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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 17, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> more news to get to. we'll see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: fox news alert. we're waiting on the president again, to make remarks at the national counterterrorism center in virginia. i say this again, we heard him talk about terror couple times in past two weeks. he has met again with his national security team for a briefing on terror threats and this is one day after homeland security just revamped it is entire terror alert system and activated it for very first time, warning the public quote of self-radicalized actors who could strike with little or known notice, end quote. this is crowd numbered. i'm hair russ faulkner. here today, sandra smith.
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andrea tantaros, nationally syndicated radio host, make again mick r mccain and ceo for concerned veterans of america pete hegseth. >> i love your christmas dress today. harris: thank you. my day is made. let's get to news. president minutes from now will seek to reassure a jittery public after huddling with his top security advisors two weeks after the san bernardino attack. a new poll, finds more than 3/4 of americans, 77% have doubt about america's ability to prevent so-called lone wolf terror attacks. why is that, pete? >> they should have doubts. they're about to hear from a president who will once again try to rationalize approach that isn't working for what people realize is really political window-dressing. he wants people to feel like he is doing something but when they
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look at what our government is actually doing, looks like more of the same which hasn't been working. he will give a speech like he did from the oval office. i don't think a single american will be reassured he is truly doubling down. harris: the oval office two sundays ago, pentagon a few days ago, now out in mcclain, virginia, national counterterrorism center. >> he is reacting and our enemies are acting. i don't have to be a foreign policy expert that terrorists attacked us again. the president hasn't changed his strategy whatsoever so of course americans are fearful now. harris: here is what americans are saying. they disapprove of that job he is doing, 53%, andrea. andrea: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. the first impression of this president after san bernardino was to take to the oval office and attack the first and second amendment. made it about islamophobia. he made it about guns.
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you can't redo that. now when he as pete said has window-dressing americans are smart, listen to the tv, to the president, they say talk is cheap. i watch what people do, not what they say especially in washington, d.c. he is not closing borders. he is not suspending the visa program. he is releasing gitmo terrorists back on to the battlefield that men and women have been killed to capture these terrorists. this holiday season, to have families without their loved ones, this president releasing terrorists back on the bat -- battlefield is the most egregious things so far. harris: watching what group they might want to join, could be that one. put the numbers up. here is what americans are saying about that.
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59% disapprove the way the president is handling isis at this point. sandra: americans are seeing a way in their change of life. this christmas, this holiday season, expect to see increased police forces, increased security forces. their theme parks, you're going to see drastic measures, changes taking place. in california, in orlando, magic kingdom, animal kingdom, disney world, disneyland, epcot, they just announced they are going to increase their metal detector presences. personal belongings searches. juan detectors. that will be. wand detectors, and that will being uncomfortable for tourists around the world. that will protect us and increase the arranges sight. >> i miss smoke them out, miss get them dead or alive. that is what americans want. get the bad guys. we have president pointing us towards islamophobia, okay for facebook to look and reassure muslims on line.
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that is not what i want. i want to make them out, get them dead or alive with the greatest military in the world and we shouldn't be like sitting ducks. harris: you're nodding your head. >> i think we should put john mccain in charge a real war fighter understands implication what is we face. the longer caliphate exists in raqqa, longer this will exist. harris: i asked this question with many a guest including general jack keane is here, do we need a commander-in-chief that commanded in the field, that sort of thing? overwhelmingly response is, that would be great but you have terrific generals as we are. when the president spoke after his briefing at pentagon to get an update this week, where was all of that? andrea: he doesn't listen to generals. harris: visually where was it? andrea: he likes when they flank him from behind. >> only certain generals. andrea: only certain generals. he is not listening to the generals. frankly, harris, he doesn't have
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the stomach, leadership, the metal to lead against isis. i don't want a come amender in chief doing anything halfhearted. think that is dangerous in war. but what i think the american people want, no boots on the ground but i will do everything to prevent another san bernardino and boston here. suspend visa program. work on borders. harris: what he could have said? when he had our tanks from the oval-offs, the bully pulpit he only used three times as president. >> how do you make perspective of your policy worse after oval office address which is exactly what he did? he increased palatable anxiety of the nation. harris: the facts didn't play in his favor. certain details coming out, stubborn facts out of the investigation in san bernardino. you have the new national polling coming out. by the way, it's a breadth of polling. variety of polling sources is growing as erosion of tryst grows in the public how this is being handled. >> out of this, clock boy, i
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love you, any rational person someone brought a bomb to school we should alert everyone. it was politically correct bs. neighbor of shooter of san bernardino didn't want to report anything because they didn't want to be called racist. he is speaking out of two sides of his mouth. you can be accused islamophobic if you see something, say something but should look around. sandra: we await the president's remarks coming out of the national counterterrorism center. this meeting. president is there. vice president joe biden, john kerry, secretary jeh johnson, loretta lynch, denis mcdonough, ben rhodes. andrea: the man is changed benghazi talking point deliberately to make sure it didn't look like our consulate was attacked under president's watch right before an election. so glad he will be attending. what will he do this time? they will come out and spin, take steps to defeat isis and
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iran deal is good? you can't believe a word that they say. this is classic political pr before holiday season, goes to hawaii, puts on the mom jeans. here it comes, everyone. just warning you. harris: details you gave, sandra, point to the fact this is almost a do-over again. some of those people were just gather ad few days ago before we got the update. curious to know how the president now, closer as we move to the time people will be traveling for this christmas holiday season in droves, how he is going to reassure everybody. we're watching for that out of corner of our eye. when it happens we'll bring it to you live. this is going on capitol hill. a hearing to find out how many of the san bernardino killers got into the country despite, how they got here despite red flags that should have been raised during particularly the woman you see here, tashfeen malik, during her screening process. is the current screening vetting process putting our national
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security at risk? we'll talk about it. obama administration is reporting to transfer largest number of detainees out of guantanamo bay. you heard andrea talking about it. the biggest number in almost a decade. we'll talk about the timing. is it right? after the show, more of us on the web! we make more just for you. "outnumbered" overtime, which have a live chat. answer of the day, get on and answer it. we'll make it part of the conversation through that live chat. twitter facebook to sign on. stay where you are. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no.
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harris: after meeting with his national security advisors the president is expected to step forth here at the national counterterrorism center in mcclain, virginia, about 30 minute drive from the white house where he is going to update the nation and reporters i would imagine in that room as well would have questions. don't know if he will take any. he will update us on the fight against the islamic state savages and overall we're expecting to hear a fighting plan, a strategy in foreign policy with regard to that part of the world, i.e., syria and so forth. as he steps up to make the speech we'll have it for you live. but we're still watching.
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sandra: heat the hearing going on capitol hill. lawmakers want to know how foreigners who enter the country are screened including ability to review social media as part of the vetting process. watch. >> we're scared to death that this administration, the department of homeland security, the state department, is not protecting the american people. >> we're doing a very small bit. we don't even look at their public stuff. that is what kills me. what you're telling us, the is just happy talk. >> has dhs ever had policy preventing ajudicatetores or applicants reviewing social media posts? you're indicating there was no direct policy preventing. >> i am not aware of policy. >> why wasn't it happening? >> i have heard tough. i have heard multiple, all in connection with the word vetting. it is all amplified the word vetting. and i just sat here around thought, well if all of that was true, how did we miss the lady in san bernardino?
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sandra: meantime republican senator mark kirk of illinois and democrat joe manchin of west virginia sent a letter to president obama pushing him to include vetting of social media account as regular part of visa background checks. arizona senator john mccain introduced a bill requiring the department of homeland security to search facebook and twitter as part of any screening. >> he looks so mad. sandra: rightly so. many americans wondering how is this not already part of process? >> i can't believe it either. i was actually shocked to hear this i didn't know not checking so one facebook or social media before they enter the country was not already in place. we wonder why people are filtering into the country and that's why people are pet -- petrified right now. sandra: we're not talk talking about sharing private information. they were not looking at public information. >> public posts.
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president sees these people as extremist, not radical islammists. they are not willing to draw logical deductions to find out where these people are and identify them as radical islammists. certain places the folks will chat about it and where say. doesn't surprise me. we have government bureaus of bureaucracy and layers and required to do number of things. i know as employers you can't always check social media of potential hires. doesn't surprise me the bureaucracy gets in the way itself. sandra: we have to worry that this imperfect process is still there and could be letting another terrorist in this country. harris: sandra, a little light bulb went off over my head. you made a beautiful point. why james comey is backing off whether were public posts that led to all the social media connections missed in the san bernardino case. what you're saying they very
9:17 am
well could have been. he denies it. he said they are private. if you don't know where to look, you need demographics about the person you're looking at. you have to be honest about the demographics you do know about those people. you're right if you don't identify them where they are you don't go to the place where they very well may be making private but public messages. not facebook where people of like minds would know where to go. sandra: andrea, do you expect serious changes will be made to the system, this hearing going on in this discussion happening right now? andrea: no. i'm glad they're having hearing. elections have consequences. nothing will be done. we learned there is a secret rule, sandra, a secret rule, you actually can't ask about social media. not they're choosing not to. there is a rule saying they can not. most important thing this election and republican party has got to stop shooting inside the tent, you have to change the system. in order to change the system you have to change who is sitting in the white house.
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this has been going on for a while with the tsarnaev brothers. they were posting jihadist videos to their facebook page. nothing has been done. so i doesn't expect anything to be done this time around. they should be googling asking questions and puts pressure on social media companies or else, prosecution. sandra: andrea, the president pushing hard to fulfill one of his biggest campaign promises. what might be the largest transfer of detainees out of prison at guantanamo bay since 2007. a new report says the pentagon approved proposed transfers of 17 low level detainees. this coming days after the president said we should expect a handful of those released from gitmo to return to the battlefield. just about a week after we learned this man, an aide to osama bin laden, released in 2012 was indeed back on the battlefield in yemen. andrea you have been outraged
9:19 am
about this, talking about it on the show many times. andrea: infuriates me so much i have to calm myself down before the topic, i'm literally afraid of how angry i will get on television. go ahead. sandra: let me introduce the fact, let's let steam come out a little bit. we'll come back to you, andrea. andrea: sunlight in rainbows out. sandra: we were talking during the last commercial break, captain pete decides to share with us, the fact you were a guard at guantanamo bay during time serving in military? >> for a year. i have exact same feeling andrea does every time the topic goes up. my blood boils and i have to calm down. 600 detainees, 25% resid advised back to the battlefield to kill americans around the globe. we have small number, 100. you don't think those are hardcore and dedicated? they will be looking for blood if released.
9:20 am
this president does not care about that. he is idealogically dedicated -- emptying the place because he think it is the sin of sins? andrea: he doesn't care what the ramifications are. he will close it for idealogical political science reasons. he doesn't care how many people end up dying. harris: 2009 he tried to put executive order power. that is the first place he tried to flex it was close down guantanamo bay. that is interesting, you were there when there were 600. can you imagine how hardcore the last 100 are. would they have been released in order of detriment to the greater society? what happened to good ol' fashion low technology of a bracelet on somebody. can we do that? can we keep up with them? >> apparently not. they would be released that who five we traded for a traitor who were worst of the worst. from the beginning they have been emptying out the pace no matter what on national security
9:21 am
consequences. when they are released they will have gitmo street credit to be immediate leaders in whatever jihadist organization. andrea: ask, what side is he on? whose side is he on? everything he is doing is the antithesis of being pro-american. everything. you can't imagine body count. how many soldiers were killed looking for bowe bergdahl. in exchange we traded five of the top, top jihadists. that will return to the battlefield. it is complete insanity. all he cares about is his political legacy. these families that lost loved ones, that searched to capture gitmo detainees he is releasing. you know what he cares about? hurt feelings. cares about hurt feelings in this country trying to kill us. it is unbelievably anti-american at its core. and it infuriates the american people and only thing republicans should talk about from now until election day. sandra: guard at guantanamo bay.
9:22 am
learn something new but every day. good stuff, guys, thank you. hillary clinton is playing up the charm in hopes of winning over republican-leaning voters. but is it enough to solve her likability problem? a conservative radio show host us accused carly fiorina from using the women card in language.
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♪ andrea: he has been criticized for having a likability problem. in an apparent effort to win over gop voters hillary clinton is going on a charm offensive. during a campaign event in red state, nebraska, clinton joked about her likability and urged the crowd to talk to their republican friends about her campaign. listen. >> first thing you can tell them, as best as you can look under the lights i don't have horns. [cheers and applause]
9:27 am
andrea: she use ad line in this recorded message for a supporter's father who backs donald trump. >> hi, sean. i'm here with your daughter. i hope you can see i don't have horns. andrea: must have poll tested that one over and over and over again. meg fan, a problem with her likeability. not gone above 50%. if you don't like her, you don't like her. i don't think horns will influence that group. >> hillary clinton has been around for decades and decades. everybody knows what they need to know about her. it will hurt her in the general election. the horn comment, are you sure you don't? i thought you did. for me as republican i don't want another obama administration. i don't think it is funny. andrea: what is so disorienting, pete, we saw first democratic debate her emplying that republicans had horns.
9:28 am
remember she said they were her enemy. that was not isis, iran, any of these countries, no, she identified republicans. how will she win them now? >> you know debates happen on saturday night so no one watches them or hillary clinton less you see her less you like her? we'll go to nebraska and talk to republicans convince them i'm a good guy. she is running uphill on this one. her likability among democrats is loy. this is political play. they're anticipating for a potential for trump candidacy. belief in that environment they could pick up quote, unquote moderate republicans however they want to frame it. that is the only reason they would make this calculus. >> if she will play the card it should be funny. >> this is not funny. andrea: when she tries funny, she fails, right, sand disa? with a cloth? da-da-da. sandra: got me. second thing you tell them you know our economy does better
9:29 am
when we have a democrat in the white house. i will give it to her. that is actually true. history shows the stock market performs better with democrat. by most theories, reason is because of republican policies that take years to see results. then democrats get to the result of that those republican-placed policies. but i will say she is reaching out to a group as yet undecided. andrea, i would ask you, are you planning on her once she wins the primary if she wins primary to come further to the middle? we're talking about that a lot on fox brings network. -- fox business network. andrea: they are expert triangulatetors. if you're slowing grand is hillary clinton 2016, no horns. that is problem from messaging perspective. to answer your question, when the general election comes into full force, i think she is going to play the woman card.
9:30 am
she will get away from this i dye my hair. she will run, harris, full-blown playbook, on war on women. harris: i would wonder why you talk about yourself with headwear, horns, whatever. every time we talk about her, we're awaiting ticktock what the fbi investigation finds on that top secret email holding server now. the story gets more in depth. i know people's eyes, when they poll them glaze over, does it matter. i think we all want to know what that evidence is going to be. maybe the horn dance. i don't them, i don't have them. maybe that will be distraction. andrea: republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is responding back to a comment during her opening statement in the debate talked about surviving breast cancer, losing a child and saying sexism as she
9:31 am
climbs the corporate ladder a conservative host a big supporter of ted cruz, saying quote, i have to say this on air, lordy, wow fiorina goes full vagina right away. he apologized after getting pushback on social media and his wife. here is what fiorina had to say about his comment. >> i have been called the "b" word. now i guess i'm going to be called the "v" word. what is aamazing i told an american story last flight in my opening comments. i told my story, just like every other candidate has told their story. so it's inexplicable to me why this major surrogate of ted cruz thought that was playing the v card. andrea: carly, not like hillary, playing woman card. i want to take a tube sock and roll it up to a ball and talk to
9:32 am
conservative talk show hosts. >> it is unfortunate. ted cruz was coming up in the polls, right? now his name will be attached to something that somebody who is close to him said. that becomes the conversation. that is complicated. you didn't even have to have anybody like a donald trump go after you to take a punch at you this hard. it happened inside of your tent. andrea: pete, in republican party, a man attacking -- bad enough the left attacks carly fiorina. now we have someone criticizing her for being a woman? >> not only unfortunate but also inaccurate. if you follow carly fiorina, i have done two town halls, for an hour, doesn't play woman card. has incredibly compelling story and wants to talk about being treated like anybody else. this is job for leader with experience. doesn't matter if you're a male or female. of course she is female executive that endured a lot to get where she got to which she could get credit for. she does not play the woman card the way hillary clinton does which is why she is such a
9:33 am
powerful contrast to hillary clinton. andrea: sandra you interviewed her, covered her on the fox business network, you noticed a little shift with her quoting thatcher and over things. but as pete said, she doesn't play that card. but does this help or hurt her getting shots from the right? sandra: listen, she is a very strong woman. she had to answer to this a lot as conservative republican woman. andrea, i don't know if it would help her as a republican woman so much as it does for hillary clinton. should she be playing this up more. andrea: i don't think she has to meg began. i don't think she has to go full v. i think she knows that. if she wants to talk about being a mother and wife should be allowed to without being attacked. guys on the stage they go full, p, d, or whatever letter and they look ridiculous. harris: isn't equivalent for other gender when it comes to
9:34 am
this sort of thing. >> i'm constantly trying to get woman involved in political process get involved, when wheny see these things why we have less women running for office in general there is inherent sexism. when you step into the arena, you will get something like this. young see this and they don't want to run for office. harris: that is interesting. >> trust me, i know what i'm talking about. >> that is depressing. >> i think it would help her in the republican primary voters. republican primary voters don't want to play the war on women. that is not the lens they see the world. andrea: and she knows that. i think in a general, women too know that. just because you use same restroom as somebody, doesn't mean idealogically they represent your values. kind of insulting when you think about it. all righty. admission of donald trump on full hour of jimmy kimmel. what the republican frontrunner said making some headlines. edward snowden.
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♪ harris: glad you're watching outnumbered. pretty contentious presidential debate and postdebate comments. sitting down with jimmy kimmel last night, donald trump, sounding perhaps, perhaps, a little bit contrite. how many perhapses do i need? sounding a bit contrite during his interview. take a watch. >> i would like to see the republican party come together. i've been a little bit divisive in the sense i have been hitting people pretty hard. >> a little bit, yeah. [laughter]. >> admittedly we have to come together to get this thing done. harris: ultimately you have to pick a vice president. but just a moment later, mr. trump took this swipe at jeb bush. >> he has never been a happy warrior. he is having a hard time running. he has had -- he was supposed to be because of the name everyone thought he was the odds on favorite and i defined him.
9:40 am
i gave him this term, low energy. i said he is a low energy individual. we do not need in this country low energy, do you agree with that? we need high energy. >> we do need high energy. harris: meagan, you are giggling like a school girl. >> i can't. it is so funny. throws shade. i'm not a trump supporter, but throws shade like nobody else. he is getting ready for general. he is positioning himself. from out of trump's mouth saying i'm a little bit divisive. to me that is getting ready to go to general election. he will have to reach out to more than hyper conservative voters in republican party to win a general. to win over some independents. harris: ted cruz, decidely not to be divisive with each other on debate stage. this is man who will eventually have to pick number two. he will have to pick a vice president. will we see him say focus more on the general and yield a little bit in terms of how much, except for that not happy
9:41 am
warrior line about jeb bush? sandra: this admission on his part. he followed up with i think the republican party need to come together. >> not just say it but actually do it. emminute meantly entertaining individual. he is engaging and sitting there like jeb bush's therapy. he will continue to be divisive. and it fuels his campaign in some ways. i think he will continue to slash and burn his way through the field. harris: isn't i his job to make everybody feel kumbayah in the republican party. and he is running as outsider? andrea: number. if he gets nomination and turns around circle wagons to make everyone feel loved if that what he chooses to do. the time is not now. he respect him for his honesty. are you dividing party. they say no.
9:42 am
that is what the bases on capitol hill. that is what knaus yates them to the utmost. donald trump is being honest and divisive. only way for him to do what he is doing authentic way and galvanize the base to be a little bit divisive. frankly republican party could use it and challenges to the ideas and kumbayah, all getting along and frankly getting along with democrats. people don't like that. good for you, trump being honest sandra: when you look at -- harris: when you look at this, leading to -- we have one more debate on fox business next month moving forward, we know he has momentum. looking at ted cruz. jeb bush, can he rally, go home for christmas, spend some time. happy warrior he is not. trump calls him? >> jeb bush, nice individual. will not be president of the united states. marco rubio, absolutely this is come down to donald trump,
9:43 am
ted cruz, marco rubio. others will rise into that equation also. you saw that on the debate stage. trump played like a front-runner and cruz and rubio went at each other and they realize they're compete fog second and third horse. interesting to see when the field narrows how they manage to manuever each other. >> you're like my spirit animal. you and i agree on so many things. >> will take that. >> i think it will be ted cruz and marco rubio for number two. nothing prone my heart more than jeb not being like w. he couldn't be less like w. i loved w. it is so sad. should go home and consider dropping out. andrea: jeb bush is a dead man with $50 million. way to sum it up, when trump said, nobody cares, jeb. that is the campaign slogan. nobody cares. we were told he was smarter bush. that turned out to be false. he is dead as dinner. i think cruz an rubio represent this battle between the republican party which i admire. i think it is refreshing to see party have -- >> battle of ideas.
9:44 am
>> democrats don't. they will battle for number two. but trump is clearly number one. harris: talking about lunch. no time off for the pc police. right before christmas break one of america's elite universities is doling out talking points on social justice so students will know exactly what to say to those pesky relatives when they go rogue. more on a firestorm it is creating. ♪
9:45 am
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♪ sandra: social justice at the dining hall. harvard university under fire for handing out place mats, yes, place mats, to students to help them navigate tricky conversations during the christmas break. they include questions an answers on a range of controversies from islamophobia to black murders on the street. on that subject, if asked, why didn't they just listen to the officer? shouldn'ts are advised to say, quote, do you think the response would be the same if it was a white person being pulled over? in many incidents that results in the death of a black body in the street. these victims are not breaking the law and are unarmed.
9:49 am
harvard dean of student life reportedly apologized in a letter to students. we are waiting a confirmation of this from the university. we'll get that to you as soon as we have it. andrea, harvard, just tips for the students as they head home and sit around the dinner table. andrea: such propaganda. liberals can't let you have a meal alone. last thanksgiving sign up people for obama care. nothing goes better than jihadists and cranberry sauce. this time around they're so out of touch, sandra. the only questions young people need help answering when at the table at holidays is the awful, awkward questions, who are you dating? are you still seeing that person? are you going to get married? >> when are you getting a job. andrea: place mats for that, instead of just handing us a bottle of vodka. sandra: are you surprised by this? >> so embarrassing.
9:50 am
infantilization of this administration. i don't understand, i am embarrassed what college i went to because of crap like this. i legitimately got into the college. you're supposed to be expanding your mind. it is depressing. people can't get out after safe sown to have a conversation with someone that disagrees with them. sandra: black murders in the street, islamophobia and house master title came up as well. >> yeah. >> how to have that that discussion with your family. >> this placemat is idealogical vomit. the. harris: at meal time. >> it is absurd. authoritarian. telling students what to say. you know why? they have to leave cocoon of harvard and go back home to talk to their uncle. has a little common sense. with flyover country with a real job and fired up what is happening in this country. confront, set up trigger warnings and safe zones will be abated. they will not handle it. andrea: you're an ivy leaguer.
9:51 am
>> this is one of my institutions. andrea: you went to harvard and princeton, right? >> yes, ma'am. harris: andrea: what are on the minds of young men coming home from college? is this on their mind? >> this is embarrassing. this is not what is on their minds. sandra: harvard explains the project saying it was intended to supply framework with first-year students with potentially difficult conversations. do they need this help? harris: don't want them to talk to each other. they would say, word, discuss among yourselves. give them place mats for them to study. not look up to make eye contact. supposed to put that in your backpack to take it home so their parents will know what they're paying for. >> is this the best and brightest? harris: which have breaking us. we're inside of the two minute warning. we started with this at the top of the hour. president obama meeting with advisors of his national security council, excuse me, team. what he is expected to say now,
9:52 am
this is mcclain, virginia. the national counterterrorism center. what is supposed to come out of these meetings. specifically we're thinking about threats against the homeland, given new terror alert system they devised yesterday and rolled out. he has given many talks, starting with untwo sundays ago in the oval office on sunday evening talking to the american people reassuring american people this holiday season we'll be safe after what happened in san bernardino, california. we're inside of the two minute warning waiting for the president to come out. as i am watching this, we're curious what he could say. didn't talk so much about the homeland when he spoke at the pentagon two days ago. what will he say? andrea: reallocating resources the double down. harris: heard that already. andrea: same thing you heard before. probably more details. will talk about how airstrikes are working.
9:53 am
he will give us those same bullet points, probably a couple other things mixed in. unless he changes policy, might as well order lunch and put it on mute. sandra: hope to hear about a president that acknowledges fears that the american people are feeling right now. we said at top of the show, private sector is now taking steps to make theme parks in the case of disney more safe. they're implementing their own measures. i hope we hear some of that at the government level with president. >> that's true. nothing worse than acknowledging fears and not doing anything about it. double down on bad. every time he speaks i hope as an american we will see a change who wants a strong president. i fear as andrea said, we'll see more of the same. harris: hard to get 77% of anybody to agree about anything, right? when you look at some of the polling we shared this hour, 77% of the americans saying they agree on one thing, that this is not being handled to keep news a safe manner to their liking. they disapprove of the job the president's doing on terrorism
9:54 am
and keeping us safe at home. that really speaks volumes. >> yeah, 100% it speaks volumes. i will watch it. every time the president comes on to talk about, i get paranoid getting on sub you way and i do that coming to work. you could be fearful all this going on. we'll not change course. we'll not do anything different. harris: you can't be tone deaf at this point. i know that the white house looks at this kind polling. i know generals gave him an earful. he was at pentagon. you're smiling. >> not entirely tone deaf. they scheduled entire week of pentagon hearings, national security center. this president's idealogical heels so dug in he will not change approach. generals around him, that are left, haven't been filtered out, warfighters yesteryear who won the iraq surge a turned it around. a limited set of people tell him
9:55 am
certain things that doesn't equal changing strategy. harris: in military you're tasked with protecting americans and american assets. where do you think we're most vulnerable? where do you think he really needs to talk to us today? >> he needs to talk about how we will quickly and expeditiously we will get rid of the caliphate in iraq and syria. doesn't have to be boots on the ground. this is substantive approach how to get rid of the epicenter. andrea: he doesn't see that as number one threat. remember the number one threat facing us is climate change and gun owners. >> that's right. andrea: we can't impune entire religion based on actions of a few. why would you impugn gun owners for actions of a few. doesn't make any sense. he has his priorities, harris. you look where this president's funneling money. early on when you had napolitano and others talk about man-made disasters, right-wing extremists. look closely follow the money of this administration funneling
9:56 am
money in fbi, targeting resources going after right-wing extremists. these are his priorities. not radical jihadists. harris: i want to get back to what is going on here in the homeland. i hear what you're saying, pete, we can talk about knocking out that savagery in iraq and syria but what just happened in san bernardino, california, the investigation, we're learning more every hour. were they on social media shooters? was it visible to the public? we talked about it this hour. the president can't really speak to us again or do you think he might without at least acknowledging some of that? sandra: this coming after the department of homeland security as we talked about the at top of the show, has warned the public of quote, self-radicalized actors who could strike with little or no notice. the president hats an obligation and certainly a need that we're hearing from the public, to step up to that podium after meeting with his national security team to tell us, what are you going to do to further protect us from
9:57 am
anything like this happening on american soil? it's a tough task but he has to at least include us in the conversation about what they are or planning to do. harris: you know, i have heard it, i know judge napolitano said it this week as well, this is not his best format. he does better in news conference type of situation where he can take the questions, i'm starting to wonder now, we don't know if he will take questions here today, why he hasn't handled it like that. we have the oval office backdrop i get that. he had couple opportunity to change the mode how he speaks to the american people and maybe get some of that language in there about their polled fears and surveyed fears. >> i don't know if they want hill going off-the-cuff, every time he does he doubles down on ridiculous corollary about muslims and islam and climate change is why we have problems in syria as a result isis. the team is keeping him on script as much as possible because when he goes off script
9:58 am
he goes on to other topics nowhere related to immediate threat. andrea: you know what he could do, at minimum, at minimum he could come out and say temporary suspension of visa program and temporarily we'll not have any syrian refugees. we'll just put everything on hold till we figure things out. that would, i think bring tremendous peace. we'll look at borders. we'll take these steps. he won't even give us lip service on that. that is how as you say, pete, idealogically stuck, dug in. he is stubborn. harris: if he doesn't have specific nuances and strategy in those areas, that might dig him in a little deeper. we talked about this a little more. i want to tell you now not just who is meeting but on stage as they come out. vice president will join him. secretary of state john kerry and now the president. let's watch.>> good morning, ev. >> good morning.
9:59 am
>> well, as president and commander-in-chief my highest priority is the security of the american people. and on a regular basis i convene members of my national security team for an in depth review of our efforts to prevent terrorist attacks against our citizens around the world and here at home. we examine any known and emerging threats. we review our security posture and we make sure that we're taking every necessary measure to protect our people. today i wanted to hold our meeting here rather than in the situation room of the white house. i wanted to hold it at the national counterterrorism center because this is the hub of where so many of our experts and efforts come together. and i want to thank our director of national intelligence clapper, jim clapper as well as
10:00 am
nctc director nick rasmussen and everybody at nctc. all of you, for welcoming us here today. now nick, along with cia director margaret brennan nan and fbi director comey provide ad threat briefing. director comey and attorney general lynch updated us on the investigation into the ban be >> i reiterated that the investigation will continue and has the full support of the federal government and we should leave no stone unturned in determining out how they did the tragedy. we are increasing awareness and staying vigilant and enhance the traveling of the public especially with so many americans traveling in the h holida holidays. i know after the attacks in pa


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