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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 4, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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tonight. miss megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here, because we are definitely looking out for you.
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blamed the murders on this internet video. we know she'd told the egyptian prime minister the video had nothing to do with it. days ago in new hampshire, mrs. clinton was pressed on why her story die verges from that being told by the family members, quote, someone is lying, who is it? mrs. clinton responded not me. that is all i can tell you. not, not no one is lying, not i reject the premise of your question. not me. ai major motion picture about to be released by paramount
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pictures "13 hours" makes it clear that it was a preplanned terrorist attack. and reintroduces benghazi three of the men are with us tonight. the real life heros on the ground on september 11th, 2012. they helped the director direct a griping film that captures the call for help that went unanswered by president obama's administration. first, a look at the story about to hit the big screen.
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>> stand down. >> you're all going to die. >> none of you have to go. but we're the only help they have. >> they're coming in. we're on property. is he still inside? on the roof.
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>> heavy fire. >> are we expecting any friendly? >> i'm not aware of any friendly. >> let him go. letçu him go. >> right now we'll determine whether they live or die. >> as long as i'm doing the right thing, god will take care of me. >> americans are getting killed. >> you're not getting away.
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you're in my world now. >> thinking about my girl, man. >> joining me now, three heros who saved dozens of americans and wrote the book on which that film is based. mark geist, chris polanco and john titan, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> i know owe two of you have seen the film. you have not. how true to life is the film? >> you have to -- when i walked out of the theater i felt just drained. there is a wig hole inside of me. i virtually went back to benghazi when i was watching it.
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i missed it so much. it was a part of me that i relived on the screen. i lived how much i've been missing over two years. >> you miss it? >> i do. >> the film depicts absolute hell. >> it's not. it's amazing being with your brothers and fighting. and sheesh, i -- being there. and being with them and having the faith that you're going to defeat obstacles. i relived it. i usually don't get like this. so no. it's -- it just brought home a lot of the truths we went through and a lot of the brotherhood is the best way i can explain it. i miss it immensely. i ak -- sacrifice a lot to get to this point. >> the movie and book starts off
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at the diplomatic out post, so called consulate where ambassador stevens was and the attack that was not caused by a video and ambassador stevens died from smoke inhalation. these guys, in the meantime at the cia annex, another post less than a mile away, chomping at the bit saying send us, send us. you can hear the distress calls and radio calls of the state department saying we're going to die. we're going to die, we're going to die. cia station chief told you repeatedly, stand down. used the word stand down. is that how you remember it? >> yes. deputy chief, on the front porch
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told me to stand down. >> you're position is to protect the annex. and congressional investigators found was inadequate and we were unprepared. the state left those guys unprepared to defend sthechls but the station chief saying stand down, you're here to protect us, this facility. >> that is how he was. there are security situations where he never let us go. i just -- last station he wanted his legacy to be what it was. he didn't want to lose anyone. >> you have navy s.e.a.l.s, marines, the best, the best in the world standing there. ready to go. trained for exactly this, saying, they're saying they're going dto be dead.
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we're going. how many times did he tell you to stand down? >> he told me stand down twice. and just stand down, too. i don't know why he'd rely on a militia that barely trained. >> he's telling you guys local libyans are going to protect ambassador stevens, the libyans that already had run from the front of the facility, were going to protect him, which they did not. and they were saying we're going. saying to you we, it's up to you but we're the only help they have. >> that did happen. and the radio call coming across saying if you don't get here we're all going to bleeping die. that is word for word what
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spurned us. >> you all have testified to this. and the true order we just watched captures this, too. the writing on the screen. there was no support. having seen the film this morning, that is it. that they were left alone. there was no one to back you up. throughout the film, you see heros, assuming understanding based on their experience the american military will be there to back them up. and support them. and help never came. i mean --? >> for us, the military to support us, we won't have expected it. but they had the u.s. ambassador missing about five hours before he was officially considered dead. they didn't send anything or send anything that way is crazy. i'd never expect them to leave
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the ambassador out there. >> what about the cia? in the annex? >> it's my view is that they didn't even try. that is where the film does a great job of showing that though the headquarters elements were giving access and moving them that it just stopped for some reason. we don't know why. >> what did you expect would come? who or what? >> we needed air support. any kind of -- >> someone to fly over. >> how hard would have that been? >> not hard. if you see the movie and read the book it you would see it wasn't difficult. >> they sent an unmanned drone. >> it wasn't helpful at all. >> one thing that gets lost in the film is the loss of our ambassador who begged for security increases there and was
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denied. and they had been deminutished leading up to september 11th. that is another thing the investigators found, is that he had no business being in benghazi on september 11th. the administration should not have allowed it. but he was killed that night. and you went, you went to the very facility in which he was killed. you kept running in to try to get him. right? and the smoke was too much. describe that moment. you didn't know whether he was dead. >> um, you know you couldn't really i was on my belt and got counter assaulted and smoke was still down there. you can only see two feet in front of your face. just so hot like being in a brick oven. you're sweating constantly and
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it was extreme heat and you're coughing. you can't hold your breath too long. your adrenaline is pumping. you've been fighting your way on and searching. and it was pretty intense. >> did you believe if you had been allowed to go when you first said send us and radio calls came in saying help us, help us, do you believe there would have been a chance to save him? >> yes. he'd be alive today. >> 100%. >> congressional investigators concluded there was no stand down order. >> that is just silly. there was. for us. >> hillary clinton and barack obama and others rely on those saying they have been cleared because investigators concluded there was no stand down. >> well, it's funny everything we testified to, they agreed with us 100% from eating a candy bar to shooting the ammo. but some reason they don't want to believe we were told to stand down.
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>> do you have a political motive? >> no. >> the one who should have got the star was sitting out there. got his lungs blacked and he came up on the roof and there was a tourniqet on our arm. >> and had to see my naked once. >> that is in the film and what happened to your arm which was basically hanging off. >> it was hanging by a thread. >> it was impressive trying to see him trying to get his gun up and his arm is hanging. i don't want to say it much because i don't want to give him more kudos but i was pretty impressed seeing that after the mortars hit. >> and when he went down to get help, it wasn't for himself. it was for the gentleman you
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just referenced who had been hit. so oz walks in to say there is another guy. his arm is dangling and he said there is somebody who is hurt and needs help. you refused to go on to that plane that got you out of there on a gurney. why? >> i walked into that country i'm going to walk out. it's who i am. i'm not going to -- i don't know. i just compelled to, i'm not going to lose. >> to the end it wasn't the united states there for you. >> that is kudos to glenn doherty and his team in tripoli getting that aircraft to us. >> so the video, it was all about a video. we heard the family say that. that is how we kicked off the segment. that hillary clinton saying
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we're going to get the guys in that video. now, when asked, she says well it's not me. and of course she's talking about glenn's family, tyrone's family, talking about sean's family. >> i know pat smith and i know glenn's sister. you know? we know ty's mom. we know what they told us was said. i do know them well. katie has been on news quite a bit telling me what she was told. and i know they were told because that is what they told me. i believe pat, katie. i mean who would have a reason to lie? why? >> simple. >> they had no reason to tell anything but the truth. >> when you saw the testimony of hillary clinton, she testified twice, in the first time she made big headlines when, well, we have the clip. this is what she said. >> the fact we have four dead
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americans. was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk to decide they would go kill americans what difference, at this point does it make? >> what is your response to that? >> it makes a huge difference. this is what i was talking about with the politics of it. the politicking of just getting it down into where it turned into a reality show, a keeping up with the kardashian type show. the truth was not being told. that is why it pushed us to tell what happened on the ground because it does matter to honor our friends that passed away. it matters because we need to honor ambassador stevens and the families that need to know the truth of what took place there that night because they didn't know. >> incredible. you will not leave your seat for two, plus hours when you see that. don't make plans to go get something to eat. you will be sitting there, white
9:18 pm
knuckles for two hours. it was riveting. it comes out january 15th. and coming up, how you can help those guys if you are so inclined. well, we have a big story developing tonight. as donald trump and bill clinton go head to head on how the former treats women. and did isis have a terrorist attack in israel? what could be the next front in the war on this terror group. then, the bundy family. tonight finds itself at the heart of a new armed standoff this, time, taking over a federal building in oregon. why they think this cause is important to all americans, and to answer those who say it's actually about lawlessness.
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breaking tonight, with less than a month to go before the first votes in iowa, the polls are showing what looks like a tight republican race. but the big story is the back and forth between donald trump and the husband of the democratic front-runner. as former president bill clinton hits the campaign trail for his wife, hillary. at this time, mr. trump is ramping up attacks on the president's treatment, the former president's treatment of women. and now trump is getting pressed on an apparent change of heart on this issue. does trump think the lewinsky scandal is actually a deal breaker? here's what trump said today compared to what he was saying back in 2008. >> he lied. he got us into the war with lies. and i mean, look at the trouble bill clinton got into with someth totally unimportant and they tried to
9:24 pm
impeach him, which was nonsense. >> years ago, you said they shouldn't have chased after it, bill clinton's sex life isn't an issue. now it's a main issue. >> they -- it was important for me, as secretary of state, as a senator, to have all these people on my side. i needed votes. and i would have these people on my side. so i wasn't going to get involved in the monica lewinsky thing and i wouldn't get involved in it now. >> chris stirewalt and howie kurtz join me. happy new year. >> happy new year, megyn. >> trump said some stuff about hillary while we were on vacation that was, shall we said, widely perceived as sexist. and then bill clinton goes out on the campaign trail and now trump, what is he doing here, trying to recapture the moral
9:25 pm
high ground by trying to say, sexism? is that what's happening, stirewalt? >> i think we're referencing his reference to a yiddish word for a part of the male anatomy and how that happened to hillary clinton. >> i've been told we've been bleeping it out here. >> don't bleep me, sister. >> wouldn't be the first time. >> exactly. the deal here, trump is accused of sexism and he says everybody in new york talks about that act and that yiddish term all that time. we people from west virginia hadn't caught up with all that language until recently. so we think american politics for teaching us about these words and terms. but the point being, trump says oh, yeah, you think i'm sexist? your husband, and look at this, when you go back to the videotape on this one, there's plenty, and the big difference, of course, now is that 20 years ago, the social justice
9:26 pm
movement, feminism and everything else was in a very different place about what happens when you have relations with 21-year-old interns in your office. it ain't funny on the left now. it was funny to them then. trump bringing this up then is where it hurts. >> that's the thing, howie, she is probably helped or hurt more by bill clinton? because the democrats in particular love him. i mean, his approval ratings nationwide are very strong. but there is a weakness there, and so far no one has really exploited it. and trump is saying i'm the only one who has and the only one who will. >> look, bill clinton's past misconduct is obviously fair game. he was out on the campaign trail today for her in new hampshire. >> a lot of the democrats have said, move on. even some republicans have said don't get back into the
9:27 pm
nastiness of the clinton affairs and all the other stuff, because it will be bad for the republicans. >> i think it's kind of priced into the clinton stock, at least for anybody who was alive in 1998, 1999. but in classic fashion, megyn, trump has been aided and abetted by the main stream media for which this whole story is catnip and happy to go back to the whole impeachment saga. >> so trump goes back to his -- on his flip-flop, because there he was in 2008 saying something very different than what he's saying now about this problem for hillary and bill, and his explanation is one we've heard before, which was, i was trying to buy them so i had to say that it wasn't a big
9:28 pm
so it depends on how much the media wants to turn up the volume here.
9:29 pm
should this be front and center in the presidential race when it's hillary who is the candidate? >> my head is swimming. great to see you both. remember christmas when we were eating turkey? breaking tonight, new details on missing country music star craig strikeland. we'll tell you what his family is saying after his body was found. ranchers versus the feds take two. we'll speak to one of the men leading an armed takeover of federal property. see what the law has to say about that, next. >> you said you were here to help the citizens of the county. that help ended when a peaceful p what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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breaking tonight, an armed standoff in the oregon wilderness shows no sign of ending any time soon. it started with a group of ramplers unhappy that two of their neighbors were sentenced to lengthy federal prison stints for starting fires on their own land. dwight and steven hammond got five years after some of those fires spread to federal land. a group broke off and decided to take control of a national wildlife in oregon, trying to make a point that the feds are
9:34 pm
trying to stick it to the ranchers. among them, the sons of rancher cliven bundy, who had his own controversial dispute with the feds in 2014. in moments, we'll be joined by ammond bundy. but we begin with trace gallagh gallagher. >> reporter: they arrived at the federal prison near los angeles late today. the two men walked through the gates to begin serving their five-year prison term. their ranch interlocks with federal property, so for years, they have worked together to manage the vast area where their cattle graze. in the early 2000s, they claim the feds gave them permission to start fires intended to protect the cattle. three years ago, dwight and steve hammond were convicted of arson. they served their original sentences, three months for the
9:35 pm
older, a year for the younger. but because they were prosecuted under an anti-terrorism law, the government appealed the shorter sentences. now because the government is playing hardball with the h hammo hammonds. armed protesters have taken over several federal buildings. the local sheriff thinks bundy wants to overthrow the local and federal government. listen. >> the hammonds have turned themselves in. it's time for you to leave our community, go home to your families, and end this peacefully. >> ammond bundy says he's with 150 armed protesters. the fbi is clearly trying to avoid another ruby ridge and waco, texas, and so far there's been zero law enforcement
9:36 pm
presence. but remember, the government retreated from a standoff last year with the bundies over grazing rights and experts say not act thing time could embolden more anti-government groups. >> joining me now, ammond bundy, one of the leaders of the standoff. thank you very much for being here tonight. so how is what you are doing not lawlessness? >> well, i think that we have to go to the supreme law of the land to answer that question, and that is the federal government does not have authority to come down into the states and to control its land and resources. that is for the people to do. and that is clearly stated in article 1, 817 of the constitution. >> you know the argument on the other side, which is these ranchers, whom you support, had their day in court. and they were found guilty and
9:37 pm
it went all the way up to the u.s. supreme court, which denied their appeal. isn't that the way it's supposed to work in our country when it comes to the rule of law? >> let me ask you and i'm sure you know the answer, but who was the plaintiff? >> keep going. >> no, i'm asking, who was the plaintiff against the hammonds? >> i'm waiting for you to make your point. generally i don't answer questions on my show, i ask them. >> well, it was asked intended to be answered, but the is plaintiff is the federal government and the prosecutors are the federal government. those who want their land is the federal government. and those agencies that have been oppressing the people here are the federal government. there is no proper redress,
9:38 pm
because our -- the design of this, the structure of this government is not intended for the federal government to come down against individuals in a state on these matters. and that is what this is all about. >> your brother, ryan, apparently told the "oregonian," that you are willing to kill and be killed, if necessary here. do you agree with that? >> that statement was taken way out of context. i've already talked to my brother about that, and so no, i wouldn't agree with it, because it wasn't his statement. >> so you will not let this come to violence? >> well, i have a family. i have six children, a beautiful wife. i have a wonderful home. i have a business, several
9:39 pm
employees. i'm not here to die. i'm here to defend my freedoms and my liberties, and will i? yes. but it's not going to come to that. there's good things that are going to come from this and things are going to get straightened out and we're confident that is going to happen. and it will be a benefit for many, many people across this nation and i can pass on what i've enjoyed to my children. >> thank you for being with us tonight with your perspective. breaking tonight, new details from the family of country music star craig stickland after his body was found by police. and did isis pull off its first successful attack in israel? we have the dramatic video. stay tuned.
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developing tonight, security teams in israel are now in day four of an intense manhunt for the shooter behind last week's deadly attack in tel aviv. he was caught on surveillance video before pulling out a rifle and shooting up the bar next door. he killed two people and injured at least seven others in this attack, and now the question is whether isis -- isis may have had a role in this. dr. sebastian gorka was in tel aviv when this unfolded. he'll join us in a moment. but first, trace gallagher has new details on the attack. >> reporter: during recent terror attacks in israel with a knife or vehicle, the attackers always stayed at the scene, indicating they wanted to be killed by security forces. but in this case, the suspect
9:45 pm
used a semiautomatic weapon and escaped, resembling the isis inspired attacks in brussels, paris and san bernardino. so far isis has not claimed responsibility for the attack in tel aviv that killed two people, but it comes just days after the isis leader threatened israel with violence. authorities believe the shooter is a 29-year-old israeli arab with a long criminal history. police found a copy of the koran in his bag. but the suspect's family says he is mentally unstable. listen. >> translator: i heard my son did what he did in tel aviv. i did not educate him this way. i'm sorry for what he did. when i got to know about the incident, i went to the police station by myself and i helped the security forces. >> reporter: it's still unclear if he acted alone or had help. but investigators say the longer
9:46 pm
the hunt for the killer goes on, the more likely it is that he's getting outside help or is holding up in a prearranged hiding place. security in tel aviv remains on high alert. megyn? >> trace, thank you. joining me now with more, dr. sebastian gorka, who provides counterterrorism training to the fbi and special forces. doctor, thanks for being here tonight. so a little eerie with you, because you were right out there in california when the terror attack happened. you're in tel aviv when this one happened. do you believe this is isis in israel? because we see israel attacked a lot, it tends to be the palestinians, not isis. >> happy new year, megyn. first, if i may commend you on the interview you did with those benghazi heroes. thank you very much. that was amazing. >> thank you. >> look, there's something very interesting about this attack that really links it to the
9:47 pm
other ones that were mentioned, not only in europe but in california. since september, there have been dozens of knife attacks in israel, which have led some people to call this the third entifadha. young couples being attacked, people being mercifully knifed down, but the perpetrators stayed there and were usually intercepted or shot by israeli security forces right there on the scene. in this case, we actually have the video of this young man, very cooley and calmly going to that shop, taking out the weapon, loading the weapon and gunning down the victims. which is very similar of the "charlie hebdo" shooters and also the footage -- or the reports of california, individuals who very cold bloodedly mowed down those
9:48 pm
innocent individuals, and then moved on to try and execute another attack or simply to esca escape. even if there aren't operational ties back to isis, the way which this was done is something different, megyn. >> uh-huh. and it's chilling, because here you see this guy just dropping in a grocery store. the next thing you know, people are dying in the bar next door. basically what we're seeing here is this radical jihadism. >> well, what we're seeing here, and this is the most important thing, is the growth, the popularity of this ideology. i've said for years now, we've got to stop looking at individuals trying to counter radicalized or focusing on is it isis, is it a.q.? forget all that. it's about people who share the same ideology. whether it's nadal hasan, the ft. hood shooter, this man or
9:49 pm
the couple in california, the connective tissue is the idealology of jihad. >> dr. gorka, good to see you. >> thank you, megyn. still ahead, a special request if the real-life benghazi heros who led our show tonight. plus, candy carson, ben carson's wife, is here with an eye opening new book. wait until you hear this. next. :.
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9:53 pm
breaking ni breaking tonight, new details in the death of country star craig strickland. police confirming that the 29-year-old lead singer of the band back road anthem is dead. anthem was found dead. his body was found on the bank of a creek in oklahoma. he died from hypothermia. they were last seen on a duck hunting trip where their boat may have capsized due to a storm. moreland's body was found december 28th. since the launch of his republican presidential campaign, the life story of dr. ben carson has inspired the admiration of a big group of voters, and from his climb, the story of it, from poverty stricken streets of detroit to the hall of yale university, one woman has been by his side. candy carson is here with her new book "a doctor in the house:
9:54 pm
my life with ben carson." great to see you again. >> it's nice to be back so 100% of the royalties will go to charity. you wrote this book the o tell us what about ben carson that we don't already know? >> to give a better perspective, a broader perspective of what he is like and what our life has been like. >> speak to the issue. his credibility took a hit in recent months where a lot of news outlets attacked him as allegedly not being a truth teller on the issue of his bio. what do you say to that? >> you know, being through the process now, there's edits that don't get done. there's edits in this book that didn't get done, but they're going to be corrected by the next printing. so there are things that might not be quite there, quite correct, but he has addressed those issues. >> do you think, is his campaign in trouble? because the news today was that three of his high ranking advisers including his campaign manager, quit on thursday, last week. >> well, you know, growing pains. if something's not quite working because it's been working great for a long time but there are
9:55 pm
other things that weren't quite growing at the same rate as his campaign. so restructuring took place. and they decided that they preferred to resign. >> is it true that he's got a quirky a sense of humor, that he tells jokes about a guy trying to date, two-timing a woman named kate and edith? >> definitely. >> and he said the two women found out he was two timing them and so they killed him. moral of the story, you can't get your kate and edith, too. >> he made that one up, yep, yep. >> is this what we're going to get if we have a president carson? >> the corn is there. >> the corn in the corny. >> definitely. >> well, listen, i wish you luck with the book. i understand it must be very difficult to be the spouse of the candidate because it's easy to take the licks yourself. it's quite another to see your loved one take them. so good for you. >> but you know, i know he's been consistent and fair, and he's going to be a wonderful president.
9:56 pm
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lots of viewers wanting to do something for the benghazi heroes earlier. one started the shadow warriors project. it supports wounded american private contractors like these guys with their medical bills needs. here's the website. give it a look. thanks for watching. tonight the countdown to iowa is on. texas senator ted cruz is on a bus tour in the hawkeye state. >> i'm going to keep my focus o for this country. we can turn this country around. >> the 2016 republican presidential candidate is here tonight. >> the politicians can pretend it's something else, but donald trump calls it radical islamic terrorism. >> donald trump unveils his first television ad. former speaker of the house newt gingrich is here to weigh in. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence, but what if we try to stop even one? >> and president obama gets ready to use executive action to push through his anti-gun agenda. we have all the facts, and "hannity" starts right here, right now.


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