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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 9, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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french police dog diesel was killed during a terror raid in paris during the days in the paris terror massacre. good night from washington, d.c. tonight on "red eye," is donald trump worse than the villain in harry potter? we are the only show bold enough to ask the tough question. and a new jeb bush ad shows his opponents sitting at the desk in the oval office. is this art imitating life? and a college bans a student for saying black women are not hot. we will have to show how beautiful black can be. first, a news break. >> live from america's nters i'y wright. good morning. this morning is one week since 14 people were killed in san bernadino. and now investigators are looking into the strong possibility that malik was an
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operative. authorities say she was radicalized before entering the u.s. and they believe her family may be radicalized as well. malik was married to the other shooter, farook. she was one of just one of the pakistanis lead into the u.s. on a fiancee visa to mary farook. lawmakers are making it harder for would be terrorists to enter the country. travelers are required to get a visa if they have been to iraq and syria in the last 5 years. the bipartisan measure was overwhelmingly passed 407-19 and they are supporting the proposal that could get worked into the spending bill. donald trump is getting blasted about banning muslim travel into the u.s. republicans and democrats are condemning the idea branding it bigoted and unconstitutional and even dangerous to america. >> conservatism.
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what was proposed yesterday was not what this party stands for and more importantly it is not what this country stands for. >> it is the kind of policy, if i could call it that, that mr. trump is advocating is inconsistent with the values that are enshrined in our constitution. >> just one day after the controversial comments the associated press reported that trump would be visiting the muslim nation of jordan, but that donald is reporting that on twitter. that's a look at news. now back to "red eye." log on to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. >> welcome to "rid --" red eye." let's check in with andy levy over at the news desk. andy, do you know what i
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think? >> roll banter, animation. >> let's welcome our guests. when she dresses to the nine's they call it the ten's. jedediah bila. he may not be a road scholar, but he is a road hack. she is wearing a lovely perfume. i believe it is called bourbon. fox business contributor dagin mcdowell. and yes i know what you are thinking, he owns a yacht. it is rob long. let's start the show. donald trump is getting blow back for shocking comments he made. yes, the gop front runner said he wants to prevent the spread of extremism on-line by talking to bill gates about censoring the internet. take a look. >> we are losing a lot of people because of the internet and we have to do something.
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we have to see bill gates and a lot of different people that really understand what is happening. we have to talk to them in certain areas and closing the internet up. some say freedom of speech, freedom of speech. these are foolish people. we have a lot of foolish people. we have a lot of foolish people. we have to maybe do something with the internet because they are recruiting by the thousands. >> trump wants to shutdown the internet. it is something only he can come up with. jay they are using websites, social media, chat rooms and other platforms to celebrate beheadings, recruit future terrorists and call for attacks. we should work with host companies to shut them down. >> shut them down! look at that. trump and hillary on the same page. can you believe it, jedediah? >> he talks like everybody at my dinner table. shut it down! you have to
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shut that tough down. that's why i like when people hear him, even though he sounds crazy he could hang with my family and with my dad and having lasagna. >> these are foolish people. >> you can't shutdown the internet. >> parts of it. corners. >> this is the united states. that's not how it works. we have freedom of speech. and if you shut it down you can't really monitor it. what we should be doing is better monitoring all of these things. you you can't go in and say -- you start shutting that down and it is the slippery slope and everybody hates that term and i do too. you have who private businesses? government? you guys are doing something bad. you are doing something bad. we are supposed to assume it is limited to fighting terrorism? maybe you trust your government that much, but i don't. i say get your watchdogs in place. we have known for a longtime that this internet stuff is a problem. what are we waiting for? have better on-line security
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measures. you don't shut people down. that's not how we work in the u.s. of a. >> don't shut it down, but how about more surveillance? >> you can build walls on the internet so no muslims on the internet and while we are at it, no fat broads and no recipes that make the broads fat like the mississippi mud pie made with the pudding and the oreo cookies. and how about no unattractive people. let's get rid of the unattractive people. everybody who is uglier than malania, -- i don't want to see any photos of malania people. that was dagin doing brooklyn. >> i don't know what that was. >> if this was jeopardy, this would be what if trump had a baby with bernie sanders. >> but it was beautiful. >> dagim makes a point.
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i don't know how. dagim makes a good point, but i am not sure which one. >> i don't get trump at all. he wants to ban muslims and then have tech support. you can't have it both ways. i agree with jedediah that we need more surveillance. >> leave it open so we can see who goes. >> send in the spies. >> you think i can get in the mosque? >> maybe on the women's stage. >> that would work, but i am rather tall. >> some of those ladies are tall. >> rob long wants to consolidate bill gates. >> i feel like there are people behind the scenes and trump is saying things to get grandpa going. that's what it feels like to me. get that bill gates guy.
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he is the brainiac behind the web. the web almost destroyed bill gates' company. >> it is very 1994. >> i feel like we with watching a 90s version of the internet. but i would like to see a meeting between bill gates and donald trump. what do you have on you right now, liquid. >> we know his potential inauguration. listen, tom, riddle me this, which presidential candidate is worse than he who must not be named? harry potter's author j.k. rowling said the call to stop muslims from entering makes him more evil than the hitler of wizards. she said how horrible. valdermort was thought nearly as bad. hold it. let's review the facts. orphaned by his parents.
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trump, only given a tiny $1 million inheritance. valdermort brands followers and trump with trucker hats. trump speaks english as everyone should. voldermort wants to murder mud bloods and trump wants to make america great again. to be fair, they are both known forecasting spell -- for casting spells. >> i think strum m holds up -- trump holds up well. >> it feels like a burn on voldermort. i think voldermort would be winning and win in new hampshire hands down. i don't think you can say the same for donald trump.
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voldermort is a winner. >> i believe we have the last chapter. >> we don't know what happens. on that note they thought he was out when he announced his candidacy. they thought he was out criticizing john mccain. he was stronger than ever. what will happen now? >> he had magic photos. i saw them and i thought it was a tmc would you rather? better -- bernie sanders for golom and i go with the mist cal character. >> you can't expect jk recalling recalling -- jrrawling to vote. >> she may be richer than trump. these are two rich people. >> he is really, really rich. she is rich, but not really,
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really witch. >> you know who else is rich? china. they are killing us. >> how are you bringing that in? >> china is killing us. that's one of trump's points. >> i love the comparative analysis. does the fiction got you going. >> so you think -- what is your theory here? you think we should ignore what he is saying and it is all stupid? what do you think the angle is here. it is split. i see the more the media picks on donald trump and the more people write stuff making him out to be a villain, but the more people seem to like him. maybe if the media wants him to lose, they should shut up. the more theyville fie this guy he rises above and it goes stronger and stronner.
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stronger. who trusts republican leaders these days? that's why trump and ted cruz are the only ones getting support. >> analysis left off one point. >> we are not talking "star wars." these are add less dents not -- add less departments -- adolescents not getting they more. >> i didn't know who this guy was. voldermort? that's how much of a bubble i live in. >> on this show i revealed i never watched "star wars" and star trek and i don't even know bo this dude is. >> she called them life savers. >> we have more trump. on tuesday trump appeared on morning joe wherey was asked about blocking muslims from entering the u.s.
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he became irritated with trump's question dodging tactics and quickly turned to commercial. pay attention to the commercial. i found it amusing. >> one other thing -- no! in. >> you have to let us ask questions and you are just talking. >> no, no, i am not just talking. >> donald, donald, done nad. donald. you are not going to keep talking. we will go to break if you keep talking. >> go to break then, joe. >> all i am doing is telling you the facts. >> we will be right back. >> if you like your steak you'll love trump steaks. treat yourself to the very, very best life has to offer. as a gift trump steaks are the best you can give. >> i'm a vegetarian, praise be to god. i eat the vegetables. i have bottles of trump ice waters.
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>> what is ice water? >> it is called trump ice and it is a label for water and they put it in the trump hotels. they don't make it anymore. >> i don't think he was trying to stonewall. he was trying to answer. >> we're gonna have to go to break. who cares? he will keep talking and keep talking when he got off he probably went on twiner and said joe asked me this and finished the thoughts. that does president work with donald trump. donald trump is successful because he will be that guy that interrupts you and says the crazy stuff nobody else says. the crazier the better. joe scarborough looks ridiculous in this scene. that crazy is why he is popular. they are trying to make sense out of him. he is gonna be him. he is still rising in the
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polls. >> there we go. the next story. while trump is using the media to get his message out, jeb bush is using the inside of his jacket. >> governor bush was photographed showing off his cool new jacket liner which has his logo. >> but jeb is not just advertising the inside of his jacket. he is also making campaign ads. here is one from the super attack. >> they will have to protect the family. will he be impulse sigh and reckless? will he be voted to weaken surveillance? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes to campaign like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. >> that's a good ad, but i can't picture what being in a war in iraq would be like.
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has that ever happened? >> you never really know. check the inside of your jacket. >> i love the spook emu sick and it is then up lifting anthem music. they always do that. >> you start to get the "star wars". >> that's great the guy lost a lot of weight and is looking good. >> how close is he to unbuttoning his shirt. >> his name isn't bush. it is jeb. >> he doesn't want to remind us there were a few other bushes even though they are not unpopular. in the world of republicans, republicans aren't popular. the eldest bush, a very popular figure, right? what is wrong with the jeb bush campaign? is it just the bush fatigue? the bush-clinton thing?
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>> that is part of it. i think he needs to wear the jacket inside out because he looks like the rid leer. >> you are right. it is that guy who gave away the tips -- the government tips. >> but again, i ask this a lot, jedediah, can he crawl out of the bush hole he is in. >> it is not about his name. it is about him. he is a terrible candidate. he looks like he has an anger management problem. the only ad i saw that was good was where he didn't speak. he was president in the ad, but he was president. present. i don't think the name is the problem. i don't think he will crawl out of it. i feel bad for him sometimes because everybody thought he would rush out and steal the show.
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i knew he wasn't going too -- going to. >> look in the mirror, dude. he looks like my dad when he had to -- like once every 20 years go to moo i mom's family reunion. he is standing in the corner like -- >> it looks like he is not enjoying himself. >> that's a problem -- remember bush senior got in trull for looking at her watch. >> this is a guy who ran in a tough state and a very popular governor. sometimes he seems like a figure from another time. this is a very weird campaign. somehow iowa and new hampshire are done. these poll is are bs. they are tiny, tony samples.
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they are not polling p voters. it is complete nonsense. at some . once again when these primaries are held you will have a round discussion and they will look stupid again. >> happens every time. >> have to go. get ready to learn about beauty. i am talking to you, school. next.
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have college administrators gone too far? this time they have suspended a student for two years for saying that black women matter.
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all right, he said a little more than that. using the app yik-yak, a mobile app signed to get students success spended and people fired from their job the student responted -- responded by saying # black women matter. they matter, but they are just not as hot. they found the opportunity guilty and spes -- specifically behavior. i officially believe no one should be punished. what are you talking about thab? everyone knows that black women not only matter, but they are definitely hot and maybe not every single one, but i can think of seven or eight off the top of my head.
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>> wow. did i forget any? >> no. i applaud you to have the curling where the one jeffersons with the girl-girl act. >> it is 3:00 a.m., right? it is late. >> i liked flo and weezie and the one downstairs, the one married to the white guy. >> do you know who she is in -- she is? lenny kravitz's mom. >> wow, "american woman." >> and i like you since you picked pam greer. maybe i would like to marry one day. i was going to make the entire montage -- that was my dream. >> nice cover.
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did you learn how to do that in theater school? >> i was going to make it entirely pam greer. through the ages. did i miss any, the great black women in entertainment? >> oh yeah, ut about i can't name them from the search history. black women are gorgeous. >> he was trying to be funny. right? it was a joke. what did he say? he was kidding and gets suspended for two years. obviously anyone with a brain looks at that and said have you not seen beyonce? people have eyes. they have plenty of black women are hot. if somebody says i don't think blondes were hot. am i supposed to be offended and should we start an organization to protect blonde
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women. learn to deal with it. they will learn stupid things and will not be suspended. it was directed at a particular person. i would say if he was harassing and going after her and saying you are not. >> he is not stupid for saying it, but paying somebody $60,000 a year to go there. >> that is moron nick. >> that must have been a bittersweet call. on one hand it is embarrassing and the other hand, it is $120,000. >> that's a boat. >> you can get a job at the mall. >> he does that even if he graduates. >> that's true. >> why did you grunt when sister, sister came off. >> i thought your use of the mallory twins.
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>> you can find those pictures. i like this. coming up, it is what you have been waiting for. half time is next.
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live from america's news
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headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. there may soon be new rules for many foreigners who want to visit the u.s. without visas. the house has passed a measure limiting the visa waiver program that applies to 38 countries. the proposed legislation will require people who have been to iraq and syria in the past five years to obtain visas before entering the u.s. it is coming from across the while and the white house. >> my sense is most democrats will take a look at this legislation and probably support it because what we are trying to do is getting over the real problems. >> the defense could begin presenting its case in the manslaughter trial of a baltimore cop charged with the death of freddie gray. the prosecute reft evidence after calling 15 year wednesdays. he died when his neck was eke broen while riding in the back of a police van. five other cops are facing
12:32 am
charges in connection with gray's death. >> chicago cops released a yid vow showing officers using a taser on a man in a prison cell and then dragging him on the grounds. he later died in the hospital from a reaction to an anti-psychotic drug. this happened three years ago and the video is just coming out now. it emerges as they start to probe into possible will activity. a familiar sound these days. heavy rainfall has touched off massive flooding and sewage overthrows. there are power and landslides and it is forced to shutdown rail service. and they warn that more rain is on the way. it is miserable out there right now. i'm kelly wright. now back to "red eye." welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed
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from tv's andy levy. >> how are you? >> been watching the show? >> not really, no. why would i do that? >> i thought you had to watch the show to do half time. >> in the old days i did. after you have done it awhile you know what everybody will pick. trump wants bill gates and the internet and i will just move on. joe scarborough -- oh come on. jedediah, you said you can't shutdown the internet. you can. countries like egypt and libya have done it and i should see why not be like those countries ? >> it is the united states. isn't it crazy how he is running this as a freedom lover. he said we just shutdown the internet. send some people out. we don't have proof. shutdown the internet.
12:34 am
case closed. >> jimmy you said if this was jeopardy, that this is what donald trump and deer knee -- and bernie sanders would have a love child. >> i thought per -- i thought her impression was great. >> i didn't know what i was doing. >> as usual it worked. >> rob, i'm with you. i don't know what bill gates has to say about the internet. it is not like he is a serious person. that's not possible, is it? >> i don't want to talk about trump. >> andy? >> yes. >> what are you wearing? >> thank you for asking that. >> have you never seen a uniform? >> have you never seen a sweater before? this is the northeast.
12:35 am
you are not in l.a. right now. >> you know we call it editorial in the fashion business. >> i find it very spiffy. >> it is like blow felled, but not. >> you haven't heard of the captain pickard selection? i am honestly looking at the panel trying to figure out how any of you think you have any business giving me fashion advice. >> i said it looked nice. >> you are the only one. >> and i am dressed quite well. >> as always. >> we have now gone -- this show has gone 11 seconds without talking about trump. >> until you brought it up again. >> jkrowling. you said riddle me this. i got the joke. >> i think people laughed across america. >> i didn't hear it and i was right here.
12:36 am
>> rob, you said it seems like a a -- i will call him voldermort. you say it would be a burn if he was winning. trump is not worse. he definitely would get into slithering, right? >> i don't want to make you feel bad. >> don't you think he is more of a doloresumbridge some. >> i love those works. >> i think he is more of a snape. >> but in the end he was a -- i don't want to ruin anything. >> he is a good guy though. >> the inner circle of the deputies have the dark mark branded on their forearms. have you ever seen hillary clinton in short sleeves. you have not. >> no and i am thankful every
12:37 am
day. >> that was the first name in 10 minutes i have recognized. >> the harry potter was not popular at all. >> no one got into that. jedediah, you said the more pice media should ignore him. you can't. high is the republican front runner. it would be great if you could, but you you can't. maybe comment on the stuff he does once and not make it the news cycle. he knows if he is out for a minute they just have to say something completely insane and that carries them for a couple weeks. >> that's not the media's fault. >> there is a simple way to solve this problem. shutdown the internet. >> could you please call mr. gates? >> on his e-mail.
12:38 am
>> all he needs to do is have isis sign up for time warner. sorry, isis, we will be there on tuesday. >> they are not like that. you said rolling may be richer than trump. she was worth a billion at her palm. >> well, you have to see it from my spur tech tiff. i am with $77 million liquid. everybody seems little to me. >> that makes sense. it gives us something to talk about. >> what? >> we are talking about her and trump. can we talk about sat cappedy? >> no, never. >> i really don't care about them. there are no winners.
12:39 am
jeb commercial. you have fun with the logo all over it. you didn't americas. >> can we open it up? we have a picture. >> just branding. >> i was going to say, full disclosure. you said the ad was good except if you watch it with the sound off it is jeb showing his opponents looking presidential in the oval office. >> that's a really good point. the spook emu sick, i am going with the spook emu sick. >> i think he went for the small thing behind the desk. >> not old enough. >> i shouldn't say anything. jedediah you said something i
12:40 am
wish you hadn't said. >> i will tell you after the show. >> tom, i enjoyed your test meant to crumb or whatever -- >> moment with tom? >> i can never get that straight. >> you showed a mantage with the seven or eight black women you think are hot? >> yes. >> there are 70 million, seven or 8. >> are you a little like the old dadhwho says that beyonce is attractive. >> andy, obviously from the daydream i have up loading black women from the late 70s. >> and you put roger p henson on there. a couple weeks ago you didn't know who that was. we showed her on something and i had to say at half time who it was. she said i don't know who that is. >> she is always changing her
12:41 am
hair, andy. >> i am just saying that love may not be for real. >> i like the hair up. she had the bangs in the last picture. >> that's love. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. >> it is time to take a break. cars that snitch when we come back. now take it away, kennedy. >> hello, "red eye". on the next kt kennedy" gavin mcginnis and jedediah pilla. see you at 8:00 p.m. eastern and 5:00 pacific on the fox business network.
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your cohort can't keep a secret. a hit-and-run suspect was arrested after being snitched on by her car. the automated emergency system in kathy's ford called police and told them the vehicle was in a crash. right around the same time a different woman was taken to a hospital after her car was rear-ended by a hit-and-run driver. bernstein told the dispatcher she hadn't been in an accident and didn't know why the car's emergency system called her. when police went to her house to check it out they saw major damage to her ford's front end and she eventually admitted to her crime. isn't that beautiful? no if andy was here they would complain about an invasion of privacy. they caught a bad gal. >> andy? >> andy levy. >> it was a longtime ago.
12:46 am
>> this woman was the feature of the car and she bought the carnotting that was the car. she had an accident. she knew what she was getting into. she gets what she gets. >> and you don't get upset. >> she is driving an american car, jedediah, fiat, maserati and they know not to rat. >> the italian cars -- wait a minute. doesn't that italian company have american cars too? >> just go with it. what i said may be completely wrong. >> i think it is true. i like your idea. you drove a car for a living. and you committed crimes frequently. do you think the car should be trusted? >> i didn't even read this story because i was can selling my on star subscription. people are can selling from
12:47 am
this. the woman is a dope. she answered the phone. did you read that part of the story. because she hit the button they call you because they want to know the story. she answered the phone. singing like "who let the dogs are." due to pry have you see did she say -- due to privacy could she say anything? >> i think the problem is jedediah, if you don't want this to happen, don't run away. when you hit someone just get out the insurance card. >> the rise of the machines tom. >> this is a car that almost has a mind of its own. >> i talk about the terminator all the time. i say that's far in the future. i named my car in high school. i was friends with it and it was named gatsby, actually. it was after j gatsby. he was very debonairre.
12:48 am
not everyone is italian. you never know. you get into a car and they get fiesty and they get upset. you never know. >> how did that go having a car named gatsby and it was a pinto? >> never mind that. >> he was so handsome, my car. >> you name it something nice and it will be nice. >> j gatsby, you fell in love with him. everybody wanted to be in my car. very classy. >> did you name your car? you were a cabdriver. >> my taxis? no they go by numbers 2g34. >> that's impersonal. >> you never forget your first cab. there is not a lot of thinking and strategizing. clearly you are there because you didn't do a lot of thinking. >> i think it is great and i think the technology is great. especially for you ladies.
12:49 am
>> they help you think that when the car rests on you. it will be all fine and good until one day you say something in the car you are not supposed to say. nsa style goes after your behind. i called it first. >> when i saw "minority report" and tom cruise walked in the store and they said welcome john smith i said love it. that's the future. >> simple. >> we'll close things out with a bedtime story.
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here at td ameritrade, they love innovating. and apparently, they also love stickers. what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research.
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10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. next "red eye" katie linendal and sam roberts. >> a french scientist says he has discovered a hidden painting under the mona lisa. the scientist claims reflective light technology revealed an under lying portrait of a different person. the technology that was pioneered lets him see what was constructed beneath the layers of the paint. here is what he found. that face look familiar. i know i have seen it somewhere. that's it! it is todd
12:54 am
starnes. how did his portrait end up under leonardo do da vinci's work? >> ♪ that's the power of starns ♪ ♪ that's the power of starns ♪ >> the power of starns is everywhere. we end with a weight lifter who forgets to breathe. he passes out, but he is all right. >> he had a funny look on his face. >> the funny look was the fact he wasn't getting enough air. he passed out. they are helping him up. >> is it air? is it blood supply to the brain? >> it is lack of blood to the brain is definitely gonna put you out. >> he looks fine. and look he is back for his third attempt.
12:55 am
>> a lot of heart. >> another strong pull. >> he looks like he is not all there. >> you see a boxer get hit and they don't even realize they were out. >> he will be fine. >> he'll be fine. >> that excellent coverage. those guys were on it. charles barkley did a great job. >> was it a blood to the brain situation? >> i love this for so many reasons, but in part because every southern girl who has been a brides maid and had to much beam and nooky has done that at a wedding. >> and you don't have to do lifting. you just fall over? >> you lock your knees out and you go -- boom. >> i used to get up -- it happened more when i was an
12:56 am
adolescent. it hasn't happened in awhile. when i was running track i would lose the blood to my head. >> i love the idea this guy saying to his coach, coach i will be the captain. coach is like don't hold your breath. i gave it a shot. >> it is important to breathe, isn't it, jedediah? >> i hold my breath when i exercise. i used to work with a trainer and i heard breathe, breathe! i don't know why. if you are lifting heavyweights you hold your breath. it didn't seem like he was holding it that long to faint. he breathed in and was there for a couple seconds and then he was down. >> amateur. >> it is the pre routine, isn't it? >> i don't think so. because i know a lot about it. >> because you lift a lot of weights 1234. >> those things are really heavy. >> that's the problem. it is heavy. >> special thanks to jedediah
12:57 am
bila and dagin mcdowell and rob long. i'm tom shillue and i'll see you next time. maybe you can give me dead lifting tips. why do they scream? >> because thisy are really heavy. s.
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what's next? "special report." this is a fox news alert. i'm shannon bream in for brett baier. new information tonight about the female half of the muslim couple that slaughtered 14 people at a holiday party last week in san bernardino, california. fox news has been told that investigators are looking into the possibility that there's more to tashfeen malik than previously believed. senior correspondent adam housley is breaking news again tonight in redlands, california. hello, adam. >> yes, as the investigation continues to build domestically and locally in specifically on the international front, we're told they're looking closely into whether tashfeen malik may have been radicalized before she came to the united states. and the possibility that she may have been an operative.


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