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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 18, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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mornings at 11:30 eastern here on fnc. please remember, the spin stops here, because we're looking out for you. >>. >> breaking night, fox news released its first national poll since the last republican debate of 2015 and it shows a big surge for the gop front-runner. welcome to the kelly file. i'm shannon breen in for megyn kelly, coming to you tonight from our nation's capitol tole. syria and guantanamo bay, all of which our next president has to deal with. comes as we get a fresh look at the state of the republican race to the white house. brand new fox polls taken entirely after tuesday night's debate. showing donald trump has increased his lead over his gop
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rivals. we have a big show for you tonight completely with polster frankland and our group. from terror to immigration and who they think should drop out of the race all together. now we also give them a chance to question one of the presidential candidates. plus we will be joined by newt gingrich to give his take on mr. trump. we begin with carl cameron reporting from washington. >> reporter: thanks, shannon. this poll was taken entirely after the he can bait earlier this week in las vegas and once again donald trump has gotten a bounce. in fact, he has reached a new record high in the fox poll with 39%. that is an 11-point jump from last month and it doubles texas senators ted cruz who is in second place up four points to 18%. marco rubio's dropped 3 point in the last month to 11%. while ben carson has fallen to single digits at 9. the rest of the field is now under 3%. now look at this.
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despite the furor over trump's plan for the ban on muslim immigrants and visitors, 50% favored and 46 % were opposed. support for the ban actually rose to 55% while opposition dropped to 40. now remember, national polls often don't reflect what is going on early but trump is leading in south carolina and nevada. cruz has inched into a slight lead. the campaign slows a little bit over the holidays. then right after new years things accelerate dramatically and tv and radios will be flooded with attack ads and polls begin it tighten. but trump has been bucking it through his entire campaign. buckle up. >> carl, thank you very much. following recent attacks in paris and san bernardino, california, terror has become the top concern for american voters. according to a brnd new fox news
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poll, 75% of americans feel the u.s. has not been aggressive enough in pursuing potential terrorist here at home. that's up 15% from 2007. . and 58% disapprove of the kay president obama is handling the fight against isis. for more on these concerns we turn to polster frank luntz and his polster group. >> shannon, the polling we have done the last few weeks, national security emerged as the number one issue for republicans. in fact more people choose national security over economic security by 2-1. i need to ask the american people sitting in front of me, what is it that you are afraid of? and i want to be specific here. what are you afraid of? jim? tell me. >> i'm afraid of anybody being harmed by this -- these people. >> what are you afraid of? what scares you? >> it doesn't scare me. i have weapons in my house.
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>> i don't know how to deal with that. but jim, i really like you a lot. charlie, what scares you? >> definitely the safety of my family. and the city that i love that i live in. i really fear for my family and other terrorist attacks happening. >> how many, by show of hands, believe that you could be the victim of a terrorist attack? seriously, that many of you. what scares you the most. >> being in the public sector. i deal with people in their time of need, time of trauma. my concern is that we run into a building and somebody comes out and attacks us. >> what is your greatest concern? >> ten years a i go, it was going down into an airplane. but now you go out in a public setting and you could be gunned down by a sleeper cell so it is different now. >> 23 years old, correct? >> yes. >> please tell me that nothing scares you. >> it does, to be honest.
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i know it's embarrassing. but if they go to health institute like they did in california, what's to stop them from coming to my workplace or a gas station or a nursing home. nothing is going to stop these people. >> what scares me is that politicians, republicans and democrats, haven't learned the lessons of 15, 20, 30 years, which is that we can't fix the middle east. it's not up to the u.s. to fix it. no regime change. stop trying to fix the middle east. >> you're the second youngest person in this room. what scares you the most? >> you know, yeah, terrorist attack can happen. it's very unlikely it will happen to me but it can happen. i'm more afraid of losing my country. there's 25% of every person in america right now is a second or first generation immigrant. that number is extremely high. and it is called the year of the offended. and i'm tired of it. >> you guys agree? >> so if i interpret what you're saying, immigration is what
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concerns you the most, is what you're most afraid of? >> it also adds on to the whole financial security because the border, unprotected. we have no idea who is coming across the border. how do we know who is an okay citizen or not an okay citizen to be an american. >> i disagree. because i'm scared of isis. i'm even more scared of how we are dealing with it now. we need change to happen which is why this presidential election is so important. >> my mother's an immigrant. my wife is an immigrant. they came here legally. i think we need to shut down the border and let people come legally. i'm afraid of this country being lost, its identity being lost for good. >> how many of you are concerned that the american identity is in jeopardy? wow. tell me why. >> i think the changes that we are seeing, we have people with an agenda to move us definitely to the left. to engage in socialism, to
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openly promote socialism, wealth distribution, and set forth a way of living in this country that was not the america that i learned about as a child and not the america that i dream about. i dream about an america of opportunity, freedom, both economically. i dream an opportunity of safety and military strength. >> this is a conversation on national security and you bring it to economic security and everyone else goes in the other direction. my question to you is, what isn't being done? why is there so much anxiety in this room and across this country? and don't just blame it on barack obama. what isn't being done? >> what isn't being done is our leaders aren't showing their pride for the foundation for which this country was built. >> again, i bring it to national security and you bring it to something very different. why? >> i think that's very connected. when my great grandparents came
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from italy they were proud to be americans. they hid their language so they could be americans. >> you guys agree? >> people come to this country now not with that same degree of pride. with a very different agenda. >> shannon, i want to make the point that i keep talking about national security and you all keep bringing me back to immigration. is immigration a national security issue to you? >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> tell me why. >> it is absolutely an issue. when people are coming across the border and they don't want to come here it be americans, they want to come here to be a separate degree of their own country here in america. it defeats the whole point and it can be dangerous. >> you can't have national security inside the nation if you don't have secure borders and you don't know who is coming here. neither one of those things are going on right now. our border is not secure and we don't know the people coming here. >> i will ask you a direct question. which do you think is a greater threat to america right now, immigration or isis?
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>> immigration or isis? you're not going to be able to choose both. that's what the democrats do. and michael, i know you're an democrat. we have to focus on one p. which one do we focus on? who says immigration? who says isis? so more of you say isis. is it immigration for you? >> both. you can't pick one. if you're going to be smart, you have to focus on both. they are both interconnected and you have to do two things at once. they are not mutually exclusive issues here. >> -- to attack us. they use that. it is the foundation of this country where we are very giving people. we have been taken advantage of in the foundation of who we are as a country. >> so you all keep using the phrase, foundation of our country. i've heard it now three or four times. what specifically is in
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jeopardy. >> everybody getting offended about everything. people are looking for ulterior motives in everything you say. this is ridiculous. >> so now you're telling me the solution -- to all of this is just to address political correctness? >> that's part of it to start, yes. >> eric? >> take care of the immigration problem you take care of the isis problem. there is a reason that for 60 years we did not allow immigration in this country. it was called aassimilation. they don't have to lose their cultures but when they come here they need to learn to speak english, learn our culture, learn our way, learn our history and learn why our country is great. >> you agree? >> no. >> no, no, no. >> let's talk illegal immigration versus immigration. those of that you want it make it all immigration, take a visit to ellis island and posters put up about the jews from eastern europe, italians and every immigrant that came through that looked like rats and filthy
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clothes and with disease. let's not go there, people. i think we should be talking about illegal immigration if we are talking about that. >> my great grandparents were immigrants from italy. and all of us, all of our grandparents were immigrants in some form. how can we do that? i know you just said foundation of our country but the foundation of our country is that we all were immigrants. >> let me ask you, i want to ask as a way it move on to our next topic, there is so much to cover. how many of you actually lose sleep because you're afraid for the national security of this country? raise your hands if you actually lose sleep. not any of you. shannon, this is one of the most controversial issues. clearly something that divides people. one of the reasons why donald trump has done so well. one of the reasons why the battle lines seem to have been drawn politically in this
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country. but only one issue. and there's so much more to cover. and we'll be talking about some other issues as we continue in this 2016 election special. >> all right. as frank mentioned, we have much more ahead with our focus group, including what happened when a candidate got praised for his performance joins the panel. believe me, they are not afraid to question him about the one moment from his past that still causes kroeshts controversy to this day. plus, donald trump is still in command with the polls even after controversial comments. weeks to go before the iowa caucuses, we as call it a campaign and bow out asap. >> how many of you think that some of the candidates should depart? raise your hand. wow. more than half of you. okay. who should go and why?
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listen, i want to talk to you like you're at home for a second. if your eyes are glazed over like mine, this is what it is like to be on the floor of the united states senate. endless debates about how many angels on the head of a pen who
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never add make a consequential decisi decision. >> you remember that comment from chris christie who is getting high marks for his performance at this weekend's debate. he is also a force to be reckoned with in new hampshire, jumping 8 points since october p. now at 11%. rubio and cruz tied at 12% each. but they all trail trump at 26%. this week the governor took time-out to speak with our focus group. check this out. >> please welcome, new jersey governor, chris christie. [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening, everybody. good evening. >> okay. why are you the candidate to defeat hillary clinton? everyone -- hold on. >> all right. >> go. >> listen, i want you all it picture next september. and you know how hillary clinton
9:17 pm
will be on that stage. she will change her position. she will not want to be held accountable for anything that happens that was bad during her time. and she wants credit for everything that is good. who will get up on the stage with a clear concise experienced ready manner that will prosecute the case against hillary clinton, who will just take it apart bit by bit by bit. not by yelling and screaming, not by insulting her or calling her names but just look her in the eye and say understamrs. cl those are not the facts. she will be like a tornado. who will stand up and be tested enough to not overreact or give her the moment she wants? i'm telling you, that being in the hardest media market in the world, new york city, conservative republican for 13 years, there is nothing she can throw at me on that stage that hasn't already been thrown at me before. i'm ready to take her on and take her out. and do it in a way that's effective and keeps her no
9:18 pm
closer than 10 miles from the white house. we can't have her anywhere near there. >> so a good response with the more moderate people, you're in the 80s. so only one of you walked in here supporting chris kisschris. i know more of you do at this point. what do you want to tell him or learn if him? >> you talked about policy mistakes earlier. what do you think about the foreign policy mistakes george bush made? >> well he shouldn't have never gone into iraq. he then double downed on it and made things even more difficult for himself and for the country. and didn't explain to people why. i think when the country is perceiving that you made a mistake, you need to hear them and answer their questions. you know, maybe part of my training as a lawyer, i look at a jury and i see when they're not believing something. not giving something.
9:19 pm
i have to answer their question. if i don't understand the question, they won't believe me. what i learned is you need do a lot of listening as a leader. a leader without followers, just the guy out for a walk. and if you don't listen you won't have followers. >> what would your solution to obama care be? >> got to get rid of it. i would say all backs it every state. every state is different. every state has different challenges. new hampshire, 1.3 million people in the same size space. how could their health care challenges be the same? they're not. you know what? the constitution says that if the power is not listed in there for federal government, it goes back to the state. i have read the constitution, i don't see health care in there anywhere. governo gov you live here in nevada, talk to governor sandoval and you get a plan you will agree with. if you don't agree with it, can you protest about it. but if it is in washington forget it. >> thank you for being here.
9:20 pm
we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. i reflect back to 2012. romney did a lot of things wrong. but that image of you hugging obama after the hurricane came through was just devastating to many of us. i know have you addressed this and challenged it. but that's a really tough sticking point for me personally. to get over. >> it would han't have been a sticking point if you lived in new jersey. first of all, i didn't hug him. let's get over that. he got off the palestinian and i shook his hand like you do as a civil person. 75% of the state was without power. all of our schools closed. 51 gas stations for the entire state. no wastewater or treatment plants or water treatment plants operational. when the president of the united states comes and says we're going to help, you look at him and say thank you, mr. president. he does something right, you say, thank you mr. president. when he does something wrong, you criticize him. i took an oath of office. the people of new jersey deserved my very best to rebuild
9:21 pm
the state. so i did. i wouldn't change a theing, eri. i wish it wasn't eight days before the election. i wish it never happened. but you know, romney, that's what he said. if i'm president i will put you above anyone else in the world. you won't have to put politics in front of me. >> what do you think of that answer? >> thank you, governor christie. >> you're welcome, eric. >> i want a show of hands. how many of you accept what he just said. raise your hands. >> all right. as evidenced by the new fox polls we showed you at the top of the hour. donald trump continues to extend his lead in the gop primary. what's behind his sustained surge? frank luntz puts that question to his las vegas focus group. later on, newt gingrich will join us live on what he believes is behind the donald's
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oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. when you ask yourself whoever you are that think you're going to support donald trump, think, do you believe in the constitution. are you going to change the constitution? >> mr. trump? >> so they can kill us but we can't kill them. that's what you're saying. >> you're never going to be president of the united states by ip sultinsulting your way -- >> well, i'm the 43 and you're the -- >> doesn't matter, doesn't matter. >> you started over here and you're moving further and further. pretty soon you're going to be off the end. >> he has such an expressive face. >> some of the most contentious moments where some political
9:26 pm
overers say donald trump's rivals got in their best jabs against the businessman. does it make any difference? if the polling is any indication trump support only seems to grow when he engages in these battles, no matter his opponent. here is what frank luntz's focus group has to say about the gop front-runner. >> please explain the trump phenomenon. i know some of you don't support him. but at least as republicans you will explain why so many people do. so let's start with the word or phrase to describe donald trump. >> he says what we are all thinking. it is emotionally attractive but some erratic. >> he knows what he want, doesn't want and what country needs. >> and the eye establishment. real change. >> he relates to the people. >> everything he said he's done. >> he seems to tell it like it is and he is not hold together special interest. >> he is bold and truthful. >> he's been building up a very successful brand for the last 20 years. >> so all positive for you.
9:27 pm
how many of you support trump's position on syrian refugees, raise your hands. so a good percentage. and yet the public doesn't. why do you support him? >> i support him because i want to feel safe. i don't think this swis the wayo go. the how he says stop everything, i -- i don't trust what is happening. >> you would follow trump to keep syrian refugees out. tell us why. >> he just said to keep them out until we can figure things out. obviously the people that did the san bernardino shooting, they didn't even look at their social media. that's just basic part of a background check for any job that you or i would get. >> this is racist, is it not? >> no. >> it's not racist? >> to itemize -- to specify religion, is it racist? >> it is absolutely -- -/*.
9:28 pm
>> it absolutely is not. >> one at a time. >> i'm a catholic. if i walked into an abortion clinic and blew up a bunch of people against abortion, every leader in the catholic faith would say what i did is wrong. that makes me a radical in my own religion. and people cannot do these things in the name of a religion or their interpretation of it. right and wrong. >> isn't this in the back, isn't this saying that we are demonizing everyone for the actions of a few? >> i think trump's heart is in the right place but i think he has it wrong as far as singling out the muslims. cruz is better because it is by country and region, not by religion. >> eric? >> if we don't find a way to vet these people properly then we have no idea who is coming in. you cannot let people in who you
9:29 pm
cannot vet. this government has proven they cannot accurately vet these people. >> at the back? >> we're at war. whether our president admits it or not, we're at war. they are at war with us, that means we're at war. in world war ii we did not allow germans to come in. we didn't allow italians to come in. why let them in when we can't vet them. >> donald trump as he has said has inflamed this discussion. has it not? has he not? you think he is handling it well? >> they just are not -- they don't listen to what's going on. it's the young generation. >> the young generation. really? >> a young epracing are calling them racists. they're not understanding what the going on. you have it keep the country safe. >> what's the problem of making them wait? what is the big deal about
9:30 pm
making them wait a little bit and making sure the country is safe? >> because you singled out a religion. >> in protection of security in america. what's the problem with that? >> israel does it. >> okay. you know what is interesting here is you guys have become a flash mob right here. you just started shouting out, talking over each other, showing no respect for each other. because i challenged you. but isn't that what trump does? >> yes. >> and you think that's a good thing? >> yes. >> why is that a good thing? >> no. >> he asks questions but he has in solutions. keeping people out for how long? six months, two years, five years. what if it takes 30 years? >> clearly he is the one candidate that generates this level of disagreement. is this good for the political process, again, as one of the here, yes or no. >> no, it is not good. this controversy he is inspiring
9:31 pm
is making him a mockery and making our republican party a mockery with people of my generation. it is. >> this is absolutely good for the conversation and for the country. we need to have a variety of diverse opinions and we need to be adults and listen to other people even when we disagree with them. >> getting a little heated there. tonight, one former republican candidate is making headlines with his take on the 2016 field. newt gingrich is here with his reaction to front-runner donald trump's spot at the top of the republican heat. frank luntz is back with his focus group with their take on the news coverage surrounding the 2016 race. >> why should he go? >> he is not going to make it. there is no -- you know, he is there is no -- you know, he is different. here's to the woman make her feel as beautiful as she truly is.
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breaking tonight, forther speaker of the house and republican candidate himself for president newt gingrich is making waves. with his outspoken appreciation for how republican candidate donald trump is shaking up breaking tonight, one of the focus groups summed up what the republican front runner has been able to do in very simple terms np. >> let's start with a word or phrase to describe donald trump. >> he is emotional, says what he is thinking but it is erratic. >> he says what he wants and what country needs. >> establishment, real change. >> he relates to the people. >> everything he has said he has done. >> isn't solding to just the special interest. >> bold and truthful. >> he's been building a very
9:36 pm
successful brand for the last 20 years. >> joining me now, author of "duplicity." and house speaker newt gingrich. >> you said donald trump could be a big asset for the gop. a lot of people think he could be a headache for them. >> first of of all, if you're the other candidates, he is a big headache and if you're a supporter of other candidates, sea big headache. but look at the size of the debates. we have many, many more people watching the republican debates than watch willing the dep krats. look at size of the crowds he's run and look who is showing up. he is reaching high school graduates who are workers at a level of maybe no republican including reagan in that they identify with him. they show up for him. huge crowds. i'm not for or against trump. i think trump is a remarkable
9:37 pm
figure. i have a lot of friends in this race and i admire all of them for having the courage to run. but as the poll tonight showed, have you a guy consistently at 39. consistently ahead. sometimes ahead of the next three people combined. you have to at least try to figure out what's the phenomena here. what is going on? because the american public is allowed to pick somebody that washington elites may not understand. and the job is for the washington elites to understand the country not for the country to give in to the washington elites. >> you heard from the group there, they had really strong emotions connected to him. several of them said they want it feel safe. that's the reason they like him. he does talk tough. that's the lane we thought governor christie, if he got in, that would be his place in this race. and he started out on his tour calling it telling it like it is. he does talk tough. is he being outchristied by trum
9:38 pm
trump? >> we will see. we don't know how the dance will end yet. but for the moment, trump is unlike we have seen many times. you have to look at roosevelt or jackson to have some sense of the scale of the thing. when you have somebody who is a 39% without any tv advertising -- >> but he would argue and other candidates would argue he gets tons of free tv advertising because every time he does something it is all over the place. >> look, i just watched frank go down this list of people. every one of them said something positive p. that could have been a commercial. all i'm saying is there is something happening there that is very real and particularly the republicans of this city, whether the staff, elected members. or the lobbyists. they all better take a serious look at this. it's not about trump. it is about millions of americans who decided they don't want anybody with traditional experience.
9:39 pm
they want to gamble on somebody new. you heard it tonight. these folks are prepared it gamble on someone you recognize as having no traditional experience. that's part of what makes him attractive to them. because they think the traditional experience means you can't get the job done. >> long-term, is he good or bad for the party? critics will say he's an tree conservative. he has been all over the place. to arrive at where he is now but they say dp the party is about true conservatism and traditional republican, you know, policies, that he doesn't really over the lodge term seem committed to a core set of principles, that conservatives would say, to them. >> and rush limbaugh is saying ted cruz is more traditional conservative. when john kasich balanced the budget for four straight years. chris christie was a tough prosecutor, very tough guy, a lot of in new jersey.
9:40 pm
jeb bush, has the toughest to deal with anybody out there. you can look at them and there are a lot of solid people. trump isn't a traditional conservative. if you go back and look at theodore roosevelt and andrew jackson, these people broke the mold. if trump ends up leading the country, every morning will be wild and woolly. you will have the most extraordinary job in the country because you will get up everyday thinking, where is he now? >> yeah, break the mold. like implode every mold we've seen so far. but it made for a very interesting race. and we still have months to go. mr. speaker, great to have you in. thank you for coming on. who should hit the road right now with 14 candidate still in the race? frank luntz asked the focus group for their answer. next, after a rough shake from moderators at earlier presidential rebatdebates, what the american people thinking of
9:41 pm
the media's coverage of them. find out next when we return to the frank luntz group. >> give me a
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their best punches. >> citizens, it is time to take our country back from the political class, from the media, from the liberal elite. >> i think it's very sad that cnn leads jeb bush, governor bush, down a road by starting off with virtually all of the questions, mr. trump this. i think it is very sad. >> but feeling the same way, frank luntz took the media bias to voters in vegas. >> it's been the topic of almost every debate. claiming the media hasn't treated them fairly. the question is, what did the american people think? give me a word or phrase to describe how the media responded in 2016 to the candidates. >> very biassed and unbalanced. >> antagonistic. >> unfair. >> setting up fights. >> they like a good food fight. >> chaotic. >> disturbing. >> primary biassed.
9:46 pm
>> fun, engaging and informative. liberally biassed. >> is there any way it address this or is this something that you just are going to have to live with as voters in in this. >> conservative talk show host. >> so you want to put shean hannitiy and -- >> no, with liberal democrats, moderators, why don't they do democratic debates with conservative talk show hosts. >> you guys agree with that? >> they need to stop asking questions to point the candidates at each other. they seem to be definitely focused on doing that to pit each other against one another. >> don't you want the comparison? >> i think the candidates need to focus on themselves no matter what question is thrown at them. >> then they are accused of not
9:47 pm
answering the question. >> if the question is ridiculous, don't answer the question and stick with your guns. >> they seems to inject themselves into the sorry too often. >> more disciplined with regard it debating. i think that carly fiorina and chris christie are very disciplined and others debt sucked into the cat fight. >> so you plame the capped dates? >> some of them. some are very displinted. >> just to see what the sparring is. what they're going to say. and they're going to expect it. will i sit at home and watch it, i expect it. >> i totally disagree with everybody everything is saying. i'm in my 30s and all my friend for the first time ever care, are engaged, and are commenting. >> i think there's a lot of gotcha questions. the true debate, you ask the questions and people have the chance it give their answers. this, there are a whole lot of examples where questions are
9:48 pm
designed to attack a specific candidate or get them to say something about a different candidate. >> so this is the question that the media wants to know about the campaign. tell me the truth. how many of you have watched so many debates because of donald trump. honestly. who would say that trump is a draw for you. raise your hands. okay. less than half. but your hand was going up. >> he brings attention and then brings topics to light that some of the other candidates or -- >> the thing is, for donald tru trump, we wouldn't have the discussion of building a wall or immigration seriously like we are now. we are addressing issues that needed to be addressed but weren't before. >> trump is really bold. i think that's why the american people like him. he is so bold. he speaks plainly and the american people understand him. >> with just weeks to go before the first votes in 2016 come in,
9:49 pm
the republican field remains very crowded. up next, to our focus group says needs to call it quits now. us? the moment frank luntz says will if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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with just over six weeks until the iowa caucuses, the gop field for the presidential nomination still finds itself with 14 candidates. can you name them all? check them out. as voters begin to coalesce around a few at the top, there have been calls for lower tiered candidates to bow out gracefully. frank luntz asked his focus group who they thought should hit the road. the top pick may surprise you. >> how many of you think some of the candidates some depart, raise your hands?
9:53 pm
wow, more than half of you. okay, who should go and why? >> i think that rand paul should go, as much as i like carly fiorina, i don't think it's going to happen. so she could go. i'm saying that because we need to funnel this down and really get to focus on people who could eventually make it to the end so we can make the right decision. >> who should go? >> jeb. >> jeb bush? >> jeb. >> this great governor of florida? >> yeah, well, i guess. >> why should he go? >> he's not going to make it. there's no -- um. you know, he's different. he needs -- it kind of reminds me of romney. romney was brilliant, smart, but he didn't have the oomph. you know? the spinach. >> who should go? >> there's eely no need for an undercard debate anymore. and jeb's just bad. he's just really bad. >> so in the back row, i know that you all think that some of the candidates should not be able to go on to iowa.
9:54 pm
who would you kick out? >> everyone who is on the undercard debate tonight and jeb and governor kasich. >> why would you throw governor kasich out? >> my dial is turned to zero almost every time he spoke. he didn't connect with me at all. >> he's the governor of ohio. ohio is one of the most important states in the country. if republicans don't win ohio, they don't win america, and you throw the governor out. >> unless you can convince me somehow he's going to carry ohio and enough votes elsewhere in the country, which i don't think he can. >> so you would remove a candidate. which one? >> two physicians are just way too far afield. they're out of their trade, and this business of being a president, you gotta be a word merchant. or a businessman. somebody who really can quantify numbers. and i'm for a trump/kasich ticket. >> you're throwing ben carson out of this race? >> yes. >> he's in double digits in most polls. he's in second or at worst,
9:55 pm
third place. and you would toss him out? >> i would toss him out. >> who would you toss out at this point? >> jeb bush because we had 35 years of the bushes. this country needs to move on. we've got to move on. >> you're the third person to mention bush. how many of you would say based on his performance and his poll numbers, jeb bush should leave the race now? that's going to make news. final question. how many of you think the republican nominee will be the next president of the united states? raise your hands. and who thinks that the republican loses? raise your hands. much, much too optimistic. but i don't want to end on a negative note. i want you to shout out to the american people to hear, who's going to be nominated by the republican party? let's do it one more time. let's do it one more time. >> did you hear your no mom, in the history of moms,
9:56 pm
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10:00 pm
and just as speaker gingrich said, every day with president trump would be exciting. tell us what you think about the show. thanks for watching. i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." welcome to a special edition of hannity. tonight, a dual threat. political correctness and jihad. i'm tucker carlson in tonight for shaen. we'll take a look at how you, the american people, are put in grave danger because some politicians continue to lie about the threat we face from islamic terror abroad. president obama has severely underestimated isis by calling it the jv team in a 2014 interview. he also said the terror group was, quote, contained, just hours before the paris attacks. and just yesterday, the president admitted he was slow to reassure the public amid growing threats to the country. the president said this about


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