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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  November 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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that's it for today. have a great week, and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." \s exactly one year from now, millions of americans will go to the polls and choose the next leader of the free world. november 8th, 2016, of course it will be a tuesday next year. before we pick who will go to the white house, both reply wall parties must choose a gnome need. for republicans a crucial step happens just days from now in wisconsin. 12 candidates will gather for two debates. both will air on the fox business network. the democrats will also debate this week. one of the democratic candidates is coming to the defense of republican ben carson, senator bernie sanders now saying the media should focus more on the issues rather than spending so much time looking to event that
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happened 30 or 40 years ago with carson. meanwhile, the doctor speaking out again, calling all the questions about him irrelevant. we have fog team political . kristin fisher tracking down the headlines. first to elizabeth with more on the comments today? >> he came out today as reporters continue to press accounts of violent childhood incidents and west point scholarship he says he was offered. he said his mother so too ill and his brother doesn't want to get involved. he also firmly believes he's getting scrutiny like no other candidate. >> it's been proving it wasn't a lie, and none of them are a lie, but what does it say about people who immediately jump on the bandwagon if they hear something bad? rather than waiting and finding out what the truth -- no, not
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like this. i have never seen it before, and many other people who are politically experienced tell me they have never seen it before, either. to the progressives, the secular progressive movement, i'm a very big threat. they can see that, you know, i'm the candidate who's most likely to be able to beat hillary clinton. they see that. >> the doctor went on to reinforce his stance, when pressed about wording on his book. >> go look on the west point website. you'll see those specific words, full sclab ship to west point. even though it is, you know, given as a grant for anybody who gets in, those words are used. if a recruiter or somebody is trying to get you to come there, trying to get you to do that, those are the words they would use. so don't say that that was a lie. >> also on the sunday political talk shows, his closest opponent donald trump acknowledged carson has some explaining to do, but turned down a "saturday night
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live" skit slamming him. >> we will state right there with donald trump and what she was talking about, on snl, taking his campaign to late night. there were plenty of jokes by him and at him. >> trump's a racist! [ laughter ] >> it's larry david. what are you doing, larry? >> i heard if yelled that, they would give me $5,000. >> as a businessman, i can fully respect that. that's okay. the reviews, the reaction coming in and the ratings as well, because he said they would be big. now we're find out. kristin fisher is live for us in d.c. tell us about the ratings? >> we don't know the ratings just yet. they should come in later this week. as for his reviews, he's getting some mixed reviews.
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he certainly had funny moment, but he stayed away from topics that many people thought he would touch. trump said he didn't think it was appropriate. one of the best skits was what a trump white house would look like. we finally got to see how trump would get mexico to pay for that infamous wall. >> mr. president, the president of mexico is here to see you. >> that's great. send him in. >> donald. >> enrique. >> i brought you the check for the wall. >> oh, that's so nice. this is far too much money -- >> no, i insist. consider it an apology for doubting you. >> no one doubts that trump is a ratings machine. according to nbc that was snl's highest rated show in nearly four years, but harris, the numbers will come in later. >> what about the rest of the candidates. marco rubio is heading into tuesday's debate with a ton of momentum.
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he's been able to shake the rumors by releasing the statements. it turns out there's not much on them that can hurt his candidates. so a great week for rubio, but huckabee and christie were bumped from the prime debate due to numbers. >> we've been getting more donations than the week before, because people feel like we're getting a raw deal. >> lately bernie sanders has been sharpening his attacks against hillary clinton, but today he set the record straight saying that clippen on her worst day is better than any republican candidate on their best days. >> in terms of disagrees with hillary clinton, yeah, i do, on many, many issues, but what i understand politics and election to be about is to discuss differences of opinion. i intend to do that and do that vigorously. that does not mean i'm making
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personal attacks against somebody i respect. >> so the democrats next debate on saturday, the republicans on tuesday. today we are exactly one year out from election day. hard to believe, harry, we still have quite a ways to go. coming up at the bottom of the hour, the fox news insiders will join me to break down the headlines. don't forgot the nest republican debate is two days away. this tuesday, november 10th, the first beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern, followed by the next at 9:00 p.m. eastern, don't miss a second. growing concerns over airport security as investigators work to determine whether a bomb brought down the russian passenger plane over egypt. that has u.s. lawmakers saying they're looking at problems here at some of our nation's busiest airports. >> this is a problem here at home. when we test the tsa, they fail, and i think we need to step up our security here. >> the department of homeland security announced new security measures in response to findings that uncovered agents we are
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able to successfully smuggle weapons past tsa agents in more than 90% of the recent tests, all of this as a team of investigators work to find out again what brought down that russian passenger jet. investigators say a noise could be heard on the recordings moments before a plane went down, british official saying if a bomb is to blame, airport security neither tore overhauled. u.s. officials say they are taking the possibility of an explosive on board very seriously. conor powell has the latest. >> reporter: -- >> increasely it looks like a bomb what on board. the 4r5eding investigator said a noise from a, quotes, undetermined voice was heard on the black box reporting immediately before the aircraft went down. that sound likely a bomb, according to u.s. and egyptian authorities, who say they are 90% certain. however, there is still some
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doubt as investigators are looking into a fuel explosion or an overheeded lithium battery. earlier in the week pentagon officials say they detected a sudden and unexpected heat flash, seconds before the plane crashed. russia announcing friday it was suspending flights to egypt, today saying they had flown some 11,000 tourist out from sharm el sheikh and back to russia. while this is a joint russian and egyptian investigation, "new york times" is reporting the fbi is also helps with forensic analysis. given the increase in tenses between the kremlin and washington in recent months, this is a rare moment of cooperation between the two. harry? >> rare indeed. thank you very much. secretary of defense is it ash carter is accusing russia of endangering the world order with incursions, and actions in syria. garrett continuie has more from
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washington. >> it has girt america as top concern, that's at the reagan defense forum, where loose talk about nuclear weapons and for throwing gasoline on an already dang are you fire in syria. the u.s. is now search fog way toss deter russian aggression and protect u.s. allies. >> you do not seed a cold, let alone a hot war with russia. >> while carter's criticisms were among the strongest he has made in public, he also left open the possibility that russia's role could involve into one that the u.s. can embrace. russia may play a constructive role in resolving the civil war.
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>> his remarks come after as eight-day trip through asia, including the disputed south china cease, where china continue toss build artificial islands. >> it's expected that china will have growing ambitions and modernizing military, but how china behaves will be the true test. >> the defense secretary also indicated that -- in part by sending or best ships, weapons and equipment to that region. harris? >> garrett, thank you. right now israeli police putting out disturbing footage. look at that woman at the center of your screen. drama in the world of college football. players locking arms, refusing to take the field until the president of the university steps down. stay close. this holiday season, get ready for homecomings. i see you brought a friend?
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a reportedly chilly relationship between benjamin netanyahu and president obama, coupled with shocking new video from the west bank, showing the kind of lone wolf attack on citizens that have become disturbingly all too common. this is not in slow motion, pulling out a knife and taking a swipe at him. netanyahu is expected to address the increasing wave the violence as well during his visit to the white house. tomorrow's meeting will actually be their first since the vaughn nuclear deal was finalized. netanyahu has been a very outspoken opponent to that agreement. football players at the university of missouri say they
4:15 pm
will boycott upcoming games unless and until the university's president steps down. the next game scheduled against grillingle young university at a nfl stayedual, mull onof dollars on the line, but at the heart of it, football players saying they're locking arms and joining fellow students. they accused the president of not doing enough to stop a string of racially charged incidents on campus. the president tim wolf, no sign that he will step down, but he agreed, quote, change is needed. brian is following this story for us. >> they declared they would no longer participate in football-related activities under president wolf steps down. head coach gary pinkett tweeting this photo showing nearly 100
4:16 pm
players and coaches, declaring, quote, the mizzou family stands as one. the tigers have not explicitly said whether this means they would boycott the three remaining games, an unprecedented move, but tension on campus has been brewing for months. on september 11th, the university student body president, a black student said he was repeatedly called the "n" word by men in a pickup true. this let to protests organized by a group called concern students 1950. on october 10th, students confronted president wolfe at homecometic and claimed the president hit a demonstrator with his car. october 24th, a swastika was drawn with feces in a dorm bedroom. and jonathan butler began a hunger strike until president wolfe resigned is what he said.
4:17 pm
the concerned student 1950 group believes the president has not done enough to respond to what they call sis stemmic oppression and racism at the university and are demanding eight things, including president wolfe's resignation and the -- coach pinkett will have his weekly news conference tomorrow, whether you better believing this be topic 1, 2 and 3. >> >> police have not actually confirmed that anybody was hit with wolfe's car, and in fact nobody was hurt in that incident. we really want to point that out. we don't want to inflate that situation. you pointed as if it were fact, and we should say they're looking into it. what is the president's respond to? >> president wolfe has apologized, by the way, for that incident in which he said they made it seem like he didn't
4:18 pm
care. thank you for clarifying, harris. all these changes will be addressed and announced in april 2016 as part of a new systemwide diversity and inclusion strategy. statements have said racism exists. he has apologized and acknowledged that he's made mistakes in handling the students' needs. in the latest statements he said it's clear to all of us that change is needed, and we appreciate the thoughtfulness and passion which has gone into the sharing of concerns. clearly we are opening to listening to all sides and are confident we can come together to improve the student experience on our campuses. missouri governor jay nixon weighing in, saying racism and intolerance have no place, and, quote, these concerns must be addressed. >> it is a big football program. i know people in the football world are watching as well as in the collegiate world. brian, thank you very much. an update on a story we told
4:19 pm
just about this time actually last week. children in a philadelphia suburb reportedly told police they found needles in the trick or treat candy. now prosecutors say, no, that was a hoax, and the children who made the report have recanted that statements. police reportedly say they will not press any charges or follow r own p and they are letting the kids. a hole so big cars fell in. right next to a popular pancake restaurant. and riddle me this -- why did the alligator go to the shopping mall? for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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a manhadn't in texas after a hit-and-run is caught in camera.
4:23 pm
we warn you, the footage we're about to show you is disturbing. [ screaming ] >> it was quick. >> investigators in houston say the driver intentionally hit that 14-year-old girl. will is following the story from our west coast newsroom. what led up to all of this, do we know? >> well, good evening, harry, police say this started on social media a group of teenage girls in south houston started talking about a fight, and they ended up outside of a middle school and things spiraled off control. police tell us that some of the girls even showed up with weapons there. it's unclear if, was part of the skirmish. the gray dodge avengera lan hunter own is sped away. really amazing that she was not killed. listen to hunter's mom.
4:24 pm
>> i just literally ran her over like a piece of foil, and broke her body. i wouldn't wish that on my worths enemy. i wouldn't do that to a child. >> investigators say they have the license plate and also witness descriptions of the driver and they're offering a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. harris? >> i know we blurt out a bit there, but they have a lot of information just from that piece of video there. the young woman in the video was talking about her body being broken. what condition is this teenager in? >> not good. she was rushed to a local hospital, taken immediately into surgery. her mother says she's in intensive care. she broke numerous bones including her pelvis, hips, some of her ribs and a leg. white police are looking for that driver, she has a long way to go with her recovery. >> that is heartbreaking.
4:25 pm
will, thank you. and a hunt for answers in mississippi after a, paing lot sievely caved in. it happened right outside an i hop. just 50 feet from where people were eating. local officials say despite what it looks like, this is actually not a sinkhole. they won't say or maybe don't know on what caused the hole. fortunately nobody was hurt reportedly in all of this. a rowdy reptile caused a ruckus at a shopping center in houston. 12 feet long, 900 pounds, an animal trapper managing to hogtie the gate ore. he's blind in onite and probably ended up at the shopping mall after a wrong turn. he's head ed to a gatherer sang water, where he'll get med every day and making gate ore babies. really, they said that.
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a busy week with two debates in the works. the insiders will join me at home base. i will ask them what needs to happen for candidates to stay in the race for the white house. and express yourself on the topic of politics, of course, on our fox news social pages, twitter and facebook. right after we wrap up, keep watching, your night is made. fox news is giving viewers an inside look at the presidency of george h.w. bush, including candid recordings from the president's own private diary. >> not quite used to being called mr. president. went to the oval office, and everything was -- overnight, quick. reagan was gone, bush was in. >> george bush was his own man. he did things particularly i think in the foreign policy sphere that were somewhat
4:27 pm
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first degree murder. pope francis says he will continue reforms inside the catholic church. he spoke publicly for the first time since vatican documents were released. also some strange lights seen over southern california causing quite a stir. it turns out a navy missile test. they don't announce the things beforehand. the strange streak of like was caught on video by people from california to arizona, a spokesperson saying the missile was fired from "uss kentucky" located in the pacific ocean. candidates gearing up for two presidential and on saturday democrats face off in iowa. let's bring the fox news political insiders. a former pollster for jimmy carter and fox news contributor joining us via satellite, and
4:32 pm
john leboutillier. and we have whittle it down. handicap it for me, john. >> we have a lot going on into tuesday's debate. as you reported at the top of the hour, we think huge ratings for donald trump on "saturday night live." huge, and ben carson under fire for his own biography, questionable assertions, which may in the short run help him. we know he raised 3.5 million last week, and i know how the right feels about when their candidate is under assault in the media, they really to that candidate. so for the short run, i don't think this is going to hurt carson. >> not just under assault. this is a resume point. i read research recently, the
4:33 pm
resume is the thing that people typically have problems with along the way in terms of, it was just 30 years ago. >> that's what i was going to say. look, i've read what ben carson has alleged to have done or not done. >> do you think it's important? >> he's an outsider, his case is a compelling one, coming from southwestern high school in detroit, going to yale, becoming a premier pediatric neurosurgeon. it's a stellar story. if general westmoremand informally offered him an appointment to west point, if there are white students who don't remember ben carson offering to be of help during the riots, i don't think that's going to make a hill of beans worth of difference. harris, these are outsiders, the electorate is angry at what's going on in his country. >> and they hate the media. >> i don't think this will impact the front-runner status. >> the difference between you
4:34 pm
and me or anybody else pointing a book, normally they would vet that sort of thing. i want to go to pat down about your thoughts. whats your feeling's we head into the debate? >> my feeling is this -- watching george stephanopoulos this morning, trying to probe ben carson about events 30, 40 years ago and whether or not he did things given the fact that he was hiding his connections with the clinton foundation, his serves as a childrenen adviser on the air. let me tell you, let's get serious here, barack obama got for vetting whatsoever about his columbia experience or anything else. the problem here is that the mainstream media, which is nothing but an arm of the democratic party, it's given up protecting people, only goes after republicans and conservatives our outsiders who threaten them. they do not do this to
4:35 pm
everybody. so i'll tell you, any republicans that don't understanding they're fighting two enemies in this campaign are going to pay a price for it. i don't care what the journalists say, including chris wallace, all a part of getting -- the mainstream media wants to get, protect those it protects. >> wow. pat speaks his mind. >> i think it will be the best of the four because that guy is a pro and there's not going to be a snarky minor league high school junk. >> let's go to fox news polls that shows where these guys are, but there's a margin of error. let's pop it up. look how much out in front donald trump and dr. ben carson are. you say all of this helps out ben carson. who has the bigger challenge of the night. >> the bigger challenge is marco rubio and ted cruz.
4:36 pm
>> 2 to 1, trump and carson aring cruz and rubio. as you know, harris, the mainstream -- >> you called them lame stream. >> i did. i did that deliberately. you and pat will lose your democrat cards. go on. >> i am a democrat, i am for hillary, but i believe in reality in telling the truth. you know what the truth is here? the electoral is angry and despite predictions that trump and carson will fade, they haven't. they're just not dropping. all right. so we've got one tweet coming in that has to do with jeb bush. you'll see where he is. >> 4%. >> one sell -- how important is it for jeb --
4:37 pm
>> it's critical. i've heard from insiders that the campaign is on life support. if he doesn't do well, he -- >> pat, you said life or death. why do you say that? >> doug, obviously politically i mean metphoricly. for the reason that doug set. his last debate performance, trying to hold him. he looks lost in this campaign, and i admit, no one has voted yet, and they won't vote for three months. nonetheless, but he's got a sus a front-running campaign. he has a test. let me say something. speaking of lame stream and the bias media that we have in this country, but really the inside the beltway media, their mentality of the political class, they've been writing many of them all week, my god it will end up being cruz versus rubio.
4:38 pm
they and like where do they think these people who revolt against things like that budget vote that took place again in seek yet, negotiated in secret, that really picked off many in the ways? we're looking at this -- those people aren't going anywhere. where do they think they'll go? that's why trump and carson are still there. the question is, who can compete? >> real quickly, we saw last week and "new york times" poll where people were asked, have you made up your mind, or is it too early to say? 71% said too early. roughly at this point last cycle, let's pop up where we were. still very critical. >> look at the numbers, at the top of the poll. what ultimately was the final two -- >> oh, interesting. >> gingrich and romney. >> no, it was santorum and
4:39 pm
romney. >> but john, my. >> anyway, go ahead. >> i'm not say the fox news poll is wrong. i'm saying the staying power of gingrich and romney in that polling from 2011 to 2012. if it is predictive, it suggests that trump and carson will do exactly what pat caddell said, stay around a lot longer than the media is suggesting. we've spent the bulk of our franchise here trying to explain to viewers why that is the case. >> i agree with you, doug and pat, if they each stay in the mid 20s, so that's 50-plus percent of the vote, how could another candidate get tlup? >> it's tough. >> can't do it. >> but not impossible. keep watching. president obama promising for year to close guantanamo. now if congress doesn't do it,
4:40 pm
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if you didn't know about this, this week the pentagon is expected to release its plan to closed guantanamo bay detention center. closing gitmo -- and sources tell fox news if the plan does not receive congressional approval, the president will use an executive order to make it happen anyway before he leaves office. pat, first your thoughts. >> well, my thoughts would be that the president is, first of all, shown he doesn't need the
4:44 pm
law anyway. this is a guy who will do whatever. i thought there was congressional legislation that stopped him from doing this, but maybe there isn't. the long term, though, the country they're talking about bringing some of them right outside of my neighborhood in charleston. i've got to tell you, people in south carolina, colorado, other places, and the rest of the country are not going to be pleased, but the president doesn't care about his party. he does this and i guarantee you, you will see in the primaries, if i were bernie sanders, i would pin it all on hillary, but he did the same on keystone this week, overwhelmingly popular, bipartisan support, and for a man who's led his party to disaster in the house, senate, legislative governors' races, he doesn't care about them. his attitude is me and i people can go to hell. >> he got what he wanted. he didn't have to use aung
4:45 pm
executive order on that, john. >> well, this is his agenda. before the democratic primaries get going, his agenda began in '09. he was going to close gitmo, he couldn't do it, but look, the bigger issue isn't gitmo. the bigger issue is american retreat in a war that has metastasizing all over the place. we've had unbelievably bad development, and the russian airliner, isis taking credit, the iranians doing more against us, hacking our government, china -- >> today, harryries, "new york times" reports that our coalition against isis is falling apart, the russian coalition in support of assad is getting stronger and involves blah, middle east terrorists. harris, it's a complete
4:46 pm
disaster. john and pat are absolutely right. >> i want to step back with the gitmo. is that a congressional tie clip you are wearing? >> no, this is a real president. this is president reagan. >> i couldn't see it. >> i would take a dead president reagan over any other president. >> cat church says on twitter, serious question -- can nothing be done to stop an executive order to close guam mo bay? >> i believe there is in the law. the president under the defense authorization act has to notify congress when he fools around. it is a military establishment. he doesn't have the power to unilaterally close it, but transferring the inmates out of there, i thought there was a 90-day window when he had to alert congress to it. so it's unclear how it will work. but he'll get away with it. >> they can sue him in federal court seeking relief. candidly i don't think we'll
4:47 pm
succeed, but it does involve what i would call potential extra-legal activity of the president flowing the will of the american people. >> pat, maybe you can tackle this one. colleen says -- could the next president reverse of order so shut it down. marco rubio said if he ends up in the white house, he'll just reverse it. does it work that way with this particular thing with gitmo, pat? >> yeah, it does. they can reverse it once they move them back, i suppose. >> but you can't round them up again. >> yes, you can. >> they're in federal max in colorado. >> they could move them back. >> they're in federal institutions or federal facilities, though they're not as safe as guantanamo, but they can be rounded up and taking back, i guess. i think the other disregard -- look, we're talking about the security of the understandings. we had an incident this week
4:48 pm
that was unbelievable. we had two companies, one being paid a billion and a half, another 650 million, were hiring russians to -- russian nationals to do coding on the most sensitive defense information stuff we have, and filled them with russian viruses. they paid a fine, nobody went to jail, nobody in the defense department overseeing it was fired, and the guy who got the 12 million said look what we're doing. you know what? we're talking about near treason, we're talking about our security, but you don't hear from this friend in washington. nonis angry enough to say incompetent, chronny capitalism and destruction of national security or the harming of national security we all to deal with. it's just an example. it's possible, harris the russians and chinese have seen more of hillary clinton's e-mails than the american people. >> this went srcht just that.
4:49 pm
pat is talking about computer sciences corporation, as pat said, a 1.5 billion contract in 2014, and they're hiring russians to write the code for the pentagon. >> you can't even make that up. you can't even make it up. >> no one is going to jail. >> we're going to sbif into this next, larks are accusing president obama in taking a backseat in the fight against islamic terrorism, so a broader look at our policies. the political insiders will share their thoughts. stay close. y long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. when you project weakness throughout the world and they have a failed foreign policy, this is what you get. and we don't have a strategy, you fail. >> homeland security chairman
4:53 pm
mike mccole on "fox news sunday." our political insiders are back. john, your head is going to fall off if you keep doing that. >> well, it dawned on me last week sitting here, we discussed, did we ever think we would see the day where in effect the united states of america is an allie of vladimir putin, ayatollah and we are part of the axis. >> he would sit down with anyone to deal with ya. syria. >> he did sit down with vladimir putin at the u.n. >> where did that get us? >> the day after a three-star general showed up at our doorstep in the -- i think it was in moscow, and said, we're going to start -- in baghdad, i stand corrected. we're going to start bombing in an hour. we said, thanks for the heads-up. we did nothing to try to stop it
4:54 pm
because we did nothing to undermind bashar al assad. we did nothing to say to the russians, stay out of our way. >> they possibly wouldn't have listened to us anyway. so here's the news today. netanyahu, the prime minister of israel is getting ready to meet with president obama. and i said at the top of this hour, pat, here's the context for that. those two have a chilly relationship. the other thing is, what's happening inside israel. i mean, the violence that's ramped up. we saw a near stabbing with the palestinian woman who walked up to a guard today. i mean, what are your thoughts on this and moving forward? >> my thoughts on it are the president, first of all, will still screw israel over before he leaves for the u.n. >> wow. >> he hates -- he really is anti-israel and pro-muslim brotherhood. let's all get the truth out. we did a deal with iran. now we invite them to sit in.
4:55 pm
they have seized our ambassador, excuse me, they have seized the american business people, they are sending troops into syria. by the way, along with our new allies, the cubans, you know, in an israel, people are being killed and hamas and hezbollah, hamas particularly, are up the ante being supported by iran who will be getting a big check soon from -- because of the administration. >> all right. >> and are testing ballistic missiles. >> i'm going to step in. real quickly, when we come back, i want to ask a question, who among the gop candidates can best turn things around with our foreign policy? we're coming right back. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? count on being slammed this hwith orders. we're getting slammed with orders.
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so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. all right. final thoughts with the fox news political insiders. written on my twitter, something about solutions. who has solutions for foreign policy? >> we don't know yet because we have not gotten into it in the debates. but the one that will do well
4:59 pm
will be the one who doesn't go too far either way. we've seen the isolation with rand paul taking them -- we need the republican middle, which was the reagan/nixon foreign policy. one candidate aught to adopt that. >> the problem with that -- >> here's the fact check with rand paul in the latest fox news poll with 4%. >> the problem is that our position globally is now so weak. i believe that a candidate will need and the circumstances require more hawkishness, more aggressiveness, and -- >> more than president obama? because he seems to be pretty hawkish. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> he's the most dumbest thing you've ever seen. >> really? >> hillary clinton has to distance herself. >> to hear people from your party say that. >> it's true. >> he's getting us into fresh war. pat? >> what we need is someone to
5:00 pm
do, is to be the version of what john kennedy was in 1960 when he ran tough on foreign policy during the cold war. >> all right. i've got to step in. >> he had a vision. >> that does it for us. have a great week. . ♪ they called him poppy, george herbert walker bush, 41st president of the united states. a new england aristocra the who became a politician. he's known for the impressive resumé of any man to win the white house. he had the rough and tumble of politics but maintained a public identity of dignitied restraint even in defeat. tonight for the first time you will hear the private thoughts of the 41st president in his own voice. part of an audio diary he kept throughout his


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