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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 8, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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media would have you believe. i think the safety of americans has to come first. that is all the time we have left this evening. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and completex1.t shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> donald trump sounds more like a leader of a lynch mob than a great nation. >> all hell breaking loose as donald trump calls for barring muslims from the u.s.a. is it legal is investigating the constitutionality of that and we have a number of reports on the political fallout. >> we haveop not contained isil. >> everybody seems to know that except for president obama. so how should the u.s.a. defeat the isis savages? we will get very specific tonight. >> also ahead, gutfeld and mcguirk on isis. and another attack on my
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book killing reagan. we'll tell you why this insanity continues. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. donald trump shaking up politics once again. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last night in south carolina, mr. trump called for a total ban of muslims entering the u.s.a. he believes most americans would support that prohibition and says we have to do it to ourselves against the jihadi. almost immediately hysteria broke out. >> i think donald trump's recovery reaction is as dangerous as president obama's underreaction. >> he is a race baiting, xenia phobic religious big go. do you know how you make america great again, tell
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donald trump to go to hell. >> where has the g.o.p. been? this started with him saying mexicans are rapists and murders. where has everybody been? >> let's examine this without emotion or agenda? both can cloud thinking. the federal courts would never, never allow the government to deny anyone entry solely on the basis of religion. so the whole discussion is really moot. good night, everyone. as with revoking the citizenship of so-called anchor babies, a ban on muslims traveling to the u.s.a. will never happen. however, however, the feds do have an obligation to deny visas to anyone who might cause harm to the country. thus, people living in countries where jihad and terrorism are rife can and should be scrutinized. with the burden of proof being put upon those who want to come here. homeland security should deny visas to anyq)uutáurjásq p. a complete ban of muslims
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would actually hurt the war on terror. here's the crux of the matter, which i will discuss with mr. trump here tomorrow on the factor. the u.s. and other western nations need moderate muslim countries to fight the jihadists. the west can't defeat the jihad without jordan, egypt, pakistan, saudi arabia and the rest of the gulf states. we need them to cooperate with us militarily and with intel. by saying all muslims can't come to the u.s.a., that means that king of jordan can't come. so, it is simply bad anti-terror policy to overreact and prohibit muslims. even if you could, which you can't. it is long past time for americans to see that the jihad for what it is, a. movement that seeks to destroy western civilization. someone tell president obama. but the majority of do not support jihad and some will actually fight
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against it. those people should be applauded, not demonized. but, and here is where donald trump is correct the obama administration is losing the fight against isis as talking points clearly said last night. political correctness and weakness rank weakness now dominate washington. many politicians are afraid to confront evil. i'm talking to you, democratic party. we, the people, must rise up and demand to be protected. demand that the war be waged against the jihad in a smart and aggressive way. with the presidential election next year, it is now on us to elect a new leader who has the guts and the intelligence to fight islamic terrorism and defeat it. believe me, this is 1938 all over again.
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and that's theçé memo. now for the top story. reaction, joining us from los angeles, aaron cohen, counter terrorist specialist and from washington jim hanson from the center for security policy. mr. hanson, begin with you. very specifically, what should america do to defeat the jihad? >> well, bill, i think you nailed it in your talking points memo. the first thing we should do is stop importing jihadis. there are some countries where we cannot vet the people from and until the president can present the plan to do that, we should stop only in the specific places where the terrorists are coming from and not all muslims. >> name those places. >> you named them. iraq, syria, pakistan, yemen, the places we already know. and the immigrations customs service has a list of countries that they tag for special scrutiny. >> let me stop you there. so you would say that donald trump is partially right in the sense that yemen, syria, iraq, iran, you can't do it with pakistan because we
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just have too much commerce back and forth with pakise>jjy but those four-youw4a say temporarily no visas issued unless it's a special circumstance is that what you are saying? >> i think that's a fair way to do it. we need to take a pause. this is not a prohibition. but let's take a pause and figure .u how we can vet these people properly. the fbi has said we can't. until he is satisfied and the american people are satisfied we should not. >> what say you, mr. cohen? >> i want to get a little more tactical with my approach to isis. i you believe that we need to go, number one is going the immediate offensive with a multi-national, 50,000 strong anti-isis urban assault force designated to completelyier dick indicate what our intelligence reports is approximately 31,000 armed isis fighters occupying parts of iraq and syria. >> okay. let me stop you there. wait, wait, wait. don't get to number two too fast.
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we have a good, long segment with both of you. would that include nato? see today nato's commander said we are not going to do it which is ridiculous. would that include nato in alliance with some muslim arab nations? is that your vision? >> absolutely. jordan is an ingradual part of the overall anti-terror macrostrategy. king abdullah, host american and national special operations. special operations. $200 million. >> it's a nato which has got to grow some and some arab nations who want to sign on to defeat isis. all right, what's number two? go ahead. >> number two for me would be the immediate workup and deployment, bill, of a 'thousand strong green beret style special operations instructor's program. we need to immediately bolster what's referred to as foreign internal defense. mr. hanson can tell you, i'm sure a lot about that being a former green beret.
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those instructures will act as force multipliers and if needún operate alongside those instructures. >> so that's the first waive, the 3,000 that mr. cohen is proposing, mr. hanson, would be the first wave in to organize the people who are already there. and then as nato, you know, it's going to take them a while, gets their force together in combination with the arab countries, that's the crusher that comes in and wipes them out. do you contour with mr. cohen, mr. hanson? >> absolutely. i think aaron is spot on. and i think the first thing my friends who are still in the fight at centcom tell me the number one thing we could do is change the rules of engagement and lead slip the u.s. dogs of war. we know where these guys are and we can hit them. there should be special operation raids every night in isis's back territories to keep them off balance. >> that means big time u.s. casualties though and president obama doesn't want that. but, look, let's face it, it's gonna come to that and the president is only in
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office for one more year. mr. cohen you heard donald trump sayvg no more muslims in here. what was your first owe-your first gut reaction to that? >> my first reaction is the donald is a pr master. he knows how to sway whatever is happening in the news to be able to make himself relevant. he has been doing it for a while. started off with his reality show back with -- however, having said that you cannot bar bar muslims coming from this country right now i'm speaking as a jew right now. >> israel doesn't ban muslims coming into israel. >> no we certainly do not. we have a -- we work with the drews. they serve in our defense force. the commander of our golani infantry brigade is an arab. so we cannot alienate the muslims.y number two, just going to create a more vicious cycle of antisemitism in this country which is not going to help anyone. number three, you just can't
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stop, based on religion and race like you said in opening statement it's absolutely ridiculous. we can use our intelligent supervisors to go after the screening process. >> we can but it's going to it talk some time to do it. >> when you tell the listeners antisemitism you are including anti-arab sentiment and not just jewish. mr. hanson when you heard donald trump say that last night in south carolina, what was the first thing that went through your mind. >> counter productive for all the reasons that have alreadyibeen mentioned. we do need ally and we do need other folks and it unfocuses from the actual mission. there is a a subset of muslims who are the problems. they are the jihadiists and sharia inherent ones. we know where they are and where to find them. we need to take them down starting with the caliphate that they started in syria intercontinental in nature. taking that out will stop recruitment and stop them from being a rallying place and the strong horse in this fight. we need to knock them off their high horse. >> just like they did with al qaeda you scatter them
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into the mountains of pakistan and they no longer had a command and control where they could do these prations and do the same thing with isis. always a pleasure to talk with you guys. we will keep mr. hanson andkf mr. cohen together. we have them on periodically on the factor. we believe they're honest men who know what they are talking about. how should fair-minded measures, you, look upon muslims both here in the u.s.a. and abroad? and then the political fallout from donald trump's anti-muslim remarks. will all the controversy growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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i can't believe i got it. that's my boy. woah! look! that's my boy. you're proud to give each other your best every day. and at banquet, we want to give you our best. that's why we're adding 20% more chicken to our chicken pot pies with golden, flaky crusts. that's my mom. now serving... a better banquet. impact segment tonight. are you a fair-minded person? are you? if so, what's your opinion about muslims? joining us now from st. petersburg, florida jessica erhlick a democratic strategist andv here in the new york city andrea t!vvbxju co-host of
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outnurentd. what pops into your mind when you hear about a muslim in general or see one on the streets of new york? what? >> i do have a unique perspective. he mean, i'm a first generation american born to an immigrant father. >> from greece? >> from greece. however, i lived in paris. and i lived in the is 11th -- if you made a right out of my door, it was an all muslim neighborhood that did not assimilate. if you made a left, it was all french. the two did not co-mingle. and during my time in paris, and i lived there, i studied there, bill, i have never told this story. but during my time there, as much sympathy as i had and openness to the culture, i was attacked twice. once in by a group of algerian men with my friend katie and second followed by a muslim man in paris it made me completely petrified and i didn't want to live there permanently hence i'm on the factor and it all worked out. my personal experience is i think there is a serious problem be in the muslim community.
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i think more peaceful muslims and i do believe they exist. i do not have a fear of muslims. they need to come out and denounce it. >> does6g0áñ it have to do with muslim believing that men are superior to women and women can be used by men, which is in the culture, not everywhere, there are secular muslims who don't believe that obviously. but it's in the culture in many places. >> no question. muslims do not believe in equal rights and they do notjc believe in gay rights which is shocking that so many liberals. >> does that enter into your thinking? >> of course it does. especially as a woman. but, bill, very quickly when i looked at the culture in paris, it wasn't the older muslims that were radicalized. they kept to themselves and their business. they immigrated from northern africa in the 60's. it's the kids. see muslims in st. petersburg or hear about them on the news or whatever goes through your mind. >> it's very interesting, andrea and i have very similar stories in my dad was also an umn< granted in the united states coming
8:17 pm
after world war ii from germany. i studied in paris and lived there, also. my experience was actually growing up with one of my best friends in elementary school and my little episcopalian school in st. petersburg, here was muslim. her parents were from india where they were persecuted for being muslim because it was, you know, very looked down upon and difficult for them to raise their family. so he was an engineer and he came here and we spent a lot of time in sort of this group of students who are young kids who are muslims who were jews, who were christians atqfx< my episcopalian school talking about the old teflt and how we believed in god and the real differences were, you know, whether you believed that, you know, jesus or mohammed is the son of god and holy man. she is now, you know, a neo saving babies in philadelphia. that is what occurs to me. >> you haven't had -- when you see muslims together or people who don't assimilate
8:18 pm
because we( have them in the united states as well. who say to themselves, their own customs, a lot of muslims believe in sharia law. what do you think, jessica, when you see that a lot of american muslims they like cherie a how does that go down with you? >> well, i think anyone who comes to this country, one of the parts of being an immigrant is to learn the language and to aa simulate in our culture it actually makes being a american a more rich and beautiful thing. >> it's a matter of the polls show there a high number of american muslims who want sharia. does that disturb you, yes or no? >> well, yeah, you don't get sharia law when you live in the united states. that's not our system of law. >> that's the problem, see. see the problem is two-fold. number one we haven't seen massive demonstrations by muslims against the jihad and number two when they take the polls, i like to have sharia significant number of them. >> they believe they answer to al law and they answer to their religion and not the united states government. and polls i tell you they
8:19 pm
are troubling, 2007 there is more recent one but 2007, bill, if you look at 3 million americans muslim americans in this country they polled them 8% told pew that suicide bombings were sometimes justified. some said they were rarely justified. >> 8% is a low number. >> hold on, jessica. >> rarts in all different religions that are radical. >> one in seven americans, bill, 3 had people. 13%. that's 400,000 americans who believe that suicide bombings are sometimes" justified. if there that have troubling. >> i submit that 10% of every race, every religion are totally out of their minds. >> not in this ways. >> totally crazy. were ladies, thanks very much. donald trump has survived many controversial remarks. but his call for a ban on muslims may top everything he said. will he get hurt politically? then, later, gutfeld and mcguirk on the isis controversy. how would they wipe them
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okay... trisha, you need any luck? i do not. eric? i'm all set. nice word play by the way. "my name's luck." thanks, sully. i got it. you don't even work on this floor! you don't work on this floor! td ameritrade. you got this. personal story segment tonight. jeb bush really going after donald trump not only for muslim comments but in general. >> when the attacks come here, the person behind this desk will have to protect your family.
8:24 pm
think they absolutely have to hurt donald trump. look at key swing states that republicans are going to have a tough time winning regards regardless. look at my home state of north carolina or virginia. those are tough states for republicans to win. if we are going it win the white house, we need those states and it's really clear that these latest comments from trump as you add on all the other comments that trump has made make winning those key states very, very difficult. >> why would north carolina and virginia specifically go against trump? íe+kcdecxw?
8:25 pm
he is giving solutions. he is showing that he has backbone. something that people like jeb bush has not shown since the very beginning. great commercial jeb puts out, bill. to be honest with you it's kind of missing a very good point. it's the fact that he hasn't put out specific ways to defeat isis himself and wouldn't have the backbone to implement it. >> do you believe that donald trump saying if he were president he would ban all muslims from coming to the united states is a solution? do you believe that's a solution? >> there is a key word missing in all of this, bill. it's called immigrants. we are not talking about united states citizens. we are not talking about the faith of anybody but u.s. citizens. >> you ask anybody abroad. but, as far as i know, and we studied this pretty hard, miss hughes, his proposal is if you are a muslim abroad, you are north going to get a visa to come here to travel, okay? >> exactly. immigrants only. >> you think that's a
8:26 pm
solution? >> i think at this point anybody that's angry at this hard line that he iscx, taking, i hope they have been as equally angry at the politicians that have put together this immigration system that's broken. >> as i said in the talking points memo, i don't know if that's a solution to the war on terror. >> what is the solution? that nobody has offered it rand paul hasn't offered it. nobody has offered it. you have. >> miss hughes i have offered the solution and the two guests we have up top were very specific. now, mr. hye, i think it's entirely possible, i'm going to talk to donald trump about this tomorrow. that the latest comments on muslims have pretty much sealed his doom within the party itself. that the chiefdoms who run the party, who are loathed by many republican conservatives, they loathe them. okay. say there is no way we are going to give this guy the nomination. he is not going to win enough delegates outright. do you see it that way? >> i don't think he is going to be our nominee. remember, bill, our elections and primaries and caucuses are decided not by party chiefdoms in washington, d.c. >> you have to have a certain amount of delegates
8:27 pm
to win the nomination. >> you have to win in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina and ultimately i think that's where thee comments and not just specific to the muslim comments what we have seen from trump for so long which is lack of any specificity on any programs. so he said he is going to do this. he hasn't said how he is going to do this. >> he can't do it because of the constitutionality out of it? >> or make mexico pay for it. >> he is winning in all the polls in all those states. how can you say he is not going to have the delegates. he is going to win it. >> the snapshot in history that the polls say doesn't necessarily correspond to the votes in march when all the big states go in. look pat buchanon won new hampshire. we had a number of people throughout history. >> pat robertson won iowa. i agree. we are looking at donald trump 20 points ahead in most poll grs he may be higher after the muslim comments this ginns up the base who are fed up with the weakness america is showing. i understand that but in
8:28 pm
realtime politics it's much, much more complicated. so, we'll see. and i'm looking forward to mr. trump being here tomorrow night and i'm sure he is looking forward to it as well. thank you, guys. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. singer adele is a huge new album out and now being pressured to confess her success. it's based on white privilege. wow. also, gutfeld and mcguirk on the isis threat and how they would handle i looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles.
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factor follow up segment tonight, another attack on my book killing reagan. this time by former secretary of state george schultz. this is the sixth op. ed saying the book is inaccurate. that's rank propaganda. killing reagan depicts the frightening ordeal president obama endured and overcame exactly the way it happened. to assert as these coordinated articles do that ronald reagan did not have a downward spiral in 1987 is simply preposterous. at that time reagan's new chief of staff howard baker ordered a top aide james cannon to investigate the alleged chaos inside the white house. iran contra was raging and baker had just replaced donald reeg who resigned under pressure. cannon's report ronald reagan was sometimes disengaged but baker believed that was overstated by the critics. baker even addressed the issue with the press.
8:33 pm
that's on the record. why we even order investigation of the issues not in play. come on. martin dugard and i accurately report the situation in killing reagan as well as baker's conclusion that the president was basically in command. dugard and i then go on to chronicle how mr. reagan fought through the difficulties brought on by the attempted assassination to eventually triumph in foreign policy. it suspect an amazing story story -- it is an amazing story of courage. struggles after he was shot were confirmed by scores of on the scene. his son ron and a number of political reporters with years of political experience. with all that on the record the dissent is misguided to say the least. what is really going on here? first of all, the high profile attacks on the book are coming from a close knit group of people all of whom know each other. it's coordinated. they object to any reportage that does not play into the deification of ronald reagan. in george schultz' case he doesn't even seem to'
8:34 pm
understand what the book is all about. lamenting that we did not write about arms reduction, for example. it's obvious to anyone who reads the book jacket that killing reagan is not, not a biography. it's a personal story of a brave man who overcame a devastating trauma to it become one of our greatest presidents. you think that would please the reagan zealots but it doesn't because we write about a real man not somebody from mounted olympus. ronald reagan once tried to join the communist party. did things as an actor he was not proud of. hadp&i9÷ regrets. in short, he had flaws like we all do. how he overcame them is the heart of the book. the first wave of attacks on killing reagan were printed in the "the washington post" whose publisher has a relationship with the hatchet men who wrote the articles. and who is actually a fundraiser for an arm of the reagan library. of course none of that was disclosed by the "the washington post." when martin dugard and i
8:35 pm
asked for op. ed space to reply the post to its shame said no. the latest slam appears in the "new york times," which up until this point has totally ignored killing reagan even though it is a massive best seller that dominates its own best seller list. that's not unusual as the times usually teach sixes authors it does not agree with ideologically. earlier this year it denied ted cruz his rightful place on the best seller list and the paper is presently ignoring the sales of david limbaugh's new book. it's beyond question that the liberal press and the literary establishment both despise the fact that the killing series is now dominating the history industry. and while each of my books has been attacked, the good news is millions of readers find them worthy because they telecom pelg stories backed we don't spin history nor do we white wash it and the folks know it ronald reagan was a great man. martin dugard and i have honored him by writing the
8:36 pm
truth, which vividly illuminates his nobility. any objective person reading killing reagan could not fail to come to that conclusion. by the way, the cannon report that so upsets the hit crew has vanished, disappeared. how convenient. next on the rundown, donald trump, muslims, and the constitution. is it legal on the case. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots, but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. knowing eliquis had both... turned around my thinking.
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thanks for staying with ts, i'm bill o'reilly. tonight. is the u.s. army stalling on the bowe bergdahl trial? first as we reported earlier donald trump wants to stop all muslim immigrant and visitors from coming to the u.s.a. is that unconstitutional? here now attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. what say you? >> unconstitutional. >> prove it. >> first amendment right to freedom of religion and the fifth amendment, due processkb laws. everybody has due process in this country. >> let me stop you there. we are talking about people overseas. we are not talking about people in the united states. >> correct. >> people overseas do not have u.s.s. constitutional rights. >> that was my next sentence. >> one if you are not talking about citizens. you are talking about people who want to come to this
8:41 pm
country and want to be citizens. >> i'm talking about vifers and immigrants. >> you could make the argument the constitution does not apply. there are many!2é nato treaties. many many treaties with countries that say you can't do this. you can't discriminate. >> you can be more specific on this? because right now you have not convinced me. >> u.n. declaration of human rights says you cannot discriminate because of religion are. >> the u.n.? >> u.n. declaration of human rights. >> says you discriminate. >> based on religion. >> if it's a public safety issue. >> so here is the bottom line. she is correct that about the first amendment. >> the 50 amendment due process laws. >> they don't have rights overseas. >> i'm about to tie that in. professor thrive, who is a learned constitutional scholar well respected in this country also says the constitutional article six of no religious test clause. qualification to require any public trust under the united states and also no religion test clause. let me play devil's advocate here. lawrence tribe avowed
8:42 pm
liberal does not look at a things objectively. it's not about seeking office. this is about public safety. trump is saying america is in danger. >> correct. >> we are going to it stop the danger and mitigate it by not allowing muslims abroad to come here as visitors and immigrants for a while. neither of you. >> i will tell you the next part. >> neither of have you convinced me so far that it's unconstitutional. go ahead. >> be convinced also we have signed on signatory to the united nations declaration of human rights there are international laws and treaties that we have signed on to that we are bound by this would fall under that classification. >> tell me what clause in those treaties does this protect. >> this is the clause. everyone has the right to freedom of thought, concept and religion. right to change religion and belief. >> i'm not convinced. >> and you are talking about people that are security risk, right? that's truth. inadmissible because they are a security risk are,
8:43 pm
that's fine. >> that's what trump is saying. >> not all muslims are a security risk. >> now finally you have gotten to it that's where i feel that the courts would intervene, all right. and saying you cannot ban, basissed on religion, because all are not there. but the rest of what you just gave me, i'm not even a lawyer and can i cut it to pieces. >> it does matter because we are bound not only by our constitution but international treaties and we cannot as aaç blanket rule. >> treaties are not the constitution. >> religious belief. >> if trump were president he dissolve the treaties. >> congress has to approve this as well. >> he can do it in executive order. >> you can't -- members of nato and do that. >> righánow it's a standoff. >> has to agree first. >> i have got to get to bowe bergdahl. >> okay. >> i believe the army is stonewalling the trial at the behest of president obama who doesn't want a trial while he is in office. this trial should have took place a long time ago. am i wrong, guilfoyle? >> well, i think there definitely has been a stall
8:44 pm
in this, a delay of game. you can throw a flag on the play but they are well within their rights. they are under and bound by no specific legal time line to act and make a decision regarding the disposition of this case.t( as to whether or not court martial. there is nothing. >> just like the investigation that they dragged out. >> exactly you. >> the trial -- >> -- right. right. there is no trial yet. >> they haven't even ruled that there will be a trial. >> exactly. >> he may or may not is have a trial. >> memo today from the army. >> wait. >> federal fine or some other recommendation. >> you must agree with me the fix is in on this deal. >> it looks like it. they don't want' to adjudicate it it? >> no time line. they just want this to go away and let president obama get out of office. >> they just said today we heard -- because it's a legal action that's ongoing, we are not going to tell it you anything. >> they're not going to tell you. >> not bound by guidelines. the recommendation was already given for no jail time or punitive. >> i understand that we covered that already.
8:45 pm
>> i don't even think you are going to get a hearing until he is out of there. >> they might fine him 25 bucks. >> it's my job to play devil's advocate here with the ladies and challenge what they say. >> right. >> i do believe it would be unconstitutional to stop everybody in one religion from coming in here and that the federal courts would find it such. >> so you agree with that. >> based upon what you have i think i could shred that argument. >> no way. we are right on the constitution. >> no shredding going on here. >> we have got to get them out of here so we can bring gutfeld and mcguirk in. how crazy is that? we have asked the boys to devise a plan to crush isis. when we come back, they will have it. fact you won't find the brand pharmacists recommend most for cold and flu relief at the shelf. advil cold & sinus is only behind the pharmacy counter. ask your pharmacist for fast, powerful advil cold & sinus. relief doesn't get any better than this. bass pro shops has great gifts at big savings.
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back of the book segment tonight, what the heck just happened. here now bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld in addition to looking like david nelson that matched the shirt. >> thank you. >> we asked to you come up with a plan to crush isis. because they fear you. >> yes, they do. they are deadly scared of me. i say we expose their carbon footprint because you see all those pickup trucks. thankfully they are car pooling. at least that might anger president obama who see what they are doing to the environment that might get him upset. actually, to be serious, isis requires one humiliating defeat. the reason why they recruit is because no one has seen them lose. so people are gravitate toward the winner. it's a]y bandwagon. if the world decides it wants to eliminate isis and 48 hours, it would be done. and once you humiliate the bully, nobody wants to join a losing team. it's the simplest thing. make soft targets hard that means requiring everybody in america to learn personal responsibility in taking care of their families,
8:50 pm
self-defense, owning firearms. >> if you see somebody in the garage with pipes and explosives you might want to call the police. >> unless it's me because that's a hobby. >> okay. >> i would say give peace a chance. send john kerry send to negotiate with al baghdadi and let's e see what happens. obama gave an awful speech. spineless and a week or two before that he said the global warming conference will be and san bernardino happened. yesterday was pearl harbor day. you have to meet savagery with savagery. >> you guys know -- >> a ruthless campaign with ground troops. take the oil fields. >> we laid it out, but at the pd of the memo i said this is 1938 all over again. did you get that rmpbs? >> of course. >> in 1938 you had hitl marchin into poland. >>. that's right. in september 1939. you had hitler that was a very
8:51 pm
good call on your part. hitler annexing austria. and then japan marching their troops all over southeast asia. and americans knew it. they knew it. and fdr, he was more hawkish than most of the other people. they didn't want any part of the war. we're right there now. it's the same thing. americans in the democratic party, millions of americans basically they are buying into the fact that it's always there. global warming is a bigger threat. >> we are victims of privilege. we're so far away. same thing that happened. never our battle until it is your battle. >> how did you win? >> for the most part, air cr campaign. they surrendered and we have to do the same thing. >> you can't drop an a-bomb on them. you can't do that.
8:52 pm
so many people that are not associated with the campaign would be killed. you can mobilize nato. it's only 35,000. >> we're dealing with a myth that they are fear of spiders. they only go after battles they know they can win. they retreat when they see people coming. always see the brutality which they use as propaganda. >> if you set foot back in this country, you'll hang by the neck until dead. you need to get tough. >> because this is a riveting conversation, we can't do adele, but we'll do adele next week. you adore her. the singer adele, a big hit. sells millions of albums. her success is due to white privilege.
8:53 pm
so we'll tell you about that next week. and adele will be here as well as a special guest. the tip of the day, more dishonest reporting, this time from harvard. the tip, moments away. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a
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now to california. i agree with mr. trump. no way of knowing which muslim is friendly and which is a threat. robert from virginia, your bias and deseept no know bounds. you say the president is wrong because it's not a problem. but you and those on talk radio are stoking the hatred. bs, you're a pin head. i have been fair to muslims. i said donald trump was trumping up. i said obama was trumping up, pardon the pun. a a bias problem, that's not significant according to fbi stats. sorry you can't handle the truth. by the way, neither can harvard. that's for our tip of the day. your talking points are right. president obama is incompetent in fighting isis. i wonder if he's doing it on purpose. >> i'm a high school sophomore and we dropped the mascot and nickname warriors.
8:57 pm
political correctness, a hallmark of cambridge. your town is very liberal. but your town also has many good things that can help you in life. so make your opinion known, but accept the fact that mad neness a reality in your neighborhood, but never buy into it. maria from new york, i'm so glad the christmas story has a made in the usa section. i bought ten american flag key rings and used my member discount and you help good charities to boot. ronald reagan was my favorite president but the book sli solidified that for me. i got thousands of letters like yours. thanks for reading the book. and congratulations to bob maxwell of oregon, the nation's oldest recipient of the medal of honor. he was honored this week and received a signed copy of "killing patton."
8:58 pm
i hope you enjoy it. and finally, i received a masters degree from the kennedy school of government at harvard. and so i was distressed to read a dishonest article from a woman who is on staff at the harvard kennedy school review. she writes, quote, bill o'riley has called islam a destructive force in the world. not true. we researched the nasty piece of work and she is referring to a segment done a year and a half ag not have possibly seen. she picked up the lie from a far left website. here's what i actually said. >> for centuries, muslims coexisted peacefully, but now terrorism is on the move. and most muslim nations are not joining with the west to confront that. they arefore, criticism of isla
8:59 pm
role on the world stage is certainly valid. the muslim world needs to take a hard look at itself. >> that's a long way from what her prop gaganda stated. here's the tip of the day. millennials are very dependent on the net for information. but much perhaps most of what you read on the net is distorted, out of context or fabricated. if you pass that stuff along, you are doing a wrong thing. so don't do it unless you know it to be true. that it is for us to be the. check out u our website. we like you to spat off about the factor. name and town if you wish. word of the day, do not be a noddy when writing to the factor. again, thanks for watching us
9:00 pm
tonight. i the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the nation was hit by a terrorist attack less than seven days ago. for five days, the country and its press focused on the killers. trying to get to the bottom of who they were. how deeply connected to terror they had become. and who, if anyone, helped finance the plan or support their operation. on the sixth day, donald trump decided he'd like to get back into the media headlines. welcome, i'm megyn kelly. president obama came out two days after the fbi con if you remembered this was a terrorist attack to reassure us. what we received was a statement that his strategy will not


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