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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 4, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> arm yourself. san bernardino, california is now the site of the single deadliest terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11, 2001. we have breaking details from the fbi's newly designated terrorism investigation. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm brett baier, the fbi is admitting what president obama has gone to considerable effort not to. that evidence in the killing of 14 people at a san bernardino, california christmas lunch wednesday, points to terrorism. we now know from authorities, that the woman involved in the shootings pledged allegiance to
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isis and she and her husband tried to destroy any evidence of communications that could should light on their communications with others or motivation after abandoning their 6-month-old child before taking part in the attack together. we have coverage tonight with james rosen at the white house with a look at president obama's reluctance to attribute this and other incidents to terrorism. howard kurtz in washington with a media circus at the home of the shooters. we begin again tonight with senior correspondent adam housley in san bernardino. >> as you mentioned, the big development today was the fbi coming out and officially announcing that they're investigating this as a possible act of terrorism. as they continue to investigate this attack we're learning more about the background of the suspects. and the planning that went into tuesday's rampage. we've heard from the suspects' families, through attorneys moments ago, they insist they knew nothing about what was
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happening and insinuating the fbi calling this an act of terrorism due to religious reasons. >> as of today based on the information and the facts as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> two days after wednesday's deadly shooting, the investigation now officially in the hands of the fbi. >> we have uncovered evidence that has led us to learn of extensive planning, obviously we've uncovered evidence of explosives. multiple armaments. >> evidence that authorities tell us includes a facebook post where tashfeen malik pledged her allegiance to isis and its leader moments before the massacre. it was removed by facebook and reported to law enforcement. >> i'm aware of the facebook post. i saw the same thing you did. we don't know what's there yet. we're continuing to look into it. >> investigators say the couple tried to erase their digital footprint by damaging personal devices. >> the cell phones were, were
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actually crushed. we have retained those cell phones and we do continue to exploit the data from those cell phones. we do hope that the digital fingerprints that were left by these two individuals will take us towards their motivation. >> fbi director james comey also making a statement as there is a apparently friction between the fbi and the white house on how to characterize this attack. >> the investigation has developed indications of radicalization by the killers and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. >> lives that appear normal as we get a look inside the apartment of syed farook and tashfeen malik. contained furniture, baby items, documents and family photos and several copies of the koran. the owner said farook passed a background check and paid the rent on time. >> no problems whatsoever. >> and the complete chaos of that day coming to light from those who arrived first on the
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scene. >> it was unspeakable. the carnage that we were seeing. the number of people who were injured and unfortunately already dead. and the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need and needing to be safe. >> brett, the state department said they stand behind their screening process that tashveen went through in pakistan for visas and have no plans to make any changes in light of this week's events. brett? >> adam, we heard fbi director james comey say they probably are not part of a cell. at least there's no evidence of that yet. there are a lot of questions, though, about how they got the money to get all of this stuff. >> right. agents very early on have said they don't believe they had the money themselves to do this they believe there are outside influences, they won't tell me if that's domestically or internationally. i have one agent that says they do believe the trail leads outside the country and wouldn't
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go any further. obviously if they can nail that down, it will definitely give us an insight into how they were able to do this. but also who they were connected to. brett? >> we'll follow every step of the way. adam? >> let's talk more now about the media invasion of the shooters' home. fox news media analyst howie kurtz is here tonight. howie, this is 50 hours after the attack. have you ever seen anything like this? >> i really haven't, brett. and former homicide detective and fox contributor rod wheeler tells me he hasn't either. i know the fbi said it was done with the apartment and didn't object. this is extremely unusual let a gang of reporters just rummage through the place, especially in such a high-profile case of mass murder. the tabloid show ""inside edition"" declined to comment when we asked them about being paid $1 million. >> fox news had trouble with its live feed and took a cautious approach.
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but msnbc plunged right in. it's reporter showing the teddy bear of the couple's baby. family photos with other children in them. and even one relative's driver's license with all the identifying information right there. this while anchor andrea mitchell kept urging the roer reporter to be more cautious. >> what was driving this, do you think? >> obviously in television, nobody wants to be ten seconds behind the other guy. but there's intense public interest in this case. and all the unanswered questions about the killer's motivation and possible ties to isis. for a a journalist to be holding up personal items and baby toys without checking them out first seemed rather ghoulish. and late this afternoon msnbc issuing a statement, we regret that we briefly showed images of photographs and identification cards that should not have been aired without review. >> and the family's lawyers mentioned this event late this afternoon as well. howie, thank you. president obama's press secretary took pains to avoid
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attributing the shootings to terrorism. we look at why the president has been so reluctant to acknowledge what the fbi has made plain. >> right up until the fbi announced it is processing the san bernardino case as an act of terrorism, the white house declined to call it that, citing in part the need for more information. >> what is t looks like is people who were obviously intent on carrying out a terrible act of violence. i think it will require a careful examination of the facts collected and better insight into what their intent may have been. >> the white house hedged its bets by disclosing that president obama's top counterterrorism adviser, lisa monaco, had participated in his morning briefing on the shootings. critics see a pattern, where the obama administration has been slow to recognize terrorism or calling it that. in 2009, homeland security secretary janet napolitano famously labeled terrorist acts man-caused disasters. the pentagon termed the fort
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hood massacre an incidence of workplace violence. >> and in july the president declined to categorize mass casualty attacks at two military installations at chattanooga. leaving it to the fbi to call it terrorism. more broadly the president has refused to use the words radical islam, or islamist or jihad in describing the greater chat eng from terrorism. calling it violent extremism. >> the enemy is islamic jihad. >> the fact that our harshest kretic. the best criticism they can come up with is to criticize what the president says i think is a strong endorsement of all the actions the president has take ton keep the country safe. >> up to now the white house had wanted the attorney general and the director of the fbi to take the lead role in making the pronouncements on the san bernardino case. officials tell me tonight that president obama will speak out again and soon on these attacks. and will address them squarely as acts of terrorism.
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brett? >> james rosen live on the north lawn. thank you. the los angeles head of a major muslim advocacy group is blaming the u.s. for islamic terror. this is the director of the los angeles chapter of the council on american-islamic relations this morning. >> we support leaders in egypt and other places, we support dictator ships, repressive regimes around the world that push people over to the edge, then they become extremists and terrorists, we are partly responsible. terrorism is a global problem, not a muslim problem. and the solution has to be global. everybody has a role in it. >> hassam aluj, says 70% of the victims of isis are muslims. next the 2016 race takes an interesting turn. fox 21 in colorado springs with the funeral of the campus police officer killed a week ago during the planned parenthood shootings. garrett swaysy rushed to the
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clinic from his duty post. two civilians were also killed. the suspected gunman is in custody. fox 5 in new york where amazon plans to schedule workers on staggered shifts after the mayor of robbinsville, new jersey threatened to shut down the busiest warehouse on the planet. amazon calls its fulfillment center. one resident said it could take up to 40 minutes to drive less than a mile. and this is a live look at orlando, florida, from fox 35. big story there tonight, another scrub in launch plans for unmanned supply mission to the international space station. weather forced the postponement for a second day in a row. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments
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donald trump and ted cruz are up. chief political correspondent carl cameron tells us how everything appears to be going right for the billionaire candidate. >> with eight weeks to the first votes, drmp's conventional wisdom-defying lead in the polls is growing. trump has hit a new high, 36% in the latest cnn poll. doubling ted cruz, who surged to 16 and holds a slight lead within the poll's margin of error and is in a three-way tie with ben carson and marco rubio. the rest of the field is under 5%. >> i know what you're saying. >> trump got a smattering of boos at the republican jewish coalition presidential forum for questioning israel's commitment to peace and refusing to embrace jerusalem as the rightful capital. he seemed to stereotype and he got chuckles and applause. >> i'm a negotiator. is therein isn't anybody that
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negotiate deals in this room? perhaps more than any room i've ever spoken to. maybe more. >> cruz has moved into second place in national polls. and in a gun range in iowa promised to defend the second amendment against arguments by the president and others that mass shootings warrant more regulations. >> that's not a solution to this terror attack. indeed the fact that we are a free citizenry and a citizenry who exercises our constitutional rights helps keep us safe. >> i don't want to hear any more -- the president talking about gun control. we need bomb control. >> rubio and cruz have been lobbying rhetorical grenades at one another over security policy for weeks. rubio suggested that the president put privacy ahead of security when the nsa's bulk collection of phone data was curtailed this week. rubio opposed the move. which cruz and rand paul supported. >> this president has weakened
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our intelligence program. >> several candidates are in iowa tomorrow for a cattle call sponsored by the koch brothers. trump is in iowa, where he's holding rallies of his own where he won't have to share the stage. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is our guest at the bottom of the hour this will be our 14th center seat with presidential candidates this year. you can watch them all through the fox news website right there. hillary clinton is preparing for a major shopping spree. it has nothing to do with the coming holidays. but has everything to do with your tax dollars. chief white house correspondent ed henry goes down the wish list. >> as president obama signed the long-stalled highway bill today, hillary clinton declared in iowa the massive $305 billion price tag is just a starting point for her. >> it's a lot of money, but nowhere near what we need to spend. >> clinton is proposing a spending spree. today she was laying out a $275
3:17 pm
billion infrastructure plan, part of a broader $350 billion jobs plan that's still growing as she unveils pieces of it plus another $350 billion to reduce college tuition, a $200 billion child care plan. on to have of $75 billion to promote clean energy and $10 billion each for paid family leave, home care for the elderly, and drug treatment. >> roughly $1.2 trillion in additional new spending. which is a frighteningly large number except when compared to bernie sanders, who is somewhere north of $17 trillion. >> tacking to the left has helped clinton expand her national lead over the socialist democratic senator, in what new gallup poll shows clinton's net favorable rating among democrats averaged 21 points higher than sanders in november. yet clinton still has vulnerabilities in a general election. she has said nothing about how she'll pay for all of the new
3:18 pm
spending. >> i will not raise taxes on the middle class of america. >> and her email situation has been cited as a problem even by aides to labor secretary thomas perez. who today endorsed clinton. >> she is a fighter. >> labor department emails obtained by the conservative superpac america rising through the freedom of information act show in march after the story broke about clinton's personal server whale she was secretary of state, records officials at the labor department sent each other emails declaring what in the heck was state thinking? and you may want to share with the group as to how not to handle things and how you can end up in nationwide news. >> and in another email between labor party officials, one was said to be so glad they're not working at the state department, adding l.o.l. brett? >> we talked about this now the biggest single deadliest terrorist attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. how does this affect hillary clinton? as this administration deals with the naming of it the talking about it. >> this is the clinton
3:19 pm
conundrum. her resumé was supposed to be the best secretary of state. now she has the baggage of the clinton foreign policy. calling isis the jv squad, al qaeda is on the run. it doesn't look like that she's trying to turn it around by focusing on gun control and saying republicans look extreme. one issue she's pushing, don't let people who are on the no-fly list buy guns, the fact of the matter there's no evidence here that farook was on a no-fly list. neither he nor his wife or they had any criminal record that would have prevented him from buying these guns. >> she just called it terrorism in the last few minutes. the attorney general in texas is withdrawing his attempt to block the resettlement of syrian refugees in his state next week. the a.g. says the feds have provided the additional information about the migrants that they had initially withheld. earlier today, the obama administration tried to get a court to block the texas move. it contends states do not have the authority to prevent refugee placement. still ahead, republican presidential candidate mike
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huckabee takes questions in our center seat. first, congressional republicans make good on their promise to pass a bill to repeal obamacare. we'll tell you what comes next. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
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the u.s. supreme court will hear an appeal from puerto rican officials. they want justices to review a lower court ruling keeping local municipalities from declaring bankruptcy. stocks surged today, fuelled by a november jobs report that showed a gain of 211,000 positions. the unemployment remains at 5%, but beat expectations, it's important to note the number of people without a job, not participating in the workforce
3:24 pm
is still over the 94 million mark for the fourth month in a row. the dow got back into positive territory for the year, gaining a huge 370 points today. the s&p 500 was up 42. the nasdaq finished ahead 105. for the week the dow was up .25 percentage point. the s&p 500 gained .05 and the nasdaq was up .25. president obama will get his chance to veto a republican-led effort to scrap president obama's own health care law. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel on how congress delivered on a promise. >> after the house voted 61 times to repeal or scale back parts of obamacare, last night the senate passed a measure gutting the president's hailt health care law. budget reconciliation the senate only needed 51 to pass it and did so with a 52-47 vote. republicans called obamacare a failure full of higher costs and
3:25 pm
broken promises. >> it will be a victory for middle class family who is have endured this law's pain far too long. on their medical choices, on the affordability of their care. on the availability of their doctors. >> white house aides say president obama is willing to work with people on either side who have a genuine desire to improve the law. >> the frustration that the administration has felt is that time and time again the goal of republicans has been not to strengthen the law, but rather to undermine it. >> republican mod rats mark kirk of illinois voted against it because of language defunding planned parenthood. >> unfortunately with, this latest tired political effort to dismantle critical health care reforms, my republican colleagues are making clear they want to take our health care system back to the bad old days. >> the law remains unpopular with much of the country. the real clear politics average
3:26 pm
of recent polls reveals 49.8% against obamacare, with 43% in favor. house speaker paul ryan is already talking about an alternative. >> we think prices are going up because people have too few choices, not because people have too many. and we think this problem is so urgent that next year we will unveil a plan to replace every single word of obamacare. >> the president is expected to veto this legislation that would kill his signature law. but what this shows is a blueprint of how congress could unravel obamacare if there's a republican president in 2017. brett? germany is getting involved militarily in the fight against isis, lawmakers have voted to send reconnaissance jets, a tanker plane and a frigate to provide broad noncombat support. three weeks after the paris terror attacks, the european ministers meeting in brussels have agreed on a system to share airline passenger information, paving the way for closer
3:27 pm
scrutiny on extremists and terrorists and a paris cafe where five people were killed reopened to the public. turkies prime minister says his country will not be brought to its knees by russian sanctions in retaliation for downing a russian war plane. prime minister reiterates turkey will not apologize. yesterday russian president vladimir putin accused turkey of a treacherous war crime and vowed to make the country feel sorry for its actions. when we come back, republican presidential candidate mike huckabee is in our center seat. it's here,
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3:32 pm
columnist for the "washington times." thank you for being here. >> it's been an interesting couple of days as we learn about this situation in san bernardino. even though we now know from officials in the u.s. government that at least one shooteredged . and there are many other connections that are being talked about. the white house again today was reticent to call it terrorism as of yet. and in fact, josh earnest went back to an argument he made yesterday. >> why on earth do we think it's a good idea for somebody that the government thinks is too dangerous to board a plane, be allowed to buy a gun? doesn't make any sense. but once again republicans blocked legislation that would make that illegal. >> your reaction to that? and the white house response? >> was there any indication that either one of these shooters were unable to board a plane? no, there was not. they were fully vetted. they were able to come back into the country she had a passport, she had a visa.
3:33 pm
this nonsense, they wouldn't have been able to buy guns. this is the false argument that this white house has made in an attempt to dodge the real issue. there are people who are trying to kill us. they're islamic jihadists, i don't know why they can't just come up and say it. they wouldn't say it after little rock, they wouldn't say it after fort hood or oklahoma city. you have the boston marathon. how many times does this have to happen? he keeps asking us, how many times do he we have to have mass shootings to get gun control. i would like to ask him how many times do we have islamic jihadist terror attacks and him not say doing something about it. >> those on the terrorist watch list, should they be allowed to buy a gun? >> i've had friends, i'm sure all of us have, friends who ended up on the list because their name was the name of somebody that might have a suspicion. not necessarily even so much as a probable cause. but they were on the no-fly list and it took them months, if not
3:34 pm
a couple of years to get off of it. and in the meantime their lives were a living hell. why would you put people through that. if you can't at that point really say that this is a person you're suspecting of terrorist activity. even suspecting of criminal activity. >> charlie? >> governor, you know, we've seen this in paris and in san bernardino, this concept of the more home-grown jihadist, it's kind of you know, more alarming i think than when they're foreign. how do you get at that as a government? >> how does the government get do that? >> i'm not sure that the government ever can completely understand what causes a person to be that demented, that off-his rocker. because i don't think that any rational, sane person can think in those terms. except that if you are a religious fanatic about something and you believe that it is your god-given duty to go
3:35 pm
out and kill people because they're infidels, then you can convince yourself. then it becomes a theological issue, not just a psychological issue. >> i want to talk about isis in a broader sense. we've had a lot of discussion with the republican candidates taking sides about what to do about assad. keep him there, he helps fill a vacuum. without him there, with radical jihadists or take him out. where are you on this in. >> assad is not our immediate problem. assad has not killed or kidnapped americans, the iranians have and we made a deal with them. that doesn't make sense to me. it makes more sense to make a deal with assad even though i don't trust him, don't think he's a good guy. but our immediate threat is the islamic jihad not only branch of isis and al qaeda and boko haram. but those that are beheading christians that are infiltrating the united states and doing dastardly deeds like we saw in san bernardino. i have the same attitude about russia and putin.
3:36 pm
many of my republican colleagues say i don't russia, i don't trust putin. we shouldn't have anything to do with them. my feeling is, if the russians and putin are willing to go after isis members and kill them, we should not get in their way, we should thank fem author being will to do that. we'll fight the battlings that we have with them on another day. the immediate threat we have is let's get rid of this cancer and cut it out before it spreads and kills more americans. >> i was going to pick up on that. russia is not really striking isis targets so far in syria. and also russia doesn't do anything for free. so my question to you would be this, to get russia actually to fight isis instead of talking about it, which is what they're doing now, what would you be willing to trade? if vladimir putin came to you and said we want you to back off of the baltics, we want to you back off ukraine. we want help with that, that and the other, what would you be willing to give him? >> well i'm not sure that we, we're in a position where we
3:37 pm
want to give him anything. i think it's a matter of making sure that he understands that the only reason we welcome him to the world stage without contempt is because he would like to do something in return and retaliation for isis knocking down an airliner with 224 of his people on board that doesn't mean anything to him. >> he's not doing anything militarily to isis. >> i'm not sure that that's true. i'm not sure that he is doing nothing to fight isis. he may not be doing what we want him to do. he may not be doing what we wished he would do. but to say that russia has no interest at all in taking any of the people from isis out, i don't necessarily agree with that. >> in return for the little thing he's doing against isis right now you would be prepared to say let assad, who is butchering all of these people and driving them into europe as refugees, remain in power? >> it's not a matter of thinking he's doing a wonderful job and we mudslide leave hshould leave
3:38 pm
give him a nobel peace prize, i'm saying he's not the immediate target. if there's two houses, one's on fire and one isn't being, where do you put the water? right now what's raging in flames is isis is cutting people's heads off, isis is gaining ground, they're not contained. that's where we're need to take the fire truck and that's where we need to put the water. >> more after a quick break. afo. afo. with jazzed up new dishes like the decadent grand seafood feast and the ultimate wood-grilled feast why wait to celebrate? so hurry in, it ends soon. by day, they must stay warm. challenges to the feet. but by night, beautiful, smoother and ready to impress the other party animals. dr. scholl's dreamwalk express pedi
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like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. governor mike huckabee is in our center seat tonight. you're a proponent of the fair tax. >> yes. >> there are many critics of the fair tax. one of them is aei's allen veillard. he calls it a big shift in the tax burden, away from high-income groups, toward middle income, lower income groups, whatever you think about that politically, i think that's just not viable. >> he's wrong. and he takes the same position that a lot of people have taken
3:42 pm
without understanding the actual fair tax. most of which comes from a study that the bush administration did on tax policy, they looked at the consumption tax. they didn't actually look at the fair tax. though they think they did the fair tax empowers people at the bottom third of the economy most of all by about 14%, 15%. people in the middle third of the economy benefit 7% or 8%. it's the people at the top who benefit the least. still 4%, 5%. but because there's a provision in the fair tax called a prebate, taxes on people for their basic necessities, that it's the single most-empowering approach to taxation. it's bold, different and it brings jobs back to the very people in those middle class areas who don't have them right now. >> on the back end of that. it's viable. is it viable? because tough get something through this congress, and you no he how washington works. >> yeah. >> the big ideas -- >> it's not viable unless you have a president who can explain it, sell it, and lead it because it isn't going to happen.
3:43 pm
it's 80 current congressional sponsors of the fair tax with the bill that's in place. it's not going to happen. if you just have congressional support. it's only going to happen if you have a president that actually can go out there and help the american people to see what this does. to bring working capital back to america. get manufacturing jobs back. and also help alleviate the economic incentive of illegal immigration, which the fair tax would help do. >> amy? >> i want to talk about two of your proposals, social security and ethanol subsidies. in both cases, you're arguing we don't need to have major reform, structural reform on social security and medicare and you want to continue the ethanol subsidies. how do you square that with a philosophy that also government is too big and that our deficit is too high? how do you not have to tackle both of those things? >> let's take social security first. that's not the government's money. people paid that in. every paycheck i ever had since the age of 14 when i started working. no one asked me if i wanted to give that money into a an
3:44 pm
account for the social security fund. it was taken out of me. now you have people approaching the age of retirement, social security benefits and somebody says hey we're going to extend the age at which you retire and we're going to means test you. all that money you put in you may not need it after all. talk about big government. how big government is it when the government makes the decision to take my money and not give it to me after i've paid it in. in our economy wa were growing at 4% a year, think we could do better than that. but at 4%, we fully fund social security and medicare. we've got more people talking about how we need to cut benefits for seniors and 0 how we need to rid ourselves of these programs that people have depended on. 70 million people depend upon social security. more than a third of them, that's 90% of their income. rather than talking about how to trim those benefits from them. why don't we talk about growing the economy. giving everybody's boat higher water to float in. that makes a whole lot more
3:45 pm
sense to me. >> on the second part, larry lawyer writes in on twitter, he says adulterating our gasoline with ethanol is a bad idea for everyone but corn farmers, why support it? >> first of all the government mandated it and the government encouraged people to build this extraordinary infrastructure to take care of not just ethanol, but biofuels, which are renewable. green people ought to love this the result has been 16% lower cost in energy for the consumer. and a greener outcome. so on one land you have people saying, well, you know this is what the government mandated. this is a classic bait-and-switch from washington, they mandated, billions of dollars are spent to create the infrastructure to deliver biofuels and the next thing, they said we're just kidding. all the people who made the investments, they're going to gut-punch them. i was saying the same thing when i wasn't a candidate. i was saying the same thing when
3:46 pm
i was a presidential candidate. >> you had an op-ed in the des moines regster. i was wondering why it appeared there. >> i'm not going to kid you, i'm trying to win iowa. it's not that the position on that was just because of the election. >> but at a time, you yourself have just said this at a time when energy prices are falling, a lot of this innovation is appears to be working on its own now. why do we, why do i need to subsidize, why do the taxpayers and the rest of the country have to subsidize this? >> i think ultimately if you want to look at long-term, we won't need subsidies. in the meantime as we're developing the extraordinary necessary infrastructure to make this work, my goal is to see us become the number one energy exporter in the world. do you have any idea what would happen if we changed the balance of power if we became the exporter of energy to europe, africa and asia? we took that market away from russia, the saudis and the iranians? we don't just improve the american economy, we transform
3:47 pm
the very essence of balance of military power. >> you say you're in favor of phasing out subsidies for ethanol? >> in the long-term if they're no longer needed to make sure that people whose investments have been made, you know, i just don't think you build this infrastructure, you cause people to follow a mandate and then you just change the mandate in the middle, that's like changing the rules of the football game at halftime. while the guys are in the locker room. that's crazy, you can't do that. >> we are phasing out our time on this panel. we'll start with chuck after we get back. more with governor huckabee talking politics, when we come back. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test testt test test testcor test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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we're back with our panel, republican presidential candidate mike huckabee. governor, you look at the latest poll out today orc. you are at 2% in this poll. donald trump is at 36% in
3:51 pm
the newest poll. the rcp, the real clear politics average of recent polls you are at 2.3%. again up against 30.8. in iowa, where you just said you would like to win, you are 1.7%. how do you tell supporters that there is a path when you look at these polls? >> the path is the way it's been for the past several election cycles. i was at a number worse than this 8 years ago. rick santorum wases at a number worse than that four years ago. we both ended up winning the iowa caucuses. >> 60 days out of the caucuses you were that low. >> yes. we will be february rather than early january. this 60 days before we actually start voting. in the meantime, you know, trump has got a great lead, but, we're a long way from that moment. and historically, it doesn't mean that if you are leading now you are going to be leading when the votes get counted. >> chuck? >> a lot of people in the party are saying the
3:52 pm
probable with our field or one of the reasons trump is running away from it is there are so darn manien candidates. and you are just above an asterisk. several people in that neighborhood or at least one or two of them, bobby jindal comes to mind have already dropped out saying in part the party needs to concentrate its fire and get real. been processed by the iowa voters as you pointed out yourself 8 years ago, why isn't this poll really a signal that it's time to do the right thing for the party and step aside. >> that would be like asking since some the publications are not number one around the marketplace why don't they drop out, quit publishing, using up a lot of trees and news space. why not get out. that's sunging the audience to a bigger choice? >> if you were losing money. >> i'm not losing money. i'm gaining ground and still getting to talk about issues that matter to me. as long as that is the case and somebody voted i'm not sure wife i surrender before a single vote has been
3:53 pm
passed. i think it's a big mistake when people start predicting. let me ask you this, did you think donald trump would be running way with the polls for as long as he has back in april of this year? >> no, i did not. >> then you don't know and can't tell me who is going to be winning the iowa caucus in 60 days. i'm not going to drop out. >> he has already had his shot at the iowa electorate a couple times in the past. >> right. let's wait until february 1st and see how it shakes out. >> in april of this year i said that the best candidate, most likely nominee was going to be somebody who was a governor. republicans electorate loves governors. but now the top of the charts here, you got trump, carson, and two senators. and the governors have not been making much of a dent. what's going on and is your experience not what people are looking for now? >> well, it should be because i mean, do you want to get on an airplane that's flown by somebody who has never been in a cockpit before. >> apparently the republican electorate says yes, they
3:54 pm
do. this is how angry people are at government and washington. what we have to do is remind them i have never had a paycheck from washington. never worked and lived in the city. don't blame me for what this mess is look at what i was able to do in a very partisan, the most partisan atmosphere in the entire country. nobody had more lopsided legislature than me and i think you want to put somebody who has actually sat at the desk in the executive office and made the real, tough life and death decisions. >> you took the pledge but you would support of the nominee in donald trump? >> i would for a couple of reasons. number one i still think he would be better president than hillary clinton. i know both of them and believe me i would vote for trump in a heart beat. secondly the republican party asked all of us to pledge our loyalty to the party. isn't the party not going to pledge their loyalty to whichever one of us wins? if they don't, then that's absolutely unacceptable. they should have to answer why they don't commit upfront that they will support whoever the nominee is is. >> charlie? >> if you are not running for the nomination, could
3:55 pm
you see yourself with the rest of the field would you support donald trump? and would you look at some establishment republicans who have such a hard time, you know, the acrimony that they have for him, you know, why don't. why some voters see right now in donald trump? >> i would say one of the questions is donald trump throws his support to me if i get the nomination. i'm a team player, i always have been. the party provides an extraordinary level of reef sources for us to be a part of this process. they spend millions of dollars building the party infrastructure. so we should respect that and we should support the party and its nominee. i think that goes both ways and the party needs to support whoever our nominee is by the votes of the people. >> governor, thank you. that is it for the center seat panel. but stay tuned for some political food for thought. even during the holidays, you get used to smelly odors
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, political issues can be complicated and hard to digest. food metaphors. better with age. this isn't cheese. this isn't beef. republicans have a whole buffet, i mean, we are the golden corral of politics. >> politics is like opening a bass kin robins store. if you are going to have sausage you have got to kill some pigs. >> i wish i had meat. >> we have to wake up and smell. >> talking chicken and agency. >> like a 400-pound man saying i got to go on a diet but i have to eat krispy kremes before i do. >> were president obama got rolled like a california sushi. >> there is a lot of food metaphors. >> there were when you put them all together. it really was a funny skit. >> i didn't know you could get a south africa krispy kremes. >> i will bring you one. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special
4:00 pm
report," fair, balanced and unaafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. the fbi says terrorism, it was terrorism. and today the fbi officially declaring a husband and wife killer duo carried out an act in southern california. the evidence proving that is piling up. the female shooter pledging her allegiance to isis on facebook on the very day the couple stormed the regional center slaughtering 14 innocent americans and injuring 21 more. an inside look into the couple terrorist home. this is the home police describe as a bomb factory. we will take you inside that house of horror. we have live team coverage from the bomb factory house to the multiple crime scene to the nation's capital. terrorism.


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