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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 10, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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here are your results on the screen? here they are. 62 say yes. thank you for being with us. see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. check out "on the record" ahead of the big prime t >> tonight on "red eye." the greatest attack ad ever from the most talked about election contest, the louisiana governor's race. and what's the best way to create a nurturing environment on college campuses? i bet it involves a lot of shouting and little listening. and how did donald trump do at hosting "snl"? jesse joyce is on to break down the performance. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good morning. a major shake up at the university of missouri amid an uproar over the school's handling of racial issues. the president and chancellor both announcing they are
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stepping down. with news of their departures players on the football team will end their walkout. they joined forces with student leaders who demanded the changes. >> obviously we've got some problems. the good news is we're gonna fix them and mizzou will be a lot better place because of it. i am honored to be the head coach and honored to be at the university of missouri. >> president obama's plan to protect some five million illegal immigrants suffering another setback in court. the fifth u.s. circuit court of appeals upholding a texas-based judge's injunction. republicans have criticized the plan as an illegal executive over reach. 26 states sued to block the obama plan. the gop president is hopeful ben carson will be under secret service protection. they announced fellow republican donald trump would also receive secret service protection. it is not sure when they will
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start guarding him. some good news for chipotle. officials found no source for the e-coli outbreak connected to the popular chain. chipotle closed locations in washington and oregon after dozens of people got sick. those restaurants could now reopen this week. seaworld in san diego will end its killer whale shows. the theme park will still have orcas, but come 2017, they won't be doing elaborate tricks anymore. i'm kelly wright. now back to "red eye." for all of of your headlines log on to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the "red eye" news desk. we have a special guest
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tonight so there is no time for banter. you are as glad to see me as i am to soy you. >> yes, but i -- >> lets a welcome our guests. she is a democratic operative and her sister is a hollywood actress. where is joseph mccarthy when you need him? it is jessica tarlov. if you could bottle him as a deoderant it would be extra dry. the daily beast washington bureau chief will ron. she writes in the only part of the paper people like to read, the funny pages. emily flake. and tonight's show is brought to you by the letters a-d-h-d. next to me is the star of "benders" ben schulz. let's start the show. >> attack ads have a long tradition in american politics going back to when john adams called andrew jackson a fop doodle and aed to eater.
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perhaps we reached the pinnacle of political put downs. 2* comes from john bell edwards, the democrats looking for the governor of louisiana. edwards is running against the republican senator david vitter who was caught up in the dc madam prostitution scandal in 2007. i'm sure that's not the focus of the ad though. >> the choice for governor couldn't be more clear. john bell edwards. who answered our country's call and served as a ranger in the 82nd airborne division. or david vitter who answered a prostitute's call minutes after honoring 28 soldiers who gave their lives in defense of our freedom. david vitter chose prostitutes overpay tree jets. now the choice is yours. >> boy was i wrong. vitter released an ad of his own which is every bit as amazing as edward's. >> 15 years ago i failed my
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family, but found forgiveness and love. i learned our falls aren't what define us, but rather how we get up, accept responsibility and earn redemption. >> i guess i was wrong again. will ron, is this the most -- i think this is what you want to do in a political ad is create contrast and he did it. >> he did. what about the patriotic prostitutes. i think that's a false choice between patriots and prostitutes. >> i hadn't thought of that at all. what if the prostitutes were very patriotic? >> they get up and they salute that flag. >> it is hetero-normative of us. >> it is gendered. it is some kind of microaggression to say prostitutes can't love their country. >> tarloff? >> yes. >> i think you like vicious political ads, right? this is probably right up your
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alley. >> i think it shows that democrats can be funny. i think that's great because we have this bad wrap that way have no sense of humor and maybe it is better than the deport racism ad that had the kid cursing outdone nailed trump. i think we're improving as time goes on here. >> do you think it was too mean? >> let's talk about vitter. his ad is doing what he needs to do right, apologize and show his family having dinner. >> david vitter can't apologize enough for how heinous he is. sorry. >> why is he happy nuss? >> he is a fine looking man. >> like his actions? >> prostitutes are not great. >> he was a phone call. >> it was more than one call. >> google david vitter in diapers and stuff comes up. >> he's into like baby sex? >> that's the rumor. >> patriotic baby sex. >> i am being to think this is
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a hard-hitting ad. i think you have a bigger ad up your sleeve. >> it was, you know, i don't know, google it. >> baby prostitute or regular prostitute? that's information i need to know. >> the insin you weighings that he was a gentleman who preferred to be treated like an infant by his sex partners. >> who does president? who doesn't? who among us? >> that's better than a gentleman who has sex with infants so we need to celebrate him for his acts. i am supportive of this vitter guy. he is doing what he is supposed to do. maybe his wife shamed him and judged him so he was forced -- >> it is always the woman's fault. >> maybe it is the husband's. i don't know. >> i want to bring you in. first time guest and welcome to our show. >> don't you love this? >> prostitutes. >> they preferred to be called pro's m. >> i haven't asked direct questions to anyone. i just opened the floor. what do you think of the ad?
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>> to be fair she called him. she may have been asking him to come over and put a flag over her prostitute bed. >> you can chime in, but i need to do fact checking. the prostitute called him? >> didn't it say he took a call this. >> he took a call. >> how is he supposed to make the call? he is a baby. he didn't even know he was answering. he was slapping the ipad and the phone picked up. 2007, were there ipads sph somebody fact check. >> this is unconfirmed, this baby stuff. >> it is all a set up. >> is it a false choice, jessica? it is patriotism versus prostitution. >> i mean, it is a good political ad. we are talking about it on late night and they are talking about it all day. this is what you are supposed to be doing, right? >> i think so. >> it works. >> it totally works.
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>> breaking news. donald trump hosts "saturday night live." i'm sure this is the first time you are hearing about it so let me catch you up. the candidate took to the stage and faced his critics head on in self-y facing sketches like this one. >> we are going to have a lot of fun tonight. >> youry a a -- you're a risist! >> who is that? >> trump's a rayist! -- a racist! >> it is larry david. what are you doing, larry? >> i heard if i yelled that they would give me $5,000. >> most critics thought the show was not that funny, but he didn't do anything to damage himself either. who cares about the reviews? when it comes to trump and comedy, who better than to dissect the performance than one of the writers of the donald trump roast. comedian jesse joyce. jesse, thank you for joining us.
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>> hey, hey. sorry, i had to hang up on that prostitute. >> wait, did she call you or did you call her, jesse? >> well, you can check your mom's phone records. come on! >> jesse, you watched the show and worked with donald trump. first dpif me an over all review. i thought he did well in some and others weren't as grued. gr. >> donald trump has the economy duck timing of a gas leak in a homeless shelter. he looks like his own bobblehead somehow and i would just have to say depends on what metric we are judging this by. if we are basing it on previous hosts of the show he was hands down the worse. if you are basing it on biggoted orangutans who are forced to wear a blazer he did a terrific job in that arena. he didn't try to rip the sleeves off or eat the buttons. in that case he did terrific.
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>> a little good, a little bad. how would you rate the show? i want to ask you as a comedy writer, do you think the writers delivered the goods and he just didn't step up to the plate or what? >> well, i thought overall the show was as fun fee as a zoo fire, but i don't blame the writers at all. i know for a fact that was donald trump's fault. he was self-refer -- referren referrentional. i bet kim jong-il writes some [bleep] stuff and they sit around and have to giggle uncomfortably. or they are executed in the salt mine. it had that feel to it. the whole cast seems uncomfortable. there was one specific joik -- joke he had. it is the opening joke and i want to read it it to prove my point. there is no way a comedy writer would have written this.
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a lot of people say donald, you are the most amazing guy, are you brilliant, handsome, are you rich. you have everything going. the world is waiting for you to be president so why are you hosting "saturday night live"? why? the answer is -- a long pause, because i have nothing better to do. that was the punch line. that's totally his punch line. he landed that joke like "sully" sullenberger in the river. there was six set ups. cut out most amazing guy or handsome or rich. you don't need six of them to start off. and then he says why are you hosting saturday night live? and he follows it up with a second why for no reason because he is floundering and uncomfortable. i tell you, man, he is theworst. he is anti-comedy. >> jesse, what would you say to donald trump or his campaign that would say, look, we used "saturday night live" as an opportunity to promote ourselves. we weren't there to be funny so we did our jobs.
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>> exactly. "the "new york times"" even said that. he got face timed and if it tanks he can blame the writers which he is going to do. he did that on the trump roast. he can say of course i bombed. the writers wrote me [bleep] jokes. >> jesse like you said you worked with him on the comedy central roast. he has a tendency to edit material. do you think he refused to do a lot of the things they suggested? >> oh yeah, i guarantee you. he ruined every decent joke that came along. everything he wasn't in was decently written. the only thing that did land was bobbie money -- moynihan's drunk uncle. and he could slip in trump jokes because trump was too unaware to notice he was being made fun of in that instance. you know what i mean? >> what about the drake video? i thought that was kind of fun. he was dancing around and
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rapping. >> that's how he dances. you thought he was so outside character? they literally threw glasses on his [bleep] stupid orange bobblehead. otherwise he is the exact same guy. >> i see. so mixed reviews from jesse. what do you think are his chances to become president? final question. what are his questions to win the thom nation and the general election? >> all i will tell you is this didn't hurt him at all. they are nurses and put them in bed six hours before "saturday night live" starts. >> they do have young viewers on that show. >> yeah, but anybody tuning in specifically to go like well let's see how trump does. they totally passed out in their own soup. >> thank you so much for joining us, jesse. >> yeah, i'm just suggesting, join, let's open it up to other goof balls in the
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political arena. why not have the bee that stung mike huckabee's thyroid host. maybe you can get a raccoon with rabies. tonight, rack key with rabies. >> we are open for all of those things. i don't know why i am answering for nbc. >> thanks, jesse. >> thank you for having me. >> oh. it is beginning to look a lot less christmasy on starbucks cups. some are offended by the new holiday cup. the old cup featured or -- or that you manet and christmas reindeer. it has no santas and snowflakes and carolers. they do remind me of something. oh yeah. also. i knew the cups looked familiar. now by some christians object, we mean one guy who called out
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the company who said starbucks removed christmas from their cups because they hate jesus. take a look. >> guys, i think in the age of political correctness we are so open minded that our brains have fallen out of our head. do you realize starbucks wanted to take christ and christmas off their new cups? that's why they are plain red. starbucks is not allowed to say merry christmas to customers. instead of boycotting, why don't we start a movement? i asked for my coffee and i told them my name. i told them my name is merry christmas. guess what, starbucks, i tricked you. >> he tricked them. is he for the new cups organs them? i -- or against them? i can't tell. jessica, i think this is -- i was looking at this story all over facebook. it was in my feed all day long. >> very serious. >> it is one guy. don't act like it is christianity. >> i'm sure it will go down to
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obama. obama sent a directive because he hates christians because -- and that's why we have the red cups. >> do you know something i don't know? >> no, but trump knows something you don't know. >> what do you think? it is christmastime and can't we all get along sph. >> as somebody who is still paying off the art school she went to, i feel uniquely qualify to weigh in on this. first of all i would like to know if there was a jesus christ on the starbucks cup? >> i was looking at images. they had santa claus and snowflakes. at one point they had a snowman singing from a caroling book. >> it could have been jesus in a snowman suit. if you want to talk about christmas colors it is a fairly elegant graphic solution. they took away a lot of the fluff that you can argue is not the spirit of christmas, ie, snow men and santa, et
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cetera, et cetera. >> kind of an aesthetic solution to simplify. >> that's what it is supposed to be about, the tranquil tee and quietness of the holiday time. you are supposed to put your own holiday story on the cup. it is a blank canvas for you. >> how do we blame obama for this? >> i won't blame obama, but i i will be honest, do you know who hates jesus sph? >> i don't know. who does? >> christmas. >> are you going to make some kind of argument about commercialization? >> where is jesus' shine? this santa guy gets all of the love. you know who never celebrated christmas? jesus. maybe starbucks painted it the color of jesus' blood. maybe they really loved jesus. >> i don't know what point you are making, but i will get back to you. >> of course jesus didn't celebrate christmas. he was jesus. >> he was jewish, that is right. >> put a menorah on the cup. >> and the reindeer and all of
12:19 am
the north stuff and all of the pagan stuff. that's not about jesus. that's about the wierdo german gods that the nazis worshiped. >> isn't this the wonderful thing that they gobbled up all of those things and turned them into something good. >> it is not queens. stop trying to make it into this -- >> that guy looks like the king of queens. >> he is like a weird hipster. >> that's detracting from the real fact that it is terrible coffee. it is all a vessel for terrible coffee. >> you don't like starbucks coffee? >> the k-cups are great. >> she hangs out with the bar sigh ta's with the tattoo -- barista's with the tattoo. coming up, how to get your professor feared and other essential tips to succeed at
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today's university.
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with the resignation of the president and the chancellor of the university of missouri today the perpetual offended community will surely be out for more blood. who will be the next to fall? perhaps someone at yale. a refresher of what happened on that campus. yale's inter cultural affairs counselor urged students to be extra careful of wearing costumes on halloween that could offend students. the associate master of yale's sill man college wrote a response saying i don't wish to trivial lies concerns aboutpe
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-- perm representation. she said is there no room for a child to be object -- obnoxious or offensive. the response to her response was a campus wide hissy-fit. here is a student confronting her husband, eric, also a master at sillman college. >> doesn't deserve that. be quiet! do you understand that? >> as your position as master and your job to create a place of comfort for whom the students who live here. you have not done that. by sending out that e-mail -- >> no, i don't agree with
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that. >> why the [bleep] did you send the petition? who the [bleep] hired you? step down. 23* that is what you think, step down. it is not about creating an intellectual thing, it is not! do you understand that? it is about creating a home here interest. >> remember, this is an argument about halloween costumes. of today's campus protesters the atlantic said they are creating more of parodies of social justice. that's the atlantic. congratulations you created an army of whiners. they are hurt. they are are angry and they are under the impression that they are educated. and they are devouring you. >> i say it is over for america's colleges. i want to send my kids to the place that gives you the free tools. >> what is that place? >> prison. >> you can do it.
12:26 am
that's achievable. >> you don't remember the trade school where you get your tools with you when you leave? >> pay for trade school, dude. >> you pay a little and get your tools. >> and then you have to get a job. >> you don't know. it is over for the american university. it is done. >> you know what, maybe it is and you know what bums me out? i have a convoluted point to make. do you remember the bush presidency sph. >> that was not a good time. >> that was a thing that happened. the left in this country are talking about war and torture and like abuses and pushing for civil liberties and all that. and now we have reached this point where it seems like the left in this country, the rallying cry is defending the feelings of yale students. that is sad and bad for everyone in this country. i hope someone on the left just retakes back like these aren't ours.
12:27 am
>> are you going to take it? take the baton and run with it. >> i think it is awful. i am pretty liberal. they are totally out liberalling me. they said don't you miss being micro-agressed. it sets such a bad precedent and it is at these amazing schools and they have so much to offer. they spend time fighting about an offensive halloween costumes. i don't even know what could be an offensive halloween costumes. i don't like the nazi costumes. >> they are not even that. that wasn't a problem. >> it is a caitlyn jenner costumes. >> it all started with the college being sensitive. this woman said maybe we should let the kids get out there a little bit. come on, these kids are out to lunch. >> if we are supposed to have a space then can't the kids have room to have offensive? do we not still have room for college students to be
12:28 am
strident? that's what college students are for. being stria dent about things -- stridend about things -- >> it is the ones being shrill now -- they are talking about sensitivity and they are yelling at each other. >> they were raising their voice. honestly yale blows. they are a bunch of kids who didn't get into harvard. stop bitching. >> it is kind of the same, right? >> it is the fitch of schools. there is abercrombie and nobody gives a [bleep] about fitch. every time i see a kid with a yale sweatshirt i say rejection. harvard rejection. that's what you should get when you get into yale. harvard said no. >> harvard is the same. they are all screaming. >> harvard is not screaming. they are dropping out and becoming billionaires. >> if missouri is screaming harvard is screaming. >> i don't even know what that is.
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what is stria dent. it sounds like something aerial's dad held in "the little mermaid." >> coming up, andy takes control. and i am doing a show in boston on november 14th, come and say hi, boston comedy
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good morning. the opposition party appears
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to be moving to a landslide victory in burma's national elections. but there are charges that the government is delaying results. so far the national league for the democracy party claims it has won 1 five 4 of -- 154 of the seats. the nobel peace prize is asking not to you -- to avoid rivals. they have had a quasi government made of generals. the white house congratulated burma but said more work is on the road ahead. president obama ma and netanyahu with their first face-to-face in more than a year and the first since the iran nuclear deal was approved. both men reaffirming their commitment to the middle east peace process. >> the security of israel is one of my top foreign policy
12:34 am
priorities. that has expressed itself not only in word, but in deeds. we have closer military and intelligence cooperation than any two administrations in history. >> i don't think anyone should doubt israel's determination to defend itself against terror and destruction, but neither should anyone doubt israel's willingness to make peace with any of its neighbors that generally want to achieve peace. >> and the president now has his own facebook page. it went live on monday getting getting200,000 likes in the first three hours. the facebook page is the latest to spread its message through social media. they had a twitter page they dwot back in march. now back to "red eye." >> welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy. andy? >> hi, how are you?
12:35 am
>> that vicious louisiana ad. will, you asked what about the patriotic prostitutes. i completely agree. the whole thought that prostitutes can't be patriots -- >> i am glad we are in agreement on this one. >> jessica, you said you think this shows that democrats can be funny. >> yeah. >> which part of the ad was funny. >> quirky, like smart funny, right, that are you connecting prostitutes and patriotism and saying he chose call girls over veterans. that's a little funny for a democrat. >> yeah, i just say -- >> but he wasn't trying to be funny. >> do you think he was? >> do i think he was trying to be funny on the phone with the woman? >> do you think edwards was trying to be funny? >> i think he wanted to get a little smile out of you. >> that is so funny.
12:36 am
no, i don't think so. >> why? >> i didn't get that either. >> i think it was a serious ad. >> it showed that democrats rb illerative. >> tas another word i -- that's another word i don't know and i'm comfortable with that. we have vulnerability. they say had ad is doing what he needs to do which is apologize. vitter's campaign says they have been planning on running it for awhile. >> well, i just find it hard to believe that they were planning on running an ad reminding them that he cheated with a prostitute. that's one strategy. >> did he say fig about the prostitute or did he apologize in a general sense? >> in that ad it was a general sense. it was a mistakes were made kind of thing.
12:37 am
>> i googled david vitter diaper and i wish i hadn't. >> you're welcome for that. >> it is important to night that there is no evidence that he liked to wear diapers being serviced by prostitutes. >> it is a rumor that has come up in this campaign and there has been some diaper clad protesters. >> you should goo-goo-gaagle it. >> that was i lliterative. >> yes! i knew i could do it! >> nice job. >> emily you are completely correct that vitter took the call and i believe there were other times when the record showed her.
12:38 am
>> that's very true. >> he looks like a darrell hammond character. >> he has a weird mouth. >> all right, will, whatever. >> will, it has been succeeding succeeding -- suck nie g on a pacifier. >> and that's why he had to pay for sex. >> the pam didn't get to weigh in on trump. does anyone have anything they want to say? >> nothing you want to hear. >> i want to hear it. >> they said that the writers may have sabotaged trump and that they wrote a bad show on purpose. if that's trues would it be true they were doing it for years? >> they are not saying that. one person threw that out as a suggestion. >> that was the trump campaign.
12:39 am
>> maybe those were the standards at the daily beast. >> it sounds like the prostitution ring. >> that was actually the daily breast. >> he sucked on. for milk. for milk. >> get your minds out of the gutter. >> do it into the camera. >> i'm super -- i'm a striving. >> starlight, star bright, first star i see tonight. >> speaking of stars, starbucks holiday cups are red. >> you said president obama hates christians. i have not seen evidence of
12:40 am
it. >> give me like 10 minutes. and then i will blame it on the gop. >> i honestly think you should not make the evidence like that. >> i ask if there was. >> success on the cup. no. they had snowflakes and snow men et cetera. they have never had a christmas cup. >> what do i win? >> a cup. >> are you drinking coffee today? >> i went to starbucks. >> with just your name on the cup? >> they spelled p wong. wrong. they always spell names wrong. >> a quick note on missouri. timothy wolf was not the president of the university of missouri. he was the president of the you have the of missouri system. i have no idea why that
12:41 am
matters, but a bunch of alums were upset about this today. >> i guess it is systemic racism. >> music to my ears. >> moving on to yale, the video of the girl screaming, it is not about creating an intellectual space. it is a college. it is literally about creating intellectual space. >> to me what is amazing about this is here you have someone with the school who is saying i am not comfortable telling students what they can and cannot do. and student activists say you have to tell us what we can and cannot do. it is like role reversal for protesters. >> the world seems to have been turned upside down by liberalness. there, i said it. they have gone too far for sure, especially for yale which is better than harvard by the way. and lots of kids who got into -- a lot of people choose yale. >> no one chooses yale over harvard.
12:42 am
when it comes to coffee, harvard is the dunkin donuts. >> the class war starts here. >> andy has to wrap it up. >> i wanted -- tom the place you got free tools, was that devry? >> i think so. >> and that's where your kids are going. >> i just sort of remember those commercials. >> i'm done. bye. >> time to take a break. when we come back, wake up with a european.
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who wouldn't want to wake up with a european man in their bed? that's the idea behind the new app, the morning man alarm clock. it wakes you up with the soothing voice of a stranger. take a listen. >> it is time to wake up, my love. it is time to wake up, my love. >> wow. the app comes in three voices, british, scottish and french. but for a few extra dollars you can get one of these additional voices. there is german -- >> woman, be a good girl and get out of bed. go downstairs and make me some breakfast. hurry. i do not have all day. >> i think that was the eastern european. >> the time to rise is now. wake up and smell the start of
12:47 am
a new day. >> that's one, two, three in german. >> and then there is the vermonty. >> here is something you have to worry about. you are living in a rigged economy. that is not acceptable. that has got to change. please join the political revolution. thank you all. >> that gets you right up, doesn't it? >> that's brooklyn. i love people think bernie sanders is from vermont. no one from vermont sounds like that. >> no one from vermont is from vermont. >> they are from brooklyn. >> they wanted to smoke pot in private and so they went to vermont. >> and shoot things. >> about this app, would you use this app? the sexy voice to wake you up? >> i lived in london for six years and i feel like i stayed
12:48 am
with my english boyfriend a few months longer because of how he sounded in the morning when he woke me up. >> so it works? >> that accent. not the nazi freakout. >> well, it would wake you up wouldn't it? >> i would go with the darker ones. i would go with the scarier ones to get me up. a soothing englishman won't work for me. an albanian screaming at me, why aren't you in your crate! that will get me up. >> you are an artist. do you sleep in like the artists do? >> have i a 3-year-old so -- have i a 3-year-old so no. >> you don't need an alarm clock. >> no, i have one. weirdly she sounds leak a german man -- like a german man. >> do you like to be woken up by an alarm? >> i do not fls it is like gypsy screaming. >> gypsy screaming. >> how do you wake up?
12:49 am
>> a pan european people. i'm sorry. >> let's talk about the guy-gal thing. guys don't want a the voice of a woman waking them why? >> guys don't want that? >> well they made the app for women. >> well there is an app for that. it is called tender. >> i thought that was for the evening. >> it is a wake you up. >> well you start in the evening and they sleep over and then they wake you up. well it is nothing they say. you push something up against their back while they are sleeping. is that romance? >> in new york that is romance. >> hey, get up. >> i do think -- >> look what you did. >> there wouldn't be a corresponding app for men. they wouldn't like the soothing voice of women. >> they wouldn't be loud enough. you can have a screaming jewish woman app.
12:50 am
>> a mother sound. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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no "red eye" tomorrow because of the gop debate on the fox business network. on wednesday we have ben and sherry davie. >> don't drink and be at home. a british study of emergency room visits has revealed where in the house people are most likely to be injured when drunk. as this map shows, the most dangerous place is the stairs. accounting for 17% of er admissions followed by floors. other unsafe areas include bathtubs, chairs, tables and beds. my house is filled with all of those things. drug which conducted the research determined that the most injured body parts are the head, face and groin area. the last one being as they put it the funniest. andrew, 70% of all drunk injuries at home happen to men. does that sound right to you? >> absolutely. >> the ladies come home drunk
12:55 am
and in heels and i would think they get injured more. >> they have better balance from wearing heels all the time. >> that makes sense. >> we kick them off right away. i don't think i even walked into my house drunk with them on my feet. they are outside the door. >> and we are padded. >> that's true. they come with pads. >> i am offendy. >> i outweigh all of you so i don't care. >> i don't understand why we are blaming alcohol. i think we should blame gravity. >> gravity is the real culprit in all of this. >> do you have stairs in your home? >> i have stairs going up to my home, but no stairs within my home. i am safe. >> keeps you safe. >> that annoyed me. as a new yorker i read they hurt themselves on chairs and tables and stairs. is this for billionaires? >> who the hell is a table?
12:56 am
>> chairs, multiple. >> you have a bed and you eat on your bed. >> you people are all stacked up in townhouses and you have stairs all day in your home. >> there are stairs, yes. i grew up here and i get the important point that andrew is making. what i don't understand is all of the groin injuries. how? yeah, people hit their head. i get that. are people going down the banisters or is this all injuries? >> if you go down you will hit something. >> i feel like this is epidemic of -- >> a drunken attempt at sex and then the injury. >> why isn't the kitchen on the map? i would think people would be burning themselves. >> definately burning yourself. or hand stuck in the refrigerator. >> burning your eyelids. >> i does that happen to you?
12:57 am
>> only when i was smoking. >> keep talking among yourselves. >> special thanks to jessica and will ron and emily and andrew schulz and jesse joyce and me, tom shillue. see you next time.
12:58 am
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sharp elbows and heated rhetoric between candidates one night before the fbn debate. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm brett baier. we're a little more than 24 hours away from the next debate in the republican presidential campaign season. this time expect an emphasis on the economy. but that hasn't prevented gop candidates from taking swings at each other on a host of issues today. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in milwaukee tonight. >> reporter: with the general election 364 days from now and the fourth gop debate tomorrow in


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