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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 10, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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we'll be ponti pontificating an bloviating. >> jesse, nice working with you. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm brett bare in washington, you're looking live inside the milwaukee theater in wisconsin. where the first of two republican presidential debates begins in less than an hour on fbn. the countdown is on, we'll have more on the preview to the big events on the fox business network shortly. but we begin tonight, with another reprimand to president obama. over his use of executive action on immigration. this time, it's from a federal appeals court. the administration is already talking about getting the u.s. court involved. chief legal correspondent shannon bream looks at both sides tonight. >> i'm the president of the united states. i'm not the emperor of the
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united states. >> president obama said that in 2013. when asked about stopping deportations. and last night, the fifth circuit court of appeals agreed. upholding an injunction blocking the implementation of two programs the administration designed to prevent the deportation of some five million illegal immigrants. despite more than 20 of his own statements regarding limits on his executive power, the president has been pushing those anti-deportation measures by doing what critics call an end run around congress. monday in a 2-1 decision, the fifth circuit court of appeals said federal law quote flatly does not permit the reclassification of millions of illegal aliens as lawfully present and thereby makes them newly eligible for a host of federal and state benefits. last november after immigration reform efforts stalled in congress, president obama announced both deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca and deferred action for
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americans. apa. a federal judge blocked the decision. saying -- >> texas governor, republican greg abbott, who is leading a 26-state challenge to the president's executive actions calls the fifth circuit's affirmation of that decision, a vindication of the constitution. >> do we have the rule of law in the united states of america or do we not? what the federal court of appeals says is the rule of law still applies even to the president of the united states of america. >> despite the setback, the administration remains optimistic. >> they were quite disappointed in the decision that was rendered by the fifth circuit. but does not in any way diminish the confidence that we have. in the power of our legal argument and we're looking forward to having an opportunity to making that argument again before the supreme court. >> the justices are under no obligation to take up the
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administration's appeal if they hear the case, it likely won't be until march or april with a decision due by late june 2016. that's right in the middle of what is going to be a heated race for the white house. >> a big issue. president obama has been more than willing to in his words, use his pen and phone and go it alone when he cannot get congress to do his bidding. in doing so, he has pushed the legal limits of his executive power. correspondent kevin corke has that story from the white house tonight. >> status quo is how white house officials are describing latest repudiation of the president's executive actions. >> the immigration system that we have in place is the closest think we have to amnesty. >> the white house set about crafting its own version of immigration reform. using an executive action. one it says would strengthen border security, streamline the legal immigration process. support earned citizenship
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through service and crack down on employer who is hire undocumented workers. and while the court's rejection of the president's policy will be appealed, it calls into question his use of executive action. something candidate obama said he would resist back when he was running for president in 2008. >> we're not going to use that as doing an end-run around congress. >> critics say it's what he's been trying to do. >> it's a good day for legal immigration, bad day for illegal immigration. good day for constitution and rule of law, a bad day for the imperial presidency. >> with 223 executive actions so far, the president has used fewer than both presidents george w. bush and bill clinton. but many more than george h.w. bush. but barack obama's have been far-reaching with significant policy implications. with a year left in office and on a day with the administration acknowledged the president will sign the national defense authorization act which
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prohibits the transfer of detainees at guantanamo bay in cuba. >> i think your average american understands keep them at guantanamo, it's a top-rate detention facility. these are not average criminals, they're being held under the law of war. >> what president obama is doing is consistent with a long-established precedent carried out forcefully by president reagan and president george h.w. bush. >> the president is in very, very thin ice for two reasons. one, he will be defying the congress and in a two statutes that he will have signed into la really unheard of. and two, where is he going to put these people? >> brett, 112 detainees remain at the prison in guantanamo bay, cuba and many are deemed two dangerous for release. meaning they'll have to be transferred to the mainland of the u.s. the white house said as it did on the immigration
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poised to do it alone once again. north carolina republican governor pat mccrory is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the president. he joins me from charlotte. governor, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> the reaction to your decision by the fifth circuit? >> i think it's very positive news. the question is what happens next. i think the court sent a very strong signal to the president that there is a separation of powers. the executive branch is responsible for enforcing the law. the legislative branch is responsible for making the law. that's a very fine distinction and i'm glad the courts ruled that way. it was a 2-1 vote. so most likely in and hopefully sooner or later this will get to the supreme court. >> the department of justice has said they're appealing to the supreme court and they're going to be pushing for that. take a listen to president obama when he's talking about these executive actions. these executive orders. on the issue of immigration.
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>> i continue to believe the best way to solve this problem, is by working together to pass that kind of common-sense law. until that happens, there are actions i have the legal authority to take as president, the same kinds of actions taken by democratic and republican presidents before me. that will help make our immigration system more fair, and more just. >> why is he wrong, governor? >> the executive branch does not have the authority to select and choose which laws they're going to follow. i don't have the authority as governor of north carolina. my responsibility and my obligation is to i'm sworn to follow and execute the laws of not only north carolina, but the united states of america. and not only am i supposed to do that. but law enforcement officers, the federal, state and local level are supposed to do that. that's why i very proudly signed a bill which outlawed sanctuary cities in the state of north carolina what that did frankly
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was tell police officer who is also take the same oath of office to uphold the laws of not only north carolina, but the united states of america and have tied their hands from doing that. so it's recognizing the constitution. at both the state and the federal level and we all need to be working toot and enforcing all laws together. we help enforce federal bank robbery law, we work together as a team on federal drug trafficking laws, we have major cartel activity, i-95, i-77 and i-75, and sadly some international cartels are apart of that human trafficking and drug trafficking. >> that's one of the things you said in the signing of this bill in north carolina. despite push-back from the left. you said that the illegal activity by illegal immigrants was increasing, not decreasing in your state. >> well absolutely. i talked to sheriffs throughout north carolina who say we've got
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major cartel activity in north carolina and throughout the southeast. they're very smart business people and they're taking advantage of interstate travel and they're taking advantage of some of our very lax immigration rules. and what we want to do is make sure that we, if someone is pulled over and there is suspicion of illegal activity in addition to illegal immigration, we find out who the person is, we're really speaking to. what we're finding out is many of these people have several different identities, with false identification. when they came to this country and they might even change our identification several other times, using false social security numbers and other types of identification. >> this isn't allowed in any other country that i know of. but the united states of america. >> i mentioned pushback you're getting in north carolina and obviously it's the same type of pushback we've seen on this issue broadly this is what the aclu in north carolina said, by making it harder for people to
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i'dfy themselves to government officials, to discourage undocumented people from reporting crime and banning local governments from passing measures improving public safety. this makes all north carolina less safe. law likes this encourage discrimination and send the message that north carolina sun welcoming and make it harder for law enforcement officers to do their job, keeping all communities safe. >> they use undocumented. following the laws of the united states of america and some of those came into the country legally but they overstayed their welcome. according to our national laws. using that logic, why have customs at our airports, why don't we just let everybody in at all of our customs checkpoints, airports and shipping ports. that makes no sense whatsoever. and it's plus in that type of lajic is making police officers respond to crime as opposed to
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prevent crime from occurring and i'd rather have preventive action than just reactive action after a crime occurs trying to get witnesses. >> last thing governor quickly, this issue is playing out in the republican primary race, do you have a candidate? >> i do not. i have a bias toward governors because leadership experience of putting toot a team and also dealing with crisis. but i think we've got a good selection and we've got to let the process work out. i've yet to meet most of the candidates and north carolina will be a major player in this race. we're the ninth most populated state in north carolina. north carolina is number nine, going to play a major role in the presidential campaign. >> i used to live and work there, know it well. governor mccrory in charlotte, thank you for your time. republican presidential candidates are going over their strategies and polishing up their talking points as they prepare for tonight's debate on the fox business network.
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the main event begins at 9:00 p.m. the undercard just in about 50 minutes, 7:00 p.m. eastern time. carl cameron is on site in walk tonight. >> for the fourth gop debate it's all eyes on ben carson. >> the goal is to actually get some questions, some substantive questions. and give me an opportunity to talk. >> the latest poll has carson leading donald trump in the low 20s within the margin of error. marco rubio is in third. ted cruz and jeb bush are tied for fourth. a "washington post"/abc news poll says 70% of people nationwide view ben carson favorably. donald trump needs to look presidential. trump released a china and trade policy statement this morning to bring policy heft to the debate stage. carson has been under attack by the media and trump for stories
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in his book "gifted hands" that some reporters have been unable to verify. two stories were corroborated yesterday. trump has seized on carson's references in his book to a pathological disease. >> the only message i would have to have is pathological disease and pathological temper, two completely different things. >> he's not a doctor. >> maybe he shouldn't be talking about that. i don't know. >> the fox debate team has said they intend to focus heavily on economic issues. carson released his flat tax plan ahead of the debate. bush needs traction. the $20 million ad blitz against rubio. rubio launched a new ad online using bush's words against him. >> he's probably the most articulate conservative on the scene today and. >> ted cruz an award-winning debater has been hovering around third place for a month in the polls and a superpac has yet to
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spend any money or reserve ad time in the united states. a good-natured rand paul admitted his hopes tonight are probably overoptimistic. >> i'm hoping the rest of them will drop out. >> john kasich prepared for the debate by shooting hoops with the milwaukee bucks. >> well all the candidates have said they want to focus on substance, they want to talk policy. issues, don't want to throw names at one another. the second tier starts in less than 50 minutes. the main stage debate starts at 9:00 tonight and all the candidates would probably like to throw at least one elbow before it's over. we'll see in just a short while. >> the moderators are ready. if you're not sure where to find fbn, log on to tweet me with important
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questions to ask. tweet me. we may use some questions later in the show. up next, hillary clinton gets some grief for something she does not say. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 13 in tampa with bay area workers debating in the national day of action over the minimum wage. protesters are pushing for a $15 an hour rate. the current national minimum wage is $7.25. fox 8 in cleveland, breaking news on a deadly airplane crash, two people were killed when a small business jet hit an apartment building. no one was inside the apartment building or in a neighboring home that caught fire. there are no known injuries on the ground. a live look at los angeles from fox 11, the big story there tonight, the 240th birthday of the u.s. marine corps, on november 10th, 1775, congress call ford two battalions of marines to defend the country
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tomorrow is veteran's day. today, hillary clinton tried to deal with fallout from her recent claim that the scandal over veterans health care was not such a big deal. but at the same event, something clinton failed to say might have gotten her in more trouble. here's chief white house correspondent, ed henry. >> i want to thank all the veterans here. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton held her first major veterans event in part to help clean up her recent comments, downplaying the va scandal where vets died waiting for care. >> it's not been as widespread as it has been made out to be. >> the democratic front-runner may have created a bigger issue, by laughing off comments from a male voter who said he was so angry with the republican candidate carly fiorina that he wanted to hurt her. >> every time i see her on tv i want to reach through and strangle her. >> you know, i know that doesn't sound very nice. >> i wouldn't mess with you.
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>> the voters said he was laid off as an employee of hewlett-packard. when fiorina was in charge of the company. he charged the former ceo purchased two jets after letting workers go. >> i can tell when she's lying because her lips are moving. it's ridiculous with this woman and to see her say that you're a liar really upsets me. >> well unfortunately that's the political season we're in. >> republicans could not help but recall gop front-runner donald trump was roundly criticized earlier in the campaign when he did not correct a vote another accused president obama of being a muslim. >> we need this -- >> today, the republican national committee focused more on clinton routinely talking about standing up for women. the rnc declaring quotes about committing acts of violence against women are always in poor taste and should be con ddemned every time. when a reporter asked clinton if she took the man seriously, she
3:22 pm
did not answer verbally, but shook her head no. fiorina's deputy campaign manager sara flores took aim at the press, saying let's all watch hillary clinton's media lapdogs. >> clinton took another hit on email, slamming the state department for being lazy in turning over records. >> touting a lot of endorsements, but one big one not coming yet. >> al gore telling "people" magazine he's not ready to endorse anyone. he says it's too early in the process. but obviously it's getting late as well. >> the justice department is appealing a federal judge's opinion that the nsa's collection of telephone data on millions of americans is likely unconstitutional. the appeal comes a day after a judge ordered the nsa to stott collecting meta data from a
3:23 pm
landline belonging to a blf and his law firm. the law expires at the end of this month. another huge cyberattack has resulted in the theft of personal information of more than 100 million customers of u.s. financial institutions. an indictment unsealed names two men held in israel and a u.s. citizen believed to be living in moscow. the indictment says they stole records of 83 million customers of jp morgan chase, along with data from millions more clients of other banks. breaking news tonight from new york state, the attorney general there is ordering daily fantasy sports sites draft kings and fan duel to stop taking bets in new york. we're following this story. we should note the parent company of fox news is an investor in draft kings. stocks were mixed today. the dow gained 28, the s&p 500 was up three. ost 12. up next, as university of missouri students take down the school administration essentially, some of the
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administration try to take down the media. and later, did russia cheat in the olympics? what the experts say, when we come back.
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nch a a bit of irony tonight courtesy of the university of missouri. student protests forced out the school system president. an institution lauded for it's renowned journalism school seemed more interested in censorship when it became the focus of the reporting. chief washington correspondent james rosen takes a look. >> on the very day when university of missouri president tim wolf resigned, bowing to complaints he hadn't done enough to fostary culture of tolerance, communication professor melissa click, a critic of wolf, who is currently researching topics like lady gaga and fifty shades
3:29 pm
of gray. hosted a forum on campus. >> you need to get out. you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. hey who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here? >> the outburst led journalism dparmtment to review click's appointment there. and prompted criticism from the white house. >> the reason that you have public protests and public demonstrations is so the public can be aware of your concerns. and it seems to me that you're going to have a hard time getting that message out if you're going to limit the ability of the media to cover you in a public place. >> wolf and chancellor loften resigned amid complaints they hadn't done more to combat racism. after students used the n word and drew a swastika in feces. a year ago mizzou announced diversity training.
3:30 pm
>> the resolutiignation of pres wolf is a voice. >> at yale university activists are demanding the firing of married professor who is live on campus in the role of campus masters in an email they challenged the wisdom of banning offensive halloween costumes saying free speech and the ability to tolerate offense are the hallmarks of a free and open society. nicholas tried to dialogue with students. >> that goes against your position as masters. you understand that? >> no, i disagree with that. >> then -- [ bleep ] [ bleep ] hired you? >> it seems like we're churning out a generation of young people at the elite level who feel like their feelings are paramount and people who step on that, not only should be criticized, but in some cases lose their jobs. >> late today the communication dpafrtment at mizzou issue a statement that never mentioned
3:31 pm
professor click by name, but statement applauded student journalists working a very trying atmosphere. brett? >> james, thank you. russia says its ban on all flights to egypt will last at least several months. the order and similar directives from other countries come amid the investigation into the explosion that took down a russian airlinary week and a half ago. many experts continue to say the evidence points to a bomb. russia is also at the center of another huge corruption scandal, rocking international sports. this time, it involves track and field. and doping. correspondent benjamin hall fills us in from london. >> this obscure testing facility, six miles outside moscow is at the epicenter of a scandal that has rocked the sporting world. it was here that track and field athletes were allegedly prescreened before events so they would never be caught doping. a damning report released monday
3:32 pm
by the world anti-doping agency clearly points the finger at the russian state and suggests that 99% of all athletes were involved. >> we finally identified one of the major powers as being involved in this. it's not just you know, small countries or little pockets. this is a major sporting country. >> he recommended that russia be banned from all competition. just as athletes are gearing up their preparation for next year's 2016 summer olympics in rio. among the accusations were that payments were made by athletes to conceal positive tests. in one case, 480,000 dollar was paid by the winner of the chicago marathon, a russian woman. claims that spies infiltrated test centers at last year's winter olympics in sochi. the russians dismissed the report. the head of their own doping agency saying it was politically motivated. despite downplaying it, president putin will meet
3:33 pm
tomorrow with the head coach of the country's track federation. the international olympic committee said today that any competitors found to have violated doping regulations would be punished and stripped of medals. brett? >> benjamin hall in london. thank you. another represent imand whe come back. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
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3:38 pm
north carolina, one from texas react together fifth circuit court of appeals. blocking the implementation of two programs the administration moved forward with. to stop the deportation of five million illegal immigrants. the fifth circuit weighing in, democrats including the senate minority leader weighing in as well. >> the fifth circuit said yesterday was a political move that ignores past precedent on executive action on immigration. the executive actions were neither a complete nor a permanent solution to the problems plaguing the immigration system. but they were a common-sense step in the face of inaction. >> the administration and the doj saying they will appeal this directly to the u.s. supreme court. and that is a process that has started. let's start there. syndicated columnist george will, a.b. stoddard, associated editor of "the hill" and syndicated columnist, charles can krauthammer.
3:39 pm
>> this does not mean that five million illegal immigrants who otherwise wouldn't be deported, won't be, they probably wouldn't have been deported, anyway. it means that the states will be shielded of some of the expense of them having legal status, driver's licenses and unemployment compensation. it's a separation of powers issues, as is so often the case. the administration argues, it's enforcement discretion in enforcing immigration laws. the judges and others that disagreed on that and the 26 states, say this is not changing enforcement discretion this is changing immigration policy in a fundamental way, what this means is if it gets to the supreme court, the supreme court will probably decide this. in the middle of a presidential election year bringing the immigration issue to full boil. >> a.b.? >> and that is good and bad news for hillary clinton. if this is upheld, this decision is upheld, by the supreme court,
3:40 pm
the appeal of the administration fails. that will only galvanize the latino vote months before the election in her favor that was in a way until today, unthinkable. when it could be the best thing that could happen to her in terms of the demographic advantages, she's going to need. and it fails to replicate the obama coalition. >> she has said she would go further than president obama on executive actions. by this president gets shot down. >> as president if she's dealing with republican congress and rng rn senate and the republican house, she's going to have a difficult time using executive orders when these have been turned down. i'm talking about the supreme court decision politically helping her surge before the election. >> charles what the democrats say is listen, the president has the authority. he's using it like other
3:41 pm
presidents have. we'll put up a graphic in comparative executive actions, executive orders. you'll see the rest of the presidents there, ronald reagan with 381, president obama at 223. now republicans, and analysts who look at this say the 223 have much more significant poll implications and actual dollar figures tied to them than many of the others, but simple numbers, that's the comparison. >> the numbers argument is completely nonsensical. the question is what was the executive order about and was it about changing a law in congress. that's not allowed. that's the first line in article one. the legislative power belongs to the congress, not to the president. in the decision that came out from the circuit court, they quoted obama who said in response to a heckler, in a speech shortly after you get the executive order, he said i just took action to change the law. he admitted that he was changing
3:42 pm
the law. everyone knows he was changing. that's not prosecutorial discorrection, it's a one-by-one, case-by-case issue that everybody recognizes is objection ltdor r. what i think is the most scandalous is harry reid and the democrats defending this. they should have some fidelity to the constitution that even in an argument, where they happen to support the policy, they should understand the risk and the cost of a president changing laws unilaterally. you can't allow that. >> meantime, this white house may be getting ready to do it again, in the issue of gnd mo bay and closing down the terrorist detainee facility. this is for a senate majority leader spokesperson. the senate just passed the bill. the defense bill, 91-3. you read that right.
3:43 pm
91-3. the legislation prohibiting the president from transferring terrorists from gitmo to the u.s. is headed to the white house for the president's signature. on gitmo that's not a case of gridlock or congressional inacti inaction. the president's desire to transfer terrorists to facilities in the u.s. here is the president's former white house counsel greg craig. >> think he has the authority on his own, to close guantanamo and bring the detainees wherever he wants within the united states in a military facility. as chief he has that authority. i think he should use it. >> you can shoehorn an awful lot into the implied power of the commander-in-chief. but i don't think that's what's going on here right now. this is not a security issue, can you take prisons and put them in a super max principle and they're not going to go
3:44 pm
anywhere. it does change the status and the important point, which is that the prisoners were holding our combatants in a war. so in that sense the president is going to use a signing statement in a fundamentally wrong way. the one legitimate use for a presidential signing statement, constitutional, to say i'm signing a bill, but i have doubts about the constitutionality of this. >> it's a rider essentially, a statement that goes alongside the bill. he can sign the bill, but say here's what i have a problem with. >> i have a problem with and maybe i want to challenge this and maybe i will not enforce it because it's my job to make my own constitutional judgments about this. but it's something else to do what he's doing. saying i'm not going to enforce this portion of the law. it's a kind of semi line-item veto. not going to enforce this portion of the law because i don't like the policy. that's not legitimate. >> interestingly, here is candidate obama in 2008, on signing statements.
3:45 pm
>> this is part of the whole theory of george bush that he can make laws as he goes along. i disagree with that i taught the constitution for ten years. i believe in the constitution and i will obey the constitution of the yunited states, we're no going to use signing statements as an end-run around congress. >> president obama has never had support for closing down guantanamo bay. he announced it in great enthusiasm within 36 hours of his inauguration and it was a mistake. he didn't know how he was going to do it. and he's never been able to. this will likely be tested in the courts again. pleased having lawsuits coming out the door. >> it's a question for hillary clinton whether or not she becomes praez in a republican-dominated congress. she'll be under pressure to use executive action and it will be tested in the courts. >> this is obama's philosophy.
3:46 pm
he said it over and over again. he said it on immigration, he said it on drug sentencing laws, he's done all this stuff where he retroactively cngha the law. what he says is, if he does it in his speeches, if congress won't act, i will. that's how it works, in the banana respect. the congress won't act. that's not how we do it here and it's simply shameless, i understand obama doing it, because he's out of control. he doesn't care, he'll be out of office and he has a legacy he wants to lay down. but for the democrats in congress to watch this and allow this is truly shameful. they will regret it one day they're not going to hold the white house. >> next up an educator at the home of a world famous journalism school wants help getting rid of the media. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked.
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can i talk to you? >> no. you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need it get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need over here. >> the reasonable you have public protests and public demonstrations is so the public can be aware of your concerns. and it seems to me that you are going to have a hard time getting that message
3:51 pm
out if you are going to limit the?j"ability of the media to cover you in a public place. >> well, on the same day the university of missouri president and the chancellor resigned amid complaints about not doing more to combat racism, and some complaints about students and hearing the "n" word that they didn't create the right environment on that campus or in that school system, as you saw mass communications professor melissa click trying to get reporters and photographers out of the protest area. well, just minutes ago, miss click released a statement. i have reached out to the journalists involved to offer my sincere apologies and to express regret over my actions. i regret the language and the strategies i used and sincerely apologize to mu campus community and journalists at large for my behavior. remember, she is a part of mass communications at missouri. what about this whole story? we're back with the panel. charles? >> she regrets her
3:52 pm
strategies. isn't that wonderful? not that i did something wrong, maybe that i overstepped all the boundaries of free speech, but reshe regrets the strategy she chose, which is to get muscle when she meets somebody, a person of the press who wants free inquiry. look, i'm enjoying this immensely. this is sort of the -- the video of her will live for eternity. it is the perfect incapsule incapsuleation the intoll intolerance that results from it i love the fact that she is essentially a journalism professor. look, what you are getting in these universities at yale and here in missouri and elsewhere is punishment for a generation of teaching kids to be intolerant if ever their sensibilities are ruffled in any way. you say i take offense and
3:53 pm
then you have the license to malign someone, to attack them, to get them expelled or here to use muscle on them. this is exactly what it's deserved. the administrators who tolerated all this are now the ones who are are getting kicked out and have to resign in the most cowardly way. >> it was swift. just one point, the journalism school wants you to know that assistant professor melissa click is missouri school of journalism. she is a member of the mu department of communication in the college of arts and sciences. so there you have it. this is p.c. culture incapsulated, is itluñ÷ not? >> it is really interesting. i wanted to make that clarification on behalf of the university of missouri journalism school, which the student who is being pushed around on the video is actually a student. >> i regret using the wrong strategy. >> but she still works for the communications school and great advocate of the power of social media.
3:54 pm
i think she was enjoying her two minutes of fame and she got a little excited. what's really strange here is this protest went as planned. the president of the university has resigned. this is very dramatic. no one lost their lives. there are not police out fighting with protesters in the street. people lighting fires. everything was fine and in their circle of joy, they seem to be upset by the fact that a student journalist showed up on the scene. it's just -- you could just tell by josh earnst face that he feels as deeply as we do about the whole thing. >> listen, they want to meet now with the governor and talk about the environment. george, quickly, you are seeing a couple professors who said that there shouldn't be any push back on halloween costumes and they are being asked to leave as well. >> the students went berserkrbñ over hypothetical halloween costumes and it's not a question of tolerance, it's
3:55 pm
a question of safe spaces. i don't know what it is about modern parenting. we have produced a generation of young people who are delicate little snowflakes and if they get into the heat of combat, verbal combat, they are all going to melt and go away. good. >> with that, that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a soldier's homecoming surprise 2.0. a t. re retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be..
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finally tonight, after eight months of face timing with his family from afghanistan, specialist joseph watomy a combat medic came home to california but so when he put in ajcall via face time to his family, they assumed he was still overseas until this. >> can't hear you. >> you can hear me now? you can't hear me now? >> i can't hear you. >> maybe we should go inside >> are you sure you can't hear me? [ laughter ] >> are you sure you can't hear me? [screams] oh my god! oh my god! [ laughter ] oh my god! what are you doing here? >> i can just string those things together and watch them all day.
4:00 pm
couldn't you? that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. you may know there is a debate over on this other network fox business network. you may want to check that out first of two starts in a bit. greta is here on fnc. >> tonight "on the record" it is debate day, the hugenticix business network prime time debate starts in less than two hours. the stage is set and the candidates are prepped to go under the bright lights of the milwaukee theater and today the candidates were out and about making their final pushes before taking the stage tonight. >> we have to begin to control the debt. it is not right to put this huge debt on our young people to force them to pay off our debt, the bills that we have run up. >> there are some schools in our country where the dropout rated is 50%. there are some schools where kids in the eighth grade aren't reading and writing. i think every kid has the potential and i think


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