be respected, cherished, but here is what he did talk about. >> this conviction has led me from the beginning of my ministry to advocate on
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different levels the global abolition of the death penalty. >> reporter: you can hear there a lot of applause when he talked about abelowishing the death people and talked about the fact that every life has value, including those who committed crimes and would like to see emphasize on rehabilitation instead of execution. >> it's been a by the schedule event, except for people greeting but there was an extra meeting. what happened? >> this one was not on the schedule. but the pope actually met with members of the little sisters of the poor. if that sounds familiar it's because they're engaged in a hot legal battle with the obama administration. a group of nuns who object to the affordable care act. the one that says you have to provide certain cost-freeh contraceptive access to employerees. they argue it does not apply to them and imo'powe signifies on their religious free development
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they've have a petition at the supreme court. in the meantime. the pope quietly meeting with them. they said it was encouraging for them. >> outstanding, it's interesting they asked -- told congress -- not asked -- told them no clapping no clapping, members of congress. don't do that today. not today. this isn't some sort of partisan thing. this is the pope no clapping, and they only clapped 38 times. pope francis is set to land at new york city's jfk airport in a couple hours and take a helicopter into manhattan. police say they add layers and layers of protection for the pope's visit. i think i've lived here for 17 or 18 years. never, ever have i seen this city like this. i don't know if -- do we have the live shot outside the building? you can see dump trucks with sand -- we'll get to that. the city is nuts. security measures include an extra 6,000 police officers, bomb-sniffing dogs on the streets and subways,
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sharpshooters on rooftops. around the corner from the studio police sed up eight foot tall fences like this one, all along fifth avenue. to prepare for the pope's motorcade and prayer service at st. patrick's. shop owners will not be pleased. a live look outside our building. rockefeller center area, our building part of rock rock rock feeler street. there's no cross-traffic in this area. they removed garbage cans and sealed manhole covers along the route the pope will travel, and in addition, coming up sixth avenue, tow truck after tow truck no parked cars allowed anywhere in the parts of manhattan, they're towing every single car and i bet they make a pretty penny, which will be fantastic for them. lauren green with the news live at st. patrick's cathedral which
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has undergone a $170 million makeover and it is spectacular. >> my gosh, it's spectacular. used to be game. never knew it was white. itself is gleaming but also here we are more than three hours away from pope francis showing up here at the steps of st. pat -- stat patrick's for very vespers. and thousands have been lining up for hours. home to'm shops, all closed today. instead the faithful are here, the 40,000 lucky lottery winners going through security checkpoints. that brings up the tight security. a leon onypds fine issues,tsa, fbi, secret service, the vatican swiss guard. they're making sure everybody who is here should be here. >> everybody is going to be challenged. you can have a uniform in a marked auto, but if you come up
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a checkpoint you have to identify yourself. >> they have checked us all here as well. the media are kind of corralled in one area, and they will not let us go anywhere. >> what do we expect to see tonight? >> one thing we'll hear tonight, an incredible vantage point. pope francis will enter through the doors across from the tv risers and will say prayer with a thousand priests, and about 1400 other guests invited. they're mostly religious, lay people that have been invited here. they will all celebrate a vespers service and also a 500 guests lining up the stairs in front of st. patrick's, special guests. school children from catholic schools in new york and also workers on the other side. i'm sure pope francis will want to say hello to the workers. he is all about the common folks
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and lifting them up. >> lauren green, live outside st. patrick's cathedral in new york city. thank you. matt malone an editor in chief of a magazine and part of the st. patrick's. what do you expect tonight? >> a moment of quiet prayer. the first thing that the pope usually does when he is not arrive neglect capitol city of a country, he joins the priests, the religious, the people in prayer, and that's essentially what he will do at st. patrick's tonight. >> of all the things that jumped off the general or the blue skies in washington, was the way he lights up around children. it's astounding. >> as energized as people are to see him, he is energized by seeing people himself an extra vert help moved out of the papal palace and into a modest hotel on the vatican grounds. so that he could be around
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people. and you could see when he left congress, got to the catholic charities and was interacting with homeless people, with the volunteers. we saw a huge smile man. at much greater ease than he was up on capitol hill. he loves to be around people, and he draws an energy from them. >> i know that he has been describe to us as a living example for all of us. what is the hope that the church has that americans will take away from this? what might this change about us? >> i think that the hope is that we will be able to have a dialogue. that's a key word. >> used the word seven times. >> he used it a dozen times in the speech to congress. four times yesterday in his conversation with the u.s. bishops. moving from confrontation to encounter. being in dialogue with one another, being open to one another. this is a different approach to politics than the approach that we're taking in this country
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right now. so i think that today in this congressional speech we had an example of a different way of approaching a public discourse, and it's desperately needed in this country, i think the takeaway, apart from what he does to build up the church in the country, is to leave us with an example of how to really engage with people and be open to new solutions. ehen emphasized practicing na tim. >> on reflection so many of his teachings are the same ones i was getting at four or five or six years old in sunday school. >> yes. >> do unto others. don't do that to your buddy or friend round the corner if you don't want them to do that to you. i can remember my grandmother telling me that like it was yesterday, but it didn't remember it until i heard it from the pope. go good-good for me. >> it's the golden rule and he
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invoked it in his speech today. the question always is, what does it mean mean to abide by the rule in our contemporary record. >> and how. >> and how do we do it? and what he is saying is that the first thing we have to do is we have to realize that the subject of all of these questions, political, social, economic, are people. and they're not statistics. they're not philosophies or ideologies. they're people. and until you understand the who, you cannot understand the what or the why or the how. >> messages when properly delivered and will received spread like wildfires in northern but have to have a spark. i i saw a lot of grown men cry today. >> moving. >> very tough leaders on capitol hill and you wonder if one of them might repeat that message and another one and what an amazing accomplishment.
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>> absolutely. simple openness. openness and encounter and dialogue elm. we actually can do this in this country. we have. much of the most war period was like this. people could work together, and the pope showed today it's possible to -- he was standing right there at the center aisle, right? it's possible to transcend these differences and try to find common ground and work together. >> there is. >> if the cuba and the u.s. can do it, thenemocrats and republicans can do it. >> mighty good point. father, nice to see you nice, is to into you. >> it's been fun. >> you bet. more fun to come. >> i'm loving it. thank you. >> okay. >> a lot more on the pope's visit in this hour. his about to travel and we'll follow the travel, and then a special fox news reporting, losing faith in america? it takes a look at christianity in the united states. analyst says the religion is, quote, at a crossroads with fewer members and also signs of hope for the future. bill losing faith in america.
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a question mark there. and tomorrow's 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central. also follow ago news including the massive data breach target can federal workers. he gets some.
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updating breaking news in seattle. emergency crews have evaluated 50 people in that deadly crash that happened on a bridge. these are live pictures from komo tv. a duck boat, an amphibious vehicle, slamming into the side
12:18 pm
of a chartered tour bus. here you see the aftermath and it is awful. at least two people died in this crash. nine others critically hurt. witnesses reported being thrown from the duck boat but officials say the majority of the serious injuries were from the charter bus. a live look now. the pope is greeting the faithful and just the children, it looks like to me. all along the ropeline before he gets on a helicopter to get to joint base andrews, jby. see the cover on the iphone taking a picture. let's listen to this. [chanting] [crowd singing]
12:19 pm
[crowd singing] >> the pope speaking with his personal assistant, checking the watch. they're on time and cute to hear the kids, singing the
12:20 pm
argentinian -- a nod to his football team. every time he looks at the faces of the children he lights up. it's really quite remarkable. [crowd singing] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> viva papa! >> viva papa >> viva papa! [inaudible conversations]
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as we celebrate the visit of the pope in the united states, there's been a horrible tragedy in the world's largest religion. a stampede broke out at the religious gathering, killing hundred people and injuring hundreds more. that according to officials in saudi arabia. they say it's the worth disaster in deck days hajj pilgrimaged. some pictures to show you. this happened on the outskirts
12:26 pm
of mecca, this is the road leading into mecca, and millions of muslims in he holly city for the pilgrimage. officials kept reporters away from the area for hours and this is what reporters then found. gruesome scenes in the street. ambulances lined up. a rescue worker helps a man in a wheeled chair. they'd was the last day of haj, crowd making their way to the final rich tattoo and throwing pebbles at a pillar, representing the stoning of the devil. a lot of political pressure on sought diarainy. they'ven larged the bridges but imagine two minimum people coming over and then people fall over but the crush of humanity coming out them. it sounds like from the
12:27 pm
reporting that people just fell on top of each other and people were crushed and suffocated. unbelievable. saudi arabia's king is ordering a review of all the country's haj procedures two weeks ago a construction crane crashed through the roof of the mosque in mecca, kills hundreds. do we have concrete details? >> reporter: the exact cause is still being investigated but as rule they start the same way. the crush of people starts moving closer and closer together, people start to faint and suffocate and that leads to more pushing and shoving, and then the panic begins, and the stampede ensues. witnesses say they believe the death toll today was extremely high because you had two massive crowds moving in opposite directions, and when they collided, those caught in the middle had to chance to get out and then took hours to move the crowd apart.
12:28 pm
the gathering, part of stoning of the devil where the faithful throw pebbles as a wall. the state department did release a statement today saying the u.s. stands with muslims runted the world in the wake of this horrific tragedy. >> we discussed this isn't the first time. far from it. >> reporter: and not only did it happen again. it was even more devastating. in 2006, 360 pilgrims were killed in a stampede. saudi arabia put safeguards in place and add more security forces to manage the crowds. this time the death toll was double, leading to concerns they do not have infrastructure to handle the pilgrims and it become thursday sectarian blame game, shiite, muslim, iran, is blaming the king, and the sunni dominated saudi arabia issue i'd scathing remarks about iran.
12:29 pm
>> trace, thank you. bunch of new polls out of the race for the white house. we'll show you which republicans have gained ground, and president obama getting set to meet with china's president. the white house expects cyber attacks to be at the top of the agent. and a live look at jba. joint base andres, used to be andrews air force base. the pope is in route to jba to take off from new york. they're on an american airlines jet. i will bring the pope to new york and then down to philadelphia. the flags of the united states and the holy see coming out the front window. the celebration continues from washington to new york, and your coverage continues on fox news channel as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. never do that"?
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australia may ban singer choice brown because of his conviction for assaulting his former girlfriend, reanna according -- rihanna. according to a government official. >> ow can't come in because we're not of the character we expect in australia. >> well, listen to you. she is asking the image chief to refuse chris brown's visa. >> israel's transportation manager expressing anger restricting air space of a wedding today. the government initially agreed to limit flights of the -- at the request of leo naar dough dicaprio's governmentnd the minister said the skies belong to everybody. after digging up a woman's remains they're no closer to knowing the smile's name.
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we have our first fox news poll since the latest republican debate and leonardo dicaprio is is not on them. donald trump, 26%, ben carson gaining ground in second place. and carli fiorina, and marco rubio, tie now for third place. here you can see changes since the last poll in august. so that's a lot of numbers. it's a lot of numbers. you can see donald trump about the sale. ben carson ison up. fiorina up a lot. this is a plus or minus-4 .5, so take it for what you will. carson, fiorina, rubio, ted cruz and jeb bush lost ground. jeb bush way down. as for the democrats, hillary clinton still in the lead over bernie sanders but this includes joe biden. she is down five points cyst lance month. this includes joe biden who ills not actually running for president. so if you subtract joe bide can she is over 50%. anyway, he is not running and
12:36 pm
nobody is campaigning against him. without the vice-president, the race, secretary clinton's lead jumps to 24 points. she has 56% of all democrats surveyed. the poll fines that voters believe hillary clinton will be the next president of the united states. accord ago to the survey secretary clinton leads the pack with 28 points inch second, donald trump, 20% of people say they believe, have talladega the surveyors they believe donald trump will be the next president of the united states. bernie sanders in third place, with 5%. of course the presidential election is more than a year away and all of this is just crazy. around this time eight years ago, 44% of voters said they thought secretary clinton would be the next president, followed by the former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. seems silly win you look back. the current president, only had 6%. so shows you what we know when the call us or knock on the
12:37 pm
door. they've never called me. ed henry is in the newsroom. secretary clinton in the lead but could be trouble spots for already says in the teleprompter. >> no doubt on the issue whether she has been lying about the e-mail situation, a majority says that among registered voters believe chev is lying but among democrats, 31% say she is lying about e-mail situation. why she is having a harder time than expected in the primaries. on the far right, of course runs, 82% say she is lying. 82% of independent voters say she is lying about the e-mail situation. that's the number she has to pay attention. to every four years we talk about those independent, more moderate voters. the folks who decide these general elections. as you say, lay out the numbers, very likely still despite the troubles to get the democratic nomination in a general election
12:38 pm
she has to win over the independents,. >> analysts say it looks-a-chev is picking up campaign strategy. >> reporter: particularly to get female voters. a new quinnipiac poll, among white men, 72% have unfavorable rating for hillary clinton. she has done an unconventional interview with leah dunham, star of the hbo show. >> i was terrify about losing my identity and getting lost in the kind of wake of bill's force of nature personality. i actually turned him down twice when he asked me to marry him. >> reporter: trying to show the softer side, talk about her marriage, trying to get more female voters ready to turn out for her in the primaries and then hopefully the general election in addition to the unconventional interview she is
12:39 pm
doing the conventional ones. >> a feminist question. an interesting answer. yes, i'm a feminist. if you believe in equal rights for women, you're a feminist. i think a lot of people would not have thought that's a definition but maybe. >> she says she doesn't understand why some people won't call themselves feminist. she is proud to wear the label. again, reaching out to fee fail voters, planned parenthood issues ands, to get out there and vote. remember that massive vibeber breach targeting the united states government? we gave you the information given to us. it was much bigger than we knew. hackers stole fingerprint records of more than 5.5 million federal workers as part of the attack. easterlyyear the feds said the hackers had stolen one million sets of prints. analysts point out this is important and here's why. you can change your passwords anytime you want, you can change
12:40 pm
your social security number. if you wasn't to go through the process and get a new social security number. fingerprints you want change. in all the feds say the breach affects more than 21 million current and former government workers. katherine her around is in washington. there was a hearing on capitol hill. >> reporter: we're just into the question and answer session with the head of the nsa before the senate intelligence committee and there's one piece of news from senator feinstein who confirmed the nsa has had a role in disrupting an unspecified number of plots involving isis. >> i want to publicly praise the work the nsa has done in collecting intelligence that has enabled the rest of the government to identify and stop terrorist plots, directed or inspired, by the islamic state of iraq here in the homeland. >> back to opm.
12:41 pm
one extra issue this afternoon has been encryption. not only by the terrorist browns but the lack of encryption at opm that allowed the hackers in, and the nation's spy cheech says he doesn't have a handle how much data was taken and what was taken, and admiral rogers told the committee if china continues its current strategy where they insist they have access to the computers of businesses, whether they're government or whether they're private sector, roger said he cannot envision a long-term relationship with china on that basis. >> anything from capitol hill on is? >> reporter: the chairman of the house homeland security committee who gets regular briefings said the number of affected americans right now the estimated 21.5 million will go higher because the damage assessments have not concluded. there are high-level deliberations by the obama administration and the intelligence community over how to respond to the opm breach,
12:42 pm
given all the evidence points to a chinese entity, likely backed or trained by the chinese military, and this week's meeting with the chinese president is a chance to make clear these breaches will not be tolerated. >> i think the reason why you have these discussions with world leaders is to also call to their attention problems we have, and this is on a security level a huge breach that has hat no response and no consequence, and i would implore the president to raise these issues when he meets with him. >> reporter: the current and former intelligence officials argue when you take the opm data, the fingerprint data and health care records you have everything you need to create a composite government worker that you can impersonate. there's nothing left to get. so that's why retaliation may not be meaningful. >> good to see you, thank you. secretary kerry and his wife working the rope line at jba,
12:43 pm
joint base andrews. really interesting, listen to the father earlier who said the pope mentioned ten times at least, four times yesterday and another ten today, the word dialogue, and the only person who got a real handshake and long handshake and eye-to-eye with the pope was secretary kerry and secretary kerry has been engaged in dialogue, of course that's what a secretary state does -- with the iranian deal and appeared they have struck it up nicely. now secretary kerry and his wife and a big crowd of people waiting to greet the pope as he arrives at joint base andrews for a quick flight to new york city and then a helicopter from jfk airport into manhattan, and then a series of events through the evening which will be covered. more than a thousand people to watch the takeoff. among catholic students, military families, hey, hey, pope francis is on the way, they've been cheering. a high school band there, and
12:44 pm
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then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. looking live, joint base an tress, andrews air force base, whatever you want to call it. got a tweet from the archdiocese they're on their way and almost at the airport where the pope will jet away to new york city, which is already basically in shutdown mode. you can see all the kids on the left. shops on fifth avenue closed today. they told us on the radio and internet, don't be driving over manhattan. no one did. ups is not making deliveries in new york city today and tomorrow. ups, shut down by the pope. things that make you go, hmm. austin ivory this, austin of the great reformer, francis and the paging of a radical pope.
12:48 pm
what do you mean by radical. >> because he is taking the church bang to fundamentals, the essence of its mission and trying to say to the church, present the gospel without being attached to power and it's a focus on the message not diluting doctrine, not a liberal. he is not trying to make church teachings -- >> i've seen the internet today and they say, he is will be recall. >> they have been saying 0 that from the beginning. it's a big misreading. >> we have heard this simplicity message for a long time. think maybe my whole life. but now we're watching it. he is living it. >> he turns up in the middle of -- he speaks directly. he gave this morning an address and it was immediately with the homeless saying nobody, there is no justification for homelessness. that's the radical bit. then he says what needs to be said. he'll offend interests, affect -- he'll challenge
12:49 pm
people's deep-seated beliefs if necessary. >> i thought it interesting he is actually sacrificing, and sacrifice is a matter of degree and contrast when you're given a palace and you choose a meager hotel room. given massive limo and you choose a fiat. i have a little guilt over it. >> we're all challenged, which of us, given a first class ticket would return it and say i'd like to go economy, chills what he did as arch wind chill shawne in argues. he suffers from sciatica and needs extra legroom but travels economy. not many bishops travel economy. he is continuing to live as pope as he did as a jesuit and archbishop because he doesn't want to be separated from the people. he goes straight to the people and bypasses the elite and that's what he did in congress
12:50 pm
through. the meeting with congress he was speaking directly to people and inviting congress to re-connect with the values and the needs and concerns of ordinary people. >> when he was the archbishop in argentina, he changed a lot since then because he didn't have much to do with all of news the media. that's changed. >> through his first years of being archbishop he hardly gave a single interview. he used to say he didn't like to speak spontaneously for the press because he thought he would be mistaken now. he has given more interviews than all popes in history combined elm think it's because he always -- he changes because the post, the mission, demands something new, and i think he discerned the papacy, his mission as pope, is to restore contact, and that's why hence the interviewed. but he gets about six major requests for major interviews every day. >> wow. >> so maybe he doesn't give that many interviews.
12:51 pm
>> he is 78. i don't how he does it. he hat a little help from upstairs. i don't want to miss his arrival in washington. we have one commercial break so let's do that quickly and be right back with the arrival of the pope and his trip to new york city. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong.
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a live look as in the motorcade with the holy father is making its way to joint base andrews where there's the meet-and-greet before the flight to new york city, and that's shepherd one. and from jfk by helicopter to new york city. and austin ivory wrote a book called "the great reformer." we talked nobody thought this
12:55 pm
guy would be elected and i read these controversies about the 1970s and who is this? >> that was all there was about him that night, all the old allegations which he had never bothered to contradict. >> human rights stuff. >> yes, groom the 1970s e. because there was no other narrative about him because he never gave interview. so he was an unknown inch latin america he was extremely well known and would regarded as the leader of the latin american church, and cardinals had been looking at him in 2005 he attracted many votes and could have stopped ratzinger from being -- he was very well known but he was under the radar as far as the world's media, that's been true thought his -- throughout his life. a lot of people have seen his quality. he is a superb governor, a
12:56 pm
superb lead, he was torn an teenager between being a priest and a politician and has thought deeply about politics and something came across in the speech to congress. he gets politicians, politics in buenos aires would immediate him and said he gets politics. >> we have to have a certain number of commercial breaks. i don't known want the bean counters are doing, probably hanging upside-down because we have missed so many commercials but it's been worth it. a fantastic trip to washington. cavuto picks this up live right after this. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is,
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
>> saying their goodbyes in washington to leader of the catholic church. secretary kerry spoke to him for the better part of a minute, one-on-one, up close and personal. now others saying goodbye. the pope will ascend the stairs in just a moment to his jet, and
1:00 pm
the kids are shouting, let's listen as he hand things over to neil. [chanting] >> welcome everybody, you can e are looking live at the pope, ready to travel to new york city where they are battening down the hatches and making sure everything is safe and sound for this holiness as he makes his ware here in an hour. i want to show you what is going on in the new york area. that's including at st. patrick's cathedral. this is where we will be speaking. it's been spruced up and cleaned and ready to have the pope. all of this comes at a time when new york is making sure there are no problems, safety or otherwise.