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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 25, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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away for your families, thank you for your service and your sacrifice, we hope all of you have a very nice holiday. deadly storms in the south. record-breaking warm weather in the north and much-needed drought relief on the way for the west. this is "special report." good evening and merry christmas, i'm ed henry in for brett baier, eel be along later for a special year-end political panel. but first a wave of severe weather in the southeast has left over a dozen people dead. a warm front continues to hover over the northeast. with record highs for the holiday and out west, a few snowstorms in the forecast. could actually bring some much-needed relief from those epic drought conditions. correspondent kristen fisher takes us coast to coast for a look at a christmas with wild
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and tragic weather conditions. >> heavy rain on christmas day brought flooding and mudslides to a state still reeling from rare outbreak of december tornadoes. the number may continue to climb. search and rescue teams were on the ground looking for victims, while survivors began to rebuild on christmas day. >> it's devastating it crushes you here at christmas. >> crushed but alive. >> marvin and his wife survived a tornado in mississippi by widing it out in their bathtub. >> i said hold on, hold on. i held on as tight as i could. >> i'm going to think about that. there's people that are not going to go home. they're not going to have a house to go to. >> 20 tornadoes were reported across ten states. more could be on the way. flooding rain and severe thunderstorms are headed for texas up to illinois. but first the same system is bringing much more welcome weather to the west coast. in the drought-stricken state of
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california, the snow pack is higher than average for the first time in years. it's welcome relief for residents who are still under severe water consumption restrictions, it's also been the best christmas gift for skiers and snowboarders. >> last year was so bad, we didn't get to ski last year. we're looking forward to it. >> this is way more snow than there was for last year's whole total at this point. it's well surpassed it. it's a great year. >> santa shredded through the fresh powder up and down the west coast. but on the east coast there's no snow. and temperatures are 30 to 40 degrees above average from north carolina to new york city. >> i don't know how to dress. i'm trying to dress down and i'm too hot. and i can't figure out if i need a vest. >> and here in washington, you don't need a vest or a jacket. you don't even need sleeves. yesterday the high temperature was 71 degrees. that's the highest temperature
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ever recorded in d.c. on christmas eve. ed? >> kristen fisher live in a very warm, balmy washington. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> parents were left high and dry across the country as the delivery giant fedex failed to get all packages delivered in time for christmas morning. heavy storms especially in the south caused majors problems for companies dealing with last-minute orders. fedex account blew up with complaints. the company won't say how many shipments have been affected, but the number is expected to be in the tens of thousands. meanwhile in annual christmas day message, pope francis lashed out at the recent terror attacks around the world. he prayed forror peace in a series of global hotspots from the holy land to syria and libya as well. he spoke to thousands of the faithful from the balcony of st. peter's basilica. that peace didn't last long as the message was overshadowed by even more clashes between israelis and palestinians. john huddy reports tonight on
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the latest from jerusalem. >> christmas mass at the church of the nativity, a serene scene with prayers of peace, but the peace didn't last long today. >> palestinian protesters once again clashed with israeli border police in bethlehem. not far from manger square and the birthplace of jesus. it's been a violent week with, attacks on israelis in the west bank and jerusalem. the christmas eve celebration in bethlehem was scaled back because of the unrest and thousand thousands still packed manger square, there was an underlying tension. today as part of his christmas message, pope francis appealed for peace in the holy land. >> translator: may israelis and palestinians resume direct dialogue. and reach an agreement which will enable the two peoples to live together in harmony. >> the repercussions of the
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violence and extremist acts worldwide were also part of pope francis' message in st. peter's square. where security was title because of terrorism concerns. the pope addressed a range of issues, from poverty and the migrant crisis to u.n. resolutions for peace in syria and libya. he emphasized the need for peace in a war-torn world condemning yemen and africa and the brutal acts of terrorism. including the attacks in paris saying only god's mercy can free humanity from the many forms of evil. at times mondstrous evil. >> israeli police shot and killed a palestinian woman in the west bank who they say tried ramming her car into a group of israeli police officers. ed? >> john huddy in jerusalem. thank you. christmas did not halt the flow of migrants in europe.
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two people drowned at 12 others were injured when they tried to get to a small patch of spanish territory in north africa. by swimming and scaling a barbed wire fence. on the other side of the mediterranean, the italian coast guard has rescued 800 migrants in seven operations in the last few days. in the middle east a deal something worked out to let isis militants leave syria's capital city and possibly join up with other terrorists all in the name of humanitarian aid. correspondent kevin corke is traveling with the president in honolulu and has details on a move that may complicate one of the president's most vexing foreign policy crises. >> amid the fierce fighting and continuous air strikes in syria. a controversial deal is in the works. one that could help the thousands of civilians trapped by violence in one of the country's largest cities. also provide a way for some isis militants to leave the area. perhaps joining with other terrorists in raqqah. the deal, nothing brokered by the united nations, but is being
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observed carefully by the international community would give safe package from yarmouk, with some isis families transported to raqqah. their removal would allow international aid to flow once again to the families trapped in the area. essentially a deal to allow the terrorists to leave so aid can return for those left behind. experts say the deal, while shocking to some, shouldn't come as a surprise. >> sometimes warring factions who are at each other's throats, would accept these subdeals because it would bring interest to both of them. >> yarmouk is a massive enclave that's been besieged by the syrian government and by isis. the area is home to thousands of u.s.-backed syrian rebels and palestinian civilians who bore witness to understand wous strife as thousands of isis militants have infiltrated the camp, even u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon likened the catastrophe to the deepest circle of hell.
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>> the refugee camp is beginning to resemble a death camp. the residents of yarmouk including 3,500 children are being turned into human shields. >> for the assad regime, there's much more at stake here than just an aid package and a ride to raqqah for a few militants. experts say by brokering an agreement with the terror group and with syrian moderates, both of whom oppose the assad regime, damascus could successfully undercut the obama administration's strategy. to use moderate groups to force assad from power. >> the president's main concern is to see that this is not going to affect his strategy against isis. so if he's said at the end of the day this is a side deal, don't worry about it, mr. president in one year from now this will be forgotten. he will let go of it. >> ed keep in mind that's not what the president has told when he has advised during briefings, they frankly could have to re-evaluate the ongoing strategy in syria. keep in mind there's diplomatic
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efforts that are happening there, to say nothing of enter feerns from moscow and tehran. when you put it together, it's uncertain. >> kevin, merry christmas to you and our entire white house team in hawaii. we'll go in-depth on where the leading 2016 candidates stand on immigration. here's here's what some fox affiliates are covering tonight. little rock, arkansas,or, the fbi was called to the birthplace of former president bill clinton after a fire broke out. crews were able to put out the fire and the local fire department chief says it was lit intentionally. the home which is maintained by the national park service is where clinton spent the first four years of his life. fox 17 in grand rapids, michigan, utility companies are working around the clock to get the lights back on in the state. and across the border in canada as well after strong winds knocked out power to more than a
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quarter million customers. tens of thousands are still in the dark. some may be without power through the entire weekend. and this is a live look at denver from fox 31. the big story there, a colorado springs man is under arrest. after he claimed to have a bomb on an airplane early christmas morning. the suspect was located, taken into custody for false reporting on explosives. police do not believe there was a threat to the community. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back with a lot more news. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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now from america's election headquarters, tonight, senior national correspondent john roberts continues his series on the candidates and the issues that matter most to you. this evening we tackle the explosive topic of immigration reform. >> it is the most charged issue of 2016. and the one that divides the republican candidates the most.
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immigration and what to do about the millions of people in this country illegally. >> we have to build a wall, folks. >> true to form, donald trump is the most outspoken on the issue, insisting the u.s. must wall itself off from illegal immigration. >> but he's not alone. >> ted cruz that he would build a wall. he's joined by marco rubio and ben carson. jeb bush said he would expand some fencing. >> trump made headlines when he insisted he would deport 11 million people in the u.s. illegally. >> mr. trump's plans are not grounded in conservative principles, hundreds of billions of dollars, is not realistic. >> not surprisingly, trump stands alone on that issue. cruz says he would deport criminals, rubio would deport criminals and recent entries. bush said mass deportations are unamerican while carson would let them stay. >> i think people are very reasonable.
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what you would do with people that are here. learn english, pay a fine, start paying taxes. >> rubio who got into a heap of hot water had his immigration reform bill in 2013. would give undocumented immigrants a path to legal status. trump says he would grant legal status to people who left then came back legally. >> bush supports a path to legal status and carson would give illegals six months to register as guest workers. in 2013 ted cruz appeared to support legal status. then this year said the matter would have to wait until the border it secure. then said no when pushed for an answer by rubio in the last debate. >> did ted crust ever rule out legalizing people in the country illegally now. >> do you rule it out? >> i have never supported legalization and-day not intend to support legalization. >> while he supports legal status, trump would never grant illegal immigrant citizenship. even if they left and came back. neither would cruz. >> rubio and bush would give them a chance over time to
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become citizens, while carson would grant a path to citizenship under certain conditions. >> including leaving the country. so that they're legal and apply from the outside. unless the american people indicate they want a different course than that. >> on sanctuary cities trump, cruz and carson say they would put an end to them. rubio's whose gang of eight immigration bill would have rewarded sanctuary cities now wants to end them, too. bush says he would crack down if they didn't enforce the law. >> a huge part of the illegal population comprises visit horse overstayed their visas. crump and cruz could implement penalty, rubio would adopt measures short of criminal action. bush has said he would ask them to leave, while carson hasn't decided what he would do. trump and cruz would also end birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants as would carson. lube yoe would leave it alone. while bush says it's part of
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what makes the u.s. exceptional. all the candidates say they would increase manpower on the border and use more technology to secure the frontier. carson said woe bring in the u.s. military. they all agree on the need to reform legal immigration, but split on whether to allow more skilled workers into the country. trump is against increasing h 1 b visas for skilled workers, but would end the practice of sending foreigners educated here back to their home countries. >> we need them in silicon valley. we need them in manhattan and we need them in dallas. we need them. why are we throwing them out? >> after previously say egg would increase visas for highly skilled workers by five-fold, ted cruz did a 180 and opposes the idea. rubio would allow more. bush says the current level is hopelessly inadequate while carson hasn't revealed what he would do. >> there's no question this will be one of the top issues of the general election.
3:17 pm
particularly for hispanic voters. democrats are already portraying republican candidates as hostile to hispanics on immigration. so any republican plan must satisfy the base without turning away voters. they need to win. in atlanta, john roberts, fox news. >> thank you, john. 2016 presidential campaign is also shaping up as a battle for the millennials. correspondent molly lang reports on how candidates are reaching out to voters who may decide the next president. >> in 2010, danny velagi and her mother launched a baking business from their kitchen. today their bakery in massachusetts is a rising success. they ship nationwide and the state of the nation matters to this young entrepreneur. >> well being in a small business i want the next candidate to help all the small businesses out there that are struggling. or who are not struggling. >> millennials, those who came
3:18 pm
of age during the turn of the century and beyond make up the sing many largest generation in american history and they're a powerful voting bloc. in 2008 the youth vote helped secure the white house for then senator barack obama. but -- >> the younger members of the generation, those who came of age a little bit later, remember not the movement of the obama campaign in electing the first african-american president, instead they remember 2009-2010 and when we had gridlock and recession and we saw friends, family, neighbors losing things, jobs, houses. it's a very different angle of which they came of age politically. >> with a new election cycle under way. the director of polling at harvard university believes the the youth vote is up for grabs. but both parties may struggle to earn the trust of millennials. allison perez is a junior at harvard and believes the economy, foreign policy and health care are all important issues. >> gridlock and a lot of
3:19 pm
different factors in washington that have made me think i'm not really sure what party that i believe in. >> drew weber, vice president of nyu's college democrats, questions the priorities of politicians. >> representing billionaires. all are they just represent hog is going to cut them the next check. or do they really care about the needs of people and what they need to get ahead. >> i'm hoping that a lot of my generation will stand up, make the smart decision and vote for someone who is going to help us out. >> in 2012, 18-29-year-olds gave president obama 60% of their vote. but della volpe says research shows younger millennials are slightly more conservative than their older counterparts. bit less willing to trust the status quo. he believes the time is right for both parties to reconnect with younger voters. in newton, massachusetts, molly line, fox news. >> still ahead, brett baier and
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our panel with a holiday list of who's been naughty or nice. but first, puerto rico hopes you're still in a giving mood, will taxpayers like you be on the hook for a bailout. fact. when emergency room doctors choose an otc pain reliever for their patients muscle, back and joint pain. the medicine in advil is their #1 choice. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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this is a difficult christmas for many in creek. the territory is suffering through a terrible economic crisis. and it is now looking north as in your wallet for some relief. correspondent phil keating has the story from miami. >> puerto rico in recession for nine straight years is $7 billion in debt. since august the island has cut services, hiked sales tax to 11%. but the commonwealth continues to plummet toward default. >> us be clear. we have no cash left. >> puerto rico governor alejandro garcia padilla told a senate judiciary committee that his island of 3.5 u.s. citizens needs congress's help now. this summer the european commission bailed out greece, but the obama administration has ruled out a bailout for puerto rico. instead calling for congress to
3:24 pm
allow puerto rico to file chapter 9 bankruptcy as u.s. cities can do, like detroit did in 2013. florida democratic senator bill nelson has introduced a bill to help the island's low-income seniors by their prescription drugs during this crisis. like many democrats including presidential candidate hillary clinton, he supports giving puerto rico bankruptcy protection. >> by the end of the day we can't let them go into a financial death spiral. and so what is fair for the states ought to be fair for puerto rico. but congressional republicans prefer to fix the island's massive borrowing and overspending. blaming puerto rico for decades of financial mismanagement. >> in short, chapter 9 cannot address the root causes of fiscal problems. >> republican presidential candidates marco rubio and jeb bush agree with that. and favor making puerto rico our 51st state. >> i support statehood if that's
3:25 pm
what they determine that they want. >> i have long been a supporter of statehood. >> last month dr. ben carson also endorsed puerto rican statehood. >> i would be incredibly honored and delighted for puerto rico to be the 51st state. >> puerto rico's next looming deadline nearly $1 billion in bond payments is due january 1st. the island's governor is urging congress to agree on a plan asap, saying the only options are restructuring or disaster. in miami, phil keating, fox news. >> phil keating, thank you. retired generations ago in the u.s., american cars from the '40s and '50s dominate the streets of havana. after the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with cuba. american car enthusiasts and auto parts businesses are anxious to explore the island nation. although they may not expect what they're actually going to find under the hood. we sent correspondent rich he issen to havana to kick the
3:26 pm
tires. >> a saturday in havana, a weekly gathering of local car buffs showing off pristine american classics, where omar gonzales parks his 1958 dodge two-door hard-day-old top. >> ever since i was a kid i dreamed of having my own car. >> fidel castro seized power in cuba in 1959. installed a repressive regime and soviet-style economy. his regime banned u.s. auto imports. the only american cars found on the island are models that predate the kennedy administration and feature by-gone brands like studebakers, old mobiles and packards. experts say about 60,000 american classics remain in cuba. they drive alongside mostly latas and other soviet bloc autos. while a few dozen appear meticulously maintained, most are raped for practicality. many are powered by japanese diesel engines and service taxis
3:27 pm
and personal vehicles. the only remaining original component, a rusted body. its original color concealed under decades of poorly executed paint jobs. >> they have chevys from 1960s, they are running with nissan engines. honda engines. rear ends from trucks, they're just putting things together to make it work. >> some owners who refused interviews told us they spend years on their cars, asking friends, traveling to the united states to return with parts from miami. there's a saying about this place. a cliche that cuba is frozen in time. in many cases it is. that's such an over-generalization of what's happening here. cuba is changing, for many they say too slowly. >> the cuban government has eased some import controls, though with a u.s. barring still in place and a state-controlled economy, there are still challenges to selling in cuba. >> there's a lost things that have to take place for us to do
3:28 pm
business. but again, this is the early stake. >> these cars are as much cuban as they are american. so-called frankenstein cars. as for interest among car collectors, rick drury of modern american insurance writes these cars have been kept running for 50 years with very little resources available. they are not original, but they have a great story to tell. meanwhile cuban auto enthusiasts continue to work to keep these cars running against the embargo and their government. >> i take care of him. and i love him very much. and i think just maybe he loves me, too. >> a relationship far less complex than that between the u.s. and cuba. in havana, rich edison, fox news. we love rich edison, too. tired of getting called by wrong numbers? imagine if the call was coming from outer space, that's what happened today. when a british astronaut misdialed someone from the international space station. tim peak offered an apology via
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twitter saying quote i'd like to apologize the lady i just called by mistake saying hello, is this planet earth. not a prank call, just a wrong number. i guess it happens to everyone. coming up, i'm going to a christmas party with my family. brett baier takes over with our all-star panel and their list who have has been naughty and nice. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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merry christmas, we have a special christmas day panel. talking about the naughty and nice list. we'll start off with politics. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, senior writer forethe "weekly standard." ron fournier, senior political columnist of the "national journal," mara liasson of the npr. first is the naughty list when it comes to politics in 2016. >> yeah. the person on my naughty list at the very top of my naughty list is actually people. the mainstream media. i think the coverage of president obama and hillary clinton in particular this past year has been abysmal. i'll use two examples, one, president obama a week ago was talking about closing guantanamo. he said two things that were factually incorrect. clearly unequivocally wrong, misleading, not true. virtually no media coverage of
3:33 pm
the president's misstatements or of the president's lying. second that hillary clinton, hillary clinton benghazi testimony was filled with things that were either incorrect or deliberately misleading. and aside from a couple of reporters who fact-checked her claims, the media basically celebrated the the fact she had won a victory over the mean and evil republicans. >> lump of coal who do you give it to? >> well he put a lump of coal in my stocking as a mainstream -- >> i didn't target you, you're one of the exceptions on the hillary benghazi. >> i'll put hillary clinton in the give her a lump of coal. but not for subverting the freedom of information act over her emails. not for undermining legislative oversight. not for undermining the whole idea of historical record. but for lying about it. let me just talk about that word for a minute. in life and in politics there's all kinds of gradations of deception. spinning, white lies, misstating something. you don't use the word "lie" i was taught in journalism unless
3:34 pm
you know the person. now we know that they knowingly deceived. in this case there's no way that hillary clinton does not know that it is wrong when she says what i did was above-board and it was allowed. she knows, she must know that it was not allowed to have a private server taking all of her email off the books. that's a lie. >> okay. mara? naughty list? >> i give a lump of coal to donald trump for completely breaking every rule in american politics. now some people might think he deserve as cookie for that but he's completely flummoxed the republican establishment and he's injected a lot of demagoguery and a lot of false statements into the race. and he has succeeded at that. but he still gets a lump of coal. >> my lump of coal goes to the gop. for doing everything it can in addition to what the media have done. in reviving the clinton campaign. she was spiralling in the middle of the year.
3:35 pm
she got all the help she could from republicans starting with kevin mccarthy. with the unbelievable kinsley gaffe where he, he said essentially the benghazi hearings, which they were not, was about taking her down. the benghazi hearing themselves, which were completely botched again with the help of media. not conducted in a way that, that in any way exposes the real truth and lastly, the insane fighting, among the republicans themselves. led by another coal carrier, donald trump. so attacking each other that they left her an obama out of almost all of the debates. those words proper nouns are missing. that was a great opportunity. a whole summer and fall. to make the case against the candidacy. not made. >> we had expansive naughty lists, we're going to speed up the nice list, politics 2016.
3:36 pm
steve? >> my nice list is bernie sanders. somebody that i don't agree with very often. don't agree with on anything. i like the fact that he's run a spirited campaign, built on grassroots, he's raised a lot of money, he says the things that he believes. he is saying these things as a socialist. which i think presents interesting questions for the democrats. he's making an argument that i think is an authentic argument, missing in our politics. >> democratic representative joe kennedy iii and republican freshman alise stefanik of new york. got to know both of them through harvard institute of politics, they reflect the rising generation of millennials who are generally can had done, practicing natic. less ideological. more tolerant than their parents' generation. the kind of politicians, especially with the radical connectivity of the internet. that can reform the way we run our campaigns and government. >> i put nikki haley on the nice
3:37 pm
list, governor of south carolina, she did conduct herself with a lot of class, after the charleston killings, tried to bring her state together and just recently she wasn't afraid to speak out against donald trump. >> nice list for 2016. >> bernie sanders, for a slightly different reason. from steve. not because of his personal seven sart. after all he's a guy who honeymooned in the soviet union. as lindsey graham said, and never returned. but because he spoke truth in advertising, where the democratic party is up until now it was impossible for democrats to admit their socialist inclinations, always resisted that as a call hurled from the right. now they're running an open socialist and i think what he really is, is he's speaking what obama thinks. obama wanted single-payer, but he wouldn't do it there are all kinds of expansiveness that he would like to, do hasn't had a chance to do because he
3:38 pm
couldn't. bernie says what the heart of the democrats think and it's good that we finally heard it. >> will democratic primary voters and caucusgoers be nice to bernie sanders? >> they will not be because they want to win more than anything. their heart is with bernie. >> next up with the panel, who has been naughty or nice in foreign policy. mucinex liquid gels 2 to 1. alka seltzer plus liquid gels.
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some of these experimentse're notmay not but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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welcome back to our special christmas night panel. this panel naughty or nice list on foreign policy. we will start out with naughty foreign policy. steve? >> i really think there can only be one answer with due respect to my colleagues, that's president obama. we have seen the president spend the better part of 2015 making excuses for not taking the fight to radical jihadists around the world who are trying to hurt the united states in particular, isis. the year began with the president declaring isis as a jv
3:41 pm
team suggesting they couldn't really do us any harm. we've seen him argue that isis was contained just before the paris attacks, then after the paris attacks, he argued they were a setback. the san bernardino attacks received not a change in strategy from the president. but still basically a doubling down on a failed strategy. i don't see how anybody has failed as badly as the president. >> ron? >> i won't argue with that there's plenty of coal to go around. congress which loves to second-guess the president, but doesn't have the guts to authorize war against isis. if you're not going to put any skin in the game, don't second-guess him. >> mara? >> vladimir putin gets a lump of coal because he has succeeded in making the world a more dangerous and chaotic place, he dismembered a sovereign country, ukraine and is propping up assad. >> he seems to be nicworld view? >> to some people, not everybody. >> charles? >> he's 80% in the polls in russia. in russia he's considered nice. >> look i think there's no contest about the naughty.
3:42 pm
the worst deal in american history since, well, the way history of the west. since at least a munich arrangement. the iran deal has not even been implemented. the iranians have launched two intermediate range missiles banneden by the iran deal and they do it with contempt. knowing that the u.s. isn't even going to do anything serious. that is already happened, we're not doing anything. and the most amazing fact is sort of not known. the iranians never signed the deal and the parliament in iran has not approved it. because as the president has said, we don't want to be bound about it. but we are going to act on our part. release $100 billion and we're going to lift sanctions and they will be absolutely no impediment to anything iran wants to do and there will be no protests from this administration. >> okay. nice list, steve? >> i didn't know we could give naughty or nice designations to
3:43 pm
things. are we going to go -- >> there are no rules. >> are we going to go to the house of the iran deal. >> all right. fine. >> my nice list. >> how about john kerry, who negotiated it. >> there you go. >> the top of my nice list this year is benjamin netanyahu, who in a region that has been swirling with growing threats, expanding threats was re-elected in march and i think has spoken about the threat for radical jihadi jihadists, with shiite radicals running iran with a clear list that's admirable. >> stanley mcchrystal, a former warrior that's working through the franklin project to try to create a culture of service. an idea that men and women coming out of high school will feel compelled culturally to get involved in some form of national service. i would take it a step further if we all around the table. people in this country think we need to go to war and have boots
3:44 pm
on the ground against isis, we need to be drawing from other than the men and women doing their fourth, fifth and six tours. how about we compel river high school graduate to have a year of national service? go for teach for america, go into the military. >> something short of israel? >> but compulsion to serve a year for your nation, whether it's in the school room or in a food project. whether it's through city or teach for america. peace corps or the u.s. military. >> skin in the game. common theme. >> we all should have skin in the game. >> i'm for compulsory national service, a year is too short for training. but my nice entry is angela merkel. she's certainly the most powerful woman in europe i would say she's the most powerful woman in the world and she's been very strong on the ukraine, she's joined the u.s. effort against isis. and i think what was her finest hour, she welcomed refugees to germany. >>-time magazine's person of the year. >> nice list.
3:45 pm
>> the greatest achievement of the year. who is the paris climate change conference. which achieved nothing, it's nonbinding, did has no sanctions. it's simply a lot of air. and moral persuasion, which has a lot of weight with many countries in the world like the north korea, china, elsewhere. so it achieved nothing. and it gave the appearance of achieving everything. which is exactly the result you would have hoped for. >> you're big into the coal for the summits and the deals. >> i'm into inanimate objects right now. next up, domestic policy, naughty or nice? after the break. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america.
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welcome back to the special christmas night panel. focusing on naughty and nice list. this is on domestic policy. steve first the naughty list. >> i'm repeating ron a little bit. it's hillary clinton and it's for lying and it's a very specific lie. hillary clinton told the families of the benghazi victims that the administration would go after the maker of the video. she was asked about this earlier this month. and in an interview with george stephanopoulos and denied she had said it despite the fact you
3:49 pm
have four different family members from four different families who say that hillary clinton made that promise to them. she gets my lump of coal. >> does it, do you think the benghazi committee comes out with anything that is substantial? >> i think they'll have a significant report after the new year. >> all right. >> naudy list for domestic policy. >> i want to do following in the charms doing an inanimate object. government programs, not solving big problems because they're doing the things the old way. one is the war on hunger, after all the money we spent on it, over five decades, 50 million americans are struggling to put food on the table. 75 million household are food insecure. 20% of households with kids don't have enough food. all of this despite the fact that a lack of food isn't the problem in this country. the problems are one, poverty and two, waste. 40% of the food that's produced in this country is thrown away.
3:50 pm
this will lead to a nice list in a few minutes. >> naughty list? domestic policy, mara? >> i gave a lump of coal to kevin mccarthy who threw away his chance to be the speaker he was on television and committing a gaffe which means telling what you actually believe and that cost him the chance to be speaker. >> okay, charles? naughty list. >> naughty it's more my loser of the year list obamacare. inanimate object becoming more every day. support obamacare are collapsing. half of them are bankrupt. biggest insurer in the country united health lost $600 million and pulling out. because of a measure that marco rubio introduced in to law last year, the government, obama administration is unable to bail it out with taxpayer money as intended as hidden in one provision in the law. so it is spiraling downward, which is where it deserves to go. >> does it become the primary issue for 2016?
3:51 pm
>> no. i think it's overshadowed by terrorism, general state of the economy, but as a specific issue sort of part of a litany of the damage obama ha has done, i you think the damage that this has done to the u.s. economy and to medical cower itself is really quiet incalculable. >> so now we go to the nice list, steve. >> this is truly nice, the person at the top of my list and that's larry hogan, the governor of maryland was elected 2014 against all expectations. true elected true blue state democrats outnumber republicans by two to one. took office and soon diagnosed with cancer. kept pushing his reforms. kept fighting his cancer and he is now cancer-free. his reforms are tracking through the state house. he has an approval ratings in the 60's. pretty good story for first year in office. >> ron, nice list? >> two youngsters, maria rose belling an undergrad at
3:52 pm
american university a friend of hers named granted nelson a law student at georgetown university who looked at what we are doing with hungner this country where you have democrats throwing money at it and republicans largely ignoring it and they decided to put together a plant form that hooks food pantries up with restaurants and other food producer who's have surplus food and are one app. at a time solving hunger to. me they reflect what's going on in this country right now. we have million and million of social entrepreneurs mainly young doing things that government can't or won't do. it reminds knee in 1993 if you remember bill clinton famously said there is not a problem in america that's not being fixed somewhere in america. the problem at the time it government wasn't equipped to bring it to scale and people didn't have the power. now because of the internet young people like rose maria and grant nelson have the power to feed people and fix other big problems. >> that's a great story. although bill clinton said the era of big government is over. >> he was wrong about that wasn't he?
3:53 pm
>> and he came back. marah, nice list. >> i give paul ryan a nice present under the tree for hand lung the republican house conference better and winning a temporary honeymoon and insisting that ideas should be the basis of the republican agenda. >> and does he get pushback? does the honeymoon continue, do you think? >> i don't know. the money moon continues, how long, i'm just not sure. >> charles, nice list? >> well, sort of the winner for me of the year, at least a ray of hope is exactly what marah is talking about. the rise of paul ryan, unexpected, unplanned, serendipitous. he never wanted the job but took the job which i thought was a real sacrifice. i think he is beginning to show himself as the one sort of established and respected leader of the party, particularly the way he stood up against the idea of excluding muslims. he didn't have to do that. but he did it on his own. i think the ray of hope here, there is a young generation of rising
3:54 pm
republicans, serious about conservatism. very practical the way ryan was in the proposals he made for medicare reform in the past. and that i think is the future of the party. despite the blood bath and the absurdities that we are seeing right now in the presidential race. >> he is a big thinker. but it always seems we are one election away from big things passing. >> well, -- right now his party needs the white house for the big things to actually happen. that's the big hurdle. but the fact that these ideas are incould you baiting and they actually -- incubating and they actually have a leader and champion as leader of the house is a big deal. >> republicans won't get the white house if they have a small thinker at the top of the ticket a guy like donald trump. >> you are going naughty. >> extra coal. >> i'm sorry. kind of hard not to do that. >> trying to introduce a ray of hope here. >> panel, thank you very much.
3:55 pm
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finally tonight, my staff's very own naughty and nice list. this, our present to you, the "special report" blooper reel. >> okay. how much time? all right. you want to do it now? okay, here we go.
3:58 pm
3, 2, 1. blooper reel. ♪ >> kentucky, kentucky senator rand paul, easy for you to say, pope francis has arrived in the u.s. >> evangelist. >> quick leventhal in paris. >> ed henry live on the north lawn. >> ed, thank you. >> pro-life advocates are here in d.c. for anul. >> annual. the former head of the defense intelligence -- there are reports that fighters with the al qaeda in the arib. >> the defendant also defends his policies in agh. >> we had a good special on the panel tonight but -- billion whether former maryland governor martin o'malley has a chance actually didn't talk about him at all. you can see it here on the website along with -- along
3:59 pm
with a report by someone, not carl cameron. >> by james rosen who did 2016 and other people who did other stories. it's a really good show. also on the home page which ritz -- rich -- my brain and my mouth are not working together. brain mouth, brain mouth, mouth, brain. >> it gunman stormed hotel in trippi. >> silly goose. >> that is so. >> what? what? what? >> lol. >> what evs. >> see you at 6:00 p.m. on fox news channel for "special report." [ laughter ] >> that was really good. merry christmas, bret. >> they collect that all year. it's like, oh, man, that's funny. that is the annual christmas blooper reel. thanks for inviting us into
4:00 pm
your home tonight, merry t for this "special new report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. ♪ filibuster ♪ >> the world fighting evil, terror attacks from california to paris, about but sometimes evil doesn't win. tonight, the brave story of american heros who stopped terror on the tracks. >> three courageous americans jumped a gunman who opened fire on a crowded train. >> word that american soldiers jumped in action to stop a potential mass a shooting on a train. >> a gunman opened fire on high speed train traveling from amsterdam to paris. >> looked to be ak-47 and he looked like it was jammed or wasn't working and he was trying to charge the weapon and allen just hit me on the shoulder and said let's go. >> we know that he


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