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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 10, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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mistakes but didn't outperform the others. there, you have it. thanks for watching this special edition of "the factor". miss megyn is next. just remember, we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, the american people now with a much clearer picture of where the candidates stand after a substantive debate for the republicans. the field smaller this time around, with just the top eight contenders on the main stage, squaring off on important issues to voters, the economy. welcome to a live midnight edition of "the kelly file", everybody, in moments we'll be joined by frank luntz in new hampshire. but first, in milwaukee, the spin is in full swing, you can see it from the back of that man's head, see? action. common themes were smaller government and less taxes but
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was not without fire works. the candidates took jabs at each other and at the democrats. take a look. >> being beaten on every front, economically, militarilily, there is nothing that we do now that we win. we don't win anymore. >> this government is more corrupt, less effective crushing the engine of economic growth. >> we ought to look in cities run by democrats. where income and equalities seem to be the worst. states run by democrats. that is what we need to think about. how do' we let people ascend the ladder of opportunity? . >> i don't know why we have stagmatized professions.
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welders make more money than philosophers. >> for the 11 million people, come on, folks we know you can't pick them up and ship them back across the border. it's a silly argument. it makes no sense. >> i have no problem with being vetted but i do have a problem with being lied about. and then, putting that out there as truth. >> you're not going be the world's policeman but we better be the world's leader. >> i know the world is a safer, and better place when america is the strongest military power in the world. >> we have a jam-packed show for you tonight with ted cruz, who had some of the more memorable lines of the night. and we begin tonight with frank luntz and his focus group.
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hi, frank. >> megyn, we're in the state that probably matters worst, 90 days from when new hampshire cast its vote and it great predictor for where america goes. so new hampshire voters you had a winner tonight. how many of you thought marco rubio? now, there is one significant segment, megyn, early in the debate. he performed well, let's take a look. >> i don't know why we have stagmatized vocational education. welders make more money than philosophers. we need more weldervpp'd less philosophers. to do that, if we do this, if we do this, we'll be able to increase wages for millions of americans. >> so what was it about marco rubio so positive? >> he is very eloquent.
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>> passionate. >> he's young. >> very articulate. >> slick. >> charisma. >> strong, fresh. >> he'sñi not my candidate. >> you said inspirational. how old are you? >> 19. >> this is your first vote? >> yes. >> why rubio? i . >> he has a tax plan that is willing to help families. that is important to him and the vision for this new america. >> how many of you switched votes? how many of you supported a different candidate? why did you switch? >> i switched because i went from carson to rubio during this debate because i liked his vision for america. i liked that he wants to put more money into our military. >> why would you switch? >> we're just supporting bush i switched to rubio.
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i liked his passion, leadership, vision for the future. >> you just made a bunch of people very upset down in bush headquarters. more switched. why? >> i think the biggest reason is that he showed energy. he showed charisma. he had ability to connect. carson is a great guy but just so slow. and quiet and that appeals to a certain group. likeñi theñi older people. >> so let me ask you about -- a show of hands. some of you, i'm not going to take the bait. some of you turned away from carson and turned to others. why? >> i changed to cruz because he has a clear plan. his actions support what he's talking about. in the senate, and he really does reflect what is a true america. >> i want to go to a clip ted cruz used. he talked about immigration. just as ben carson did, ted cruz
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got right to speak about immigration and watch how high lines climbed. >> if a bunch of people with journalism degrees were driving down the wages in the press, then, we'd see stories about the econom economiccalamity befalling our nation. for those of us that believe we should enforce the law, we're tired of being told it's anti-immigrant. it's offensive. >> you guys agree with that? offensive to you? >> absolutely. >> i watched you. you were cheering on television. >> yes. clarity. and someone that believes in what they're saying and shows through. this guy stood for all of social issues and conservative issues. >> what was so powerful to you? >> that idea that he's going
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to -- he's going to do something that is going to protect my kids. he's got passion about not believing the amnesty. not doing things the government is doing now. >> who believes immigration is the number one issue in campaign? this is happening in new hampshire. >> absolutely. >> you were shouting at the tv. why? >> well, immigration is taking away from us. i'm sorry. i want to see it stopped. my parents were immigrants. bring in legal immigrants but it's not helping our economy and there are ways to cutoff what is keeping them here. >> we're going to have a chance to talk about that. when we come back, we're going to discuss the debate don'ts. the things you should not be saying that upset our supporters and we're going to show you the worst debate response that we have ever tested.
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and they're laughing now. but it's not funny for the candidate. >> they seem like such nice people but have bad news for candidates. frank great to see you. in the days leading up to the debate, the big news was attacks on dr. ben carson. several media outlets tried to suggest he made up parts of his life story. but many of those reports came up very short. and when carson had a chance to remind the audience tonight, he took it. >> first of all, thank you for not asking me what i said in the tenth grade. i appreciate that. >> we should vet all candidates. very no problem with being vetted. but i do have a problem being lied about. and then, putting that out there as truth. and, i don't even mind that so much if they do it with everybody. like people on the other side. we have to start treating people the same.
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and finding out what people really think, what they're made of. people who know me know that i'm an honest person. >> joining us now, chr stierwalt and howie kurts. guys thank you. howie, there you are. chris what did you think? was there a clear winner tonight? >> yes. carson was clearly the winner. he addressed the concerns that had come before. but also, he showed more vigor. he was more engaged and his answers, not encyclopedia britannica in depth, but appealing. and his closing statement was dynamite. the perfect way to close it up. he did a great job. >> howie? >> ben carson did exactly what
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he needed to do by coollymissi g coollymissing -- coolly dismissing the media. donald trump didn't cut in, more like a seasoned politician. but in pure debating terms, the best orator, marco rubio and ted cruz, i thought jeb bush had a much better night but didn't have a great one liner until the end, when he called trump the agitator in chief. >> chris, he was more subdued. >> he was. and said things about his fellow colleagues. maybe that is okay. but maybe his supporters don't like it if he acts more like a regular politician. maybe they only like it if he is doling out insults. we'll see. but certainly, we can say when carly fiorina jammed him up on
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vladimir putin and grabbed a hold of that moment that was indicative of how the evening was, not just for him, but her. she found ways to get into the discussion and had a very good debate. cruz, rubio, both had very good nights. but i also put fiorina in the mix and rand paul, finally got the lemon out of his mouth that he had for the previous debates and did an okay job. >> here is the key for you. trump has a very good come back against fiorina on that putin thing. we're going to talk about it later in the show. howie did anyone's fortune change tonight? >> probably not. because there is a laser focus on economy and jobs and ins, it was a good debate for the country, but not that many. jabs were thrown that might take away from this is that the two nonpoliticians didn't do anything for their standings and
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two cuban american senators had very good nights. and jeb is off life support. >> here is the thing about the two front runners. is it all about, they don't want to jeopardize standings but they are neck and neck and need more, they need to correct votes of the under guys so get out and and this is their field plan, they can run with it. >> biggest difference is that there are fewer people of the candidates on stage. that means more scrutiny for front runners and more pressure. i can tell you having seen john kasich's performance, that stage is going to get smaller, still. >> he is getting killed on twitter. >> because that was a dire performance he gave. he scolded his own party from pen to post. he gave an answer on bank
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bailouts that was flabbergasting. i could not believe -- it was so much in the moment of john huntsman of the republican who is running against his own party it's like, dude? you're in the wrong town. >> howie, he was openly booed. trump got booed once or twice, kasich got booed when defending the bailout of bank of america saying you can't let the shareholders lose money. may this be the debate audience wasn't with him, but on twitter, they weren't with him, either. >> well, twitter can be an angry neighborhood. >> well, john kasich needs to make a move. he's a passionate republican. he doesn't have that much time. he's got to make a showing in new hampshire. if speaking for voters of new hampshire as much as anybody in america tonight. >> guys great to see you. >> why are you shaking your head? great to see you both. >> bye. >> the issue of illegal
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immigration became a biggest fight on the stage and senator ted cruz is with us with what he says was the most important moment of the night. and the moment that may have cost carly fiorina. and the issue of keeping america safe. >> we can't even have an economy if we're not safe. there are radical gjihadists krs ♪ our parents worked hard so that we could enjoy life's simple pleasures. now it's our turn. i'm doing the same for my family. retirement and life insurance solutions from pacific life can help you protect what you love and grow your future with confidence. pacific life. helping generations of families achieve long-term financial security for over 145 years.
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i will say for those of us to believe people ought to come to the country legally and enforce the law, we're tired of being told it's anti-immigrant. it's offensive. i am the son of an immigrant who came legally from cuba to seek the american dream. try going illegally to another country, china, japan, mexico. see what they do. every sovereign nation secures its borders. >> a dramatic response from senator ted cruz as the issue of illegal immigration split the republican field, and led to some of the sharpest exchanges on stage. joining me now, senator ted cruz. thank you for being here. how did you think it went for you? >> i thought terrific and a
9:19 pm
great debate. i thought there was a lot of substance and specifics on policy. there was a sharp divide in terms of the various candidates. i think this debate is going to prove helpful for republican primary voters. that exchange you just played there, we'll have several candidates going on and on about how to embrace amnesty. the majority of the candidates have supported amnesty. >> what did you think of governor kasich saying to trump it's about the children. what are you going to do about the children? round them up and ship them out? >> that is a recipe for losing the general election. if the republican party becomes like the democrats then millions will stay home, we will lose and hillary clinton becomes the next president. for voters looking for someone who is consistent and true i'm
9:20 pm
the only one who always opposed amnesty and led the fight against amnesty in congress when chuck shumer and establishment republicans which the gang for amnesty. >> walking off the stage after that two-hour event, what is the moment that stood out to you? was there one? saying that was the moment? >> well, i think the exchange you just played was a singular moment of the debate. a lot of candidates were embracing wisdom of wall street and there is a divide which is that those big business views amnesty and illegal immigration as cheap labor. if you're a truck driver, steel worker, auto worker, amnesty is a threat to your ability to provide for your kids and your
9:21 pm
wages and i think republicans fight for working men and women, and union members. that president obama just tossed overboard with the key stone pipeline. we fight for the right of every man and woman to have a good, decent job in america. >> there was a dust up between rand paul and marco rubio over military standing and rand saying we don't have a trillion dollars for military. and rubio saying i believe in protecting the country and paying what it takes. then, you jumped in and put a period in, as follows. >> we have to defend this nation. you think defending this nation is expensive? try not defending it. we can do that and pay for it. >> you got a lot of applause there. pay for it, but how? he was calling marco rubio a liberal on defense spending. >> well, listen. i agree and disagree with both
9:22 pm
of them. a agree with the point marco made we have to rebuild our military and stand up to radical islamic terrorism. that is why i have been leading the fight against this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. the first responsibility is to be commander in chief but rand's substantive point was as well, we have to pay for it. that is why i laid out a spending plan laying out five departments to eliminate. 25 agencies and commissions. that is on our website, ted $500 billion in cuts. >> we watched on twitter. what moment was that? people are giving you a hard time. they asked you to maim the five agencies and you named the same one twice. i'll show the audience. >> five major agencies that i
9:23 pm
would eliminate. irs, department of commerce, department of energy. the department of commerce and hud. >> so, some of you are distracted as saying that that was equivalent to a rick perry moment. he couldn't remember, you know his own, the industries he wanted. >> i just think the department of commerce is a base of cronyism. we need to eliminate it. >> what is the fifth? >> the department of education. i have been campaigning for repealing common core and block granting that money back to the state so education can be handled on the state and local level. >> senator cruz, great to see you, thank you. >> thank you, god bless. >> all the best. >> while the candidates spent the night talking about the economy, there are sharp exchanges on foreign policy and vladimir putin. next.
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let geico help you with renters insurance. one of the big moments not only resolves around how well
9:28 pm
the candidates would react to vladimir putin but how well they know the enigmatic leader. >> if putin wants to go in, and i got to know him well when we were on 60 minutes. if putin knock the hell out of isis, i am for it, 100%. we can't continue to be the policeman of the world. weo $19 trillion. >> we better be the world's leader. there is a huge difference. without us leading, voids are filled. >> mr. trump needs to know we should not speak to people from a position of weakness. boy not be talking to vladimir putin, i have met him as well, not in a green room, for a show, but in a private meeting.
9:29 pm
>> joining me now is bill burton, serving as white house deputy press secretary. >> i thought that was very interesting. jeb bush had a much better debate this time around. i'm in the sure if that is a turning point that was not good for him. he said if putin wants to kick the hell out of isis, what do we care? trying to say they're not hitting isis but he never said it. he never said that you know, you say we've got to do nation building that is barack obama's line. >> seems he only struggled and didn't land punches. and they watched dr. carson talk about foreign policy it's like a white knuckle affair, like oh, god, is he going to finish the answer? i'm in the sure. there is no projection of confidence when it comes to foreign policy.
9:30 pm
>> what is unfortunate is that bush's answer was so bad, then, carly fiorina jumped in, then, marco rubio jumped in and gave the answer. rubio shined in the debate. >> rubio and cruz are said to have had a very strong night. what did you make of it, bill, as a democrat? >> well, i think that rubio did have a strong night. in a lot of different ways but when you look at what the candidates are saying their answers are so divorced from fact. if you translate what's happening on stage here to what is going to happen in the general election it's going to be tough for these nominees. fiorina saying i didn't just meet putin in a green room. she did. >> stand by that. i want to show people that moment. she sort of took a shot about trump but i met him in a green room, i know him.
9:31 pm
here is what happened. here is a clip of her on fanlli. >> i have met him not in a green room for a show, but in a private meeting. >> where did you meet him? >> in beijing. we were in sort of a green room setting, actually. >> that is amazing. the other amazing thing is that when trump said he got to be buddy was putin in a green room, first of all, 60 minutes doesn't have a green room and they were in different countries when they did the interviews. >> right. >> with different viewers. >> right. >> some of you said on twitter they were saying carson could have won that exchange over putin if he had just said "i tried to stab putin".
9:32 pm
>> that is very funny. first of all, mark, that carly moment, you know, the green room, she talked to putin for 45 minutes. she did have a sensitive exchange with him. did it matter? you know trump is getting ready to just -- on that. >> the reason bill just said, in that interview they did on 60 minutes he said we're in a stable together. carly's crew flew to moscow. he said i got to know him very well because we're both on 60 minutes. they were in different story citys. >> you got to know howie and chris really well because you watch that had segment in a block. >> it's a legitimate question. >> i don't know he ever met vladimir putin, someone ought to ask him. >> chris stierwalt thinks kasich did terribly, but bill, you
9:33 pm
think he did well? >> yes. my view is that in order to get air time you've got to be aggressive. when you're aggressive, it comes off as hot. the problem for him is that he was so aggressive it was probably too hot for the medium. and carly fiorina did not come off quite as hot. so i think that kasich got more air time which is good, but i think it wasn't all good air time that he got. i know why bill liked kasich because kasich came out for raising the minimum wage. says tax cuts were too big and defended the bank bailout. so i think if he challenges hillary, maybe you're up for grabs. >> bill is ready to vote for it. this is another exchange that jumped out to you, bill as one of the most-important of the night. it's rubio and rand paul. >> is it conservative to have a
9:34 pm
trillion dollars in transfer payments that is a refundable tax credit? add that to marco's plan for a trillion dollars in new military spending and you get something that looks to me not very conservative. >> yes. . i know rand is a committed isolationist. i'm not. >> we can't have an economy if we're not safe. there are radical jihadists in the middle east beheading people and crucifying weapons. the chinese taking over the south china sea. i know that the world is a safer and better place when america is the strongest military power in the world. >> you did not hear a lot of deafening cheers like that throughout the night. >> it was a moment of substance. two candidates were talking about two different wings of the republican party. viewers could see what the
9:35 pm
debate is. rubio, this is classic marco rubio. he says something that sounds good but wildly out of whack. he says you can't have an economy if you're not safe. is that really on the table? you're not going to have trees if there is not the sun, but the sun is going to keep coming up. >> i think bill probably, if he's being honest, marco rubio is sort of the guy he's the most worried about facing hillary clinton in a debate. >> hillary's team is reportedly getting ready to unleash research on marco. he's going to take hits. >> i'm sure they are. the way he speaks he's a rare talent in terms of communicating very complicated ideas in ways people can understand. i mean that is just a simple,
9:36 pm
clear way of making that issue clear. he can take on hillary clinton and win. this picture of a young marco rubio looking like a young, . >> what do you do if the bank was failing? >> i would not let the people who put their money in there all go down. glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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9:41 pm
frank? >> a month ago we showed you the highest debate moment since 1996. tonight i have to show you the lowest moment, the moment all new hampshire voters said they'd heard enough. let's take a look. >> when faced in the last financial crisis with banks going under, and people putting their live savings in there, you can't turn a blind eye to it. now, going forward that is one thing. if you had another crisis, perhaps there would be. >> thank you, governor kasich. >> okay. so what was it? who had a negative reaction to john kasich tonight? really? i need a word or phrase to describe john kasich. >> boring. >> tiring. >> irritating. >> finished. >> hold on. >> finished. >> chris christie should have been there. >> how many of you agree with that?
9:42 pm
how many of you would put him on the next debate? so what is it about john kasich? he's been successful in ohio. >> he's the biggest liberal in that state. that is the most liberal comment i've ever heard in a republican debate stage. >> why is it liberal? >> all we've heard about in the past, what he's done. nothing for the future. >> he's like a card board cut out of what he thinks we want to hear. >> he turned ohio around. >> he sounded like obama. who can afford it? who can't? >> we went from number two, right off the chart. >> because? why? >> he was acting like he was running the debate, just did not present himself well. >> i have to ask a question for you. we have the five debate don'ts.
9:43 pm
number one is don't interrupt. what is the issue there? >> politeness. >> how do you get in? >> but have you to wait for the moderator to call on you. if you have a chance to respond, they give you a chance. there is no need to interrupt. >> there is a specific moment. and donald trump is fascinating because carly fiorina is one of the most aggressive candidates. she's going to get into any question she wants to. but donald trump challenged her. you've got a clip. >> why does she keep interrupting everybody? her? i'd like to finish my response. >> you know. >> well, okay, ex-complain it. what is the issue in the back? >> she has a target on her head. if it were anyone else it won't have been a big deal. >> given the past interaction he
9:44 pm
probably should have kept his mouth shut in that one. and not brought more controversy on that. >> he's just immature and infantile. >> he talks down to her. >> he's just rude. >> he is a pig. >> she -- listen. >> rubio interrupted just once. >> so how did these candidates handle this? how do they get into the conversation? >> they say -- >> i think a little bit of interruption is fine. john kasich interrupted far more than fiorina did in a loud, obnoxious, rude, irritating way. >> we have clips but another debate don't. don't spend too much time telling stories. what is the groan?
9:45 pm
>> rubio is getting close to talking too much about his family. >> do you agree with that? >> absolutely. >> you know, i think the biggest thing is that we're tired of hearing about what they did. i want to know what the hell you're going to do for us. >> do you agree? >> so we have another debate don't. don't violate reagan's 11th commandment. so who is the candidate that attacked the most? >> donald trump. >> so your advise to trump? >> when it comes to general election, they're very vulnerable. and this happened with romney. >> you're a trump person. are you going to defend him? >> he's a long establishment guy. not in bed with special interests. there are lobbyists money. so i think that is what we need
9:46 pm
for the country. >> anyone else want to defend trump? >> he's not politically correct. that is what we need. >> it's okay to interrupt? >> there is a difference between rude and politically correct. being rude is calling someone a fat pig on national television. >> but he didn't do that. >> but that is the difference. >> talking about the looks and everything else. just drop out. >> i've got another n't. don't forget hillary clinton is the real opponent. do you agree with that? >> yes. >> when candidate of them all is most likely to take the case to hillary clinton? >> ted cruz. the guy covers every aspect of what we're looking for in a candidate, and he addresses it all. >> who else? go ahead? >> i think marco rubio presents this optimistic message for the future, able to connect with the
9:47 pm
common man. i think he has great ideas. >> one more? >> marco rubio. he has really the future. he's got the best chance against hillary out of all of those candidates. >> i just want to point behind you. did you see the art behind you? what did you think of it? >> fantastic. >> megyn, the art created by, uh, great. i just had the moment that ted cruz had tonight. what is great is that this is new hampshire and the all-american state. the state that indicates to the rest of the country how they should feel. we've got the all-american art behind us. it was a great night for ted cruz. >> i want to ask you. >> awesome night for marco rubio. >> i want to ask the group a question. do you guys believe the allegations against ben carson when it comes to fabricating his resume? >> no.
9:48 pm
>> how many of you believe it? how many of you don't believe it? >> wow. >> this is important because this is why his numbers don't fall though the media has been attacking him because if they don't believe it in new hampshire or iowa, and these are the states that matter it means attacks aren't credible. >> frank, thank you. everyone with frank, thank you so much for your time. all the best to you. >> yeah. give yourselves a hand, great job. did you hear the one about two governors in a juice box? dana perino is here on a moment you may not have seen, plus, carly fiorina may have just responded to donald trump. ... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day.
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i'll give you participation and a juice box. in the real world it's about real results and actually c cutting government spending, not just talking about cutting government spending. >> governor jindal, thank you. >> we stopped obama spending because we refused to be part of the government exchange. what do you think will happen when hilary clinton is in charge? >> saying he made him look small, chris christie every time
9:53 pm
anybody attacked him, just kept bringing the fight back to hilary clinton over and over. do you think it made him look small? >> about the juice box. if you're at the kiddie table, probably not the best reference. chris christie, the consensus was he won that debate and should have. he was extremely disciplined. i think his campaign has to be happy with that performance. >> he would not take that debate. >> what about carly fiorina and why does she keep interrupting and donald trump said, boy, terrible, and he god boo'd. this is wh-- he got boo'd. this is what she said. >> mr. trump insults people. that's what he does and has all weekend talking about ben carson's fabrication. mr. trump is great and everybody else is a loser. i think everybody else is tired of it. >> i think if he could take any
9:54 pm
moment back from the debate, it's her interrupting and ended up getting him boo'd. but overall he's not gaining supporters by doing things like that. >> it raises the notion, why her? you heard the panel saying kasich interrupted more than anybody and why does she get singled out and she was asked do you think it has to do with gender and she intimated, what do you think? >> she doesn't have to answer that question because the panel answered it for her. what about ben carson? chris desistarted with saying h thought he won the show. >> i love chris. i don't think you could watch that debate and think everyone won. it was such a good balance. rubio and cruz, as expected had a really good debate. >> i think he thinks carson won and thinks he handled that one
9:55 pm
issue well and handled the clot clothing. >> i loved the clothing. you look on the financial answer, bank's answer and foreign policy, those were very la lacking. it's like watching someone walk on a tightrope without a net. you get nervous because he does get there, gets to the other side. his closing arguments are great. like the balance beam in gymnastics what will happen? dana perino has met salad mvlad putin more than any? >> i've actually seen him -- he thought bush had fired dan rather and it was my first br f briefing with the foreign leader, it was bazaar. >> bush didn't actually fire dan but it was great. thank you. the best of everything is even better
9:56 pm
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stirewalt. so who do you think won tonight's gop debate? the "new york times" saying it was rand paul. we didn't talk about him much. let me know your thoughts. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly and this is "the kelly file". welcome to hannity tonight. 2016 republican presidential candidates squared off at the fox business network debate. all happened at milwaukee and the issue of immigration came up early and candidates went back and forth on this hot button topic, take a look. >> for the 11 million people, come on, folks, we all know you can't pick them up and ship them back across the border. it's a silly argument. makes no sense. >> all i can say is you're lucky in ohio that you struck oil, that's one thing. dwight eisenhower, good president, great president, people liked him. iik


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