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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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scoop on the show because that's where the real secrets are facebook and gretawire. good night from washington, d.c. i will see you tomorrow night. ed. >> o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> this barbaric terrorist group and murderous ideology pose a serious threat to all of us. >> a change in rhetoric from president obama. the jv now a serious threat. so what will america and europe do about it? tonight, talking points has no spin analysis. >> look at that image right there. turkey ups the stakes in the fight against isis saying it shot down a russian plane. >> the isis crisis now spreading to an ultra dangerous level as a russian plane is shot down by a member of nato. is a world war getting closer? we have a special report. >> this is racist crap, of course. and it's, to me, the big
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original sin of donald trump. >> also ahead the left left-wing media and democratic party trying to demonize donald trump by saying is a racist. dana perino he will analyze that caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is world war getting closer that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. russian fighter jets shot out of the sky by the turkish military. there is bad blood between turkey, a member of nato and russia over the syrian tyrant assad. turkey wants him out. russia is propping him up as putin has sent planes and troops into syria to destroy anti-assad forces. the chaos we are seeing in the middle east is now reaching critical mass. with isis launching terror
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attacks launched from syria and supported assets on the ground. a world war while not probable is not inconceivable. today, president obama met with french president holiday in washington for some tough talk about the sis terror attack in paris. >> it is a scourge that threatens all of us. that's why for more than a year that's why united states, france and 06 some nations have been united in one mission, to destroy these isil terrorists and defeat their vial ideology. >> so let's' get this "on the on the record. for more than a year according to president obama 65 countries have been actively trying to defeat isis. 65. yet, the savages still hold major cities in iraq, have a command and control center in raqqa, syria, and are
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fanning out all over the world to kill innocent people. so you might say 65 nations are losing the fight against isis or am i wrong? anyone hoping for robust anti-isis announcement today was surely disappointed. of the two presidents talked and talked and more. nothing concrete announced. no nato declaration of war, no strategy on the ground, no new proposals. if isis was watching that press conference they may have nodded off. talking points believes the solution to the syrian isis situation lies in nato declaring war on the terror group. mounting a ground force that would confront the savages where they live and establishing a safe zones inside syria and iraq where refugees could be protected so they wouldn't have to go all over the world. sure live the 28 nato countries could accomplish that surely. aided by other concerned nations around the world.
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but to put together that kind of a strategy requires leadership and muscle. french president who wants the action doesn't have enough juice to do it alone and president obama is m-i-a on the nato issue. so here is what is likely to happen. the isis killer also continue to ride out the bombings, will continue to export terror and will continue to laugh at the weakness of the west. only afterrize sis attacks america will anything change. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight it nicholas burns former u.s. ambassador to nato and from washington lt. colonel ralph peters. so where am i going wrong, colonel? did you hear anything in that press conference that was new today? >> well, no. president hollande of perhaps went home empty-handed despite the nicey nice. the only real global reaction to this in the russian media where they are
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outraged that president obama didn't express concern and sympathy with the russian pilots shot down. you know, the issue of a world war, it's not coming -- it's here. it's just a different kind of world war. it is global jihad. we won't face it. it's not as lethal as the first two yet but it is there and it's real. bret baier looking at the situation in the middle east earlier today he described it as three dimensional chess. i would amend that to say it's three dimensional chess played by psychopaths. president obama still does not begin to take this seriously. the region is spinning wildly out of control. today we saw a very dangerous confrontation as russia, which has been swash through the region finally had somebody stand up for them and turks 100 percent right on this. the russian pilots are sloppy and arrogant and no doubt. >> i don't know if you want to shoot down a plane that's not a threat to you just because it wanders into your
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airspace. >> may i just add, bill? >> yeah. >> this aircraft was attacking, it was a -- they were attacking the position of the, as you pointed out, syrian rebels backed by turkey. >> they weren't attacking turkey. >> turkey is frustrated and turkish airspace has been penetrated at least a dozen times and russia keeps doing it. >> i just wouldn't have ordered that to happen. i don't think we need to do that. >> i'm not sure i would have >> he is not a match to putin when it comes to military power. ambassador burns, i was stunned there was no mention of nato in that press conference at all as far as taking any action because that's the solution invoking article a which president hollande referred after the paris attacks. where did that go? how did that disappear? >> i had been hoping after the paris attack president hollande would ask article
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five of the nato treaty. an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. he didn't do that the french decided against it. >> why? do you know why? >> i think so. they have had a highly ambivalent attitude toward nato since degal's time. they through nato out of paris in the 1960's. the french have said and i don't agree with them but a militaryhave said it mission there have been a law and order and i think it would have been to their advantage to invoke article 5. i think what president obama is trying to do here, he is putting together a coalition. he did announce with president hollande today more intensified air strikes against the islamic state, which is positive, but where they need to go next. they need to build a ground force by arming the peshmerga and the syrian kurdish troops and they haven't done it yet.
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>> wouldn't you say it's a little bit late and nobody believes they are going to be doing it because it's been going on close to three years now and, come on. you know. people are dying. attacks are being launched. >> i wouldn't agree with >> where am i going wrong with that? >> we have been bombing the islamic state for 18 months. the idea. >> it hasn't slowed them down. >> the ideas that we now intensify the bombing is the right instinct that president obama has what president obama has missing american leadership to arm and kurdish forces on the ground it strike at the islamic state at their base in syria and basically take back fallujah. >> nato should be doing that i know you disagree with the ambassador. you are not going to be able to protect yourself, america is not going to be able to protect itself. relying on saudi arabia and egypt and jordan. nato, why are we spending $700 million a year on at a time toe. i don't understand.
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if they can't do this, they can't do anything. >> nato keeps the peels in europe. cold war soviets. but the ambassador he certainly has some very good inticket and i'm with him on most points. air descrix alone are not -- even intensified air strikes inat the bus stop find in terms of numbers are meaningless. meaningless unless you are willing to hit the right target. and owe obama doesn't want any collateral damage. no civilian casualties. so you can drop more bombs in the desert. isis isn't impressed. if i also comment about the point about arming the peshmerga. we may be surprised who does that two things putin is going to do in terms of the turkish shut down. he is definitely going to i object tense phi the bombing of the turkish backed syrian enels are. going to hit them he have hart embarrass turkey in return in the short to midterm. >> long therm he is a strategic thinker.
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he may swing to the kurds. armed kurds and play that people have to understand that turkey is a must be of nato. as i said at thestop, world war is not off the table. we will consider the discussion and you guys coming on tonight. >> drying to brand trump a racist. dana per reason nope has some thoughts. two crimes allegedly mitt bide young black men how should the nation broadcast that up ahead.
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to scapegoat a minority religious group which has some very dangerous historic precedences as you might agree. he i mean, it's the kind of behavior that is classic demagoguery and, you know, he is going to get somebody hurt. >> this is just terrible. you have a presidential candidate who is deliberately stoking fear and smearing a whole population of people. >> of course mr. trump denies any racial animus. i have known him for 25 years i have never seen it out of him. nevertheless the issue is in play. with us dana perino the co-host of the five. the strategy as far as i see it and i told this to mr. trump last night they are trying to brand him as a racist guy. all right, for his comments on mexicans, his comments on muslims, he re-tweeted as he pointed out to me the black
5:15 pm
statistics on crime which were incorrect then by extension they are trying to tell the fact all republicans are racist. do you see it that way? >> this is their playbook from the early 60's for any republican. which is why i have always held the rule that republicans start in a credibility deficit especially on race. you have work your way up to get to neutral. one of the dangerous things is if you are trying to communicate to a broad multiple audience and running a national election is that if you give them ammunition which w. which to hit you. it's hard then to crawl up out of that hole and get to neutral. >> here is the difference between donald trump and all the other politicians he doesn't care he has made it quite clear he wants to deport all illegal aliens. poll from fox today majority of americans over 50% agree with that deport them all. he doesn't care if muslims are offended by surveillance. special surveillance for them. doesn't care.
5:16 pm
all right. so while may not have personal racial animus and, again, i never saw anything like that. his policies can be defined by the oppositions. i don't know whether he even cares about that. >> well, he might not care if he thinks he is he able to to win that way. i don't know if it's a good way to think about winning a genua
5:17 pm
be the big victor, but it isn't right now. anyway. >> right. when president obama was overseas talking about refugees the first thing he did was attack republicans and he gave them no credence to think that maybe we should have a pause. if you look at the difference between trump on refugees and paul ryan who is actually in a position of governing at least right now. what he did was able to say, look, let's have a reasonable response. we have common sense and we're going to -- what did he do. get 76 democrats with them despite president obama's ill thought out. >> trump knows the only way he is going to win the nomination is to throw bombs and to be the anti-politician. he knows that he can't moderate because hissances to winning the nomination would fall. >> unbe maybe to me and to a lot of republicans. >> he is ahead. >> he has tapped into a vein
5:18 pm
of people sphrus frustrated i they put that back on president obama. the incompetence and lack of leadership and feeling across america what are you doing? what happened to our country and thee see someone like trump who is the opposite they tend to want to follow it. >> they are and he could wins a i told donald trump very quickly. wing, bings, bing. does it dismiss him as somebody who doesn't have the credibility that's foolish. >> i think a lot of people thought he could never win the nomination are coming to the realization he conclude. >>possible. >> it's still early. >> but it is -- trump has really captured, something. >> something. >> the republican party harass to wuk the line is that they are going to paint republicans in a broad rush. that is going to be true of any of them. >> dana perino. directly ahead. sympathy for syrian refugees
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coming for the liberal press. how does bernie goldberg see that? later, more campus madness. now woodrow wilson. old wood row being called a racist. those reports after these messages. ♪ ♪ how else do you think he
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debate over syrian refugees, some commentators are comparing to the japanese internment camps during world war ii. >> president the franklin delano roosevelt was commander and chief in 1939 intern japanese americans after the bombing of pearl harbor. also under his watch that bedenied a safe haven to jewish refugees fleeing the horrors of nazi violence. >> joining us from miami the purveyor of bernard
5:23 pm, mr. goldberg. >> there is sympathy on the left for the syrian refugees. of course i solved the problem by the nato situation. i don't want to belabor that. it's not hard to set up safe zones inside syria and iraq to protect these people. but, again, president obama doesn't want to seem to want to do that. >> the reasonable the press is sympathizing with the refugees that's the mode dison per on per ren day you feel sorry for the down trodden. >> absolutely. interning japanese americans during world war ii and in the leading jews in trying to escape nazi germany on the one hand and opposition to syrian refugees on the other. they are both supposedly based on irrational fear. but it doesn't hold up franklin roosevelt did not
5:24 pm
intern irish americans and german. he only interned japanese americans and let's emphasize they were americans because they weren't white. it was racism and that was irrational roosevelt wasn't concerned that the nazis were trying to sneak nazis into this country along with jewish children during the war. it's that we didn't want' jews in this country. america was largely anti-semitic country in the 40s and that's what that was about. that was irrational. but it is not irrational to be concerned about isis sneaking terrorists in to this country along with the refugees. it is not crazy. it's a legitimate concern so i personally -- look, the aanalogy is weak. >> -- comparison what they say in philosophy class.
5:25 pm
>> intellectually lame. and in my personal view it's obscene also. >> why is it obscene. harry smith is a liberal man but is he not a bomb thrower. why would you say it would be obscene? >> i was based in california in the 70's. i interviewed these people and i interviewed their children and i have been to the camps. what we did to them was wrong very, very wrong. comparing that with a legitimate concern about what isis may do with the syrian refugees they did iin frn paris, why wouldn't they at least try to do it in america? that is a bad, bad analogy. >> i agree it's bad but i don't think he meant anything other -- i think it was invalid comparison based on historical fact. i think you are absolutely right. but isn't there, in your
5:26 pm
opinion, hysteria that takes hold and on the right, too. you see it on the right sometimes on these issues you get hysterical about it. if you oppose moderate, not accepting of these poor people who are down trodden and threatened and then you are a evil person. that kind of thing. >> exactly. why are just not wrong we are evil. >> you are absolutely right. here is how i see it starting with president obama, liberals starting with president obama and then joined by his pals in the media harry smith and many others are turning this debate into a more rattle play. and, of course, they are the moral ones because they want to help people who need help. and;wp conservatives, of course, are the immoral ones except it isn't just conservatives who are against the allowing so thousand syrian refugees in by the end of next year. it's also 53% of the person people according to that
5:27 pm
poll last week. it's also 47 democrats, these aren't conservatives. >> democrats in the house who are against it. so, if it's a decision between self-righteous morality on the one hadn't and security on the other, the american people have already voted and they are voting for security at the moment. >> all right. bernie. happy thanksgiving. thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. two racial stories you will not see anywhere else. the first white christian american adults now a minority in the u.s.a. what are the implications of that? then, three black men charged with horrendous crimes. does that have a wider implication in the age of black lives matter? why hope you stay tuned to those provocative reports. fact.
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when emergency room doctors choose an otc pain reliever for their patients muscle, back and joint pain. the medicine in advil is their #1 choice. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. personal story segment tonight, big change in the u.s.a. according to a study by the pew research center, 46% of american adults are now white christians but that is down from 55% in 2007. christians are republicans, just 30% are democrats. so what are the implications of all of that? joining us now from santa barbara, california, denise fuentes.
5:32 pm
and liberals don't. i'm just kidding. we are losing our religion. we are becoming a more secular nation. and people who identify as more religious are republican. >> yeah, identification for democrats, jennice has fallen about 20%. in just a few years so the democrats are becoming more secularized and what does that mean? does that mean anything? >> it means we are going to win the next election. i'm kidding. what it means i still want to point out that although the numbers are down, they are there are more christians in the united states than anywhere else in the world. >> about 80% are self-identified. >> yes. but there are numbers that are troubling. like a lot of people are choosing none over like 2007. >> why is that? are they all watching bill maher? why are people throwing religion out the window? is it the internet or what is it?
5:33 pm
>> many factors. studies have shown more money and education they become more secular. >> do you know why if you get more money? >> i think that is one reason. he i think also there is a trend that people are doing less things in groups. i think people are finding alternative sources of that inner peace. maybe it's through a yoga studio. >> i don't see at loft inner peace. >> maybe it's your therapist. >> i find inner peace in my yoga studio every morning. i will tell you why. because the cultural of the country has coarsened and become more secular. everywhere around you, media, academia, entertainment. not only does it ignore it but it mocks it. kim davis and paint her as crazy lunatic. find instances to paint christians as reliú)5ñ loons. >> this is the anti-gauge marriage woman. >> bigger than that, bill. young people don't want to become religious because they don't feel it's cool and there is a breakdown of
5:34 pm
the family. look, i was in church on sunday. in allen town, pennsylvania where i'm from. >> greek orthodox? >> born again christians, protestant. >> all senior citizens. older. it was sad. >> same way in the catholic church. >> you and i got in a big fight on this show we fought you said this country was going to have a return to traditional values. >> i think it will. >> everybody is online. they are addicted to porn. there is a breakdown in the family. >> disaster is going to turn some heads. >> i don't think so. >> it's hard to debate speculation. >> i wish you were right. >> jennice one more thing on the color aspect of it the white birth rate is down and the minority birth rate for a number of groups is up. this cycle that white christian voters is going to continue to go down. probably be 40% in another 20 years. how does that effect the country? >> i think that effect the country immensely.
5:35 pm
and i think i couldn't agree more with the rnc chair who basically has said that you're shrinking the voters of the republican bales are shrinking. if you do not reach out to more diverse and win the next election. >> i don't know it is the next election that has to be won. big train coming and once it hits we will see. last word? >> the democratic party is more diverse than the republican party. republicans who are christian put religion at the top. hispanics, women, blacks do not that is why they self-identify with the progressives. progressives put government before god and more secular and put free goodies, the facts back me up, jennice big time. >> that may or may not be true. >> becoming more multicultural and diverse as a country. >> let me finish jennice. >> we are running out of the time here. you know what computer is it zas
5:36 pm
us off the air i will wrap it up by saying. >> this the republican party has to persuade and on economic and security issues, they certainly have plenty of ammo to persuade. ladies, thank you. when we come right back, two horrendous crimes. first in new orleans where an attempted execution is captured on tape. and in indianapolis where two black men murdered a pastor's pregnant wife. legal is he investigating moments away.
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thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly in the legal segment tonight two very disturbing situations that may have racial implications. as you may know the group black lives matter has gained traction among the left in america by saying the american system is out to punish black people. at the same time, violent crime generated by african-americans is enormous social problem. in indianapolis, two men, larry taylor, jaylen watson charged with murdering 28-year-old amanda black blackburn, the pregnant wife of a pastor.d8 police say broke into her home shot and killed ha manda. cameras captured a man trying to shoot and kill a
5:41 pm
medical student. game to the aid of a woman being mugged by cain. as you may see the gun misfired but before that gold was shot once in the stomach. he is in guarded condition. here now attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. let's take indianapolis first. who are these alleged killers. >> watson the 21-year-old the older one convicted of burglary in 2011. he got six years. right? in 2013, they let him go. he violated probation, he was back in 2014, and then he was out again in 2014. so he has been back and forth in prison. we also know he has gang affiliations in the local area. and one of the initiation rights apparently with this gang is burglary. the younger guy we don't have as much information. he is just 18 years old so his juvenile record of course would be sealed. isn't it interesting, bill, that the gang initiation is burglary and these two kids. >> it's not burglary if you have a gun, it's armed robbery. that's what they went in to do. >> home invasion and a number of things problematic. keep in mind they are
5:42 pm
investigating other crimes that have occurred in the area that have very similar in nature there was some suggestion that they were committing another crime, saw then this opportunity with the husband leaving. >> how about in the charging comment we were able to get the charging document hot off the press today. and it's exactly what they say. looking for other crimes. >> these are bad guys who obviously would shoot down an unarmed. >> pregnant. >> i don't know if they knew she was pregnant in her own home and take her life. >> and she is found partially clothed. >> bad guys, one gang affiliated, they will murder if they wanted to. then we go over to new orleans where you have an outrageous situation because we know it's outrageous because it's captured on tape. here comes the med student and he is trying to save a girl here is the guy with the automatic pistol he wants to shoot the guy. he shoots the guy in the stomach and then he tries to kill him after that. >> terrible. >> his or her ho is this guy, guilfoyle? >> cain is from new orleans area. and in 2011, illegal possession of a weapons
5:43 pm
charge, 2014, theft of a motor vehicle and 2015, possession of a stolen cell phone. this guy is a criminal. obviously the violence is escalating there. he shot him and, you know, the young man, theeh medical student is only alive today because the gun jammed. he pointed directly at his head to kill him. >> here is the big question. african-american young males, i think ages between 15 and 24 commit way out of proportion crime to every other group. >> disproportionate, yeah. >> that's aq/z fact. >> so black lives matter, they run around and say american society is punishing and stalking young black men. well, the reality is that young black men are doing far more damage than the police in chicago. we have a case there now. police in minneapolis. we are not justifying those cases. policemen shoot somebody, and they shouldn't, they should be subjected to the same criminal laws. >> absolutely. >> horrendous situation in chicago and los angeles, here in new york and in some areas, generated by blacks.
5:44 pm
yet, you never hear -- most programs won't do this segment. >> it is a complete double standard. >> if you have got a white officer has done something wrong and black person is hurt, exactly. they should get. >> they should get, right. >> here when you have blacks that are killing this poor white woman. there is no black lives matter coming after them. >> nobody is trying to solve the problem. >> right, but there is hatred against police officers. >> did they release a statement on'm this. >> no, they don't it doesn't match their singular focus hypocrisy there they are essentially espousing hate against police officers. >> that's exactly right. i almost think they are inciting violence to the point of hate crime. pigs in a blanket and all of that they are trying to incite that violence, that he escalates, that's a hate crime. >> bottom line on black lives matter. if black lives matter how's come this group is on the
5:45 pm
south of chicago when everyone weekend they have others. we don't hear a word of it kennedy and mcguirk on deck. more madness on campus. now they are going after old woodrow wilson. is he a racist. right back with it. sh card from. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? you're down with crestor. >>yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant.
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back of the book segment tonight, what the heck just happened? the madness on campus addition. here now kennedy in for gutfeld and mcguirk. so you will be happy to hear, mcguirk, that the president of dartmouth is cracking down, so he says, on these people. [chanting] black lives matter. black lives matter. >> what? >> black lives matter. >> what? >> black lives matter. >> what?
5:49 pm
>> apparently they broke into the dartmouth library on november 12th. disrupted the study zone and now he is investigating them. it must be a tough investigation. they have videotape. they know who is there. >> nothing like that ever happened when i attend ited the sarbon. >> very impressive. >> before that, bill, this vice provost to the student affairs or whatever her name was she actually apologized. that would be like me punching you in the face and the cops came and apologized to me. >> that could happen. >> that could happen. but varney had that woman that you are referring to as one of his villains last week. but, for the dartmouth president to actually say he is investigating black lives matter he could be fired next week. >> it's ridiculous. i think unfortunately college nowadays is wasted on babies. i don't think most people who are entitled and whiney deserve to be there and the
5:50 pm
library is a sacred space. >> sacred space, the library? >> that's where you get smarter. that's where you do research. that's where you buy drugs under the table. that is not. >> i thought that's where you were going to say access porn. that's what they do a lot of. >> it's not the 1950s. >> this guy in dartmouth, my no >> but my point is that he's investigating black lives matter. the radical student which is is the first time we heard that in weeks. all the other radicals were running wild. so maybe the guy is going to do something about it. >> hopefully. but they're really like a bunch of bed wetting racist cry babies. cry bullies i heard the term coined and now when they get out of school, they should hit the books because when they get out and can't get jobs because they were activists they're going to cry racism again over that. >> what's the point of going to college though? as a parent i have young children and i look at what is happening in acadamea and ucla
5:51 pm
is at the forefront. it's now with microgression. >> i have two kids in college and they taylor their papers -- >> where do they go? they taylor their papers for the professors? >> they do. if you want to go to law school or anything else. >> i didn't sell out. >> my niece at oregon state doing the sail thing. she said free two year community college hurts the four year system and the professor gave it back and said you need to rethink it. >> we go to princeton, there is a school, the woodrow wilson school of public and international affairs. woodrow wilson after this became the president of princeton university. >> he was an academic. >> and there's old woodrow. lively, fun, fun guy. but unfortunately woodrow was a
5:52 pm
racist. he was. and he believed in segregation and that black people weren't the intellectual equals to white people. so now the radicals in princeton want to change the name of the woodrow wilson international school and you say? >> well, first of all, i always hated the guy's top hat. i always wanted to knock it off. but all our forefathers in one way or another were flawed. they were products of their time. you have washington, jefferson owned slaved. lincoln said some dubious stuff. jfk and martin luther king treated women shabbily. >> where do you draw the line? >> do you know what they should do? take down his portrait, put up a portrait of the volleyball from castaway wilson and that would be less offensive. >> beautiful. but then they would take eightway. >> i don't like the campus fascism but do you know who
5:53 pm
hated him the most? teddy roosevelt despised him because of his attitude. but in this one, i don't know if they should change the name. maybe but an asteriks next to him. >> appointed the first jew to the supreme court. >> there you go. thanksgiving eating suggestion you're going to want to hear. the tip, moments away.
5:54 pm
♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way?
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5:56 pm
nice town of monterey. it's because mr. obama did not take action against assad or isis when he could have and because the president pulled all american troops out of iraq, there's chaos. my memo is right on. why is the president not removed from office before it's too late? i believe you can't just remove a president because you don't like his policies. come on, man. jim charles, clearwater, kansas. bill, you are right a lot but not about muslim refugees. we don't want them because they are muslim and don't assimilate. you guys aren't close to being the majority. most american muslims are loyal to the country and make it a better place. come on. mason city iowa, why do you keep promoting donald trump and giving him more voice than the other candidates? i'm not promoting him phyllis
5:57 pm
and it's obvious i'm not promoting him if you noticed last night's segment. you may have noticed he's the poll leader and the most controversial candidate. we invite all on the program. some decline. most accept but their appearances are dictated by events. are the people waters interviews left, right or center? we don't ask ideology. all are chosen at random. dorothy long, are all americans that student? many are. public education largely collapsed and the parents aren't educating them themselves in addition to the schooling, it's a bleak landscape. sean barker, killing reagan may be factual, the washington post is being disingenuous. just know, sean that, you are in the my noir on on that but i thank you for reading the book.
5:58 pm
charles hall, i have read all the killing books. killing reagan is exceptional. authentic and emotionally fulfilling. best book of the year. well, i appreciate that very much. bill, just received a birthday gift of a bill premium membership, the factor words book, a usa strong cap and a pocket copy of the constitution. felt like christmas. and the price was low for all of that stuff, tom. i'm glad you had a nice birthday. hope everybody goes to bill o' christmas store this holiday weekend. grab some great stuff and know that much of your purchase price is going to be doe mated to fine charities. everybody wins on thanksgiving if you go to bill o' christmas store. and the tip of the day on thanksgiving food. with millions of americans trying to imitate marie osmond and lose weight, thanksgiving offers a very big challenge so here's the tip, eat as much as
5:59 pm
you want on thursday. get seconds. pass the gravy. another slice of that pie. once a year, you got to enjoy it. then on friday, drink a large glass of water with lemon juice, 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. do that on saturday and sunday as well. leftovers are not as good. your appetite will be slowed by the water and if you continue the strategy onward you'll look like marie, if you're a girl. but you get my drift. okay. and here is the overarch. be thankful. the tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. o'reilly at fox word of the day, do not be
6:00 pm
anagogic. huh? new word. do not be anagogic when writing to the factor. thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please already remember the spin stops here. so we're definitely looking out for you. >> breaking tonight, protests growing in the streets of an american city now on edge after police release video of a violent confrontation. welcome to the kelly file everyone. i'm megyn kelly. chicago, illinois bracing for an angry response after the release of graphic police dash cam video showing a white police officer shooting and killing a black 17-year-old young man. we have that video. we will examine it later in the show. but in the hours before it went public tonight, the officer was charged with first-degree murder. and now we are seeing live pictures of people marching through the streets of chicago while the mayor there is


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