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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 29, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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after each other. they poured gasoline over the stage and started throwing matches. it was too much for ted cruz who saw it as a clear example of media bias. asked a loaded question about raising the debt ceiling. cruz went off at the moderators. >> the questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrates why people don't trust the media. this is not a cage match. when you look at the questions are you a comic book carson, marco rubio, why don't you resign? jeb bush why have your numbers fallen? the contrast of the democratic debate where every fawning question was which of you is more handsome and why. >> that was the moment of the debate. but a close second was when jeb bush walked into a hornet's nest attacking marco rubio over his
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attendance in the senate. he had been lying in wait. >> when you signed up it was a six-year term. you should be showing up to work. is it a french workweek you get three-days. >> we are running for the same position someone convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> the issue of media bias and frivolous lines of questioning was a recurring theme. when asked if someone should regulate fantasy football chris christie bit his head off. >> it is fantasy football? how about we get the government to do what we are supposed to be doing, secure our borders protect our people and support american values and american families. >> it didn't stop there. the questioner started to interrupt ryes christie. the old governor was back in full form. listen. >> you know, you want me to answer or do you want to answer?
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even in new jersey what you are doing is called rude. >> donald trump who needed to regain the momentum had a couple of standout nomoments where he t on them for embracing super p s pacs. >> you better get rid of super pacs. they are causing a lot of bad decisions to be made by some very good people. >> carly fiorina who has been fading in the polls since her break out moment last month put in a solid performance. good analysis about economic and business. she got the most time on air of any of the candidates. no big moments but a slight jab at people who thought she was too serious in the last debate. >> after the last debate i was told i didn't smile enough.
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>> we will have to wait and see if fiorina gets the same or the milder version of what she got at the reagan debate. you can say the clear winner marco rubio, close second ted cruz. >> thanks so much, john roberts. thank you for wrapping that up from last night. a lot of analysts might not agree with who won but most agree cnbc moderators were the losers. >> i have said and i have written liberal journalists will always salivate more when going after republicans an when going after democrats. the tone was isn't that correcty. >> they were over reaching, they were getting in the way, and they were in the end obnoxious. >> it was a train wreck for
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cnbc. many of the questions were snide, hostile, condescending, border line insulting. a lot of these questions were not on facts or records or policy. >> the line of questioning didn't leave much room for the issues but when the candidates got to weigh in who won? here with us is republican strategi strategist. what a night. >> i know we were all on twitter together and lots of folks. they had a lot to say about the commentators and candidates. the winner the loser? >> every one on stage had a disastrous economic plan that would add to the deficit. 2.7 trillion to 12 trillion under trump. i think the winner was kasich. he brought back the old
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compassionate conservative who understands when you cut things like medicare and medicaid it hurts people. the loser is ben carson. he came out said he wanted to cut medicare and medicaid entirely then he was for it because he realized it wasn't popular. >> some said he seemed to be over his head. kasich seemed to be screaming and yelling at people and lecturing people? >> if you were john kasich you need to get into the conversation. so many others are sucking the oxygen out of the room. i went for marco rubio. he was able to relate things in personal terms that would connect with the voter. he was a great communicator in that. as far as the loser, mr. trump, you are definitely getting fired when it comes to economic issues.
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your challenge by a hack serious debate moderator about your tax plan and all you can say is larry culto likes it like a child. you are not ready for prime time. what do you think in terms of immigration? >> immigration is a very complex issue. john kasich waudz the only candidate who really pointed that out. no matter where you stand you need to be able to approach it from a realistic and pragmatic view. adds for a loser jeb bush, he abandoned his core immigration just so he could try to get something going in the polls. >> winner or loser on immigration? >> i agree with kasich. he explains it pretty detailed. the only person who has experience with immigration at a federal level is marco rubio. he played a cheap trick yesterday saying this waiting
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period he spoke of companies under the visa plan have to make their applicants wait 180 days ch that was not part of the legislation he put out there. he is the only person that ever responsibilities soared the bill on the senate floor. he's the recipient of the things his bill would present. >> and a loser? >> donald trump. building a wall and comparing it to the great wall of china. we don't want to be like china. when does it ever work? >> quickly overall winner or loser? >> marco rubio. knocked it out of the park. >> you agree? >> yes. >> overall loser? jeb bush. >> a strong performance, many said he didn't.
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>> jeb bush can give a warm kits to the nomination good-bye. >> there was a lot of stuff about that comment. >> what about commentators. i am surprised neither of you picked the commentators? >> if there was a card wering before the debate they were sitting there, they delayed the debate. didn't let them go through the introductions. i was confused about their professionalism. >> we are going to talk a lot about that in the coming hour. as always fun stuff. ainsley? >> thank you so much. talk about the moderators in social media. the most talked about topic of the debate last night on-line was the debate itself. hear now is fox and friends weekend host talking about the candidates this morning. more people are talking about the moderators. >> there was cross talk. steve doocy said it was terrible couldn't understand each other.
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the most popular words last night had to do with the motted r -- moderators for cnbc. these were the most popular words, terrible had thousands of people tweeting about it. the next word awful had thousands of people tweeting about it and finally the word bad in reference to the gop moderators had 1200 tweets about it last night. that was the perfect moment for senator ted cruz to hit one out of the park and taking on the moderators which got a huge social media response. watch. >> the questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the american people don't trust the mead yaw. (applause) this is not a cage match. how about talking about the substantive issues people care about. >> you heard the crowd there. twitter also liked what cred cruise had to say. thank you ted cruz would these
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same questions be asked of democratic candidates? another one from kelly said i am for senator rubio, but that was spot on ted cruz thank you for speaking what we were thinking. tom said too bad he doesn't play by the rules either. he failed to answer the question. there was a lot of that candidates not answering the questions from the moderators. here was the mos twitter mention. ted cruz got the most mentions at that moment when he fired back at the moderators. a 55,000 mentioned saying ted cruz took on the moderators. 1 -- tud cruz 134,000. donald trump had 97 responses and ben carson with 86,000. ted, trump and carson. then it carried over on to facebook where a lot of discussion happened. ted cruz really took over facebook as well last night. donald trump last night also successful and ben carson, rubio and bush to round out the last
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bit on facebook. there you go taking a look at social media. if you look at some of the instant polls last night, drudge report, a lot of the instant polls thought donald trump came out on top but social media this morning is around ted cruz and marco rubio. >> interesting. a lot of pub kits saying ted cruz won the night. we will see the polls later this week. >> the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. a billion dollar military blimp breaking lass over the country. what went wrong. the candidates making a lot of flames during the debate. >> talked a little bit about mark yo rubio. i think you called him mark zuckerburg zuckerberg's personal senator. is that true or false? we are fact checking these c
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>> the candidates went head to head on the key issues but who got the facts correct and who tra strayed from the truth? here to fact check is national political reporter rebecca bird. thank you for being with us. let's start with the moderator asking donald trump why he criticized zuckerberg and then calling marco rubio his personal senator. let's listen to the sound bite then i will get the reaction. >> i was not at all critical of them. he's complaining about the fact that we are losing some of the moat talented people they go to harvard and yale and princeton they come from other cop tree and they are immediately sent
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out. i am in favor of keeping these talented people here so they can go to work in silicon valley. >> he said he didn't criticize mark zuckerberg is that true or false? >> working against donald trump is his campaign where he calls marco rubio zuckerberg's personal senator. maybe donald trump is not reading his own campaign material. there is no evidence he said the words from his mouth before. you have to have a consistent campaign message if it is on your campaign web site there's no wiggle room. >> she said where did i come up with the information. she apologized. >> she gives statistics of women losing jobs under president obama. >> 92 percent of the jobs lost during barack obama's first term belonged to women. 3 million women have fallen into poverty under this administration. the number of women living in
2:17 am
extreme poverty is the highest level op record. >> true or false? >> this was a really interesting one for me ainsley. this is one we talked about during the last presidential election. mitt romney used the same statistic and got blow back from it. technically it is true. it doesn't take into account the job loss before president obama took office. typically men lose jobs before women. they have the administration, you found more behm but it is not really true. >> was jeb bush talking about marco rubio you should resign you are not in the senate you are not spoke cussed -- focusen your job. here he is defending his record. >> a senate by the name of bob graham ran for president missing over 30 percent of the votes. i don't recall him calling for his resignation.
2:18 am
later that year john kerry ran missing 50-60 percent of his votes. they sent an em bothersment. barack obama missed 60 to 70 percent of the votes and the same paper endorsed them again. they are saying why are you criticizing me. >> are they true or false? >> they are. if you mention 2008 may be apple to oranges definitely true. >> rebecca joining us again. thank you. >> the time is 18 after the top of the hour. marco rubio verses the moderator. >> i didn't have to woshth it. >> you did. >> that's something the two have been battling about for weeks. the proof now the moderator was wrong. a fight over faith why the coach denied orders and prayed with his team now needs a prayer of his own.
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>> welcome back to "tocfox & friends first". according to the latest poll it is the number one issue voters think about when choosing their candidates. overwhelmingly 40 percent followed lie national security coming in at 31. it is something we heard a lot about during last night's debate. listen. >> there are loads of great ideas, great conservative ideas from wonderful think tanks about how to reform the tax code. the problem is, we never get it done. >> the government lied to you and they have stolen from you. they told you your social security money is in a trust fund. all that is in the trust fund is iou's is something they spent
2:23 am
monday on a long time ago. >> it doesn't tax investments at all. the more you tax something, the less of it you get. >> who has the best plan for americans? here to weigh in is senior writer for opportunity lives terry sheffield. thank you for joining us this morning. very long night for all of us listening to he everything the candidates had to say. your opinion in terms of who had the best plan. >> i think the strongest night on economics was carly fiorina. she spent so long in business and pointing out earnings on calls, being very particular in talking about economic issues as a ceo. >> talked about specifically those involving women. >> she talked about the fact that 92 percent of jobs lost in obama's first term were women's jobs. she talked about that. she also talked about -- she responded to the myth that driys me crazy about $0.77 on the dollar which is factually wrong and it was a bad question by the
2:24 am
moderator. she said she could condense the tax code down to three-pages. >> a little stretch. >> we have 73,000 pages in tax codes and we can reform that. >> lastly about the moderators this morning. specifically going after the candidates and having to be corrected. rubio and har wood. let's listen to a little bit of their exchange about reducing the tax plan. >> you know the story>> y oo. >> you did. the tax foundation said after tax income for the top 1 percent under your plan would go up 27.9 percent. people in the middle of the income spectrum about 15 percent. >> because the math is 5 percent of a million is a lot more than 5 percent of 1,000.
2:25 am
>> they have been down this road john harwood having to correct the exact same thing he was talking about last night. two weeks ago we had a tweet that he posted earlier correcting earlier fweet tax foundation says review benefits lowest 10 percent proportionately more than top 1 percent average 17.8 percent. he did the same thing last night. >> he is on the play roll with hillary clinton. this is wrong. i thought he handled it very as well. overall cnbc did a poor job man ablging the debate. that's why cnbc should be ashamed of how they were doing it. the whole presentation and how they were going back and forth. at thats like they wanted it to be about them rather than the candidates. >> which you should never do you should strive not to do that as a journalist. >> thank you so much. appreciate it as always you getting up early with us. now worry about the fire
2:26 am
jets scrambling when a military blimp breaks free knocking out power to thousands and causing chaos for hours. derek tiny is live with what is being done now. >> a specialized military team is on the ground in northeast pennsylvania to recover the 180 million piece of equipment and try to figure out how it got lose. shortly after news the tethered blimp about the length of a football field somehow became detached from the ground in narld for four hours it drifted northwest across maryland and pennsylvania dragging the cable on the way damaging buildings and knocking out power lines leaving nearly 30,000 people without power at one point. >> i think it is ridiculous. it is $2 billion project, and they don't have a contingency for how to rescue it or how to
2:27 am
tether it. it wasn't a crazy storm. it wasn't a windy day. >> it eventually ran out of air and landed in a rural area. thankfully it appears no one was injured. this incident is parking swes about the military program that already cost more than $2 billion. the balloon is part of a 2 balloon system designed to protect america's eastern sea board cruz missiles and other threats. the military has teams on the ground to recover the blimp hopefully giving answers as well. >> garrett tenney live from washington. >> the time is about halfway past the top of the hour. ripping the cnbc moderators. >> what the committee is doing now that could effect future debates. so you can power imagination all day long. [duracell slamtones]
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>> good morning. if you are just waking up, it is
2:31 am
thursday october 28th. round 3 last night. >> republican presidential candidates rumble in the rockies. >> is this a comic version of the presidential campaign? >> you can campaign or just resign and let somebody else. >> we have 19 trillion in debt shth we have people out of wok e and isis and al qaeda attacking us and we are talking about fantasy football. >> do you see someone with the moral authority to unite the country? >> we have complete post debate coverage. >> what a night. >> let's look at john roberts life in boulder. >> morning ainsley and heather. how are you doing this morning? >> awfully early another cold and beautiful early morning. when you look at the debate last night and some of the sound bytes you had there it is clear the candidates felt there was a media bias by the line of
2:32 am
questioningage the way the moderators conducted the debate. ted cruz had the line of the night. when asked about the opposition to the debt ceiling clearly had a negative spin on it. >> the questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. this is not a cage match how about talking about the substantive issues? >> well the candidates did manage a theme last night. mark yo rubio going off about the difference between republican and democrats and how they are treated by the media. >> hillary clinton went before a committee yet the mainstream media going around saying it was the greatest week. it was a week she got exposed as a liar. >> the candidates grew so tired of the moderators repeelt the
2:33 am
attempts to pit each other against each other they came close to a bernie sanders and hillary clinton moment. >> donald trump when you look at him do you see someone with the moral authority to lead the country. >> trump is a great man. i am wearing a trump tie. >> nasty question. thank you, governor. >> ben carson frontrunner made more mitt representations including being asked if he would serve for costco the number one gay friendly company in america. >> why would you serve on a company who's policies run counter to your views on homosexuality? >> ob yum you don-- obviously yt understand my views on homosexuality. i believe our constitution protects everybody regardless of their sexual orientation or any other aspect. i also believe that marriage is between one man and one woman.
2:34 am
>> it was trump who got the final dig accusing cnbc of wanting to profit off the debate. >> everybody said it was going to be 3 hourings 3 and a half including them. in about 2 mornings i renegotiated it dourn to 2 hours so we can get the hell out of here. >> just for the record the debate was always going to be 2 hours. >> that's not right. >> senator rubio. >> that is not right. absolutely in the right. >> donald trump needed to have a big night to get some of the momentum back from ben carson leading in iowa. we will have to see if he did that. marco rubio is going to get a big post debate bounce. >> a lot of folks agree with you. thank you, john. #chaotic seemed to be the theme. low blow after the other that's what the rnc is saying about the debate. one tweeted:
2:35 am
>> they were got you questions. they were talking about their vision, their plans and solutions for america. this was supposed to be a financial debate. it wasn't. it was a got yaw interview over and over again. >> the rnc promising for a more robust exchange. as far as nbc hosting again it will be reviewed. >> oo with so much cont verover surrounding the moderators there wasn't a lot of time touk at that about the issues. when they did we are asking you who do you think won? we have a political panel to weigh in on this. william s. buckley fellow from the national review and ebony williams who was here last
2:36 am
night. commentators that's what we were talking about. who was the winner? >> i think ted cruz. he was clear. he also pushed for privatization of social security which is a bold move i think. >> what do you think ebony? >> i think john kasich. he was the one who talked about his ability to demonstrate his success already. trump got a lig naggi-- little nagging. his numbers are high doesn't mean he was the most dem stif. >> who was the loser? >> ben cruz. qualified loss because he showed he still doesn't have a grasp of the details. the way the race is going it's not likely to effect him. >> i have to go with the donald. he's the money guy. it was the economic debate. people are going to have a moment where he put plate on the bones which some were hoping and
2:37 am
wishing and praying he could do this would have been the moment. >> what about immigration was he the winner? he talked a lot about the wall? >> he was the loser. >> why? >> because even all parties are saying that's not practical. the spirit of what he is saying about strengthening the border and making sure we are sovereign people i agree with that but the practicality is not resinating. >> you said the loser. who was your loser when it came to immigration? >> my loser was also donald trump. in addition to ebony's reasons there was a moment the moderator asked you tribe mark yo rubio as mark zuckerberg's personal senator. he de it mid it. it is on his own web site. >> did he put it on there or did someone else? >> he had to let them. >> who was the winner? >> mark yo rubio. he has a lot of ground to make up among conservatives trying to
2:38 am
explain the immigration debacle in 2013 as well as his continued support with h1 bb used to under cut american workers. while he didn't give a resounding sucks isful answer he gave a solid answer. >> he also talks about his parents and past. >> who was the winner for immigration? >> i think rubio again he was able to demonstrate and kind of spotty. wasn't totally supported by his party all of his immigration policies. >> talk about overall winners and losers. hold up the winners. >> marco rubio, why? >> he was forceful, clear, clue i h fluid the whole way through in a debate that was all gotcha. he looked like the adult. >> hold up who your loser was. jeb bush. same person as well. >> he needed a moment. he is waning. there were moments i forgot he was on the stage. with as much money as he's got.
2:39 am
he has the most robust infrastructure yet he is still not able to do anything with it. >> i would give you a fist bump. we are all southerners here. over to you heather. >> it is about 20 minutes to the top of the hour. the governor's billion dollar blimp breaks free forcing fighter jets to scramble. what in the world went wrong? ♪ ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers
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. >> test. test. >> we are back with a fox news alert. a military blimp the size of a football field flows away sending off a mad scramble to stop it. garrett tenney is live for us.
2:43 am
how in the world did this happen? >> that's what they are trying to figure out. a specialized military team is on the ground in northeast pennsylvania to cover the $180 million blimp to try to figure out how it got lose. shortly afternoon the tethered blimp somehow became detached from the ground in northeast maryland. for four hours it drifted across maryland and pennsylvania dragging the 6700 foot cable on the ground for much of the way damaging buildings and knocking out power lines. thankfully it appear the no one was injured. the blimp ran out of air and landed in a rural area. the blimp is part of a two-balloon system designed to protect america's eastern sea board and crfrom cruz missiles. it already cost more than
2:44 am
$2 billion. >> if you saw the blimp that got cut lose from maryland today it's a perfect example of government. what we have is something government made a bag of gas cut lose destroyed everything in its path left thousands of people powerless but we had too much invested in it so we had to keep it. that is our government today who saw it adds a blimp. >> the military had teams on the ground now. they are recovering the blimp hopefully trying to get answers as well. >> they are on administrative paid leave. they were relieving him of his duties to refuse stopping him from engaging in dem stif religious conduct. he joined the marine combat
2:45 am
veteran on the field to pray. they are considering legal action. >> the kansas city rules crush the new york mets in game 2's world series. >> fly ball, right field. royals up 2 games to nothing. >> the royals dominate winning 7-0 with pitcher johnny here is new york. >> get the tickets for that one. >> 15 minutes to the top of the hour. moderators not the candidates who come out swinging. >> is this a comic book version of the presidential campaign. >> duds that speak to your judgment in any way. >> that opened the door for a campaign changing moment. >> game two of the world series started at the republican debate. if you are a new yorker with a
2:46 am
giant head you can watch. the
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2:49 am
>> you have had a tough time making the map. >> you were on the home page on the web site with the logo over your shoulder. >> if somebody put me on their home page they did it without my permissi permission. >> does that speak to your vetting process in any way? (booing) >> they know. >> the leading rep you be can candidate when you look at the average national polls is donald trump. when you look at him do you see someone with the moral authority to unite the country?
2:50 am
>> media outlets seem to agree on one thing the debate moderators. look at the headlines. multiple headlines saying cnbc lost control of the debate. here is more radio thachblgs for being with us. >> good morning. you're welcome. a lot of the analysts we had on, these why the words, snarky, hostile, insulting. what was your reaction to the moderators last night? >> i think those individuals are absolutely right. i think it was incredibly disappointing. we're here to talk about something that was so important. every poll across the country the top issue is the economy. here we have this moment to talk about such an important issue and instead we saw partisan politics on display from the moderators. john harwood blatantly lied
2:51 am
about rubio's tax plan. he had corrected his own lies two weeks earlier. he repeated that line of attack even knowing it was absolutely categorically false. i think there's no better display of bias. >> it was totally amazing. trying to call out ben carson on his vetting capabilities. clearly a lot of their questions they hadn't vetted. >> ted cruz had a big moment. let's listen. >> the questions illustrate. are you a comic book villain? can you do math, john kasich will you insult two people over here. marco rubio, why don't you resign? jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen? he didn't answer the question which was about the debt ceiling. what was your response to that? it was a huge moment to him. >> i think him saying that sort of refocused the debate.
2:52 am
what we saw prior to that was a lot of bickering on the stage. a lot of the candidates took the bait. he reshifted. he refocused the debate. we heard the attacks from all of the candidates. chris christie member ran bring said, look, i'm from new jersey and even in new jersey you're being rude. marco rubio accused the mainstream media and moderators of being the super pac. the rnc's chairman put out a statement attacking the moderators. we saw liberal bias on full display last night. >> tried to get huckabee to go against trump. he said, i'm wearing a trump tie. >> the gop going against the mainstream media. that's the debate last night. >> all right. exactly. >> thanks so much. have a great day. pollster frank luntz said
2:53 am
they had the highest numbers. >> his focus group surprised and impressed by the senator's strong stance. >> he turned it around on them and showed them that they work for the democratic party. >> i came in here tonight as a ben carson fan. i'm a fan but i'm all about ted cruz. he's my man now. >> this is the first night i've been interested in ted cruz because i hadn't watched him. he was toward the evangelical crowd. now that he's talking economics more, he's much more on my radar. >> another candidate taking on the media, chris christie. the new jersey governor firing back as we know he does at what he called an unbelievable question. >> we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? i feel like it was the moment for me that i just went, this is a clown show. it's just a complete mess and we're talking about issues that are completely ridiculous. >> there's much bigger issues to be talked about than fantasy
2:54 am
football. >> like that description. big mess. >> he made an excellent point. i thought governor christie did a great job with that question. >> a lot of them had good moments. the time is eight minutes until the top of the hour. it was two hours of talk, but what did the social media world think about the debate? who lit up twitter and who had the biggest fight on social media overall? the topics still trending this morning. some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things.
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we've been talking about it all morning. it seems like the most talked about topic of the debate online was the debate itself. >> yeah. here now with social media reaction is "fox & friends" weekend co-host. >> absolutely. social media lit up. it was really about the moderators. >> #moderators. >> let's go over to the big board. take a look at some of the most popular tweets last night. the word terrible was used to describe the moderators nearly 2,000 times last night on twitter. the word awful about 1400 times and another, the word bad. those guys were being kind of nice. 1200 tweets about the cnbc moderators last night. the most twitter mentions last night, ted cruz when he fired back and picked on the moderators, what kind of questions are we getting, look at that big spike, 55,000 mentions when he went after the
2:59 am
moderators last night. ted cruz crushed it last night on twitter. 134,000 twitter mentions for ted cruz. donald trump just under 100,000 and ben carson right behind him. ted cruz was the most discussed on facebook. facebook at least allows a little more conversation to happen than twitter with 140 characters. ted cruz crushing it there, donald trump doing well and ben carson. marco rubio had a standout moment when he took on the mainstream media. this lit up social media. remember this? watch. >> the democrats have the ultimate super pac. it's called the mainstream media. >> so there you go. twitter exploded, too. here's one great response from a viewer last night who said this, best response of the night from rubio, mainstream media is hillary clinton's superpac. there you go. a look at the social media platform and the response. it was interesting to see, not many new twitter followers. wonder if it's a reflection
3:00 am
people were watching game two of the world series. >> thank you. let's keep talking about the debate from the moderators to the issues or lack thereof. what did you think of round three? weigh in on our facebook page. #keeptalking. >> more post debate analysis now on "fox & friends." bye. good morning to you. today is thursday, october 29th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the reviews are almost unanimous. "the biggest loser" in last night's debate, the blatantly biased moderators. >> is this a comic book version of a campaign? >> why not slow down. >> in terms of all of this, we look back, the board fired you. >> why would you serve on a company whose policies seem to run counter to your views on homosexuality? >> well, this morning the candidates are here with us at


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