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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 15, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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that? >> giants won and are tied. >> what about -- >> dvr us so you never miss the five. fears of terrorism mean school's out for more than a half million students in the nation's second largest district. was it is hoax, a test? what authorities are saying about the threat and the reaction to it. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we begin in los angeles with 640,000 students had an unscheduled and very unsettling day off. an e-mailed bomb threat with details of a large scale attack prompted an immediate cancellation of all classes and buses on their way to pick up youngsters turned around and headed back to base.
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let's get the latest on the threat and the response to it in our l.a. news room. hi, william. >> brett, two california congressmen say this is likely a hoax. it was at 5:00 this morning the buses lined up, ready to go, the superintendent learned of the threat. with san bernardino on his mind and thousands of lives on the line, he had to make a decision. >> based on past circumstances, i could not take the chance. >> reporter: 1,000 schools shut down more than 700,000 students sent home. based on what los angeles unified superintendent ramon called a threat of violence. >> i am not taking the chance of bringing children any place into any part of the building, until i know it's safe. >> that came in an e-mail by a school board member ridge naiting in germany. the author claimed to be an
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extremist to plant a bomb in a backpack or package and threatened an assault. >> very specific about the threat, the implied threat. it was explosive devices. the specific threat was attack with assault rifles. >> reporter: the fbi saw the e-mail and deemed it not credible. lapd dismissed that and they are sweeping each and every school. >> the decision to close the schools is not mine to make, but it is mine to support as mayor of los angeles. >> reporter: they received a similar claim, but did not receive it legitimate. they called the e-mail a hoax. one reason, the author spelled allah with a lower case "a." >> we do not see it as a credible terrorist threat. >> it is very easy to criticize a decision based on the results the decider could never have known. it is easy to criticize a
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decision when you have no responsibilities for the outcome of that decision. >> reporter: the white house, while aware of the e-mail, refused to second guess l.a.'s decision. >> the local first responders who are responsible for taking lead and protecting their communities. >> reporter: now the l.a. and the new york e-mails were similar, but not the same. security sweeps are complete. 80% of the schools, nothing foun found. classes should resume tomorrow. >> good news. thank you. president obama is trying to e laid fears here in the u.s. and vowing to destroy isis, the terror group is picking up support. good evening. >> good evening, brett. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan warned that isis is trying to establish a regional base in afghanistan close to the border with pakistan. general john campbell's remarks came in an interview with the
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associated press. foreign fighters from iraq and syria joined afghan in pledging loyalty to isis. last spring, campbell described the isis presence. a pentagon report described it as ready to attack, an alarm bell campbell raised in october echoed by members of the foreign relations committee after receiving a classified briefing on afghanistan. >> their ability on social media to get out and report. reports throughout the different providences upward of 25 plus providences. the significant presence is the east. >> the most depressing we have heard in a long, long time. >> reporter: kandahar airfield
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was attacked where u.s. military personnel are based along with u.s. planes and drones. the pentagon report said the overall security situation deteriorated in afghanistan in the second half of 2015, less than a year after the president ended u.s. combat operations there. >> we've been in continuous war now for almost 13 years, over 13 years and next week we will be ending our combat mission in afghanistan. >> 14 american troops were killed in afghanistan since last december when the president made those remarks, including a green beret last summer when the taliban breached in kabul. a rang eer company, part of the regimen helping afghans kill the taliban in kandahar providence. they conducted 916 air strikes in afghanistan this year alone,
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even though combat operations are supposed to be over. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. a man has been detained in turkey over an alleged plot in istanbul. a man described by turkish tv was arrested 100 miles north of the syrian border. the american kons late shut down last week and services due to unspecified threats. ash carter is looking forward to learning more about what saudi arabia has in mind about a terrorism coalition. the saudi's 34 nations islamic military alliance will not include syria, iran or iraq. the isis threat and how to deal with it, were the subject of a national security speech from hillary clinton. that just ended a short time ago. the big question is, how does the former secretary of state's
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plan differ from the one put forward by her old boss, the president. >> reporter: looking to build on her perceived foreign policy strength, hillary clinton, today, tried to draw a distinction between her policy plans and those of the man she hopes to relace as president, barack obama. >> we can't afford another ground war in the middle east. that's exactly what isis wants from us. shallow slogans don't add up to a strategy. >> reporter: in detailing her ideas to confront the terrorists in a speech at the university of minnesota, clinton tried to head up growing skepticism that her positions would mirror to president, making her an obama 2.0. indeed, the former secretary of state's ideas don't stray far from the president when it comes to the war on terror. both back the use of special opes, arming local fighters and continue diplomacy to solve the syrian crisis.
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it's a political conundrum. she shies away from the policies she helped to make while in the administration. >> she's trying to define herself independently also saying she and barack obama are two peas in a pod. even though politicians often have it both ways, they can't do it both cases. this is one. >> reporter: clinton could be hurt be swing votered. clinton, for xamping, supported regime change in iraq and libya. critics now argue power vacuums left by saddam hussein and gadhafi are filled with isis. clinton argued for assertive posture echoing "hard choices". she endorsed the president's isis strategy. >> she certainly has a well earned reputation as an independent thinking. i'm confident there are areas
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where she would disagree with the president. >> there is no way for the nominee of the president's party to escape the judgment of the voters about the incumbent president. >> reporter: brett, one more nugget on clinton tonight. we learned that at least two e-mails sent to her unsecure private e-mail server were not just classified, they were top secret after an intelligence review. the subject for north korea strikes. brett? >> we'll continue to follow that investigation. kevin, thanks. national security will, of course, be front and center in tonight's republican presidential debate in las vegas with donald trump leading in the national polls and the national conversation, the billionaire is, once again, expecting to be the center of attention. we are in las vegas tonight. >> reporter: policy and fighting terrorism are expected to be
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there. he was in his element in vegas last night. >> i promise you this, i swear to you this, president trump will never change his tune. this country needs to get away from political corrective. it's killing us. i expect us to win iowa. >> he would ban muslims and new visitors coming into the u.s. he wants to part of a fight with cruz. rubio says cruz has isolation -- their plan is to surge later after several candidates dropped out. carson plummeted in the polls. he laid autoseven steps for a safer america before the debate starting with a declaration of war with isis. >> i hope we get a lot of questions about foreign affairs and national defense. if so, slam dunk.
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>> reporter: chris christie wants to establish himself in the top tier. he slipped third in the polls. the debate stage has nine candidates, the undercard four. the last debate of the year before the holidays when voters focus on politics. the next is january 14th, hosted by fox business network in south carolina. a month ago, jeb bush predicted trump would be low in the polls by now. the superpack spent $35 million. a new washington post/abc poll shows him in fifth place with 5%. trump leads with 38% up six points from november. cruz gained seven and followed by rubio and carson. there's been so much bickering and fighting tonight's debate is expected to be much of a brawl, which is why a lot of voters might be looking for a holiday to get a break from it. brett?
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>> karl, thanks. next, working overtime to keep the u.s. government working. fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 31 in denver, where a heavier than expected snowstorm blanketed the area packing roads, snarling traffic, closing schools and cancelling 300 flights. up to eight inches of snow are expected. fox 6 in birmingham, alabama where politics is a contact sport. the mayor and city councilman got into a fight this morning sending both to the hospital. police report lists the mayor as the victim. each blames it other and promises to file charges. this is a live look from oklahoma city. they are covering a man unhappy with his hotel bill. he drove his truck through the front door and into the lobby. police officers were there when the man got in his truck and hit
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the glass. he said later, he proved he wasn't bluffing. that's the live look from the beltway. we'll be right back.
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...your energy... ...immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. right now, we are waiting to get a look at the new government funding bill. mike emanuel on capitol hill tells us where we are and whether there is still a threat of a government shutdown. >> reporter: congress is set to unveil a $1.1 trillion funding bill which speaker paul ryan says would overt a government shutdown. >> we didn't win everything we wanted. democrats got some things. we will keep government funded and advance. that's to create jobs. >> reporter: they are expekted to vote on a tax break. the cadillac tax, the medical
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device tax and a sales tax on health insurance. republicans would likely be pleased. >> the tax bill is something we are very happy about, very proud of, something we have been striving for for a long time. >> reporter: republicans are eeg tore lift the crude oil export ban. harry reid said that was the only hold up in one of subsidies for green energy projects. >> we made very clear to republicans if they want this, there must be included in this policy to reduce the carbon emissions and create renewable energy. >> reporter: criticized republicans for not wanting bankruptcy protection for puerto rico. a five year expense on the fund. once there's a deal, they hope to move quickly. >> we anticipate the votes will
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occur in the house on thursday and we hope in the senate on thursday as well. >> reporter: speaker ryan and leader pelosi have been on the phone for a status check. the current extension runs out tomorrow night. lawmakers need to extend that a bit. leadership will try to get this government funding and tax package across the finish line. brett? >> mike, thanks. we'll follow it all. the judge in the manslaughter trial of a baltimore police officer told jurors to keep working today. they told the judge earlier today they were deadlocked. meanwhile, the city is bracing for new trouble once that verdict is announced. the leading nations of the united nations nuclear agency approved a resolution ending a decade long probe of allegations iran tried to develop nuclear weapons. it must be formally closed to comply with the west nuclear deal with iran. the iaea said they worked on a
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the federal reserve is expected to announce the first interest rate hike in almost a decade tomorrow. this has major implications for you, your family and your money. james rosen with what you need to know. >> reporter: stocks rallied as
3:23 pm
the dow jones anticipated a modest hike on wednesday posted the biggest gain in more than a week. analysts said the feds increase the lending rates by a quarter of a percentage point, the first hike since 2006 as the most widely anticipated and the opening of tightening of credit in fed history. the fed thooz start somewhere, raising rates a little to signal it is on the move, but not too much that it would jeopardize the recovery. >> reporter: janet yellin explained why the policy arm of the federal bank is acting now and why it is acting cautiously. >> such an abrupt tightening would risk financial markets and perhaps inadd ver tantly push the economy into a recession. holding the federal funds rate
3:24 pm
too long could encourage acce excessive risk taking. >> the nature of the fed's expected move failed to convey great confidence in the economy and may signal how fragile they see it with wages stagnant and participation low. >> this is necessary to provide calming to the market and provide reassurance there's f d fundamental strength in this economy. i don't think it's strong, but i don't think it's going to sink into the bottom of the sea. >> reporter: the white house said a tightening of interest rates is due given the growth of gdp of 2.25 percent and a rate that's held steady around 5%. >> if you look at the basics of our economy, job creation or consumer confidence oreck nomic growth, the economy is stronger
3:25 pm
than it has been in quite some time. >> reporter: for ordinary americans, borrowing money will become more expensive. the hope on the part of the fed is that it will drive the low inflation right upwards to the 2% target but not beyond that, brett? >> thanks. stocks were up. dow gains 156 and s&p 500 finished 21, the nasdaq up 43. continuing our series tonight on the upside of cheap oil. if you drive a lot, you are saving a lot. hundreds of dollars a year, perhaps. the experts say you are not keeping it very long. abbihuntsman looks at what you are doing with all that money. >> reporter: gas prices dropping so low this year, americans are saving a little extra cash each month. we are not talking pennies. the average driver should save $700 this year alone, just in
3:26 pm
time for the holidays. what are you doing with that extra money? >> buying christmas presents. >> we are savers. we are spending extra on him. >> reporter: according to a recent report, it's not just christmas presents people are spending that extra money on. >> 20% of savings went into restaurants. the next category is groceries. that's a combination of buying more food and more expensive food. >> consumers may pay down debt and save. after reviewing the spending habits of 25 million credit card holders, the results show people are spending 80% of their gas savings. >> people intend to save it. that's what she should do and want to do, but life gets in the way. the next thing they do, they walk by a restaurant and think they can afford to treat their family because it's been a less expensive gas month. >> reporter: young adults and low income people are saving the
3:27 pm
most and the west. texas, gas is less than $2 a gallon. experts say the boost to consumer spending could be here to stay or get better, if gas prices remain low, something many people are predicting will happen. brett, back to you. >> abby, thank you. getting republicans to agree on obamacare is easy. gets specifics on how to replace it is hard. we'll do it. that's next. those new glasses? they are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing.
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america's election headquarters in depth tonight. we continue the series on the candidates. this evening, republicans and health care. as we approach the deadline for the current obamacare enrollment period, one report states more than 1 million new customers signed up for coverage on the federal exchange and almost 2 million renewed their plans for next year. senior national correspondent john roberts reports on how republicans plan to replace the current law. >> reporter: when it comes to health care, there is one thing that top republican candidates all forcefully agree on -- >> terminate obamacare. >> repeal and replace obamacare. >> i want to stop it in its tracks. >> obamacare is a job killer. >> repeat and kill every word of
3:32 pm
obamacare. >> reporter: president obama's cigsignature achievement, one o the candidates plans to replace it. donald trump, who has yet to release a proposal, raised eyebrows when he said universal health care. >> i am going to take care of everybody. i don't care if it costs me votes or not. >> reporter: it puts trump alone on the issue. no other candidate is proposing the government pay to cover every unshurned person in america. promises something terrific and no concrete proposals. marco rubio, jeb bush and carson have plans. ted cruz put forth a short set of principles. >> we need common sense health care reform that makes health insurance personal, affordable. >> reporter: trump says to sell it across state lines to make it
3:33 pm
affordable. carson would allow it, as long as the states, not the government regulated quality control. bush and rubio provide tax credits for people to buy insurance. tax credits are not in carson's plan. trump and cruz like the idea of tax free health savings account. neither has a plan. they have propose zed hsas while carson would create so-called health empowerment accounts with flexibility. >> a key difference here with any type of savings plan is it would give people the ability to shift money within their health savings account within their family, your uncle, grandfather, cousin. >> reporter: all the candidates support increased consumer choice. trump is nonspecific, but the rest allow consumers to buy plans that suit their coverage needs eliminating the minimum standards in obamacare. >> buy coverage from any state
3:34 pm
in america, and the kind of insurance you want, not the kind the government thinking you need. >> reporter: coverage for pre-existing conditions. cruz would rely on what's on the books before obamacare came along. dramatic reforms for medicaid. use funding for private insurance and fund savings accounts. rubio and bush turn medicaid money over to the states to design more health plans for the poor. >> let the states have the power of a safety net and hold them accountable for the results they achieve. >> reporter: there is a lot the candidates haven't said about how they would do what they propose z. all pledged to create what they insist is a system far better than obamacare. >> empower the patient. take government from getting between us and our doctors. >> reporter: to get any of those proposals, they will need to run the table to 2016, without
3:35 pm
holding the white house, the house and filibuster proof majority in the senate. undoing obamacare will be a daunting process. bret? >> thank you. president obama's e.p.a. broke the law with the social media blitz. gao called the effort covert propaganda. the e.p.a. says it disagrees with the assessment. courts put the regulation on hold as they consider a number of lawsuits. a threat considered credible in l.a. closes schools. the same threat in new york does not. we'll talk about terror today. isis and politics. a panel joins me after the break. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled
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not just isis, but the broader, radical jihadist movement that includes al qaeda an offshoot of al shabaab in somalia. >> hillary clinton is not half baked in terms of her approach to these problems. she was obviously my secretary of state, but i also think that there's a difference between running for president and being president. >> there are a large number of foreign policy issue that is are at least similar. she has a well earned reputation as an ind pendant thinking. there are some areas where she would disagree with the president. >> hillary clinton, this afternoon, a big foreign policy speech about isis and terror. the president back in october and his white house press secretary today. new polls out last night, the wall street journal/nbc among
3:40 pm
them, do you approve or disapprovdis disapprove of the president's handlingover foreign policy. the federal government, national security and terrorism. again, like every poll, at the top. do you think the next president should take an approach similar to barack obama or a different approach? look at this. different approach, 73%. what does that mean for hillary clinton, the former secretary of state? let's bring in george will, the associate ed tor of the hill and charles. the last poll. >> whatever we heard wasn't a different approach. she's a presidential candidate. she can't obey the rule, do not speak unless you can improve the silence. she has to keep talking. she didn't have a lot to say today. i'm not sure what other than no large land war in the middle east. and more of the same.
3:41 pm
until they begin to unscramble the eggs in the middle east, i don't know what she has to contribute at this point or anyone else for that matter. >> if you listen to what the president was saying and josh was saying, hillary is obviously in a corner. she can't totally distance herself because she was obama's secretary of state. the address a week ago did not calm the country, did not convince the country that there was a working plan. there was no change in strategy and didn't acknowledge the fear. the democrats that were just as disappointed as republicans, obviously want to hear from hillary clinton that she understands the country is afraid. so, given the box she is in, i thought her speech was smart. she spoke very clearly about fear that everyone is experiencing and how close to home, it is at home and she actually talked about how we
3:42 pm
need muslim americans, not that we respect them, we need their help. they are our first, best and last offense against radicalization. while she's in a primary, she's not going to talk much about what she's going to do in terms of training local forces and inserting our own. i imagine she will in the general election. what she did today was smart. >> the gop battle back and forth provided coverage for obama policy. >> that's right. doesn't matter what she said, as long as she gives the appearance of being interested and slightly animated, unlike obama who can read these statements as if he's reading from a phone book. as long as she appears engaged, she's knowledgeable. see how she dropped in al shabaab and somalia to show she knows what she's talking about. nobody is listening to what she
3:43 pm
is saying on this issue. she is going to have, in the general election the hubert humphrey problem. he walked that line exclusively and in the end, he lost because it was impossible to do. but, for her, all she has to do is wait six months. it's going to look somewhat different and see who the opponent is. for now, covered by the fact that no one is listening. >> one thing changed with obama's policy. since the red line, if syria uses chemical weapons, there will be action. there wasn't. then the president said numerous times, days are numbered. he will go. assad will leave syria. again, his days are numbered. here is what he said about bashar al assad. they are not seeking so-called
3:44 pm
regime change as it is known in syria. what we have said is that we don't believe that assad, himself, has the ability to be able to lead the future syria. >> a difference in tone and tenor. >> it is. it's not clear, i think, and you hear this from other republican candidates, they are not sure it's in our interest for assad to go at this point. itis not clear israel wants assad to go. given that there's no substitute for assad, no party that you can be sure would take over an assadless syria, that's a regime change. regime change is traditionally understood. if you decapitate the regime, that's regime change. >> a lot different from his days
3:45 pm
are numbered. >> president obama said putin doesn't get it. unless he comes around to that thinking, it's hard to imagine working together. we don't have the same goals. i can't believe what came out of john kerry's mouth. it's contrary to the president. in this controversial, you know, approximaty war with russia. >> it's another reason our allies are scared to death of the last year of this presidency. in every negotiation, you know that obama is going to see more and more ground. this was the central position, assad has to go. now he's signaling, kerry is in moscow, trying to buy off the russians. in the same way he did with the chemical weapons. in the iran negotiations, every red line established by the administration, no removal sanctions at the beginning. no involvement of conventional
3:46 pm
weapons. they have to own up on the past military activities or nothing happens. today, they reported it gave iran a clean bill of health after self-inspection. they gave in on everything on the iran negotiations. with obama, you are pushing against an open door. all you have to do is show resolve and don't move. >> quickly, domestically, we had a threat e-mailed to los angeles schools. 640,000 kids get pulled out of school, they essentially don't go, some of them get taken back home. new york receives a similar threat and they don't do that. what about the two coasts, how they have dealt with the threat and what it signals for the way forward. >> to give los angeles the benefit of the doubt, new york has more experience with this. it probably gets ten times as many threats and said forget
3:47 pm
about it. l.a. is still at the beginning of the process. >> just after san bernardino. >> exactly. >> look, it was only the superintendent. nobody else approved of that decision although everybody said i will let him decide. ift was one guy. he made a decision, obviously the wrong one. experience helps and new york had it. >> i don't think we can dump on l.a. this is really -- every threat is a threat. it might turn out to be one that was not going to be acted on ever, or they decided at the last minute. how can they, in light of a specific and credible threat not do it. >> is this the new normal? >> it better not be. this is an enormous disruption of a society. >> the fbi deemed it not credible. we are not ripping on los angeles, but it is indicative of what we are facing. >> it is. what we learned going forward is
3:48 pm
this is not the kind of decision made by a superintendent of schools. it's a political decision, should have been made by the mayor in consultation with the fbi, should have protocols in place for quickly examining e-mails like this. next up, what to expect from tonight's republican debate. today people are coming out to the nation's capital to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income. if we all do that we can all win. prudential bring your challenges® can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader
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we may see a few shots coming our direction. and i suppose, in a sense, that's a back handed compliment. >> it might be time to go after trump. people have not yet figured out that it would be a disaster for our country. >> and they're all coming after me. i'm watching. i said man, this is like crazy. who is going to attack trump first? will it be this one? you know, has taken down
3:52 pm
seven so far. >> now it's time for candidates to begin to show they understand how difficult and complex these challenges are and have real proposals to address them. >> big debate tonight on another network. we have the post game right afterwards on fox news channel. latest poll out today, abc/"the washington post" poll, rather, it is a national poll. >> it kind of tracks with recent national polls. donald trump at 38%. cruz in second there. the acp average real clear politics average nationally pretty much similar with all the polls in the recent national polls. national poll 's though don't mean a difference on the debated4qpz stage. and either in iowa or new hampshire or south carolina. we're back with the panel. okay, george, tonight's debate, what do you expect? >> well, cruz has been surging. and cruz probably has the best campaign infrastructure of any campaign out there. so he probably has legs to go on this. so i assume trump will want to bring him down sooner or
3:53 pm
later. i also assume that cruz is shrewd enough and steeped in turns away wrath. he will try to still keep semi nonhostile with him. beneath that, there is cruz and rubio have their own problems. rubio has a vulnerability on libya pause he -- because he supported that secretary clinton did. cruz will no doubt bring that up when, as expected, rubio suggests there is a kind of a isolationist lurking somewhere within cruz. beyond that finally, rubio is probably the establishment choice at this point. kasich and christie are pretenders to that role. they will, therefore, have an incentive to come after rubio a little bit. >> rubio's push back to that has been pointing out some things about cruz and voting for a rand paulu? sponsored budget that cut kevin's and also the nsa vote. you see that playing out
3:54 pm
that battle between cruz and rubio really being the primary thing? >> yeah. i think they both have to go after each other crz n seconds looking over his showrlt behind him. rubio is going to go after him as a neo insulationist. cruz is going to have after him on immigration and other things he has dug up sugar subsidies. i do not think they are going to go after each other. trump has been down by -- making a serious error. i think he is going to resist the urge to attack him like he resisted the urge to attack ben carson at a debate where we expected him to. >> he resisted ben carson when we all expected him to. >> he has been a little bit more quiet. >> i think he is quiet in debates because he is not a good debater. we can expect in 36 hours if he has another bad debate he will make news with
3:55 pm
something else. cruz wants to stay quiet as well with trump. >> don't forget there is other people on the stage, chris christie who is back on the main stage and carly fiorina who has performed well in past debates. >> i think christie is the one sort of long shot who has got a shot but longest of shots at the top tier. i really think it's a three person race right now. trump, cruz, and rubio i think trump not known for resisting impulse also take a shot or two at) cruz. cruz is very smart and strategic. he will deflect it with a laugh or two. he goes after rubio. rubio is the guy he has to knock down so he goes into one-on-one. old debater from college he will go one-on-one because he thinks he will win one-on-one with trump. >> dr. ben carson wants to prove his foreign policy chops tonight. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to receive an education on one of the holiday season's dirty little secrets.
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, we have all done it before this time of year or at a least thought about it see one tv host's take on the true art of holiday regifting. >> at some point this month you will$o unwrap a present jaw dropping disappointment that one normally associates with the term lettuce wrap. but, for instance, you might receive a scented scandal which is just a candle which is extra desperate for attention. or maybe you will get edible arrangement which says i don't know you very well if you are anything like me you have to eat or else you will die. keep yourself to a single regift per person. do not, i repeat, do not attemptg to redistribute all of your gifts amongst your friends and family like a festive ponds ponzi scheme. >> so dangerous that regifting. by the way, we have complete coverage of the republican debate tonight. i will be on bill o'reilly
4:00 pm
at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. a little preview and then 11:00 p.m. eastern time. megyn will be around too. all the regulars. thanks for inviting us into this "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. this is a a fox news alert. there is new information coming into fox about a terrorist scare shutting down the l.a. school system. where did the threats originate? tonight, "on the record" is investigating an act this hour parents from coast to coast worrying as news spread as schools in other cities receive that same threat. some law enforcement agencies determining the threat was not credible but how do they know? what are they telling parents? "on the record" has live team coverage from los angeles to washington. kicking off with fox news adam housley live from los angeles. adam? >> we expect to hear from the superintendent here shortly in southern california. we are told that schools will reopen tomorrow after being closed today. it's been quite


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