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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 26, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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from the hit show survivor to turbulent time on "the view." elisabeth hasselbeck gives us low down on background. amazing stories behind much of our fox news talent. >> your grandfather started an italian restaurant, right? you were the hat check girl. >> i was. >> who was the biggest star you interviewed? >> probably robert plant. >> zeppelin. it's did you know that and it starts right now. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone.
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the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor. it's our did you know that spectacular. for the next hour, we will showcase the back stories of fox's fascinating talent and there is plenty of it. beginning with "fox & friends" co-anchor elisabeth hasselbeck and fox business anchor melissa francis.
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you meet your husband tim quarterback on the team. >> wasn't what i envisioned. i thought i had that role figured out and it's not what i thought i would be dating. i was holding down two jobs, work study. i was playing softball for a division one team. >> he was an annoyance. >> he would actually met in an ice tub. he was icing and i was icing my shoulder. >> you were both de-icing after athletic events? >> yeah. >> so then he gets to the pros? >> yes. >> did you have to go to the games and sit there. >> i loved the games. >> you did. >> you should see me at the redskins game. >> you can't say redskins anymore. >> i just did. >> that team in washington. then you jump into the public consciousness by going on survivor australia. ♪ ♪ >> designing shoes. and then one of the designers i worked with proposed a challenge hey why don't we sign up for this game where they drop you in the middle of nowhere and see how you fend. >> best part about survivor? >> learned who i was alone. >> who is that? >> really someone that needs god.
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>> you need god? >> i'm at 46. >> what was coming in? >> probably about 113. >> i'm just feeling as though my stomach is eating itself. >> you come in fourth place in survivor? >> you have got to remind me that i didn't win. >> no. that's pretty. good there is a lot of people running around naked in the jungle. >> i had clothes on for the most part. >> fourth pretty good. firsty, people liked you. you get into tv and then you get hired by "the view" as -- and you are a traditional, conservative woman; is that accurate? >> accurate. >> so then you have to go up against rosie o'donnell. roll the tape. >> not defend me. i asked if you believe. >> you answered your own question. i don't believe that your suggestion was right. >> since september? >> yes. >> i have told you i support the truth. >> i did the same for you. >> i asked you if you believed what the republican pundits were saying you said
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nothing and that's cowardly. >> no, no, no. >> that is cowardly. >> no, no, no. do not call me cured. because number one i sit here every single day, open my heart and tell people exactly what i believe. >> so do i, elizabeth. >> do not call me a coward. >> that argument ensued because miss o'donnell said something that some believed compared the terrorists to u.s. troops. >> yes. that was her last day. i did actually reach out to her had. i'm not a person who wants to be angry with or have someone angry with me. i tried to function it i think that's my natural personality tried to fix it with good intent and never heard back from her. >> so then you are on "the view" and you pretty much had enough, right? >> um, i actually love a challenge. i didn't love is that it didn't operate as much as a unit and you i feel blessed to be part of a unit now. >> people jockeying for air time not an easy time to do. >> i was able to have great i individual relationships with everyone there including rosie o'donnell. >> good over there on "the view" and you loved whoopi
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and barbara and i mean behar that's a problematic person right there. >> some would say. [ laughter ] >> the niceness, everyone, so then you leave "the view" to come to fox. >> you can also make it alcoholic. this will cheer you up. so you can do either one. >> that's liquor. >> hey, whatever works. >> i have always considered fox news my home, you know. i was thankful to roger ailes for the opportunity to come here even on visits when i would come and do a piece here and there. >> we would have you on once in a while. >> i felt as though i was coming home. feels as though every morning get in the car and excited where i was going. wasn't always the case going to "the view" despite there that i had great friends individually. >> why wasn't it always the case? >> i just didn't feel. >> did you feel they ganged up on you. >>. no i'm fine standing solo. i stood on a log 8 hours. i'm okay to be alone in the midst of a storm. >> i have got to tell you, elizabeth, when i was on "the view" it felt like i was sitting on a log for
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eight hours. it felt like i was talking to logs. >> i don't want to sit here now. i don't. tomorrow's headline. >> you are outraged that muslims killed us on 9/11? >> i hope i'm not included. >> no, no. >> i sat next to behar. >> it was a treat to work with the women that i did and i learned a ton from barbara walters. she is a spectacular, talk about 10 years mastering a skill. >> barbara is okay. >> watching the best of the best. >> maybe we should go back. >> no. we have to. >> but i'm afraid. >> look, as long as we are together, nothing is going to happen. come on. >> oh. my leg. i think it's broken. >> what do i do? >> i don't know. i got to go back. >> no, you can't. i have to. they will never find us here. you could die.
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>> no. no. >> wow. but everything turned out okay. and here now is melissa francis. author of the book "diary of a stage mother's daughter." we will start there. your mom,you were living out in l.a., right? she was very ambitious for you, right? >> yes. i had the hollywood version of a tiger mom which was a stage mother at the time who sort of pushed me relentlessly in a lot that i did. people out there can relate to that someone who drives very hard. >> so you are 8 years old and do you this show for two years. >> yep. >> was it enjoyable? was it fun? >> you know. i loved acting as a kid and i always laugh when you see child actors who say their parents forced them to do it. it's a lot of work to. get a kid to memorize the lines, hit your mark, cooperate. my kids wouldn't cooperate like that i loved it. >> you were doing it. it was fun for you to do. michael langdon treat you okay. >> he was wonderful. he was like santa claus and
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god rolled into one. >> show was a big hit. did you know were in a hit show. did you have an attitude as a kid? >> no. it was actually very embarrassing for me. i gold to the mall. you walk down the mall and everyone would turn. you know what that's like. >> i have never been to the mall. but i can assume that you were mobbed and cassandra is here. >> right, right. >> you were educated privately a lot of times? >> no. i was in regular school. >> you were in regular school. >> i made straight a's in school the whole time. >> you got into harvard. >> that's right. >> l.a. to boston to go to harvard. >> yes, did i. >> very impressive. did you have an uncle that went to harvard or anything. >> no. >> i think this there are big little house fans there. >> straight a's all the way along. >> did you get a's at harvard, too. >> some, some, yeah. >> so you go to harvard which, b easy to get into, and then you wanted to be a tv journalist right away? >> i did. so i used to do internships.
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i actually interned at the local fox affiliate in l.a. first, that was the first thing i ask. carol breashears out there gave me my first shot. i went home with a migraine. everyone screams at each other there is a deadline and everyone races for it. i thought this is fantastic. i'm going to do this. >> jody foster went to yale and went back to acting. so you didn't want to go back to act being. >> no. >> serious tv journalist. so you you here you are at fox news how did you get here. >> a guy named jack gave me a shot because he thought because i had been on television that i could somehow do news. he didn't realize it couldn't be further from the same thing. acting you have lines, a million rehearsals, somebody else is telling you what to say. >> you are crying all the time. so wmur your first job and then you went where. >> i got fired from that job actually. >> what do you? >> i did the first live shot and you look out and it's just all you, baby. there is no script or anything. i bombed.
8:10 pm
i was terrible. they fired me. >> right on the spot they fired you for one bad live shot. >> new person took over. no, i did a couple live bad shots. >> i did 85,000 bad shots. i never got fired but they said maybe there is a better station for you. >> i picked myself up and kept going. >> where did you go. >> rhode island, maine, connecticut. >> you did the whole thing. >> i finally made it here for my dream job. >> you really wanted to work for fox news. >> yes. >> and that's because of me. >> absolutely. what else can i possibly say at this point. it's all but. >> it's amazing story. particularly the odd desi from the little kid running around crying. >> right. >> to the fox business network where you are crying about the stock market. >> i am. and my kids come to me and they cry and make up the fake tears and i have got to look at them and say that's terrible. when i was your age i was paid for doing that that's awful go. work on that. did. >> did you know that the late rocker joey maroney
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fox news anchor bill hammer, seems to be kind of a raised in a home that was
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traditional would you say? >> i would say it was a traditional conservative catholic family. >> and you started to work as i did very early? >> between the ages of 16 and 20. i had 16 jobs. the first interesting job i landed was the sports producer in cincinnati, ohio. >> the anchorman was jerry springer. >> yes, he was. he was our newscaster. he was minus man. i got the age at age 20, 2 1, making 9 i can't understand -- grand a year. >> you become on air guy in cincinnati. >> the bulls won until tonight. >> and then you quit? >> yeah. >> why did you quit? >> i had my mid life crisis at age 26. >> and i had saved $15,000. and my grand-am biggs in the world was to backpack around the world before i turned 30. i took my dream job in my hometown and left it on the table. that was a big risk that i took. it was china and it was vietnam. it was indonesia, india, nepal. >>s that's a real -- you
8:16 pm
showed up at mother teresa's clinic what did you do there? >> i spent two weeks there and observed what was going on at the mother house and the various clinics throughout calcutta. it's a very complicated town. >> did you ever get to speak to mother teresa? >> i did. and i don't really remember the content of the conversation. >> she wasn't scolding you, was she? >> no, i don't think so. not that time. >> what i did observe rather acutely was the number of people who came from all over the world to get this close to that woman. >> she was a saint. >> at the time a living saint. she was aware of it, bill. >> i wish i had met her. i never had the opportunity. you come off your world trip. how long did the world trip take? >> i was gone 10 months. >> 10 months. and then you get an agent in new york. the agent takes your tape to cnn. they hire you just because they like the way you look. >> listen, i do an audition in atlanta and they test your skills. part of the reason why they decided to hire me is because i could turn my
8:17 pm
resume over and write down all the countries i had traveled to. >> sure, that's invaluable. >> if you want to see how much change is taking place, all you have to do is walk down this street in saigon. >> then you quit cnn? >> they wanted me it to go work at the white house as a senior white house correspondent and i had just moved to new york. this was the town where i wanted to live. >> so you didn't want to do that? >> i didn't want to do that. >> so you resigned? >> yes. and i resigned from there and i have been following the history of roger ailes for several years. >> so then you get a meeting with ailes. >> um-huh. >> not easy. >> listen. >> i didn't get a meeting with him. he doesn't even know who i am. i have been here 19 years. >> listen, it is not easy to crack the lineup for the the new york yankees. >> this man here i see on tv doing it but it was for another channel. >> ailes likes you and he puts you with maccallum because nobody would work with her. >> a lot of emails on bill hemmer and welcome to america's newsroom. >> a lot of emails, indeed.
8:18 pm
good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. >> when you come from another cable network to fox it is a substantial change to your professional life the way the business is set up here at fox under ailes we don't have the employees that these other networks have. we do so much more with so fewer people. >> that's because we are so much smarter than they are. we don't need all those people. >> your parents have been married for 52 years. >> 54 years coming up in august. >> you better give them a nice present, hemmer, you cheap frup. >> i love them to death. they are my favorite people in the world. i am so appreciative of the example. >> they must be proud of you, hemmer. don't say anything else. me they must be very proud of you. >> janice dean enters the no spin zone to talk about life before the fox news channel. >> i worked at the ila. an officer that you take that the c looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles.
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welcome back to this special feature of the o'reilly factor. did you know that janice dean used to give out parking tickets and hobnob with rock stars? did you know that? roll the tape. >> so there you are little janice being raised outside of ottawa, canada the capital. >> um-huh, yes. >> what's the difference between canada and the u.s.a.? >> not much. i guess healthcare is a big issue in canada and we did leave our doors open at night. >> no problem with crime. >> no. >> go to school? good student? >> very good student. liked the math and sciences. >> didn't misbehave like i did. >> not until maybe later high school. >> then you get into journalism school? >> carlton university. a very prestigious. >> you drop out? >> i dropped out within probably three or four months. >> why?
8:23 pm
>> because i heard i wasn't going to get on camera or do any reports or learn how to write the news until fourth or fifth year. i'm like i'm out of here. >> you drop out of school and get a job as a cop? >> i actually during high school i worked at the bila enforcement department of city hall. >> what is that. >> again a canadian thing. basically a job that you take that the cops won't do. so, dog calls, barking dogs, loud noise calls, all of those jobs that nobody likes to see you, you know, near their car or near their dog. >> so you are kind of like a cop jr.? >> i started out as dispatcher and they all say to me that i began my broadcasting career doing that. >> car 54 where are you you, consumer that? >> right. i have a 1064 on the loose. hunt club. >> your police career goes by the wayside and you become a dj. >> i went to college which allowed me to take radio broadcast journalism.
8:24 pm
my teachers were in the industry. i was already networking when i got in there right out of college, i went to the local radio station shae 106 which is a classic rock station. >> had 0 minutes of continuous classic rock on shae 106.1. >> i started as community events. dj overnights the weekend and then i was midday. >> what radio station are you listening to. >> 106. >> good man. >> spinning tunes, led zeppelin. >> i understand rod stewart actually sang you a song in person. >> i was in the audience doing a sound check and he looked -- i was the only one there. and he had had to sing to somebody. >> so he sang to you. >> he sang to me. >> have i told you lately? >> um. >>um you are bigger than he is, you know that? >> well, i'm taller than he is. >> you are a little guy. you go through all of that and you finally get to new york city. >> um-huh. >> to work for imus. >> who is completely insane but very successful man, imus. >> i agree. for him i did two auditions. i was working in ottawa.
8:25 pm
and as a dare i applied for this job to work for imus as his entertainment reporter and to write the news for his news man charles. i did two auditions and i got the job. >> our little friend janice dean and what was the matter with you on friday by the way? >> i threw out my back. >> how did you -- i don't even want to know. >> picking up your lunch pale? >> funny. i have had a enough of that. >> and then how did you get to fox news channel? >> i was working part time at another station to supplement my income at wcbs new york. i met a wonderful makeup artist there you don't look very happy? what do you want to do with your life? >> i don't know. i don't feel like i'm in the right job. she said give me your tape. i'm going to bring it over to fox. i work over there as well. she brought my tape to fox who brought it to another makeup artist and somehow
8:26 pm
she gave my tape to mr. ailes' office here i am. you know what i tell people? you never know what your job is going to come from. teach people with respect and the way you would want to be treated. that's how i got in here. >> they hire you here to do the weather. >> they needed a daytime weather person here so i went back to school. >> you went back to weather school? >> now you are a meteorologist here at fox news? >> all day wednesday is going to be@k mess. >> you write children's books the why do you do that. >> i do that to teach kids about weather. it's important to teach kids at a young age why things happen in the atmosphere. weather can be scary and if can you sit down with your kids and talk about why weather happens with parents, teachers, it takes the scare out of weather. i have three books thought. third one comes out in july it's a hurricane book. it talks about why things happen and how you can prepare in advance. >> janice dean, everybody, did you know that? >> thank you. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. maria bart roam gets a song written about h
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terrorist attacks. 130 people were killed in paris november 13th and 224 people lost their lives in the october 31st bombing of a russian passenger jet flying out of egypt. >> a california farm is recalling a vegetable mix after the fda identified it as a possible source of an e coli outbreak. the celery fix has sold at costco, sickening 19 people at seven states. >> did you know that segment tonight? fox business anchor maria bartiromo as you may know, 199 a she became the first reporter ever to report on television live from the floor of the new york stock exchange. 2008, she won an emmy for her coverage of the financial collapse. 2010 she won another emmy. but it was a song by punk rocker joey ramon that
8:32 pm
really turned some heads. >> ♪ i watch you every day ♪ i watch her every day ♪ she is really ♪ maria bartiromo ♪ maria bartiromo ♪ maria bartiromo. >> all right. and here she is. joey are are ramone. how did that'. >> i started reporting from the floor. he started emailing me. he was a big investor. most people don't know joey ramone was avid investor knowing what he was doing. started asking me about stock pics. i started talking to him as a viewer. he sends me a email as a viewer i wrote a song but i want you to come down to see
8:33 pm
me. i will sing it. i said wow, please call me. i realized who i was dealing with with he was going on stage at 1:00. in at the time i was going on 5:00 every morning. >> i regret not telling him. >> that was a nice compliment. mr. ramone did die from cancer. you are like a saturday night feefer person. >> exactly. >> and your grandfather started italian restaurant, right? >> that's right. >> you were the hat check girl? >> i was. >> wow? >> my grandfather came to this country. that's my father. this picture is my father. he was taking out his 1,313th cheesecake of the day. my dad worked for grandfather. my dad took over the restaurant. i was coat check girl. it was amazing upbringing. tv in the background. that's me at 4 and a half. >> how were you. >> i must have been 16. >> you were catholic school girl. >> yeah. >> and then you were a bookie. you became a bookie. >> i was not a bookie.
8:34 pm
>> i worked on saturdays during school. >> that's gambling. >> it was a really good job. it paid great, i loved it my mom worked there. >> a guy named fat lowe working with you. >> no. >> you weren't a bookie. i will cross that off. you are working your whole life. hat check. you go to nyu. you get a degree. >> that's right. >> how do you break in to big time tv. >> when i was at nyu i got a cnn to get points for my senior year. i really wanted to work for abc, cbs, nbc. i thought these were the real -- what's cnn it was a fledgely news channel. what i didn't realize is we were beginning to do something that nobody else was. that was covering the first gulf war as it was happening. i was the production assistant in business news at cnn business news. lou dobbs was my boss. >> that must have been terrible. [ laughter ] >> did you have a cross that you carried. >> i grew up with the lou
8:35 pm
dobbs school of journalism and he was fantastic. he was dedicated to excellence. >> you got into the fabric of cnn. how did you get behind the camera. >> i studied economics and after five years at cnn business news lowe wanted to redo the whole assignment desk that would have put me back on the overnights as senior producer for the morning show. i realized i had hit ceilings at cnn. the only place i wanted to work was cnbc because they were the only one that respected business information didn't just give you the dow nasdaq. i sent the tape to cnbc. he this said we like your tape a lot. we need to you meet the president. the new president is coming in next week. weave want to set up an interview with you. that president was roger ailes. >> who is the boss here. >> yes. >> he makes lou dobbs look like the pills bury doe boy. tough guy. >> roger is amazing and i love them. >> your parents are still alive in brooklyn. >> yes. >> he they're watching right
8:36 pm
now. >> they are my biggest fans great to have these pictures. >> nice traditional italian family. you went out with john travolta. >> no. >> i saw doing the dance with the hand. that wasn't you? >> hard work. that's what i learned from my family hard working and it really paid off for me for sure. >> joey ramone, everyone. >> now you know i'm cool. >> i thought you were cool before that. >> you did? >> dobbs no, but you, yeah. maria bartiromo, everybody, there she is. when we come right back, did you know that a fox news correspondent once advised johnny
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bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. thanks for staying with us, i'm y he thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the did you know that segment tonight, the fox business network has a hit show called strange inheritance anchored bytw jamie colby. she has an amazing story a that features the legendary comedian johnny carson. >> you were raised in forest hills, queens, one of the boroughs of new york city, middle class home, right? working class home? >> working class. >> okay. then you move to miami, florida, why? >> when i was 1, my parents
8:41 pm
got divorced and my mom relocated with us closer to my grandparents. my brother and i moved down there. and life went on. >> you were a good student, right? >> i think so. >> all right. but you also worked. you were a burger king employee who was so successful you, i understand, were in a commercial with a rock group. >> casey and the sunshine band ♪ that's the way i like it ♪ um-huh >> one of my favorites. anyway, you are in high school. for a minute, this is true. all of a sudden you are in college. how did you skip high school? >> so the university of miami offered me the opportunity to see if somebody my age could socially, not so much, and academically achieve college degree without a high school diploma. and so they let me in at 14. >> how did they know about you. >> i was an excellent student, bill. >> so they were looking for kids, go ahead. >> i was extremely curious. i worked hard. i had finished all my credits and i was ready to go to college they thought. >> at 14 you were that far head of your classmates in
8:42 pm
high school. >> definitely. >> you were in the university of miami. and then you graduate right? >> did i graduate. i do have that diploma. >> from college but you don't have a high school degree. >> i still don't have a high school degree. >> still don't have one. >> i don't. don't hold it against me. i'm here at fox i made it. >> very lenient guide there. then you go to the law school at the university of miami. >> i will tell you why i went to law school. i wanted to be an accountant. makes no sense but i did. i wasn't old enough to take the cpa exam i was only 19 years old when i graduated from college. i got talked into law school. you graduate from law school at age 22? >> yes, sir. >> you get a job with johnny carson. >> i did. ♪ >> i was sitting in somebody's office that i had been introduced to. i had sent 500 resumes. bush came walking in how are you doing? >> that's carson's manager. >> i was so impressed. >> he said what are you doing here? i said looking for work.
8:43 pm
he said what do you want to do i said i want to work for you he said come see me at 11:00 tomorrow. i think he was being polite. i showed up at 11:00 and i got the job. >> what did the job with johnny carson entail? >> i had to go to the tonight show every single night. dave letterman was first getting his start joan rivers was filling. in it was probably the most exciting time to be around johnny carson. it was a privilege. >> let's turn this dump over, report? >> his businesses outside of the tonight show, you were involved with that. >> i think he saw in me somebody very curious anxious committed and loyal. which i am, i'm a loyal person. >> you work with joan rivers, advising her? >> loved joan rivers. >> yeah. >> there was only one joan rivers. >> how do you go from advising the stars to becoming a fox news correspondent? how does that happen? >> an agent that i had worked with as an attorney called and said you can fill on for somebody on maternity leave at nbc? can you read a teleprompter
8:44 pm
i was like piece a cake. i had no idea how to read a teleprompter. bad, bill, deer in the headlights. two days in i realized i could help people better than i had ever helped people as an attorney. i loved it. >> i remember in 9/11 you were actually inside the twin towers covering a local story when it hit. >> as i reached our truck i scrambling for cover. second blast what could happen next. >> i knew like my life would never be the same. >> you are reporting what happened in realtime when did you get out of there? >> not soon enough. i basically ran after a police officer whose name i wish with i had -- he said you need to leave. officer i'm doing my job like you are and then i heard creek, creek. he said the building is coming down. and then i ran. somebody grabbed me from the back of my jacket and pulled me in to another news van. three hours later id up at saint vincent's hospital
8:45 pm
with a lung injury. >> that's unbelievable story. you are a big star because you are on the fox business channel with strange inheritance where people are given things by those who pass away. >> you name it that's a lot of fun. >> it really is i love to meet these families. o> what's the strangest far. >> a bug collection worth a million dollars. >> a bug collection worth a million dollars. >> that's creepy cash. >> somebody tells you are sitting on how much in terms of value? >> the collection was assessed between a or $6 million. >> for bugs? >> did you know that? you didn't know that thanks, jamie for coming in. >> you are welcome. thank you. >> ahead, what is john roberts really a canadian roberts really a canadian heart throb? it's here,
8:46 pm
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8:49 pm
did you know that segment tonight, fox news correspondent john roberts he achieved success at cbs news before he came to fnc. but in his d earlyid tha careere was a big pop music guy in canada. i didn't know that. >> so you were a canadian guy. >> by birth. >> by birth. get a tough blow when you are a little kid. your father dies? >> i was a years old when he passed away. >> your mom raises you and two siblings, correct? >> he did. my father dies. doesn't leave her any money to take care of herself or the kids she goes to work as a cashier in a local pharmacy. she is making about $90 a week. and managed, too, just out of shear force of will and prudence and a real sense of thriftiness keep a roof over our heads, keep clothes on our back and was able to bring us all up pretty well, i think. >> you go to college but you don't graduate from college? >> correct. >> because you wanted to be a dj, right? >> i wanted to be in radio. the people who are on the
8:50 pm
radio were kind of like my idols. i thought i want to do that i wanted to be a doctor. when i look back it now i say why wasn't i a doctor. let me see if i can get to the top radio station in the country infantry in two years. >> i got there in 18 months not too bad maybe i should keep doing that. >> you are in the top radio in
8:51 pm
said no problem, made me the anchor of the 10:00 show. i got hired by cbs the brand new o and o. >> many women have had the procedure and many wound up on opposing sides of the aborlgs issue. >> then you work up in the traditional way and get to cnn.
8:52 pm
>> i went to miami and to canada to host the morning show and cbs. worked as a reporter there for a while. became the chief white house correspondent. and the anchor of the sunday evening news and filled in for dan rather. >> hurricane dennis came ashore this afternoon. a category three storm. >> why from cbs to cnn? how did that transition go? >> they made a bunch of changes. they decided katie couric was going to be the anchor. >> it was in that transition. >> it was in all of that transition that i would probably find a better home somewhere else. >> you go to cnn and it's like the witness protection program. you are over there and then come over to fox, the big dog. >> yeah. >> for christie conservatives their chance to road test the candidates. >> final thing your mom would be proud of you. she died when? >> 2010. >> how did your mother process your success?
8:53 pm
>> she was just very happy that i actually did something with my life. >> that you weren't in prison. >> that's the same thing with me, how come you are not in jail. >> and then the last thing she said 0 to me, why are you not a doctor. she was happy with the way things turned out. >> thank you for being with us. >> did you know that? >> did you know that? fox news get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. we danced in a german dance group. i wore when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland.
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8:55 pm
to protect this country have a home in this country. did you know that 8 a.m. eastern time on fnc
8:56 pm
i guess it is a liberal city if you look at the headlines. but it is as well. >> your father a quarterback before you were born appeared in three super bowls. actually threw a touchdown pass in one of them for the vikings. >> bob lee, quarterback for the vikings for four years came in and turned things around and won five straight. >> him being a famous football player, did that affect you as a child? >> i think it did. he instilled the value of practice and repetition and you could have a certain amount of talent but you need to practice on a regular basis. he was our little league baseball coach and we practiced a lot. >> you went to the university of santa barbara, california. swanky school. >> i don't know. i was a double major and i was a little nerd. hard to believe but i spent a lot of hours at the library. >> double major in what. >> english and global and
8:57 pm
international studies. >> all right. you graduate and you are working in a variety of jobs. what made you transition in to journalism? >> in the back of my mind i always want to be writer. my grandfather was a journalist for the associated press. she said in a pwith the /* /- i the platoon with the american sniper. >> that was a successful platoon. my husband was the platoon chief, the officer that went on the missions. he did a lot of work with chris kyle. >> this is in iraq? >> specifically in ramadi. >> what did he tell you about kyle? what was the deal there? >> i think they were colorful personalities. that's for sure. when blake reflects back on his
8:58 pm
time in iraq, he reflects back on the missions that were not quite as successful. he talks a lot about chris kyle's success and their success as a team. >> you get to fox news. not an easy thing to do. >> no. >> i'm not saying that because everybody wants to work here because we have the most successful, i think, news operation in the world right w now. how did that happen in how did you get over in were you just lucky. >> i think i was lucky and a lot of good timing as well. we did a lot of on-line videos for the e-business world. i was looking at the cnbc in ploomberg and saw everyone i was interviewing was interviewing with those networks as well. i will toss my hat in the ring and maybe they will consider me, who knows. i have applied and i got rejected and that made sense to me. i had no experience. what can i do for the next six months that could give me a
8:59 pm
little better resume. when we asked that question, i get the feedback that it's not just my lack of experience it's my voice. it's my accent. >> your accent? >> that i have a tough accent. >> valley girl accent. >> are you hearing that right now? >> i don't know. i'm trying to figure out what accent. you are from san francisco. >> i was too. my full name is jennifer lee. i always went by jennifer lee until i got 0 to fok. i found out there was another jennifer lee who applied and they had never seen my reel. by following up, they saw the reel. >> got you mixed up with somebody else who had an accent. >> who had an accent. >> outrageous. then they team you up with john scott. >> welcome to what is happening now. i'm jenna lee. >> i'm john scott. >> i have known him since world war ii. we were on "inside edition" today. he's a problem. i don't know what you should do.
9:00 pm
>> any advice. >> lock him in the basement? >> i tried that. >> thank you for coming in. >> that's it for us tonight. thank you for watching this special edition of "the factor." i'm bill o'reilly >> this hour, when he talks, washington listens. charles krauthammer -- his uniquely american story. his journey from md to the pulitzer prize, how he overcame a devastating accident with the determination to lead a life that matters. hello. i'm bret baier, and i hope you'll enjoy watching this "fox news reporting" special as much as we enjoyed making it. fox viewers know where charles krauthammer sits on the panel, and they probably know his position on most issues. but we bet there's a lot you don't know about the all-star panelist, syndicated columnist, harvard trained psychiatrist, and even occasional baseball analyst. we think you should, even if the


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