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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 4, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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chief.the and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thanks for being with us. see you again tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. and stay with fox news for all the latest news. the muslim couple who killed 14 people in san bernadino had a massive arsenal of ammo, bombs and high-powered weapons. they are treating it as a possible terrorism case. we will talk about it and the reaction. republicans call for prayers and democrats gun control. and we must discuss donald trump's innovation on the campaign trail. it will be a great show. first, a news break. this is a fox news alert. i'm tricia stark. the couple who killed 14 people and injured 21 others in san bernadino, california may have had more sinister plans. police say farook might have
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been radicalized by his wife. and they reveal the couple had enough bullets and bombs to slaughter hundreds and their apartment was like a bomb-making factory. one person describing the carnage as he entered the building after the shooting. >> the situation was surreal. it was something i don't think -- we talk about sensory over load. they try to take everything at you for preparing to deal with that. what you are seeing and what you are hearing and what you are smelling, and it was all of that and more. >> so far authorities have stopped short of calling it terrorism, but farook did have contact with terrorists on social media. >> it was a somber mood as the first family lit the national christmas tree one day after the mass shooting in california. the u.s. flag could be seen flying at half staff. and president obama took a moment out to remember the victims and their families.
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>> this is of course the most wonderful time of the year. we would be remiss not to take a moment to remember our fellow americans whose hearts are help tonight and who grieve for loved ones especially in san bernadino, california. their loss is our loss too. for we are all one american family. >> and in california hundreds of people filled the stadium honoring the victims of wednesday's mass shooting. now back to "red eye." head to fox welcome to "red eye."hello,. let's welcome our guests. i am here with joanne though saw chin ski. the host of lou daabs tonight.
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comedian joe devito and it is tv's andy levy. let's cart the show. let's start the show. the muslim killers in san bernadino fired more than 150 bullets at police and built a dozen pipe bombs and stockpiled thousands of rounds of ammunition. i am starting to think this wasn't a workplace grudge. the horrific attack was different than anything we have seen before. and there was a woman involved. the reaction on twitter we have seen before. democrats lectured on gun control and republicans offered prayers. hillary clinton, i refuse to accept this as normal. we must stop gun violence now. martin o'malley, enough is enough. it is time to stand up to at nra. on the other side jeb bush, praying for victims. john kasich, my thoughts and prayers. done thald -- donald trump,
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praying for those impacted. yes, republicans all went there. they prayed for victims controversially. the left mocked. a democrat senator tweeted your thoughts should be about steps to take care to stop this carnage. your prayers should be for forgiveness if you do nothing again. they ran this headline, another mass shooting and another day luge of -- deluge of tweeted prayer. the founder of daily coast tweeted "14 dead and 14 injured, but lucky for them the gop is offering up loads of thoughts and prayers. a "washington post" columnist said dear thoughts and prayers people, please shut up and slink away. >> here is the new york daily news cover. god can't fix this. cowards who could truly end the gun scurge continue to hide behind meaningless
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platitudes. what i am going to say may get me in trouble, but i have always been more of a fan of "the new york post." who knew praying for victims would be so controversial? >> the -- "the daily news" a failing newspaper who doesn't have a chance of surviving in new york city, one of the most liberal cities in the world. and it is saying prayers can't fix this? they don't have a prayer. and the reality is that -- in my opinion those democrats calling for gun control are completely disconnected from reality. avoiding the issues as they always do. and the president screaming for gun control? what a surprise that was. >> and how self-satisfied were they? all day yesterday it was oh look at -- i mean all over facebook and twitter. oh yeah, this is the right wing again a bunch of right wing nuts. and then it slowly comes out.
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but they are not going to backpedal, are they? >> some are still sticking to the nra thing where it is not really appropriate in this case. i think what they are forgetting are prayers and actions are not mutually exclusive. you can offer prayers and condolences and still have a plan. the bodies aren't -- they are still warm. it is okay to express a message of comfort. what are these people like when they go to a funeral? do they not say i'm sorry your dad died. i didn't give your dad cancer. i'm not saying sorry about that. >> so practical, right? many of the democratsing monthing the thoughts and prayers have tweeted thoughts and prayers in the past. if only you can look back and see. >> if only there was a hipocritical way to see. i just wish they were. he also tweeted yo, gop, it is hard to keep america safe. this was, of course, -- he
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thought it was the lope white dude. that's the thing about social media. there is no penalty for saying dumb things. unless you have self-respect. there is no reason to go half cocked without having any information at all if you don't have self-respect. most people don't have self-respect so they tweet anything regardless of the fact that they don't know the fact. prayer isn't my thing, but that's okay. i will say thoughts and prayers over people being a-holes. >> i like marco rubio. he didn't say anything in the twitter feed. he let it go. >> i haven't tweeted in eight days and there is a reason for that. >> if you want to tabling about -- they are implying that it is a pointless thing to do. remember the "bring back our empyreals" and a sad face with a hash tag and it did nothing to bring back a single girl. the people who do that are virtue signaling. you didn't do anything. >> if it was # thoughts and
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prayers then you are actually doing something. >> that's right. they didn't start the hash tag. they just prayed. you have to do the hash tag. >> you know when i knew this was connected to terrorism? msnbc was saying the perpetrator was a u.s. citizen. then i knew it must have been a muslim offender. >> you need to tweet your narrative so it fits your agenda. that's always what the media does. i think the big problem we saw on twitter is this is what happens when people don't know what to do with their time. i mean we had a solid, i want to say five hours, between when we first heard about shots to really knowing anything. so people then start speculating and they want to somehow get involved or use whatever tweets to serve their purpose or their agenda. and when you really don't know anything you are like what is my reflex? what can i go back to? it is often, you know, about more laws and restricting guns and gun rights whereas
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conservatives and the politicians were tweeting thoughts and prayers and that's all you can do. it is a case still developing and you don't know the root causes of these things. >> they don't think. they think it is time for action -- they think the time for action is yesterday. if you wanted gun control you wanted it a longtime ago. are we faulting them for having their political opinion? >> i don't fault them. the fact is i just -- frankly i find it laughable. the greatest problems are in the state and the cities with the strongest gun control laws. california's gun control law is the template for what president obama wants to enact at the federal level for crying out loud. and he is out talking as though he is completely unaware of that reality. he made no sense as he goes off on this thing. it is like gun control. it can't be stopped in
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california with the very law he wants for the nation. >> not only california, but also the laws they are calling for wouldn't have stopped the illegal gun purchases, correct? >> yeah, but they don't care about that. it is their equivalent of thoughts and prayers. that's gun control. it is their literal equivalent. imagine thinking you are a hero for yelling at people and for praying for victims because that's what it is. even if you don't like the thoughts and prayers, tweets, worse than that, are the tweets yelling at people for the thoughts and prayers tweets. i checked this carefully before the show. there is no law that says you have to tweet during an event or ever. you can just be quiet. >> some people are too busy thinking and praying. >> it is true. what is it about the atheist crowd? they are very emboldened. even a couple years ago. >> the hell with them. >> that's what you want to
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say, right? >> you know what they are starting to sound like? they are starting to sound like people who in a conversation don't listen to what you are saying will go -- when you make your point they say that's what i'm saying. i don't think something like this is a time where you immediately launch into what you are talking -- what your talking points are. it is not about you. we said okay, then what is the law -- if we had a law in place what would have prevented it. tell me what the law is. >> making all guns illegal. >> criminals don't obey the law. that's what makes them criminals. >> that's not true though. pipe bombs are illegal -- oh no. >> well that's it. lou, isn't it true that the activists say let's pass sensible gun legislation. really most of these people want con confiscation. >> and they will pay for the privilege.
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if p guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. and we are learning that's a very bad idea in this country over the course of some 200 years. >> i think of you as an outlaw. >> thank you. i want to keep a gun therefore i will have one. >> it does apply and that slogan which has been said so many times, you feel like it is a bit of a cliche at this point, but it always applies in these cases, does it not? let's talk about this. it looks like the perpetrator of the masacre in san bernadino was acting suspiciously in the months leading up to the attack. but in our see something, say something world, should it have set off an alarm? yes, but it didn't. why? here is what a neighbor of farook's mother was told by another neighbor. >> she had noticed that they had i guess been receiving packages. it was quite a few packages in a short amount of time and they were actually doing a lot
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of work out in the garage. she was suspicious and wanted to report it, but she said she didn't want to profile. >> oh yes, profiling. it is a dirty word. but it shouldn't be. law enforcement has long used profiling to make decisions on how to act. for instance, a guy running from a bank with a blindfold. you can ask him, sir, can i look at that burlap sack with the dollar signs on it? and a bunch of middle eastern guys who are new in town and getting package cs delivered and worth looking into. if you are wrong and you happen to bust up some scout leaders innocent working on derby car, just tell them, scout's honor, guys. you have to be prepared. they'll understand. why are we afraid to profile? without getting too paranoid and weird, it is a conspiracy.
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they are hampering our ability to fight crime and terrorism. don't let them. go ahead and profile. it is good for you. andy sometimes you find fault with my monologues. i don't think you can find anything wrong with them. >> i agree. you don't think i can. >> look, it is the act -- you should be profiling an activity and not ethnicity. i am not even entirely sure how receiving a lot of packages and working in the garage rises to the level of activity. i get packages all the time because i got a problem, tom. but like you mentioned the guy running with a blindfold on. first of all if he is running with a blindfold he won't run very far. >> >> you mean nylon? >> well, if you are wearing one of those and running from the scene of a bank carrying a
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burlap sack, you are then profiling activity. on the other hand if say someone orders blindfolds to their apartment it can have a completely innocent meaning. is -- >> is that one of your famous packages? >> i can see them tucking in their shirt tails and not running in the hallway. >> i think we all profile. i don't think there is anything wrong with profiling. we have the right as american citizens to profile, to make judgments about one's appearance and one's activities and to make , as we all do whether we acknowledge it or not, discreet judgments accordingly. what is unfortunate is for government to profile. and what we have done is suspend judgment. this woman is sitting in
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redlands, california making a decision because she does not want to be thought of as making a judgment effectively. and what would you do? i have to tell you if i am living next door to somebody in that situation i will have a lot of questions. will it rise to calling the police? i don't know. what kind of country are we if we are afraid to make a judgment? are we so insecure about our own by juses? biases? >> the government doing it versus civilian you are having the government asking civilians to be an extension of law enforcement with especially see something, say something and we are seeing it throughout the rest of the country. i know you can call in concerns anonymously so maybe that's the way to do it so you are not racked with guilt and maybe you as a civilian are profiling your neighbor. i feel like we are being told
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not to trust our gut feeling because fear is taking advantage over that when it shouldn't. >> andy, joe says ethnicity shouldn't be a part of it. i say when you have a middle eastern guy taking flight lessons, put him on a list. if a guy named farook is buying sub machine guns and pipes, put him on a list. >> is this the lead in? >> i'm just saying bug the guy's house if he has a lot of guns. >> look how suspicious she looks in the photo. i think i saw her on facebook. i have to say we were talking about the see something, say something. people are going to be afraid to do it because they don't want to be called a rice cyst. the government is -- racist. if you don't, then they will crackdown on you. look at the president's inability to call them what they are. look at the fort hood
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shooting. he was giving presentations on radical islam and even in the u.s. army no one wants to say anything. i almost feel bad for the terrorists. it is like what do i have to do to be more out in the open to let people know i want to kill people? >> it took five yrs for the administration to have a breakthrough because they were forced to and to move it from the incident -- from workplace violence to an incident of radical islamist terrorism. which by the way they were given purple hearts. >> as they should have. i think i was proven right by the panel. republicans speak to the republican coalition. don't see how anything can go wrong there.
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on thursday, gop presidential hopefuls headed to our nation's capitol to address the republican jewish coalition. what, they shouldn't go? most of the candidates used the opportunity to talk about their support for israel and bashed the obama administration and hillary clinton for not being great friends to the jewish state. john kasich repeated advice his mother once gave him. >> if you want to look for a really good friend get somebody who is jewish. you know why she said that? she said no matter what happens to you, your friend, your jewish friend will stick by your side and fight with you and stand by you. >> "red eye" favorite and eventual gop nominee, jim gilmore was told he had to pass a test. >> they also said we had to come here today to pass the
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kiskus test. kiskus ? kishka. >> and as usual it was donald trump who stole the show. >> we get a traitor and we can give him back. you want to negotiate deals? some of us. 99.9 -- is there anybody that doesn't renegotiate deals? i want to -- perhaps more than any room i have ever spoken to. >> i will go to the person who knows jewish issues the most on this panel. joe, you played the kashkils a lot. >> i don't know. it didn't seem offensive. >> it was anti-saw pet particular -- anti--semetic jie. what do you call it? >> they were pro-semetic. >> still. first of all they are quoting
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this meeting of jewish republicans. how hard is it to win the endorsement of 15 people assembled? i think what is sad a little bit is i think the jewish voters are a lot like 8 ven shotters. asian voters. even though it overlaps they will vote democrat. you even see that with the my majority -- with the minority groups. when it got voted down they wanted to blame it on the mormons, but it was the blacks and the hispanics who voted against it. a lot of the value votes goes to the actual issues. >> so why can't the republicans get the jewish vote, andy? what is going on? they are getting more and more. >> they are. >> i think i might be right. a lot of jews i know who are otherwise liberal don't think president obama has been a great friend to israel.
12:25 am
they don't think he passes the kishka test. >> can you explain the kishka test to me? >> i don't know. kishka is gut. so the idea is jews believe that you in your gut really are a friend of israel or of the jews or whatever. that's what that is. or are you saying the right words? >> lip service. >> i prefer the gafilta test. if you think gafilta the tank good. >> look, andy what is the answer? >> i am beyond being -- i can't be outraged at trump because he is a doufus. it was barely better than calling everybody in the room shylock. 2 was maybe one step above
12:26 am
that. >> what is the word forgetting him down in price? >> i can't think of it right now. >> i think it was a compliment. he is saying you are good businessmen. >> i think that is one interpret. >> i have to say i had not seen kasich's opening. and he is the nice one. he's a pal. >> unbelievable. it is hard to imagine. it is stunning stuff. >> i am alone on this. joanne, i thought it was fine. if you are among the jews you joke around with them and they appreciate that. >> sometimes people laugh when they are uncomfortable, and i think there was a lot of that. i think what we have seen with the republican candidates -- there are certain people you shouldn't tell they are going to a theme party.
12:27 am
then there is the lame decorations and then they tell the jokes and dress up for the occasion and it is just not necessary. why can't you just treat a lot of these people as you would any other voters? >> that's good advice. >> by the way it seems like cruz and rubio and a bunch of candidates did a pretty good job. we picked the weird things to make fun of, but it is not like the entire list of candidates went there and embarrassed themselves. >> and andy is jewish. we'll take that. >> coming up, more stories. don't leave now. you'll miss the fun.
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this is a fobs news alert. i'm patricia stark in new york. chilling developments out of san bernadino, california tonight. one u.s. official said farook, one of the two responsible for wednesday's bloody masacre, was communicating with people the fbi was investigating as possible terrorists. they also believe farook may have been radicalized and his wife may have been at the root of it. 14 people were killed and 21 others injured during this week's attack. in a news conference last night one of the first officers on the scene described what it was like inside the inland regional center where the mass killings took place. >> i'll tell you it was something, although we train for it, it is something you aren't prepared for. >> it was unspeakable. the carnage we were seeing and the number of people injured
12:32 am
and unfortunately already dead and the pure panic on the face of the individuals who were still in need and needing to be safe. >> police recovering hundreds of rounds of ammo from the get away car as well as in their home. they are gathering more clues while digging through the gunman's apartment calling it a virtual bomb factory. a dozen homemade pipe bombs were found there along with tools that were likely used to assemble them. also yesterday law enforcement releasing the names of all 14 people who lost their lives in the cold blooded attack. the fbi says they are treating the carnage as a possible act of terror, but with the disgruntled employee motive still in play, the feds are stoping just short of calling the mass shooting terrorism. i'm patricia stark, stay here for the latest on the san bernadino shooting. now back to "red eye." log on to fox
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it is ted cruz uncut. hours of professionally shot footage of the candidate was up loaded to youtube months ago to be some day used in his presidential run. they often post videos like this so the super packs have the necessary materials to produce a polished commercial. it forbids outside communication with outside groups, but it is raw. not everything is polished and edited like this prayer. >> who wants to say grace? >> awesome. >> would you want to hold hands with sissy? >> that's good. >> okay. >> dear jesus, [inaudible].
12:34 am
>> amen. >> not really feeling that prayer. can i get another please? >> who wants to say grace? >> i do. >> okay. it's okay. >> dear jesus, thank you for the food. thank you for the bed. thank you for my family. thank you for my friends. thank you for my puppy, amen. >> amen. >> why don't you just do it yourself? >> okay, let's say grace. father, thank you for this day. thank you for this food. thank you for our precious girls. thank you for katherine and caroline. bless this family and thank you for those who prepared this meal in jesus name, amen. >> now that's a prayer. >> yeah. >> yeah. he's good, isn't he? after watching hours of the footage i am confident i know who the best man to leave the country. and i proudly give my endorsement. >> it started in the high schools and and initially it started with student protest,
12:35 am
student marches which were met with billy clubs so i became involved in the underground fighting the resistance and mostly sabotage and the movement of weapons and the training and that sort of thing. ultimately i was captured and imprisoned and tortured. by the grace of god i was able to leave and come to the greatest country on the face of the earth. >> i love that ad. joanne, cruz's dad is unbelievable. he was tortured? >> this is the new cast of "snl." his whole family is absolutely amazing. all of this makes me love ted cruz even more. this truly humanizes the man. to see him almost losing it when his family can't get a line right or at the end he
12:36 am
has his girl say i am ted cruz and they can't get the right speed. it is amazing. >> take it again. >> i love him for it. >> and his dad. he has -- he has got to pull him out. he is the key to cruz's victory. pull out dad. >> and the music over lay. >> we did that. >> well the music i want to compliment you. it worked perfectly with the torture and imprisonment and the sabotage. it was tasteful and sensitive. it was a moment. >> i think all of the candidates do this. i would much rather look at this footage. they didn't plan that. the table is too big. they can't reach. >> i was waiting for somebody to say cut. cap we get a longer arm? i watch that and i try to imagine my family saying grace
12:37 am
that many times before a meal before someone screams. >> it is humanizing and think it is much better than some of the other footage we could have seen. i liked it better when you have the politician who said the i cheated on my wife speech and the blear reeyed wife have to stay next to him. and they make that guilty face where they go -- they puff their lips out. >> is that an impression? >> they did it -- what's his face -- the drugs are kicking in. >> you think about it. think about it. >> the guy who is attorney general. >> will spitzer. >> spitzer! regardless of that crazy face this footage is fascinating and there are hours of it. i am glad candidates found a way to get around the campaign
12:38 am
finance law thank god we have ways to skirt the laws. nobody even scarce. we set up the laws. all right, well -- >> and we are telling you we found ways to do it. >> doesn't it show the laws are stupid? >> the laws are stupid, but still. come on. you mentioned the table. what kind of mom doesn't know how long her daughter's arms are? horrible parenting. i can see the opposition ads. ted cruz claims to be religious and it takes his family three tries to say grace. and it is hard to think people say politicians are phony. yeah, you are taking -- watching take after take. >> you need to watch it all. every family member has hour long videos. >> we have to go to the next story. in cur key -- turkey it has a
12:39 am
prison sentence. he is accused of sharing this beam with the turkish president. a judge has asked five people, two academics and two behavioral expert and a movie expert to determine if making the comparison is an insult. they have said golom is not a villain so sharing him was harmless. we reached out to an expert and on the prosecutor who brought the case. >> hates smiegle. >> joanne, could you weigh in on this one? smiegle went fishing with his friend that day. he didn't look like the golom. he looked like a kindly hobbit.
12:40 am
perhaps he was referring to that person, the smiegle and not the golom. >> own the golom character. on wikipedia it says goal local is strong, friendly and eager to please and close to 600 years old. that's amazing. that's a feet. >> lou, do you think -- >> here we go with the age jokes again. >> i was not going to go there. >> i think golom is charming and cute and nice to have around. >> there is some sort of cognitive disdense in turkey. >> i think he is unsettled and irritable and this was -- not to use a cliche, but if i were to use a cliche it would be the straw that broke the camel's back. >> is golom a goodbye or bad guy?
12:41 am
>> he is a little of both. >> that's up to a panel of turkish nerds. >> they waited for the moment. finally we are getting called up to be experts. i think they said, no, it is a compliment. golom was seen here. >> it is not bad. andy is a handsome guy and so is golom, aka, smiegle. >> i haven't been keeping up. >> the hammer is going to keep up on you. >> as joe said i honestly know nothing about "lord of the rings" because i am not that kind of nerd, but i -- this is about the way he looks. but they are figuring out is he a good guy or bad guy. to me it was the way he looked.
12:42 am
i translated the caption under the posting it says share this photo taken from the civil service because dr. farmer knowledge is not alone. if you want to make a transaction you cannot from gollom insult. now what crime he a doctor. i say what crime he a doctor indeed. it is time to take a break. fat carrie fisher when we come back. first greg gutfeld has a new time slot. give it to me in a short advertisement. >> saturday, gutfeld's brand spanking new -- >> don't go anywhere. >> off beat and off the cuff and officially your saturday night stop. watch the greg gutfeld challenge.
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carrie fisher says hollywood is an appearance-based industry. you know, now that i think about it she may be right. it has been 38 years since fisher originated the role of princess leaha. she said before filming the first "star wars" she was pressured to drop 35 pounds. they said they don't want to hire all of me, just three-quarters. nothing changes. it is an appearance driven thing. i am in a business where the only thing that matters is weight and appearance. that's so messed up. they may as well say get younger because that's how easy it is. she was able to drop the weight exercising and eating
12:47 am
better. oh, good formula. yoda put on some weight and no one made a fuss. hmm. is that fair? >> probably not. i do say i think it is awful when actors are asked to look a certain way for a part. that is horrible. i don't know how you can claim that's okay. they should have shot brando in uh apocalypse now. he is so huge that every scene is come leetly black and you can't tell he is a mountain. >> that's why they did that? you can barely see his nose. >> unbelievable. very interesting. joe, it is an appearance driven industry. we are not going to change that. so stop making a fuss about it, right? >> it has been 30 something years and none of us are
12:48 am
fitting into our bough key knows. into our bikini's. i think carrie fisher is particularly cool. she has a scotch in her hand. you never hear young actresses complaining about that. it is only when they get older it is no good rolls for me. they didn't complain about that when you were young. >> like when you -- >> have their cake and barf it up later. of course it is an industry where people look at you. >> she got the role aspirin success lay yaw for -- princess leah for a reason. you haven't seen it, right? >> i am so excited to see it though. i hear it is great and i can't wait. >> she won't say anything bad about "star wars." >> i am so excited to see all of them at some point in my life. you know what is incentive to diet is a paycheck with a lot of zeros.
12:49 am
i understand you are trying to relate to the average woman, but you are not the average woman. you have an incredible job that provides you money for your talents. one of the things that is maybe not so great about that is you are on cam you ray. if your director wants you to look a way you take the job or you don't. >> that's it. lou, i think that's fine, but why did they make carrie fisher do the work? why didn't they write in that princess leah has an appetite? >> as you know screen writing is one of my favorite things. it is a skill and a talent i don't like to brag about. carrie fisher, he has had something of a checkered career. a lot of actresses weight or no weight have no parts available to them because of the standard and about image.
12:50 am
the idea that it is revealatory to her is good stuff. the fact that this mega movie is coming out "star wars," explodes on the scene and everybody is talking about carrie fisher's weight. it is kind of fun. >> to be clear she does not play a mega monster in the movie. we have to go. sorry. we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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here at td ameritrade, they love innovating. and apparently, they also love stickers. what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research.
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10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. for disney fans called mouse it is actually where lou dabbs met his wife. >> oh. >> for $2.55 a month -- $12.55 they can exchanging profiles and send messages and chat with other members. it is feature i believe only this site has. the creator came up with the idea after a trip to disneyland. he said he tried other dating sites, but, quote, there was no way to narrow down the search who loved disney. these dating sites continue to grow. whatever is your thing there is a site that caters to it. there is pretzel lovers
12:55 am overwhelmed by and andy levy fans i say it is great. i know they look happy. andy i i would think e harmony don't have -- >> this whole thing sounds goofy to me. >> oh, wow! >> he's a character. >> that's all i got. >> he did a mic drop. >> joe, what do you think? it sounds great. >> i think it is interesting he didn't find the right age range, but maybe it tops out at about 9. >> there are a lot of adults who love disney. >> there are the cost player type thing. you should know you got turned on by the little mermaid.
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when i am on a site the only thing i go for is distance. how far will i have to schlep. >> that is great. lou, i think people who like disney they are good people and they are simple people and they love the good things in life. >> you were very close to truth. one of the things my wife wanted 34 years ago or whatever it was, we had to spend a few days of our honeymoon at disney world. you described us perfectly. >> simple american people. >> i love the idea. it is terrific. >> beautiful, joanne. wrap it up in a bow, would you? >> they want all of their users to know that this is a site for adults and not an adult-themed site. they specified that. it is very important. you don't want to bastardize the concept. >> like i said, they are not
12:57 am
complicated. they like to go down -- >> you think you are saying nice things about them, but you are not. >> i love them all. >> joanne nosuchunsky, lou dabs and andy levy. that does it for me. tom shillue. see you next time. chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune a good o. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm brett baier in washington. thousands of bullets, a dozen pipe bombs, some attached to remote-controlled cars. a trip to the middle east and social media communication with known islamic jihadists who the fbi was tracking at one time. new details are coming to light as president obama again used yesterday's horrific mass shooting to push his gun control agenda today. but even the president is acknowledging that the massacre of 14 people in san bernardino, california, wednesday may be an act of terrorism. we have fox team coverage, carl cameron in washington, with what republican presidential candidates are saying. peter deucy at the white house where gun


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