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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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saturday mornings on fnc. remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. >> breaking tonight, dramatic new fallout from a republican debate that may have marked a turning point for the 2016 republicans and their relationship with the media. good evening, everyone. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. the chairman of the rnc accused cnbc of a betrayal as he addressed why the rnc in a move that shocked many today has now suspended its participation in an upcoming nbc news debate. two nights ago moderators clashed with the candidates in sometimes hostile exchanges that even liberal media outlets described as a train wreck and
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bad day for journalism. now they are looking at the upcoming debate with parent company nbc and demanding new assurances that next time the candidates will be treated fairly. watch. >> the truth is is that we were betrayed. i think the candidates were betrayed by cnbc and we need to look out for the candidates in the future debates. if questions. >> reporter: argumentative, patty, put downs in in cases, purposefully pitting candidates against each other. everything they promised not to do from the beginning to the end. so, look, cnbc is an arm of nbc. i am not going to allow us to move forward until we communicate with the candidates. obviously we had assurances that it was going to be straight up finance which is what they do every day. and what was delivered was just nothing but a crap sandwich. >> meantime the republican
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presidential campaigns may be taking things into their own hands. they are meeting this sunday but the rnc is not invited to the meeting and now the candidates are taking their complaints public. >> i've seen things that are so bad with the press. they were really asking questions that were bad but what else is new? >> be ready to hear that the campaigns are going to not allow the networks to control this process. >> i've asked my staff to reach out to the other campaigns to talk about a change in format. moderators who are interested in actually getting the facts and not in gotcha questions in zblcht change of network is not going to matter. we need a structural change. what i would suggest, allow all of us to have a say. quit trying to micromanage. this process has hurt our efforts to win. >> mike huckabee is here.
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he'll be at the meeting on sunday. and chris spire walt on how the campaigns are handling the media. we begin with trace. >> the gop presidential candidates are angry at cnbc had how it was kanded but the candidates aren't pleased with how the rnc has part med to set the rules and now ten of the campaigns including donald trump and ben carson are holding a meeting on sunday to talk about improving future debates. but experts say not inviting the rnc is a fairly big slap in the face. rnc chair is well aware of the anger. listen. >> our job is to stand up for our candidates and so the first thing that has to happen is talk to the candidates, see what it is that they want, and what we need to advocate for.
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so that's the first step. i mean, it's all about, obviously, putting the candidates in the best light possible so communicating with them is always first. >> and while he defends his backside, he's attacking on the front side going after nbc news for what he calls cnbc's betrayal. in a letter, he writes, quote, while debates are meant to include tough questions and contrast candidate's visions and policies for the future of america, cnbc moderators engaged in a series of gotcha questions, petty and mean spirited in tone and designed to embarrass our bds. he did not mention the silly questions but the candidates did. watch. >> wait a second. we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? >> nbc news maintains it had no editorial control over the cnbc
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debate and reminded the rnc exactly who they're planning to leave at the altar writing this is a disappointing developmentment but along with our broadcast partners we'll work to resolve this issue. tell mun doe is america's second largest spanish commercial network. >> trace, thank you. joining me with more, our fox news digital editor and the host of media buzz. welcome to your both. they're saying that they're not going to do the nbc debate, and now they're having some meeting without the rnc present. what are they actually trying to accomplish here, chris? >> well, it's not clear at this exact moment which campaigns will be participating in this meeting and which ones won't. they all have a different set of interests. if you are ted cruz or marco
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rubio, had an awesome debate, you want more and you don't care what the questions are. you just want to get up there and kill them, and that's good. that's what you want. if you are donald trump, if you are ben carson and you're in the lead, debates and especially tough rough and tumble debates, that's not what you want. if your jeb bush, the thought of a debate stage must be a terrifying image. >> he's not reportedly going to this meet zblchlgt trying to get this herd together so they have an agreed point of view on what exactly they want out of the subsequent debates is not going to be easy. >> they are going. they may have reversed themselves on this. >> how much of this ranger angee rnc is real? >> he's genuinely ticked off at the train wreck, but here's
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what's going on. i'm told that what the rnc wants is for nbc to gotravel a little bit. after a couple of meetings, they kiss and make up. i think the nbc debate will take place, and he's also working the refs. >> that's that about? is this an attempt to get nbc news to soften up its questioning on their debate, and is that appropriate? >> it is not hard to imagine that if it's nbc debate comes off in february, that the m moderatomod ra ray or thes might be more respectful for fear of being the subject of these attacks on the media. and also on other networks taking note of this. bashing the media, especially when they do such a bad job, can hurt all of us. >> what about the anger at the rnc?
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this notion that riens preeb us has any role as we what we do as a moderator is a bunch of nonsense. can i tell you i never heard from him. he never saw a question and when he tried to mess with who the moderators would be, our boss said no. >> i have no idea what other networks do. i have no idea what input the rnc had on theirs. over here, what we do is good debates. that's what we do. if i may say, the best debates. we did the best debates last cycle. we'll do the best debates this cycle. we'll invite the candidates to come. we hope they come. the relationship the rnc has is to see if you go to debate that's not sanctioned, we'll dock you delegates .
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>> why are people pretending that he had all the power? i guess they didn't think he should have sanctioned the debate at all? >> it's one thing for the campaign or the rnc to negotiate with networks if there's two or three hours or opening statements. they have no business getting into the scope or kind of questions. if this keeps up, they might run the risk of sounding whiny about taking tough questions. >> right now they're saying we might have the debate still with national review. the debate goes forward but just with national review? what about telemundo? does nbc have a point, cancel on us, and you cancel on them, and you'll hurt yourself. >> the threat is that you will be even more racest than nbc
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news has previously intimated that you are and we'll have the proof. >> we looked it up and you're ten times for racist than previously imagined. i think in the end nbc news is going to do the debate. i think this is effective outrage they will use to say you'd better tighten this up and not -- >> andy lack does not control nbc. a different guy does. >> if you have a barge pole that you can poke them with or anything that's a point of outrage so you can say we don't want you to resurrect keith olbermann about how terrible everybody is? >> good to see you both. as we mentioned, while the rnc seems to be taking action, the candidates are planning something of their own. when we come back, we'll ask
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>> when you look at donald trump, do you see someone with the moral authority to unite the country? >> you know -- >> that was a question to mike huckabee on wednesday night aimed at getting him to take a shot at donald trump, something he declined to do. the huckabee campaign is joining several other campaigns for a private meeting this sunday as they try to figure out the best way forward. it's not you. it's your campaign. what is the purpose of this meeting on sunday? >> you know, one of the things that cnbc has done is something nobody else has been able to do. they brought all of the
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republican candidates for president together in a way we haven't been to now. the point of the meeting is so that the campaigns if necessary take control of the process. the reason is because we take this seriously because we're running for president. we don't want to be just elements of somebody's game show or their entertainment venue so they can drive up their ratings, beat up rev yothe revenues. >> let's say you can insist on certain things. what would they do that would ensure a better outcome? >> the two thing that they absolutely promised would happen. this is why we were upset. they said it would focus on the company and financial issues, it would be a stubstance debate.
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regulation, economic ftax, trad policies. they also said they had algorithms and it was going to monitor who had time, how many questions were being asked of each candidate. i got three questions the whole night. several candidates got more than three times. some people, they enforced the rules on. others they let them go, roll all over the clock. they lost the clock. >> if have you had any input from cnbc that last one? >> they haven't said anything. they never apologized. we even had technical issues. i was on one end of the stage, i could not hear what was going on on the other end of the stage. here's the big thing, we can handle tough questions. we're running for president.
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throw your best shot at me but don't ask me to comment about the character of another candidate. if you want to talk about me, fair game. if you want to ask me about my policies, fair game, but the worst information you'll get into from another candidate is me. the worst information you're going to get about me is from another candidate on the stage. so challenge me. tick take me on. >> i know a lot of people are unhappy with the rnc. i don't care about the rnc or the dnc. i'm wondering if they really are to blame. he doesn't have control over the he doesn't control what i asked or anybody else asks. it's sort of -- was it a mistake to trust cnbc? i think everyone was surprised by the tone, maybe not everybody, but many people were surprised by the tone adopted. >> well, i don't personally
6:18 pm
blame the rnc as much as i do cnbc. the only thing -- i don't know what they would have done than stepping out in the middle of the debate and saying we're done. >> that would have been dramatic. >> it would have been. they were tossing us cheese and hoping we would act like rats all night long. i think a lot of us realize that's not why we're here. we're here to talk to republican voters. this is not just an entertainment venue. this is the serious business of selecting a nominee. we failed to talk about the issues. >> does it hurt you if you don't go forward with the debate? >> it doesn't mean that we can't have a debate or have a debate with telemundo or you any
6:19 pm
vision. maybe we'll contract with networks. one way this could be handled is saying everybody is going to get a certain amount of time in the course of the debate. if you use your time up in the first answer, you're done. here's the thing. well, wouldn't that be better than having some people who just jump all over -- >> i have to ask you something. in your proposal would one candidate have a veto over moderators? >> i don't care who the mod r moderators are. i only care with the questions are good and the time is equally given. we don't have an opportunity to be heard by voters. campaigns are looking for honest, tough debate. we need it. we should have it. we should expect nothing less, but there ought to be at least a
6:20 pm
semblance that this is a serious issue debate not a bunch of nonsense about fantasy football and do i think donald trump is a good guy. to be honest with you, donald trump, his relationship with his kids. he has character. his kids turned out well. that's the best evidence of his character. >> that's an excellent testimony to him. no problems, no,s, and they all love him a lot. >> a piece of news broke tonight you couldn't hear down the stage. great to see you, as always. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> all the best. the next gop primary debate is now just 11 days away and this time it will be on the fox business network tuesday, november 10th. the happy hour debate, are we calling it that? i thought we were calling it undercard. the first one with the candidates not polling well starts at 6:00 p.m.
6:21 pm
and then at 9:00 p.m., they get to ask questions to the top tier candidates. to find out what time, log onto finder. >> also tonight, as soon as rubio started earning high marks, someone released a storm of opposition research and rich lowry is next on how hard that wind is likely to glblow. >> now you know how many votes mccain missed? i don't remember you ever complaining about mccain's vote record. you're only doing it now because we're running for the same position, and someone convinced you that attacking me is going to help you.
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bush or anyone on the stage. i'm running for president because there is no way we can elect hillary clinton to continue the policies of barack obama. >> there is some good news breaking tonight. just moments ago for rubio, as we learned that one of the wealthiest and most influential republican donors in the country, a guy by the name of paul singer is throwing his support to rubio. rubio is the victor with him. at the same time, rubio is seeing a surge of fund raising, he's also seeing a surge of attacks. rich lowry is joining us. it's not just from the democrats. >> the bush campaign is bragging about they have a file so big on rubio there's no file cabinet yarks basically that can contain it. and if this memo that was leaked, 112 memo, there's
6:26 pm
nothing new. that has been chewed over since he ran for senate the first time against kris, and he used a lot of this material. they say you don't really know a candidate until he runs for candidate. if this is all there is, it's likely to be -- >> how the leaked information, in light of all the nice things he's said about rubio, including he was ready to be vice president a few years ago. >> that's a big contradiction for bjeb bush. he endorsed him and then wanted him to be vice president. if there are all these disqualifying things, why wasn't jeb aware of it. >> putting aside the difficult of jeb raising that. i'm sure that's why this was leaked, most people weren't paying attention to rubio.
6:27 pm
while it may be old news to people like you, someone sitting at home may say what, tell me what it is. what it appears to be is marco is a risky bet. he has no accomplishments which negate the hit against clinton cloic clinton. his misuse of state party credit cards and funds and he's tied to some scandal ridden congressman. we're deep in the weeds here. >> they'll try. a number of the things he's going to have to play defense on. he's adept at playing defense and making it a positive. the credit card thing has been out there and appears to be sloppiness, not corruption. >> the last one is those who have looked into marco's background in the past have been concerned about what they found. i've always found that with people who spent time with him
6:28 pm
before running for president. that's been circulated. >> it's a little slimy unless you tell us what it is. the rubio people will say, charlie kris wanted to kill us. the rnc committee was against us when we first ran. the democrat in that race, the same thing, and mitt romney looked at us for vice president of united states and did an extensive vetting, and we've spent a lot of time and money doing all the vetting ourself, and they're confident there's nothing new, maybe they're wrong. >> in other news, chris christie got hit that said it's time to go home. that's an interesting message given what we saw on wednesday night. >> the timing is odd, and if he was a democrat, he'd be shutting off the lights. this would be a major crisis for
6:29 pm
his campaign. no one in the dpgop cares. his polls are low. he's not raising a lot of money. he figures it's been unexpected. there's more plot twists to come. >> it's like game of thrones. everyone is waiting for thinkei competitor to be taken out. >> it's great to see you. i call myself mother of dragon sometimes because i have three little kids. sometimes. also tonight, can you guess which major media outlet encouraged people to weight in on, quote, the most ridiculous things said in wednesday night's republican debate? the answer and the fallout when meghan mccain and ebony williams join us next. >> when people ask me who's
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upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. >> before the break we asked if you can guess what major media outlet encouraged people to post comments on, quote, who made the most ridiculous comment in the republican debate. and if you guessed the new york times, you win. congratulations. "the new york times" blog taking note urged readers to ek plaxpl why they were so upset.
6:34 pm
shockingingly, the times did not solicit such comments in response to the democrat debate. what it appears is that they wanted to know the most ridiculous comment in the debate before the debate began. they posted it about an hour to them speaking. >> an old nickname i've had for the new york times is the time time slimes. it doesn't surprise me. it's interesting about the cnbc debate, it's alilluminated that the bias is real. you're up against a real media bias. this is just living proof of it. >> they say when they asked people to post their comments, they say the decides acandidate
6:35 pm
bound to say things are that are absurd. that's true in every debate. do you believe that this is evidence of bias? >> i think you're giving hillary too much credit for likability. i think it's boring on the left. there's no entertainment value. >> it was so boring. >> i just think it was nothing there. >> any absurd of the dem debate? >> the enemy equated with iranians. my favorite with this is what crazy things are republicans going to stay? women are pro life. any conservative value is crazy. >> i think it undermines their credibility. they're supposed to be an objective, real news source.
6:36 pm
when you do that before it starts, it undermines their credibility. >> what about cnbc? they took a hit. within 14 hours of them doing the debate and taking criticism on it, they post this. are you smarter on a gop candidate on their welcomes, and the article is entitled college level speaking not required at the gop debates. they talk about how the one thing that was not a big surprise, no one spoke above a high school level. really? >> also, maybe people don't want to be lectured to by harvard professors. maybe some of these people are resonating because their message is accessible to the average american. this is just crap people say. i hope i can say that on your show. >> this was like a cheap shot. it was despicable on their part. that debate was a disaster. you pivot and try to blame it on the candidates. i was disappointed at cnbc and
6:37 pm
also nbc. the correlation is there. and it looks bad for the whole thing. >> they're already being blamed and they're technically under different management. >> speaking at you're only speaking at an elementary school level. the truth is, this is what a lot of people in the truly avoied left wing media don't understand. it's not to your benefit to be smug in your intelligence and your degrees. it is better if you can speak in a way that everyone understands and doesn't have to work hard to figure out. >> it's not what inspires people. talking to people about real problems and real values, that's what works. >> if i wanted that, i would have gone to an ivy league school. that's not why. >> i don't see how you win.
6:38 pm
>> what we've seen this week is media bias is not always right in your face, like, aren't you a terrible man because you're a republican. sometimes it's more subtle like the fact they do it for the republicans and not for the dems. and the tone of some of the questions we heard last week. >> what tone? >> the tone to me was outrageous. like they came with a chip on their shoulder before it started. and i'm an independent but many on the far left were completely o outraged as well. it didn't bode well for the left or cnbc. for me it was an opportunity for the gop to look like the heros of the night. >> can you imagine if they ended hands clasped. >> on wednesday marco rubio suggested that hillary clinton lied about benghazi and the media critics have been hammering him since. greg gutfeld and allen combs are next on this.
6:39 pm
>> the democrats have the ultimate super pac. they're called the mainstream media who every single day -- vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team.
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6:43 pm
her family saying this attack in benghazi was caused by al qaeda like elements. she pespent over a week telling others -- it was the week she got exposed as a liar. it was the week she got exposed as a liar. but she has her superpac helping her out, the american mainstream media. >> that was marco rubio, and now he's the one coming under fire for that attack for saying that she lied about the cause of the benghazi terror attack. this program has reported how e-mails show that mrs. clinton said one thing in public and another in private about benghazi, yet many in the media ignored that and instead their reaction was more like this. >> we're thrilled it's friday but does hillary clinton want the week to end j the week that could mark one if not the best of her presidential campaign.
6:44 pm
>> i tweeted out while this was in progress, the longer she sits there, the better it is for her. >> hillary clinton and congressional republicans and democrats fought all day yesterday in benghazi hearings that could only be seen at least in terms of theatrics as a tko for hillary clinton. >> i said she was going to make monkeys out of them. it was predictable and she did. >> alan colmes is host of the alan colmes show. and greg gutfeld is the author of how to be right. we begin with rubio versus clinton. it's interesting that they come out and try to fact check it. it wasn't very long ago that the same person gave susan rice the two pinocchios on if it was preplanned or not.
6:45 pm
>> it keeps hillary from being impregnated with scandal. this was a great thing for rubio. he pulled himself out of the pack. now he's on the same level as hillary, and he's human and she is like a reanimated doll from a japanese horror film from the 197s 0s. i love her. marco is human. he was right to step up. he did what mitch should have done to obama in the debate. >> that's the thing. it's been such a huge debate about what they knew and when they knew it, and why is not entitled to the opinion that she lied. >> it's a cheap applause line. >> even glen kes ler couldn't prove it wasn't true. >> he did. >> no. his issue was the intelligence in his view was confusing that you couldn't prove that it was a
6:46 pm
lie. >> what he did was he quoted a number of sources that show there was a lot of changes. when marco rubio said the cia did not change their view? that's a lie. >> how can they say it was a settled matter when the same guy went back and said susan rice's claim about this not being a preplanned attack deserve two pinocchios. >> the thing that should make her incapable of being commander in chief is she lied to grieving parents. she told her daughter the night before there was a terror attack -- >> not just her daughter. the jipgs prime minister. this is what she did on 9/11. she said we know that the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film. it was a planned attack. it was not a protest. >> she knew she lied to them and the american people.
6:47 pm
she did it to save her hide. she didn't want to get tarred and she wanted to protect barack obama because he was up for election. she also lied about the e-mails and lied about blumenthal. she lied about e-mails, her husband lies about females. >> the it's not been discredited. calling someone is a liar. it's a cheap way of going after your opponent. >> you're such a higher. -- liar. >> that's true. >> i think rubio was trying to give voice to the frustration that many people feel. she has not been forth coming in benghazi. do you believe she has been? >> 11 hours. how many times has she testified? and the optics were terrible for republicans. now she's saying let me testify again. >> the optics weren't great for her. she looked like she was
6:48 pm
undergoing a procedure. >> that's probably how she felt. >> by the way, don't knock it. everybody should get some kind of procedure. especially when you're over 50. >> i think i'm having one now. >> well, you're getting screwed. >> i disagree with that. >> this is not a happy ending. >> wow. here's my question for you. if the republicans continue to hammer her for this and rubio makes this one of his causes, benghazi, does he risk alienating the independents who have moved and don't want to hear about it? >> i think it helps him the same way the debate helps all republicans. the media is a great target. it's refreshing to turn it on them and go after her and the media. >> did you think the cnbc debate was fair? >> yes. it was good questions and it was direct and they hit people in the most vulnerable parts. >> no problem with the tone? >> not at all. i'm one of the few people who
6:49 pm
thinks it was a well done debate. >> you're asking alan colmes about tone. >> you got a problem with that, pal? >> oh. >> that's like asking me about temperance. >> you thought the comic book line was okay? >> it's part of a much larger debate. it's cherry picking to say it's bad because of that. >> how about you don't like gyse so why are you serving -- >> to have donald trump say we should have republican moderators. >> that's what ted cruz wants. >> they sharpen their skills by having the most difficult questions. they're going to have to go up to the other side. >> what's going to happen to hillary? >> she spent 11 hours debating in front of the benghazi trial. >> that was not a debate. she was half asleep.
6:50 pm
>> no jab against you, megyn, i would like to see a debate without moderators. put them together and let them sit there and throw topics at them. >> there should be a buzz for you do that. >> a shock buzzer. a shock collar. >> collar. >> would you rely on the buzzer for -- >> it takes the responsibility off of it. >> every minute we talk about this is a minute we don't talk about your book. >> get gutfeld is sticking around. he's got all of the tips you might need at thanksgiving, next. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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6:53 pm
greg gutfeld has a new book out this week and starts his book tour on sunday. wouldn't you like to see that? he's written two "new york
6:54 pm
times" best sellers. "the guide to arguing and arguing well." he is co-host of "they did you ? >> i realized that the left are really, really good at selling bad ideas and that right is horrible at selling great ideas. right now we have a socialist running for president. bernie sanders. everyone thinks it's cute and fuzzy and romantic because no one can articulate how great capitalism has been for this world. what is that? >> i guess because we've become comfortable with success and don't know how to explain it. this book is designed to explain it. >> who was the elizabeth warren of the right? because the dems love her because she gives voice to people who find they are persuasive on the left. does right have anybody like that? >> i would say the closest might be marco rubio because he can articulate it without jargon and, in some ways, any candidate
6:55 pm
that gets rid of political jargon can do well. >> then he gets mocked for speaking like a sixth grader. >> the thing is, for example, trump does speak in certain cliches but they are not political ones so that's kind of refre refreshing. i compare trump to a traveling musical act that everybody likes that plays the hits. and then he improvises. he's like a guy that plays guitar. he's like the grateful dead. people like that because you never know what they are going to do. >> and you mentioned your mother to win an argument? rubio did that at the debate the other night. >> i used my late mother in a way -- when i write something, i try to imagine explaining something to her so she understands it. when i had to write about coronary stents, i said, how do i explain this to my mother? when an olive gets stuck in a straw, clog it is up, a coronary
6:56 pm
stent is you put it in there. she said, i understand it. >> what is one thing young people should know about the book? >> it's about losing your anger and fighting with humor. jon stewart and stephen colbert bought their second and third houses off of anger. we have to have fun and enjoy it and come prepared. the right has the targets on their back. >> there we go. "how to be right". >> there you go. >> we'll be right back. ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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"how to be right." have you gone on gutfeld is already asking me. he wants to prove his point. have a great weekend. welcome to this special edition of "hannity," the world to 2016. i'm tucker carlson in for sean. the republican candidates believed there were biased and unfair questions from the moderators at cnbc during the gop debate this week in colorado. reince priebus promised to evaluate all future debates and earlier today priebus announced he was, quote, suspending the partnership with nbc news and putting their february debate on ice. this move seems to make sense given the questions some candidates were asked by the


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