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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 28, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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do you know what? this is going down in history for a bad night for the media. the winner was the republicans. they stayed on substance and got along. thank you for being with us, we'll be back here tomorrow night 10:00 eastern. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching. the republican debate that just ended is the subject of the talking points memo. the candidates, it was obvious. >> let's be honest. is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> just like a $68,000 retirement fund. it causes thousands of dollars in taxes and penalties and raises the question whether you have maturity and wisdom to lead
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a $17 trillion economy. what do you think? >> why do you talk about a policy counter to your views on homosexuality? >> once in a while, you gaet way with that but not the dominant theme of the year. the candidates themselves, nobody really screwed up. donald trump was silent, ben carson was his usual self. marco rubio, fiery in lip, hammered for missing votes in the senate. here is how he handled that. >> in 2004, john kerry ran for president, missing close to 67% of his votes. in 2008, barack obama missed 60% or 70% of the vote and the same newspaper endorsed him again.
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this is another example of the double standard existing in this country between the main stream media and conservatives. >> mr. rub yes was ready for the questions and did a good job. jeb bush was a policy wog. that is what they like to do. and carly fiorina handled herself well, and made fun of herself. >> the last debate i was told i didn't smile enough. >> i was the one that said that. tonight not. ted cruz was the most conservative. the most surprising development was the lack of air time for trump. he spoke in the middle of the pack, but he didn't say much
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new. tomorrow, he'll be here on the factor and i'll ask him about that. joining us is charles krauthammer. >> i think the headline for me is the one for you. this is the most apalling performance by moderators. they were overreaching and getting in the way. they were able to set themselves up as a foil for the republicans. so i think it strengthened the field and made them look better. the second headline, i think, was is that trump was the first nontrump-centered debate. it wasn't about him or resolve around him. i thought trump did okay. he made no mistakes. it wasn't about him. because of that, this is the first time you've got to see this for the field. it was impressive, as a group.
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the third headline is that when i thought going away, the winner was rubio, with the chris christie surprisingly strong and cruz. >> do you know who spoke the most amount of time? >> no idea. >> carly fiorina. do you know who spoke the least amount of time? >> rand paul. >> carly fiorina, by a lot. spoke most. trump was fourth. but i thought trump had nothing new to say. that took away from his nine minutes 26 seconds because it was border and going to make better deals. he mocked cnbc. they wanted to do three hours and he said i only want to do
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two. i thought rubio did very, very well, however, he was on the defensive because of the panel. here is my question. do you believe that cnbc, an arm of nbc news went in trying to denegrate the republican candidates? . >> i think the panelists were all flaming liberals. i don't know who it said none of you is going to be a voter in the republican primary. and it showed. and arrogance, interrupting and disorganized, not well done. but i thought rubio was on the defensive. he knew he was going to be hit with that and it came from bush, who prepared it. rubio, i think came off that
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strongly. and the first applause from the audience as a result of that. and chris christie pivoted. the best question was about fantasy football. it went to bush. he showed he's a good man, a good governor but he ain't nimble. he just fumbled around, well, it ought to be regulated but i don't think the feds ought to regulate it. chris christie said wait a minute. we've got these troubles and isis, and the debt and that, i thought, what he did there, he came off attacking big government idea. the second nemesis of conservatives is big media. that is where rubio scored. >> okay. and we appreciate the depth pun of fumble when talking about fantasy football, charles
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krauthammer, everybody. >> it was totally unconscious. >> you can't convince us of that, doctor you're a genius and slip these in all the time. bush was second in air time. he looks to me to be demoralized. what do you think? >> i think that is a pretty good psychological analysis. he ought to think about psychiatry as a side line. he is a wonky guy. he's not the kind of guy that this particular year is demanding, the fire and brim stone. he is not the guy to do that. when he tries to owe -- do that, he looks uncomfortable, and i think he was. if you pull back and look at the field you say this is a good day for the g.o.p. they showed the compared to the three democrats. this is no comparison. >> final question.
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i think that paul is going to have to drop out. i think huckabee, though he did well today, and chose fire and all that. i don't know how he stays in. chris christie has got to get a bump and i think donald trump may have stopped off at a medical marijuana clinic on the way to the debate. he was so mellow. >> yes. >> i'm going to -- i don't know how to evaluate. the one guy i'm not quite sure he came out, i was unimpressed by carson. i underestimated his appeal. he handled the gay question very well. >> yes. he spoke for seven minutes, yes. but people like him. not what he says. >> i agree. but at a certain point, you know, he looks pretty candidate on what the debate was about. economics. i'm in the sure if it will have
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an effect on the standings in the polls. >> all right, everybody, next is bernie goldberg, then brit hume, juan williams, bret baier. wow, we're coming right back. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? as mentioned, moderators were very provocative with the candidates. >> let me say something at the outset. the questions asked so far in this debate illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. this is not a cage match. and if you look at the questions, donald trump, are you a comic book villain? ben carson, can you do math? marco rubio, why don't you resign? jeb bush, why have your numbers
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fallen? how about talking about what people care about? >> joining us now from miami, mr. goldberg. now, interestingly enough that was a brilliant answer by ted cruz. what was more brilliant is how he didn't answer the question he was asked and launched into that. and the question was, hey, congress is going to pass a budget, all right? so the government won't be shut down. are you going to try to stop it? and cruz didn't want to answer that question. no way, no how so he launched into this you bunch of pinheads you're all biassed. what say you? >> he did. and it's not a bad strategy, actually when you have a republican audience. i have said and written that liberal journalists will always salivate more when going after republicans and when going after democrats and tonight, we saw the latest example of that. i'm all for tough questions.
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i have no problem with tough questions. i've been a journalist a long time, i hope i've asked more than a few of my own. but the tone was snarky and john what is his name? >> harwood. >> harwood, in particular, who writes for the "new york times" was smug. ted cruz was absolutely correct. this is why the american people don't trust the media. mark yes rubio was correct when he said that the main street media in cahoots with the democratic party. they don't have the passion to go after democrats the same way, to go after republicans. the first question tonight, the very first question what is your greatest weakness? that set the tone for the rest of the evening. >> i like that question. what i didn't like --
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>> that is the first question? not as the first question. >> no. no. you want to mix it up. you want to get them off their rehearsed talking points. that is the way to do it. but what happens is that these moderators, they get -- they have meetings. so for a week, the moderators are meeting with their so called spiritors and hashing around the questions. this to rubio, this to trump, this, this. the comic book to trump was no accident. right? so if the management at nbc, all right, dictating that you guys have to try to make them look bad? or is it just their individual consciences that compel them? >> there is no conspiracy, but
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it's not their individual conscien consciences. it's not going into a secret room and say how are we going to screw these republicans tonight? it doesn't happen that way. in is just their mind set. they sit in a room, they meet, they come up with questions. what didn't occur was cumulative effect of the questions on how that might sound. maybe they're trying to impress each other with who can ask a more provocative question. in it's entirety, it just came off as, i use the word snarky. i'm going to stick with it. >> silly, condescending, words of the day.
8:17 pm
it helped the republican candidates. >> absolutely. >> because they seized upon the audience under hates these people. so they're marginalized. i'm going to ask, and they did. the republicans didn't answer if of the questions. i'm going to that in a minute. see, i would never permit that. >> but you're right. you will never go wrong figuring that the republican audience, republican party and voters, whatever you want to say will always have a tendency to not trust the main stream media. that is the tendency. but you know, i've written about this and they have every reason not to trust the main stream media. >> absolutely. >> they get this tonight. >> they seize it. >> right. this is why we don't trust.
8:18 pm
>> the audience loves it? >> i thought back to newt gingrich, south carolina debate, cnn. >> john cane. >> yes. yes. >> and gingrich knew it was coming, won the debate, won the primary in south carolina. these people are never going to understand they helped the people that they loathe. bernie goldberg, everyone. next up, williams, hume, ahead. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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tonight, perhaps the biggest mistake republican candidates made tonight, not going after
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president obama and hillary clinton enough. chris christie, the exception. >> the socialists are going to pay for everything are going to give you everything for free. they don't tell you they're going to raise taxes 90% to to it. i know who the pessimist is. it's hillary clinton. >> juan williams, if i were up there, i won't have attacked my fellow republicans because it doesn't matter. you just look petty. but you can wail on president obama. you saw the economic statistics that came out. even you can't justify the obama economy. you and combs can't. >> well, no. no. no. you know, you say to me, wait a minute, 7 or 8 years of obama. i say what about the recession brought on my bush. you say what about -- >> what about the black sox scandal of 1960?
8:23 pm
the statute of limitations ran out. >> carly fiorina said i'm hillary clinton's nightmare. >> they're all hillary clinton's nightmare. >> with all due respect, i want to see trump and hillary clinton. that is what i want to see. that is a debate. if he doesn't get that nomination, they should have that, pay for view. right in front of whoever floyd merriweather fights next. i was surprised because the economic situation is dire and people are getting hammered so badly. some candidates mentioned that but didn't say this is because of the very liberal president who he wants big government. wants to raise taxes. >> okay. >> do that. >> so they went after media first. >> that is good. >> very good. >> then, went after idea of government. and big government.
8:24 pm
>> and that stung. >> it didn't connect the people. >> yes. i thoi they should have connected through clinton. >> so you're turning on your best pal, obama. >> no. advice, advice. >> oh, advice. >> yes. they had success because the audience doesn't like the main stream media. they think they're an extension of obama and clinton. >> but it was foolish, was it not? the terminology used was a little foolish. you can get those questions, but you have to word them a little bit differently? >> like for donald trump. you can say you know? some say, not me, i'm not saying it. some. very some. >> yes. >> right. >> they couldn't cite it. they said i didn't say that. >> these pinheads come off as
8:25 pm
partisan. right now, they're in boulder doing whatever you do in boulder, colorado, wink, wink. do you think they know everybody is mocking them? >> i don't think they care. now, on one level, you understand journalists shouldn't care if you're aggressive like me. >> i don't care. >> right. >> they went after box people. >> right. >> but you've got to understand. it's credible to ask tough questions. it's when you do it that you seem to be antigonstic. >> is this compatible with your views on homosexuality? >> like did you serve on this board because it's accepting of the gay community. is that a problem with you, doctor? that is how you do it. >> the candidates were able to say i didn't say that or i
8:26 pm
misunderstood. >> look. if i said that to you, you'd ay juan, you're wrong. here is why. >> it was at 8:00 tonight and some of you may have seen it. we used the barney frank tape. he said i didn't say it. i showed the videotape of it 20 seconds before he came on the air. what happened? i had to call him the "l" word. >> what is ironic is that cruz has a moment with an attack on the media and avoiding answering a question. >> i just made that point. >> i said i think that is unbelievable. >> you're taking my point and remaking it. >> i just said that. >> i thought you took it from me. but it's okay. it's okay. >> i was on with bernie goldberg in the green room. ladies and gentlemen, juan williams. he doesn't usually stay up this late. >> absolutely not. >> coming up, bret baier, ebony williams, debate coverage will
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unresolved problem segment, economic dominated but there was a gay marriage question directed at ben carson. >> i believe our constitution protects everybody, regardless of sexual orientation or other aspect. i believe that marriage is between one man, one woman.
8:31 pm
and that there is no reason that you can't be perfectly fair to the gay community. they shouldn't automatically assume because you believe marriage is between one man and one woman that you're a homophobe. this is one of the myth the left perpetrate on our society. >> so that was a good answer, i thought. >> a superb answer, superbly delivered. what ben carson did was hit at the heart of the left. which is what they do. they go after, they established this purity of thought they enforce through intimidation, and bullying and terrorizing people to try to get them to think like and to speak alike. what ben carson said is that i'm not playing that game. good for him. >> what did you think? >> golden moment for dr. ben carson. look. he refuses to be boxed in. this is where he shines. this is a man who is just
8:32 pm
demonstrating the power of likability. he will not allow anyone to put him into this presumption of stating his full position. he understands the constitution, equal protection and says my religion says one man, one woman but it doesn't make me a homophobe. it is brilliant. >> okay. do you believe, ebony, that a majority of the americans will vote for him on this issue? >> he's convicted. this whole narrative he's pushing throughout his candidacy of not being pc or beholden to that. >> people like pc? >> no. >> come on. >> it's like thomas edison. they invented it. >> all right. they're trying to get a marijuana question and couldn't. right? >> so they're standing there in
8:33 pm
colorado. >> right. >> the cnbc guys wanted to get a marijuana question. but candidates just did one of these. i think maybe one of them should have addressed it. kasich did saying look, drugs really devastation on our society. and he had some innovative programs in ohio. but there wasn't a lot of social stuff in there. >> no. what is interesting i think these republican candidates are learning, too. because cycle after cycle, left wing media tried to trap them with questions on abortion and marriage when they're there, like tonight to, talk about jobs and the economy. new poll numbers now, 64% of the american people believe the country is on the wrong track so they learned, for the most part to cement them. ted cruz had a good joke, too, that went over well. >> here is how krauthammer rates the debate.
8:34 pm
rubio won, chris christie, second, ted cruz, third. >> rubio responded with an a. carson, what he said wasn't impressive but he is the people's champ. >> do you have him in top three? >> i do. absolutely. >> i have rubio, cruz, and chris christie as leaders. i think donald trump and ben carson i think they stalled again but i don't think they're going to lose the in the polls. >> i think the debate format is not his forte. >> should he have gone out for a sandwich, too? >> that is the moderators fault. >> just -- trump spoke nine minutes and 26 seconds, okay? the most loquacious of them was
8:35 pm
carly fiorina. it seemed less than that. because trump didn't say anything new other than he brow beat cnbc to make it a two-hour debate. >> donald trump, on his closing statement, chris christie did a great night if running for attorney general. >> what else is he going to do? >> he's got to carve himself out. >> sure. i hear it. >> he's a law and order guy. >> tomorrow, we've got trump. all right? we've got carson. and we've got chris christie. >> i'll tell you why chris christie's performance was important. because jeb bush imploded. he is the establishment. so he imploded. he went up for marco rubio that backfired. i think governor bush is done. i think chris christie stands to benefit. >> you think bush is not happen something. >> i think bush is gone. he took low hanging fruit.
8:36 pm
>> there was fruit on stage? >> go for carson, and trump, go for marco rubio. >> i think governor bush is demoralized. >> it just looks to me like he has cool things to do. >> and whatever it is -- he's a establishment candidate in a year where -- >> okay, ladies thank you. >> coming right back, brit hume. need i say more? moments away. ♪
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thank you for staying with us. there was a tiff between jeb bush and marco rubio. >> he is a gifted politician, but marco this is a six year term. what is the senate? a french work week? you can campaign or just resign. >> i don't remember you complaining about john mccain's vote record. the only reason you're doing that now is because you're running against me and someone convinced you attacking me is going to help you.
8:41 pm
>> does that help anyone? >> that helped marco rubio. i just think it was a moment for jeb bush. can i not imagine why he asked that question or raised that point with rubio. for this reason, bill, one is that he and rubio both republicans and conservatives are fighting for many of the same voters. rubio had just gotten a question about his absenteeism from one of the moderators. rubio pointed out that that same newspaper supported obama and kerry and others who had a larger absentee record than he does and the audience roared into approval. the audience is on rubio's side on this issue, then, jeb bush brings it up again.
8:42 pm
and reference to mccain is that he had a larger absentee record and bush likened his come back effort to mccain. so he hit it out of the park again. i just don't understand why bush, having seen what he had just seen, would walk into that, what turned out to be a trap. but he did it. >> he did it because he believes, the governor believes sooner or later, trump and carson will go down in polling and people will turn to the conventional politicians. in the polls, it's rubio and bush that come in behind carson and trump. but again, i mean, jeb bush's campaign has been off. it hasn't been ever on. has he? when he was governor of florida he had authority. but not in this form.
8:43 pm
in this debate format he hasn't done much of anything. on a night when he needed to, it's not just he and rubio are coming in the group that is right after trump and carson, trump -- person coming in third is rubio. and bush has been losing. >> we lost our satellite to florida which is always a very grand thing when you're live. so anyway. i'm going to give you analysis here. and hopefully, we'll get brit hume back. but if we don't, i'll have to just ad lib this. here is who i think helped themselves tonight. here are the candidates i thought helped themselves. first, marco rubio. he'll be the most, get the most benefit.
8:44 pm
chris christie, this is high noon for the governor. he did well. if he doesn't go, right, from 4% to 10%, he's through. okay? he helped himself. ted cruz is steady. he's conservatives don't really have anyone else as far as a doctrine conservative. a guy 100% down the line, other than cruz. he's the only one. so he'll stay the same. maybe bump up a point or two. i think trump is going to lose steam here because he didn't establish his swagger again. and while we know, and he's going to be on tomorrow, probably reestablish it tomorrow by beating the heck out of me. he didn't swagger tonight. he didn't have anything new tonight. it was the same i'm going to make better deals and seal the border.
8:45 pm
we've heard that. not to say messaging is good and he's a very good messager. carson probably stayed the same. all right? he's a retail politician. he does better in groups than he did on television. but he'll be here tomorrow as well. i'm going to ask him that question. huckabee, i don't think has enough juice. he is good, glib, smart. kasich goes back to ohio where he has been fabulously successful, but do people care about ohio? i don't know. we've got a minute left in this segment. brit just went down again. see, we don't pay our bills. carly fiorina. she knows she's not going to get the nomination, but with hillary clinton running, smart woman, good business woman, this is a
8:46 pm
vice president play here, i think she helped herself because she's very smart. so brit hume, sorry about the technicality difficulties. now, bret baier, he's in washington. if we can't get baier, i'm going to rerun the mets. they're lulling kansas city. they're lulling. brett fair is next. we'll be right back. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? i am totally blind.
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as we reported earlier there was hostility from the moderators towards the republican candidates. >> leading republican candidate when you look at the average polls now is donald trump. when you look at him, do you see
8:50 pm
someone with the moral authority to unite the country? >> let me tell you, donald trump would be a better president every day of the week and twice on sunday rather than hillary. >> joining us now from washington, bret baier. >> i am going to ask you what i asked others tonight. do you think that guy and the other cnbc people know that people think that they're pinheads tonight? or just celebrating and think they did a good job? >> well, they've heard a lot on twitter, facebook and heard from the republican national committee chair, in the very hall of cnbc saying he thought it was unfair and cnbc should be ashamed. that is fairly unique. i haven't heard of that any democratic chair speaking out like that. one of the winners was the fox news bell. it's again, a debate where you
8:51 pm
try to get off the rails sometimes, it's tough to get candidates on track. some questions, they were fact check issues. some of them didn't pan out. >> give me an example. >> john harwood asked a question that he corrected his own story a week and a half earlier and rubio called him on it. and the premise is about the tax structure and whether it's helping poor people or rich people more than poor people. he corrected that story a week and a half before. he is usually on top of his game. >> yes. i don't know the guy. i don't know. i don't know any of those people. i do know that there is a culture that they work in. i know the culture over there. and they're probably getting
8:52 pm
that from people above them. the next debate is fox business network debate, november 10th, i understand. neil cavuto will be a moderator, as far as tonight is concerned what i saw out there was the big story for me is jeb bush. this is pretty much -- he'll be in the next debate and hang in for a while, but, by every measure, he didn't do well. i think that is probably it. is it not? >> well, it's -- if it's not it, it's heading that way. this is a really bad night. we talked with about how he needed a big night. he had the opposite. he led with his jaw into a couple things where the counter punch was devastating. >> yes. >> brit hume just pointed out before -- can you do something about paying bills for electricity there? you know? >> that fancy florida.
8:53 pm
>> i'm live here in front of millions of people around the world and my guest disappears. i did ad lib four minutes. and i hope you learned. >> i'm taking notes. >> the biggest social media moment of the debate was the ted cruz answer. >> address that. >> it was the number one issue. and where he recess -- resuscitates it. >> republicans were going to vote against hillary clinton, they're different than the other part of the electorate. so i'm wanting to know the independents, are they going to be sympathetic to the liberals? or do they care, not at all?
8:54 pm
>> i think they will care. fair questions and the tone of the debate matters. we've got a lot of grief from the world from our debate but i think we covered a lot of issues along with candidates' vulnerabilities. i think it's a tough job to juggle any interview but a moderator with ten candidates is difficult. but i do think the tone matters and people get that. they understand it. for me, rubio had the best night. cruz, the second and i thought chris christie could see some bounce in the polls. >> he has to see bounce. okay? because if he doesn't, it's hopeless. and i agree with you. i thought he was articulate. we're going to have him on the factor tomorrow. as mentioned. what was with trump? i suggested he might have stopped off at a marijuana
8:55 pm
clinic but he was awful mellow. you know? >> it may be the new approach. that is not his format. i don't think he's going to get a lot of down fall in the polls. his followers come out for that. i think that he didn't make big mistakes and his dismount about negotiating with cnbc was humorous and agreed it's going to shake things up. >> do you think this is the beginning of a new style for mr. trump? >> it may be. he talked about it in the spin room. he said he's going to dial it back a little bit. >> i'll ask him tomorrow. >> look. donald trump dialling it back? no. >> maybe ben carson dialling it back. >> no. no. we want him foaming.
8:56 pm
all right? foaming. and i promise, tomorrow, get him back! >> i have high expectations. >> believe me, i'll do it. bret baier back with some of you viewers, a bit teed off by the debate. we'll read some letters, coming up. take the zantac it challenge! zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge. (vo) wit runs on optimism.un on? it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward.
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you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. arizona, i was at a debate and rens bashing and what we learned, how nasty the media can be. from pennsylvania, republicans are still attacking each other. just don't get it. democrats do not do that. good point. reid from arkansas.
8:59 pm
>> watch fox business channel. it's better. that is a sample of your angst. beach got donald trump tomorrow. i'm going to ask you. because ben carson, now, he has to be polite. i don't think i can rile him up no matter what. chris christie is riled up, i can hear him now and he's in boulder, colorado. i can hear them. all of them will be in the no spin zone. that is it for us tonight.
9:00 pm
on this special debate edition of "the factor". we hope you check out for reaction and all kinds of fun stuff. please remember, the spin stops here, we're definitely looking out for you. ♪ [ music ] breaking tonight, round three is in the books and biggest head lines tonight is not about the issues but the fire works between the candidates and the moderators. there is a republican contenders even teeming up to fend off multiple efforts that appeared designed to divide the gop. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. republican chairman making it clear it's very unhappy, tweeting cnbc should be ashamed of how this was handled. it comes at a crucial time for the candidates, and the rest of


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