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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 19, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> never miss an episode of "the five," that's it, bye. this is a fox news alert. i'm brett baier in washington, president obama is vowing to leave it all on the field. in his final year. we'll have more on his final news conference of the year shortly. we begin with your first look at new fox news polls. on the fight to replace him. the headline? trump is dominant. no matter what he does, who he insults, what he says, nothing bad seems to stick to the republican front-runner. he is leading across the board. nationally. chief political correspondent carl cameron with the numbers tonight. >> donald trump has reached new heights in the latest fox news
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poll, with 39% of republicans nationwide, he's doubling ted cruz at 18. marco rubio and ben cars republican tied for third. despite the furor over trump's plan on a new ban to muslim immigrants and visitors, a% were favorable and 46% were opposed. when trump's name was not mentioned, support for the ban rose to 55% and opposition dropped to 40. a day after vladimir putin nearly endorsed the front-runner, trump taped an interview for howard kurtz this weekend and embraced the russian leader. >> he even called me brilliant. -day feel that russia instead of being this group that we don't talk to, that we're always fighting -- i think they can be used for the good. >> during a call to msnbc trump went further, seemingly raising russia under putin, compared to the u.s. under obama, setting aside putin's murderous reputation. >> when people call you brilliant, it's always good. especially when the person heads
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up russia. >> he's a person who kills journalists, political opponents and invades countries. obviously that -- would be a concern, would it not? >> he's running this country and at least he's a leader. unlike what we have in this country. >> but again, he kills journalists, that don't agree with him. >> well i think our country does plenty of killing, also, joe. >> jeb bush quickly denounced trump. tweeting quote a true freedom-loving conservative wouldn't be flattered by praise from a despot like putin. does donald know that putin backs iran, assad, does he care? #chaoscandidate. >> thank you. >> marco rubio held a town hall meeting in iowa where trump's controversial remarks did not come up. rubio missed today's vote in the senate passing the massive spending bill which cruz opposed as bloated and wasteful. >> i'll let marco defend his own record. i flew back to washington, d.c. to vote against this omnibus, i think it was a betrayal.
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>> cruz insists his amendment to rubio's 2013 immigration bill did not signal a support to a path to legalization. he said rubio knows it. >> they're panicking because conservatives are uniting behind our campaign and they know if that continues happening, this primary is over. >> and finally tonight, ben carson's africa trip over new year's designed to boost his foreign policy credentials has been canceled. carson has secret service protection and cited security concerns, but said the specifics are classified. he'll be home for the holidays. >> carl, thank you. what's your reaction to the latest fox news polls? let me know at president obama today celebrated what he called his steady persistent leadership in achieving gains on a variety of issues from the just-passed budget to climate change to reopening ties with cuba. on the issues that concern americans most right now,
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national security and terrorism, new polls find his leadership lacking, amid a series of isis-inspired terror attacks over the past several weeks. chief washington correspondent james rosen was at the white house for the president's annual year-end news conference. >> capping his seventh year in office, president obama vowed that the u.s. and allies will destroy isis. but not without the terror group also known as isil claiming more innocent lives. >> isil's capacity both to infiltrate western countries, with people who have travelled to syria or travelled to iraq, and the savviness of their social media will continue to make them dangerous for quite some time. >> the white house disclosed that on his way to hawaii for christmas vacation, mr. obama will stop in san bernardino, to meet with family members of those killed in the terrorist attack there on december 2nd. authorities say a husband-and-wife team who had posted messages on social media
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declaring their commitment to jihad shot and killed 14 people. the president said his team will meet with firms to improve monitoring of social media, even as he made clear some communications will always elude surveillance. >> no government is going to have the capacity to read every single person's texts or emails or social media. i mean keep in mind it was only a couple of years ago where we were having a major debate about whether the government was becoming too much like big brother. >> fox news polls conducted this week find mr. obama's dismal job ratings unchanged from a year ago. 43% of registered voters approve of his job performance, 51% disapprove. only 33% approve of his handling of isis, with 58% disapproving. the highest measure of dissatisfaction on that count in a year. indeed only 39% say the president is prepared to do whatever it takes to defeat islamic terrorists, 58% say they don't believe he is. up five points from may. >> my thoughts is that we're
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lurching again for the snooze button. we're going to send again this dribbling small amounts of assistance, into the region. when isis is constantly growing. >> the white house claims isis has lost 40% of the populated areas it controlled in iraq. and is also losing territory in syria. but also challenging the effectiveness of the commander-in-chief and the fight against isis. is his former defense secretary chuck hagel, who told foreign that americans standing with allies around the globe suffered when the president backed off from enforcing his red line on syria's use of chemical weapons. a president's word is a big thing hagel said. adding there's no question in my mind that it hurt the credibility of the president's word when this occurred. hagel also recalled struggling to focus his boss on the dangers posed by isis. saying quote i knew we were up against something here that we had never seen before. and in many ways we were not prepared for it. >> all of these secretaries have been marginalized by the policy makers in the white house and they've, i think even include secretary gates.
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i think he would have stayed longer. if, if he was listened to, and also, if he was not micromanaged and undermined by the staff in the white house. >> president obama also vowed to continue emptying out the terrorist detention facility at guantanamo bay by transferring the suspected terrorists incarcerated there to other countries. and the president spoke by telephone with the president of turkey, recep tayyip erdogan looking to defuse tension between that country and iraq. >> james rosen thank you. "the new york times" says it was just trying to save space, when it edited from an earlier story, a stunning admission by president obama, that he essentially underestimated the public's reaction to recent isis terror attacks. this quote was in the original version of last night's "times" story. quote in his meeting with the columnist, mr. obama indicated he did not see enough cable television to fully appreciate the anxiety after the attacks in paris and san bernardino. that section was eliminated, and
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replaced by two paragraphs that had more words than the original sentence. calling into question the "times'" explanation about saving space. president obama is applauding congress for passing a $1.1 trillion to fund the government and avert the possibility of a shutdown for the first nine months of next year. >> it was a good win. and there's some things in there that i don't like, but that's the nature of legislation and compromise. and i think the system worked. >> so as we end the year, i think by any objective standard, it's been a year of significant accomplishment. and i want to thank the democrats who did cooperate. >> but some in congress, particularly conservatives, are upset. and consider the agreement a capitulation. correspondent doug mckelway tells us why. >> thank you very, very much. >> house speemer paul ryan may have dodged a bullet with today's passage of the budget
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bill. but it came at a cost. many conservatives held their noses and their fire in voting yea, knowing this was a by-product of ryan predecessor. >> i didn't want him to walk into a dirty barn full of you know what. so i've done my best to try to clean it up. >> ryan acknowledged on more than one occasion he was put in a difficult position. >> you know i don't like this process, right? you know that we inherited a process, a cake that was pretty much more than half-baked. i don't like the way that these bills come together. next year, we're going to do things differently. >> in a post-vote press conference, excited house he ca their liking. >> i was particularly pleased in these negotiations that we were able to get rid of 150 poison pills that were anti-environment, anti-women, anti-health, anti-education. i can go on. >> among the democrats' goodies, a two-year delay of the cadillac tax on the affordable care act which many consider to be a perk
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to big labor. one-year suspension of obamacare's health insurance tax and extension of wind and solar tax credits and blocking gop riders to defund planned parenthood. block sapgt wary cities and to block the epa's clean power plan. the budget more than triples the number of h 2 b visas for low-skilled foreign workers. >> the american people clearly do not favor those kind of increases in workers to take jobs competing with our lowest income americans, people who are struggling the most. >> but republicans can savor their own victories. the deal increases defense spending well above the 2011 sequestration caps and it lifts the ban on the export of domestic crude oil. all victories tempered by the realities of divided government. >> when the american people elect divided government, they're not saying don't do anything, they're saying look for the things you can agree on. >> this may be the last of the
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hypercontentious budget battles of the obama era. when this budget is done in september the country going to be focused in the hoech stretch of a heated presidential campaign, likely winnowed down to just one republican and one democrat. a dinning resolution will likely carry the country through until january of 2017 when a new president at a new congress take the reins. brett? >> doug mckelway live on the hill, thanks. up next, bernie sanders calls out the democratic party over favoritism for hillary clinton and now he sues the party. here's what some fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 32 in chicago, court appearance for the white police officer charged in the shooting death of a black teenager. jason van dyke faces six counts of first-degree murder. he was confronted by a small, angry group outside the courthouse as his vehicle pulled away. fox 27 in charlottesville, virginia, public schools in augusta county closed because of opposition to a muslim-themed assignment. students were told to copy
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arabic calligraphy that included the phrase "there is no good but allah." officials say the tone and content of the public outcry led to today's action. a live look at dallas from our affiliate out there, fox 4, the big story tonight, the search for the teen who is on probation, for killing four people in a drunken driving wreck after invoking a defense that he suffered from affluenza. authorities believe ethan couch and his mother may have fled the country after video surfaced appearing to show couch drinking which could send him to prison. couch's attorneys argued at his trial that his wealthy upbringing led to his irrespons
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breaking news, in the democratic presidential race, vermont senator bernie sanders is taking his party to court.
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he says democrats are freezing him out of information he's nighted to have. and showing blatant favoritism for hillary clinton. senior political correspondent mike emmanuel has details. >> vermont senator bernie sanders' campaign is fighting back, threatening to take the democratic national committee to court. the dnc accused the sanders campaign of improperly accessing confidential voter information, gathered by rival hillary clinton's campaign. campaign manager jeff weaver came out swinging, claiming party leadership is actively favoring clinton. >> individual leaders of the dnc can support hillary clinton in any way they want. but the dnc continues to hold our data hostage. and continues to try to attack the heart and soul of our grassroots campaign, we will be in federal court this afternoon seeking immediate relief. >> the sanders campaign fired josh eritski, national data director and is blaming the data
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group it uses for dropping the firewall. the sanders campaign has been suspended from accessing the information, including its own information. >> information which is the lifeblood of our campaign, we need our data which has been stolen by the dnc. >> the dnc chair strongly denies the charge of favoritism. >> i can be quite certain if the shoe were on the other foot and the clinton campaign had inappropriately accessed sanders' campaign proprietary information, i'm confident this is the decision they would expect from us and it is the same decision that we would make if the shoe were on the other foot. >> clinton campaign press secretary said the data breach was by sanders campaign staff in 25 searches and the data was saved in the sanders campaign account. and fox news policies that hillary clinton has a lead over
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sanders. this comes a day before the third presidential debate in "the new york times" yesterday frank brunei criticized the invisible democratic debates and wrote what a shamefully unbalanced primary sees thn has been. the democrats have in contrast hidden in a closet and a political analyst in the granite state says tomorrow night's debate should have limited impact. >> i don't think the debate will be critical for new hampshire. it's the saturday for christmas on a saturday night. people are going to learn about it by reading it in the paper rather than seeing the debate. >> the sanders campaign filed a lawsuit in federal court pushing to regain access to the voter database. the campaign saying the sustaining injury and financial losses, it should add drama to tomorrow night's debate. >> mike emmanuel, thanks. shannon bream swill a special after the debate saturday night. the pentagon has released a batch of work-related emails
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improperly sent by defense secretary ashton carter from a personal account. yesterday carter acknowledged the practice was a mistake. the focus of the emails today is largely on speaking engagements and logistics. a potentially em brarsing story about a noise complaint in and bottles thrown from a hotel room in which new mexico governor susanna martinez was having a party. audio tapes indicate martinez who is chair of the republican governors association demanded to know who made the complaint and told dispatchers they should call off the responding officers and told one dispatcher concerning the allegation about the bottles, the incident happened ber her arrival and the person was no longer present in the room. law enforcement's new push to respond better to active shooter situations. going fishing to learn more about the upside of cheap oil.
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jtsds jtsds wu have a puck correspondent shows us how florida's charter fishing business is flourishing, with far fewer profits going into the gas tank. >> go ahead, reel. steady, nice. >> it's not the biggest -- but a shark is is a shark for any happy paying deep-sea fishing customer. >> excellent, now we're cooking. >> florida fishing's reel big
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business, it supports 100,000 jobs with a $7 billion economic impact. >> all right. >> ft. lauderdale's captain taco has been hooking fish his whole life and said fuel is his biggest suspension. when it was $5 a gallon a few years ago, that was nearly $10,000 a month. with today's fuel, 60% cheaper, taco's profit margin is sailing higher. >> we've got cuba right around the corner, i'm looking to hopefully spreading my wings a little bit, doing my fishing there. increasing the number in our fleet for the whole crew. pretty much putting it back into the business. >> more money in the pocket is more to spread around the holidays, happy days thanks to cheap gas are here again. >> every time you're on a trip where the fuel was 20, 30, 35% of your income went to the fuel tank and now it's a lot better, life is great and the fish are biting. >> aaa reports the national average price for a gallon of gas at the pump for american drivers will be under $2 a
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gallon by christmas. the best we have seen since 2009. and these charter boat captains believe that explains why they've been so busy since summer. tourists with more money in pocket. to spend on their fishing adventures. brett? >> phil keating in miami, thank you. a big down day on wall street today, prompted by low oil prices and the fallout from the federal reserve interest rate hike. the dow plunged 367 today. the nasdaq fell 79. for the week, the dow lost .8 of a point and the s&p 500 dropped a third and the nasdaq fell a fifth. after the break, thinking through the unthinkable. law enforcement work
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. law enforcement around the country is trying to learn new ways of dealing with active shooter situations, the kind of scenarios have that occurred this year in colorado springs and san bernardino just to name a few. tonight chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge shows us a new tool in the effort. >> after the sandy hook massacre three years ago where 20 children and six staff were fatally shot, senior fbi agent katherine shwite was tasked with identifying active shooters. >> at the end of the study there
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were 16.4 incidents per year. more than one a month. >> produced by the fbi, and called the coming storm, the 27-minute film is being shared with 800,000 law enforcement officers and focuses on what needs to happen after the shooter is taken down. to launch the investigation, aid the families and reestablish normalcy. >> no single agency can handle this by themselves. no matter how big, no matter how small. >> whether the shooting is in san bernardino, california and driven by terrorism, at a planned parenthood, in colorado springs, colorado or a bible study in charleston, south carolina, the film shares lessons learned between police departments nationwide so that mistakes can be avoided and successful strategies can be amplified. >> can you see it from a distance. >> from gathering witness statements and preserving the crime scene to establishing a clear path for medical personnel to reach the wounded. >> there's confirmed injuries. and there are confirmed fatalities. >> the day before this mass shooting at oregon's community
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college, local law enforcement saw the film and report to the fbi that some of the strategies were used. >> our goal is to save lives, any moments you save at the scene potentially can save lives. that's what we want the movie to do and that's what i think will happen. >> one of the statistics that came out of the study is that local law enforcement is at high risk. one in two officers who confronts a shooter will be wounded or killed. brett? >> catherine, thank you. the friend and former neighbor of one of the san bernardino terror attackers is in jail tonight, will be back in court monday for a bail hearing. enrique marquez is charged with conspiring to support terrorists. he and syed farook allegedly planned at least two terror attacks in 2011 and 2012. marquez also admits buying the weapons used by farook and his wife, when they slaughtered 14 people last month. marquez told a 911 operator that his neighbor had done it. using guns belonging to marquez.
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foreign ministers from the u.s., russia, china and other united nations security council members have agreed on a resolution endorsing a way forward on a cease-fire and peace negotiations to end the syrian civil war. but a main sticking point between members continues to be the future of syrian president bashar al assad. the security council has adopted new measures to cut off funding for isis which brings in hundreds of billions of dollars. correspondent benjamin hall tonight from london on trying to put an end to the business that keeps isis in the terror business. >> stop the flow of isis oil and we will stop isis. this has been a major u.s. policy since bombing raids against the terrorist group began. but documents from inside isis have shown the bulk of their vast wealth is not derived from oil. last year the terrorist group is said to have made $900 million, but as little as 28% of that came from resources. another 4% came from
1:33 am
electricity. 24% from taxes and 45% from confiscations. shop keepers, farmers, almost every one of the ten million people living under their rule are now forced to pay between 10% and 50% of their earnings to isis. handing over livestock, cash, property. now many agree that the only way to defeat them is to take away the territory and stop them governing. >> that's why a ground operation taking back iraq and syria, is crucial. because that's you know, 101 jihad, if you rule a country, you'll be the king. >> two-thirds of their wealth, around $600 million is spent on their fighters. in particular their core group of foreign fighters, estimated at around 30,000. they get better pay, better treatment than local fighters and isis propaganda often depicts them living comfortable lives. he earlier this week, the head of the german intelligence
1:34 am
service said it was time to stop treating isis like a state terror group. judging by the way they tax their people and control their territory, many people agree. brett? >> benjamin hall in london thank you. president obama congratulates himself on a job well done and says he's gearing up for a strong finish. we'll analyze his preholiday we'll analyze his preholiday news conference when yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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this is the argument that i've had repeatedly with mr. putin. dating five years ago. at which time his suggestion as i gather some republicans are now suggesting, was, it's not so bad. let him just be as brutal and repressive as he can, but at least he'll keep order. i said look the problem is, that
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the history of trying to keep order when a large majority of the country has turned against you is not good. and five years later i was right. >> president obama his final news conference of the year wrapping up his seventh year in office. talked about isis saying the u.s. and its allies will destroy isis. however on isis, our new fox news poll shows americans are not too confident in what the president is doing. president obama on isis, there you see approve, 33%, disapprove 58%. "the new york times" in something that was edited out of the paper, but was in its web story, in his meeting with columnists, mr. obama indicated that he did not see enough cable television, to fully appreciate the anxiety after the attacks in paris and san bernardino that raised some eyebrows, "the new york times" explained taking it out of the paper version that paragraph was trimmed for space
1:39 am
bay copy editor in new york late last night but it was in our story on the web all day. web stories are routinely edited for print. let's start with the news conference. let's bring in steve hayes, senior writer for the "weekly standard," amy walter for the cook political report and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles? >> on the story about the meeting with journalists and him saying that this is all hyped up, you know, he didn't see it on cable. i think i wasn't there. but i think of course i wasn't there, but i, to me he was being sarcastic. he me, this is a sort of way of dissing, showing condescension. to the rabble. after all this is an interview he gave january 23rd of this year. as do you think if the media sometimes overstates the level of alarm people should have about terrorism? barack obama, absolutely and i don't even blame the media for
1:40 am
that. what's the saying? if it bleeds, it leads? you show crime stories and local newscasts, because that's what the folks watch. >> this is obama essentially saying, well, you know, the reason people are upset about this, is because it's been hyped on television and they are not as cool intelligent and far-seeing as i am. this is his usual professorial condescension. the fact that the "times" took it out, i'm not quite sure if they saw it as straight or sarcasm. >> amy? zblim going to pivot to the press conference. >> sorry about that. >> but it is -- i think we're kind of going to be on the same point here. which is, there was not a whole lot of news there. in part because the answer on what are we going to do. whether it's about terrorism or syria. it feels like we're back in that same place. which is -- just trust us, it's working. >> long game. >> it's a long game, it's not,
1:41 am
yeah, it would be great if air strikes alone could just do this in a minute. it's not going to happen that way. and so you sort of walked away from that say iing things are under control. i'm feeling better about the way the government is handling either terrorism or what we're doing overseas. >> there really wasn't a lot of news, we'll play something about guantanamo bay and the hopes that they have. but on syria, we led with tra. >> it was interesting to see the president pallet himself on the back. at the same time that chuck hagel has come out with this interview. a and. >> if he crossed a red line by employing chemical weapons against his own people. hagel had spent the day approving final plans for cruise missile strikes against damascus. u.s. naval destroyers were awaiting the order to fire.
1:42 am
instead, obama told a stunned hagel to stand down. he also went on to say he was micromanaged by the white house. >> confirms what we all suspected when the president made the shocking speech after his walk around the white house with dennis mcdonough. i was struck by the president's comments on syria. because he not just once, but twice patted himself on the back. regarding syria. saying my policy has been a success. when you think about that you're talking about 250,000 plus people have been killed. talking about millions of refugees. talking about iran cementing its role further in syria as a satellite state. you're talking about russia expanding its reach into syria. growing its relationship with iran, with the syrian regime. you're talking about the chaos from syria bleeding into iraq. after the president withdrew troops from iraq. and most importantly in terms of our national security interests, you're talking about the growth of isis. taking territory, holding towns, presenting a threat to the
1:43 am
united states of america. this is all happening in syria, under the president's watch after he sent, remember he sent an ambassador to syria in january of 2011 because he thought things were going to turn. now you've got the president of the united states saying that this looks like a success? that this is good policy? if this is success, i do not want to see what failure looks like. >> what's amazing to me is how he looks at himself in his role. he ended that little sound byte that you had by saying putin was wrong. i told him i was wrong. this is not going to work out well. here we are five years later, i was right. and he sounds really satisfied with himself. because he won an upper common room argument over another professor. the fact is that whether he was right or not, is irrelevant. he did nothing about it. yes it was right it would be a terrible thing if you let assad go, unrestrained, bomb his own people you would end up with something horrible. he was right. but as president, you're
1:44 am
supposed to do something. he was urged by everybody in the administration, the military, diplomats, everybody, his advisers to go and to do something. he does nothing and yet he seems to be satisfied that because he had the analysis right and he lectured putin on this, it's okay. his job to do something. not to offer analysis. >> i want to play the sound byte about president obama talking about guantanamo and the effort to close it. >> my expectation is by their lead, by early next year, we should have reduced that population below 100. i'm presenting a plan to congress about how we can close guantanamo. i'm not going to automatically assume that congress says no. we will wait until congress has definitively said no to a well thought-out plan with, numbers attached to it.
1:45 am
before we say anything definitive about my executive authority here. >> amy, the -- >> i think congress will sink. we don't even have to go through the motions about it. >> they're going to make the argument that it's so pricey, that their per detainee is costing so much. we just got through this omnibus bill. >> i think at a time when the number one issue now in the country is terrorism and the threat of terrorism, the idea of getting in a debate about closing guantanamo bay is not one that most members of congress, even many in his own party are going to want to engage in. the question is you know look, this is a a president who has now signaled he wants to spend the second half of his final term doing stu. he mentioned in his opening statements today, about climate, i think we're going to see a lot more on that, obviously this will be one of those issues. and where he can get as much done as he can. doing executive orders, understanding that this congress
1:46 am
is not going to be with here is khalid sheikh mohammed? >> he wants to accelerate the pace. of guantanamo transfers, despite the fact that recidivism rate is about 30% right now that means of these 17, five-plus are going to be back engaged in the fight. but it will be after he's out of office. and he won't have to worry about it. next up, released fox news polls on the presidential race. plus, yes, candidate casino.
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could putin's praise signal to voters that are you not taking a tough-enough approach toward russia? >> the smart people would say that's a great thing. what do we need problems nor?
1:50 am
>> i mean also it's a person that kills journalists, political opponents. and -- invades countries. obviously that it would be a concern, would it not? >> he's running this country and at least he's a leader, unlike what we have in this country. >> but again, he kills journalists that don't agree with him. >> well, i think owl country does plenty of killing, also, joe. our new fox news poll, to show you the spread sin creasing, donald trump up 11, ted crust up 4, you see the rest of the field, a big spread. and then the candidate most qualified to handle the economy, donald trump, 52%. candidate most qualified, 52%. the candidate most effective against isis, trump. 49%. the gop candidate most
1:51 am
qualified, donald trump, 41%. there you see the difference with the last poll. >> i'm thinking about killing the journalists, took it as a heads-up. on wednesday, called me the wos of the worst, so i'm going to carry time date. >> the whole election. >> until it's decided. trump's numbers are astonishing. what's most interest, in just about all the major national polls, he gained about ten points after the muslim statement, after the debate, where the muslim statement was a big deal and he defended it again and again. you look at the poll, you showed it earlier, i think republicans support it. people have spoken. in this poll, 65%. >> yeah, so, i think there are two things, the rise and concern
1:52 am
about terrorism is linking directly with the rise of trump and the rise, of course, we didn't talk about ted cruz's numbers. he went up slightly because of carson dropping. but i think the more we're talking about who's strong, who's tough, who's going to help protect us, that helps trump. one quick thing to note, the head to head, clinton versus trump, he's down eight points. >> comment about killing journalists, it's crazy we have to stop and have this moment. listen to trump anoubs the killing of journalists, but it's not going hurt him. you saw how he reacted when cruz teed off on the media two debates ago. i think trump calling for killing journalists and i know he's not actually calling for that, could make his numbers higher. >> now, we head down to a place we call -- get your chips, $100 in chips. have to pick the eventual
1:53 am
nominee. we're going to do a lightning casino. >> i got 40 on cruz. 40 on rubio. 15 on trump. 5 on christie. and i don't have more on trump because i have confidence that republicans and conservatives are eventually going to come to their senses. >> terrence has 75 on trump. 20 on cruz. five on rubio, we asked a lot of people, adobe, 50 on trump. mary ann has 75 on rubio, 25 on christie. >> i put most, cruz and rubio. i give cruz a slight advantage. where he sits now with his organization, money and idea logically, test the best fit. i don't put trump as high. i think at the end of the day, the toughest thing for trump, we're going to find out what happens if he loses that first state of iowa, do his numbers stay as strong as they are?
1:54 am
>> he may want to kill me, but numbers are numbers. $40. leading the pack. cruz. 30. rubio still in there. it's a three-person race. long shot, i think it's christie and that's it. no for -- no, i have to be on my guard. >> this is your highest bet for trump. >> i know. panel, thank you. stay tuned for the return of a special report.
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finally, if all goes as planned, this is my last night in the chair for 2015. i'm heading on an extended vacativey with my family for christmas and new year's. it has been an amazing year. last year, we started a new special report tradition. unbenouns to me, my staff collected tape, put together a blooper reel.
1:58 am
this can sometimes be painful for me, but fun none the less. >> okay, don't -- all right, you want to do it now? okay, here we go. three, two, one. kentucky, kentucky senator rand paul, easy for you to say pope francis has arrived in the u.s. evangelist, sorry -- rich edson in the white house briefing room. live in paris just past midnight. ed henry live on the north lawn. ed, thank you. pro-life advocates are here for their an rall -- the former head of the defense intelligence -- there are reports that fighters with the al-qaeda in the -- president also defends his
1:59 am
policies in an -- we had good sketch on the panel -- about whether former maryland governor martin o'malley has a chance. didn't talk about him at all. you can see it here along with -- along with the report. by someone. not carl cameron. by james rosen, who did 2016 and other people who did other stories. it's a really good show. also, the home page, which -- my brain and my mouth are not working together. brain, mouch, broin, mouth. mouth, brain. take 247. gunmen stormed a luxury hotel and trify. >> silly goose. >> that is so -- >> what, what? lol. what? what efs. see you at 6:00 p.m. eastern.
2:00 am
>> oh. >> that's pretty good. that's it for this special report. still on the welcome to a special edition of hannity. tonight, a dual threat. political correctness and jihad. i'm tucker carlson in tonight for shaen. we'll take a look at how you, the american people, are put in grave danger because some politicians continue to lie about the threat we face from islamic terror abroad. president obama has severely underestimated isis by calling it the jv team in a 2014 interview. he also said the terror group was, quote, contained, just hours before the paris attacks. and just yesterday, the president admitted he was slow to reassure the public amid growing threats to the country. the president said


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