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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 31, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> my resolution is to have of voice tomorrow. >> lots of tea and women and funny. happy new year. 2016. >> good bye. >> security in new york city reaching through the unprecedented levels in light of the recent terror attacks not only in paris but san bernardino as well. hope you have an agreed start to the last day of 2015. lea: i am at the huntsman in for bill hemmer. and mark mccallum. let's get to it. authorities keeping a close eye on times square at a ball drop, thousands of police officers descended on the crossroads of the world to keep people safe as they bring in the new year. events overseas are frightening reminder of what is at stake
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after brussels canceled its fireworks display, citing fears of a terror attack. leland: we are just 15 hours until the ball drops. how are things looking? >> reporter: police in new york city say this is the safest place to ring in the new year. talk about new york, the safest place to ring in the new year in the world with over 6,000 police officers expected to night. is officially the largest security presence times square has ever seen on new year's eve. talking about the heavy police presence at all the offices that will be here all the people i too starting to line up, hollywood, our camera man will zoom in and show you the folks lining up, a million expected tonight, some officers will be on hand with radiation detectors, bomb sniffing dogs and rifles to keep everyone safe. the critical response command which includes 500 officers trained for counterterrorism also in the mix, some who will
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be positioned with long guns along the tops of buildings and of course thousands of cameras positioned throughout. police commissioner bill bratton says investigators have been monitoring intelligence channels for threats that have no reason to believe there is one year. >> we are not aware of any threat that is deemed credible. we are not aware of any threat. >> there are things we don't see, plainclothes officers, under cover monitoring systems we don't even know about. all of that in place tonight for one of the biggest police presence we have ever seen in times square. >> reporter: we have all the things we don't know about. for everyday folks, what kind of security are they going to get to these massive crowds?
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>> reporter: no one will be allowed in with backpacks, booze or large bags but if you bring a bag it better be small and you better be ready to have it be surged. those who choose not to have their bags searched will be turned around and told to leave. you cannot get in without being searched. there are multilevels check points call bags will be search and police have been working on security measures since the ball dropped last year with the rand paul of additional security because of the terror attacks in the past year please understand public concern, the repeated message is come to the party and leave the worrying to us. there you go. leland: not a bad message especially when it is 40 degrees and no rain at midnight, good time to come at. abby: donald trump step attacks on the clintons saying he had no tours after hillary's
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allegations of sexism, trumped firing back at a rally in south carolina. >> she came out with the sixers and which is so nonsense but she is playing that part and i had to hit her back and i talked about her husband and the abuse of women, tremendous abuse. look at it, it is tremendous abuse. i talk about that and now today, the television is going crazy and she makes a speech that doesn't even mention anything about sexism or anything else. i wonder why. i wonder why. abby: elizabeth harrington is a staff writer for the beacon, thanks for joining us. you have donald trump calling bill clinton one of the great abusers of the world. with your referring to? is talking about abusing women, the role of commander-in-chief? >> he is talking about his past with women and of course calling bill clinton not just an abuser of women but one of the great abusers of the world is
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certainly at grandiose style but honestly i think this attack line is smart and fair in this instance. hillary's campaign season bill as an asset, he is more likable than hillary, they want him on the campaign trail, they're using in fund-raising but if trump keeps hitting on this line bringing up his past and branding him as a sexual predator, it is going to hurt hillary because it from is talking about it the media is talking about it and that can't be good for hillary to talk about this stuff. abby: what does hillary do? one thing we learned about donald trump is the only doubles down on his attacks and is clear he wants to go head to head with the democratic front runner hillary clinton. more e-mails are coming out from hillary clinton. we will hear from donald trump pond that. how does he respond to get it is clear she does not want to address it but how long can that last? >> she will have to address it
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if the media keeps continuing to talk about it and from keeps bringing it up but for about the sexism charge, trump takes that and is able to run with it she had a rally yesterday and didn't even mention donald trump bent in an end instead of hitting back and talking and having a discussion about this he is taking questions from children. she is trying to shy away from this and really opened it up but it the media keeps asking about this and talking about it she will have to address it and built himself on the campaign trail in the next week will probably be asked about it as well and in the conversation. abby: this feud between hillary clinton and donald from talking about sexism, abusers of women, they are both fighting for the wind vote. more than half of the vote, who benefits out of this? who ultimately will do better with women based on this feud.
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>> hillary will always do well with democrat women because she is a woman and she is playing that part but honestly this could backfire because she can't say she is a champion of women and meanwhile her past as well is not just bill's, she went after all of bill's accusers and not just bill, former senator bob peckwood was accused of sexual harassment, and the blare papers, celery root her friend diane blair i am sick of these whiny women accusing the senator of harassment, she just wanted to get health care passed in the 90s. she has this history of going after women if they are against her political agenda. she will have to address that as well. she is a democrat playing the one card, going into the well with a lot of independent democrat women that are single issue voters but there are a lot of issues with women that could come to her as well. abby: donald trump goes after
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the clintons and a way no other candidate will do. they are not willing to go as far as trump and interesting to see how this plays out. thanks for being with us, we appreciate it. at the new year, same to you. leland: fox news hollered out of missouri where police are shutting down another major interstate just south of st. louis. in response to historic flooding that has left 20 people dead across missouri in the state of illinois as well. authorities evacuated hundreds of homes in the year the mississippi river where the waters are expected to rise nearly 13 feet above flood stage. >> hoping and praying everything stays dry for us. >> like now this is the last time i have to do this. i will probably not move back here if it does lead. all the time, effort spent on this levy, i will find out if it is any good or not.
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it might not be. leland: we find math in south along the mississippi from the arch. what is the situation right now? >> reporter: this road has become the front line of this flood battle because it is one of the last main roads open in this area allowing drivers to go north or south. this row is hanging on by a thread. a few feet of dry road left in which these drivers can head north or south because interstate 55 directly parallel to us is closed in both directions and 150 road closures in this area. to give you the magnitude of the flooding to the left there's a football field entirely underwater and you see the sports equipment and stuff floating along the road. creating a travel nightmare in this region interstate 44, route 141 also close, large portions of those roads entirely underwater.
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more important, people and their homes, 20 deaths blamed on this disaster, hundreds of evacuated and as you can imagine many without utilities or electricity and it won't be restored until the water recedes. sandra: not only that it is 30 degrees, it is cold and wet out. any idea when these waters will start reseeding? we are not out of the woods yet? >> reporter: not out of the woods. what will continue rising in this area expected to crest today at 47 feet. the chief of police saying this is the worst natural disaster the area has seen. many people saying this is the worst flood they have ever seen. hundred still under evaluation, the national guard is you're helping people assist them in this cold weather. sandra: they need some much held. those who lived through the great flood in '90, thanks so much. abby: at the push for sanctions
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against iran against its recent missile launchers. what does this say about the nuclear deal only months after it went into effect? leland: jeb bush shifting strategy with the iowa caucuses only weeks away. is this a sign of a troubled campaign? charles: abby: bill cosby are arrested on a sexual assault charges years after the event happened. why is it going to court now? so many women allege they are victims of bill cosby. have cried out for justice for so long. in pennsylvania there is a journey to justice in the felony case filed against bill cosby. the lexus december to remember sales event is here. lease the 2016 es350 for $349 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month's payment. see your lexus dealer.
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abby: dozens of women accusing bill cosby, this carries involved a woman who claims bill kospi took advantage of her in 2004 after giving her pills and one. bill cosby's attorney says he was involved with the women that there was no assault. this case involves a woman and a man who had a consensual adult relationship overtime established in everything that is already out there in the me and what i am hoping from this process is that media will take a cold hard look at the facts and not be swept up into kind of romanticizing the issue because of the many other baseless
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allegations that are out there. abby: our legal panel will join us with the look is this case and what it could mean for the other alleged victims. leland: jeb bush shifting strategy amid islam in the polls. the campaign is pulling advertising from the airwaves in iowa and south carolina savings lot of money and focusing on the ground game sending out a lot of staff from miami headquarters. the biggest priority new hampshire which is increasingly looking like a must win state. amy wine scene senator editor at the daily caller joins us now. we heard jeb bush's campaign was on life-support, to follow that metaphor are we at the point where the family is being called the bid side to say their final goodbyes? >> this is a last-ditch effort to save the campaign's life if you want to continue the metaphor. win jeb bush ended the summer he
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had the same money in the bank as he spent the previous three month and is hard to imagine he got many new donors over the last three month and high-value donors, the campaign is dependent on when he is at 4% getting killed in the debate so it is not hard to imagine there's a money crunch in the campaign. and they are depending on the super pac to send campaign staffers from miami to iowa and new hampshire, and that is the last hope. leland: the story was he was going to have more money than god and to that point super pac raise $100 million, spent $50 million and seems they don't have that much to show for it. >> they spent a lot of money in advertisements and variable change in the polls in positive direction for jeb bush. the super pac has money but jeb
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bush's campaign, we will know more in january, not sitting on a big pile of cash but you have got to wonder how much change can new out of town staffers in iron and 20 in new hampshire will have. if you remember in 2004, howard dean brought in 3500 volunteers into iowa, not the same as staffers but that made zero difference. he did not do very well and the campaign ended shortly thereafter so not sure if a few more staffers in iowa and new hampshire will have a big game change for bush. leland: as we look at what he needs what is the hail mary pass? is there anything to go -- he still is right now, we move him back into the regular word? >> reporter: you need a miracle to occur in new hampshire where he rises above all the other kind of, quote, establishment
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candidates and get second or third place or close third place it would have to be. and establishes himself as the establishment favorite but no clear sign that will happen. he spent all his money on ads but hasn't raised his profile. what will happen in the next month will make people reconsider. frankly donald trump pretty much destroyed jeb bush's campaign by granting him low energy. unfair or fair that seems to have caught on and jeb bush is where he is now. leland: if we look back a year or so jeb bush, inevitable as the nominee as hillary clinton did in 2007, she got beaten by barack obama. is there a chance jeb bush is going to be the hillary clinton inevitable candidate in 2008? >> reporter: i think so. it is the donald trump factor. a lot of people point to a lot of factors like jeb bush didn't catch on, anti-establishment
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moment. some of those things are true. donald trump entering this race up and did things. branding jeb bush low energy, probably unfair, seems like an energetic guy or is an energetic guy but doesn't come across like that on television but that stock. really hurt jeb bush's campaign. they burn not able to recover. we are where we are today. leland: the media led the. with something, just got from or something like that. thanks for joining us. all the best. abby: a suspected terrorist plot targeting new year's celebrations in belgium. how that investigation is standing. leland: holiday travel taking a turn for the worse and we mean that literally after some scary moments up in the air. >> my girls were sitting in the back and it was really hot and smelled like smoke behind their seats. feel a cold coming on?
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leland: legion airlines flight landing in rhode island after passengers say they smelled smoke on the plane. the flight was traveling from florida to maine when it happened. everyone who was able to make of state and sound easy walking down the steps but there were some unnerving moment. >> it was very scary to know we had a bunch of fire trucks and emergency response, and my eyes bed hoping something serious was happening. >> there is no explanation why we weren't lending, just said we have to make an emergency landing. made people nervous. >> we are down, state and here and we will go somewhere. leland: officials say there was no indication of fire or smoke when they check the plane out
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and the incident is under investigation. and bill: abby: there siskins fact is getting that in new year's plot in brussels. benjamin always following the story in london. good morning to you. what can you tell us about this scary stuff? >> reporter: not only have as arrests taken place the new year's celebrations have been canceled in paris, brussels, moscow. can of thousands of police have found out. in brussels they started to remove the festivities in stages for tonight's planned event, the government say in labour not able to ensure the safety of the 100,000 people expected to watch. the decision came after a series of raids in belgium. last night won man was arrested in connection to the paris bloodbath taking the total of ten. six more arrested in the investigation into a plot to carry out new year's attack
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today. earlier in the week of 40 arrested two men and charged them to recruit a terrorist group planning to commit terrorist offensive is. they found military type training uniforms, propaganda from isis and computer material. in their eyes little doubt that tonight at celebrations are being targeted. abby: what is the response to them being canceled? >> two different responses listen people say better safe than sorry, this is the right move but others show anger that to give it like this is to give in to terrorism like this man in belgium. >> giving down to the threat of terrorism, make everything happen. no point running away from it. should have gone ahead with it. >> next emotions in brussels, the show's elise a where most
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people gather will remain open. what after what their city live through, they need this symbolic passage into the new year. despite those arrests in belgium the authorities, an attack may happen tonight but here in london show goes on. abby: unsettling times, thank you. sandra: leland: iran is about to get economically from the nuclear deal but thanks to a surprise missile launch a lot of folks are wondering if new sanctions should already be on the table. we will tackle that. abby: ted cruz leading the pack in one early voting states but are his opponents forming an anti ted cruz alliance? our political panel will weigh in. >> this administration views congress, republicans and even democratic members of congress as their enemy and indeed it -- they view the american people that way. we need a president who can distinguish between friends and
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leland: the u.s. preparing new sanctions on iran and tehran conducted with a u.s. calls a, quote, highly provocative rocket tests, american warships in the strait of hormuz. this comes when iran could be weeks away from receiving billions in sanctions relief after last summer's nuclear agreement. how could this shape up? >> reporter: the rocket tests is just the latest in a string of provocative actions by the iranians. this is in response to abolish its missile tests in october in violation of u.n. security council resolutions. the sanctions have not been publicly announced, fox news islam and the u.s. treasury's office of foreign assets control
6:32 am
is targeting 11 companies and individuals who are accused of shooting the development of iran ballistic missile program. sanctions would blacklists the individuals and companies from doing business with the u.s. as well as any assets held here. it explains the new sanctions saying, quote, we could be looking for some time and options for additional actions related to iran's ballistic missile program. based on continued concerns about its activity including the oct. tenth launch we are considering various aspects related to additional designations as well as evolving diplomatic work that is consistent with our national security interests. as the treasury department iran is potentially weeks away from receiving $100 billion in sanctions relief as part of the nuclear deal. or leland: we got what is coming out of washington. how is iran responding to this news? >> is calling its proposed sanctions arbitrary and illegal.
6:33 am
ballistic missile program is for self-defense purposes only and does not violate international law. the country's supreme leader stated that any new sanctions would be viewed as a violation of the nuclear deal and on state television, iranian foreign minister spokesman said as we have declared to the american government iran's missile program has no connection to the nuclear agreement. leland: so many folks and the nuclear agreement ties the obama administration's hands. appreciate it, following the story from washington. abby: former adviser to u.n. ambassadors and fox news contributor. good morning. >> thanks for having me. abby: this comes months after we made the new deal with iran where the administration was hoping to ease the sanctions, now we're seeing the opposite happening, new sanctions, what are we talking about here? >> we were told from the
6:34 am
beginning if there was a violation that we would have snapped back sanctions immediately. many people are very fearful of the obama administration's ability to negotiate a really tough deal. we have confirmation from the un that the iranians have violated the resolution passed by the u.s. and iran deal. they not only violated the ballistic missile testing in october and november, but have been in violation of the travel ban. there are multiple situations in which the iranians have decided to really care up this agreement and creighton like it is a different issue. one troubling thing here is what you are alluding to in your question is we are going to now sanction iran for this ballistic
6:35 am
missile test but next month we are going to give them $100 billion in relief and so it doesn't make sense that one month we will sanction them and the next month give them money. we got to get our policy more consistent. we have to say iran is violating this agreement. they have never been serious about this. even the fuel swap has questions about whether it was really uranium that we swapped out. some people say the iaea is going to tell us next month with a inspected those, they are not confirming whether or not they did an immediate inspection. there are a lot of questions about this deal and the fact that they will do these minor sanctions i think is troubling. abby: the obama administration made it clear this was a deal that was not based on trust. was that a clear indication to you that this deal might not end
6:36 am
being what they hope for, can we ever trust them? >> that is the question. we shouldn't trust them. we should do is the phrase goes, trust but verify, i would say the history of iran shows we shouldn't even trust them. we shouldn't enter into an agreement unless they produce action first. that is never the case. you look at whether or not we had unfettered access to try to figure out where did they do have the amount of centrifuges they claim they have or the amount of uranium that they say we are starting with. we are talking about pulling enriched uranium out of iran and giving it to russia but fact is we don't know how much enriched uranium we are starting with because we never inspected, never have a better inspection and that has been a problem for decades and is the reason we put
6:37 am
sanctions on iran or originally. abby: how many times as iran testis and prove they are not trustworthy for us to say we cannot keep going with this? >> it is clear this obama administration has cut this deal because of political reasons. they absolutely for political reasons wanted to make this deal work. whether or not iran complies is kind of a separate issue. the obama team is stuck on saying they have a deal. to answer your question is going to take the next president, whoever the next president is is going to have to be able to decide whether or not iran has complied and the evidence already shows when the un says you violate a resolution i think it is pretty clear that iran violated the resolution. abby: it will not be any job.
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thanks for being with us at happy new year's eve to you. leland: came rare occurrence, last night in the nba the golden state warriors losing for the second time this season. defending champs fallen on the road to dallas 114-91. in basketball that is a shellacking, the team playing without reading mvp stefan curry who was abruzzo played. it is dropping them to 29-2, still 31 game start in nba history. in the nfl you have an undefeated team like the panthers or something like the patriots, they need to lose one game, it will be good for them. not sure about that. abby: it makes you realize how much you lose when you have one of your star players. leland: more than a star, the star. we will see what happens when he
6:39 am
comes back. abby: ted cruz rating in the cash but a new force may be taking shape in iowa. our panel on how some opponents are trying to stop him no matter what. leland: the mother of so-called affluenza team ethan couch is in the united states. her son is currently in jail in mexico, is she coming home anytime soon? we will check in. >> there are already hearings on january 19th to transfer his juvenile probation to the adult system. we are bound by the sentence that he received from the juvenile court which was the ten year probated sentence. jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate.
6:40 am
and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief, not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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abby: more hillary clinton e-mails to be released today, officials will publish 9,000 pages. bill haas requiring the department to release all her e-mails by the end of january.
6:43 am
the fbi is investigating her use of private server during her time as secretary of state, she maintains she did not use it to send or receive any e-mails that reclassified. >> ted cruz says campaign coffers are overflowing raising $20 million in the last three months of the year. in the national race donald trump still leads by a big margin. ted cruz is in second place. in iowa ted cruz is on top by a few points and has been there for a while but his lead may not be all it is cracked up to the. some in iowa reportedly joining forces to oppose him in favor of marco rubio. a lot going on a couple weeks before iowa. doug schoen, former adviser to president bill clinton, former deputy chief of staff of communications to eric cantor, communications director for the
6:44 am
rnc, big picture here, we're five weeks from iowa. is it time to start ignoring the national polls and talk state-by-state? >> absolutely. that is why ted cruz is in strong position. cheese focused smartly on iowa, raise a lot of money as hubert talking about earlier but he has amazing organization on the ground. i will is all about organization, organized very effectively with evangelicals. one interesting thing to look at is if donald trump's entire campaign has been some form of i am a winner in you are a loser, donald trump is not a winner in iowa he is a loser and that goes to a real disadvantage for his narrative and how he responds to that if he is able to respond it will be telling for what he does in coming weeks. leland: how does this play out if donald trump loses iowa? he can say i am on top of the polls nationally but it won't matter once we having real votes to talk about rather than pull responses. >> that is exactly the question.
6:45 am
my good friend has exactly right. the real question is can trump stay close to ted cruz, potentially beat him but stay close? it will come down to new hampshire where ted cruz has been lagging and donald trump is in the mid 30s. i expect as the iowa results show ted cruz doing very well or winning, that will give a real shot in the arm to the ted cruz candidacy in new hampshire and throughout the south but the question becomes if ted cruz wins iowa can donald trump in new hampshire? if that happens we go south to south carolina, the sec, crime rates but on the other hand if donald trump were to win iowa and new hampshire, trump will be in a formidable position. leland: ted cruz sent a memo that was widely leaked and basically said the reason he is doing so well these days is the
6:46 am
campaign is a hybrid not only of movement nationally but also about the man, a combination of the two. does he have a tactical advantage over donald trump? >> absolutely. he has run a very nimble campaign and donald trump best campaign has broken every rule whether for good or for bad but ted cruz has been smart and strategic, tactical on the ground have worked in iowa. he is in a strong position to do well in supertuesday southern state but let's not forget marco rubio. he and his team putting out a plan for where they can win without winning one of the first four states. normally if you don't win one of the first four you are done and if you are rick santorum or mike huckabee trying to do well in iowa you are done after iowa if you don't have a strong showing. marco rubio can win the nomination without winning the release states. the campaign believes. is a different way of doing things. leland: like bill clinton nomination process, you brought up a lot of interesting names.
6:47 am
most importantly perhaps marco rubio. "national review" has an interesting article talking about just this in terms of rick santorum and mike huckabee's folks coming together to endorse marco rubio, here's what the article starts off with. some mistrust, at the texas senator, ted cruz, may support marco rubio over there first choice candidate in iowa. to concern bunch of iron ore republicans, their mission and next week's caucus as simple as abc, anybody but ted cruz. is this a threat to a guy who is leading in the polls so far over marco rubio right now? >> i don't think in i what it will be hard to tell but it is hard to organize people to vote in the caucuses much less engage in the tactical voting process you are describing. i think this is a two person race in iowa between ted cruz and donald trump and the
6:48 am
question to me which we haven't raised is can donald trump mobilize those who haven't voted before in the way obama did to produce a larger than expected turnout? trump could pull an upset and change the dynamic pretty fundamentally. sandra: can -- leland: can he get them out? >> all about organization, we haven't seen any organization from him and what we are talking about with abc, anybody but ted cruz strategy is what rush limbaugh talked-about with his operation chaos to try to mess around in the obama/hillary primary. it is tough to do, hearty enough to get your own people out there. if you are donald trump and don't have the ground team building people to get them to i know or the local caucus it will
6:49 am
be tough for them. leland: we will see in a couple weeks. we got through this without missing a anybody's name. happy new year. abby: we have an update on that terrorist keppel in standard dino, and the notice on why he is going away for a long time. leland: even financial gurus never underestimate the power, the former talk-show host putting wall street on notice with a new ad that says one specific stock through the roof. >> many times you look in the mirror and don't recognize yourself. because you got lost, buried in the weight that you carry.
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abby: when mockers shares soaring after a new commercial starring the famous shareholder. >> nothing you have ever been through is wasted. so every time i tried and failed, every time i tried again, every time i tried again has brought me to this most powerful moment, to said if not now all when? >> joining me now is melissa frances co-anchor of after the bell on the fox business network. this ad is really something. talk about the reaction because we have been talking about this this morning, she is as famous as you concede that you see her in this commercial, she is so
6:54 am
real, some one that isn't -- she has everything but has struggled with weeks for a long time and is being so open about it. >> this brought twitter to tears, so many went online with a reaction to this design was cynical, i have seen every trick out there, analyzing the media forever. you heard her voice break their promise salk went through a of a roof 20% when the ad was released, she is very real, but she has everything, she climbed every mountain, made billions of dollars, transformed media, people joy she picked the last president, she can't manage her own weight and is so open about that, when she joined weight watchers, took the 10% stake in the company of was shocked. she is not about diet, she is about spirituality, she is about larger than that but one marketing expert i was talking
6:55 am
to yesterday she transformed when watches from a company and the government with this one and taking the stock in the company and doing this. >> not just about losing weight that being a better person. transforming yourself. what about pressure? you put yourself out there, others did it in the past, she said recently that she lost 15 pounds in october but that pressure to keep that off is tough. one of the biggest troubles in life. >> think of all the celebrities you have seen whether it is new for system or weight watchers or jenny craig o. whenever and a lot of children that is embarrassing. there's a lot of pressure. we all remember when she did the liquid diet, now she is really going to deliver and that is a lot of pressure that she could
6:56 am
change millions of lives. at the end of the day the phrase was due more or be someone else or find this or whatever it is, a lot of people will take this journey with teheran she could change a lot of lives. this will be fascinating to watch. there shaking in their boots. >> you make a lot of money just in time for the new year. really is an emotional ad. thanks for being with us, appreciate it. leland: this is different, hundreds of isis fighters hiding out in iraq. remember iraq has claimed since that the city has been liberated from the terrorist army so what this could mean for the battle against isis as a whole. abby: y donald trump says he has no choice but to target the democratic front runner. >> hillary is a disaster. hillary is controlled by
6:57 am
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with sleep number. leland: imagine this. donald trump escalating his attacks against bill and hillary clinton. he is letting loose after firing several shots across the bow in a battle over sexism, calling the former president, one of the great quote, abusers of the world, and fallout from that begins on this new year's eve. welcome to brand new hour of "america's newsroom." nice to be with you. nice to be with you as well. abby: nice to be with you, leland. i am abby huntsman. martha and bill are off today. donald trump punching back, dredging up reports of extramarital activities by the former president, saying hillary clinton forced his hand after she played the woman card and accused him of sexism. rich edson has more for us from washington. good morning, rich. reporter: good morning, abby. when hillary clinton charged donald trump with having a penchant for sexism the
7:01 am
republican front-runner loaded on clinton and particularly her husband, former president bill clinton and his sexual relationship while in the white house with an intern. trump ripped for an hour yesterday in south carolina. he calls democrat policies stupid and unable to use his preferred product aerosol spray because of president obama's greenhouse gas regulations. he also focused on clinton and her husband. >> she wants to accuse me of things and her husband is one of the great abusers of world, give me a break. give me a break. [applause] give me a break. reporter: trump also added no one respects women more than he does. he continues to focus on hillary clinton, adding that even still, he has yet to even begin focusing on her, abby. abby: obvious, rich, donald trump is wanting hillary clinton to respond. seems so far she is not wanting to. how long is that going to last? reporter: that is a good
7:02 am
question. beyond her initial comment claiming trump has penchant for sexism she has no additional response. claiming women need to be able to work while being there for their families. senator marco rubio and chris christie spent much of their yesterday in iowa criticizing clinton. opponents have opportunity to scour more emails from the personal server. this evening the state department releases this evening another court ordered tranche. abby: we have feeling this is only beginning, rich edson. thank you for being here. reporter: thanks. leland: john mccormick joining us, senior writer for "weekly standard." not responding to donald trump did not work out so well for jeb bush in the beginning. he started responding later. is hillary clinton standing back not getting in the sandbox the right move? >> i think it is her best move she can play at this point. at this point donald trump is attacking bill clinton. obviously he is one of her greatest assets.
7:03 am
for donald trump to really drive this home he has to focus on hillary clinton's hypocrisy on this issue, not simply her husbands. if you go after clinton for her comments in the past, demeaning monica lewinsky as narcissist loony tune, as someone preyed upon by her husband. there were reports how when hillary clinton was criminal defense attorney, she represented a rapist and who raped 12-year-old girl. the girl later on recently said hillary clinton dragged me hell. hillary clinton just do due diligence as attorney. attacked character of the young girl. there are a lot of issues that donald trump could go after in terms of hillary clinton's own poor treatment of women, not simply her husband, bill clinton's. leland: sticking in the vain in terms of what hillary clinton said, couple months back she said all rape victims deserve to be believed in these kinds of things. when it came to accusations against her husband she dragged people's names through the mud.
7:04 am
how does this play with women overall across the country? i don't understand women. i don't pretend to on television but i will let you have that job. >> i think we have to wait and see how the polls shake out. i do think that trump rum is problematic messenger here. if you go back to 1998 trump himself said his record on treatment of women would be worse than bill clinton's. he said can you imagine how the press would treat me regarding how i would treat women? trump has his own problems. trump is obviously hypocrite here for admiring bill clinton all these years, asking him to come to his wedding. if you really blow this guy is one of the greatest abusers of the women in the world why did you admire him so much? why did you ask him to go to his your wedding? a lot of questions could backfire here. leland: donald trump getting question of how the media will deal with him. in terms of how he is responding he is doubling down. take a listen. >> she came out with the sexism which is so nonsense. and but she is playing that card.
7:05 am
and then i had to hit her back. so i hit her back and talked about her husband and abuse of women and tremendous abuse. no, it is tremendous abuse. you look at it, it is tremendous abuse. i talked about that. now today the television is going crazy. she gets up, makes a speech doesn't even mention anything about me with sexism or anything else. i wonder why? i wonder why? leland: does he have a point though? has he handcuffed hillary clinton one avenue i'm going to be champion of women? i'm going to attack donald trump for being sexist? in one way or another immunized himself from that attack line. >> trump brought up issue other candidates are scared to bring up so far. it really does hurt the clintons. a whole generation of young voters who were not politically aware when these things were going on. back in 1998 the democrats had to circle their wagons around bill clinton to fend him fend off conviction after impeachment. there was really a lot of indefensible stuff a lot of
7:06 am
open-minded democrats really can't defend if you look closely at that i think trump opened up real vulnerability for clintons here. leland: open that up, at the same time does it also dilute what bill clinton can do on the campaign trail as a force, as positive force for hillary clinton? we saw how powerful he was in 2012 for barack obama. if trump comes on the stage, does it make him a lot more vulnerable or even a liability? >> i think so. donald trump has ability to dominate any media discussion. we're talking about it right now. when bill clinton foes out on the campaign trail next week, you know he, she is going to get questions about this. that is something he doesn't want to talk about. he doesn't want to nation reminded how much of a creep he was when he was president. leland: that will be something that a lot of folks are talking about. "washington post" had article, recitation of some of his liaisons past couple years recently. we'll see how all that plays out. appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you. leland: see you soon.
7:07 am
abby? abby: mother of so-called "affluenza" teen, eat than couch, is back in the u.s. this morning. tonya couch was departed from mexico last night where she and her son were allegedly hiding from american authorities. ethan couch was sentenced to probation after killing four people in a dui back in 2013 but he remains in mexico after a judge issued an order blocking his deportation. chief correspondent jonathan hunt joins us live from los angeles. jonathan, good morning to you. what a store this is. what will happen with the mother now that she is back in the u.s.? reporter: yeah, good morning, abby. we just spoke to the los angeles police department. they tell us that tonya couch is indeed still in their custody at this point. as you just saw, she was brought back here last night, arrived at lax airport. she was walked out to a waiting car by around half a dozen u.s. marshals and l.a.p.d. officers.
7:08 am
they tell us they're now holding her as quote, courtesy to the authorities in texas. it is unclear to the lapd and therefore to us exactly when she will be moved back to texas to face the charges. remember she has now been charged with, what is called, hindering an apprehension and if found guilty on that charge, she could face up to 10 years in jail, be a by so, a long road ahead for mrs. couch, given what she's done. and we'll see where it plays out. but we would expect her to be moved back to texas relatively soon. we simply don't have an accurate timeline on it at this point. abby: ethan couch, the "affluenza" teen, still in mexico, we're all wondering when we can see him. when do you expect him to show himself? reporter: well the u.s. marshals talked about this yesterday. the judge in mexico basically has three days to make an initial decision on ethan
7:09 am
couch's attempt to avoid extradition. but the u.s. marshals say that they believe it will take a longer than the three days. could be quite some time before we see him back here in the united states. listen here to the deputy director of the marshals service. >> it depends on the court system down there and it also depends on the fact that the couches have legal counsel and it seems to me that if they wanted to, they could pay him as much money they want to drag this thing out as long as they want to. reporter: so money once again playing a role in the legal machinations of the so-called, influenza teen. abby, even if and when he is brought back to texas the most authorities tell us they can sentence him too there is an extra 120 days. ironic that his mother could be facing 10 years, the young boy
7:10 am
who killed four people in that drunk driving accident can't get more than 120 days. abby: unbelievable. what a story. jonathan hunt, thanks for being with us. happy new year's eve to you. reporter: sure. same to you, abby. leland: on this new year's eve we're weeks away from the nuclear deal with iran going into full effect but after yet another confrontation in the straits of hormuz, is it possible new sanctions could be on the way? abby: plus a federal grand jury makes a decision what is next for the friend of the san bernardino killers. new details on at charges awaying him. leland: a very rough ride for passengers aboard one flight headings over north america. folks describing those horrifying moments. >> like you see everything flying around. whoever didn't put seatbelt on was falling off. >> you were flying like you were in midair and i fell back down. there was no stress. it was in and out.
7:11 am
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leland: severe turbulence sending at least 21 passengers to the hospital and forcing an air canada flight from shanghai to toronto to divert to the city of calgary, about four hours early in its flight. passengers say sudden and violent drop sent them flying out of their seats, slamming into walls and overbaggage can compartments. a lot of ambulance had to come out. thankfully none of the injuries were life-threatening.
7:15 am
canada's transportation safety board is now investigating. >> scary. dangerous new challenge from tehran after missile launch from the weekend just 1500 yards from the uss harry truman as it traveled through the strait of hormuz. the confrontation has many lawmakers calling for new sanctions even as the nuclear deal is about to go into full effect. captain chuck nash, retired navy captain and fox news military analyst. good morning, sir, thanks for being with us. >> nice to be with you. abby: nice to be with you as well. it seems one thing after the rest, tehran makes it clear they don't want peace. how do we handle it given where we are now that we have this deal in place? >> we have to change course. the iriranians, here is my bottom line up front, the iranians know we've been deal with them as supplicant. we've have been extremely weak, because they know we're desperate for a deal. if they're asking this way without nuclear weapons, what it
7:16 am
is going to be like when they get nuclear weapons? they never has up an opportunity to embarass us and to demonstrate to their arab neighbors in the region if americans won't stand up for themselves, they will certainly not stand up for you. you better get used to having a new sheriff in town and we the iranians are calling the shots from now on. abby: when comes to national security do you think iran is the place we should be most afraid of? >> i think we should be most concerned about iran and the reason is because they are going to get nuclear weapons. there was a headline where they shipped out 25,000 pounds of enriched, lightly enriched-uranium to russia. oh, boy, big deal. international community starts flapping and ready to dismantle the sanctions structure against them. what is not known in the small print they sent out the partially enriched-uranium and got raw uranium back from russia. what are they going to do with raw uranium? they are going to enrich it. they're not even able to be able
7:17 am
to supposed to enrich uranium, we gave that away as one of the first things. this is absolutely disaster, yet the state department is counting this as one of their big accomplishments. it is a disaster. abby: this challenge we face dealing with iran, this will be passed to whoever becomes president in 2016. what happens then? are we going to have to start all over? we had the deal in place. let's say you have a republican that gets into office, are we going to start fresh there? will we do away with this deal? what happens then? >> good question because the longer these kinds of decisions remain in effect, the more difficulty it becomes to correct the problem. so, early on when you see something going wrong, that's the time to act, not let it just proliferate. and so the old saying, bad news does not get better with age certainly counts in this situation. abby: do you think we'll ever get to a point where we can trust iran? >> i don't know. because, every deal that they
7:18 am
have made in the past, they violated. they just, in october and november, for example, they did two ballistic missile tests. both of those violated a united nations security council resolution 1929. now technically that doesn't affect the nuclear deal that we made with them and they say that, oh, no, we're just violating this other thing. we're not violating your deal. then they come out and start shooting rockets and everything. they're rubbing our nose in it. they're demonstrating weakness. we're not standing up for ourselves. it will be very difficult to trust them again as long as mullahs remain in power. abby: they continue to do things they're not wanting to follow through with this deal but at what point do we say we're done, we'll not keep this deal anymore, you keep disobeying it? >> that is not likely to occur with this administration. they have far too much invested politically. this is part of their legacy. we were the ones who obtained peace with iran. no, we're the ones who
7:19 am
surrendered to iran and now we're going to pass this on to be is swent administrations. not just going to take one administration. it will take several administrations and time to rebuild u.s. strength and press teen. abby: captain chuck nash, no one better to talk about the issue. thanks for being here. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure, abby, thank you. abby: leland? leland: the man accused of providing weapons to the san bernardino shooters now faces new charges. we'll tell you what the grand jury has back with next. abby: a frustrated father brings about a big change at one of the most famous stores in the world. >> any father knows you have got to change the diaper before you get mattered. babies matter and a changing station. announcer: it's time to make room
7:20 am
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7:23 am
abby: i love this story. a frustrated dad in maryland brings about a big change at an iconic department store. anthony dew took his 4-month-old shopping in local macy's in early december, but when the baby needed a new diaper, he took his baby home because he couldn't find a changing table within any men's room. he wrote a letter to the ceo, within a week they had a tables installed in the men's room. they even sent him a gift card and apologized for the inconvenience. well-done, sir. leland: grand jury indicting the friend of san bernardino shooter enrique marquez. he is facing charges that could send him to prison for 50 years, including conspiring to provide material support to terrorists as well as making false statements. senior correspondent adam housley live in fairfield, california. adam, takes think what happened
7:24 am
yesterday with the grand jury. reporter: not too much of a surprise, leland. marquez was taken into custody a couple weeks ago. he will be arraigned next week in riverside on the charges officially but came down last night here locally in california when the u.s. attorney regionally announced that the federal grand jury handed down five-count indictment as you talked about against marquez. faces one count of conspiracy to provide material support for terrorists for his aborted attack plan with sayeed farook. remember the story back in 2011 and 2012 the two planned several attacks they did not go through with. he was charged with charges related to straw purchases of rifles dealing with the second attack on inland regional center where they attacked the christmas party. and charges for fraudulent marriage to farook's brother-in-law's sister. he could face 50 years in federal prison. his next court appearance will be next witness we're told in
7:25 am
riverside. leland? leland: interesting to see what comes out of the court appearance. give us a take on the overall case as you've been covering the shootings? reporter: this part of the case enrique marquez is one small part. it is more syed and his plans to commit terrorism hire. they have other major part of the case which is what happened at inland regional medical center and his wife, connection from pakistan, international connection, the money trail. there are a lot of other variables in play here. investigators want to remind everybody as indictment came down yesterday it reminds everyone to be vigilant as we go through the holiday celebrations tonight and tomorrow. while it wasn't necessarily planned that way, it is good reminder that this news happened yes as they continued their investigation into this of the as we're seeing, leland, very disturbing still to them. you have a man here in the u.s. connected with a wife that came from pakistan who was radicalized there, trained there and still trying to develop that
7:26 am
money trail and also the background trail of how these two met, how these two terrorists came together to kill people on american soil. leland? leland: we're learning more and more how much the fbi and others missed that could have possibly prevented this. adam housley, appreciate it, sir. reporter: all right. abby: ramadi in ruins. iraqi forces retake most of the city but have hundreds of isis militants simply gone into hiding? leland: jeb bush along with ben carson shaking things up on the campaign trail. so is what they're doing enough to get them back in the game? >> if you listen carefully to what i'm saying it is very same thing that everybody else is picking up on and don't think for one minute that just because i'm a nice person that i wouldn't do everything that was necessary to take care of the people of our country.
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
leland: imagine this. just days after the iraqi army declared ramadi free of isis controlled, officials are saying hundreds of itis fighters are still believed be to hiding out inside of the city and outskirts of important city of fallujah. jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. imagine that the iraqi army saying one thing and ground truth being something else. i never thought that would happen. reporter: it is not clear, leland, how many isis fighters are inside of ramadi. military spokesman said they simply pulled out to the suburbs. in fact colonel steve warren, spokesman in baghdad said there are 250 to 300 isis fighters remaining in downtown ramadi. this estimate has not changed as of this morning. there are 700 isis fighters stretched between ramadi and neighboring a fallujah we're
7:31 am
told on the road to baghdad. isis has lost 40% of the territory in iraq according to u.s. officials. the intelligence officials estimates that isis is 30,000 strong throughout large portions of syria and iraq, same number of fighters than a year ago it continues to show how many foreign fighters continue to flood into the region. earlier u.s. military said it killed 10 isis leaders in december alone, some with ties to the paris attacks. >> it is important that people understand that as long as those external attack planners are operating, the united states military will hunt them and we will kill them. reporter: a major offensive to clear ramadi is being hampered we're told, leland by the weather. that is hampering airstrikes at this time. leland: certainly that offensive has been going on so much longer than the iraqi military told everyone it will take. any estimates how long it will actually be until ramadi is free
7:32 am
of isis control or fighters? reporter: it is not clear. we're told three to five-man teams, isis teams are still holding city center hostage. we can report that the uss harry truman is now finally on station in the gulf. that is a significant development. it began strike missions against isis just two days ago. this ends a two-month gap in which the u.s. had no aircraft carrier in the gulf. the truman, which is shown here, is the aircraft carrier just 1500 yards away from those iranian unguided rockets fired as she passed through the strait of hormuz the day after christmas. the truman has 4 4f 18 hornets and super hornets on board, adding significant firepower. even with progress in ramadi, nearby fallujah located 40 miles east on the road to baghdad is still in isis hands the fallujah was the first city taken by isis
7:33 am
in january 2014. leland. leland: mosul to the north, iraq's second biggest city, iraqi army clearly has their work cut out for them in 2016. thanks, jen. ♪ abby: dr. ben carson raising $23 million over the last three months but falling in the polls after briefly holding the top spot in early november. now he is planning a reboot. >> there will be some changes made so that the campaign is more consistent with me. with the way that i am, which is, is not, you know, confrontational and, you know, attacking other people but who does put out the truth and is transparent and is reasonable. to people. abby: meanwhile, a major shift for the bush campaign, canceling several million dollars of in tv ads to focus efforts on the
7:34 am
ground game in the early voting states. here is a look at the "real clear politics" polling average nationally. trump holding a 17-point lead over his closest rival. kevin mccullough talk show host for salem media group, columnist for, and marjorie clifton former consultant to the obama campaign and principal of clifton consulting. thanks for you both being here. a lot to get here. start with the ben carson campaign, speaking with fox last night saying that there are changes coming to his campaign more consistent with the way that he is. obviously he is making money still but would he be saying this if things were going well? >> not at all. i think these are both campaigns that are really, despite what their pocketbook looks like, i think both of these campaigns are basically on the ropes. you have got a very simple equation in the gop. democrats are different. it's a little more complicated on their side of the ledger. but for the gop, it's the first
7:35 am
one to win two of three. typically, it is the iowa winner versus the new hampshire winner going into a bloodbath war in south carolina and whoever grabs it, generally, 100% of the time has become the nominee. now we might, we might see a shuffling of the deck. you might have a bush campaign or rubio campaign break through in florida, if they don't win iowa or new hampshire but right now, it looks like if you just study the specifics of what the states kind of typically do in terms of organization is more important in iowa, media is more important in new hampshire, looks like cruz will sail to victory in iowa. it looks like in new hampshire you're going to have a trump or christie or more establishment type if trump doesn't take it. that will go to really strong battle in south carolina. by the time you get to florida in the later states and now what the rubio campaign is talking about i think it is too late. abby: marjorie, bush donors have to be stunned at this point. we're a month out from the first primary and he is far from where he thought he would be, far from
7:36 am
where he wants to be. he is also making changes to his campaign, cutting two million in south carolina and one million in iowa in ad spending. is this a public signal this is potentially the beginning of the end for jeb bush? >> well i think it is kind of his hail mary. you look how carson and bush are trying to position themselves. it is basically the opposite of trump. it is authenticity. it is heart-felt, no name-calling. it is just straight politics. i think their style is very reflective of we'll differentiate ourselves dramatically as we can. with bush you're seeing him lean on legacy of his campaign and iowa spending time on the ground and talking to those who supported his father and brother before him. there is a signal it is this or no game at all and thinking a different strategy all together is the only chance that they have if you look at the polls. abby: we showed you guys nationally the "real clear politics" averages, and kevin, i want to pull up the
7:37 am
one in iowa. you see carson and bush hanging around, four and five there. you also look at new hampshire. these are states that really matter in the next few weeks. still around a similar place there. could you see a situation where either one of them could potentially be the comeback kid? or do you see them staying right there? >> look the definition of politics is it is the art of the possible, right? that is really what it's all about but at the end of the day there is trends and there is also organization and there is also ground games you have to put into place and i think when you look at the money trump has at his disposal and the power he has in the polls already, which is basically unlimited check, because he is self-funding, look how cruz has done being strategic and not trying to offend other candidates per se but has spent very little money and has raised a boatload of it, i think he has raised more than bush has, you're talking about two guys that are way ahead of everybody else and two guys that
7:38 am
have fairly serious strategies working for their advantage. abby: marjorie, as kevin is say ing money matters here. if you're jeb bush you don't win iowa, you doesn't win new hampshire, you don't win south carolina, how far do you go and have to get out? >> kevin said what are the possibilities. look back to 2008 how obama ran his campaign in a very digitally-focused and small incremental fund-raising i think that is maybe what they're trying out. you look at bush. he made his announcement on snapchat. he is using instagram to communicate as a digital strategy. so i think again, sort of, throwing things against the wall to see what sticks in hopes that there might be a possibility, another entry point. i think they have moved away from media in some ways because the media has become its own game and frankly turning off some voters. a ground game for both of them might be the way to go. >> in iowa media never mattered anyway. until you get into the chair of that high school gym on the
7:39 am
caucus night in the middle of cold february. abby: they see what donald trump has done. he sort of upended everything. kevin, marjorie, thanks for being with us and happy new year to you. >> happy new year. leland: as we get ready to end 2015, new survey is out, best athletes of all time, number one according to survey, legend michael jordan, followed by the sultan of swat, yankee great, and my dad's favorite player babe ruth. legend boxing champ muhammad ali and serena williams and future hall-of-famer, peyton manning. if martha mack were sitting where you are steam would be cut coming out of here tom brady is not on the list. abby: i like tom brady and i don't like the scandal and everything that happened but i think he is incredibly talented player. manning fans, i'm sorry. leland: brady down at number nine, too bad, martha, you're
7:40 am
not here to defend him. i'm with abby on this. abby: are you? leland: there you go. abby: big changes to the chicago police department after series of shootings that sparked big protests but will it be enough? leland: also this, bill cosby arraigned on assault charges 11 years after allegations of sexual assault came to light. dozens of women accused the comedian across the years. what has changed? why is he being led into a courtroom now? our legal panel talks about it coming up. >> i hope the made yaw will take hard look at the facts and not swept into romanticizing issues because of many other baseless allegations out there.
7:42 am
7:43 am
abby: welcome back. chicago mayor rahm emanuel announcing changes in the way police are trained particularly in the use of force. the city will double the number of officers carrying tasers.
7:44 am
and crisis response policies and more training to make police interactions less confrontational and more conversational. leland: comedian bill cosby is out on bail this new year's eve after his arraignment yesterday on sex assault charges. it stems back from an incident in 2004 but since then dozens of women have come out accusing the entertainment legend of assault in a very similar way. esther panitche, a criminal defense attorney, david depietro is a former prosecutor. david, first to you, mr. cosby admits that he had a sexual relationship with this woman. he admits he at one point gave her these drugs akin to a date-rape drug. is this as open and shut of a case as it appears to the general public? >> absolutely. what dr. huxtable never gave us a lesson back when i was a kid watching "the cosby show," loose lips sink ships.
7:45 am
he admitted to entire event of the he admitted to the victim's mother around admitted to police and admitted to the deposition releaseed released in about the entire incident there. is not much in dispute. we know the victim was at his home. we know the victim was provided pills. we also learned in the deposition that bill cosby gave quaalude pills to other female partners that he had and how he would pure -- pursue them and give them quaaludes and would not take quaaludes himself. isss consensual or not, and based on what has been provided, there is no doubt, you give me a jury of 12 people, there is no doubt that this sexual event was not consensual and bill cosby is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. leland: esther, when a woman is given these drugs quaaludes what they're called, they render you semiconsciousness, the victim
7:46 am
said she was going out in and out of consciousness. is it possible for a event like this to be consensual? >> it is if both parties take drugs and in willing sexual contact. there are issues of doubt. for example, why did she wait months to report it. just like something in any rape case those are legitimate questions to ask. what took her so long to report if she immediately knew she had been drugged? and, taken advantage of? additionally, the d.a., themselves refused to prosecute for the last 12 years. leland: right. >> the question in my mind will be why? i would want to see the d.a.'s notes to find what exculpatory evidence there could have been in the d.a.'s file which would show either that the d.a. didn't believe the alleged victim, or, that she, that they decided that they had other evidence which
7:47 am
would exonerate cosby. that is called brady information and the defense is entitled to that. leland: that could all come out in discovery. >> this is not easy. leland: indeed it will. but to that point, why now, take a look at the cover of "the new york daily news." a case of he said/she said, she said, she said, she said. 50 different women or there abouts have come forward accusing bill cosby of essentially the same case, the same fact pattern. david, does the prosecutor get to bring in those women to say hey look, this is not a one-time occurrence. if you want credibility, just listen to all these other people? >> that is exactly what makes this case different than other criminal cases. sexual assault cases throughout many of the states and federal law allows prior bad acts as modus modus operandi to come into evidence. if this was standard protocol so to speak for bill cosby to bring women into his home or into a private setting to drug them and then to have non-consensual sex
7:48 am
which you can't con incident to sex if you're drugged and you can't, you're not conscious. so if this is his modus operandi, he can't say, this is this one time, one single time this happened. the prosecution will likely be able to bring in victim after victim after victim to this is his propensity. this is how he acts and how he obtains his victims. leland: and a lawyer for some of his alleged victims said it was like christmas for him to be charged with these crimes. esther, david, appreciate y'all's insights. obviously the new year will bring more information in the case and bring you back to talk about it. >> happy new year. >> thank you. leland: all the best. abby? abby: "happening now" is coming up shortly. gregg jarrett is there. what's cooking? >> we'll have new details on the massive flooding on several major midwestern rivers as the death toll hits 20. new years eve preps, celebrations from all over the world and headlines from the
7:49 am
trump and bush campaigns. we'll have all of that. the new developments in the bill cosby sexual assault case and "affluenza" team and we'll look back at "happening now" top legal cases from 2015. it was a tough choice. plus you heard of first class? how about last class, the new negative trend in air travel where i think i'm just guessing you're back near the bathroom or something like that and maybe have to open the door of the bathroom for everybody. they will charge you for the bathroom. abby: they will charge you for anything they can. >> they will. i was just down at times square. have you guys been down there? i walked down there 20 minutes ago. i walked down there. it is already getting jammed near the ball drop. what are those people going to do? don't they have to go to the bathroom between now and midnight? abby: the bathroom situation is the biggest question of the night. gregg jarrett, sounds like a great show. happy new year's eve to you. allergies are bad enough, trust me, i have a terrible
7:50 am
allergies but new studies say kids having them now could face more problems down the road anxiety and depression. we'll talk about the details coming up.
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7:53 am
abby: a new study revealing a link between allergies and depression as number of allergies in kids increase, increases of anxiety and depression also increased. here to talk about it, dr. devi, associate professor at nyu school of medicine. thank you for being with us. this is bad news for me and some others growing up really, really struggled with allergies. and now the study is saying it could link to depression or anxiety? >> sure. this study is looking at kids specifically but there are older studies that look at adults. if people have allergic
7:54 am
rhinustis cause run any nose and sneezing. you have a two to one likelihood developing depression and anxiety. >> later on or when you're young? >> you might be too young to actually be diagnosed with those clinical syndromes but you could have still have syndromes. the thing interesting about it, these things don't seem like they're linked, right? abby: right. >> there are two theories why they might be, if you have watery eyes and postnasal drip. you might not be able to toe sleep. if you're a child you might not be able to communicate. if you don't sleep for a day you might be run down. if you don't experience that day after day for years, maybe that predisposes you to have depress symptoms or anxiety symptoms. abby: you said there is some sort of a link between pollen and suicide? >> as pollen counts go up, suicide rates go up. that is not in kids but older adults. the other theory in terms of
7:55 am
allergies, what it is your immune system is malfunctioning. immune system is supposed to attack viruses. it sees pollen and cat fur and starts attacking even those things aren't dangerous. then your body is sort of the batground for this, right? so if your brain is also, developing brain is also experiencing these effects, that can also change the way that those nerves work or the way your thinking gets processed. abby: is there anything you can do about it? >> i think for kids if they have symptoms much the allergic rye unite tis. check for allergies f they symptoms of depression and anxiety, the things they tested whether they felt nervous, jittery, upset and distressed it is important to see whether they would benefit from talking to a child psychologist or something else at the school. doesn't mean they have depression or anxiety. if they're more at risk for it why not try to make sure you
7:56 am
have got a plan in place, right? abby: all the more reason to hate allergies. dr. devi, always so helpful. thanks for being here. have a very happy new year's eve. >> happy new year to you, abby. abby: leland, back to you. leland: more folks in missouri and illinois could be spending a new year without a house to come home to. as floodwaters continue to rise. we're back live to missouri coming up. right now,
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you're not thinking about all the money you saved by booking your flight,
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rental car, and hotel together. all you're thinking about, is making sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. the world's first kosher certified marijuana is about to hit the market in the orthodox union is certifying the medical marijuana product. the ceo saying the kosher certification will not only held serve america's largest jewish community but, that the stigma associated with using pot for medical purposes. andy has been doing the morning show, you are not going to watch the ball because you are up in a
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couple of our site got decent glasses to celebrate and there you go. abby: is great. leland: with that, there we go. abby: that makes my day, happy new year, everyone. we transition from that frightening look to these scenes in taipei, taiwan and hong kong, ringing in the new year with fireworks over hong kong's victoria day, while. nighttime fireworks, beautiful. let it play. ♪ we just wanted to breed a little. like fine wine.


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