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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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that's what you get? >> no online show tonight. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report,d(s fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" withy16)ç the with a special guest right now. >> this is a fox news alert. all signs point to a bomb. sources telling fox news it was likely a bomb that took down a russian jet killing, murdering all 224 on board. right now u.s. investigators are focusing on isis. let's get right to fox news correspondent conor powell he is live in the middle east. conor? >> well, greta. it's been a bizarre few days to watch this investigation unfold. the first several days you had egyptian and russian authorities presenting sort and a lot of speculation while at the same time you had had a u.s. and u.k. and western governments really saying nothing. that changed today when the british announced that they were suspending all their flights from great britain
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to sharm el-sheikh in egypt, they suspected the evidence was starting to show that there was a bomb on board this flight. now, a few hours later, you begin tows see american officials say that the evidence was mounting. that there was a bomb on board. it was not brought down by a mechanical malfunction. they are beginning to say although not with sleuth certainty that they think isis had something to do with this attack. there is still not concrete evidence one way or another. there is issues about whether or not there is bomb residue at this site. that does give a lot of u.s. intelligence officials some colonel. they are also not sure who actually carried this out. there is no evidence now of a suicide bomber and they are still trying to figure out how this bomb got on the plane. but most of the evidence is point mounting and leaning u.s. intelligence officials towards the belief that there was some type of bomb on this flight. remain. but it is beginning to look
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like possibly isis or an isis affiliated group carried this out. although i was told as well that they aren't ruling out other groups. the sinai desert is an area where there is a lot of melt tant and insurgent groups. necessarily was the target in terms it of the2 plane. there are still a lot of concerns about how insecure this entire region is. and genesee is general sisi now president sisi has a lot of as well. there are lot of dots to be connected. it does appear that u.s. and western intelligence officials are beginning to say this was a bomb and it was likely isis. >> conor, thank you. fox news chief intelligence correspondent cathere.wfh+$ @&c@ catherine, what are your sources telling you? >> well, the way it was explained to me today by two separate sources is that the evidence points to an explosion, the likelys scenario is a bomb and that they are focused on this@@ isis affiliate. what's significant this
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evening is that the associated press isñlqdijju reporting out of london and we are trying to confirm that independently that there are intercepts. these are communications between known terrorist operatives, which would speak to premeditation it and foreknowledge of a divisive being planted on that aircraft. and this is the piece of evidence that really brings us into the bomb, isis scenario. >> all right. were these intercepts in our possession or somebody's possession before the bomb went off or after? and i realize i'm not trying to blame if it's in possession before. >> i don't want to give you bad information. but what typically happens in these situations is that they use kind of a way back machine to look at the collection in light of events. you can't be reading everything in realtime but what i would add to the intercept piece is that two very senior isis social media accounts. these are accounts with a lot of credibility, that are followed by the intelligence community, these are the ones that are claiming responsibility. they do not really have a
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claims. >> i will tell what you i think is peculiar. when benghazi happened that night and al qaeda affiliates said they did it for nine days, obama administration said it was a video. now we have gotvq a situation where this plane was bombed and isis-related group took responsibility almost immediately and taken until well maybe it's isis is. almost like they hear hooves and we all yell horses and they say zebras. >> right. my experience covering this kind of twid. you have the career professionals who are working in the intelligence community. they are looking at the data. and their starting point is terrorism. they are looking for evidence that tell its them otherwise. for example, what's on the black box. then you have the political side of the house. the political side of the terrorism. it starts way out here and then moves to terrorism when the evidence supports it. and ie would argue with this administration in particular they have a track record of a kind of denial of the facts on the ground.
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we did see this with benghazi and we also saw it, unfortunately with fort hood and tomorrow is a six year anniversary since that domestic terrorist attack. >> catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> "on the record" will continue to monitor this downed plane story. coming up we will talk with the pilot and ambassador john bolton about the real possibility of a bomb on board that plane. and, he is the a 4th speaker of the house of representatives, the honorable paul ryan from the great state of wisconsin. he has got a big challenge in front of him. getting things done in washington. speaker of the house paul ryan is here to go "on the record." good evening, sir. congratulations. >> thanks for having me. good to be back with you. >> isis may have planted a bomb or isis related group on this. it almost seems to me like this is russia's 9/11. >> terrible tragedy. we need to get to the bottom of it it's too early to draw conclusions because we don't have all of the intelligence. in but let's just say this is a terrible tragedy. and, you know, i think we have got to make sure we get all the intel before we can draw sound conclusions.
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>> i hope we get that soon. all right, now to the new job. big picture, what is your vision for the house of representatives and how are you going to achieve it? >> i think the house of representatives has to get p house. we are the branch of government closest to the people and we are the half of the branch of government closest to it the people. so, there are four things we are basically trying to do. this is one of the reasons why i chose to become the speaker. number one with, i want the house. >> you actually appear to be kicking and screaming. >> it was not what i had planned on doing. it was not my first idea. but i basically talked with my colleagues and realized that i had a duty and obligation to do this because i think the moment for our country is just so dire. number one, i want the institution to work like the founders intended it to. we have other 100 amendments just this week on the highway bill. we open up the process so everyone's representative can participate in the process. that wasn't happening. number two, in order to do things for the country now, we have to see if we can find common ground without
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compromising our principles to advancertjt ideas. number three, i think we need to do a better job of being an opposition party. catherine was just talking about you know fort hood. we need to do a better job of holding this government accountable bringing more transparency, and basically speaking truth to power. there are lots of things we have the tools and the legislative branch of government to do that. we need to be better at that. and the last point, and the real reason why i really chose to do this is, if we don't like the direction the country is headed, which we us. we owe the people of this country a better way forward. we have to be a proposition party and tell people who we are, what we believe and how we would do things differently if we had the presidency that we need to actually fix this country's problems before they get out >> i once spoke to your predecessor, speaker boehner who told me the job -- he felt like the job was having a barrel full of frogs and get the barrel from one side of the room to the other
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without frogs jumping out. freedom caucus with this agenda and other caucuses with other agendas. how will you do things differently to keep those frogs in the barrel? >> by having an agenda and vision which we do not now have. look, some people get upset about this tactic or that tactic it. we end up getting into debates about tactic its. what we need to do is advance principles. solutions, results, ideas. and we have to create an agenda with a vision based on our principles and show the people of this country how we would do things differently so the people of this country get to choose what kind of country we are going to have. what do we replace obamacare with? what's a new tax system look like? how do we move millions of americans from welfare to work so they can make the most of their lives? how do we grow the economy? how do we get people in better jobs. government accountable and get rid of the waste and abuse. we have to show what that give the people of this country, the people of this nation a choice for what kind of country they want to
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have. we haven't done that as a republican party and we have to do that. >> let's assume that you accomplish that in the house. the problem that you also have i assume you have to have some sort of long vision because it has a path to the senate where they need 60 votes. have you thought sort of how recognition if you want to get anything done you have got to figure out what to do with the senate. >> i do, i think ultimately we will have to take this to the people so we can have the kind of election we need so we can pass what we need to do so save the country. >> meaning republicans next november. >> we need the white house. >> or 60 votes in the senate is a good start. >> i ran against the president in the last election. it's very clear we do not share the same vision, the idea of where america should go. he is transforming the country in a collection we never wanted it to go in the first place. we owe the country of choice of a different direction. and if we can win the kind of election we need to win an affirming election, a mandate election so the people of this country say yeah, we want you to fix ability to do so, that's what we want to bring to the country. so can we pass everything we want' into law right now with the senate and the
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no, we can't. but that should not stop us from trying and from offering ideas. >> all right. is there something you can do, work with this president, the opposite party, in the next year because is he going to be there another year and two months, that's the first thing. second thing, have you spoken to him since you have& become speaker. >> i have spoken to him since i have become speaker. i do there are things we can find common ground on without compromising our prince. principle. i have shown i have the ability to do that that's why my colleagues asked me to be speaker. >> we have to fund the government. spending issues have to be dealt with we want to rebuild the military. we finally got a two year budget for the military very important for our military planners. and so we want to get past this presidency with the kind of military problems we have had. but we want to do some things to shore up the military and we want to work with the president on that. there are a lot of other issues that will arise that hopefully we can find some common ground on. but is he a less progressive and are we conservative cans? yeah. there is a big difference there is a big gap there the
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common ground isn't as broad as you would like it to be. but, it will occur some places. again, fixing our military in the meantime i think is one of the top priorities. >> allg[ right. talking about fixing the military and you also brought up waste. let me tell you what i have been talking about the last two nights here. the inspector general report saying that the defense department spent $43 million, which only should have cost about $500,000 and they don't know and they don't know how it happened that the defense department and meanwhile we are hearing about cuts to the v.a. and cuts to social security, cuts to medicare, and we have right here we have got $42,500,000 that should have never been spent. what are you going to do -- you can do anything about that. >> we terminated that program last year. >> after it's paid. that's the problem. >> no two ways about it we have been funding the military on ad hoc basis and waste like this occurs. one of the reasons why we have now a two year agreement to have better planning for the military is to stop funding it on this ad hoc basis. the second thing i would point out is we now have a
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chairman of the armed services committee a guy named matt thorn berry from texas. is he one of the best visionary leaders for our military. he knows how you to get out of waste. that is his specialty is rooting out waste and fraudér and bringing accountability to our military. so we have a good person on the job a cop on the beat. we terminated this program and now wexv÷kj$ave a budget system that givesóñ# us a little bit of certainty so that the military is not doing this sort of ad hoc kind of thing creating waste in the first place. >> i picked that one because that's an easy and current one. there are some instances in the united states. we have federal buildings that we are paying for that are vacant. can i go through the list. senator tom coburn used to bring me a big packet every year. there is so much waste. what we are worried about funding the government and trying to get more money or take it out of different programs is -- i mean, is anyone doing any sort of accounting to figure out how much do we really need? >> yes. the house for five years in a row has passed a budget that cuts trillions of dollars of spending out of the federal government that balances the budget and pays
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down the debt. for the first time now, since we have been having these big budget problems, budget. here's the problem. we don't have a president who is interested in passing this budget. the agreement i mentioned with the military that's what we call discretionary spending. all of these programs we have talked about we have passed now five years in a row a balanced budget plan to do. this you have to have a president who is willing to we have are not had that. >> are you telling me a bulk of this waste would'p@&c @&c@ disappear. and forcing government agencies to prioritize by holding accountable and not just rubber stamping their budget requests so they get more every year that brings budget discipline you need. >> when i see what goes on defense department i am!?j/u thinking who is okaying these cost overruns? who are the bureaucrat who says okay to this? we don't even know. >> that's why we terminated this program. >> i hope there are other programs. immigration@o reform not going to happen in the next -- >> -- yeah, i have been
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pretty clear about this. i don't think on this issue, a big come pro-hencive immigration reform is something we should consider with this presidency for the mere fact that the president tried to go around congress and write the law himself. presidents don't write laws. the legislature, congress writes law. the president in this instance tried to go around congress with an executive amnesty, that's not constitutional. he is not being to succeed because it is unconstitutional. he has proven on this issue he doesn't want to work with congress he wants to go around congress. that's why i don't think we should act on this. if we can get consensus how to better secure the border. interior enforce. that's something i want to work on. in terms of immigration bill this is not something we should work with the white house on this because he has proven he wants to go around congress. >> tax reform? >> one of the big things i was working on chairman of ways and means committee. >> when? >> we have to win an tax reform we need. this president wants tax rates to group.
4:15 pm
the tax rate on successful small businesses is 44.6% right now. he doesn't want to lower that. the tax rate on businesses in canada is 15%. so we are taxing american job creators at much higher rates than our former competitors are if you want to get a bill into the law the president has to sign it= hxq into law. what the republicans need to do is show how we would do things differently. that's what want to at advance, ideas, solutions and let the people of this country decide whether they want to move forward on that agenda. >> there is a new chairman of the ways and means tonight. do you have any advice for him. >> he is a good friend of mine kevin brady from texas. he is going to pick up where i left off. we are going to put together an agenda that gets economic growth, get people back to work and helps get people out of poverty which cleans the irs and tax system which is holding our country back. >> waste and fraud, too. we are going to get that one? >> you have to cut spending to do that. >> mr. speaker, thank you for joining us, i hope you will come back often. >> thanks for having me.
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>> brand new fox news poll just released we know if the election wereic tonight which g.o.p. candidate would beat secretary clinton biggest problem. it was a bomb that likely brought down russian jet killing everyone on board. live updates straight ahead. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids.
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liberty mutual insurance. putin now willñ4oíretaliate, and he won't mess around like president obama has done. it will be, i think, extraordinarily massive. and i think he needs to do that for a number of reasons, including his domestic political calculus. >> well, i made the 9/11 reference. obviously our 9/11 is profoundly different. but justth fact that you aredy under attack and that you finally. >> these are innocent
4:21 pm
civilians. civilians like our totally innocent civilians. and you read the newspapers there and they are saying in moscow that citizens who have been not united together are now united together, at least for the moment. >> yeah, look, putin in crew crane and in his involvement in syria has benefited from relatively few casualties. and that has allowed him to sustain the nationalism that's given him political support. this directly undercuts that. he has no choice but a very substantial military retaliation. >> does he now join with us in saying he has been at odds with us. does he at least have a greater commitment now? >> i don't think that necessarily follows. i think he needs to demonstrate forcefulness against isis, which he will do. but his fundamental objective there remains the alliance with iran, with the baghdad government controlled by iran, hasan and hezbollah. it may be they decide to go further. i don't think they are ready for it yet. i think this is now not an alliance issue. this is a russian issue.
4:22 pm
>> all right. so what is putin going to do now? >> i think he will probably beef up hisho air assets in the new air base and when they are ready, i think there will be punishing retribution. i think that's his instinct. and i think that's what the next step will be. >> and, he will actually take more boots on the the ground in syria? >> i think it will be an air attack in the first place? >> that's been not very effective. we have been trying that one. >> i don't think we have been trying it very hard. i think, in fact, it will be an embarrassing contrast if russia does what it is cable of doing. they have already demonstrated in their opening sal dvos in syria fired cruise missiles from the mediterranean sea. that's a massive step up political little for the russians. i think they will work with the government of egypt which has?u by this attack on what's left of their tourist industry. >> do you think president obama and president putin
4:23 pm
are talking about this? >> they should be. >> do you think they are? >> that's a good question. i think putin is going to ask anybody's permission. that's for sure. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and right now let's bring in former united airlines pilot and ceo of arrow consulting experts captain ross/vm[z amer. rusty. rusty, nice to talk to you. >> good to be with you, greta. confirmed that's it's a bomb. it certainly is looking in that direction that it's a bomb. all these russian citizens on this plane investigationers. what is your assessment of this? >> greta, this is a entirely different situation from the previous air disasters we had. with the exception of maybe lockerbie. you are probably too young to remember that one. >> i remember it. >> this time we have the blackuax boxes. we have pieces of this aircraft scat ated of
4:24 pm
everywhere. if they don't politicize this thing and do it properly. we will know exactly what happened. it's very easy now because we have pieces of aircraft. it would have signature of the explosives on it. if it turns out to be explosive device in the aircraft, they can, through the signature of those explosives they can literally find out where it was made by whom and when. so we can find out exactly what happened. >> are you reasonably certain that tonight they know whether it is certainly a bomb or not or some explosive? is there enough3o material, enough debris field tell enough the conditional of the debris whether or not there were explosives? do they know that tonight? >> the fact that the debris field was so vast in this case it tells most of the people that are looking into
4:25 pm
this tragedy that it was a blow-up in the the air al altitude. perhaps at 33,000 feet. so, if it was a missile, a bomb, or even an explosive decompression of( such, they should be able to know it from the debris field. the question becomes if the debris field is left unmolested, for the scientists and accident investigators to look into it. >> and that -- that we don't know. but i assume it's a pretty vast one. captain, thank you very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> and donald trump and dr. ben carson still stomping all over the other g.o.p. candidates in the polls. but they better check their rear view mirrors. one of the other candidates in the g.o.p. is surging. and coming up on them fast. the brand new numbers next. age,r
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this is a fox news alert. new fox news polls donald trump is number one with 26% of g.o.p. primary voters.2p dr. ben carson setting three points behind in second place at 23%. texas senator ted cruz, florida senator marco rubio tied for third with 11%. now, that's 12 points behind carson. this poll is the first fox news poll since last week's cnbc debate. the "on the record" political panel is here from
4:30 pm
the "washington times" steven dine than and from "the washington post steven holman. donald trump still on top he actually wasn't on top in the last one but is he back on top. >> what's interesting to me is how&m consistent these numbers are from last month to this month. you have basically from the top four guys at most 2 percentage points shift in either numbers with trump going up and rubio also went up two. real change is the continued decline of jeb bush those voters are going somewhere and they are sort of spread out. we do have this crystallization over the last month or so of that top tier. we finally have an official top tier in the republican field it is trump and carson and then to some extent maybe one b tier would be the cruz and rubio. >> what is going on with governor bush's campaign? he went down 4 points. everyone else is going up one or two in this poll. why is he not getting the traction? the at least in the polls? >> greta, this the jeer of
4:31 pm
the outsider we saw in kentucky yesterday where matt bevin upset all the polls. he wasn't ahead in a single poll and this is a tea party guy lost to mitch mcconnell by 25 points last year. this year he beats the moderate democrat attorney general. i think if you look at the office before. they see jeb bush only 3% picked jeb as the candidate most likely to beat hillary clinton. and that's particularly electability is so central to his pitch. he is out there saying i'm the guy who can beat hillary clinton and voters just aren't buying that. >> the odds against governor bush is less of an insider than cruz, rubio who are much farther ahead. just because he has gma/the name bush. he has been out of office for 8 years and down in florida. he is in some ways less of an insider i mean. >> that's understandable
4:32 pm
from some perspective. also that bush name does mean aór lot. the epitome of republican establishment. but it's also the policies that he is talking about are defined as establishment backed policies. right? cruz and rubio. cruz maybe more than rubio, their goal, their approach to politics really is an antiestablishment approach. in addition to the policy. and obviously trump and carson are antiestablishment as can be. that distinction is so clear in this field at this point. why have seen the g.o.p. primary polls how do they stack up against the democrats? another brand new fox news poll finding0g 37% of g.o.p. primary voters think secretary -- florida senator marco rubio with 11% and texas senator ted cruz grabbing up 7% to put him in fourth place. do youqñ james, trump still is
4:33 pm
the one to beat. >> i think that's true. this poll really does show. >> this poll does more than the other one. >> i agree. trump is still a force to be reckoned with. that he is strong on the top line. i think people like the conversation about jeb, too. people like that trump isn't on message all the time. that he doesn't seem to be consultant-driven. that he is saying what he feels. i think that's one of the problems when you go and talk to voters in new hampshire and iowa. people feel like jeb is too canned, too image consultant-driven and not raw enough. that's why trump endures. he has made mistakes here and there people are very forgiving of that because of who he is and what he represents. >> carson is actually 18% not at 15% like i said. steven, you know, it's interesting. i think most people believe that hillary clinton will be the nominee for the democratic party. and if the sort ofl strategically -- if the republicans think that trump is the most likely out of that group to beat her, that's pretty -- that's pretty good news for trump
4:34 pm
tonight. >> yeah, there are two key numbers that you look at behind the basic horse race. the question is first who people think will be the nominee. sort of inevitability factor. trump in all polls recently leads there then on the likelihood of beating the other party's nominee, trump has a lock on both of those right now. it's not anywhere near as close as the horse race, those are both very good numbers for him. >> of course he likes those numbers. indeed? >> he makes that point often. >> and debate the fox business channel is going to have a debate on tuesday night in milwaukee. and we will see how they fair. relatively invisible on these and she is an outsider. >> that invisibility is showing up in the polls. she is just not resonating the way she was after september. >> she needs a big night on tuesday. anyway, thank you both. and hollywood director quentin tarantino has a big movie coming out. but is anyone going to see it? growing by the day. another angry union speaking out straight ahead. plus, remember this?
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speed read the news. an arrest has been made in the stabbing of an american -- arresting 28-year-old man for the october stabbing. stone and staff sergeant was stabbed fight outside a nightclub. stone and two friends, also heroes, thwarted a terror attack on a train in france. and terror on a california college71 campus. a knife wielding man going on a rampage stabbing four people. police opened fire killing the armed suspect who is believed to be a student. the chaos breaking out early this morning at the university of california merced campus. two of those four injured air lifted by helicopters but their condition are unknown. and no more run away blimps. the pentagon reportedly putting an end to a costly surveillance blimp program. you may remember last week when one of the blimps broke free in maryland and floated
4:40 pm
all the way to pennsylvania causing massive power outages along the way. the 2.7 billion-dollar project was supposed to detect and track any airborne threats headed towards the u.s. but a series of set backs causing the dod to scrap the program. and london police scuffling with students protesting tuition fees. began setting off flares and throwing smoke bombs and eggs at officers. 12 students arrested during the scuffle. nor bad new for the extaco bell executive. slapped with a civil suit from the driver he is accused of assaulting. uber driver says he was too drunk so he tried to kick him out of his car and that's when he began his attack. he has said he would like to meet with the uber driver to apologize. he also faces criminal charges and was fired from his job at taco bell. and that's tonight's speed read. >> i have to call the murderers the%) murderers. >> use of force for murder
4:41 pm
and it's not. >> he is an out-of-touch rich guy. he doesn't know what he is saying. >> if mr. tarantino's was rob, mr. tarantino's house was broken, into think about who he would call. >> i have to the call the murdered theñg)áqq should be ashame dollars of saying that. >> i don't know who appointed mr. tarantino an advocate against police but the fact is what he did was very irresponsible. >> he is standing in the blood of a murdered new york city police officer and i think that's despicable. >> i have to call the murdered the murdered and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> growing outrage aimed directly at director quinton tarantino not slowing down any time soon. another the national border patrol council slamming the oscar winning tarantino after he called cops murder he is at antipolice rally in new york city. national border patrol council vice president spokesperson sean more ran goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta.
4:42 pm
>> why did your organization call for this boycott? >> we want to stand with our brothers and the nypd and other police unions for far too long border patrol agents have had a target on their back. so we know what going through. it's time for this nonsense to stop. you can't call out police who are simply doing their jobs and responding to crime in our communities and make them the problem when that is far from the problem. >> is there anything that quinton tarantino could do to sort of -- to convince your organization not to join the boycott? is there anything he can say or anything he can do. >> i don't think there is. >> law enforcement officers in this country are being targeted. that needs to stopñi immediately. when you have rhetoric like this coming out from
4:43 pm
somebody who has a very bully pulpit, they need to talk about the real cause of these problems. and i think people should realize when your own father calls you out, you are doing something wrong. we talked to tony tarantinotoda. he is going to be on our podcast next week to talk about this. and so i think mr. tarantino really needs to look at himself and see what he is doing because we think he is wrong. >> did his father say why he thought he did this? >> he thought it was for money. and his father tony tarantino has relatives in the nypd and he said he was disgusted by the comments. and he has family that have been injured and paralyzed in the line of duty. and so for him to it -- for his son to come out like this, it felt like a real slap in the face. >> well, apparently, according to the "l.a. times" tarantino is now backing down and he said he is not going to be intimidated by the police. >> well, we're not going to be intimidated by those in hollywood whohç are going to shoot their mouths off and
4:44 pm
say things that are going to put law enforcement in danger. we're going to speak out and we're going to make sure that with the united voice we oppose the people that incite violence and use rhetoric against us. we respect this first amendment right to free speech. a line has been crossed. you don't go into a theater and yell fire and try to incite violence against law enforcement officers. >> he hasn't asked for my advice but i think for startedders he might want to visit the national law enforcement memorial here in d.c. where there is over 21 or 22,000 officers' names who have died in the line of duty etched into the wall. it might begin to shift his sense of reality. but we will see what he does. probably nothing. anyway, sean thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. >> and a major break through in the mystery surrounding a police officer's death. a live report is next. and don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. g.o.p. presidential candidate senator ted cruz
4:45 pm
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4:49 pm
breaking right now, stunning new developments in the mysterious shooting death of an illinois police officer. >> the extensive investigation has concluded with an overwhelming amount of evidence that gliniewicz's death was a carefully staged suicide. we have determined this staged suicide was táend
4:50 pm
result of extensive criminal acts that gliniewicz had been committing. the investigation found gliniewicz had been stealing and laundering money from the fox lake police explorer post. this had been occurring over the past seven years. gliniewicz was also found to have forged signatures on official documents. thousands of dollars were used by gliniewicz for personal purchases, travel expenses, mortgage payments, personal gym manipulate memberships. adult$u websites. personal loans and unaccounted cash withdraws. the documents discovered with ford's signatures were requisition for federal surplus equipment and official police explorer documents. we recovered electronic messages that were delete from gliniewicz's personal and work cellular phone including incriminating statements that had been deleted prior to his sue
4:51 pm
tied. >> fox news correspondent matt 1st and 10 has been following the investigation since day one. he is live in fox lake illinois for "on the record." matt? >> well, greta, today investigators confirmed what we first reported just days after this all began. and that is lt. gliniewicz killed himself in a well-staged suicide. police say it is the ultimate detrail. he -- betrayal. he was stealing thousands of dollars to pay for his vacation, gym and website. huge contrast how he has been described before as honest family man. today in that heated press conference, the lead investigators faced extreme scrutiny by the press. many asked if the lead investigators owed an apology for not revealing sooner this was likely suicide. many people we spoke to in the community, greta, are not happy with how this investigation played out. but police say they did not rush to conclusions. and only learned a few weeks ago that this was a suicide. now, tonight, commander flanko told us the big
4:52 pm
turning point in this case was gliniewicz's text messages. one text the day before he died read quote she has now demanded a complete inventory of explorer central and financial report he goes on to use explicative to curse his own life that text was sent to the former chief. gliniewicz was under increasing pressure about inventory check.;p-tonight invel me was forging the police's signature to acquire the police chief signature to acquire equipment. and, greta, this is not over. police tell us that there are at least three other people out there who were involved in the money laundering and the theft and they are being investigated right now. greta? >> did the chief say why it took seven years, actually took for this man's suicide and i'm not diminishing. i mean, this officer, you know, he was a bad officer and he is responsible for. seven years to discover this theft? >> you know, that's been the burning question why did it take so long to discover the theft? and police basically have told us that his death
4:53 pm
ultimately caused them to perhaps dig a little deeper although a lot of people are saying that investigators may have known before his death that there was some misconduct. and that's also why some people here are kind of upset with how this has been handled. greta? >> and, of course, there is a controversy over his pension. i understand that's a bit of a controversy and even donations given. >> yes, you know, the pension board attorney has as reported earlier that the wife is going to be entitled to 75% of his pension and that she will have to file for the line of duty benefits. although she probably won't do that now. people we spoke with today!m here in the community say quite frankly they want their money back. but it's going to be hard to a lot of that cash donations and hard to tell exactly where a lot of it ended up, greta. >> matt, thank you. and a brand new greta talk podcast just released. bob woodward joins me. download the newest episode to your iphone using itunes, tune in or
4:54 pm
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let's all go off-the-record. remember how angry thailand got at me when i criticized authorities for sitting on important radar data about the disappear appears of malaysian flight 370. thailand was so mad. mad as a wet help at me. bangkok posted editorial and called me rude and crude because i said they were indecept to sit on that information. well, tonight, i might be getting another nation all revved up at me. this time philippines. an american friend of mine, a filipino dissent knowing i'm traveling overseas next week tipped me off there are reports that at the manila international airport international travelers, as many as 30 in the last 12 months, five of those in just the last two weeks are being targeted by filipino airport security officials who plant live ammunition in
4:59 pm
their luggage and then bust the international traveler for having bullets in hism] bag. even holding some passengers for days tellit06 them they can pay a fine or sit in a slammer facing charges. now, this scam is all part of a plot to extort money out of the international traveler. the airport bullet scam is so well known if even has a name. i know what you are thinking. what is wrong with some people? my&t answer? i just don't know and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thank you for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. before we go, check this out. this is the best tweeted picture of the day. that's charlotte, of course you know charlotte's mother "on the record" katy phang. i should add i love that outfit. i hope katie wears it next time she is here. better yet i would like to see ted in it. never miss my favorite tweeted pic of the day. set dvr to record "on the record." if you can't watch it live, play it back after you are
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done watching favorite fox programs how about 11:01 each night. that would be a good time. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington,lç d.c. don't forget, fox business, big night tuesday.çtç#j >> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> i'm a little tired of the finger pointing and want to see action. if kate's law saves one person, it's all for good. >> it is shocking to report that democratic senator harry reid has blocked a vote on kate's law. what a disgrace. tonight, we'll tell you what's going on. >> we believe it's an affront to latinos in particular, mexicans and mexican americans because of all of the negative things that donald trump has said about us. hispanic caucus formally objecting to donald trump hosting "saturday night live." also ahead, dennis


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