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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 5, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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separation of powers. but that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for sending in your questions. we'll see you here, tomorrow night. o'reilly factor. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. and by the way it happens on the streets of chicago every day. [ applause ] >> president obama takes his antigun case to the american public. tonight, we will tell you the truth about the big gun deception. >> -- has been so comfortable. that is a wonderful feeling to have. >> new york city may punish b[÷g9mij who call name. wait until you hear this. >> i am your father. i brought you in this world and i'll take you out. >> also ahead had, how could
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any attorney defend bill cosby's horrendous resume? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. v hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the truth about guns in america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. president obama is taking his cause to the public that there should be tighter restrictions on who is allow to do buy firearms in america. today he said this: >> and from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun, -- every time i
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think about those kids, it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. [ applause ] >> mr. obama is obviously sincere in his quest for more public safety, but he is missing the big picture. according to the latest fbi stats, slightly more than 8,000 people were victims of firearm murders in 2014. there were 118,000 robberies involving a firearm. and almost 150,000 aggravated as[ involving guns. the population of the u.s.a. is approaching 330 million. so you can see there is not a gun crime epidemic. and the vast majority of these heinous crimes are committed by hard core criminals, not civilian shooters. right now, there are more than 300 million firearms in
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america. and they are currently all over the place. so there will be a thriving black market for guns no matter what kind of registration laws are passed. as far as terrorist related firearm killings in the u.s.a.? there have been 88 deaths in the past 10 years by armed terrorists. not an epidemic. now, talking points understands public safety and reasonable gun registration laws should, should be on the books. but perspective is very important and restricting law abiding americans from acquiring guns is obviously unconstitutional. again, the gun violence problem primarily lies with hard core criminals. so where iseú the federal law that mandates strict prison time for anyone using a gun in the commission of a crime? where is that law mr. president? you mentioned chicago. that law could do something about gun violence in
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chicago. you simply can't leave sentencing to local judges if you want to control gun violence on a national level. you can't do it. talking points has said it before. any person convicted of a gun-related crime should get 10 years in prison on top of what they get for the crime. whether it's assault, murder, or robbery. that would send a meaningful message. the truth is, terrorists are not going to submit themselves to background checks. neither are or insane people. they are not going to sign any paper when they buy a gun. do we all get that? they will buy their guns on the black market. and no registration law will prevent that. on the and the gun owners should be
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reasonable. the fbi should background check anyone buying a firearm in america. that just makes sense. if you are paranoid and believe the government is stockpiling information so they can come to your house and take your guns, that's your problem, your problem. but the government has an obligation to enhance public safety. and that brings us back to harshly punishing people who violate the law with guns. registration is not going to solve the gun murder problem. zero tolerance toward gun crime might. think about it, mr. president. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from palm beach, florida democratic strategist, a georgetown law professor who worked for the clinton administration. where am i going wrong, professor? >> well, bill, i want to start on a positive note and
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thank you for saying that background checks make sense. and i think that hasu become unnecessarily politicized that issue. so let's start there. they do work. there is evidence of based on states experiences that when background checks are increased, gun deaths go down. when they are decreased, gun deaths go up. that's a given. >> you can give me one state though? can you back that up with state stats? go. >> yes. the state of missouri according to johns hopkins university research when background checks were reversed 40% increase in violent crime. connecticut when their background checks werein increased 33% decrease in violent crime. >> we don't know yet about connecticut because it's too early to tell. >> i'm talking about mid 1996 and 2005. that's a a pretty big sample size. >> i can counter with chicago and the illinois gun laws which are very stringent, very hard to buy a gun in that state and very hard to buy a gun in chicago. yet, gun violence is off the
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chart in the precincts of south chicago and the ghettos because they are gun criminals who aren't buying guns through gun dealers. >> so if i may, bill, this does bring up an issue. how much of a decrease is enough for it to matter are? and quite frankly, you are a man of faith like me. i turn to the bible on this one. there is a story in genesis of abraham arguing with god before god destroys sod dom and go gomorrah. would you do it if 50 righteous people or 10 righteous people? he is saying in essence to god sometimes withholding that violent act just in the name of a few innocence is enough very important lesson out of the bible for us right now. >> maybe so. i'm interested in real solutions to real problems. know momiki how do you see. >> it i commend you as well for calling for sensible gun laws. congress has been blind to the gun epidemic violence in chicago or the south orf the mass shootings or the fact
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that we are in the fifth day of the year and there has been over 120 gun related deaths due to gun violence. congress hasn't been answering because they are owned by the gun manufacturers. >> nomiki they don't feel. >> $300 million a year to lobbying though. that's a lot of money. $300 million. >> there are people in your own party who don't want to restrict law abiding people from acquiring firearms. all right. because it's unconstitutional. that's the genesis. >> nobody is saying that. >> look, gun registration, you both must understand is not going to stop charleston where the kid was given a gun by his father, okay? san bernardino, where the terrorists were given guns by some nut who got them legally. all right. it's not going to stop it. and to perpetuate this myth, professor, that a gun registration and president obama is in tears pleading for it is going to make things better, it isn't. all right? there are always going to be these kinds of things. >> bill, how many innocent
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lives are are enough? so in this case suicides are a great example. two thirds of deaths by handguns are by -- suicides and that brings us right into. >> suicides is a whole different question. >> well, it's a mental health debate. >> mental health had. >> i want more mental health and part of the president's presentation which was lost in the politics is that we have to have more stringent mental health reporting and i'm for that. >> right. >> you guys have to understand that law abiding people registering their guns is not going to stop charleston or connecticut can or terrorism. the only thing that will stop it? >> it will stop the majority of them though. >> no, it won't. nomiki you are living in a world of your own with 'hundred million guns on the streets momiki you can get a gun walk into the wrong neighborhood and flash a cash and you will get it? >> that's because some states have loser gun laws.
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when you look at chicago, that's coming in from states that have looser gun laws. they are smuggling them. in this plan is about cracking down on" those individuals. >> no matter what i'm i say you are not going to accept it professor, 10 seconds, go. >> black market sales without registration in 1994, legislators in connecticut said it wouldn't work and it did. >> remember, connecticut is is a very rural state with only two urban areas hartford and new haven. guys, i appreciate the lively debate. thank you. next on the rundown, donald trump enjoying big crowds even in liberal places. words in the english language you should not say ever.
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tonight, no meaningful polling to tell you about this year. a new poll from nbc and survey monkey is not scientific. although it has donald trump leading big. last night after he spoke to us on the factor, trump headed out to the very liberal state of massachusetts. >> security at the event also extremely tight. this was a line of people waiting to get in. the line so long that it snaked more than a block away. >> straight outfront and no bs. i think the country is going the wrong direction. i think we are sliding down and we need a change. >> joining us now from austin, texas, karl rove. last=ó night we talked about both political parties in trouble in the sense that they are losing credibility with their own voters, with their own people. that's why i trump has risen. question tonight is can trump actually win the republican nomination in your opinion? >> yeah, sure he can. but will he is going to be a big question because while he leads nationally with 35% of the vote and isrm second in
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iowa with about 27.4% and leads in new hampshire with 26.3%, the question is how much of the rest of that, you know, 60%, 75% electorate is going to be available to him inside the republican party. he has a high floor but may have a low ceiling. >> people who like him have already have stated and that's why he is so far ahead had and may not be able to convert others over so much air time and so much exposure. everybody knows who he is unlike marco rubio and john kasich. they know trump and what he is saying and following it. and may not be able to rally any more than. i understand it with what he has now which is about a third of the republican voting in the primary, is that a enough to get him the nomination in cleveland? >> well, it depends on two things, i think. one is how can you tell up these early primaries and caucuses are between february 1st and the 14th of march, there is only one winner take all, south
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carolina, the early four states that are allowed to decide winner take all or proportional. all the rest of them have to be proportional up to the is 14th of march. the first question is how can you tell up is that early phase? the rules are such that in some instances if you get 5% of the vote in massachusetts, for example, you get a delegate. threshold is 15 or 20 in other. >> winning in new hampshire i think he will and i think cruz will probably win in iowa. you concur on that, right? >> yeah, yeah. >> everybody takes away some, they will arrive in cleveland with no over the top winner and certainly the party elders do not want donald trump. >> yeah, two things. one is i do think that we are going to have a+á win winnowing process. only five candidates left in
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early march and probably less by the middle of march. second big question is are we down to two or three candidates? trump, somebody else and somebody else at most by the time we get to the winner take all state starting on the 15th of march. the ides of march, bad for caesar could be bad for somebody else. >> you do have to consider that trump will be in it, rubio will be in it, cruz will be in it, bush will be in it and maybe christie. >> yeah. >> i think those are the five with all due respect to the other candidates i could be wrong on that. >> well, if there are five candidates in that, then trump gets the advantage because on the ides of march, you have 66 delegates up in ohio. winner take all statewide level. more delegates in florida. winner take all congressional district level. you have five candidates at that point then the odds of trump becoming the nominee are very high. if it's shrunk down to two to three and con sal accommodation of the nontrump vote there is a good chance that he does not become the nominee. >> that's very" fascinating
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and interesting. i understand over the holiday youb apprehended two illegal aliens in texas it. >> they were apprehended border patrol we discovered them in the middle of our hunting lease and called the border patrol. in two guys hanging out under neat the not trying to hide. one of them obviously in distress. both of them dressed in black which the border patrol guys tell you new south texas is not a good sign. if they are dressed in black these guys are pros and one was in very bad shape. after our truck surrounded the not, he came out and surrendered in return for water and chocolate. the other guys pretty defiant. he snuck out of the back of the not. crawled out in order to hide something. and then when he realized he didn't have any options, he stood up, raised his hands and started walking north knowing that we wouldn't shoot him so a couple trailed him until the border patrol showed up and grabbed him. i think they had seen these actors before. and border patrol guys got there as quick as they could. they were very clear they said we need help.
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weave don't have enough resources. we need more assistance and the border is not safe. >> well, i believe that mr. rove, thanks as always. we appreciate it quick footnote karl's book: the triumph of mckinley." crazy winter in america. many are suffering because of it. what is going on here. here in new york city you could be punished if you called a transgendered person the wrong name. up ahead. i'd like to make a dep-- vo: it happens so often, you almost get used to it. we got this. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti.
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impact segment tonight. crazy weather. in the west, midwest, south, people are being punished by heavy rain and out-of-season storms like tornadoes. here in the northeast the weather has been very warm so far so what is going on.
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with us now michael, from the outfit weathujñ 2000. let's take the west first raining in southern california hard. does this mean the drought is over there? >> i don't think so, bill. the drought is three to four years long now, very intense, stark proportions. a lot of areas are two, three, even five feet below normal rainfall, so this might be be a proverbial drop in the bucket. >> can't they store the water in when it comes in this heavy though with irrigation and things like that? this has got to help all of this wet weather out there, no? >> yeah. that's the difference between reservoir grout. the farmers don't want it all at once because it runs off faucet under a dry sponge. they can collect the water. it helps better than nothing. it's a far way to go. >> el nino in the pacific is responsible for the changing winter patterns. just briefly explain el nino. >> well, el nino is basically a warming of the pacific waters. and i think one with of the problems this year is that people are basing their
8:24 pm
research on the el ninos of the 1980s and 1990s. >> yeah. what happened in thea> yeah it triggers atmospheric responses. >> that doesn't have anything to do with global warming because el nino has been around for ever. >> yeah it happens every several years. >> do you know what el nino means. >> the child. >> happened around christmas time for the fishermen. >> in the west they are getting a lot of snow for their skiing and pretty cool out there, correct? in the mountain time zone? >> yeah. so el nino would normally insinuate that no cold air comes down from canada but the western plains and rockies have been receiving a lot of cold weather and a lot of snow all the way down to the rio grande. >> that's different from the past? >> yeah, absolutely the past month. >> texas and parts of the south you have got tornadoes hitting down there and you have got flooding in the mississippi, missouri is really impacted. what's that all about? >> well, december tornadoes
8:25 pm
aren't that unusual but it was unusual to see a strong ef-4 tornado in the dallas area in december. so all those things combined was a little bit unusual but tornadoes in december not that crazy. >> mississippi, flooding in the winter is unusual. it's usually in the spring. >> yes. absolutely. that's actually more indicative of a lal nina pattern. >> why is it happening though? >> why are this mississippi river flooding. >> our contention is that el nino is kind can of inverse or reverse el nino very eclectic one. operating in opposite fashion. >> more rain in the midwest then. >> and snow for the colder locations, absolutely. >> here in the northeast, after two brutal winters, we have been having a run of very nice weather here. >> yes and no. the eastern united states has had five consecutive mild decembers. so we really haven't. >> 65 degrees on christmas eve? i mean, come on. >> well, one year before that we were at 62 degrees in new york city on
8:26 pm
christmas day. >> so are you saying that he we're going to have terrible weather, cold weather in january and february? >> i think our new winter for the east especially is january through april. so still buckle your seat belts. >> i don't want to buckle my seat belt because i want to get inside. i don't want to be in a car. >> okay. >> are you predicting a very tough winter for the northeast in the next two or three months? >> not as consistently cold as the last two years but volatile, harsh, cold and stormy. >> last question in california is the crazinesscoyú< in california going to continue? >> periodically but not enough it to reverse the historic drought. >> how much longer are they going to see crazy weather out there? >> spell, maybe five days and get a reprieve next week and comes back a little bit. i really don't think it's going to be that consistent for a few more months. we appreciate you mr. schlacter thank you very much. bill cosby's reputation finishness the u.s.a. but will he go to prison?> only his defense attorneys can save him. is it legal on how they would defend cosby. also gutfeld mcguirk on
8:27 pm
whether white americans should be able to advertise in order to meet other white americans? we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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perm story segment tonight, very interesting situation here in new york city where there is a human rights law. as part of that you must address a transgendered person the way that person wants to be addressed. if you don't, you could be
8:31 pm
fined more than 100,000 bucks. joining us now from washington katie pavlich and here in new york city kennedy who anchors her own program on the fox business network. explain this to me. so you have a transgendered person. this is work place, right? >> it's actually -- it goes beyond the workúméj÷ place. >> it does? it goes everywhere. so you are in÷s mcdonald's and there is )=ñ transgendered and you are serving them and if you say hey, sir, or, what? >> yes. if you address someone by a pronoun that they don't want -- >> -- they tell you before they order the big mac and fries? >> let's just deal with the work place. if someone works at mcdonald's and they're transitioning to become a woman and he this want to be called madam or sheila, you have to address them -- >> -- so they're behind the counter. we are talking about mcdonald's employee? >> exactly. >> they tell the management i used to be -- i used to be her ratio but now i'm sheila and you are to call me sheila ordo i'm going to sue
8:32 pm
you? >> yes. and then if you report them to the human rights commission here in new york city, you could be fined $125,000. however, if you were found to have committed that offense and several others like forcing someone to wear a dress who wants to become a man or forcing a woman to wear a necktie, you can be fined up to $250,000. >> so if there is a dress code, say you are in an department store and person comes n a dress but last week was in a tie and jacket like, this you can't say anything? >> no. you can't say anything. you cannot force them to. >> so they can dress, even if they are not transgendered. whether if they are a transvestite like in rocky horror picture show? >> it doesn't have to be someone who has undergone surgery. >> someone who just on thursday they want to be sheila? >> gender norms, yes. the language is so broad. >> they don't conform to gender norms. what do you think, katie about all of this? >> i think that's very complicated.
8:33 pm
but i think that this comes down to the fact that employers also have rights and when you are talking human rights commission, you have to ask where the due process is for/ are we going to get into a he said, she said between employer and employee. >> of course that's what it would be. >> in terms of the amount of money here. abuse employer go through with this. >> i wanted larry but last week my name was katie. does seem to be room for frivolous lawsuits and all of this stuff. and you go to the press and then if you go to the press it demonizes the business. >> further demonizing people creating new minorities. and, you know, transgendered people do need to be protected. >> i think so. >> they have very high rates of depression and suicide and they face discrimination at work. >> let's stay on this point. >> wait, wait. let's stay on this point. we all agree that
8:34 pm
transgendered people should be protected because they are in danger. some idiots might hurt them. but shouldn't there be a requirement and katie, you can address this, for a transgendered person to put in writing to their employer here's what's happening to me, here's my physician, here is what i would like to see, so that there is a body of evidence? i think that's what has to happen. >> there has to be some kind of due process for both the employer and person who is going to claim discrimination. that goes for any kind of discrimination in the workplace whether it's civil rights or;k transgendered. if he would going to get into a legal battle over pronouns there needs to be a body of evidence where employers all have the ability to defend themselves. >> if you want to change it you have to give us documentation or whatever. >> the courts have actually upheld employers on that issue of the dress code.
8:35 pm
>> no employer and this the bottom line on this. new york city is out of control anyway. no employer wants to go through a court case and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and that's what this is all about in manys9zhñ cases. >> it certainlyself if mayor de blasio wants new york to be inclusive place. how are you going to fine people 125,000 people and expect them to pay and also how are you going to prove intent in every case? >> it's even worse than that new york city can't be inclusive because you can't drive in here. you can't get in. so.xhey can't -- subway though. >> unless you live here, you can't be included because you can't get here. kennedy's and katie pafw8 pavlich. the is it legal ladies on defending bill cosby. how would they do it? moments away.
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thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly in the factor follow up segment tonight, defending bill cosby. as you know he is charged with aggravated indecent assault in pennsylvania. if convicted the 78-year-old comedian could spend the rest of his life in prison it all depends on how his defense attorneys conduct the case, how effective they are. with us now attorneys and
8:40 pm
fox news analysts kimberly gizelle -- guilfoyle and lis wiehl. you are his defense attorney his life is on the line what do you do. >> pre-trial before the trial starts get allegations from other women excluded so the the jury doesn't hear them under the evidence rules. >> there have been other women in civil suits, not criminal, civil suits who allege that cosby drugged them and then had sex with them.; you say you are going to get all of them thrown out. >> the jury will not hear because civil cases, a and b you cannot under the rules of evidence bring in prior bad acts to prove that he did something else on that day, the day of the allegation,. >> let me stop. do you agree with that that you can't bring in a criminal -- alleged criminal history, all right, even if it's on the record somewhere to prove another crime? >> >> to prove, in fact, that he is guilty of this crime,
8:41 pm
no, however, under the rules of evidence, if you can show to the court and persuade the judge that these show@ a certain pattern or m.o., this is the way he does it, giving the alcohol, giving the drugs, plying the women so they're unable. >> it can't come in. >> it is true it can come in. >> you disagree with miss wiehl. >> it would be considered highly prejudicial and although it would be relevant to show a pattern of conduct they would exclude it because it might be too prejudicial and they would -- >> -- stop, stop, stop. so it's up to the judge. >> um-huh, yes. >> to say if the prosecution can reference other civil suits to try to prove cosby guilty of this crime. >> correct. >> it all depends on the judge, right? >> correct. >> but if the judge says you can let them, in that's immediate appeal, immediate chaos. >> there is a specific jury
8:42 pm
instruction that will go along with it that you are not to consider it to say in fact he committed this crime in this particular case. >> but, come on. >> only to say that this is a pattern of conduct that has been used. but you think about it, how you cannot have. >> prosecutor -- >> -- not convinced the judge is going to along with what you say. >> this is pre-trial. civil deposition. that 2005 deposition where he admits to giving quaaludes to this woman, i get that excluded. >> how? >> a, it's civil and, b, you could only admit that evidence if the person who is saying it is not available in the courtroom. cosby is sitting right there. he is available. you can't bring that up. >> do you disagree with that? >> respectfully i'm going to tell you that you can also say that it is a statement against interest when made at the time that the person would be suffering civil, criminal or peculiar area
8:43 pm
pukary damage. he in fact did these things because he made this statement and it has. >> judge has to decide. >> i think i'm going to win on that one but it's the judge. >> this woman who is now the focus of the crime, who was at, i guess it was temple, right, new cosby and alleges he sexually assaulted her. she took money from cosby to settle this case but the d.a. did investigate it back found thered wasn't enough evidence, correct? >> correct. but the d.a. didn't have the things that were just talking about now. >> he didn't have the admission in the civil case. >> exactly. did not have that. >> if you settle a cill case, and i assume there was, look, i will give you the amount of money but you don't talk about it anymore. then you come right back, is that -- >> -- well, right. >> criminal case though because it's new evidence. >> the criminal case totally separate and distinct. however, you are saying can you use the fact that he
8:44 pm
settled the case to show that this is something that he did against his interest and why would you settle a case like the michael jackson caseys why do you settle a case civilly? that would be considered too prejudicial to be excluded to the jury's consideration. >> the jury won't hear about the civil case. >> just stop. if the jury doesn't hear about the civil case. >> they can't consider it? >> they can't have the deposition for cosby. >> they can't consider anything about that case. >> you both think that the jury is not going to be -- hear about the civil case. >> you can split it up. you can say you arektuu going to be able to discuss any monetary settlement. what the outcome of this litigation was. but specific statements could be excised from the record, from those depositions. >> i would argue prejudicial on all of them. >> bottom line on all of this is this is no slam dunk. >> no, it's not. >> cosby could get off on. this he said, she said. credibility. >> when i get to trial by the way pick a good jury. people remember him as
8:45 pm
likeable doctor. >> older people. >> this is going to be like o.j. simpson. this trial is going to be -- are there cameras in the courtroom do you know? >> this is a state case so there may be cameras in the courtroom not federal. >> like o.j. simpson. >> where are the forensics? >> you are not hired yet. >> i don't want to be hired. >> we want to tell everybody that. it's very complicated situation. >> it is complicated. >> could go either way and be like the o.j. simpson case. >> i would rather prosecute it than defend it. >> the university says there are some words in the english language that should never be said. the boys are next. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. does a freshly printed fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric.
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back of the book segment tonight, banning words and lake superior state university in michigan, there is a tongue in cheek list of words that should never ever be uttered. here they are. so, presser, problematic, walk it back, break the internet. stake holder, join the conversation, physicality, price point, manspreading, vape and secret sauce. here to weigh mcguirk and greg gutfeld. >> they lefts2vae off tongue in cheek. caution. everybody add everybody to kimberly guilfoyle, everybody. >> you are gutfeld. >> to show you how big a man he i am i am not going to can you tell that out. i'm going to let gutfeld mock me. >> dana perino, everybody. >> believe me, he will pay a price in the future. do you have anything cogent to say about this? >> so. >> yes.
8:50 pm
>> when i i first saw this story i thought it was problematic but let me walk that back. when i first saw that story i thought they were cray cray. i'm not against the evolution of the language or using slang or stuff like that especially if it economizes wordslr vape is not that bad. presser is good at the end of the day. >> that was a word that should have been on there. >> how about defying political gravity with regards to trump. >> we want to point out that it was a tongue in cheek list which means satirical. here it is, end of the day, never ever. >> at the end of the day, it's impossible because there are other places in the world where it's still day. >> no, and also. [ laughter ] when you hear a pinhead journalist say what do you make of that? hit them with a pie. any of enough, enough,
8:51 pm
enough. what were the other two you just said? >> i will tell you what, when somebody posts a picture like kim kardashian of her big old you know what and the idiot on tv says oh kim kardashian broke the internet. that's w(9uáu want to throw a pie. >> there are cliches that we have have to get a handle on. >> the use of epic and awesome. awesome. >> andé'ñ like. every dopey teenager like this, like that. >> awesome is the view on the top of the empire state building not eating can of prindles. >> do you know how you get rid of the word like. you pass a law make it 30 syllables. the reason they say it small word. >> it's like you know. >> that's cattle prod. >> like a cattle prod. >> you kick the can down the road, bill. >> utah, okay. there is a billboard that says something about whites&ú
8:52 pm
meeting whites. roll the tape. >> what prompted the idea was sitting at home a few months ago, sick, watching daytime television, being bombarded with where black people farmers lds singles, christian mingle. you nameh" it, there were websites out there. why can't there be where white people >> he bought the domain, mcguirk. which means he is trying to make money off white people meeting white people. >> me personally if i was online i like variety i wouldn't subscribe to it how hard is it to meet white people in utah for god's sake? >> that's a good point. >> let me tell you something where white people people meet ski resorts, hockey games, hockey games and bernie sanders' rallies. you don't need to join this thing. >> you don't need to join this thing we know where they are. >> i am okkk with this. >> are your preferences racist like if you only date
8:53 pm
white people are are you racist? if you only like women, are you homophobe bic? i mean, this is the problem. bernie, if you do not go out with a man tonight, you hate gay people. by the way, i only go to the. >> what if he goes out with you, gutfeld? >> he will have a great time. [ laughter ] >> he won't remember a single thing. >> it wouldn't be the first time. >> they need more short websites for short people. that's what you need because. >> you and guys can work it out. gutfeld, mcguirk, there they are, everybody. everybody. factor tip of the day, when people give you food as gifts, is that a good thing? gifts, is that a good thing? the tip, moments away. if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart.
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8:57 pm
i was tougher on trump. glen, strongsville, ohio. why did you have rubio on "the factor" and not cruz? the two senators have been invited equally, glen, just a matter of when they want to show up. ben stevens, st. paul, minnesota. bill, you are the most overbearing guy on cable news you. are hard to watch. so the mystery then become, ben, why is "the factor" number one for 15 years? it's a mystery of the universe. bonnie, schenectady, new york. bill, are you the one tweeting or is it your staff? it is me, bonnie. i dictate the statements because i'm afraid of actually touching the machines. annie gains, yarnell, arizona. i shall never tweet. sometimes you have to take a stand. and i respect that, annie, but i have to now because there is so much disinformation on the internet. i see it every day. and this tweet thing gives me an instant opportunity to correct the record at o'reilly factor.
8:58 pm
rex ashton, colorado springs. mr. o., i am hearing that you are going to cnn. there you go, there you go. total rubbish. michael campbell, ft. myers, florida. my son gave me "killing reagan" for christmas. naturally, my brother-in-law made fun of you, o'reilly and asked who you would kill next? i told him maybe a pinhead like you. must have been a lively christmas at your house, mike. i'm sorry i missed it. felix, palm coast, florida. bill, you did a great job on "killing reagan." don't know if you'll read this because i am not a premium member. everybody has their e-mails considered on an equal basis, phyllis, not just pms. i'm glad you liked the book. i like that some people were nice enough to send me food for christmas. and some of that food is mighty tasty. but if i eat it all, i might wind up looking like jackie gleason, another irish guy. for those of you who don't know mr. gleason, he gave a legendary
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9:00 pm
canada. again, thanks for watching us tonight. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, a daring rescue operation in one of afghanistan's most dangerous provinces. after more than a dozen u.s. troops are trapped behind enemy lines, and some of them are still there, surrounded right now by taliban forces. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. it all started with a firefight that left one american dead and two others injured in marjah, afghanistan. rescue teams were sent in, but one of the helicopters could not get away, suffering damage hen the rotes or the collided with a wall. similar to what happened to a helicopter during the osama bin laden raid. a quick reaction force was then sent in. managing to evacuate some of our people, including the dead and the wounded.


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