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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  November 8, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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moderate the first, that's at 7:00 p.m. then i will be moderating alongside neil cavuto and jerry baker for the main debate. see you tomorrow from milwaukie, then the debate on tuesday. \s. a "mediabuzz" investigation, how decades uncovered how john lennen was shot and brought to a new york hospital. we talked to eyewitnesses who have never spoken out about which doctor actually tried to save his life. >> what i saw was dr. lynn broadband interviewed. basically saying he took care of john lennen and massaged his hard. that was just a tipping point for me. it just, you know, it may have
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been dr. hall ran that may have held the knife. i can't remember exactly. plus yoko ono speaks out after one nurse tells me the reporting was unfair to her. >> do you think yoko ono was smeared this these interviews? >> i do, honestly. i think she was smeared. ben carson at war with the media. >> this is a bunch of lies. this is what it is, a bunch of lies, attempting, you know, to sake that i say that i'm lying about my history. >> and carson accusing politico of an outright lie in a mistake about his biography. >> there is a dispractices on behalf of semito try to tarnish me.
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>> they are getting disparate. next it will be mice kindergarten teacher who says i peed in my pants. >> are the media overreaching in an attempt to tarnish him? plus donald trump keeping dominating the coverage. i watched him close up, and he's playing on the big stage "saturday night live." >> you think you're this terrific person. you think you're this, you think you're that, bah, ba. you're being very nigh elf and quite frankly, you're fired. >> they don't have my talent, but you know what? they're not bad. how is trump still drips the campaign coverage.
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i'm howard curtis, and this is media buzz. big parson -- a story that is broadband -- carson has written and often spoken about being an angry and somewhat violent teenager, including an incident in which he tried to stab a friend. cnn spode to old friends and neighbors who recalled him as -- >> reporter: carson says were victims of the attack, but so far have been unable to locate any of them. the campaign decline to provide names, calling the investigation into his past a witch-hunt. >> carson admitted to meggian kellie in his autobiography, he changed it from a close relative to a friend, and then he really
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got into it with cnn's alisyn cam rata. >> let me ask you flat-out whether you stand by the claim whether you, as a young man, a 14-year-old boy, attempted to stab another boy and attacked your mother with a hammer. >> those claims are absolutely true. you know i am 100% sure they are true, and this is simply an attempt to smear and to deconflict the. >> cnn has been trying to find people who were involved in these incidents. >> tell me what makes you think you're going to find the specific people. tell me how your methodology works. this is a bunch of lies. >> on friday he shooses carson. fabricating a claim.
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outright like. carson offered this explanation. >> i was told that would be easy for me. >> so that should have been clear on page 57 of your book? >> i guess it could have been more clear. i told it as i understood it. >> joining us to sort through all it this, mercedes schlapp, robert costa a national political reporter for "the washington post" who covers trump, and penny lee, a democratic strategist and commentator. so ben carson made a mistake, accomplice ko backing off the screaming headline. was this a legitimate story? >> i reply politico go an "f" in reporting. they even had to change the headlines. >> claimed west-point -- and
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they also said he had applied, about you in fact carson had never made that case, so again, i think politico got it wrong in this says. >> you say "f" in reporting, you think the story never should have been published? >> i think think the facts wrong. yes, i think they never should have reported. carson used very strong language, liars, witch-hunt, garbage. he seems offended that -- >> they rise through the ranks in house races, gubernatorial races, and the press gradually vets these candidates. but we're seeing an uncomfortable confluence with the press and dr. carson. they're digging into his record, and it's just -- the way it's unfolding is uncomfortable. but both think they're coming from the right position, it's just they're meeting at this hot
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moment. >> does politico get credit for what he acknowledges as a small misrepresentation or embellishment in the book? >> sure, but you have to be very careful not to overreach, because then you play right into the hands of the candidate. that unfortunately is what politico did when they went too far. yes every fact is going to be examined like every presidential candidate has, barack obama, you know, you went through point by point that he made in both of his two books. >> carson is not accustomed to this. >> to robert's point, he's not accustomed to it, but it is on the news outlets to hold the restrained and do it on a fact basis. >> but it's to ben carson's benefit. he raised million because of the supposed witch-hunt. you have marco rubio in the messy financial statements the this is what the media's job has to be, but they have to get the
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facts right. >> on that point, cnn has a couple reporters interviews old friends and classmates to see if they can find out anything about the supposed violent indents. >> the media has got to do its jobs, but thinks stores were 50 years ago. they went to the campaign, asked them for this name. right now what they're focus odd is organizing in iowa and new hampshire. they don't ban to have to deal with giving out these names to the reporters. >> i don't think the carson campaign has any obligation whatsoever -- >> well, cnn is asking for it. >> but at the same time cnn didn't say carson lied about this. they said we haven't been able to find anybody who could substantiate this. isn't this an upsidedown, topsy-turvy situation. cnn is saying that our reporting settle he was a quiet man, but the candidate is saying, no, no, i was violent, kind of an angry guide. it's kind of the opposite of
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what you would expect. >> it is unique to try to use supposed acts of -- to authenticate themselves. usually they're veering away it's a little odd to watch, but it is -- it's like part of the carson story and he's sticking by it. >> but, you know, cnn was in a position of trying to prove a negative. i think the reporting effort makes sense. every candidate who runs, you knows this, has reporters trying to find the high school girlfriend, and what kind of person was he as a young man or woman, but talking to nine people doesn't prove who wouldn't necessarily know. as carson says, that he tried to hit his mother with his hammer, wouldn't necessarily know these incidents. >> and i think ben carsing has to be prepared, this is just the start of it. this is a lot of more months ahead to go, also from his own candidates that are on this stage. they have trackers.
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they're going to be checking the scrutiny verifying his own authenticity. is he going to be able to react? i think the media has got to even it themselves to be responsible and in a very systematic way, because we also know this is just the start of it. >> and in "meet the press" they basically asked, what about your mother? why doesn't your mother or brother come out? it was chris jansen. archds there's an empathetic, sympathetic approach that the viewers are going to say, you really asked this question, where is your mother? and he has to answer my mother has alzheimer's? >> most candidates are avoiding the story, but one exception is donald trump. he had this to say when he talk to bill o'reilly. >> when you think about what carson is saying, he hit his mother over the head with a hammer. >> he almost did.
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>> he hit a friend in the face with a lock. he tried to kill something, and he suffering from pathological disease. okay? >> how much does trump amplify the story, keep the story alive when he says those kinds of things, about the reporting on carson? >> i spoke to trump at length after he taped the interview, and we talked about carson. trump in his own way likes to play political analyst. he said the quote he gave to me this may be the beginning of the end. he sees carson unraveling a tad, as the scrutiny and spotlight increases, but trump is not slamming him hard. he just likes to raise thinks questions. >> seventh day adventist, i don't know about that. >> the strange thing about this dynamic is they're more friendly than any other rivals inned field. the campaign managers get along. there's even been talk of a trump and carson ticket. he nose carson is a competitor. >> how much does it help you and
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how much does it help him which you're often able to get on the phone? >> it's a different situation reporting on donald trump's campaign, he's very accessible in a way most politicians are not 9. i think hi see the impend fit of his voice in a story rather than a spokesman. on tuesday of this week, there was a news conference in trump tower, i got to ask donald trump a few questions. he was riffing on several. >> you look at ben, he's very weak on immigration and wants to get rid of medicare? my jeb impression, i don't want to do that. marco rubio has a disaster on his finances. he has a disaster on his credit cards. >> so when trump keeps talking about rubio, again these are stories that have been reported, what effect does that have on the media coverage?
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>> i think it has a lot of effect. first of all it puts the doubt not only in the voters' mind but the media's mind. wait a second, we have to dig into the story. on marco rubio's credit cars and on jeb bush, and whether he's making a comeback. >> not only that, but the oppo research, he provides this information, and i think it feeds to the media, and you've seen so many of these stories. >> so what happens is reporters, every time they see jeb, that takes it into the second day, the third day and fourth day of the news cycle. are we a little bit too reactive to what trump says? >> it is amazing. hesh he has taken his own twitter account and turned it into his own media champion. >> his twitter account is practically the associated press of this campaign.
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everybody monitors it. is this a brilliant strategy on trump's part? or does it show that the media are -- >> he knows how to keep his brand out there. it is one in which it is provocative, one in which he's trying to solicit all this other response. many times he doesn't want to answer his own questions. his greatest strength is die flecting to everybody else and having the media cover the other questions out for the other candidates. >> certainly doesn't hide from the press. send up as e-mail. we want to hear what you think, or comment on twitter. when we come back, live from new york with, yes, donald trump. and later as we approach the 35th anniversary of john lennen's death, a look at the sdrepances in media coverage at what happened at the hospital
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after weeks of media built-up, donald trump stepped on to a bigger stage, "saturday night live." >> we're going to have a lot of fun tonight. >> you're a racist. >> who is that? >> trump's a racist! it's larry david. >> i heard if i yelled that, they would give me $5,000. >> tenny t. donald trump has,
8:19 am
did he make snl great again? >> no, unfortunately he's only as good as the term given to him. sadly i don't think the material brought out the best in donald trump, but look, i mean, he was there, he showed up, he played. he was self-deprecating, i think that will go a long way. people understood he got the joke and he got it, and played along with it. >> you know, these losers in the media are not given him credit. >> what do they people know? >> first of all, i think snl immediated trump more than trump needed snl. i think he's more entertaining on the campaign trail. but i think for the critics itself, i think they were building -- there was a media buildup around this performance, and what do you expect? the writing wasn't that great. i think trump -- his dancing was
8:20 am
amazing. >> an a-plus for that. >> the setups were good, but the punch likz not so good. >> he was trying to do this skit, that constituent, i'm still trying to win iowa. i think what we saw last night was part of the trump moments, but he didn't have a defines moment. this is something that will be excited by not remembered. >> trump said in one of the four or five sunday shows he called in that he had vetoed a couple sketches, including one that would have made fun of the whole ben carson hitting his mother thing, which was probably wise, but you want to say it's terrible and that's fine, but
8:21 am
hank stever called him a hateful, nonsensical. vainglorious candidate. do we want them to give their -- >> they're more than welcome to give their reviews, but they're offbase. they want their point of view made, but i think at the -- for trump it was his way of going out there, being the performer he is, and he can do that, i don't think the tv critics played that roll. is there such a thin ago too much trump or the media just have a bottomless appetite? >> it seems the ratings d. and what you don't know is whether or not they're just tuning in to see the car wreck or if they're tuning in to listen in a substantive way. so i think it's entertainment versus substance. >> a car wreck, were you just
8:22 am
commenting on his campaign? >> people are looking for the gaff, what will be provocative. >> why don't other candidates steal some of this and do what he does on twitter or call you or make themselves available for more interviews? >> i think as a reporter, the biggest difference between trump and his rival campaign is the trump campaign puts the candidate out there day in and day out. it doesn't matter the outlet. the others campaigns you have to go through layers of spokespeople, advisers, negotiations about background, off the record, deep background. at the end of the day it's a muddled process, whereas trump, you call his assistant or you send an e-mail and they either call or accept. that streamlined process, that accessibility, i welcome more of it from all sides. >> i think the traditional campaign model doesn't work anymore. >> even if you don't like the media, use the media to get your message out.
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>> thanks very much for coming by this sunday. up next, bill o'reilly and george will in an epic class over bill's book "killing reagan." and later, the doctor who attempted to save john lennon's life, and has never spoken to a national audience until now. this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her she's agreed to give it up. that's today? we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. after the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously?
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of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. two fox titans went after it the other night. the key dispute, a book's report of a memo to howard baker that some staffers were worried about whether reagan still had the ability to carry out his duties. >> the author went on to repudiate and deny them. >> when did he repudiate it? >> shortly after meeting
8:27 am
roethlisberger. >> -- ronald reagan. >> michael, do you know michael defer? >> what are you laughing at, will? you deny that? >> el deny that you know that he repudiated. >> o'reilly says they have skin in the game and will had failed to note that the book was largely laudatory. >> it is doing the work of the left which knows that in order to discredit conservatism, it must destroy reagan's reputation. >> you're a hack, in the cabal with the reagan loyalists who don't want the truth to be told. both men scored some points. the crux is about a real memo from the reagan administration aror whether it was quickly discredited. viewers confused by it is back and forth should read george
8:28 am
will's column and bill o'reilly's book, and make up their own mind. new eyewitness interviews with the men and women who tell us what really happened, and yoko onlio speaking out about our report.
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theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel it was a tragedy who anyone who was alive at the time will never forget. an the media has told the story again and again. here is my report from new york. >> it was mere at manhattan's roosevelt hospital, where police reported that john lennon had been shot. identified as john doe, but after year of inaccurate reporting, the full story of what happened last night has never fully been doled. dr. david hall ran, a 29 years
8:32 am
old third-year resident is telling history to a national audience for the first time. >> four shots in, three exit wounds out the back, not responsive, no pults. we immediately just opened up his chest. his heart's impact, a lot of blood. >> what makes hall ran's story remarkableable over the years is two other doctors have taken credit for the emergency surgery performed, and each drew major media attention. hall ran, now a surgeon in syracuse new york was first interviewed by a new report, being unveiled this week. >> it's just unseemly. i've never done that. >> had you do that, you would have gotten more media attention irnts but i think i would have come across as a butthead. >> carol was in the room. >> david was on the op sid site of the stretcher.
8:33 am
he had the chest out, trying to find where the bleeders with. >> elise was also in the room. >> david was taking care of his end, which is cardiac massage. dr. hall ran did a wonderful job that night, and he deserves credit. >> after lennon was pronounced, hall ran wrote up the medical report, which has never been released. dr. steven lind asked if he wanted to brief the media mob outside. >> i just wanted to go home. >> you feel somewhat responsible, you always wonder what could have been done different. >> so doctor lynn addressed the waiting reporters. >> john lennon was brought to the emergency room, the roosevelt site this evening shortly before 11 p.m.
8:34 am
>> hall ran says another physician, richard marks had come into the trauma room about halfway through the operation, but played only an advisory role. "people" ran a major story titled the day the music died. the magazine describing dr. marks as the man who operated on lennon, marks, who is now deceased, why quoted, when i realized he wouldn't make it, i felt help his. >> dr. hall ran was doing open cardiac massage. dr. marks did not have to do anything at the time that i know of. >> so richard marks did not tough john lennon's body? >> no. >> i said let me shake the hand of the man who tried to save john lennon, and he sheepishly goes, you know how the media is, how papers are, and ha ha. in the wave of media
8:35 am
coverage on the 25th anniversary, there was a new -- it was said that steven lind is the one who massaged his hard. >> i personally opened his chest, scalpel in hand, and i held his heart in my hand attempting to massage his heart, trying to get what little blood was left in his body to circulate as best as it could. >> but those who were there tell a different story. >> they arrived at 1:15 at the point where john lennon was about to be pronounced dead or already was pronounced dead. another nurse told me things were wrapping up when dr. lynn arrived. >> when he got there, it was pretty much almost finished, because they had done everything they could possibly do. >> dr. lynn came in towards the end of the resuscitation.
8:36 am
>> did steven lynn touch the bod,? >> he did not. >> ai put the questions there, he began to backtrack. >> four people that were there. have told us it was dr. hall ran that performed the resuscitation and you arrived. >> i was there at the beginning. it may have been dr. hall ran who held the knife. i can't remember exactly. i was there before any of the other doctors were there. i was director of the emergency department. >> why do you think that four people would have a different recollection of that night? >> because it's been 35 years since then. i don't remember exactly who held the knife. i certainly thought it was my hand on the knife. it may have been dr. hall ran's and perhaps it was david that opened the chex, but i'm not certain. >> could it have also been dr. hall ran that massaged john lennon's heart and not you? >> no, that i know i did. >> how are you so sure?
8:37 am
>> because i remember it. >>? is it the possible with the passage of time that you conflayed what you did and what your colleagues did? >> no the on this issue. >> is there any doubt in your mind that steven lynn -- >> no, there's no doubt. >> there are open sdrenancies. dr. lynn says he was called back after a long shift. he doesn't know the patient was the form ever beatle. >> we didn't have any idea who the patient was until he actually arrived in the trauma room. >> but dea soto told me he contacted lynn when she -- and would not have called him for a regular gunshot victim. >> dea caddy, because he had a famous person present. >> unless you're john kennedy or john lennon, you're not going to call. if you're john doe, no one is going tor woken up. >> a decade ago, he added a chilling detail about given the news to yoko ono.
8:38 am
>> >> she was on the other pounding her head on a concrete floor. >> barbara cammerer was in the room. >> steven lynn was not in the room to even observe if shebanged her head on the floor or not, and yoko ono did absolutely not bang her head, she did not wail. she acted completely appropriate to the situation. she had just seen her husband shot and now yoko was told that john lennon was dead. i was very angry when i heard steve say that. every time i heard steve interviewed, it was more and more and more embellished. >> do you think yoko ono was smeared in these interviews? >> i do, yes. i think she was smeared. >> he also said in the interviews. he gave women -- >> that none of you runs out of the room with the sheets that have john lennon's blood on them or dirty parts of your clothing our your tie that has a spot of
8:39 am
john lennon's blood. we have to protect that. >> he was being a poompous ass. there was no reason to say anything like that. it was very, very insulting and demeaning to the nursing staff. >> and it didn't happen? >> no, absolutely not. >> david hall ran was unaware of the publicablyies swirling around lynn, but in 2010, on the 30th anniversary, steven lynn showed up on espn, on fox news, and on a cnn special that hall oran hat to see. >> what did you see and how did you react? >> what i saw was dr. listen being interviewed, making a pumping motion as if he was pumping a heart, basically saying he took care of john lennon and that just -- it was a tipping point for me. it seemed disingenuous, and i
8:40 am
just -- you know, maybe somewhat insulting to me. >> other than a couple local interviews that made no mention of the conflicting accounts, hall oran has stayed out of the spotlight. he says he's now speaking out for the sake of historical accuracy. >> has this changed your view of the american media? >> yeah, i'm a lot more skeptical now than i was 35 years ago. i don't know who watches the watchers. you know, i don't know who fact checks the fact checkers, you know. >> john lennon's image will live for, but we not have the last piece of the puzzle, and the surgeon who avoided the lime many did light, finally getting his due. roosevelt hospital didn't answer my questions, but yoko
8:41 am
zono gave me this statement. all in time i had in mind i had to stay calm and well for sean's sake. i thought i had to stay as strong as i could for him. up next, why the republican revolt against the network debates fizzled. they sit down with rachel mad do you, and later carly fiorina takes on "the view." ♪ [music] defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal.
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some launched a reveal after the cnbc debacle, giving a list of detailed demands. >> how about instead of a bunch of attack journalists, we actually had real conservatives. could you imagine a debate moderated by sean hannity and rush limbaugh and mark levine? >> joining us now, a republican pollster and author of "the selfie vote." so charles krauthammer said today the republicans got a great gift, but squandered it with a bunch of whinie demands and the studio has to be 67
8:46 am
degrees. do you agree with that? >> i think it's a fair ceasant. in the cnbc debate one of the big problems was the way the moderators wanted to make it about themselves. >> so then the candidates go to the networks and say, we're doing with this, we wanted it to be doing this way and it totally fizzled. >> i think it fizzled in part because eve of those candidates will have very different things they'll want. the thing that's good for trump isn't necessarily the thing that's good for rick santorum. that's why the rnc can be a good sort of moderating force to be that broken between all of the candidates annette works, because some candidates will have more leverage with the networks than others will. >> they all want different thing. we just heard ted cruz say rush limbaugh, sean hannity and mark levine should moderate a debate. do they just want people on
8:47 am
their side? do they not think they should have to deal with journalists? >> i think most candidates know that the road to the white house will go through the mainstream media, you're going to have to stand up to journalists who don't necessarily agree, but i think what's interesting about the idea of having conservative journalists moderating debates is there's almost no one who knows better than the inside the family fights that folks have on the right. so you better keep out what those debates looks like. the conservative commentators really ask different questions, or will they say president obama is don't a terrible job, don't you agree? >> i think people would be surprised how much within the conservative family there are serious debates about small nuances of tax policies and so i do think there's some value there. >> so, by the way, the fox business debate is coming up on tuesday, chris christie and mike
8:48 am
huckabee now maki huckabee not making the primetime stage. but speaking of partisan debates, we had one on friday night. it was a democratic forum moderated by msnbc's rachel maddow. let's look at a bit of that. >> what do you say to people like senator sanders who have criticized you at basically being too close to that powerful interested. >> well, first of all, i represented new york, but anybody who thinking they can flups what i will do doesn't know me very well. >> so was rachel maddow too friendly or somewhat challenging toward bernie sanders, hillary clinton and martin omailie. >> this is the benefit in having debates -- or forums conducted by someone who is inside the idea logically family, somebody like a rachel maddow can set
8:49 am
more people at ease and tease things out whereas in a more combative environment, it might not be brought to the surface. >> she coming from the left, and she's doing it in a polite way, but did in fact challenge them, which kind of makes your point. after the break, carly fiorina didn't like what the "of "the view" said about her face, so they got in their face. that's next. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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carly fiorina was pretty steamed after the ladies of "the view" started making fun of her face and on friday she had her turn. >> if you meant your comment about my face being demented in a halloween mask as humorous, so
8:53 am
be it. i guess you misinterpreted donald trump's comments about my face and thought they weren't humorous. you took him to task. i have thick skin. >> we're comediennes. i make fun of hillary's pantsuits, hillary's husband's sex life. >> when we got to the demented face, joy behar and michelle collins said, we may have trashed you, but we're comediennes. >> i think carly fiorina took her right strategy, presuming that people like the hosts of the view who watch it, letting the comments stand for themselves, not trying to be overly combative herself, allowing herself to sort of seem above the fray while not being afraid to confront them for the comments. >> at the same time, i think the view suffers from not having a conservative panelist. carly makes the point that conservative women, the double standard, are treated different than liberal women.
8:54 am
does she have a point on a show like that? >> on a show like that, absolutely. at another point they got into a debate about planned parenthood that went a little off the rails because it's one of those topics they'll never agree on. >> thank you for bring that up. we have another clip because it got heated when whoopi jumped in. >> i'm pro-life. whether you're pro-choice or pro-life, the majority of americans are horrified that we're harvesting baby parts. >> carly, i need to stop you because that is not -- you know that's not true. >> i'm sorry. you asked my a question. >> you know no one is harvesting baby parts. >> that's interesting. >> carly, come on, girl. >> fiorina went on to say planned parenthood has changed its policy for not taking compensation. how did that come off both from the viewers point of view about the ladies of "the view" and candidate fiorina? >> i think it fit in line with sort of the political discussion you have on "the view" these
8:55 am
days, a little everybody yelling over one another. frankly ishgs think fiorina's strategy of just continuing to push her message is the best you can do in a format where everybody else is sitting around the table and you're the guest coming in remotely. the challenge fiorina has to face is this message of i'm going to fight back when people insult me and take the fight on planned parenthood has been her message really since the first prime distime debate. what's the next chapter for fiorina? how can she get back in front of voters? >> the show is not what it was under barbara walters so everybody is probably happy after this. thanks for joining us. nice to see you. still to come, the "new york post" headline that trashes the hometown team when getting to the world series just isn't enough. uals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins.
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i knew it. i knew john stewart couldn't stay away. he says he doesn't miss the daily show. he's recently interviewed at the farm, has the bushy beard. but the liberal comedian has sign aid deal with hbo for short term digital content, which means he'll still get to go after trump. and maybe fox. >> take those pictures down. new york is a tough tabloid town. look at the mets. they weren't even expected to win the pennant but after making mistakes and losing the world series, i was up there, saw this on a newsstand. "new york post" screamer, amazin' disgrace. seriously? four losses and they're bums, as the old brooklyn dodgers were called. that's it for this edition of "media buzz." i'm howard kurtz. thanks for watching. like our facebook page, we post a lot of original content there, respond to your questions, we have videos, a dialogue. you can also write to us.
9:00 am
no political rant. talk about the media, maybe i'll respond. and also dvr the show in case you're not sitting around on sunday. we're back next sunday as we are every sunday with the latest buzz. the leading republican contenders there for the presidential race are taking the headlines by storm with dr. ben carson going on the offensive against media scrutiny of his life story. and donald trump taking a star turn on "saturday night live," as dozens of protesters make their voices heard just outside the studios. hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> meantime, senator marco rubio is taking on his critics, releasing nearly two years of credit card


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