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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 21, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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bill: i do believe it's 13, right? martha: 13, i think you're right. bill: 13 left, right? we've got a baker's dozen. martha: have a great day. i'll see you tonight on "kelly file," everybody. have a great day. jon: a fox news alert as a gop presidential candidate drops out of the race. good monday morning, i'm jon scott. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. senator lindsey graham announcing this morning he's suspending his campaign, pulling out before any of the caucuses or primaries. he says right now he has no intention of endorsing anyone. mike emanuel is following this breaking story live from washington. >> reporter: good morning. focused heavily on his national security vision, and he says thç centerpiece has been securing our nation. this morning lindsey graham called it quits. >> today i'm suspending my campaign for president. i want to thank everyone who's
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taken this journey with me. you have honored me with your support. i believe we've run a campaign you can be proud of. we've put forward boldç and practical solutions to big problems like retiring our debt and fixing a broken immigration system. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush quickly tweeted nobody is more clear-eyed than my friend, and he used lindsey graham's twitteç handle. as he leaves the race, i hope our party and country listen to his counsel. szo'ator john mccain said, quote: republicans lost our most qualified, thoughtful, fearless and honest presidential candidate. lindsey stood up to blif yousness in world affairs. on the trail in rochester, new hampshire, former senator marco rubio offered this tribute to graham. >> we don't agree on everything on foreign policy, but he's a defender of a strong national
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defense as i am. i watched some of the early debates, and i thought he was one of the most -- [inaudible] be voices about rebuilding our military. we'll miss that in the campaign, although i'm sureç he'll contie to do that in the senate. >> reporter: graham says he's done well in the debates, but the buzz doesn't last very long, and graham has struggled to get on the main strange where it would be easier to grow his presidential campaign. jenna? jenna: mike, thank you very much. jon: for more on the fallout from senator graham dropping out of the race, let's bring in a.b. stoddard, columnist at "the hill," also jamie weinstein from "the daily caller." there hasn't been a vote cast, why now, a.b.? >> well, today, monday the 21st of december, is the deadline to get on the ballot in south carolina, and senator graham knew this day would come, and he had a tough choice to make. his percentage in the polls did he want in his home state to be
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on the ballot on voting day in march and do -- examine, in february and do badly, risk doing badly in his home state, or does he want to pull out now. you saw in his announcement video he believes the party has moved in the direction that he was trying to push the party in terms of a debate about how to tackle isis and that he felt comfortable enough leaving that debate now because he feels the republican party is going to have a serious plan to confront the enemy. that was the purpose of his campaign, and you can really understand why he didn't want to put himself on the ballot in south carolina with his position in the polls. jon: jamie, i read one analysis around the time he got into the race that said, basically, his sole reason was to be the anti-rand paul to try to answer the isolationistses in the republican party. -- isolationistses in the party. did lindsey graham accomplish that goal? >> he did. and, you know, that was part of his undoing in some ways. he came to be a message
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candidate, but that message was quickly adopted by a lot of other candidates because the mood of the country became centered on national security issues after we saw terrorist attacks abroad and at home. and i always suspected -- and he denied this -- i always suspected he was in the race to try to position himself as some way as a top tier candidate for secretary of state or secretary of defense in a republican administration. and i suspect if someone like marco rubio won presidency, lindsey graham would be a top consideration for him especially if lindsey graham endorsed someone like might be you early which i think he will as we move towards iowa and new hampshire. i think lindsey graham would weigh in on the side of marco rubio. jon: we've got some of the latest fox news national polls, and maybe we can put those on the screen for you because the question is, who benefits now that lindsay graham is out of the race? in the national polls, donald trump is at 39%, double ted cruz's 18% number, and there you
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see rubio and carson at 11 and 9%. is any one of these, a.b., a natural constituent for lindsey graham supporters? >> well, jon, he didn't really have enough market share to sway. you see something like ben carson plummeting in some polls 18 points in a month, other polls 15. those voters are going to ted cruz. lindsey graham is actually still the only one who is proposing a large, substantial amount -- 10,000 -- american ground forces to fight overseas. and the rest of the candidates, the rest of the field have not come around to that. they talk hawkish talk, but they don't go that far, and their party's not ready to go that far. if you're a lindsey graham supporter, you might think carly fiorina, jeb bush or maybe marco rubio is going to be as aggressive eventually about some kind of force overseas on the ground. but that's where he
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differentiated from the rest of the field. jon: jeb bush was the first one who sent out a laudatory tweet to lindsey graham. i suppose he might be the most natural fit. >> sure. the obvious point, as a.b. made, is that he didn't have many supporters to begin with, that's why he's out of the race. but he opens up john mccain to endorse someone else in newç hampshire. john mccain, obviously, won the state. now he's no longer having to back his friend, lindsey graham. he can endorse marco rubio or jeb bush or if chris christie surges, one of those candidates in new hampshire going into that race if, again, it looks like donald trump or ted cruz is surging, he may be able to help sway some votes in new hampshire and give some momentum to to a candidate he likes better there. jon: so this idea, a.b., while donald trump is leading the race, he also has a significant number of republicans who will not vote for him. this idea that when the race
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gets smaller and starts to consolidate, you're going to start seeing someone else besides donald trump in the lead. you're not going to see much of that just from lindsey graham's departure. >> no. this is really, as jamie said, this is a race right now between trump, cruz and maybe lube owe. a lot can change -- rubio. a lot of times new hampshire eight days later than iowa responds to the outcome in iowa. so we're not positive that rump and cruz and rubio are going to be in the front when the voting starts, but they are now, and we'll see what john mccain's endorsement would do. it might help someone like christie or bush, but it could also embolden people who are supporting cruz and trump to say that's exactly what we don't want. jon: new hampshire loves john mccain, but they also don't like to be told how to vote. >> jon: thank you both. >> thank you. jenna: well, during a wide-ranging year-end interview,
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president obama defended his counterterror strategy while also admitting that create similar of the administration's isis strategy is, quote, legitimate. but he also urged americans to put the terror threat into perspective saying while the islamic state can hurt us, it can't destroy the united states. kevin corke joins us live from hawaii. kevin? >> reporter: hey, jenna, good draw day to you. the president, obviously, in a wide-ranging interview talking about a number of issues, isis most notable among them. but you certainly got the sense that he just doesn't see them as the same sort of existential threat that a lot of people, quite frankly, believe them to be. >> it is also important for us to keep things in perspective, and this is not an organization that can destroy the united states, this is not a huge industrial power that can pose great risks to us
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institutionally or in a systematic way. >> reporter: systematic way, institutionally. we're talking big picture. not like a country, per se. although to be frank, he did go on to say that, yes, they can certainly hurt our people, but they will be defeated. he pointed to some of the existing strategies, more special forces operators, more bombing runs and increased cooperation with international partners to cripple isis financially. there are some on the gop side that feel like the interview made the president seem tone deaf when it comes to understanding the feelings of americans. >> they're all circling the wagons because they're all responsible for what's happened here. they're completely out of touch with how americans feel. how are the american people supposed to feel when they feel as vulnerable as ever to these terrorist attacks, and you have a president and a leading contender for the democratic party arguing, oh, everything's going great? >> reporter: the latter criticism, obviously, of the current democraticken front
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runner hillary clinton who has said the president's strategy to defeat isis, she has hinted that it is the right strategy thus far. i should also point out a very interesting note, the president actually praised south carolina senator lindsey graham for at least having a specific strategy to defeat isis even if it is one, jenna, that he disagrees with. back to you. jenna: an interesting nugget given the news today. kevin, thank you very much. jon: police in las vegas arrest a woman they say deliberately drove her car into crowds of pedestrians on the las vegas strip, killing one person and injuring dozens more. william la jeunesse live in los angeles with more on what happened there. william? >> reporter: well, jon, you know the strip is always filled with tourists, but between 6 and 7:00 last night, it was packed with people going to dinner and the miss universe pageant was underway less than a block away when this woman in her 20s swerved onto the sidewalk, plowed into pedestrians with her 3-year-old daughter sitting in the backseat.
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now, the crash happened between planet hollywood and the paris las vegas hotel. >> having dinner with my family, and some also mobile came through -- olz mobile came through going about 30 or 40 rushing through the sidewalk crushing people. >> reporter: that 96 olds had oregon plates, and the driver told police she'd only been in town a few days. witnesses say she drove onto the sidewalk, hitting people, back onto the road, accelerating and then back on the sidewalk again. she actually dragged an 31-year-old victim -- 11-year-old victim behind her car. she appeared to have been drinking but was not drunk. police gave her a blood test which is more reliable than a breathalyzer and less likely to be challenged in court. >> she went up off the street onto the sidewalk two or possibly three times.
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and based on the evidence and information from our fatal investigators, at this point we are treating this as an intentional act. >> reporter: now, prosecutors will also have plenty of surveillance tape in what could be a murder or manslaughter case because of that one fatality, 36 -- rather, 36, 37 were injured including four members of a wrestling team from portland, jon. and, obviously, that blood test is going to determine what her blood alcohol level actually was. what i meant to say was police did not say she was stumbling drunk or blind drunk or really badly intoxicated, and that's why they say it was an intentional act. there was a similar case in 2005. the driver got 100 years in prison after plowing into a group of tourists. jon: with her 3-year-old in the backseat. that's just appalling. william la jeunesse, thank you. jenna: another city school district on edge as schools are closed down after an online threat. what we're now working. also, a colossal mistake on
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jenna: right now a look at some top stories happening around the country today and also overseas. a retired french police officer is arrested after a fake bomb forces a flight to make an emergency landing in kenya. more on that story. the committee for fifa, the world body governing soccer, is banning its president for eight years. he has been under fire for allegedly accepting bribes. he's vowing to appeal the ban. and a boy scout leader in new jersey survives a bear attack thanks to his scouts. police say the boys lit a fire to smoke the boy out and called 911, likely saving the man's life. jon: good for the scouts. public schools in one new hampshire district are closed
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today after a threat of violence. police say a school administrator received a threatening e-mail directed at the city's two public high schools. molly line live from new hampshire with more. molly? >> reporter: jon, school officials chose to shutter all of the schools in the district today, the superintendent citing what he called a detailed threat of violence to harm students and staff at both high schools. now, those schools have both been searched including k-9 units used. a big law enforcement team has been assembled to investigate this. we have local, state and federal investigators here including the fbi working to determine the credibility of this threat. the threat against both the high school north and south was received via e-mail, and investigators are trying to figure out who sent it. superintendent mark conrad said in a statement: because the threat is specific and extends to several schools, we'll be cautious and close all of our public schools for today, specifically for december 21st. now, new hampshire's governor
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noted that the extensive team assembled here to investigate this, and she also sought to reassure the public saying: we will continue to monitor the situation and work together at the state, local and federal levels to investigate the threat and keep our community safe. now, the superintendent says that he does expect that school will be back in business tomorrow and that the kids will have a chance to come back before the holiday break. jon? jon: molly line in new hampshire, thank you. jenna: well, an independent review of the nation's power grid showing an alarming cybersecurity risk. what hackers may be able to access. plus, the mother of the teen behind the infamous affluenza defense is now missing along with her son. what trouble they both face if they're found.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. jon: an alarming cybersecurity
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risk is discovered after an independent review of the nation's power grid. the associated press reporting the networks running the country's power grids are vulnerable to hacker attacks. in the past decade, foreign hackers have broken into networks that supply power to the military, mass transit and businesses in this country. none of the attacks had lasting effects, but the possibility of a crippling attack remains. jenna: well, the mother of a teenager behind the affluenza defense for a deadly drunk driving cash is missing along with her son now. ethan couch was sentenced to ten years' probation for that 2013 cash -- crash that killed four people. his defense was he was a spoiled rich kid and he wasn't to blame for the accident. investigators are looking for couch who didn't check in with his probation officer. he was seen in a video posted online a few weeks ago that apparently shows him playing drinking games at a party that would be a violation of his
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probation. joining us now, fox news anchor and attorney gregg jarrett. pick it up from there, gregg. what's going on with this case? >> yeah, it's interesting. the father now says -- and his name is fred couch -- he is not surprised that his son has disi peered. i suppose that's scarcely ironic since dear old dad helped engineer the preposterous defense. he and his wife, or tonya couch, were instrumental in concocting this legal excuse that they were to blame for their son's crimes because they were so incredibly rich, they spoiled him so son couldn't have known any better to not be drive drunk. well, shockingly, the defense worked. though convicted of manslaughter, the judge gave couch merely probation for killing four people, injuring nine others when he drove intoxicated, causing as you can see here this truly horrific crash that affected so many lives.
8:24 am
in court a smug-looking ethan tried to feign remorse, say family members of his many victims x now he's sporting a different look, a mug shot. the manhunt continues by both u.s. marshals and the fbi. he and his mom missed his regular meeting with his probation officer about a week ago. they just vanished, and they're on the lam. i think we can take a look right now, this is the texas authorities giving a news conference, i believe this is the district attorney's office down there in texas talking about details of the car that they might be in, the sort of getaway car. again, they're on the lam. if or when they're caught, the case could be removed and probably would be to adult court. ethan could be actually sentenced to ten years behind bars for violating his parole. and his mother, well, she might
8:25 am
likely be charged for aiding and abetting if she's the one who is with him and helping him avoid authorities. jenna? jenna: this case really came back into the news because of that beer pong video that was on twitter, gregg. and what it appeared to show. why would that be such a big deal for ethan couch? why would it be motivation to run, potentially? >> well, that, i think, is probably -- and i'm just guessing here -- the trigger for the vanishing act, because if it is ethan on the videotape, that is, jenna, a clear violation of the terms of his probation, to stay away from alcohol, and it would support the decision to throw the book at him, you know, put him behind bars for ten years assuming that he is caught along with his mom. it might also give judge gene hudson boyd -- i think we have a picture of her, she was the sentencing judge originally -- a chance -- there she is.
8:26 am
a chance to redeem herself for her initial decision to give couch probation. a lot of criticism over that. but, quite frankly, jenna, i'm guessing the entire case is now going to be elevated to adult court in what some might call an adult judge with different or arguably better judgment. we'll have to wait and see. jenna: we'll be monitoring that presser to see do they even have a trace of where these two are, because at least a few hours ago they didn't. >> interpol is on it, and they're really, really good at tracking people, so, you know, they'll probably find them. jenna: what a bizarre twist in an already bizarre case and, unfortunately, remember there were four people killed in all of this. we don't want to forget that. gregg, thank you very much. jon: the taliban is claiming responsibility for a bombing that killed six american service members in afghanistan. we'll take you live to the middle east next. plus, president obama admits criticism of his isis strategy is legitimate.
8:27 am
our media panel will look at a new interview that's making headlines.
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jon: right now a quick look at what's still to come this hour of "happening now." enrique marquez, the friend and former neighbor of the san bernardino shooters, is due in court today. a look at the case against him. plus, host steve harvey full of apologies today. the giant mistake he made at last night's miss universe pageant. >> and the force is stronger
8:31 am
than ever. details on a blockbuster weekend for the new "star wars" movie and a box office record it's already smashing. jenna: well, some breaking news right now. a homicide bomber killing at least six american service members in afghanistan. it happened not far from bagram air base, the largest u.s. military facility in that cup. and the -- in that country. and the taliban now claiming responsibility. john huddy is live with more. >> reporter: yeah, jenna. a senior u.s. defense official has told fox news, and we just got the information not long ago, that as you mentioned, all six nato troops were, indeed, american troops that were kill inside today's terror attack. now take a look. it happened near the bagram air base, that's about 25 miles roughly north of kabul. it's the largest u.s. military base in afghanistan. afghan officials say that a man on a motorcycle plowed into a joint u.s./afghan military patrol setting off a massive
8:32 am
explosion. the taliban, as mentioned, has claimed responsibility. and while nato has not released the nationalities of those killed, as i said, a senior u.s. defense official tells fox news that they were american troops, two other american troops were wounded. this attack is the latest by the taliban. last night taliban forces took control of a large section of the helmand province in southern afghanistan where fighting continued today, major setback for afghan forces there. on december 9th taliban attackers killed 50 people including 38 civilians outside the kandahar air base, also in southern afghanistan. and then on december 12th six people were killed during an attack on the spanish embassy in kabul. so again, jenna, six american troops killed in today's terror attack outside the bagram air base, absolutely horrific situation, and it continues to develop. so, of course, if we get any more information, we'll bring it to you. jenna: john, thank you.
8:33 am
jon: president obama once again defending his strategy against isis but in a wide-ranging interview he does admit some criticism of his policies are legitimate. as the president says he understands why americans are worried about the terror threat. but he puts some of the blame for that on the media. listen. >> the media is pursuing ratings. this is a legitimate news story. i think that, you know, it's up to the media to make a determination about how they want to cover things. now, on our side i think there is a legitimate criticism of what i've been doing and our administration's been doing in the sense that we haven't, you know, on a regular basis, i think, described all the work that we've been doing for more than a year now to defeat isil. jon: joining us now, our media panel. alan colmes host of the alan colmes show, and tammy bruce,
8:34 am
radio talk show host, also a fox news contributor. so, alan, if i'm hearing that right, the problem is not the president's policies, it's just that the media are not explaining the president's policies -- >> no, the problem -- he took responsibility for his own messaging. he actually said right there we could do a much better job. there's legitimate create are schism about us getting the message out about the successes we've been having in fighting isis. jon: all right. but he seemed to say we're doing a great job, we just -- >> he didn't say great job. the media is out to be ratings, we know that to be true. certainly works here. jon: yeah. >> at the expense of obama. here he is saying he took personal responsibility for, you know, the messaging that he needs to do to get out what's actually going on. jon: is that how you heard it? >> i heard it in that it's not exactly the way that i heard it, as you might imagine. >> no. >> i know, shocker. this is the president doing the same thing saying, look, his people told him what he needs to
8:35 am
say because they see the numbers going down. so he gets to that point saying, yes, this is partly my responsibility, but it's only because all of my critics are ignorant as to what it is that -- >> i didn't hear that. >> well, that's what he was saying. [laughter] so in this mirrors, by the way, his complaint about the media and "the new york times" which was eventually erased, him saying he didn't understand paris and san bernardino because he didn't watch enough cable it's. many are suggesting he was being facetious, that he was complaining about fox news in particular actually presenting the truth of the matter to the american people and that he's smarter than everyone else. he understands this is not a big deal, but everyone's being ginned up by the media. this is why americans are so concerned about the future, because the president is still on another planet. [laughter] jon: it is kind of interesting -- >> another planet? >> another planet. >> really? jon: it is kind of interesting, alan, about him say anything
8:36 am
that interview -- >> i think that was tongue in cheek. fairly tongue in cheek. >> it was an interview where he told, with columnists where they weren't supposed to quote him directly. they were to be stenographers. "the washington post" did what he wanted, and yet "the new york times" attributed the comment to him, and that was their mistake. >> if you're the president of the united states, you don't say things tongue in cheek. remember when ronald reagan was testing the mona we begin bombing the -- and everybody in the media finish. >> i know. well, this president will never do the right thing in the minds of certain people. he can never say the right thing. you know, he's not whining about the media, and he should never attack the media, because the media's going to win, go after him if he does. but that's not what he was doing here. jon: all right. one other eye-raising moment in the interview. he seemed to suggest that i guess you would call it racism has something to do with the way his policies are perceived or the way he as president is
8:37 am
perceived. listen to this and then we'll get your reactions. >> if you're referring to specific strains in the republican party that suggest that somehow i'm different, i'm muslim, i'm disloyal to the country, etc., you know which, unfortunately, is pretty far out there and gets some traction in certain pockets of the republican party and that have been articulated by some of their elected officials, what i'd say there is that, you know, that's probably pretty specific to me and who i am and my background and that in some ways i may represent change that worries them. jon: is it fair, alan, to suggest that -- is he talking about racism? >> yes. jon: tell me. >> absolutely.
8:38 am
jon: is it fair to suggest that people are being racist? >> it is the only -- this is the only president about whom they've ever questioned his birth certificate, made him an orr, he wasn't born here, spent time in indonesia, and even when he produced two birth certificates, the leading republican candidate now in the republican party still didn't accept that as proof he was born in the united states. i've never heard of a white president having to defend whether he was american or not. >> this is so 2008, isn't it? i'm just, i'm shocked. it's like a time warp. look, the president's biggest problem that he doesn't want to discuss is one thing everybody does agree with is his malevolence and his malignant narcissism. it has to be about him. his problem, though, is not what about a fringe might be saying, it's about what barack obama is doing and more in particular what he's not doing. that's what my column today addresses in the washington times, this bizarre set of rules that actually make it easier for
8:39 am
america to get in trouble with terrorists, easier for terrorists to come here. it is an astounding dynamic. and now americans, i think, have had enough and have heard enough. we know what the problem is, and it's his policies and his attitude, and we've had it. i think he just doesn't want to have to face that. >> is the overwhelmingly favored republican candidate who's a birther a fringe candidate? >> i think this is an ancient argument. it's been rejected by everyone -- >> don't have a birther as a candidate. >> i think we're going to find out through this next year that americans have had in general. jon: tammy bruce, alan colmes, thank you both. jenna: breaking news from europe where police carry out more raids connected to the paris terror attacks. plus, we're awaiting a court hearing for the former neighbor who bought the guns used by the san bernardino terrorists. coming up, we're going to speak with former homeland security
8:40 am
secretary tom ridge about the threat isis and lone wolf terrorists pose us here at home.
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jon: in belgium police are detaining five more people after weekend raids try -- tied to the paris terror attacks. no explosives or weapons were found. no word on any of those arrested will face charges. meantime, the manhunt continues for paris terror suspect salah abdeslam. jenna: meantime, in this country we're awaiting a court appearance this afternoon by enrique marquez, the friend and former neighbor of one of the san bernardino terrorists. prosecutors say he purchased two rifles used by the couple, and while that investigation continues, there are also three other terror cases receiving less attention but certainly are important.
8:44 am
a fremont, california, man is accused of trying to travel to syria to join al-qaeda. he appeared in court last week. in rochester, new york, a pizza shop owner pleading guilty to attempting to recruit for isis. and in pennsylvania another man is charged with trying to provide material support to isis. police say the 19-year-old american citizen called for violation against the u.s. military and officers later found five m-4 rifles in his home. tom ridge is the former secretary of homeland security under president george w. bush as well as the former governor of pennsylvania. it's nice to have you on the program, secretary. >> nice to join you, jenna. jenna: what a wind-up as far as a segment into talking about this question of home grown terror, but the threat we're facing overall. secretary ridge, what do you think is priority number one right now to keep our country safe? >> well, i think there are a couple dimensions in response to your question. first of all, it's pretty clear that these individuals don't necessarily have to travel
8:45 am
overseas to be converted, to be trained and to be equipped. and so i think while historically a at least a couple years ago we were worried about those travels to syria and iraq, we've doubled up, and it's quite clear that the advocacy and the response to this advocacy of radical islam is real. and i'm afraid to say that it is a permanent condition for the foreseeable future. jenna: what do you think of the current steps taken by the department of homeland security? we understand there's a new terror warning system just introduced over the last week or so. that's one of the actions we've seen, but what do you think of the department of homeland security post-san bernardino? >> i've seen the modification of the alert system. i go back to my color-coded system which was much maligned many years ago. i do think that some form of warning system is appropriate. i frankly think this modification doesn't do too much.
8:46 am
i think the key, whether it's homeland security or the fbi which is the tip of of the counterterrorism spear is when they have timely intelligence and potentially actionable, the fbi's just not equipped to follow up on all the leads that they have trout the united states. they just can't do it. and you can't secure the country from inside the beltway. so i think it's about time that they institutionalize a means by which they go back and keep the local law enforcement community -- not the entire force, but keep your chiefs of police and your homeland security advisers in respective states, but morally the 700, 800,000 men and women on the ground, they can be a resource for the fbi, and i think they're underutilized. hopefully, they'll be better utilized in the future. jenna: interesting. so relying more on the local police force to raise the red flag. we saw that even in the introduction in many different communities. the president in the npr interview that jon just talked about said that the criticism of
8:47 am
his counterterrorism strategy is legitimate. what is your biggest criticism of the president, and how do you think he fixes it? >> first of all, a couple things. he normally acts as if he's a victim which is always troubling to me, for the president of the united states to act like that. and if the criticism is legitimate, and i think he said because of his messaging, i'd say, mr. president, it's not the messaging that's faulty, the it's total absence of a strategy both overseas and domestically. i think for the longest time people have said to him as president of the united states one of the first things you could do is, one, have a strategy -- and he admitted some time ago he did not. but you are in the positioning to build a multi-national coalition that includes our nato allies and more importantly the arab countries in the neighborhood should be part of that. it would take some time to develop a military strategy, but clearly that's not a jv team. clearly, they're not being contained. it's clear that they've been embedded, and 1r5 or 20
8:48 am
airstrikes a day is not going to diminish their capacity, let alone destroy them. jenna: do you think anyone in power right now has the right strategy? either in power in current office or running for president? >> well, i think, again, i believe that, in all transparency you know that i support governor bush. i found it interesting that he is one of the few candidates that actually has talked very seriously and identified a complete strategy to deal with it both overseas and domestically, and i'd take a look at the front runner, and i think there was a two or two-and-a-half hour debate when foreign policy was at the epicenter of the conversation, and i don't believe i heard a single new idea or an idea at all about a particular strategy to deal with the threat. so that process will play itself out, but i think more than ever in 2016 people, before they cast their ballot whether it's in iowa or anywhere, they're going to say who do i want as my commander in chief, who has thought this through, who has a
8:49 am
strategy that makes sense in the global context but also be more engaged and more involved in dealing with domestic terrorism as well. jenna: just a final question, more of a personal question really, secretary ridge. on today when we're talking about these threats from home grown terrorists, we're also dealing with a report from "the wall street journal" about iranian hackers taking a look at a dam in new york city. you also have this report from the ap about our vulnerabilities in our electric grid, and i'm just wondering how do you make the actual threats not so overwhelming that they become a threat in and of themselves to the public? because, quite frankly, the american public at this point is inundated as we list all the different threats to this country. >> well, jenna, it's a wonderful question. i think a president, this president could just basically explain to his fellow countrymen that there are two permanent conditions we're going to deal with in my administration and in the future. one is the global scourge of
8:50 am
terrorism, and we can deal with it. the other is what i call the digital forever more. historically, there's air, land and sea. then there was space. but make no mistake about it, we've got our enemies hacking into us, iran is there, russia's there. i just got my notice from opm that somebody out there in the digital space has more information about me than perhaps even my family knows. so the reality is that when it comes to the grid, it's no different than financial services, it's no different than the white house, the defense industry. we ought to be on this all the time. and with regard to the grid and let's say that the utility industry, the electric industry has spent billions of dollars. they just completed something called gridx where they're working more closely with the federal government than ever before, and now more than ever when people talk about public/private collaboration in the digital space, it's about time we broke down some of the artificial walls. we did that the other day with the omnibus bill.
8:51 am
finally we're going to have some information sharing across the industry and with the federal government. so we're going to be vulnerable for a long time, calls for better collaboration between the public and the private sector, for sure. jenna: we're going to get cut you have by commercial. we appreciate the time, secretary ridge. thank you. when it comes to medicare,
8:52 am
everyone talks about what happens when you turn sixty-five. but, really, it's what you do before that counts.
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♪ ♪ jenna: and let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. andrea: donald trump calling hillary clinton a liar after she says isis uses videos of the donald as a recruiting tool. so far no evidence to back up her claim, so does she owe donald an apology? harris: and after terrorists hit paris and san bernardino, president obama says the strategy to defeat the islamic state is working and that it's the media that has everybody scared. andrea: and the latest campus
8:55 am
outrage, cafeteria food accused of cultural misappropriation. so have pc college students finally bitten off more than they can chew? harris: they do so much more than just go to class these days. andrea: oh, they do. jenna: thank you. jon: two american astronauts float outside the international space station, making an unplanned space walk working to free a rail car jammed outside the orbiting lab so that a cargo ship can dock later this week. phil keating live from miami with more on that. phil? >> reporter: hi, jon. mission accomplished quickly morning as kelly and tim copra fixed that unexpected jam on the outside of the space station 250 miles above us. scott kelly, who's up there doing his one year in space experiment, he was wearing the red stripe on his space suit,
8:56 am
they unstock the mobile transporter rail car. now, nasa and houston had remotely moved that car on wednesday when it became stuck about four inches from where it needs to be. >> three, two, one. and liftoff. liftoff. >> reporter: the unscheduled space walk was necessary because of this, the russian cargo ship progress launching this morning from kazahkstan. it arrives at the space station wednesday morning, and the stuck rail car was in the way of where that was going to dock. back to you, jon. jon: thank you, phil. jenna: new next hour of "happening now," the new "star wars" movie smashing opening -- smashing records opening weekend.
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jon: big goof up at the miss
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universe pageant and we will bring that to you. jenna: we will see you back here in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts now. >> this is "outnumbered." i am andrea tantaros. here with us today is harris faulkner, katie pav lich, and today's #oneluckyguy fox news contributor and republican operative tony sayegh. you are outnumbered. >> you went from stategist to operative. >> operative means you get into the grassroots. >> a big battle between donald trump and hillary clinton. after hillary said this about the republican frontrunner on the topic of muslim relations at the democratic debate on saturday gh


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