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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 30, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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afghanistan capitol of kabul. the u.s. embassy received a credible report an attack will happen in the next 48-hours. >> the time or nature of the attack are not yet known. all citizens are advised to use caution. any one heading to afghanistan are urged to change their plan. >> the man accused of murdering three people will face a judge. >> kelly wright has more. >> three people were killed and the man believed to be responsible for their death will be in court via video later today. after an hour's long standoff on friday which injured nine people including five police officers police raised 57-year-old robert dear. they have not revealed a motive but multiple reports say dear could be heard telling police no more baby parts to police.
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he described the act as a act of domestic terrorism. >> we have a person who is pretty much off the grid and acting for whatever motivation. >> meanwhile two more victims of the shooting rampage are identified. on sunday mourners gathered for a special church service for the victims. garrett sway zi also was a preacher and a skater who partnered with nancy carrigan. >> still in my heart a little brother, a true friend. very loyal, loving person. so sad he hadz two young kids and they literally run to him every time he comes to the door.
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>> her husband enjoyed helping others and brought him deep satisfaction adding his laft act was for the safety of others. >> planned parenthood blaming gop rhetoric for the deadly shooting. gop candidates are fighting back. james rosen has that part of the coverage. >> the sus respected gunman is reported to use the phrase no more baby parts when discussing his motivations has give ep rise to competing charges from the left and right about the broader abortion debate at which side may be abusing the right of free speech. >> such a negative environment has been created around the work that planned parenthood does, around the idea of safe and legal abortions. we have seen that across the
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country from all sorts of speakers in the last few months. i can't believe that this isn't contributing to some folks mentally unwell or not thinking that it is okay to target planned parenthood. >> news reports over the holiday weekend noted the republican candidates largely abstained from comment about the colorado shooting. all of that changed sunday morning. >> what i would say who tries to link this terrible tragedy to any one who opposes abortions and selling of body parts is typical left wing tactics. >> to say you have an agreement with the dismembering of hue bane babies and selling of body parts to say we would like to retaliate by sending some mad man into a clinic to kill people.
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god knows that's not what anybody would want. >> published reports say the comment about baby parts occurred among longer said remarks about president obama in a police reportedly described as rantings. james rosen, thanks. police officers injured when a traffic stop. he had a felony arrest warrant. when he tried to take them into custody he pulled a gun and opened fire. t one cop spot others injured. five people at a nearby home were arrested. a chicago police officer caught on dashcam video shooting a black teenager 16 times is heading to court for a bond hearing today. for the first time a judge will consider that footage when determining whether to grant officer jason vandyke bail. vandyke is charged with first
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degree murder. he claims the shooting was justified because the officer feared for his safety. >> one of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray goes on trial today. he is accused of failing to provide or quest medical care for gray. he died while unrestrained in the back of a police van. he is facing multiple charges including manslaughter. they will call him as a witness on other trials as well. his death started days of violence that cost the city $20 million. to extreme weather now in the state of emergency in icy oklahoma as new storms threaten more wintery weather. >> an inch of ice knocking down trees and power lines leaving 77,000 in the dark. the thanksgiving weekend storm blamed for 14 deaths in kansas and texas. maria molina is there tracking more snow.
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>> good morning heather and lea. we will see storms targeting the plain ns and into the midwest. it will be different than our last storm system. this time around 24 to 36 hour period of this rough weather. so that will be allowing more tum for the stuff to accumulate. we will be looking at 6-12 inches of snow. hopefully snowplows are going to be able to keep up with that. the bigger concern is where the icy conditions show up. we have freezing rain across parts of iowa down into parts of kansas so that's the area. we will be looking at rough travel conditions and also slippery roadways on the radar. it will continue to move you can see on the colder side of the storm system. you will see snow developing across parts of the plains. snow picking up later today and also into tomorrow. because of the anticipation a very heavy snow out here and gusty winds you will have winter storm warnings into kansas and parts of iowa into nebraska,
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parts of minnesota. you will be seeing some of the heavier snow totals where we will be looking at as much of a foot of a snow in the forecast. we will be continuing flew out the day on tuesday. timing it out better for you, by monday at noon we will have some of the snow across northwestern iowa and dakota eventually moving in parts of the day on tuesday. east of that system areas of heavy rain. we will bring you that in 30 minutes. we will bring you more in the eastern u.s. they will be looking at not only rain but threats of flash flooding. thank you maria. president obama is in paris this morning where he is attending the u.n. climate change summit along with other world leaders. the opening sermon knee starting in a few minutes as we take a live look there. they are looking at limiting
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greenhouse gas emissions this after they have climate protests. they used tear gas to stop throwing of projectiles. many participated in the rally including bill nye the science guy who says climate change has been all human cause. >> donald trump cancelling a press conference with african american pastors after they say the campaign wrongfully advertised their meeting. >> trump's campaign said 100 evangelical black leaders would back him. he they say they have no intention of doing so. they will meet at the trump tower in new york city. >> all three democratic presidential candidates speaking at the party's annual jefferson jackson dinner in new hampshire. hillary clinton again refused to
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say we are at war with radical islam. >> we cannot give into the fear mongerers who say we are at war in islam or we should put every muslim in america in a government data base. >> clinton attacking republican frontrunner donald trump with those comments and promising to do whatever is necessary to protect us. >> well, a final mass held by pope francis in the wore torn african republic. he is making a plea for peace between christians and muslims a the a cathedral hoping to heal the risk between the communities. tight security as he takes off for roam in abome in about an h. >> the new england patriots are defeated no more. this after a show down in the snow. >> anderson is going to go all of the way.
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the denver broncos win the game. >> there you go. the 48 yard touchdown run completed a 48 point come back. 30-24. backup quarterback hand the patriots their first loss of the season. it was all about offense in seattle where russell wilson through 5 touchdown passes. they beat the steelers in a shootout and climbing back into the playoff picture. hassle back comes through for the colts once again. he through two touchdowns to lead indianapolis over the buccaneers 25-12. >> leaving my panthers as the only undefeated team in the envelope. >> kobe bryant is retiring. he made the announcement in a post on the player's tribute saying my heart can take the pounding my mind can handle the grind but my body knows it is time to say good-bye. >> he went straight to the from
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>> all classes at the university of chicago canceled today after an on-line threat of gun violence. the fbi counter-terrorism squad says an anonymous person specifically mentioned something happening at the campus.
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more police are expected to be at the campus all day. students have been asked to stay inside their dorms. in chicago the police department expanding its body camera program amid intense scrutiny over the shooting death of a teenager that led to murder charges for an officer. six districts will get the cameras this year. they are designed to build trust for the public and to protect the citizens and officers. heather? >> thanks, lea. the nsa no longer collecting bulk data for the phone records. forcing a new debate over terror concerns. molly henneberg takes a look. >> president obama said in january 2014 that he wanted the nsa program to end. at the end of this year congress agreed but gave the intelligence community six month ending saturday night to close down the program. it was edward snowden who leaked details about the government's phone data collection program which allowed them to track
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information about america's phone calls phone numbers frequency and length of calls to try to ferret out any terrorist connection. now the law requires the nsa to get a court order and get the phone companies to get those types of details. the director of the national intelligence put out a statement on friday saying this change in the law will help make the nsa's efforts appropriately focused and targeted. the statement went on to say the collection of data is limited to information telephone service providers have historically used for internal billing and operational need. more over under the act they will report annually to the congress among other things. the total number of orders issued under the authority and the number of targets to such orders. some republicans are voicing concerns that the u.s. needs data collection to prevent terror attacks and the new procedures may not provide critical information in time. >> i think what's troubling is
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you are going to have to go to multiple telecom companies at their face searpace search that records which could take peeks r weeks. >> the real mistakes to take the tracking tool away from the intelligence community. in washington molly henneberg, fox news. thank you molly. let's keep talking about this. is this the right time to end the nsa program with isis breathing down our next. let's log on to our facebook page after the show for a live debate #keep talking. the simple gesture amented at honoring veterans goes dry. a nonprofit group that places reiths at arlington every year is 18,000 wreaths short of their annual goal. they place them on 230,000 headstones. the group relies on donations and needs nearly half a million dollars to honor each and every fallen veteran. find out how you can help when a group's chairman of the board
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joins us live on "fox & friends" in the 6:00 hour. it is time now for your monday motivator. a california boy battle ago rare genetic disease gets a surprise of a lifetime when cops show up at his party. >> approximates his dream to be a police officer when he grows up. >> word spread through the police department. we had a hard time narrowing it down. >> this tells him i can be a police officer. this tells him i can be anything. today has changed his life. >> love that little uniform. he was born with a disease that doctors didn't expect him to live after the age of 5. the syndrome nearly disappeared. the time is 19 minutes after the hour. a high flying delivery. amazon brand new drones now on display. it will land a package at your doorstep. >> it could be the coolest
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>> welcome back. dozens of virginia college students injured when this happened a charter bus flipped over. the students were returning from thanksgiving break 34 of them suffering injuries. they were charged with reckless driving after colliding with a car. a dramatic and icy rescue caught on camera. police officers are seen pulling a woman from it a frozen reservoir. she ran after her dog who had
2:23 am
fallen in before her. >> it is nothing short of a miracle. i am just super happy and honored to have been able to witness that. >> she is recovering from hy hypothermia this morning. the dog is just fine, too. >> amazon giving us a sneak peak at the drone delivery program as cyber monday kicks off. >> different designs and different environments. >> the video shows process of ordering and delivery taking 30 minutes ending directly on the customer's lawn. the drone flies up to 15 miles vertically and horizontally. >> facebook has four months for 12,000 global employees. it will most likely effect same sex couples. the latest family friendly chains for major tech companies last week facebook founder mark
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zuckerburg an northboundsed he would take off two months when his daughter is born. >> get your gifts delivered any day of the week. cheryl is here with the details. >> with a record number of 5.4 million packages and cars expected to go through the u.s. postal service, mail carriers across the country are gearing up for the busiest season. this week mail will be delivered 7 days a week in larger cities and that goes from now through christmas day. a new type of wi-fi that has been developed could be good news for airlines. wi-fi or light spectrum wi-fi would be 100 times faster than regular wi-fi. it cou it is more powerful it could give fliers uninterrupted service. the hunger games gobbled up the thanksgiving day competition for the second straight weekend. it added another few million dollars 75.8 to be exact to the global total. it has taken in $440.7 million
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worldwide so far. adelle's new album 25 officially sold 3.p will million copies in the firth week. staggering record breaking number was announced over the weekend. just one week and one day after the album's release. get ready for caffeine infused toothpaste. power energy toothpaste a campaign to get the idea off the ground meaning they need money to make this happen. caffeine flavored mints are already out there. we will see. intriguing. back to you. >> all right. to find the fox and friend network log on to fox and finder. >> on the other side of the law the case against the first officer charged in the freddie gray death heads to court today. we are live with what we can expect. >> complaining about grand kid
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jeb bufrom our president:h you will not hear we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> the man accused of a deadly shootout they blame the republican rhetoric for the violence. >> we experienced so much hateful language. >> how republicans are firing back. >> they are supposed to keep us safe when we fly. how did dozens of airport workers end up on the terror watch list? >> the sticker shock.
2:30 am
how much more the 12 days of christmas will cost this year? "fox and friend first continues right now. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friend first on this monday. thank you for joining us. i am heather >> i am lia gabriel. eminent attacks. a warning right now for u.s. citizens in kabul. they received credible reports an attack will happen in the next 24-hours. the time the target and nature of the attack not yet known. ought u.s. citizens in kabul are advised to use extreme caution. any one training there are urge odd to change their plans. a man who killed people at a
2:31 am
clinic for the first time. >> oo good morning to you both. before we talk about the man who is believed to be the suspect let's talk about the widow. the widowed police officer garrett swasey says her husband's last act was helping of others. swasey was one of 5 people killed in the rampage. 57-year-old robert loo which is dear is scheduled to appear in court today via video. police are not revealing any motive but they say he was a loaner who never discussed religion or abortion and once lived in north carolina. police searched his trailer and nearby heart cell colorado after friday's deadly rampage. multiple reports say he was heard saying no more baby parts, the controversy that had fetal body parts.
2:32 am
the shooting ram tabling is an act of tomorrow stick terrorism and possibly mental health-ue. one of the things we don't identify them as well and prevent tlaer access to weapons. two more victims of the shooting rampage standoff are identified jennifer markovsky and ke' arre stewart and police officer garrett swasey who was a preacher and also was a skater who partnered with nancy kerrigan. >> still in my heart a little brother, a true friend, very loyal and loving, caring person. >> a special church service was held at hope church for officer swasey on sunday. lia? >> kelly wright in washington.
2:33 am
thank you. >> after all this people are politicizing the tragedy. planned parenthood blames gop rhetoric for the shooting now republican candidates are firing back. james rosen with that part of our coverage. >> lea, good morning to you. the debate has been with us for decade. it was invigorated in july. the center for medical progress began releasing a series of videos reporting to document planned parenthood employees describing the harvesting and selling of fetal tissue. planned parenthood stopped accepting pam for such tissue after the colorado shooting planned parenthood executive called it offensive and outrageous some politicians are claiming this tragedy has nothing to do with the toxic environment it helped create even when the shooter was still with planned parenthood, politicians who long opposed safe and legal apportion were on
2:34 am
television pushing your campaign to defund preponderance. invoking the video smear campaign that fed this shooter's rage. gop presidential candidates took umbrage theirs should be linked to the actions of a quote-unquote mad men. >> we are allowing them to make us hateful toward each other and the rhetoric is immature defensive when you have outside forces, global islamic radical jihadists who want to destroy us. >> fox news posteriorly in august showed nearly of registered voters>> thank you, james. in other news, two police officers are recovering this morning after a traffic stop explodes into gunfire in
2:35 am
nebraska. they have a felony arrest warrant. when they tried to put him into custody one officer was shot another physically assaulted. the troopers fought back and killed him. 5 other people are under arrest. shooting a black teenager 16 times is due in court for a bond hearing. a judge will consider that footage whether then first degree murder. the officer feared for his aft. here he comes draping the court. he is accuse of illegal injury. ap act of protest because he wanted to turn it over to a
2:36 am
health method of change. do you remember he was sentenced to death for killing three people, but his defense team argued the jury could not have been objective. more than 260 people were injured when tsarnaev's pressure cooker bombs went off at the finish line of the marathon in 2015. your brother killed the plan hunt killing the bomb >> jury trial for the cause of six baltimore police officers charged with the death of freddie gray. we are live with a preview. >> good morning. good morning to everyone waking up with us here this morning as it grielts underway mres are certainly prepping for possible protest. taking a look behind me at the courthouse. you can see fencing already outside here. they are already blocking this area. certainly extra area as well.
2:37 am
we see several officers ks ekt pekted through out the area the sfi officer william will stand trial in baltimore. jury lel election is about to start. the judge has decided the jurors should remain anonymous. those newer ors he's chasing hefty charges manslaughter reckless endangerment. he is expected to take the stand himself. porter hadz pleaded not glty along with the other five officers charged in freddie gray's death. dpra roy the one who was arrest the back on april 129. he suffered a severe spinal injury whale in custody died a week later. rioting touched off on the day of grays. officer officer?
2:38 am
year bill r will bam parter expected to walk out. >> and to extreme weather now. state of emergency. an icy storm threatening winter weather. an inch of ice knocking down trees and power lines leaving 77,000 in the dark. >> the thanksgiving weekend storm blamed for 14 deaths in canda kansas and texas. maria molina is in the weather center with more. >> we have another storm system tracking into the plains today and tomorrow. this time around it will take more of a northern track. kansas, iowa into minnesota dealing with the brunt of the storm system. across kansas the biggest concern will be the ice to see if we already have freezing rain this morning. it is continuing to move eastward and northward here. but we have winter storm
2:39 am
warnings in effect. very widespread winter weather advisories anywhere from minnesota down into western oklahoma. we are going to be seeing that potential not only for icing but as we head further north even for heavy no, snow. saut talk and iowa. it could be even into tomorrow night for a long period of time. across hearts of the certain u.s. from the northeast to the southeast. it will be across tennessee and northern parts of alabama also into northern mississippi you can see as much as 3-4 inches of rain. flash flooding will be a concern. so proud, moyle parents of 6
2:40 am
month old charlotte on instagram. she chats it up and then poses to keep charlotte. this is a little unusual. >> so cute. >> the time is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. the last prisoner of the cold war speaks out for the first time since being freed. >> they threatened to hang me. they threatened to pull out my fingernails. >> what life was like for allen gross while in cap tuity in cuba. >> world scare, the security prea breech overnight in buckingham parity. i constipated?
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>> welcome back. 13 minutes to the top of the hour. president obama joining world leaders in paris right now for the u.n. climate chawning summit. the leaders are trying to retain landmark global deals on limiting greenhouse gas emissions if. hundreds of arrests in paris after protestors clash with police. they want to stop selling memorial candles. 5,000 people participated in a climate change rally among them bill my the science guy who told the crowd climate change is all caused by us. >> the last u.s. prisoner in cuba speaks out. he was arrested in 2009 in cuba for setting up internet access for jewish community.
2:45 am
that is a service the cuba does not allow citizens to have unrestricted. he told nbc 60 minutes i felt pee trade during the most trying time of his life. >> they threatened to hang me and pull out my fingernails. they said i would never see the light of day. u.s. government wants to send people to countries that have no diplomatic relations and run cockamamie programs go ahead but leave me out of it. >> gross was reewas release the late last year as they try to mend relations. >> 57 employees at charles duvall airport and paris. dozens of security badges were taken away from workers in january but some continued to still work. questions are raised among radicals on bus and railroad
2:46 am
workers. one of the concert hall suspects managed to get a job on a bus driver new -- on buckingham palace ground by the group's new fathers hor fours yis. they stood for a few hours before surrendering police. well, americans are clicking away deals today maybe wur one of them expected to be there for the best digital door busters. >> 103 million of us have shopped on-line on-line thursday and friday. they have an l g55 inch tv 799 bucks. that will save you $500.
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all of the two tirt el doves. in total the collection would cost you just from pulling it up 2014. >> this baby's photo with santa is taking the internet by storm right now. that's zeke walter who fell asleep in line. old saint nick told the parent not to wake him up and posefor together. that's sweet. the time now is about 10 minutes to the top of the hour. an incredible story of sur vial. deputies find a new born baby buried alive under asphalt. the desperate search to fientd her parents. >> nothing like a dog to make your day. >> there's a new health reason to have a dog in the house.
2:49 am
>> first brian kilmeade with what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning toth both of you. let me tell you what's coming up for the nukes hour. president obama wanting to talk climate change. geraldo river raw will waste in time with the parenthood shooting. he will answer the question, is that okay with him. fet sunday meals frm please get dressed. see you in a moment.
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welcome back to "fox and
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friends first." a newborn found buried alive. cool to the touch and barely breathing. deputies lifting the baby girl from this hole next to a bike trail still wrapped in hospital blank etsz. less than 36 hours old when she was found. the hunt is on for the mother. the baby is in stable condition. the one family from a church is trying to legally adopt a child found in a manger. the manger is being used for a holiday gift drive. parishioners can take a tag and buy the gift as a present for the poor. thank you, lea. the other reason to get a dog. for kids mental health. new research shows that children age 6 or 7 are less likely to have anxiety if there's a dog in the home. just 12% of children with dogs met the threshold requirement for anxiety as opposed to 21%
2:54 am
who were poochless. if you get sick over the holidays, experts say there's a reason. work stress leading up to vacation may catch up to you once you take it easy. taking planes and trains also contributes because you come in contact with new germs. the best way to fight it. a flu shot. grandparents frustrated by their grandkids never calling get help. >> in atlanta, they're teaching grandparents how to text saying people today don't have much time for phone calls so it's easier to send short bursts of text messages. they've been traveling to churches, synagogues to teach seniors about this. the time is six minutes until the top of the hour. another round of hillary clinton's e-mails set for relea release. their possible ties to benghazi. california's hot cop is now in hot water. why he's on the other side of the law. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. the accused planned parenthood killer making his first court appearance. he left three people dead and nine injured in colorado springs. his motive still unknown. the state department expected to release another batch of e-mails from hillary clinton's personal server. during her time as secretary of state. they're expected to be from 2012 and 2013. online retailers offering
2:59 am
discounts on all kinds of products. there are only 24 shopping days left until christmas. let's talk about the nsa ending its data collection program. is this the right time with isis breathing down our next? weigh in on our facebook page #keep talking. it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. the world's most majestic self-ie courtesy of two canadian brothers. this shot was snapped with a bald eagle caught in a trap while on a hunting trip. they eventually gave him the freedom to fly back to america. an impatient driver crashes into -- swerves off the road and crashes into a tree. the driver walked away with minor injuries. the ugly. the proclaimed hot cop of san francisco may be cooling off in jail. he crashed into two men as they crossed the street, then took off.
3:00 am
he faces felony hit and run charges. both men will be okay. there you are. now that we're on camera. we hope that you have a great week. thanks for starting it with us. have a happy cyber monday. "fox and friends" starts now. bye guys. good morning to you. it is monday, november 30th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this is an alert. the accused killer in the colorado planned parenthood attacks set to make his first appearance in court. this as we learn the identities of his victims. a mom and a united states army veteran. the left already using them to blame the right. >> we've experienced so much hateful language and speech. >> we're going to talk about that. plus -- >> scientists warning the world leaders at the climate change conference in paris that the sky it falling. seriously. the next danger we face from global


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