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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  November 29, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> brand new details of a police officer who opened fire in a planned parenthood clinnick ohio. the suspect held without bail in colorado springs as investigators dig in his past. the city's mayor saying it is too soon to talk about why he did it. but he said that people can make inferences and where it took place. meaning the clinic. the clinic provides women's health including abortion. robert dear fired shots outside
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and inside wounding several and killing three others in a stand off that lasted six hours. one of the victims was a police officer garrett swaze. he was devoted to his job and his family and christian faith. will, where does the investigation stand right now? it is it a broad investigation. and investigators are on the ground inside of the planned parent hood and on deer's property two hours to the west. they are tight- lipped about what if anything they found on the property. deazjhql previously lived in no carolina in a mountain cabin. it had no electricity or water. it had a crooked cross hanging from one of the walls. neighbors say dear never talked
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about religion or abortion. but nbc news is saying that he told investigators that no more baby parts in reference over the controversy of planned parent hood discussing fetal issue for research. why they are questioning him in custody. he has a criminal will history in south carolina arrested for domestic violence and animal cruelty. he was married 15 years ago and divorced. his exwife said she has not talked to him a long time. there is a number of vigils for all of the victims including officer swa ze. and the other two civilians shot and killed will be identified hopefully by monday. >> we are making news, you are telling us that this is reported by investigators that the reason possibly he went in and shot at
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planned parent hood was over abortion? because investigators have maintained they didn't necessarily have a clear motive and they would spend the weekend doing more investigating before dear appears in court, correct. >> reporter: that is a report that is out there right now, that he has mentioned about the baby parts being out there. evidently he said a lot of things to investigators and they are trying to sort it all out as they continue to question him. >> will the latest incident of gun sprls sparking reaction from the political world? > reporter: it didn't take long for the statements. president obama said this is not normal and can't let it to become normal. if we offer up our prayers with god knows how many times with a truly clean conscience.
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we have to do about the suggest about the weapons was war on our streets to people who have no business weilding them. period, enough is enough. >> it is 100+ie++ percent suppo colorado springs and first responders. and the leadership team and give them every manner of support we can. >> reporter: also ordering flags at half staff in the entire state. >> will carr, thank you very much. >> nine deaths blamed on a severe storm stretching from oklahoma, kansas and texas. freezing rain and blanketing highways with ice. and flood waters sweeping cars off of the road.
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janis has the latest. >> unfortunately we'll get the freezing rain and sleet overnight. we have moisture from the gulf of mexico and streaming moisture fromñi the pacific. what was tropical storm sandra and then freezing line over the central u.s. and cold air bep hipped. it the last 24 hours has seen ice from texas, oklahoma and kansas and missouri and we'll get another batch overnight tonight. and behind the cold air and another snow storm on the way. current temperatures, the cooler air and much colder air. and ahead of it warmer and unstable air pass in the southern plains and the ingredients coming together for an ice storm that we have seen for the last couple of days now. forecast temperatures, it will
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be around the freezing mark around portions of the central and southern plains. and then we have the next batch tuesday. t row weather monday this looks like a snow maker. winter weather advisories over eight states and an ice storm warning for central oklahoma where there is a lot of power outage reports. people are urged to look at the weather foreof the and freezing rain for kansas and missouri. it is it a trying night tonight and tomorrow. and the flooding potential. we see flash flooding. and more snow on the back side of this monday and tuesday. and as we head in to sunday, freezing rain will let up, julie but still dealing with icy continues in the u.s. mainly a rain story over the
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ohio and mississippi river valleys and the next storm bringing a snow event and colder air over wx northern and central planes. winter is here. >> i have friends in vermont reporting snow and they are getting ready for me. >> you are a snow lover, my friend. >> it has been in the 60s in new york. we'll see what i can do. >> thank you see much. >> and security is tight in paris and all of france. the country's interior minister said a thousand people have not been allowed to enter the country following the paris attacks. 15000 policeman the northern part and frances border. more people are under house arrest. >> there is a ñrñimanhunt for t
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men on the run. salal abslam and momohammed a bringi. there is a warrant for his arrest. hi, benjamin. >> reporter: yes, julie, the city is trying to get back to normal. a complete lock down and subway and shots are all closed. they reduced it to 4 or 3. an attack may be possible but not imminent. but here, people are on edge. things are back to normal and christmas shoppers are out today. they are trying to their best. paris, they came out to pay homage to the people who died two weeks ago. and theñr president hollande nod
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the 130 were younger than 35 and enjoying a friday night of music, drinks and sport. the youngest was 17 and the oldest 68. he sounded defiant and vowing to find the attackers wherever they might be. here he is speaking. >> i without rest france will protect its children and promise you that france will remain herself as the dead loved her and wished her to remain. >> reporter: one of the attackers they have not found was salah abdesslam. a sixth person was accused of working with the culprits but did not say whether he was still at large.
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salah abdesslam got away. and it is two weeks since the attack happen. he was leld by police and got away. he's thought to be going to syria the other one was muhammed a brimdini. and he was seen using the vehicle. and the people are looking out for the main attackers. and trying to ask themselves questions of what went wrong and what can we change. multiculturialism. and security in europe and the world is in the ñrforefront of people's minds. interesting times ahead. >> certainly. tha thank you very much. ben carson wrapping up his trip to jordan. he met with refugee fleeing the
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bloody war after facing criticism over his foreign policy. >> and how one military mom helped out our servicemen and women who couldn't be home for thanksgiving. she opened up her heart and home and cooked up to a big feast. >> these young men and women have written a blank check for theq and the case of that, could we peel an extra ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa.
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he celebrated mass in front of the faithful. francis is feeling the love on the first trip to africa. he will head to the central african republic tomorrow. >> incredible man. fox news is american's news headquarters and dr. been carson said middle eastern nation should be responsible for taking the millions of refugees. he spent the last couple of days? jordan and he met with syrian families live nothing a refugee camp. the media was not allowed to accompany him. kristin, why it ben carson want to make the trip to jordan? >> julie. ben caps wanted to see the refugee crisis with his own eyes and his campaign wants seen
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overseas. foreign policy is not his strength and see this is an attempt to beef up the foreign policy credentials. he said until it is safe for them return home jordan is a save place to wait. the jordan needs the world to help and feed and care for the refugees. carson is opposed to allowing them in the u.s. but thinks that the u.s. needs to help. >> another candidate who didn't take a thanksgiving day is donald trump. what did he have to say? >> she slammed the currentxd senator and former goff gochlt he singled out rubio for missing a homeland security after the terror attacks in paris. >> right after the paris attack,
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they had a very important meeting on homeland security and rubio didn't go. he went to a fund raiseener los angeles. he told you people, i am going to fight. but the seat is not warm and he's running for another office. >> and democrats, took a few days off for thanksgiving. they will be in new hampshire for the jefferson jackson dinner. >> never a dull moment. >> a man accused of pulling a gun and shooting a waitress in the head all oaf a cigarette. more on this shocking crime s&h% straight ahead. and plus. protestors are accusing chicago officials of a city wide cover up. that's still ahead. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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>> a map in mississippi accused of killing a waitress. he tried to light up and when the victim asked him not to, he pull out a handgun and shot her in the head. he is facing murder charges. the waitress asked patrons who spent her last moments how they liked thanksgiving. >> and a white chicago police officer, shotyb+"pj killed a blk teenager last year, according to the reporting of the chicago
2:22 am
tribune p. the judge ordered police to release dash cam video more than a year after it happen. it appears to show the officer shooting the teen 16 times. it sparked massive protest. they shut down the main shopping district. >> brian. the officer was charged with first-degree murder. what are demonstrators demanding now? >> they are demanding that the police superintendant and the state prosecutor a nitta alvaez to resign. they are outragedgyn$q÷ it took months with murder when it shows him unjustly shooting a 17-year-old black male 17
2:23 am
times in 13 seconds last year. dozens marched and carried a cancer of the death and murder of a nine year old. jesse jackson calling for nonviolent test. >> we need comprehensive change in the criminal justice system. too much time with and the killings. nine police saw mcdonald murdered. they didn't try to stop the murder. >> and the activist allege a cover up and say that politicians delayed releasing amid fear mayor emmanuel would not get votes. they testified to the grand jury
2:24 am
earlier this year that the police deleted 86 minutes of video taken. >> how is the city responding to the allegations of tampering. it was a year they had an opportunity to release it and they didn't until they were pressured to do see. >> alvaez denied it was tampered with. and the timing of the release was not politically ñ8b,:ñmotiv >> i think it was appropriate and based on other cases that we have looked at. police involved shootings. it takes 18 or 20 months to complete those. >> reporter: as for the officer, his lawyer said his cloint feared for his life. and the video doesn't tell the story. the victim was holding a knife.
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>> sales are dropping ten percent this year to $10.4 billion. and one reason for the decline. more americans are avoiding the crazy crowds and shopping on line. and the holiday shopping season continues with small business on saturday. and has grown every year. and the first family
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process to get it done. >> and how russia is trying to punish turkey for shooting down one of its jets.
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he open onned fire at the clinic. he surrendered after a 5 or 6 hour stand off. bon of the victims is a police officer. garrett swasye. he was also a pastor and remembered as a man of faith devoted to his family and his job. >> nato allied turkey warning russia not to play with fire. russian vladimar putin tries to hit turkey where it hurts. putin ordering sanctions against turkey after it shot down a russian plan. turkey said the military on the fighter jet after repeatedly warning it to get out of the airsia putin called turkey's explanation rubbish. here's more from john hutti. >> reporter: russia launched a financial attack on turkey and
2:31 am
targeting both the trade relations and a dramatic turn in what political drama this week. today, russian president putin signed a decree for a temporary ban and restrictions on turkish import and labor contracts between turk irk and russian companies. and president putin called for a band on charter flights between the countries russia suspended the visa vitrafg and disrupting turkey's tourism industry. the move comes hours after the turkish president said his country was truly saddened by the russian jet and we wish it hadn't happened. a closest to the apology. >> but turkey and russia took
2:32 am
hard line stances and refusing to admit wrongdoing. and putin said it was a stab in the back and driving relations to russia to a dead-end. russia deployed the missile system to the western syrian base from the turkish border. it is not the political, but now money. the president requested a meeting with vladimar putin in the climate conference in paris. putin didn't take the call but we'll see if he takes the meeting. julie. >> security is on high alert as it remains this weekend in paris. and world leaders gather for an international summit on climate change. many roaded around the site are
2:33 am
closed to traffic. president obama will be traveling to paris and hoping to reach a land mark global deal to reduce carbon emissions. concerns from republican law makers over whether president obama may try to go around congress to get that agenda through. mitch mcconnell warning countries not to trust any deal made with the president. molly henningburg has more. >> republicans are concerned that the president may not seek approval from the senate for a international climate change agreement. president obama plans that the u.s. plans to give 3 billion to the green climate fund and go to developing countries to help them reduce cashob pollution and will be be a strong message to terrorist. >> next week i will join
2:34 am
president hollande and world leaders for the global climate conference. what a powerful rebuke to the terrorist it will be when the world stands as one and shows we will notñi beñr deterred for building a better future for our children. >> some senators said the president needs approval before pledging billions of dollars. >> i will make it clear to the administration and foreign diplomats across the globe which are looking for u.s. dollars. without senate approval, there will be be no money period. >> joe mansion from the coal- producing states. join it is the republicans to urge the president to look for senator%
2:35 am
>> and they sent a letter to the the president. we support international dialogue. but the constit cents are worried that you are strengthening foreign economies at the expense of american workers they sending billions of their hard earned dollars to government officials from developing nations. but p the obama administration said it is it a clear priority for the president. julie? >> molly, thank you very much. migrants clashing with police in a major border crossing in europe. macedonnia, migrants stranded for a week in skwalid tent camps throwing stones at border police. these are coming as the troops stem the flow of migrants
2:36 am
demanding paceage. macedonnia is refusing to allow them in. >> and egypt, there may be more to king tut's tomb. there is a 90 percent chance of finding new passage way and the burial chambers of the queen nefertiti. >> and a man setting the record for the most lights on an artificial christmas tree. >> and check republic. robts instead of humans performing are you are. and the performance a ñitributeo the chech writer who was credited to inventing the word
2:37 am
"robot". that's a yap on the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> one military family reminding us what holwill day spir theit is all b. opening their homes to marines. >> this was a chance that we and we took it. >> to make sure everyone anyhow. >> and they will join us live with their heart warming story next. >> this is a interview you don't want to miss. and a thanksgiving thief comes clean after his mom got we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen.
2:38 am
so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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>> sadly not everyone can make
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it home for thanksgiving, especially our men and women in uniform. and so that is why a florida couple opened their home to 15t marines who served alongside their son and cooking up a holiday dinner they will not the soon forget. joining me is heidi, who made sure they had a real thanksgiving and her son justin haynes. >> you and your husband chose to do the amazing thing this thanksgiving and that is inviting the marines many of whom were not able to go with their own family in l home? >> it was the right thing to do. we had three week's notice and justin asked for bringing friends home the answer was yes. i did wonder how many would be coming.
2:42 am
he]%k#baid 15 or 20 or 30. i thought i would need help. i enlisted a lot of organizations and people. we had a donation from the rotary club and a church. >> how much time did you have to prepare. >> we had three weeks. i started cooking turkeys monday and tuesday. and see we had 40 pounds of turkey donated by a company in pennsylvania and ham and potatoes. >> how did they like their dinner. >> and they enjoyed it and also the left overs as well. >> it is not only about the food but giving thanks to our loved ones and what better time of year to give thanks to those. and justin, i wantxd to thank y for your service and friends and
2:43 am
their service and those overseas who couldn't come and share it with their families. and heidi, as a marine mom; how difficult is it to upon what your son does what he does. >> that is a hard part. you know, when you are a mom or a parent of someone in the military, you are really proud. but at the same time you see them as that little child and it is really a hard thing to be away from them. they are thousands of miles away from the holidays and they are nottoused to the comforts of home that we have. and we really miss them and just love them. and that was our goal with with inviting them to our house for thanksgiving. >> we praise the men and women fighting for our freedoms, but also the moms and dads, you are
2:44 am
sacrificing as well by allowing your family to do this. and how proud are you of justin and his service? >> very proud. there is nothing better to know that your child selected and opted to give up life as we know it and protect the rest of us so that we have life as we know it. >> justin, what made you to go to military and how are you? >> i am 19. and it was for the marine corps it was the brotherhod and pride and i always wanted to do it. >> your mom is very, very proud. i can't imagine doing this intruchlt i am a mom and i am bursting as well and you are obviously very touched and we all are by the incredible gesture.
2:45 am
heidi, the story is not us but about those who serve. >> and justin, thanks to you. >> thank you. >> we want to know what you are most thankful for this holiday season. tweet me at julie banderas. and i will tell you my reason thankful and i have a big announcement in the end of the show. >> mayorñrçó hogan. getting a clean bill of health after being diagnosed with a deadly disease. his amazing story of survival straight ahead and looking for a suspect who robbed a casino and how he walked away with half million in cash.
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>> the family of mayor larry hogan has something to be thankful for. he recently emerged cancer free after a battle with hodgekins lymph foma. >> as of today i am in complete remission. >>ular i hogan. popular republican governor of maryland is out of the woods rñfxp]w.[ cancer for over five months. >> it is amazing i had it in my body and never realized and never felt it. never got sick. i tell people to get checked out and if you are not sure what it
2:50 am
is. check it out. profound fatigue is gone. he has numbing and tingling from the chemo. >> heed the team doctors are incredible. >> they treated every patient in there like they were governor. i was like every other dad or brother. >> having cancer helped him to understand what patients are going through. he is advideo caught for cancer research and treatment eszj1kai11e the children who wue of strength in his own battle çóp. >> is there a particular kid that touched you. >> a kid, andrew was five years old and went through chemo ten years and he said governor, i know you are going i will help you with advice.
2:51 am
he had ten things to think about while anything lou chemo. make sure you have your hugging person with you. mine is my mommy. and pray to god it really helps. and your doctors, i used to think they are mean, do what they tell you;ñi and he" sure you are i said i have gone through this for months. you gave me no cream. and it was a kid who took the time to say, i want to help you go battle. >> and the encouragement and positive attitudes of the children and what they and their families go through. i went through nothing compared to what they are fighting. >> dr. mark segal fox news. >> half million stolen from
2:52 am
a casino in broad daylight. they are looking for a man who walked away with bags of cash. it is our top story as we go across america. 6q enñe %úúc7ez michigan, theñr thief dressed a a security guard. can walked up to a armed truck and grabbed the bag p and took off. the driver thought he was an employee. nconnecticut. a new york disaster caught on dash cam. they stoped to help people whose car broke down on the side of the road. and the other car slammed in the vehicle. the driver suffered minor injuries and facing several charges including reckless endajment. >> a man stealing cancer do
2:53 am
nations on thanksgiving day. the man seemed like any other customer. >> i turned away and he came back and swiped the can. >> we put a lot into it and it is surprising that they took that. >> prosecutors said high turned himself in after his mother saw the surveillance video of him on the news. it contained $80. >> north carolina, working to save birds from a fuel spill. they leaked through the generator and washed through a storm drain into a creek. they are concerned not only for the animals but people in the area as well. >> it was burning my hands and see it is toxic. >> they have no clue. and it is sad.
2:54 am
>> it is under investigation. >> that is a fox watch in america. fire fours rescuing a dog from a storm drain and it was missing a year. it took two hours to get him out with crows using a hand saw. he has a name and his name is cookie. his owner lived a now miles away. he will be home for the holidays. >> and we want to know. did you shop on black friday or small business saturday? tweet us. we'll be right back. i accept i'm not 22. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will.
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but we all remember the one gift we wrote letters asking for. save big on great gifts for the whole family at bass pro shops. and check out all this week for incredible daily web buster specials. plus free shipping with no minimum order. he was supposed to be dinner. but the goat was sent in the tiger's enclosure, he stood up to the big cat and earning respect and friendship. the park director said they feed their cats live prey andñi this brave little goat flashed his horns and stealing his bed. they are inseparable. it show ises they can work out their differences.
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>> earlier we asked what you are thankful for this holiday season. stormy senior senior tweets. i am thankful for the new success of my business and my customers. scotty in carolina, freedom. >> and biker said i am thankful for my family and community and kids and triplets coming in december. keep the conversation going. tweet me at julie banderas hash fox report. i wanted to share something i am personally thankful for. last week i took my kids to a christmas photoshoot mommy was takingñr them to. they were given magic bells and make a wish that sanda would appear. but rather than focus on the gifts. after learning that they made the nice list. they learned the true meaning of
2:58 am
christmas when sanda gave them a gift to give thanks for god's blessings. they are thankful and i am thankful for the baby sister or brother. remember what is important most. i can't wait to meet baby number three in may. that's how fox report. i can't believe i am choking up. this is baby three. the five starts right now.
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hi, friends, good morning. today is sunday, the 29th of november, 2015. i'm anna kooiman and it's a fox news alert. a community coming together to remember those killed in that planned parenthood shooting. as we learn more about the officer who put his life on the line to save others. this young man freed, and that's how a man can lay down his life. >> the latest on the investigation, next. and donald trump supporters lined up for five blocks to get a glimpse of the man hi


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