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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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report," fair, balanced and unafraid. you may know there is a debate over on this other network fox business network. you may want to check that out first of two starts in a bit. greta is here on fnc. >> tonight "on the record" it is debate day, the hugenticix business network prime time debate starts in less than two hours. the stage is set and the candidates are prepped to go under the bright lights of the milwaukee theater and today the candidates were out and about making their final pushes before taking the stage tonight. >> we have to begin to control the debt. it is not right to put this huge debt on our young people to force them to pay off our debt, the bills that we have run up. >> there are some schools in our country where the dropout rated is 50%. there are some schools where kids in the eighth grade aren't reading and writing. i think every kid has the potential and i think every kid ought to get a choice.
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>> what voters are looking for, the reason voters are frustrated by that last debate is because there were lots of media darling moments but there weren't enough substantive moments. >> every single federal regulation has a cost associated with it. in terms of good and services, and it gets passed on to the consumer. >> we're going to take back our country. we're going to take back our jobs. we're going to take back our manufacturing. and we are going to bring it back. >> and he may not be on the debate stage tonight but south carolina senator and 2016 candidate lindsey graham is out on the campaign trail. the senator drumming up support today in the key state of new hampshire. senator lindsey graham live in manchester, new hampshire to go "on the record." good evening, sir. >> thank you for having me, greta. >> all right. senator, let me give you a hypothetical. what do you say to a voter who is 55 years old, two kids in high school, been working with the same company for 30 years. wants his kids to go to college and tonight he finds out he has lost or she has
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lost his or her job. what do you tell that voter you would do? >> vote for lindsey graham so their kids will get a job. the american dream used to be owning your own home. now it's getting your kids out of your house. the only thing we are going to grow the economy is for businesses to hire more people. and you can't do that in the obama economy. it costs too much to hire more people. so vote for me and he we will create jobs in america like we did in south carolina. that's what we will do. >> would you be able to do it any differently than any of the other candidates on the republican side? >> you know, at the end of the day, we have got to work with democrats to do the big stuff. i think i have got a really good record. john kasich was talking about the debt. we have got a 70 trillion-dollar unfunded liability of medicare and social security. for every retiree we had 16 in 1950. we have to work longer. me and you take a little
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less and pay a little more. in that way we will avoid becoming greece. that's what i would focus on of debt as well as creating jobs. >> well, a lot of people are willing to work longer but their companies don't necessarily want to keep them longer. >> yes. >> they find out that they can hire two people at half the price for the price of the person who is 62. now what do you do? >> i would have a justice department that would go after any employer that fired somebodyo? because of age discrimination. it is illegal to fire somebody because of their age. let me tell you to people who are hoping for a better economy. hope is not cutting it. you have got to replace obamacare with something that doesn't hurt job creation. there is too many regulations, too much taxation, too much litigation in america to grow the economy. boeing came to south carolina, greta, to build a 787 dream liner. they could have gone anywhere in the world. we provided them a good tax structure. a good permitting structure and trained workforce so they would be successful. i know how to create jobs.
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we have done it in south carolina, boeing bmw volvo all these companies come to my state because we want them to do well. >> all right. climate change. is that an economic issue. >> yes. >> you are the only republican. >> absolutely. >> talking climbed change. is that an economic issue? how or why? >> it's a national security issue. it's an economic issue. at the end of the day, the oceans are rising. i do believe that co 2 emissions are creating greenhouse gas effects that we do have oceans that are rising that is going to create economic displacement, particularly in africa. extreme climate is bad for the economy. and what would i do? i would create a lower carbon economy by creating jobs. alternative energy would make us energy independent. we would would stop sending $300 billion overseas to buy oil and gas by people hate our guts by finding more here and eventually using less. i believe climate change is real and i have a plan to deal with it that's good for the economy, not bad for the
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economy. >> why are so many of your colleagues on your side of the aisle, let's talk about the 2016 candidates not embracing the idea of climate change? >> i don't know. either they are afraid to say it or they just don't believe the science. i'm not a scientist. i made a d in science so i can prove to you i am not a scientist. i have been to the artic. i have been to greenland. i have been to alaska. i've studied this issue. 90% of the climate toggle gists climb climatologists. admission on the energy production side and the transportation side is trapping heat, creating greenhouse gas effect. heating up the planet. i believe the science, i want to argue with the democrats about the solution. al gore has made this a religion. i want it to be a problem to be solved. energy independence as well as clean air would be the purpose of my presidency. >> senator, thank you for joining us tonight, sir. >> thank you.
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>> less than two hours from tonight's fox business network debate. it's a big night for the eight g.o.p. candidates taking the stage. host of the fox business network mornings with maria. maria bartiromo goes on the record from the great city of wisconsin. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> is it's starting less than two hours and the fox business network which is our sister network and if you don't know how to find it go to box finder, right? >> thank you for that, yeah. because people have a hardbiw3 time finding it. fox business network versus the fox news channel. different channel. >> business network does that mean we should expect only business or economic related questions or do you expect to broaden it a little bit and i guess questions like national security do cost us money. yeah. i think you make a great point because frankly, greta, i know that you know that i cover business so for me it's all business all the time.
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but, frankly, there are so many issues out there that appear to be social issues or, you know, news issues. in fact, they are economic issues because at the end of things do come down to dollars and cents. having said that, the question that you asked is how much is business? the majority of this debate will be economic-based. we are trying to get to the issues that are sort of, you know, coffee table and kitchen table issues for mom and pop out there, the average family. because that's the area of thisns3pt(jjááey those are the people that have been worried about jobs, been upset that their wages have not moved. they are really in the middle getting squeezed, so we want to focus on the issues that are important to them. we want to try to help viewers and voters understand how these candidates differ when it comes to their economic policies. >> all right. you can make a promise to us or maybe you can't that we won't hear terms like quantitative easing or inversion so that we can understand the entire debate because i know you and neil are the experts. i have heard you guys bounce
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things around but are those terms off the table. >> they are off the table. we don't want to be over anybody's heads tonight. we want to talk english and speak the way someone would understand and that is how about my job? >> what about me? >>ze hñ get more opportunities. >> basically, what about me, right? what are you going to do for me as the voter? >> exactly. >> what do you think -- look, there has been a lot of scrutiny of all these debates. what for you -- as you look at it tonight, what's your biggest challenge do you think? what do you want to make sure that you don't do or that you do do? >> i guess the biggest challenge is sort of back and forth that breaks out? we want to try to keep the time. we want to try to get all of the issues out there. but if they start going at each other, you know, sort of making sure that we don't go too off the rails in that regard is one. and also just making sure answering the questions. can be great. if you can't get it across the finish line and can't get the votes in the senate, it's not a plan. it's not going anywhere.
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you also want to look at leadership issues and whether or not that person will be able to reach across the aisle. will be able to negotiate or do a deal with somebody on the other side. because it is all about getting the plan to actually get executed and getting it across the finish line. so that certainly is something to watch. >> how about the format? will it be pretty much what we have seen some of the other debates or something different? >> it will be similar. you know, we are giving the candidates more time. you know 90 seconds versus 60 seconds is a big deal i think. they will have the time to actually explain their positions because some of these issues are complex and you need a little more time to explain why, you know, a jobs plan or a tax plan will impact the viewer out there. so that's certainly one thing that's different than in the past. stick to economic issues that the viewer cares about. >> i don't know if you remember this but there is an old play called 10 little indians and one by one people kept dying and the last debate there were 10.
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now we are down to eight it feels like that. is getting smaller tonight. it's going to get smaller and smaller. anyway, well, good luck. fox business channel and if you don't know where it is it's fox finder 9:00 p.m. eastern. maria, the whole world is going to be watching not to put any pressure on you. >> no pressure. thanks, greta. >> and winningz the presidential election may not be a popularity contest but brand new poll numbers show one candidate, dr. ben carson, he is the favorite. a brand new "the washington post"/abc national poll finding 71% of republicans have a favorable view of dr. carson. donald trump 2 points behind carson at 59%. senator marco rubio at 58% and governor jeb bush 56% and ted cruz at 53%. i want to know what do you think? will there be a clear g.o.p. frontrunner after tonight's debate? so tweet yes or no using
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#greta and we'll show you your live twitter votes throughout the show. and the "on the record" political panel is here from the "washington times" the daily beast betsy woodruff. dr. ben carson he is winning if there were mr. con jeent contest he would be number one tonight. donald trump is not that far behind at. percent of overall adults have a favorability. >> including democrats. >> democrats, independence, everyone. the fact that he has half of those guys is a really big deal. meanwhile trump, jeb bush and ted cruz are under water. more have unfavorable view of those guys than they do of favorable. this would suggest as the numbers stand that carson could be more competitive in a general than any of his top competitors.fx$-f >> except steve as we saw before when someone was above water hillary clinton
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10%. lost that since july. numbers interesting for the moment. boy, they are fluid. >> they are. one of the interesting numbers in here was marco rubio who you saw in the upper 50's there favorability among republicans but one in five republicans still don't know enough about him to have a rating or opinion about him. there is room for him to grow and get into that upper 60 or 70 tier that carson is in. rubio is the other republican he is not at the 50% level carson is at but he?/ is above water his favorables overall are higher than negatives for overall voters not just republicans but democrats and independence. a lot of room for rubio to grow there and tonight will go a long way as you said in your twitter question separating out the field. >> this is a big night over at our sister channel news channel at 9:00 p.m. eastern. do you think -- i will ask you the twitter question we are asking all the viewers do you think this is going to make a big difference for anyone tonight? >> it has a potential to.
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carson says we will see a different side of him in this debate than previous ones. high energy. trump is charged. he isn't. at the same time carson has a pretty strong foundation. if you just look at social media numbers, i think he has the most facebook likes of any republican candidate more than 4.5 million. hillary meanwhile has less than 2 million. he has room to grow but he is also in a good spot. >> it's fox business network not fox business channel. steven, do donald trump and carly fiorina sort of have the highest risk here because they are the business people going into this and this is the business network and this is the economy. do they have to sort of really -- do they have to shine tonight? >> well, sure. but probably no more than otherwise. >> so they are not held to a higher standard? >>,b'ñ does play into what they are good at. i would expect them to shine more than the others just because it plays into them. i don't know that tonight will necessarily differentiate the field.
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what it will do though, as you just heard, the 90 having that much time to give real answers. having two fewer people on the stage we are actually going to get more time to get to know these folks than we have gotten before. that will help voters a lot. >> 59% say there is not going to be any clear frontrunner after tonight. who knows? it's going to be exciting fox business network. betsy, steven, stay with us. fox business network debate will put economy. gene marks owner of the marks group goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. how are you? >> good. if you got to ask one question on behalf of all the small business owners across the united states tonight, what's your one question? >> i have to ask all the candidates, greta, like you know, what are you going to do to decrease our expenses? it seems that as a business owner and, look, i represent a lot of other business owners in my practice. over the years our expenses
4:15 pm
are just creeping up and creeping up. i want to hear from the g.o.p. candidates what their plan is to help us reduce our expenses. the seconds -- second part of that is what are you you going to do to increase ourny]: revenue. not a difficult question to ask but just interested in hearing their ideas. >> are you interested in the bigger problem all of them have a tax plan and under the tax plan i know they have got to be scored and i hear all sorts of numbers. whose is good, whose is not. they all talk about cutting taxes. talk about where to pick up the slack. two choices either rev up the economy or you are going to cut something is. >> it's like this big black box. it's funny, again, because when you deal with business owners. p and l. revenue and expenses. you know what, greta, cut your taxes. equivalent to corporate tax rates. that's all great but the question is how is that going to be funded? where is the revenue side how is the budget going to be balanced? when i talk to a lot of my
4:16 pm
clients, a lot of people in the small business field, we kind of scratch our head and say it's great to offer a lot of small business sort of tax incentives but how is the budget going t%b be balanced? the biggest issue that's looming about it all, greta is the deficit is out there. concern among most of my clients. >> do you -- are you going to -- do you know how you are going to vote not for the candidate but are you going to vote republican or democrat? are these two ideologies -- is one so alien that you can only vote one direction? >> it's a really good question enforcement here's the way i look at it right now the democratic candidate seems to be mrs. clinton. if hillary clinton is the candidate, you really are going to get more of president obama. so i like to tell my clients. >> or you might get president bill clinton who when he left office there was a surplus. >> not what she is talking about because her policies that she wants to do continuing thek(q affordable care act and continuing spending and spending onoc)ij infrastructure and education and things like that, it way
4:17 pm
more president obama than president clinton. i say to business owners, look, if you prospered under president obama and many did, that's great. vote for hillary clinton. however if you are like the majority of business owners that i have talked to that have been struggling over the past years trying to grow their revenues under sort of the oppression of increasing costs from employment, minimum wage pressures, overtime wages are going up as well, labor unions are easier to form as well, paid time off. there is a lot of pressure on small businesses right now under the obama administration. if that's hitting yãpretty hard, you probably want to look in another direction and that's why you want to listen really closely what the republican candidates are going to say. >> well, it's a big night tonight, gene, thank you. a note to everybody, don't miss tonight's huge fox business network debate. all the prime time action kicking off at 9:00 p.m. eastern on our sister network the fox business network. if you can't find it, head to fox finder. you will find it there. and tonight's fox business debate will focus as we have
4:18 pm
already noted on the economy. our economy directs directly our foreign policy and our national security. ambassador john bolton is here to discuss that. also, an assassination attempt on a judge and now police are one step closer to finding out who tried to kill the judge. a live report coming up.
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the big fox business network debate will zero in on the economy but our economy is married to our foreign policy. former united states ambassador to the u.n. ambassador john bolton is here. nice to see you, ambassador, you can't just talk about the economy without thinking about the impact on foreign policy. >> i think it's very important and, indeed, i think in demonstrating the
4:22 pm
leadership capabilities that sophisticated than the political operatives and political commentators who think they don't get it. the relationship between domestic policy and foreign policy. >> you look at things like the kerry luverne bill which to get $1.5 billion a year to pakistan for five years, 5 or 7 billion-dollar cost to us. that's a lot of money. and we did that because we were hoping to sort buy friendship from pakistan. so money goes out that way. >> well, it's also, for example, dealing with the increasing chaos in the middle east, which is going to have an impact on oil production and global oil prices around the world that has a direct impact on us. i think the key point is that i don't believe america can sustain the way of life we've become aus is --
4:23 pm
accustomed to. the opposite is true as well. you can't keep presence in the world without a strong economy. that relationship, i think the obama administration has essentially ignored to our detriment. >> it's sort of interesting if you look at north africa,;ñ&@ china right there in north africa is grabbing all the oil in the sudan, for instance. i mean, that has an impact on the world prices. that has an impact on oil prices or even our trade issues with china. i mean, it's all so inner related. >> china pursues overtly mercantileless policy. when they need they don't buy what they need they buy the whole will coal mine or oil field. that sort of approach has direct impact on us in ways that we don't talk about. i think it's a huge political upside for the candidate who can translate that for the voters. >> all right. do you have sort of a question you would like to ask these candidates tonight or not? >> well, i would like them to define how they see getting the economy moving again at a faster rate of
4:24 pm
growth. our climb out of the recession of 2008 has been painfully slow. measure to additionalm3iúa restrictions on the economy, obamacare, dodd frank and a host of regulatory pronouncements from the obama administration over the last seven years. they need to be able to say how in the first 60, 90, 100 days of their administration they're going to strip away.u$l that have been built and how they are going to get these impediments to economic growth appealed. >> i won't bore you with program. i have a one page jobs program that i try passing off on every senator that comes here. they have all polite lid say that's a good idea but never happens. jobs make a big difference and i think tonight most americans are going to be thinking about what about my job? >> look, we need a very serious discussion of this. frankly, we just haven't had it in the course of the campaign so far. >> well, very exciting to hear what happens tonight. ambassador, nice to see you, sir. >> great to be here. >> president obama's power
4:25 pm
grab just ran into a bring wall. i will explain. that's straight ahead.
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get the recipes at uh-oh. judge blocking the executive order on immigration. this week the court of appeals agreeing with trial court judge so now what is president obama going to try to do? fox news correspondent shannon bream joins me. what happened and what is the president doing? >> the president has put together a couple of programs back in november
4:29 pm
that would allow about 5 million people who ho are here illegally to stay in the country not be deported that was immediately challenged by 26 different states. they got a big win in february when the whole thing was put on hold. last night when the fifth circuit is, you know, it's just one step below the supreme court for those who don't know, of course greta knows, basically said we are going to affirm what that low lower did. go nowhere. >> made court appeals. >> 'to 1. >> what did president obama and justice department decide to do. >> they have immediately decided theying go to go it to the supreme court. got to be fast-tracked now to make it through the term which ends in june. sounds like a long time away. but the calendars for arguments are pretty much filled up in the spring. this would have to be heard in march or april. decision would come in june right in the middle of a heated presidential election. again, there is no guarantee the justices will take it. >> the judges get together and decide whether or not they are going to consider that and there are nine of them how many is it going to take to decide whether they're going to consider it? >> >> to hear a case get a
4:30 pm
vote. behind closed doors. don't know how unless somebody files a written dissent. get four people on your side to-to-say it's worth us hearing this. >> this is is the states -- a lot of the republicans on capitol hill have been upset with the president saying power grab, executive orders. furious with him for that these are the states sort of carrying the water on that issue. show that they could bring the case. >> right. >> what was their harm. >> basically these cases, the state said there is going to be a real economic impact for us for benefits if people are left here with some kind of legal status, not citizenship but they will be age to do things like get driver's licenses and file for other things that have a price tag for them and these states is actually going to cost us money out of our pockets to comply with this. they were able to show they had harm so they could sue. >> all 26 states led by 26&cif republican attorneys general i take it there are no democrats in there. >> 13 states in the district of columbia who are on the other side. they are opposing this and trying to support the
4:31 pm
administration through this fight. >> all right, shannon, no one is smarter on the supreme court than shannon bream. good to see you: >> thank you. >> the "on the record" political panel steven dinen and betsy woodruff. this must make the president very unhappy executive order issue. the republicans have been screaming that the president was grabbing power and now you have got a court that says to the president republicans are right you grabbed too much. >> it's actually devastating ruling for the president because he had insisted again and again this is legal, past presidents have done it. and the two judge majority on this panel said no, not only did you violate some procedural laws by issuing this policy you actually broke immigration law by doing a waiver this broad. you know, this is an issue, remember, you step back, the president had said repeatedly he didn't have this power. he didn't have this power. he essentially got baited into this by the immigrant rights adds voyeur cats who said no you do after the elections last year he changed his mind and said is do i have the power after all and went ahead and did it and made a very interesting statement he told the activists i changed
4:32 pm
the law to do this. the judge actually threw those words back to the president yesterday said you yourself said you changed the law. you can't do that that power belongs to congress. >> really stings with with the president on this one because he has been shut down by the the court of appeals i don't know what the supreme court going to do. betsy another issue on capitol hill now the senate passed a bill where it said that gitmo couldn't be close and bring the people here to the united states. the president, we thought, would do that by executive order. so tonight do you think he is thinking about using executive order? >> without a doubted. there are two sides to this president wants to close gitmo the challenge is roughly half of the current gitmo detainees have actually been cleared for some sort of release from that particular facility. but the issue is can't find countries that want to take them or countries with conditions suitable for them. the president's argument has been other countries don't want to take these guys so let's just let them in the u.s. >> don't want them in yourpd neighborhood. >> exactly. politically fraught.
4:33 pm
the president's use of his executive authority in this case both would have potential legal problems, right, that would obviously have a court challenge. but also on a political level it gets him in kind of a jerky situation. >> of course, this president isn't the first one to use executive order, is he, steve? >> no. look, this is an issue when democrats controlled congress they puts restraints on the president to transfer prisoners from gitmo when control was divided between democrats and republicans they kept the restraints. in now that republicans are in control restraints are there. this has had bipartisan support to keep these transfers from happening. >> why don't they want to transfer -- this is what i don't get, i don't understand. criminal defense work when you have a group of people and get put into the u.s. system, whether they're gangs and get sent to every different facility. at least housed in the gitmo they are housed together they speak the same language. i would imagine if i were one of the gitmo prisoners i would rather be in gitmo than alone in super max. >> well, but the plan -- i don't know if they can be in a super max. they have to be treated according to rules of war.
4:34 pm
that's why they are called detainees. i misspoke when i said prisoner earlier. it's a detention facility. >> i don't want to be detained alone in a u.s. prison. you i don't want to be in the clinton correctional facility up. >> be with each other. the plan -- >> -- separate them, aren't they? >> the plan was to have one facility in the illinois that the president identified to move them to. >> that fell flat. i remember that didn't go over well. >> congress stopped it? >> maybe they stick together. i don't know why the gitmo detainees as you corrected me i don't know why they care where they're. i mean, that's sort of the irony. anyway, we like to fightkg here in the united states over things. anyway betsy, steven, stick around. brand new information in the assassination attempt of a judge. we're live on the ground. that's next. plus, the fox business debate about to begin. "on the record" is live with the candidates ready to take the stage at 9:00 p.m. eastern.
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now suing the magazine. the virginia pi kappa si. the fraternity failed a lawsuit against the article. and donald trump and dr. ben
4:43 pm
carson have been battling in the polls. after tonight's debate, could there be a new front-runner? we're live in milwaukee, next.
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former secretary of state hillary clinton now under fire from some, for laughing at a support supporter's joke about carly fiorina. >> i worked for hewett packard when carly fiorina was ceo. she laid off over 40,000 people and she says she's a great ceo. every time i see her on tv i want to reach through and strangle her. you know, i know that doesn't sound very nice, but -- and i -- >> i wouldn't mess with you.
4:48 pm
>> the politico panel is back. betsy, i would say something. i use that term strangle, i want to strangle my husband or something. i use that so loosely. the fact that she laughed, it was something that i would say and laugh at, i'm afraid. >> i think the issue here and part of the reason that hillary is so upset is she's set herself up as a champion for women and changing the way that women in public talk. and she's an advocate on especially on domestic violence issues. so it seems -- untoward. >> i'm not for domestic violence. but i think it's so pc to have someone use the term strangle and not think that he met it literally. >> not to make light of serious threats, but -- >> you're against domestic violence, too, right? >> of course. but this clearly was a joke and she laughed along with it. at some point we have to, there
4:49 pm
are clearly some things that are beyond the pale, incumbent upon a candidate to stop some things and say it went too far. >> let me play this one for you, talking about candidates' responsibility, whether to correct supporters or not. just the other day, carly fiorina found herself in a similar situation. >> anybody other than dictated when we get up there? -- [ inaudible ] >> today he, he just rejected the keystone pipeline. not that we're surprised. we're not surprised. but still. >> he doesn't want this country to get ahead, he doesn't. he's a muslim. he's a black muslim. >> time to do something different in many ways. >> absolutely. >> okay. beth, let me go first to you. she did not correct the person who said that the president is a black muslim. >> i mean this sounds a bit to me like much ado about nothing. it's not like it's her job to
4:50 pm
make sure that every person she ever talks to has the correct information about the president's faith. i find this, i think, less troublesome maybe than hillary laughing about domestic violence. just about, only because carly fiorina hasn't set up herself as a defender of people who get mocked because of their religious views. it's a chance for her to say cut it out. she didn't. i can go with that. >> steve in. >> i actually think that this is one where she probably should have said something. say well let's not go there. or that's not where i am. john mccain of course came out and said he's no, he's a good man, he's a christian and shot down somebody who said d that. there's a precedent for doing that. no, that gentleman did not seem to be joking about that statement and there's absolutely a perception out there about that. >> i agree with steven. >> i think what's important is it was an opportunity for her to say muslim is not a bad word. it's not a slur for someone to
4:51 pm
be a muslim. that's large muslim population in the united states. it doesn't make them dangerous or scary. the fact that he was saying muslim or terrorist like they're the same things, that's not good. >> politicians, we have iphones and recording devices. betsy, steven, thank you, both. it's almost debate time. the fox business network debate about to kick off from the milwaukee theater. fox business correspondent carl cameron live in wisconsin. carl? >> in a few moments the eight top candidates in the republican field will take to the debate stage and go with their fourth battle royal, we're told by our colleagues at fbn this will be a substantive debate on the economy and jobs and various different business deregulation and how to control the debt and right the economy, but there's been a lot of elbows thrown between these candidates in the last few weeks and there's probably unfinished business between donald trump and ben carson. donald trump has been tough on
4:52 pm
carson for some of his personal history and the marco rubio/jeb bush battle continues to rage. we can expect to see elbows between the two of those and ted cruz, ted cruz is going to announce in another half hour, his government reform plan with massive spending cuts. this is an attempt by cruz to come to the debate stage tonight armed with substantive policy heft in order to contrast himself to some of the others who have been a little bit thinner on policy and the undercard, the second-tier fbn debate will be wrapping up soon in that, chris christie has been doing particularly well. he got dropped from the primetime debate roster. moved into the second tier. and he has been fairly dominant in a lot of the discourse. bobby jindal, the louisiana governor has called him a big government republican. there's argument about spending. mike huckabee who in the past has been accused of being a big government evangelical, making the case that social security and medicare and medicaid have
4:53 pm
to be promises kept and sustained with the american people. and rick santorum who has had a really bad case of laryngitis for the last couple of days ace apparently had enough honey and lem ton get through the debate. >> carl, thank you. of course, the big fox business network debate, kicking off in a little over an hour. if you don't know where to find it head over to a brand new greta talk podcast set for release tomorrow, i sit down with the russian chess champ gary kasparov. he hates putin. subscribe for free on itunes and don't miss any greta talk episode. coming up, i have a special birthday message, for whom? start guessing, i'll tell you, off the record. straight ahead.
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let's all go "off the record." do you know what today is, besides the gop debate? it's the 240th birthday of the u.s. marine corps, so i want to give a big shout-out to all our marines and yes, i know once a marine, always a marine, semper fi, always faithful. and do you know what tomorrow is? veterans day, military families are right there sacrificing with their vets, for us. did you know an overwhelming number of veterans don't feel supported by government and the american public. according to a new veterans poll surv survey, only 22% of veterans surveyed thinks the federal government treats vets well. now those two numbers, should stop you dead in your tracks.
4:59 pm
do they? makes you wonder. what's wrong with us? our military does its job for us. but we can't do our job for them? that's so messed up. shame on us. and that's my off the record comment tonight. you've been voting on twitter. there will be a clear gop front-runner after tonight's debate? here are your results. check it out. 66% say no. 34% say yes. and check this out. this is the best-tweeted picture of the day. well, this one is a video. that is ohio governor and 2016 candidate john kasich shooting some hoops with the milwaukee bucks, ahead of fox's big business debate. never miss my tweeted pic or video of the day. set your dvr to record "on the record." if you can't watch it live, play it back after you finish watching your favorite fox programs, thank you for being with us. see you again tomorrow night
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here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next, "the o'reilly factor." 9:00 p.m., fox business network. good night from washington, d.c. see you tomorrow night. bernie goldberg and i have some thoughts. also ahead, president obama


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