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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 9, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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director comey's testimony today that his ability to detect these terrorists has been impaired. kelly file. on twitter megyn kelly, with your thoughts. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." fox news alert. i'm adam housley in san bernardino, california, where the hunt continues for the background of the two killers who one week ago today killed 14 and injured 21 in a terror attack. authorities don't believe the two met on an islamic dating website. they think that may be a cover. as they dig deeper into tashfeen's background. looking at the family's finances and the radicalization of other family members. fox is learning more about the two and their pledge to other agencies online, to other terror groups online, i should say with tashfeen obviously pledging to isis and her husband syed before they met and before isis was
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created, pledging allegiance to groups like the muslim brotherhood, to hamas and anti-israeli posts. for all the latest on the terror investigation, stick with fox news. until then, now, it's "hannity." welcome to "hannity." and tonight, top u.s. intelligence and national security officials continue to counter president obama's narrative on isis and are also sounding alarm bells about terrorists infiltrating the syrian refugee population. those coming to america. in washington tonight with a full report is our own catherine herridge, this is one after another now contradicting the president, a lot of people. the list is getting long. >> sean, the secretary's testimony did not provide cover for the president's statement that isis is contained. defense secretary ash carter was in line with the recent testimony of the chairman of the joint chiefs.
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>> congressman forbes asked general dunnford, quote, have we currently contained isil, general dunnford, we have not contained isil. do you agree with general dunnford? >> i agree with what general dunnford said, yes. >> the republican chairman of the house homeland security committee said former secretary of state hillary clinton and mr. obama own the isis problem because it was clinton who was the architect of mr. obama's foreign policy that failed to get a status of forces agreemen opening for isis to explode. >> i would say that she and the president are responsible for isis rearing its ugly head. they've not effectively dealt with it, and i think that's going to be a huge campaign issue. >> as fox first reported this morning, syed farook and tashfeen malik were radicalized by the time this photo was taken by the time they entered the united states in chicago on july
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27th, 2014. fbi director james comey went further. >> as early as the end of 2013, they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged and then married and lived together in the united states. >> the fbi director also testified that isis under its leader abu backeral baghdadi has a growing ability to forge passports. this is fairly sophisticated and a direct concern for the u.s. intelligence community. >> are you concerned that isis has the ability to create fraudulent passports or other documents for its operatives that is a practical matter it would be almost impossible to detect? >> yes, mr. chairman, the intelligence community is concerned that they have the ability, the capability to manufacture fraudulent passports. >> comey's testimony leaves no doubt that the visa screening
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process, including two rounds of criminal and national security background checks, fail to detect malik's radicalization and though farook had contact with terrorism suspects the fbi was already looking at, it was still not enough to warrant an independent fbi investigation of the 28-year-old. >> unbelievable. thank you, catherine. joining us with reaction, the host of war stories, lieutenant colonel oliver north is with us. ash carter is only the latest following the joint chiefs. let's go through those that contradict the president's narrati narratives. they're the jv team, they're contained, they do not present a threat to americans. let's listen to those around him sounding alarm bells that he doesn't listen to. >> i think the mission that he said is the right mission, which is to disrupt, dismantle and destroy isis. that's the right mission. but i think that the resources applied to that mission, frankly, have not been sufficient. >> we have a near-term problem
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that needs to be addressed or a near-term challenge that needs to be addressed. i think there are some things that we could be doing or intensifying that would perhaps yield greater success sooner. >> what's happening here is completely out of control, and there's no prospect for bringing any kind of stability i think from the path we're on now. >> have we currently contained isil? >> we have not contained isil. >> general dunnford, we have not contained isil. mr. secretary, do you agree with general dunnford? >> i agree with what general dunnford said, yes. >> when the chairman of our joint chiefs, when our defense secretary, when past defense secretaries, even dianne feinstein says isis is not contained, they're growing, when they're all saying this, why doesn't this president listen? what part of this is he missing? >> well, he's operating from a parallel universe, apparently. delusional. i really don't know what's going
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on in his heart, mind, head and soul. but the end result, the consequences of his inaction have placed americans at a greater threat than we've been at since 9/11. and the idea that we'll continue on the same process, because that's all we heard from the oval office address, just continue on what we're doing is a formula for utter disaster. i developed the other day, on this network, a ten-point plan that will work. here it is very quickly. number one, do something right away to fix the visa and refugee clearance and vetting process, and that means pausing it until you fix it. number two, define the enemy. the enemy is not just isis. the enemy is radical islam, all of them, no matter what they call themselves are franchises from hell with the same product -- jihad. and if you can't define the enemy, you can't define victory. what is victory? victory is making sure that radical islamists no longer have a safe haven anywhere in the world, not just iraq and syria, but that means libya and the
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sinai and yemen. that means you need a worldwide coalition. he brags about a coalition of 65 countries, let's see him stand up and do something about it. number four, put soft forward air controllers with the americans, french and british and the sunni elements that are willing to fight with us against isis. if don't you have them out there, you can't run a serious air campaign. and you've got to deploy a couple of carrier strike groups to the mediterranean with a marine ground task force to run s.a.r. and you have the air assets to run a serious air campaign, which we've not run yet. number six, al sisi and abdullah in jordan asked for and got the back of a hand when they asked for logistics support to put a sunni arab force into anbar province. that will make the sunnis stand up and fight with us. number seven. arm the kurds and the sunnis out
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in anbar province directly. don't do it through baghdad. baghdad's is a wholly owned subsidiary of tehran. and the ayatollahs don't want the sunnis to succeed. number 8, tell putin to keep his military assets, both ground and air out of our way, that way nobody will get hurt. number nine, show the sunnis that we're serious by standing up and condemning tehran's icbm test. look, part of the propaganda that baghdadi is using with isis is to tell the sunnis he is the defense of sunni islam from the shiites. if this president stood up and condemned tehran for the very first time since he's been in office, that would have been a positive effect on recruiting. number ten, wen the cooperation of the technology giants in silicon valley to make sure we can break into this black web. lastly, good news for you.
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>> okay. >> today we announce a freedom alliance. we raised $10 million -- distributed $10 million in college scholarships to americans who have lost a parent serving in the armed forces. as of today more than $10 million, over a thousand remarkable american heroes have their youngsters going to college and have gone to college under a scholarship. >> that's awesome. >> that you helped start, buddy. thank you. >> we talked about it when these kids came of age. congratulations on it. the big political news is donald trump's proposal, put a temporary ban on muslims coming into america. not muslim americans but keep people coming from countries where there are these theocracies, where shariah law is the law of the land. let's go to some of our biggest and brightest intelligence officials in the country, the fbi director, the director of national intelligence, the general in charge of defeating
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isis. i want to play a montage for you of them warning about the dangers that exist in taking in syrian refugees and ask you a question out of that. >> sure. >> obviously, i wouldn't put it past the likes of isil to infiltrate operatives among these refugees. >> we can only query against that which we have collected. and so if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our data base, we can query our database until the cows come home, but there will be nothing show up because we have no record on that person. >> there is some fear, some fear that some of these refugees may actually be posing as refugees, but they might actually be al qaeda or isis terrorists trying to sneak into europe or the united states. what do you make of that? >> well, certainly that's a possibility. you can't dismiss that out of hand. >> we should be conscious of the
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potential that daesh may attempt to imbed agents within that population. >> yesterday, on this program, congressman mike mccaul stated to this audience that they have discovered beyond any doubt, like paris, isis has a plan to infiltrate the refugee population. so my question to you is donald trump right to say put a temporary ban on this? is rand paul right to say put a ban on 34 countries and not take in syrian refugees? is that the prudent thing to do? is the president gambling with thrives of americans? >> without endorsing any particular presidential candidate's aspirations, the fact is that unless we fix the visa problem and the refugee vetting problem, we're going to end up with more of what we've just seen. look at the wife in this san bernardino case falsified
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information that was never caught by the state department vetting process. so clearly it doesn't work. and so what i'm suggesting is that if that isn't fixed, we're inviting a disaster in this country of the likes of which you've already seen. the worst terror event in america since 9-11-01. if they don't fix it, they're asking for more. >> thanks. i'm the worst thing that's ever happened to isis. the people in my party fully understand that. they're running against me. for the most part they have no poll numbers. i'm leading by a lot. they get it, they're trying to get publicity for themselves. >> donald trump refuses to back down over his proposal to ban muslims from entering the country for a certain period of time. then later you'll meet the imam from texas who says trump's proposal is the right thing to do. all of that plus 2016 gop
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don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models. welcome back too "hannity." 2016 republican front-runner donald trump is not backing down from his proposed ban on muslims entering the country for a proposed period of time. here's what he told barbara walters last night. >> i'm the worst thing that ever happened to isis. the people in my party fully understand that. they're running against me. for the most part they have no poll numbers. i'm leading by a lot. they get it. they're trying to get publicity for themselves. >> are you a bigot? >> not at all. probably the least of anybody you've ever met. >> because? >> because i'm not. i'm a person that has common sense, i'm a smart person.
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i know how to run things. i know how to make america great again. this is about making america great again. >> donald trump is drawing criticism for his proposal, but keep in mind during the height of the iranian hostage crisis that jimmy carter announced that his administration would invalidate all visas issued to iranians and ordered all iranian students, in that case 50,000, in america at that time to report to the nearest immigration office to face possible deportation. they deported 15,000. here with reaction, laura ingraham, geraldo rivera. let's start with all these officials that i just put on the screen for ollie north. james comey, the fbi director, the director of national intelligence all saying isis will infiltrate the refugee population. >> i think that donald trump's proposal is unconstitutional and
7:17 pm
un-american and here is why. >> that's ridiculous. >> here is why. >> the constitution, that's a noncitizen. >> let me give you the reason. there is in the constitution -- i disagree, the first and fifth amendment to the bill of rights. there's article six that specifically says there shall be no religious test. if donald trump was serious and he wanted to exclude the danger, he would have done what senator rand paul has done, make it about geography, make it about -- listen, sean. make it about geography. nobody from syria, nobody from iraq, nobody from afghanistan. >> you can make it for 34 countries. >> you can make it about geography and be constitutional, whether i agree or not, it would stand the test of american values. no religious test. >> i'm not believing -- >> we're founded by people fleeing religious persecution. >> laura, our constitution does not apply to people that are not citizens of this country. >> i hate to break it to geraldo, but as a former supreme
7:18 pm
court clerk and a lawyer, it doesn't take a rocket scientist here or hearing any of the things i just said to understand that this is not at all constitutional. liberal scholars have conceded as much in "the new york times." peter spiros' piece, he doesn't like trump. -- i didn't interrupt you, geraldo. there's plenary power for the president to sclus classes of people for admittance into the united states purely because the court understands the president has foreign policy and national security jurisdiction and there are decisions made at certain points in our history that reflect on the needs of the country, the need to protect the peep. you can say the policy is wrong headed but wrong to say it's unconstitutional. no way, no how. >> i disagree. i'm also a lawyer. i didn't clerk for the supreme court, but i can tell you something about the constitution
7:19 pm
of the united states. article six -- we are a nation founded by people fleeing religious persecution. our founders that you are so glib to introduce into every issue secular or not -- >> what your talking about -- >> established this republic based on the fact. >> how does excluding people. >> the constitution applies to american citizens. >> that's not true. that is not true. >> the court has said that the first amendment does not apply to noncitizens. the court has refused to turn the decisions it's already made on this. >> what about the due process claus of the fifth amendment? >> i'm not saying the court at some point in time -- >> what about the -- >> let me jump in here. [ many speaking at once ] >> the first job of a president
7:20 pm
is that of commander in chief. the fbi director, his top envoy in the coalition to defeat isis, the director of national intelligence. >> yeah. >> the state department spokesman, the chairman of the homeland security committee have all said that isis, islamic state, is going to infiltrate this country in numerous ways. all donald trump to me is saying that the president should fulfill his role and responsibility constitutionally as commander in chief and make sure the vetting is secure, which we now know it is not and until then keep the american people safe. that's not unreasonable to me. >> that's the most solemn and most important responsibility for any commander in chief is the homeland. now, i understand there are a lot of people who think that anyone who wants to come here should be able to come here at any point in time. i get that. there's a whole school of thought that believes that. i understand that. but if we have a situation, as we have now, where we have committed jihadists who are working within the normal channels of admission into the
7:21 pm
united states, we have to take a pause. maybe it's a complete pause. >> ingraham and hannity, how would you have felt during the trouble if we said the i.r.a. wants to influence the boston establishment, no catholics from ireland will be admitted. only the protestants. >> but that didn't happen. >> the chinese exclusion, the japanese internment. these are based on nationality, on geography, not on religion. >> laura and i are in full agreement here is a pause. these are smart -- hang on. these are smart intelligence officers and officials of this government that are warning us that they can't keep americans safe. >> do you really want a religious test? what, are you going to give them a pork sandwich to prove that they're muslim or not? >> why not just a pause on at least certain types of visas or
7:22 pm
immigration until we get a handle on that. >> whatever the authorities believe necessary in consultation with our allies, i absolutely agree. >> if a syrian refugee, like paris, if an isis member or isis cells infiltrate the refugee population and we're worried about this and our officials worried us about this and obama insist on it and they commit an act of terror and they kill somebody you love -- i watched you from paris, i watched the emotion in your heart and we were all as a family here thankful that your daughter was okay. >> i thank god and my family here how they covered my back. >> -- blood on his hands. this is a dereliction of duty. >> do you forget that everyone involved in the paris attack was home grown, that they were born either in france or belgium. >> wrong, no, excuse me. >> they were born in either france or belgium, went to syria to fight. they were home grown just like this guy in san bernardino, born in -- where was he, born in
7:23 pm
illinois or michigan. >> sneaking in through belgium with the refugee population. >> the vast majority of them except for the wife. >> why can't you just wait till we have the system vetted. >> why have a religious test? >> because they wage war against us. >> enrique marquez, who they're investigating now, the federal government is investigating because he purchased the weapons that the terror duo used to carry out their carnage. he attended the same mosque that farook attended for some period of time. we don't know much about him yet, but i think he's a convert to islam as far as we can tell in the reporting. it doesn't mean that a lot of muslims are doing wonderful things in the country, but we have a radicalization problem i think helped by the internet. >> you know what, temporary, it does stink. >> geography, not religion. >> the safety of the american people for now and get it right.
7:24 pm
>> san bernardino stunk. >> so did sandy hook. so did boulder, so did tucson. >> a lot more tonight on "hannity." it's not about religion. this is about safety. this has nothing to do with religi religion. it's about safety. a lot of problems are happening in our country. >> donald trump says that his plan to temporarily ban muslims is about security not religion. you'll meet a texas imam who supports donald trump. later tonight -- >> i think his take on what needs to be done is close to mine. >> hillary says that her plan to defeat isis is just like obama's failed strategy. 2016 republican presidential candidate governor chris christie is here with reaction. and we'll check in with 2016 contender carly fiorina and much more. when you've got a house
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we're not really talking about the constitution. it's not about religion. this is about safety. this has nothing to do religion. this is about safety. a lot of problems are happening in our country. >> that was donald trump earlier today insisting that his proposed ban on muslims entering the u.s. is a temporary safety measure not about religion. here with reaction is the religious director and imam of the islamic center of triplex, nidal alsayyed and the center for muslims with progressive values ani zonneveld. you agree with donald trump. >> sean, thank you, first, for having me. it clearly kind of overreaction by many american muslims to mr. trump's statement. the truth is that he definitely is concerned about some security, some safety, some peace that is happening due to muslims or islam being associated with many of these radical terror groups and
7:28 pm
individuals that are popping in the country or different countries from time to time. so i would assume any type of safety security measure to basically hold on, make us understand what is really going on, that would be -- i would really consider it as a very wise move to where it's holding any muslim immigrations or any visitors until we know that all muslims really understand what it takes to live in the western country or united states. one of the challenges that we face here is that muslims don't understand there's shariah law or we refer to it as islamic law that is pertaining to living in the united states, meaning that shariah law that you learned in your country is not the same shariah law that you would have to behave with or work with in this country. the roots are the same, the same holy book, the same reports from prophet muhammad. but the truth is still the issue
7:29 pm
is a matter of different backgrounds from different places. it's really hard for any intelligence to understand what those people really -- >> our national intelligence director, i want to ask you the question about people that grow up in a culture that is diametrically the opposite of ours, the antithesis of ours, that means under shariah. what are your thoughts about, do you think people -- i would imagine most want to come here for freedom. but maybe some want to come here like they've gone to europe and maintain the values that they grew up with. thoughts? >> so yeah, so let me, if i may, humor me. let me explain to you what shariah law is in 15 seconds that some scholars take 15 books to explain to you. shariah law is a man-made set of laws. it has nothing to do with god. that's why you have differences of shariah law in different countries. it's a mix-up of secular norms
7:30 pm
and the medieval misogynistic man of the 7th century with the koran and meshing it all up and going to clergy on the payroll and say you have to legitimize this or off with your head and there you have shariah law. here in the united states, we don't subscribe to shariah law because the law of the land is our shariah. what's happening now is trump is back pedaling a bit on his full-blown statement. he's actually feeding off statistics that was put out two years ago where just hovering under 50% americans in general believe that muslims should be carrying a special identity card identifying themselves as muslim. so he's not really pandering to just his republican base -- >> we know isis wants to infiltrate the refugee community. we know they want to attack us. >> the radicalism is in the u.s. the radicalism is in the united states. it's not the refugees.
7:31 pm
>> we don't want more. we want to stop those that have radical views from getting in. >> the fact is trump is a scumbag for riding on the misery of these refugees who are terrorized by assad and isil. >> but not all of them. listen, i can sympathize with them andy believe we should set up safe zones and food and water and medical supplies, but if there's a risk to americans that some radicalized isis members might infiltrate that population, i'm not willing to gamble with american's lives. >> i'm not willing to gamble with that, too, but him painting it out as banning all or halting all. >> he said until we get the system -- >> that is what he said. until he back pedaled. >> i have paper right here. trump for america. i got the whole statement. until we get to the point that the country's representatives can figure out what is going on,
7:32 pm
until we are able to determine and understand the nature of the problem that it would be a temporary ban. that's what he said. i got to roll. thank you both. coming up next tonight here on "hannity." >> i think his take on what needs to be done is close to mine. >> hillary clinton touting that her strategy to defeat isis, that's similar to obama's, which by the way, is a failure. when we come back, new jersey governor chris christie will weigh in on that and more. then we talk to carly fiorina and get her reaction to trump's muslim ban. and where she keeps... ...the fire extinguisher. light up her holidays with this helzberg diamonds 1-carat diamond ring, now just $1,299. helzberg diamonds. here's to love. and this year, look at whate he put in our driveway. the lexus december to remember sales event is here. lease the 2016 es350 for $349 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month's payment.
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helzberg diamonds. here's to love. the ram promaster is a name you don't want to forget. it's a van that speaks volumes. it's spacious and flexible. it can carry heavy loads and go the distance. and for small business owners, it will make a strong first impression. i'm adam housley in san bernardino, california, where the investigation intensifies. here locally across the country and around the globe as detectives continue to put more and more and agents put more and more things together to make the ties even tighter. we're told that tashfeen malik and her husband syed farook most likely did not meet on an
7:38 pm
islamic dating site as was told by some members of the family. investigators now believe that was a cover. and now the investigation into her background continues to intensify as well. in pakistan, they're looking very closely at family ties to money and possibly any money that might have moved. also the schools she went to and a chance that radicalization happened there. also enrique marquez who was connected to the family by marriage continues to sing to authorities, we're told, telling them a lot of information about the background of these two and that background continues to get deeper and deeper. i'm adam housley. more on fox throughout the night. now hadn't hadn't. now "hannity." >> welcome back to "hannity." the rise of isis has resulted in absolute chaos around the world, but the democratic front-runner, hillary clinton, she seems to be modeling her isis strategy after obama's failed policies. watch this. >> i was really happy that he made the address. i thought it was very important for him to address the nation.
7:39 pm
and you know, i think his take on what needs to be done is close to mine. >> joining us with reaction, 2016 republican presidential candidate. he's the governor of the great state of new jersey, governor chris christie. first, let me put up on the screen. you have good news. you're in third place in new hampshire, which is a state you've been spending a lot of time in, behind trump and rubio in that state. so that's a big step up for you. >> listen, we're making gains. we've worked hard. spent 50 days in new hampshire and talk about things that people really care about and we're seeing a response. >> is it true or not true by obama and hillary clinton pulling out of iraq too early and cities like mosul, tikrit, fallujah, ramadi, falling in the hands of isis, did they create that vacuum? >> of course, they did. president bush predicted this. the fact of the matter is we expended a lot there, we should have kept a force there
7:40 pm
afterward to avoid this from happening. that plus their inaction in syria has given a breeding ground for isis, the ability for them to loot the banks in iraq, which they did, oil as well. it's given them all those assets. hillary clinton is one of the architects of the president's policy. >> you heard them say that obama didn't bomb the financial source, the oil wells, because he was afraid of environmental damage. i'm thinking is this how we're fighting wars now? >> listen, this is the president who believes that no action is better than any action at all. this is what he believes in, sean. don't do stupid stuff. you know, this is the philosophy of this administration. what he's done is put america behind the eight ball in this war against isis, and it's a war against isis. he doesn't understand that. >> obama's top envoy on the coalition to defeat isis, general john allen, james comey, the fbi director, the national director of intelligence, james
7:41 pm
clapper, state department spokesman, mike mccaul was on this program last night, the chairman of the homeland security committee. they're all saying that isis has a plan to infiltrate the refugee population from syria like they did in paris to bring harm to americans. now, you have donald trump as saying temporary hold until we can vet these people. rand paul is saying a temporary ban in 34 countries until we can vet these people. where are you on this issue? >> we should not admit one syrian refugee. i took a lot of abuse from the u.n. crowd about it. i said no one, not children, nobody. because we saw in san bernardino, women are just as capable of being radicalized and participating in the murder of folks. something with all this controversy. the fact is that folks who are criticizing donald trump for what he said -- i didn't think it was a feasible way to do it, but they shouldn't be attacking the people who support donald trump. the reason why they feel the way they do is they're angry and disenchanted because the
7:42 pm
government doesn't work. >> officials are warning us -- >> of course. >> -- that they'll infiltrate. it makes sense to me if the system isn't working and intelligence officials are telling us we're not prepared, shouldn't we get prepared, then deal with it. >> that's why i said no syrian refugees. and the director of the fbi who i have enormous respect for says we can't vet them, that should be the end of the conversation. but the president wants to get his second worthless nobel peace prize. >> yeah, exactly. the first one was totally well earned, right? >> yep. >> is there a clash of cultures? if you're a man and you grow up in saudi arabia under shariah law, talking about a theocratic state, theocracy, and you believe you have the right to tell women how to dress, that you tell women whether they can go to school, whether they can go to work, women can't go out in public without a male relative, women, for example, there's no such thing as marital rape in saudi arabia. really stringent, horrible laws against women. if you grow up there and you
7:43 pm
want to come to america, how do we determine whether or not you want to assimilate, you want the breath of freedom that we take for granted or that you want to bring your values with you? should we be concerned about that? >> i think we have to be concerned about this idea, that we want people who come to to country that respect liberty and freedom. part of the problem is you do have lots of people who come from those countries that do want those values. >> right. >> because they're repelled by that. >> how do we tell the difference? >> listen, it's very hard. but there are ways for us to do this. my great grandparents when they came to this country, they went through questioning. they had to learn the language, they had to do all kind of things to prove they can assimilate. >> the assimilation wasn't as hard because they're western values. this is a theocractheocracy, as i'm concerned in terms of rights for women and gays and lesbians,
7:44 pm
they're back in the stone age. >> many of them are. we have to screen these folks in a dangerous time like now. you can't put up a total wall. >> we can wait until we get a system that works. >> we have to demand that the government works the right way. the fbi director knows this and he's not been given the support or the resources. if the president of the united states jim comey and i would have a -- >> would you trust him? would he indict hillary if he had the evidence? >> i have zero doubt. jim comey has as much integrity as anybody i met during my time as u.s. attorney. >> would loretta lynch do it? >> i don't know her so i have no idea. comey, if the evidence is there, he'll recommend it. if they refuse to do it, he'd resign. >> governor christie, good to see you. coming up carly fiorina will
7:45 pm
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take control of your rates. visit a local office or call see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance . welcome back to "hannity" joining us now is carly approva
7:50 pm
carly fiorina. one of the you. i've admired how you've been taking on hillary and pointing out the hypocrisy of the so called war on women. i want to ask you a question that is a little bit difficult. if someone is taught as a male that you can teach women where to go, how to dress, where they go to school, or work, or not. marital rape is nonexistent there. if people are raised in that culture, do we have to worry if they're coming to america, that maybe they want to bring those values with them? because that is all they know? in other words is there a cultural divide we should consider? >> well, certainly we know that sharia law is counter to our constitution and way of life.
7:51 pm
and on the other hand it's true that people in other parts of the world who are not muslim believe in very objectionable thing, in china, so many babies are aborted or left to die through exposure because they're female. does that mean we have to worry about every chinese? >> i don't think the people -- that is a government regulation. >> well -- >> for -- with all due respect, it is mothers and father who's choose to abort their children and leave them to die because they're female. so the government policy is one child. think about what you just said, sean. one child policy. they want to make. >> it's horrendous. my point is that there are cultures that do not treat women
7:52 pm
like we do in the united states. i think what is important -- >> my follow up question is we are both saying the same thing, but, should it be a factor? how do we ascertain if they crave freedom we take for granted or if they want to bring those ideas with them? >> i think it's a problem with all sorts of cultures and i think that right now, honestly, sean, if i may say because of donald trump's comments, we're talking about all of the wrong things. what we need to be talking about right now is what are the practical steps that can be taken to protect the homeland now? so tom cotton, two days ago in the senate made a reasonable proposal that says do you know what? despite the change in the patriot act, we need to make sure investigators have access to all of the nsa data going
7:53 pm
back however long we should. mike mccall made sensible propos proposals. it's true we know once again that the government has been inept. but despite that meta data, before the patriot act changed these are two individuals in san bernardino radicalized years ago, engaged in a pattern of conversation and somehow we missed them. we need to be talking about why there is government ineptitude? >> you're acknowledging with our intelligence officials are acknowledging should we put a hold, a stop until they get right? >> i don't think that is the right answer. here is what i would also say, barack obama tries to distract us from his lack of a plan to
7:54 pm
defeat isis by talking about gun control. donald trump is attempting and succeeding in distracting us from the reality that he has no plan and no experience to defeat isis by talking about a ban on all muslims which will never happen. we need to be talking about what is the plan to defeat isis? i have one here at home and abroad. that is when we ought owe to be talking about. >> carly fiorina, nice to see you. thank you for being with us. >> nice to see you, sean. >> when we come back, a very important question of the day. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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8:00 pm
go to and let us know what you think. that is all the time we have this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> this is both a shameless and a dangerous idea. donald trump is playing right into their hands. >> hillary clinton attacking donald trump over his proposed ban of muslims. and the piling on against the republican contender is enormous. tonight, donald trump will be here. >> islam is a political system this is intent on world denomination. it isn't quote a religion. one critical of islam. pat robertson has some very harsh words to say. also ahead, is it wrong to


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