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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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back "on the record" whether you have a chance. if you dvr you can do that after you have watched your other favorite fox program at 11:01 each night. thank you for being with us. good night and happy thanksgiving. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor. the war on terror the political equation. the danger from isis and islamic terrorism has reached a boiling point around the world. if you listen to democrats bigger threat at hand demanding our urgent attention. >> next week, i will be joining president hollande and world leaders in paris for the global climate conference. what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be
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when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children. >> the president's statement echos what senator bernie sanders laid out at the last democratic presidential debate. >> in the previous debate you said the greatest debate to national security was climate change. do you still believe that? >> absolutely. in fact, climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism. >> and if that's not enough, the environment's well-being is even impacting the obama administration's strategy on how to attack isis. take a listen to the former acting director of the cia under president obama. >> there seems to have been a judgment that, look, we don't want to destroy these oil tankers because that's infrastructure that's going to be necessary to support the people when isis isn't there anymore. and it's going to create environmental damage. and we didn't go after oil wells, actually hitting oil wells that isis controls because we didn't want to do
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environmental damage and we didn't want to destroy that infrastructure right? >> so we hit oil in trucks. >> so now we are hitting oil in trucks, right? and maybe you get to the point where you say we have to also hit oil wells. so those are the kind of tough decisions you have to make. >> joining us now with reaction from palm springs rick grenell former u.s. spokesman at the united nations and with me in studio fox news radio host alan colmes. hang on one minute. they didn't want to hit the oil infrastructure supplying isis with literally tens of millions of dollars monthly because they were worried about environmental damage? >> this is akin to refusing to fight isis until the fighters get to join a union. this is the politicization of our national security policy. this is what has been happening by the obama administration. they politicize everything. and bringing in these p.c. ideas into the battlefield i think is not only crazy
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but it's endangering american national security by refusing to fight with what the powell doctrine calls overwhelming we're literally limiting the u.s. military men and women's capability. it's wrong and it's too much politics. >> when we put those statements together, your jaw has to drop. russia knows what's going on. france knows what's going on. england says we need to step it up here but we are worried about the environmental damage killing the. >> tremendous drought effecting 800,000 people that has led these people to have to move to the cities. move migrate and not get the service they need. isis comes in and provides them with the services they need. >> climate change has led to a migration which has led people to have terrible drought, not having the resources they need. not be supported by the asat. isis comes in and develops a structure that enables hem to do it. you can't ignore this has effect going on. >> i don't think you can
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ignore what's really going on americans are dying parisians are dying at the hands of isis. rick, it's important to note that they are using climate change. president obama likes words. he used set back for paris. he said isis is contain and now climate change next week is going to be the major focus to fight terror? where are we? i'm scared. >> now look, the democratic party has gone so far left it that they are endangering us. look separately these issues may have some sort of merit, but to place them higher in this category to prioritize them over killing isis and what they're doing is crazy. this is commentary on how far the democratic party has gone. where are the moderate democrats standing up to say our party has been hijacked by people who want to politicize war in this way. i mean, it's really crazy. >> who is politicizing the war here.
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>> senior white house officials are going on television because they can't get through to the white house, to the president saying this -- we're in trouble. there are attacks that could be imminent and go on tv. >> >> got a punch of people running for president trying to be more militaristic let's bomb the blank out of them says trump. we have been bombing for 23 years. been fighting for 14 years since 9/11. that doesn't solve the problem. >> but climate change will? >> i think you are ignoring what i'm saying is you have got to understand what has led to people's dissatisfaction which is enabled them to be attracted to isis in the first place and institutions have to be created that enable these people to get the service is they need. >> they have been fighting in the middle east for 1300 years i'm pretty sure climate change. >> bomb them a few more times. >> the fact of the matter is that we have been bombing for the last 18 months with president obama's coalition of 65 nations. and, yet, this week we found out that the french bombed the command and control system for isis. to which most americans said what?
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we have been bombing for a year and a half and we didn't find the command and control centered for isis? no wonder because we have been trying to figure out how to use solar energy to bomb. look this is crazy. you cannot mix these issues. the priority is to use overwhelming force and to kill isis and to push them back not somehow unionize them and make sure they are using proper energy. >> you are not going to solve it by after 23 years of bombing just more bombing. you have to create institutions people resources. you can't ignore that the lack of resource has led to their satisfaction. >> had we known that raqqa was the command and control center of isis. known that's where they train and resources are why did it take the french to lose 130 people to take them out why didn't we do it. >> they haven't contained in northern iraq, haven't contained in syria. we have taken back land from them. totally ignore. >> can i say something here, eric? >> very quickly rick. very quick.
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>> yeah, look, for four years president obama has ignored the garbage pile up along the syrian border with all of these refugees and migrants. i think it's been atrocious and that's probably the reason they are leaving because of the garbage pile. come on. >> up next on the o'reilly factor special amid escalating tensions with russia over turkey downing of one of its fighter jets. should president obama be ramping up efforts to remove syria's bashar al assad from power? that powerful debate coming up.
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight, the isis threat in the united states. today president obama sought to ease american's fears ahead had of the thanksgiving holiday. >> right now we know of no specific and credible intelligent indicating a
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plot on the homeland. in the event of a specific, credible threat, the public will be informed. >> but meanwhile, the situation in syria seems to be getting worse by the day. finally topping ally russian's bashar assad defeat isis. a research fellow at the hudson instituted and from cleveland fox news contributor and former democratic congressman dennis kucinich. dennis, you heard that right there and maybe it's not here right now. what about assad? russia seems to be very, very intent on keeping assad in place. is that a bad idea? >> i think that assad is essential to a peace plan that's needed in order to end the war in syria. we have to keep in mind that isis grew as the insurgency poured in to syria. and all these nations that were involved in backing isis had jihadiist ambition that were totally to a
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secular society which once supported shia as, sunnies christians and jews now we're looking at putting a caliphate in damascus? >> so president obama is wrong because he wants assad out. so he is wrong for wanting to -- >> -- i i have fun and mental disagreement with president obama on the issue of syria. that's right. >> okay. what about it, benjamin? what are your thoughts? if you remove assad, the theory is then what are you left with? does isis take over or is there a vacuum that takes over and islamic terror takes over the region. >> look, at this point president assad is only othe head of a militia among other militias in syria. and he is the agent of iran. he has been backed by terrorist group hezbollah but iranian revolutionary guard. and today by russia. the truth is isis and assad have not been fighting each other over the last four years. isis has grown out of the repression, the brutal repression of the syrian population by the regime of
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bashar al assad who killed 80% of the civilian victims in this conflict. assad used chemical weapons against his own population. and he has mostly been focusing on the moderate, on the secular rebels in the last four years. and, you know, even just today there was a report in the "wall street journal" saying that there was -- that the syrian regime has been purchasing oil from islamic states. there was the u.s. treasury actually has denounced this. so there is a symbiotic relationship between assad and isis. he is is the cause for the rise of these radical groups that we're fighting today in syria. he cannot be the solution. if you want to find a solution to the syrian conflict. you need to show that there is going to be a political transition without assad. you need to have sunni forces that get involved in the fighting against isis and this cannot happen if assad is still part of the picture. >> so, congressman today russia stepped up their bombing campaign in syria
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talk to us a little bit about that. how do we deal with a russia that's flexing its muscle and force in an area where we thought we were going to handle that? >> well, the first thing we have to stop syria from becoming a staging ground and a test of world powers. and how do you do that and how do you get rid of isis? you cut off isis funds and cut off their access to arms and oil. and the profits from oil. that's where it starts. and then you work on developing a peace plan with syria that must engage the present syrian government and to ensure the constitutional rights of people of syria. >> pardon me for interrupting part of the problem is constitutional rights. it's documented that bashar al assad has been killing his own people. >> you know, can you say that but isis has been doing a good job of killing a lot of syrians as well. it's based on sectarian ambitions. we have to be aware of what is really going on here. jihadiists have poured into syria. coming from dozens of countries with the idea of
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establish ago caliphate in damascus. i'm not for that i want to be very clear about that i'm for syria becoming or returning to a secular society where people have the right to worship who they want' to worship, where christians and jews and arabs, sibs and shiites can live in harmony. >> in harmony ben, let me ask you, was there harmony in syria prior to the most recent conflict? did bar share al al alba share al assad have harmony. >> syrian state supported by iran and hezbollah. there was a source of conflict in the region especially with israel over the decades. there certainly isn't harmony over the last four years when the syrian population is being butchered by its leader. the only way once again where you can support peace and a plan to get out of this conflict is by removing assad because, you know, you need more involved u.s. leadership to ramp up the strikes against isis in
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syria and iraq. syria is definitely the center of gravity. but, afterwards, you do need sunni local forces to get involved. and they won't get involved if assad is still part of the plan. >> all right. very quickly congressman, i have got to go. you speak to assad on a regular basis, i understand. you meet with them fairly regularly is there any exit strategy whatsoever in his mind? >> i don't meet with him on a regular basis. i interviewed him for fox news as you may remember. and i think that there is still a chance for a peace plan and you cannot ignore that the assad administration there and just say well, we are going to keep betting on the jihadiists, let them take over damascus and then we will talk about peace. that is a might mayor and it defies credulity. >> islamic terror and the 2016 campaign. why does the mainstream
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media seem so bent on down playing the true threat of islamic terror? stay tuned. advil.
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. in the factor follow up segment tonight, the media and the 2016 presidential campaign. americans' opinion of the mainstream media is at historic lows and it's a fact many republican presidential candidates are quick to seize upon. many figures in the media aren't exactly taking this new reality very well. >> donald trump criticize and teases the news rally. he points to the stage where i'm standing right now and laughs it up and says the media are terrible people except for a few people. but today there was a special level of vitriol that he assigned towards the news media so much so that some of the people behind me were raising fists towards us.
5:21 pm
this is the tenth presidential campaign i have covered since 1980 and that kind of situation where you have people showing their fists at news media is not a healthy one. >> joining us now to analyze fox news contributor monica crowley. monica oh, poor reporter. >> i know. liberalism and whining is such an attractive combination, eric, isn't it? >> what's going on here? >> i think there are a lot of reasons why donald trump has authentic traction and has been able to maintain his lead in the polls. one of the biggest reasons is that donald trump is unafraid to go out there and routinely attack the left-wing media. now, this has been a punching bag for decades now for republican candidates across the board. but in the past, eric, they have always used it very sparingly because all of those other candidates, whether it was richard nixon, george w. bush, ronald reagan realized in the end they needed the media so they didn't want to totally antagonize them or alienate them. donald trump is a completely different ball of wax. he doesn't need the media and he doesn't need the job of the presidency. that liberates him to really let it rip.
5:22 pm
>> it's smart campaigning. i would put media, i don't know congress and media pretty much the same approval rating or so. it's an easy target. >> when you look at these targets across the board whether you are talking liberals conservatives independence people don't trust the mainstream media and for very good reason they are biased and in large part because they are corrupt. certainly the conservative base understands that so donald trump is really exploiting us. is he maximizing it and you know what? it's to great effect out there. he is also doing a lot of political blocking for the other republican candidates to show them you don't have to be afraid of mainstream media. >> you know using the media as a punching bag, president obama. he is literally saying part of the reason there is so much terror in islamic terrorism on the rise is because of the way the media treats it the way the media talks about it it's all fault. >> president's whining not very attractive either. leader of the free world he is blaming isis not on inseptember policies and blind to this threat,
5:23 pm
deliberately blind to this threat and the mainstream media it's so beneath the office of the presidency. the truth is he doesn't want to take on isis in a truly aggressive way. he is finding every other reason to blame the rise of isis or the fact that it's continuing to spread globally whether it's on climate change or the media you name it, he has a different target every day. >> only one problem with his problem with the media it's protected in the constitution. the only career job that is protected. >> by the way yes, you are right. by the way it's incredibly rich that barack obama who has been the most protected president by the mainstream media for the last seven years, the fact that he is complaining about it is pretty outrageous. >> monica, thank you very much. always great to be with you too. hillary clinton apologize go aheading for using the phrase illegal immigrant and faces are even more criticism after snubbing a far left group. ed henry is here with the inside details moments away.
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you can use whipped topping made with hydrogenated oil... ...but real joyful moments are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy. share the joy. this is a fox news alert. i'm brian guinness. president obama saying there are no credible threats against the u.s. ahead of the thanksgiving weekend. security has been stepped up since the terror attacks in paris. but the president is encouraging people to go about their normal activity. but, some analysts warn of lone wolf attacks saying there were no known threats before the paris attacks. protesters marching in downtown chicago again tonight following the release of a video showing
5:28 pm
an officer shooting a black teenager to death. the small crowd disrupting traffic along the busy state street shopping corridor. authorities have charged officer jason van dyke with first degree murder in the 2014 shooting death of 17-year-old la quan mcdonald. i'm bryan llenas now back to the o'reilly factor. in the impact segment tonight. hillary clinton getting in hot water with the far left. earlier this month, hillary clinton sparked outrage among immigration activists after saying this to supports in new hampshire. >> well, look, i voted numerous times when i was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming if there.
5:29 pm
and i do think you have to control your borders. >> hillary officially apologized yesterday for using the phrase illegal immigrants but now she is in even more trouble after skipping a candidate forum hosted by radical left group move here to tell us what's going on from west palm beach ed henry who is covering the hillary campaign. >> uh-oh somebody is in trouble with the far left. she called it what it is illegal immigration. when you use the phrase illegal immigrants on the left it's pejorative. it's an insult. the campaigns of martin o'malley and bernie sanders have noted that hillary clinton was under pressure. what happens the pc police intervenes basically and she has got to fix it she is still far ahead of bernie sanders. far ahead of martin o'malley. she is likely to win the democratic nomination. it's another example of how no matter what she does the left is still not completely happy. >> how is illegal immigrant
5:30 pm
pejorative? they are illegal and they are imgrating right? >> that would be the definition but as you know in politics words matter. i'm not saying i agree or disagree. i'm a reporter with you the bottom line is there are people on the left who say this is an insult, it's a slur and hillary clinton shouldn't be using it what does she do? in the end she caves. >> what about this move candidate forum. why did she skip it. >> what this is really about the democratic national committee gave hillary clinton a gift here in terms of the debate schedule. it's a pretty light debate schedule. outsiders have been trying to bring in these forums to sort of increase the number of quote unquote debates. she doesn't want them because she is firmly in the lead. what do tee baits and forums do especially if they come at you from the left and you are a democrat or come at you from the left and you are a republican, they come up with something that might be controversial. they box you in the corner on an issue. she doesn't want to go there. and she is sitting on the lead, number one. and number two. look what happened, the last
5:31 pm
democratic debate i was there. it was a saturday night in iowa. it was on cbs. it was the lowest rated debate so far for either party. the next one guess what? the saturday before christmas. most people are going to be in church, they are going to be in the mall. they are going to be on a ladder putting up christmas decorations. they are not going to be watching a debate. what's the point of that? my point is if she lips up, makes a mistake many people are not going to be watching. think about the cbs debate she fumbled a bunch of national security questions when that's now the number one issue. it didn't have that much impact. >> there is news today correct me if i am wrong cnn anchor or host email showed up on state department email list with hillary clinton and there is some sort of possible coordination between the two of them. >> sure. >> to take a shot at some g.o.p. candidates? >> rand paul and others. this is -- reporter at cnn. i should make clear that i worked at cnn. i know elise i respect her a lot as a journalist. this is a lawsuit gawker has been demanding emails from
5:32 pm
the former hillary clinton spokesman and it suggested in some of the emails, that there was some coordination. there was cheerleading going on. hillary clinton did a great job. one of the emails said in her benghazi testimony this is not the recent one. this is the one from a couple years ago and was coordinating with the clinton folks on tweets and what not to put out there to beat up on rand paul for not showing up at a previous hearing or not being there for the whole testimony. look, am i shocked? no. this happens. would what it tell its us to get it away from just elise who as i said i know and respect, it shows that in general the media likes to coddle hillary clinton. she doesn't get a lot of tough questions. and that's maybe, you know, something that. >> can i throw something else out there? bad decision making on hillary clinton's side. what in the world was she thinking coordinating with anchor or host? what was she thinking? smart thing to do? >> well, maybe in the short-term it worked for her, right? she got good publicity. she got good press. hillary clinton as a politician has a goal. she wants good press and this was about benghazi.
5:33 pm
and if you can get cnn out there saying good things about your benghazi testimony it, it worked for her. i'm not saying it was the right thing but it worked. >> because now we know she is coordinating with the media. >> we're talking about it most people in the media are not going to talk about it, and chances are a the will those benghazi questions are going to go away. i'm not agreeing with the coordination. i'm just saying they had a goal, which was to get better publicity out of an awful terror attack with benghazi and the facts were not on their side. and if they can get people in the media to say positive things and send out nice little tweets about her testimony, mission accomplished for them. >> i guess. we will leave it right there, ed. thank you very much. >> good to see. >> you when we come right back, president obama's tragedy to defeat isis in shambles, does the cia have its own plan to actually get the job done? a provocative new documentary that reveals the secrets of the cia as told by those who should know. former directors of the spy agency itself upcoming.
5:34 pm
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. thanks for staying with us tonight for this o'reilly factor special. the war on terror the political equation. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the personal story segment tonight, how far will the cia go to keep
5:38 pm
americans safe? a new documentary airing this saturday on show time the sky masters cia in the crosshairs controversial history and actions. >> you are sitting there in the middle of nowhere in nevada and you are looking at a screen that is televising what looks for all the world like a big video game. and push a button and a pickup truck explodes in afghanistan. half a world away. i mean, if you are bad guys and they are doing us harm, i have no problem with that. now the dark side. you can't be perfect. there is collateral damage we see the jihadi recruitment video that these americans are heartless killers. >> joining us from washington ambassador james the cia director under president clinton and with me in studio chris whipple writer and co-producer of
5:39 pm
sky masters. i understand you have all 12 living former directors on tape. what was the focus of the documentary? >> well, it was an extraordinary experience talking to all 12 of them. and what we really wanted to do was look at the burning issue of the day which is in this brave new world of terrorism with al qaeda and isis and all of the challenges we face, you know, what are the rules of engagement? how far should the cia go to keep us safe? is enhanced interrogation back on the table? is that an option? drone warfare? are we killing more enemy combatants and not capturing enough of them and paying a price in terms of lost intelligence? what are the rules? and how should -- the other thing we want to look at is the humanity of these directors. you know, they are mysterious figures that nobody really understands. we'll want to introduce people to the human beings who run this agency. >> ambassador, you were one of those individuals, one of those human beings. talk to us a little bit how
5:40 pm
data is compiled, annualized and then brought to the president's desk, if you will. >> well, you have both organizational breakdown. there is national security agency. there is cia. there is defense intelligence agency. and then you have been the structure offices with the regional or a substantive focus, such as dealing with asia, east asia or dealing with the middle east. and/or dealing with counter intelligence. doing with terrorism. >> ambassador, what i'm hearing from you there are various agencies that compile the data. is there competition among the agencies for that data and, frankly, to get to the president's desk? >> probably not a lot of competition in that sense. people who work on reconnaissance satellites think their contribution is particularly important and the people who do with the
5:41 pm
cia who run agents think they are particularly important. that's no different than in the army, the armored units being proud of being armored units and the people who are involved in special forces being proud of that et cetera. basically, spies tip off satellites and satellites at this point off spies. they aren't working absolutely individually. they -- when they work effectively they often coordinate with one another and help one another. >> now, chris you interviewed people who were worked under both democrats and republicans. was there distinct difference between the way they handled it and analyzed it? >> it's really remarkable. we refer to it as an almost a battle for the soul of the cia. because there are passionate differences among them as ambassador woolsey well
5:42 pm
knows. on all these subjects, on the enhanced interrogation program that followed 9/11, on the drone warfare program that has actually escalated under president obama at least in its first year, on all of these subjects, and even on what the mission of the cia said today. those who think too much of a paramilitary covert force and that that comes at a price. the price can sometimes be if you are seduced by covert operations the price can be your analysis. bob gates put it this way. imagine how different the world would be if we hadn't gone into iraq. if we had gotten wmds right. you pay a price when you neglect what the agency's original charter was, which is intelligence. >> ambassador, the news of the week. some cia analysts, i believe it was a group of dozens of cia analysts believe that the information that they compiled was either altered or changed on the way to the
5:43 pm
president's desk. they are calling foul on that. is it crazy to think that they can cook the books before it hits the president's desk? >> no, it's not crazy. i don't think it's common. it could happen. it may be happening in this case. if it has happened, then bravo to the people who have made it -- called it out and made it possible investigation. because there is -- i would say with respect to intelligence collection, analysis, and providing it to your boss, there is one absolutely major sin and that is not calling it straight. if you either directly or indirectly get into the business of saying well, what he really wants to hear is such and such, so let's skew this a little bit. you can't do any worse than that. >> that's the accusation, ambassador, that they started with the answer and worked backwards. chris, before we go, rumor confident or less confident that we're safe after this document -- after you put together this documentary? >> well, i would say on the
5:44 pm
one hand, i came away with the encouraged by the fact that the spy masters as we call them and by the way we also talked to a lot of their top operatives and analysts as well. i came away feeling that this is a supremely dedicated -- i mean, you know these people are like saul in homeland. they live it, this breathe it they are doing everything they can to protect us. on the other hand, the threat is very dangerous. >> very real. leave it right there. ambassador wolsy, thank you very much. bill o'reilly grills the republican presidential candidates on their plans to fight back against islamic terror. you don't want to miss this. that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®.
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in the second factor follow-up seeing many tonight, how to defeat isis. chris christie, lindsey graham dr. ben carson and donald trump all recently entered the no spin zone to face bill o'reilly and try to convince americans they have got the plan to do it. >> let's start with the muslim registry controversy. what do you want there? what's your vision? >> well, it's very simple. when they come in from syria, guest of president obama, we shouldn't be taking any because we have no idea where they come from, who they are. they have no paperwork. there is no way of proving that their paperwork is correct. when they come in from syria, i want them to be registered. they have to be registered. we have to watch them because we just don't know who they are. we don't know where they come from. we don't know if they are isis. and we don't know if they have evil intentions. so i want them registered. >> all right, but they will be if they get papers to come here, ice homeland security, we'll know who they are. we will know where they go.
5:49 pm
so what you want is a reality already, is it not? >> no. what i want is i don't want them to come here. we shouldn't be taking anybody. we should do -- well, you shouldn't do it. because we have no idea, ice. do you believe in ice? look what happened to kate. you know kate very well what happened probably better than most what happened in san francisco. >> i don't have any confidence they can vet them. >> and so many others. >> i don't have any confidence they can vet them. >> they won't vet them properly. >> but if it were me, and i were running as a republican, instead of saying i don't want them, i would say i will take some women and children. that puts a humane face on it. and doesn't put us in danger. >> very specifically, doctor, there is a sense of urgency now about isis. how would you defeat the movement or at least beat them back for the time being? >> what i would do is take the war to them very specifically by getting our
5:50 pm
allies in the area, jordan, saudi arabia as well as our nato allies because the war is against all of us. you know, andknow and i would cut off their oil. >> but how do you cut off the oil? how do you -- look jordan's bombing them. egypt is involved with fighting isis. saudi arabia is involved with fighting them in yemen. so you've got to have a plan doc. i mean and i'm -- i'm not seeing any american politicians with a cogent plan at this point, nobody >> the french -- the french have already started bombing the oil fields but i say you have to either destroy the oil fields or you have to take them. >> i think fair-mind people know that we're in trouble. this country is in trouble. >> yes. >> overseas. >> a lot of democrats are afraid to come forward and challenge these policies because where's joe biden, where's hillary clinton? she's for a no-fly zone in
5:51 pm
syria. that's a step in the right direction. jack reid. democratic leader. armed services committee, was scolding the administration don't withdraw all your troops in afghanistan but generally speaking i would say that most democrats don't want anything to do with syria and some republicans, like rand paul and donald trump quite frankly, say just leave it alone. it's not just democrats. there's some republicans. >> but what disturbs me we can't come together in washington and say to president obama whose really out there on foreign policy you've got to stop. okay. all right s.putin crazy, senator graham? i mean is he a loon? haddy is going to shoot at an american fighter? >> the main thing is putin saw an opening and he took it. his guys saw it. he's doubled down on assad. we've abandon our friends in syria, and putin made a smart move. he's got iranians. he's got syrian and russian ground troops. assad is there to stay at our
5:52 pm
national security expense. this is the tale of two presidents. putin who is decisive and obama who is weak and it hurts us for assad to stay in power. the war never ends. he's a magnet for recruitment for isil and syrians are not going to accept him, so the refugees continue to flow. >> you've been adamant in saying no syrian refugees in the garden state. why? >> because i don't trust this president and his homeland security department or state department to vet these folks, just don't. >> what if they send you the newspapers of people that they would like to move into jersey and you had the straight troopers and the intelligence apparatus that you have would that be accept schnabl. >> not sufficient because even the fbi says with his fbi database his fbi director jim comey said we don't have the data on these folks to do the right kind of background checks. >> you would assume 10,000 refugees just a pittance of what they are, okay the people that would come to the united states would be the people that have passports and i.d.s and
5:53 pm
fingerprint checks and all of this. >> they don't even communicate to us. we know that they have been policing refugees in states without even communicate to us here. >> you have refugees from around the world in new jersey that you don't even know about? >> correct. >> the administration places them directly with non-governmental organizations and they do not even give the administration and the state the courtesy -- >> give me an example naff. >> we have about 75 syrian refugees come in since january in new jersey that we why never advised about. >> where are they now? >> trying to fine out by going to the non-governmental organizations. >> like catholic charities? >> but the administration places them directly through those organizationsed. >> and the catholic charities are not obligated to tell you? >> they are not. >> they just showed up. >> i said you don't even show us the courtesy of telling us that you're going to put people into our states and you're doing it already anyway. >> appreciate you coming in as always. thank you. >> thank you, bill.
5:54 pm
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but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? in the back of the book segment tonight, keeping america safe. in the wake of the paris terror attacks security and confronting the terror threat has taken center stage with the presidential candidates perhaps no one more so than donald trump. >> radical islamic terrorists, that's what you have. that's what you have. and oshima refuses to use the
5:57 pm
word. i don't get it. we can't leet it happen anywhere. we have to be strong. we have to be smart. we have to be fair. we have to be fair to all sides and it's tough. you know if you're muslim so many are so the great, they are such great people but we have to be smart. there's something going on. i'm most militaristic person on the stage but you have to know when to attack and when. okay? >> joining us now to analyze how the fight against isis is impacting the 2016 campaign. professor larry sbabto from the university of virginia and center for politics. larry, you heard that right there. he's a tough talker. it seems to be resonating. >> yes, and he's one of the winners of the fact that suddenly terrorism is at the top of the agenda replacing the economy and a lot of other topics. it's not that anybody thinks he's an experts in the middle east or strategy to legal about
5:58 pm
imiss, that's something they didn't see from the white house, particularly president obama, in the last week. >> so the numbers rise as a terror threat toe it seals like it's more imminent. who was the bev policy to combat tiror in america, especially --? >> i guess you've got to look at appearance. several has had trev service and job bush suggests pause of ties to two other family members and having many of the same advisers he would be in a good position. minor conditions like-language has had more experience and though you're at 2% or less you
5:59 pm
would think he could capitalize. >> lindsey graham seems to be the most military when it comes to taste and white. why is that? >> because. we has we iall are thinking about what hanley lodge lon is sln an. there was a teacher in central iowa who put it well by saying i don't know if i want donald trump to be president but certainly want someone like donald trump to be president. >> right any they seem to be on a path of their own. thank you very much. that's it for tonight. thank you for watching the special "factor" special. we hope you and you're
6:00 pm
thanksgiving have -in-the--in-the- -in-the--in-the- breaking tonight. terror at home as president obama tries to calm the fears of americans on edge. president obama and homeland security secretary jeh johnson both addressing the nation today, telling the nearly 47 million americans traveling to be with their families this holiday to follow your plans but be vigilant. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm sandra smith in for mekin' kelly. with isis threats threatening our nation's capital and big apple law enforcement officials in cities across the nation are not messing around this


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