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  Hannity  FOX News  December 17, 2015 7:02pm-7:23pm PST

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discovery. >> you wrote in your testimony since 2001 the department has revoked approximately 220,000 visas. of the 122,000 revoked, how many of those people are still in the united states? i don't know. >> doesn't that scare you? >> many of the people whose visas were revoked were not in the united states when we revoked the visa. >> you have no idea how many of those people are in the united states. of the revoked visas do you give those to the department of homeland security? >> exactly. we revoke the visa and -- >> so homeland security. how many revoked visas are still in the united states of america? >> mr. chairman, i don't have that -- >> don't have a clue, do you? >> unbelievable. author of "tripled america,"
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donald trump. numbers are looking pretty good for you, mr. trump. how do you assess the race at this time? >> well, they are looking good. based on what i just witnessed and watched on your show, that's incredible. that's what i've been saying. you can't let these people in. now we're having 100,000 of them all of a sudden? where did they come from. so we have a lot of problems. the country is run by people who don't have a clue. or, maybe worse, maybe they do have a clue and maybe that's in a way worse. but sean, changes have to be made fast. >> jeh johnson, department of homeland security, admitted they wouldn't even look at social media when vetting people. we know mike mccall, chairman of the homeland security committee has isis has a channel to come in here. people are saying isis will infiltrate but there's no stop and congress is just funded the
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president's ability to do this. what is your reaction to the bill that was pushed forward today by the republicans in terms of what they want to do to fund all of these things? >> well, you know, the budget is very disappointing. you look at what's going on and you look at paul ryan and how easy it seems to be for the democrats to get whatever they want. there's never any threat, there's never any negotiation it seems. it just gets bigger and bigger. frankly, in terms of security we're getting all of the wrong things. you look at what's going on with our budget process, it is a disaster, it is a joke. it is a joke. if it weren't so hurtful, you'd all start laughing right now. but it is very with, very sad. do these people know anything about a budgetary process? i don't think so. then take a look at this woman anticipate facebook. this horrible person with a fiance passport and you look at her facebook. she practically told everybody what she's going to be doing in
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california and nobody ever looked at that. so we're a country that's got a lot of problems and we better get going fast because we truly don't know what we're doing. >> let me run through the list that will be funded here. it will fund the daca program, it will fund all of the president's desired refugee programs, it will fund all of the mideast immigration programs, all of the alien resettlement andh2b foreign workers visas. tax credits for illegal immigrants will be included. i'm thinking, what is it about the republicans that they're so unwilling -- they have this inordi inordinate fear that if they
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shut down the government -- if you become president what will you say? how will you get them to stand tougher on these issues? >> first of all i've never seen anything like it. if there's a shutdown it won't be very long. the biggest problem is every time anybody mentions that just as a threat immediately the republicans say it will never happen, it will never happen. now they've already lost the negotiation. once they admit it will never happen, they've lost the negotiation. i'd like to ask you, does paul ryan know these things? does somebody know what's being approved in this budget? when you talk about sanctuary cities will continue, to me that is a no-brainer. you look at some of these incredible people that are just being killed like nothing, and it is sanctuary city haven. do people -- do these people know that this is all being funded? >> i have to believe they do. i mean because they've been told by conservatives -- i know that
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senator jeff sessions had a pretty interest comment. he actually said this is what explains why voters are in an open rebellion. remember republicans, mr. trump, in 2010, said they would repeal and replace obamacare. ted cruz was the only guy that was willing to go to the mat and use the power of the purse. then they said in 2014 they'd stop executive amnesty. they caved on all of these issues. the "washington freebie free by blsh . >> incredible. the whole thing is incredible. the whole process is frankly incredible. the pressure is on the president. nobody's going to know about ryan and mcconnell. in 50 years from now they talk about obama, they're not talking
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about anybody else. i don't know why they aren't tougher, why they aren't sharper. i don't know what's going on. the republicans, i'm actually more disappointed with the republicans. you know where the democrats are coming from. ript? the republicans go down there and they're all full of vim and vigor and after being there in two weeks they're all done. i don't get it. >> what would you do differently, stop this process that has so many people frustrateded? >> it's not only that process. it's every year. $19 trillion. we're going to be up to $21 trillion in terms of debt. the whole thing is just a toastle mess. and then you read the line items and the different items that you just read to me. sanctuary cities, people are going crazy over the sanctuary city concept. it is just horrible. look at all the deaths that are being caused. it is horrible. >> i'll add -- >> so sad. honestly, look. you're interviewing me. it is so sad to look at it and
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to see the incompetence. frankly, on both sides. but to see the gross incompetence. look, paul ryan is a very nice person but he's always been very weak on illegal immigration. he's been strong on amnesty and i don't know, maybe this is just a carryover from that. i don't understand, how can they fund these things? >> they're funding that. there is is no restripctions on syrian refugees. by the way, planned parenthood still gets their money. >> i actually think that in terms of the syrian refugees versus the people that more typically have been pouring across our border, i think the syrian refugees are our biggest problem. we don't know anything about these people. a big portion of them could be isis. you and i have been talking about the migration. they're young, strong enimen, s
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many of them. we have no idea who they are, no idea where they come from, they have no documents. we take them in. nobody knows. i've watched on your show the law enforcement guys, you have some of the best ones -- they say there is no way to tell where they come from. pretty sad. >> i have the list, i played it so often. the fbi director, the president's envoy to defeat syria, the assistant fbi director, now jason, as incompetent as he is, they're all saying it. we'll come back. vladimir putin phrased you. we'll get your reaction when we come back. new polls in race relations at a 20-year low. who's to blame for that? later tonight, the feud between ted cruz and marco rubio. and then -- >> how is your leg? >> what leg? >> the leg. is the thrill still there? >> just leave me alone. >> left wing msnbc host chris
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this is a fx nouz alert. enrique marquez making his first appearance in federal court tonight hours after being charged with several terrorism related counts in relation to the mass shooting in san bernardino, california. marquez is accused of buying the rifles used by sayed is farook and his wife, tash reasfeen mald with conspiring to commit terrorism. an arrest warrant was issued on an 18-year-old after his probational officer was unable
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to reach him. the texas teen who is serving probation for killing four people in a 2013 drunken driving wreck made national headlines after his lawyers successful defended him by claiming his irresponsible lifestyle was due to wealthy parents who coddled him. now back to "hannity." for all the latest, go to welcome back. we continue with 2016 republican presidential front-runner candidate, donald trump. vladimir putin, of all people, said the following about you. that you're bright, a talented person without any doubt, he is the absolute leader of the presidential race. he says he wants to reach another deeper level of relations with russia. certainly we welcome it. your reaction. >> well, i welcome it. i think it is great. think that's what should be happening. his dislike for president obama
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and it's a mutual thing -- it's terrible. that's why you see all the conflict, all the problems, all the hatred. we can't work with russia -- that's not a good thing. i'm the greatly honored bid his statement. i think it is terrific. >> let me play the department of homeland security secretary jeh johnson saying isis could infiltrate the refugee populati population. >> we do have to be concerned about the possibility that a terrorist organization may seek to exploit our refugee resettlement process. that's true of this country and true of every other country that accepts refugees. >> okay. everybody all our intelligence officials are saying this. you made the statement we need a temporary moratorium on people coming from muslim countries. should we have a temporary moratorium, period, until we can get this figured out? >> i just don't think we can
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take -- we just karnt affocan't as a country, with or without terrorism. we can do things and help out, i'm very much for in syria doing a safe zone where we help them with different things so they can live until maybe they can go back to where they can't to be which is probably where they just left. i'm all for that. i think we should have a safe zone. we should have the gulf states which are loaded with money and others help us fund it. we shouldn't be funding very much of anything. but i love helping with the safe zone. we cannot allow them to come in to our country. we can't do it. forget the cost, it is expensive. talking about billions of dollars which is shocking. but over a ten-year period you are talking about a lot of money. i mean you are talking about a lot of money from day one. but beyond that, the tremendous risk that we're taking if these people are isis or affiliated with isis or somebody else like
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isis, we can't allow it to happen. >> scary when you think of what happened in san bernardino, when you think what happened in paris, when you think back, you were in new york -- i whaas in w york in 9/11. people thought there might be some back and forth between you and senator ted cruz. for the most part you haven't gone at each other. how do you feel about these other candidates? you seem to get along with them when you're together with them. >> i think i mostly get along. there are a couple i guess i wouldn't. when we're not on the debate stage i get along with everybody. but i have a very good relationship with ted cruz and he's been very nice in that he's backed me almost from the beginning. i've said things, many of which turned out to be right -- if not all. i talked about illegal immigration when i made my announcement on june 16th in new york, i made the announcement. bringing up the importance of
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stopping illegal immigration and the whole thing and it was a firestorm. ted was one person that was with me very much. other have been good, too. ben carson's been terrific. i've had some pretty good support. but ted has been there, no question about it. >> it seemed to get a little personal with governor bush. what do you think of that exchange? >> i really think he is a nice man but he's doing very poorly. he was down to 3% or 4% or something like that. i just came out with numbers at 41 %. so he's not been doing well. his pollster said, here's what you do. here's a line. memorize it and say it to trump. when they let that whole clip run he doesn't look so good, according to virtually everybody that's seen it. he came out a couple of times during the debate out in the middle of nowhere -- i said, what is that? is that another attack? it is just not necessarily.
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two really great if the republican party could get along because we could beat hillary clinton. i tell you what, i know i can beat here. the fox poll out a week or so ago showed i would beat her. >> let me ask you that. say you get the nomination. there are a lot of smart people on that stage. a lot of people have some pretty strong records, people that are even out of the race like bobby jindal or scott walker. do you think a lot of people there, if you won the nomination, you would want to tap, maybe ben carson if you didn't win and -- he didn't win, you would want to put in your cabinet? >> i know so many people within the party that have great talent. in all fairness many of the people on stage, the people that we just left from being on stage, i've got great respect for some of them. not all the of them. i think there are a couple that maybe -- ima's not too fond of. but overall i have a lot of
7:20 pm
respect for people i'm competing against right now. i mean it's been an amazing and beautiful process. i guess i'm leading in one poll by more than 27 points. that's a lot. >> that's a lot in a field of 14, no doubt about it. so americans now, we have 77% are less confident that we can prevent a lone wolf attack. race relations are atlow. between national security around the economy, if you become president, how quickly do you think you could turn things around? when would people expect or be able to expect that their lives are going to be better, that the country is going to be safer with be that our position in the world going to be different? >> sean, i have the greatest business people in the world dying to come and help me out with china and japan and,
7:21 pm
frankly, mexico, both at the border, also they are taking away a lot of our business, tremendous amounts of business. and so many other countries. i'm mentioning a few. vietnam, that's another one. that's a hot one right now for taking away business. but i have so many -- we have to bring our jobs back. we're going to strengthen our military. right now we aren't a prepared military. there is so much to do. one of the first things i'm going to do is get rid of the executive board. obama says come on in through our southern border. we've had pretty good luck in court which is unusual, and they've done a good job but i would end the court case. i will knock out that executive order so fast your head will spin. >> let me ask you this last question. this process -- i've interviewed all the candidates on a regular basis. what drives you to do this? who are you thinking about? who do you want to help the most in this process? in other words, who are the --
7:22 pm
>> go ahead. >> i fully understand the question. i get asked the question a lot. i have a great life, i have a great company. i really love this country. i love the people in this country, may now more than ever. yesterday you saw i was if arizona and i had 15,000 people in the hangar. it is amazing the relationship i've developed over the last six months with the people. we have amazing, great people, and really smart people in this country. this he don't believe nonsense press because the press is very dishonest. i want to help this country. my theme says it all -- make america great again. interestingly, about a week ago i started saying make america great again -- and safe again. because i don't feel safe and you don't feel safe and nobody feels safe. so we're going to make america great again, we're going to make america safe again.
7:23 pm
we're going to really do a great job. if i get elected you're going to see things happen that you wouldn't have believed possible. we're going to win again, sean. >> this country is in decline and it is sad to see. the american dream i've had and you've had, i want that for everybody and it sounds like you do, too. >> sean, we can turn it around. i tell you what, if we're going to go another four or eight years like this with a hillary who's horrible, who's terrible? we can turn it around pretty quickly. >> mr. trum